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tv   [untitled]    September 9, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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a rise on alger 0, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center. on our 20 i the new tele button government expresses its frustration over the u. s. continuing to blacklist some of its cabinet members. ah, money, sorry, this is out there, alive from dough or so coming up. election results point to major los than the rockers ruling party. government soldiers retake a town and eastern democratic republic of congo will bring you all exclusive reports. the mexico
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walks the fine line between baffling run a virus. restarting a struggling tourist industry. ah enough guns on the taliban has accused the united states violating its peace deal with the group for keeping its new interior minister. roger didn't have connie on the u. s. terror list, he's part of the her connie network, which has been accused of attacks on us forces in afghanistan. all the members of the group are also on the u. s. most wanted list. the taliban released the statement, responding to recent remarks by pentagon officials saying the following. all officials of the islamic everetts without any exception, we're part of interaction with the us. and should have been removed from the un on us, blacklist a demand which still remains valid. that american other countries are making such
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provocative statements and trying to meddle in the internal affairs of us gotta stay on the swamp. emerett condemns it in the strongest terms. charlotte, but us has more than the taliban late statement on the lease, according to this statement from the ministry of foreign affairs as follows. me by chance to go to specials in the media. essentially saying that members of the had tony family, legitimate targets and they remain on the last decade and they say they say they immediately. they say it's interesting because these members are very high within the telephone movement and they were the cabinet best way to me
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carry a number about a family member who had a very to say we had wanted to have relations with the labor and help quite a lot back to a citizen. so we are very disappointed for the most from about high a legitimate know from the us suspected they had consider members of the family that had the montera watch right now, but i'll be high enough to be really interesting to see what the us results from morocco's parliamentary election point, big gains for liberal opposition parties in most a crushing defeat,
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the governing justice and development party leader and prime minister thought dean . a lot of money was among those who off the seats, turn out is said to been around 50 percent during a time of economic crisis mate. worse by the pandemic. with almost all of the votes counted the opposition. national riley of independence, allied to the monarchy, has around the quarter of all seats with $97.00. just behind it is the authenticity and more density party. another opposition group with 82 seeds. the ruling justice development party has just 12 seats down from 125. but smith has more from the capital robot that has been characterized as more of a rejection of a justice and development policy than a vote in favor favor of the other parties that benefited the justice and development party has been led to government. since the end of the arab space in the spring more than 10 years ago and it came to power really by a vote seen as
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a rejection of the past. but now the vote is rejected. the justice and development party is universally characterized in short time as we islamist party, although it's very far from these days very far from having any sort of religious connotation. but obvious how is cold. that is what is cold here? in morocco, the policy that's benefited the national riley of independence. it's going to have the largest number of seats in parliament. so it's leader as ease i can use, will be called on to be prime minister. he's a 1000000000 business man, made much of his money for having the petrol distribution confession here, and morocco he seen as being close to the palace. he along with the authenticity of modernity party and the centre right is the cloud republican party. they will be the ones who have the majority of power in the government, and we believe it should be easier to form. a coalition with these 3 big passes may
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be taking weeks rather than the 2 to 3 months. we talk after the last election, we should say that the justice and development party says on has made allegations of theories irregularities in these elections. it says i've been obscene cash house cash. i'm down near polling stations. we certainly, in the run up to this election, heard people tell us, they've been paid about $10.00 each to vote for particular party armed groups. keep attacking people in the eastern provinces of the democratic republic of congo. despite a state of emergency, at least 300 people have been killed this year and thousands displaced. catherine's soil as travel to an area in to re province that has been secured by government soldiers, she sent us this exclusive report. the government soldiers in a room with territory to the province have recently taken control of the town of bulger. this follows
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a series of attacks said to have been carried out by the light of chronic forces or adf on aren't group mostly based in neighboring north cuba province. the abs entry into it, tori is terrifying. those who live in border areas, and it's complicating a conflict, mainly between land to farmers and have a hardest that's going on for 20 years. people in boerger accuse arrival community of supporting the adf. some who fled attacks had started coming back home back to a harsh reality. retreating militia members have planted and land mines. has the park home which shows us where he buried his 3 children. there were 1412 and 9 killed by a land mine. as they went to harvest corn fee, she de m bomb. look at the belinda. this problem of landmines is very serious. the enemy planted them along the way to our farms. how are we than expected to til our
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land? at the height of the fighting in me, businesses, homes and vehicles were on fire. this was a bar and a home that belongs to one of the youth leaders in this area. he was burned here, the house torched, his wife and 7 kids kidnapped the while later released it appeared very much to be a targeted attack. like many others in this area. the government declared a state of siege in it to re and not cuba provinces. in may, placing them under military rule to contain the rebels. the state of emergency is there fast to be invoked in the democratic republic of congo. but while some areas have been secured, fighting has continued in other parts, displacing thousands of people. to raise new governor a general in the army says it's making good progress while they do, and i've seen that are people want quick results. this is a conflict that started more than 20 years ago with no solution. we cannot solve it
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in 4 months, but we will not take another 20 years to bring peace. the army has often been accused of being undisciplined and corrupt. an investigation is underway into house $30000000.00. men for security operations have disappeared. we put this question to the governor, why do i do? well, if those who have stolen money from the army and from soldiers on the front line are in custody and will have their day in court, military commanders, we've spoken to they, they need time to end the violence. but those who suffered for many years tell us death, tired of waiting, and want peace. now, catherine sewing al jazeera it to re province in not been beyond coming up for now . is there a i'm on fisher in richmond, virginia, where after a long legal battle, a controversial symbol of white supremacy has finally been removed from what was
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the capital of the confederacy. on the mounts, equality is indian women are allowed to apply to the country called military academy. ah, how i welcome to have a look at the international forecast, say some nasty weather affecting the philippines recently to tropical systems straggling, the country. and the case of concern that's making his way to the south trying to see. and that's going to run up towards high mount was northern parts of vietnam and super typhoon turn to that continues to intensify as it runs up towards taiwan elsewhere. plenty of showers across a good part of south east asia. is rattling of showers there and some malaysia may start to see some wet weather now, just running across
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a good part of indonesia. frustrated what's a good deal? kwansa allows you find and try some warm sunshine into the south east of the country. but what a cloud here, just around the south, we got some vinyl wellness, just running through the bytes through the tasman. and that's running over towards the good parts of new zealand as we go on through the next couple of days. so wet and windy weather coming in here, but for australia, as you can see, some pleasant sunshine for the most part was the temperatures getting into the mid twenties for adelaide and for sydney was still for sydney as we go on through sas, they before, cooler, grassy feeds its way and some very heavy rain that just making its way into hope out 800 celsius here is turning fine and try to pass. ah, it's one of the world's most powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises. central to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people and behind the death of many
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more. exceptional access to some of its key players reveals the inner workings of an organization telling the known to many as the blood alliance. inside the sin, a la carte house part, one of the key parts investigation, people and power on al jazeera. ah, the me. are you watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour? and i've got to sell the taliban has released the statement accusing the us of violating his peace agreement with the group. it says the continued black lifting of its new interior minister to roger didn't have connie and other members of the
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group is a clear violation. the connie network has been accused of many attacks against us. the results of morocco's parliamentary election point to big gains, the liberal opposition parties, the governing justice and development party has suffered a crushing defeat with the prime minister losing his own seat. the west african block eco us is sending a delegation to guinea in response to sundays military coup. on wednesday, the group suspended guinea regional leaders have demanded the release of the president of the con day the job to has relates political detainees held by the deposed government. i'm promised to set up a transitional authority. i'm at interest in getting capital cannot cree. he says opposition leaders that are pushing for a quick transition in the case of guinea. today we are seeing measures being taken either when no immediate announcement of sticks frontier as was the case in molly.
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but again, we will wait and see what happens after the visit by the echoes mission tomorrow, when they need the military leaders, the military. yeah, in fact it's crumbling to set up a government cross. it meets consensus with the opposition in consensus with pro democratic goods. it also need why that and broader consensus among the military and its ranks, which is going on very, very slowly at the moment. there is a momentum on their side up to the 11 years of precedent conduct. lots of people agreed by what took place during the 11 year rule. i welcoming the military. but again, we've seen in the last 24 hours program across the groups. an opposition meet if insisted that they must be a quick transition to democratic role in guinea. alex boucher is from the african center for strategic studies. she says failure to properly condemn guineas. k will only lead to more instability. it's very important for,
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for ecolog and indeed for the african union and other internet organizations and other international actors to condemn the screw which was unconstitutional. and, and to not let this precedent be set that it's alright to depose the government. that you simply disagree with. there are processes for, for, for democracies to take these kinds of measures when, when they're needed. and, and it's important that, that they do so when, when, when conditions warranted and in guinea in fact, which has a long legacy of military rule. the military, previous times when the military was in power, were characterized by mismanagement human rights abuses and all kinds of all kinds of problems. so clearly what, what needs to happen is a transition of some sort that brings back democracy. and that helps to
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establish a system where the government is well managed to where human rights are guaranteed . and where a political participation leads to elections, where the results can be guaranteed as showing the actual will of the people women in india will now be allowed to apply for place in the country's top military school. it's the new milestone and the fights agenda. equality and comes a year after permanent positions in the armed forces were opened up. her name is hall reports from new delhi. it is the most important segment of the population. from job corps is commanding her classroom some day. she hopes to do this in uniform. she's training for a spot in india navy and is one of the few women aspiring to join the male dominated field. but car is undeterred. it is pretty evident that women are shattering the glass ceilings and take it in the back room of the pilots. and many
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other stuff, and i think that also paving of a for us to the, to the heights and even may even go for the so we should definitely live up to those standards. elkins hockey, me my, the guy who sha india has the world's 2nd largest military, but fewer than 10000 service members are women. that number is said to grow as the lead national defense academy opens up to female applicant, 3 decades after women 1st stepped into the armed forces. captain charles, anything joined the army soon after her husband died on duty. she says female officers often experience systemic discrimination. their training standards are different, and until recently they were only allowed to solve short stance. sing stayed on for 5 years. when you are leaving, you're not getting anything. reserve as a male officer who is leaving after a bowman and commission and he's getting pension and other monetary benefits and
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other benefits which army defense forces gives to its offices. so oh, that was i think of the very last discrimination the while women have made strides, young forces remain a mil baskin that has resisted becoming more inclusive. in a recent hearing, the supreme court criticize the military policies that it says discriminate against women. last month, 72 female officers approached the court saying they were being denied permanent positions because of sexism. form officers say in just military needs to change to allow more women to join it's ranks very basic, the war has changed. so we do have gone back and we do have infantry and what, but oh that, that is one aspect beyond me. there are other things in the army as well. there's lots of state there. there is the supply called the thickness. now these are all,
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this is the women can so, and they can so very grateful for the new policies. core is determined to make the most of the opportunities. she knows attitude will take longer to change its better . she says she's willing to fight, partnering with the algebra, new delhi. now, most of the world fossil fuel reserves will have to stay unburned in the ground. if we hope to limit average, temperature rises to 1.5 degrees celsius. the warning has been delivered in a report by the university college london, which says about 60 percent of oil and gas reserves must not be extracted. while almost all of the coal that hasn't been dug up should stay where it is signed to say these recommendations and others keep the world and even chance of staying on the 1.5 degrees by 2050. that target was set in the paris climate to keep it long ago for this from the university of arizona. she says the need for
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a shift away from fossil fuels. if not more urgent than ever mrs. significant. it's, they're essentially saying like we need to stop where we are, we need to just turn to a renewable energy economy now. so like this just transition that we talk about is incredibly complicated because so many people do rely and depend their livelihood, their communities in colorado, in the u. s. where i live, we're watching the tax base decline really rapidly for many communities where oil and gas extraction is declining and then that money funds, schools that fund hospital, public health, social services, roads. so, you know, saying we need to stop the extraction, combustion of fossil fuels and it's actually much more complicated than just turning to renewable. where it's a part of the reason why these estimates were revised is because many of the commitments that both countries, governments and corporations are making or voluntary and non binding. and they
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haven't been met. frankly, we need to get rid of subsidies for fossil fuel in countries like the us, we need to put money into renewable energy. both solar when we need to work on the technology to work on carbon dioxide removal broadly in many different forms. and in the us, we need a renew deal, right? we need to put money into, into jobs and inter projects that bring us to a renewable energy system. and these 10 people have died in a fire that destroyed a hospital latrice inc. rent of our patients in north macedonia. it happened in the city of touch, a vote west of the capital. scott: yeah. it was an explosion before the find the coven, 19 units, which was only that last year. the prime minister says it's a huge tragedy. investigations are still trying to determine the cause. at least a 100 palestinians have been injured in confrontations with israeli forces near
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knob los that's in the occupied west bank. they were demonstrating in solid charity with 6 escaped palestinian prisoners. julie force is looking for the fugitives have rated a number of finishes on arrest and family members of the escape. the intimate broke out of israel's high security gilbert prison through a tunnel on monday. and there's been a crackdown in response to that jailbreak which is fueling tension and israeli presence. inmates have let fires in protest at several facilities as gods tried to move inmates. some prisoners have lost outdoor time, laundry access, and even some meals in what rights groups are calling collective punishment. ahead of brazil supreme court has the keys, the president of attacking democracy a day off the j u. both scenarios that he would no longer a base rulings the chief justice louise for which says defying its decisions would
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be a crime on cheese ableton are lashed out of the court while addressing supporters at independence day rally. the court is overseeing a fake news investigation targeting the presidents in the circle to press one off figure out. based on the supreme court will not tolerate threats to the authority of his decisions. if there is contempt towards judicial decisions from those who hold power. this standing represents an attack on democracy, constitutes criminal responsibility to be analyzed by the national congress. a start, she's derided as a towering symbol, have story racism has been brought down in the u. s. robert e lee serves as a general and what was the confederacy breakaway southern states that force in the american civil war to maintain slavery? alan fisher has report from richmond on the weight of history lifted from this part of america for more than a 100 years general,
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robert lee has looked out over richmond in virginia. reminder, this was the heart of the confederacy. the capital, the center of the insurrection. he led to present slavery. it continued domination of the skyline. a painful reminder. they're the step in the right direction that there is going to be the find high $1.03 of the symbol of life to why nationally. now it's going to be important. i suppose that accurate that same energy to make decisions and legislation. it took little time to remove the staff to the crow data gathered. didn't hide their satisfaction. ok. other confederate statutes and listen, i've been you have gone 160 across the country in the last year here in richmond. this was the tallest, the last the most symbolic cause to remove. it grew louder last year after the
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murder of george floyd and the nationwide racial justice protest that followed. there was a legal fight. the court ruled, it could come down by law. part of that feeling across the board. embrace to be a welcome to being the let people know that our life. i'm really glad that i can be here and see this moment because it's been needing to happen. we were taught this story in school, but this was, this is what we should believe in, and that he was a good man and this was righteous and it turns out it was wrong. it was always wrong. and it's taking us this long to, to have our eyes opened up to see this has been like that moving forward as someone who is from an immigrant family. it's kind of where they should see. this is the america and my family wants to be part of the statue will be put on storage until the final decision is made on what to do with it. the plan for now remained
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a reminder that america may have moved, but there are still obstacles in the way of racial justice island fisher. i'll just see the richmond virginia the trial of the failed biotech found. but elizabeth holmes has begun in the us state of california. she's accused of swindling investors, out of hundreds of millions of dollars through her defunct company, thrown off and made unfounded promises of rapid diagnosis' conditions including diabetes and counter from a single drop of blood. us president joe biden is expected to outline a plan to contain the fall spreading delta variance of cave at 19 factions on now the highest level since last winter. so are hospitalized ations and deaths driven mainly by cases amongst people who aren't vaccinated. the world health organization has, once again urged wealthy countries not to offer corona virus booster shots to its
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citizens. the w i chose, director general says he's a pull that many poorer nations can't get jobs. which countries are considering doses. some countries are struggling to access, in fact, seems to administer even a 1st round of shots. high income countries have promised to donate more than a $1000000000.00. but less than 15 percent of those, those had been materialized. manufacturers have promised to prioritize callbacks and low income countries. we don't want any more promises. we just want the vaccines vaccine developer novak has begun testing a combined flu and coven 19 vaccine. $640.00 healthy adults in australia and taking part in the trial. people between the ages of 50 and 70, who already vaccinated or have previously been infected with coven 19,
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are involved in the study. 1000 tourism operators, in se mexico say that the number of visitors from the u. s. is now higher than it was before the pandemic. it is bringing much needed business. health experts warn it also causing a rapid surge and co 19 infections on newer. potto has this report it's friday night in the resort city of king coo and the clubs are packed with tourists, mostly from the united states. the contagion rate for cobit 19 here is one of the highest in mexico. and it's not hard to see why the face covers seem like more of a suggestion that a rule and attitudes for many tourists are relaxed to say the least. right? yeah, i don't, this is bad that i don't want to get it,
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but there's also another crowded scene in the city. this coven, 1900 intensive care unit, is that 75 percent occupancy. the hospitals director says the majority of cases are the result of large scale public gatherings and no conceal. this is for the strengths. it can be frustrating from a medical point of view to find so many instances that so flagrantly violate the measures necessary to mitigate contagion. last month, more than 2000000 tourists visited this part of mexico the 3rd month in a row with tourism figures even higher than before. the start of the pandemic. second year closest i was proximity to the united states and the fact that airlines are flying to destinations in canada, asia, europe, in the caribbean because many of not reopened has made us a viable alternative. in fact, today we have more flights from the united states than we did in 2019. we tend to is one of mexico's most popular destinations. and while many here are following
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sanitation mandates, health official, ward, the risks are still high. i'm afraid because the virus phillip and the truth is there is terrorism in large gatherings of people in many places, even though i'm vaccinated, they say vaccinated people can still get sick. but i also have to work authorities in mexico, say most tourists arriving from abroad are vaccinated. unfortunately, the same can't be said for a majority of mexican putting at risk a health system that has struggled to provide adequate care for still growing number of corona virus. patient manuel did up hello al jazeera. ah, i'm on the inside. the headlines on al jazeera and i've got install in the taliban as accusing the u. s. a violating is peace agreement with the group officer pens. again, official says the had connie network is still a tall.


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