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my, my duty on women, i strong with my, my dear on are you there? ah, me played important role. protecting human 9. the doctor's face. ah! on more than a 100 people arrive in cut from afghanistan. it's the 1st passenger flies since us forces completed their frantic withdrawal. as the un warns afghans john needs money now to pull back from the brink of catastrophe. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera alive from joe. how also coming up?
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you as president joe biden, and china as tgm paying discuss the importance of avoiding conflicts in direct talks in nearly 7 months. plus, i'm elizabeth moran. i'm in the indian state of the for the we're health officials to trying to manage a deadly outbreak of a fever. ah, the 1st passenger flies soon the taliban takeover has transported more than 100 people from cobble to doha. because i always fly monster breakthrough in the bumpy coordination between the u. s. and african stands new rulers, charlotte balance reports from cobble. boeing, triple 7, taking off from cobble destination door ha, dozens of foreign possible holders. finally on route to cities far from us. can
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this has been a nervous wage. these people missed out on the evacuation like the 10 days after us forces lift cobwebs international terminal has reopened. i'm sorry. i can tell you what i mean trying to meaning it was a hard decision in the family members behind not knowing when they would meet again . i couldn't take them with me because they're not citizen but have a very hard for me to leave. they were sleeping, i couldn't say by, they just find out. this is the 1st time the international terminal has opened since the telephone took control. it was badly damaged in the days off the leg into cobble, but now it has been repeated. and this is the 1st commercial flight to take off with 170 people on board all intensive purposes. this is a normal commercial, slightly a possible official treadmill not to take this slight was free. the
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tast case was scheduled international flights. begin in earnest boarding passes were had risen, the telephone no way to be seen yesterday before it was to bring the port back on line required. foreign help cut off his late repairs and operations since us forces left 10 days ago says we are not. we're not speaking about evacuation, we're speaking about the free passage. this is not the vacuum ration anymore. i think we want people to feel records as normal. technical and security team say they now have be 90 percent operational adding in many areas like the traffic control tower. they had to start from scratch
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miller flights and now a regular occurrence laden with tons of humanitarian. 8, pakistan brought in its 1st a delivery on thursday. we'll go from nations have provided an average for the un, and others that are message to the whole world is that they should continue their cooperation. and 8 afghan in this country has just come out of war. and now there is security and the airport dysfunctional, but we are in need of humanitarian. tell me that the i'm and i'm so i with each day that passes, war 8 arrives and more passengers depart. domestic carriers are returning to normal operations between afghanistan, main cities, the pressures now all international carriers to do the same. provide a gateway for those who want to leave cobble behind charlotte bellis. osha 0. now that they're in. jo. how the passengers will initially stay in a compound,
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hosting african and other evacuation though then continue on to their final destinations. the cut terry special envoy, envoy rather says they also planned to send a flight to cobble on friday. bahama jim. jim was at. jo has international airport when the passengers arrived. we're seeing a lot of children among these 113 passengers. a lot of mothers, a lot of fathers as well. the people who have come by have seemed to be in good spirits. they seem to be quite happy that they are here. as i said, there was a lot of uncertainty about what happens next. we've been told by officials here that this group of passengers are going to be 1st of all process. we are right now in the terminal where passport control is and then custom. so they will go through passport control, show their papers, go through customs, then we are told they will be taken to a compound here into that is hosting hundreds of afghan refugees and evacuated. of
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course, that compound was built for visitors, next year's world cup. but it has been used in the interim to house people fleeing afghanistan. and this really goes to show what's happened here today. just how crucial gutter has become when it comes to afghanistan, it is the main interlocutor with the color bon. we've seen a lot of hope, high profile visits from diplomats in the past couple of weeks coming to copper to think officials for their assistance for the most prominent foreign dignitaries could pass through here just 2 days ago. you had us secretary of state, anthony lincoln and the us defense secretary, they met their counterparts, they had a press conference and they were full of praise for the countries. and they said on several occasions that day, that of all the countries that had helped during the evacuations, that no country had helped more than in helping to facilitate the air lift of over a 100000 people the largest air listing history. you've had over 58000 people here
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in the past few weeks. you've transited through copper, and now you have this group. as i said before about a 113 people were told there are canadians ukrainians, that there are us national, that there are british citizens and there are also germans among those that were on this flight. the us withdrawal from afghanistan has the united nations racing its role in the country. the security council has been holding meetings to discuss the way forward christian salumi reports. the security council began its day at the $911.00 memorial. the us organized event included a tour of the museum documenting the attacks and served as a reminder of the horrors that led to us to invade afghanistan. but the international community is now dealing with an afghan, a stand without the united states being governed by the taliban. many of whose members are on a global terror watch list. the head of the u. n's,
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assistance mission and afghan. a stand pointed out that will require some uncomfortable choices. billions of assets and dollar and donor funds have been frozen by members of the international community. the understandable purpose is to not is to deny these funds to the de facto taliban administration. inevitable effect, however, will be a severe economic downturn that could throw many more millions into poverty and hunger. may generate a massive wave of refugees from afghanistan. and indeed, set up get a stand back for generations, pointing out that the leaders of the new in term government remain under international sanctions. she stressed the importance of the un and delivering aid, and also ensuring human rights, particularly for african women and girls. noble laureate malala use of sy reminded
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the council that education is a universal human rights. are united security council. speaking with one voice, vegetation can compel the thought live on to make concession. this is vital and not only for women and good, then. so what for long don't security in the region and what the cow hollow is currently reviewing the u. s. future role in the country, the mandate for the us assistance mission in afghanistan expires in just a week. while council members debate the mandates renewal, they'll be grappling with matters of life and death including human rights, humanitarian access and the protection of civilians, including women and girls. christian salumi al jazeera, the united nations, the ladies of the us and china have spoken directly for the 1st time in nearly 7 months. the phone conversation between joe biden and she jan ping was initiated by
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the us president. the discussions come at a low point in china. us relations bought and told she, boy the ladies need to ensure competition does not v into conflict. katrina, you has more from by g this phone call is hugely significant. so far we've got scared details about what exactly was discussed, but both sides are saying so far that it was a broad discussion. now bridging has released a statement, a very brief one saying that washington initiated the colon invited. she didn't ping to speak with joe biden, and that it was an in depth and extensive strategic communication on issues of common concern. now, where yet to see whether there was any concrete outcomes or actions to come out of this phone call. but it is a very positive sign, the relationship between the u. s. and china really has hit at old time low and it started to really worse. and under the administration of form,
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the u. s. president donald trump, we have the trade war and we had the pandemic, and we've had a lot of criticisms around alleged human rights abuse, has been committed by the chinese government and she's young. it's cracked on democracy and hong kong. it's increasing aggressiveness towards taiwan and china has not been happy at all with these criticisms, and this relationship had not improved under the current president, under the binding ministration. so what we have seen though is this continuing tension and it goes into other areas as well. just this week, we had an incident in the south trying to see where chinese coast guard said that they had to expel a u. s. missile destroy, which was sailing around the mischief reef in the sprightly islands territory claimed by china. but it's actually disputed territorial flu, claimed by chinese neighbors. so these tensions are continuing to bubble in the background. still ahead on al jazeera, blocked at the border. why vital, good bound for afghanistan are in danger of rotting away. and football fans in
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container returned to the stand for the 1st time since the start of the pandemic boss in limited number ah hello from dell high, i hope you like hot sunshine. that's really the name of the game across the middle east. then some winds as well, we'll go over all of that right now. so we've got a swing coming down from the rock impacting the gulf states. see this brown here? that's just sand and swirled around because of the winds. so we look at the forecast in though has seen those winds out of the northwest, that small wind 50 kilometers per hour, winds back off a bit on saturday and saturday and sunday we're rate where we should be temperature wise at 39 degrees. what, whether for northern pakistan also in toward the south, impacting karachi for the next few days. you know,
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it's stumble. you've traded those fierce winds now for some thundering downpours on friday, right through the boss, 1st, but still breezy through the ag and see impacting the greek islands into the eastern mediterranean for the tropics of africa. you know, flood induce rain into the flooding. i should say for you've gone to western, you've gone to his displace more than 200 people from their homes. and the rain is still falling on friday. further toward the south, we've got some wet weather up against the border with mozambique ends in bob way. but toward the south look at this temperature difference, western cape 1900 degrees toward the eastern cape, $28.00. but you know what comes up must go down and those temperatures will fall. see you soon. the discover. a world of difference termination coming down when we are moving the freedom we saw
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on the 16th corruption compassion, the l just 0. world a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. ah ah, hello. you are watching al jazeera, i'm emily angry, and a reminder of our stories this out for you in special on boy, on afghanistan, says the country needs money immediately to prevent a breakdown of its economy and social order. deborah lion told the un security council, if ask and assets and payments remain out of rage,
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the consequences will be devastating. the 1st international passenger planning to leave cobbled since the end of the us lead evacuation has landed in jo. gotta a slide carried more than 100 farm passport holders, including american andrew biden has spoken directly with chinese leaders. she's been paying for the 1st time in more than 6 months. the phone conversation was initiated by the us president slide and told she pleaded the need to ensure competition does not be into conflict. i've got to stop relies heavily on cross border trade with pakistan, but corruption and smuggling. a slowing the flow of goods that's risking the livelihoods of people on both sides of the border and leaving tons of much needed food, rotting in trucks, a sama bin jervey reports from the talk. i'm crossing for kilometers,
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drugs laden with fruits, vegetables, and other perishable items. lane the road to pakistan. this is the main highway leading to the door border crossing. some of these drivers have been queuing for days with rotting loads and diminishing fuel. among other motto is magog matters great harris. we are all losing hundreds of thousands of dollars every day due to the slow clearance process. by pakistani authorities. they must look into our plight country the slow down as do district checks on the box on the side. customs officials recently seized us made weapons from trucks and regularly find drugs and luxury items hidden in vehicles. each truck goes through a physical check and then passes through an x ray scanner to see anything under the crates. its a meticulous process that takes time by kasanya officials say managing a 2600 kilometer long border without a government on the other side is a difficult task. so we got can we get them?
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if you shot the risk? yes, they both tested trued goes to pakistan. keep better open, can you please? and if you do cruise them are contributing to a man if he had any questions or with that. right. and if you have to prove that dr. traffic is backed up on either side of the crossing gear to get, i've already or lower audio. when you enter pakistan, there are 3 different checks. first, it's the military, the customs, and then the narcotics force. each one takes almost an hour to clear, and that's the reason we have to wait and wait. you know, guardy there is that you can up border officials are under the problem and this video be slowed down. you can see a security official rejecting a bribe. and he realizes he's being filmed later, he took $2.00 from the driver. similar actor repeated a different posts,
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hundreds of time today, the law. we circled back to talk to the drivers who must pause or face further delays. what the driver is telling us is he has to pay multiple rights at checkpoints. and what i can not sure if you're writing tomatoes because he's been waiting for hours and hours in a very long q off trucks trying to cross into bucket phone straight to say, after the fall, a former president shopped on the government and take over by the taliban, they do not have to pay bribes inside a gun is done, but they still have to pay them and $50.00 lives impacts done. some of the job done, there are some border canadian prime minister justin trudeau has squared off with his main rival. and a final televised debate ahead of this month. snap election halls put aaron, a tool and he sent a rod conservative party in a tight right with those liberals vote as a p, frustrated with the prime minister's decision. nicole elections, cheese early team and how we're going to move forward through this pandemic to end
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. how we're going to build back better? those decisions are going to be taken by your government. now in the coming weeks, this fall, not a year from now, not 2 years from now, could it not? we did it the month. i know you want to go harder and faster on vaccinations. i know you want to go harder and faster on climate change and you get to choose exactly that. i'm a new leader of the conservative party and we have a plan to get the country back on its feet after a difficult 18 months. in this crisis. i'm a pro choice ally to the l g b t q. community that comes from my service in the military where i served alongside people from all backgrounds orientation. putting the country 1st. correspondent, dirty vans, has been following the bank. she says there was no clear winner. it seems as every single leader on that stage really had a target on just ensure del,
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wanting to come back to that election hall and why he would do such a thing when there's so much else going on in the country trudeau trying to ship that narrative back the fact that he's looking for a clear consensus for voters as to how to move forward in order to do that with the majority government. currently, the federal liberals are a minority government. certainly, of course, rates between era no tool and just into doing that, no clear winner here after this 1st and only english language debate era. no, to all had a real calm demeanor about him even when he got some significant push back on some of the hot button. issues that he's sort of embroiled in from a voter perspective is more center, right. but one moment when speaking about reconciliation, speaking about truth and reconciliation and then need for canadians to address 1st nations indigenous. and in us people issue here and the past residential schools and what have you, all under the umbrella of tooth and reconciliation. mr tool had
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a moment where he sort of gathered all the leaders in one subject saying, all of the leaders agree that reconciliation should be and must be a priority for any leader. me. the u. s. president who told those resisting coven 19 vaccines. the nation's patience is wearing thin. he delivered the remarks while announcing new vaccine rules, which will effect as many as 100000000 us workers. he's republic and rivals are planning. legal action in response she had for tansy, has moved from washington. d v. my fellow americans, joe barton, announced a 6 point plan to deal with code 19, what the white house called a puff out of the pandemic. if we implement, i believe, and the scientists indicate that the months ahead we can reduce the number of on
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vaccinated americans. decrease has hospitalizations in depth and allow our children to go to school safely and keep our economy strong by keeping businesses open. federal employees will no longer have the option of regular testing instead of vaccination. they and government contracts will have $75.00 days to get vaccinated or face disciplinary action. all 70000000 health care workers work. institutions that receive federal funding will have to be vaccinated. all employers with workforce is over $100.00 must ensure their employees are vaccinated or regularly tested will face a $14000.00 fine for each violation. 300000 teachers who take part in federal programs will have to be vaccinated. and the president urge states to insist on facts, native stuff in their schools, in all it's estimated that up to 2 thirds of the u. s. workforce may be effected by the plan. however, legal and union challenges may delay some of the provisions. the washington post reporter for the us postal service would be exempt from the mandate, some 500000 people. but this wasn't just
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a clinical outline of the administration's aspirations. throughout his address, the president tried to be 25 percent of americans who have yet to get vaccinated. over 200000000 americans have gotten at least one shot even patient. but our patients is wearing thin. and the refusal has cost all of us whole so that the majority of americans are blaming beyond vaccinated for continuing con, demik restrictions. but they also show waning confidence in the president handling of the pandemic. this was a clear attempt to firm up his base and a clear message. it's not my fault. what you heard from president biden today was clearly the growing frustration that we have, the tools we have the science, we have the incentives, and yet we're not seeing necessarily the behavior that we would hope from a large minority of the population an all american summer. but critics contend the biden administration has been confusing the public with its messaging. for example,
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it was joe biden to announced a summer free of covert in early june and held a large july 4th party at the white house to prove it. just as the delta variant was taking hold in the country, since that announcement, daily infections have risen by some 300 percent. there is no doubt that more americans have to be vaccinated if the u. s. is to return to any normality but study shows a variety of reasons for vaccine hesitancy. some say it's because of a distrust for the u. s. government that has misled the public so many times in the past. others because of that political hatred of joe biden. it will be interesting to see where the buttons approaching this speech will now win them over to the facts. she ever attempts the al jazeera washington. a serious outbreak of general favor has taken hold in northern india. more than 100 people, many of them children have been killed in the past 2 weeks, india corresponding to elizabeth serrano report. the desperate parents carry their children to this hospital and fiddles
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above in order for the state. for the past 2 weeks, it has been enough dated the children suffering from high temperatures and other symptoms of den gay fever. the mohammed disease 6 month old daughter anya has tested positive for the mosquito borne virus. he says his 3 year old nephew office has also been unwell providence of a lot of the lady. she has had a fever for several days and has been taking medicine. when he conditioned into booth, i brought her here. but it took more than 3 years for them to look at her. it is difficult for the common man to have access to doctors. he'll probably most of those who have died from a fever in the past 2 weeks. a children definition of patients are coming out in the record or numbers. anything, anything with the dominant phase cases of the virus,
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usually vice during the monsoon season and tropical climates. but health officials say the outbreak is particularly bad. the c o municipal workers, the spring chemicals, to kill mosquitoes in the cinema nugget, neighbourhood push pain for lost. his 6 year old son crishna to the danger virus of buddha, marleni fully but themis that no one but a lot of children who are seeking now. and it behooves some of the dna. so my fever, half of the children from here and hospital just recently a child right opposite the house was admitted to children who lived there on hers update days, transmitted by mosquitoes, which breed in and around stagnant water. in many parts of photos about people live next to open drains and more than one 3rd of homes and indian cities. waste water is released from the house through an open drainage system health experts,
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the drains of a breeding ground for diseases. but that spraying isn't a long term solution. they say the government needs to do more, fiddles about the chief medical officer told al jazeera was to the outbreak is over . but that wasn't the picture at the cities biggest children's hospital. elizabeth moran m l 0 said was about altered for dish for both hands in argentina being allowed back into stadiums for the 1st time since the start of the band demik, the government allowed a 3rd of the river player stadium and one areas to be filled for world cup qualifier with olivia theresa bo records, its been more than 18 months since it was already in entered a football stadium. but on thursday he waited for r u n t f national team for hours. he is a football coach and wanted to see leonel massey blay it's been
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a rough year with locked down no football football. important because it teaches you discipline, working in a group, humility, many of the values of life. that's why i want you back. the world cup, qualifying match between argentina and bolivia, was played at the we were played stadium in when a fight is only 30 percent of the stadium was allowed to be filled. people lined up for hours to be able to get a ticket for the government. this qualifier match is a test prior to authorizing fans back into the stadium for local tournaments. people i requested to wear a face mask. there also have to fill in a health application on their phones. the big challenge we're told is to convince fans for respect, social distancing ideas. tina had impose trick restrictions as over 800000 people lost their lives to go with 19 and millions were infected. the government is slowly trying to lift the curves. already say they're hoping to have 80 percent of the
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population vaccinated with at least one dose before opening the stadiums to all of them on the, on the restrictions that easy. we've done and we're starting to feel moment again. thanks god. but the suspension of the qualifying match against the last weekend when brazilian health officials attempted to the pain for argentine football players for allegedly violating a mandatory quarantine is an example of how much has changed and the challenges team around the world will have to face argentina. football coach says what happened in brazil should not happen again. okay. she indicate all i feel, but after this match with bolivia, we have to rethink a lot of things because what happened cannot happen again with some teams left without their player this with others that came in like you now toyota, and then they had to be returned there are things that you have to think about,
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and if it happens again that a decision has to be taken. we have time before the next match. we will meet with coaches and the federation for a solution, because it can't happen again. as vaccinations pick up pace returning to stadiums in countries like argentina is a major step towards normality. after a year of watching football on tv, most fans were willing to respect all rules for a chance to feel the passion for football. once again, that is how i defeated when a fight, if i hello, you're watching, i'm to 0. these the top stories, the un special on boy on afghanistan says the country needs money immediately to prevent a breakdown of its economy and social order. deborah lines told the un security council if afghan assets and payments remain out of reach, the consequences will be devastating. the 1st international passenger planes leave
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cobble since the end of the us late evacuation has landed in the.


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