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was going to a point to get actually getting hundreds of people who are given the entity. so it doesn't make sense for us to come out and try to get in what they should do. because even next door, money day, but truck, they ended up realizing that they're moving gong and the end of the, the if you go unicorn because you report, i mentioned the african union. how come the african union? one to both. it said 2 countries like money or when the chairman of african you, me, the fucking was that we checked, it was so sucked when, who was up to do this in a for the late. thank you. so that is definitely questions, of course that we're going to be asking in the coming weeks. i done my game afraid time is against us and i do apologize, but thank you very much indeed for being with us and i'll just here. thank you. thank you. still ahead on, i'll just hit i'm making sure competition doesn't turn into conflict. us president
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joe biden. i'm china's seat in pain. speak for the 1st time in 7 months. a demand for disarming. we have an exclusive report on the rebel group and d. r. c. i'm going to be part of the armed forces and the hot truck hero message breaks another record with argentina. that's coming up with joe in the sport. ah hello, we've got so little more cloud across southern parts of the writing peninsula at the moment. so that's could see this system here that's been bringing some very heavy right in the northwest of india, southern parts of pakistan. but for much of the middle east, dry and sunny summit it out as per usual little change as we go one through sunday . when's easing a little around the east side of the gulf?
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and we are going to see a bit of a shamal just kicking in here. northern parts of africa generally try you can see have a shout, roll off the highlands pushing further westwards. we are looking at some more stormy weather, just running across a good part of west africa flooding with some very strong wind scales for some part, pushing over toward cynical towards the gambia over the next couple of days. and that could well develop into trouble storms. it moves off into the atlantic, south of that, generally try across southern parts of africa looking good here over the next style . so plenty of sunshine in the forecast, and you want to showers around at a gasket pushing into mozambique some showers into tanza near la. she try and fight across a good part of south africa over the next couple of days. we have got some wet weather just sliding towards the western cape. on sunday, by monday the southern cape turns, while the wet and wind be the . the latest news as it breaks concerned is that with suits,
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forces coming round on the mountain ridges. try to surround this area in order to isolate to school with detail coverage, serial power fil live. and how much he takes all the major critique a decision from around the world. the water rose so quickly at this new jersey apartment complex. it caught many people off guard. i can unlock my phone with my face, you can access your bank account with your voice unique algorithmic measurements of us that are revolutionizing the process of identification. biometrics, a saw from person for convenience, and seeming infallibility, comes across most crucially our product from the 4th of a 5 part series alley ray addresses the appropriation of our most personal characteristics. all hail the algorithm on jazz.
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oh ah, watching i reminded myself. so is this my coffee has been confirmed that's prime minister of a new lebanese government. the billiard businessman takes charge of to 13 months of deadlock, which plunged the country deeper into an economic crisis. republican party in the u . s. is planning legal action against the by the ministration for rolling out self . new rose and vaccinations entered mandatory jobs or testing for some and disciplinary action. for those who don't comply. delegation from the west african economic block was, is in guinea meeting to leaders. they're demanding president alpha candidates
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should be released as well as the restoration of a civilian government. israel says it'll step up to search for 6 palestinian prisoners who escaped from a high security facility. the ring protesting garza and the occupied territories against further punishment of other prisoners following mondays breakers the red cross accuses israeli authorities of not allowing families to visit inmates. israel has sent extra troops into the palestinian territory since the global prison escaped. defense minister benny cons is buying the fugitives will be caught at home and we continue our activities on the grounds. we're also maintaining our ties with the palestinian authority need to understand we're talking about 6 people out of the millions living here. we need to be able to deal with these 6 cent their accomplices without disrupting the other balances here. i hope this day will end quietly. either way, the army is prepared for any development on us off, as israel is now getting revenge and are prisoners in jails because some heroes
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were free. first of all, we are calling them to stop the aggression on our prisoners. and we call on palestinian gazda and the west bank to protest to stop this aggression on our prisoners and to support them and not leave them for this criminal enemy. human i always said has more from gaza today, the policy you function, the whole l for this friday to be a day of rage. and they have all of the friday of freedom in support of all policy and prisoners. those who have cape and billy who are now in prison, that are being subjected to punitive measures vicious talk as the policy and the functions have called it by the israeli prison authorities. these punitive measures have included the 1st thing of the slimy, she had specially prisoners into different prison minimizing of their recreation time for all the prisoners and even the prevention and of all time and leave visits
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to all the prisoners from now, from this, this incident has happened and still, or not known until when. so these punitive measures have been have been faced by the policy infractions with protests that they have called out for in different areas in, in god's city. since the escape of the 6 prisoners with incom siding with a warning messages that they have sent that any further attacks, further attacks or punitive measures with these prisoners is going to coast to an escalation in the entire region. the leaders of the us in china have spoken directly for the 1st time in nearly 7 months. president joe biden called teaching ping for discussions that come at
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a low point in the countries relations bite and told she both leaders need to ensure competition does not lead to conflict. but she said it's us policy that a streaming ties between a you has more from beijing. this phone call is hugely significant. so far we've got scant details about what exactly was discussed, but both sides are saying so far that it was a broad discussion. now bridging has released a statement, a very brief one saying that washington initiated the colon invited. she didn't ping to speak with joe biden, and that it was an in depth and extensive strategic communication on issues of common concern. now where yet to see whether there was any home, create outcomes or actions to come out of this phone call. but it is a very positive sign. the relationship between the u. s. and china really has hit at old time low, and it started to really work. and under the administration of former us president donald trump, we have the trade war. and we had the pandemic. and we've had
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a lot of criticisms around, alleged human rights abuse, has been committed by the chinese government and she's young, it's cracked on democracy and hong kong. it's increasing aggressiveness towards taiwan. and china has not been happy at all with these criticisms, and this relationship had not improved under the current president under the bite in administration. so what we have seen though is this continuing tension and it goes into other areas as well. just this week, we had an incident in the south trying to see were chinese coast guard said that they had to expel a us massage, destroy, which was sailing around the mischief reef in the sprightly islands territory claimed by china. but it's actually disputed territorial so claimed by chinese neighbors. so these tensions are continuing to bubble in the background. these in hong kong have charged the organizers of a vigil mocking the anniversary of the chinaman square. protests officials rated a museum run by the same group which pays tribute to the victims of beijing,
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1989 crackdown subversion case against the groups leaders was brought to court and friday under hong kong national security law targeting descent critics of el salvador is president say he's trying to undermine democracy. last week, the top court ruled he can serve 2 consecutive terms, opening the door for naya mckayla to stay in power beyond 2024 judges involved appointed by the ruling party. john holman, has more from san salvador in el salvador, at least some people are worried. angry showing it on the street the last week a long term ban on the presidential 2nd term was lifted by the countries took cool, and congress moved to force a 3rd of the countries judges to retire to la power grabbed by the countries. president said judges on the most worried that we won't have independent institutions that will have a judicial system that's made to measure for the government that gets orders via
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twitter from the presidential palace. this is president i. e. kelly in another power move in february, march and soldiers in congress to get a security bill passed. it also shot some this country spent the majority of the last century and a military dictatorship. the president's response to the complaints has come on his favorite platform, twitter, his cleaning house, he says rooting out corruption and plenty of ordinary salvadorans agree with him. after years of political grid, low and institutional growth, those never got. that's for us just for those on the top. not the president's after them. and that's why they're angry because he doesn't let them steal. that's the truth. he's a good president, he's a 10 out of 10 who kelly's approval ratings a hide his handling of the covert crisis and vaccination campaign. it's hope he's also loaded the countries murder, right. even if he had to make
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a truce with the gangs to stop killing, you can feel the difference in the streets of less palmers, a tough neighborhood in the capital, says julio say so. he should know the under living on the streets painting murals almost. randall and frankie lament were living calmly now without problems. you can go and get a soda or a beer wherever around here, before it wasn't light before it wasn't like that, you wouldn't see a light in the street after 7 pm. there's a lot of police here right now and that didn't exist before and fixed ocean still. right. and it was obvious as we visited, that the games were present, even if they're a piece still, there's no doubt a lot of the population thinks things are getting better. the question is, will close to democracy? when do they willing to pay that price? john home and i'll do it a little. salvatore. lagracia and belarus have begun. joint military drills involving around 200000 troops, 80 aircraft,
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and helicopters along with vessel and taking part in that part of 2021. exercises being held on training grounds in both countries. russia, deputy defense minister, described the exercise as purely defensive native says it's marching closely. it's estimated more than $120.00 armed groups operate in the mineral rich, eastern democratic republic of congo. the government screen struggling to disarm demobilize and reintegrate thousands of fighters into the community. catherine, sorry, has this exclusive report from an area still under the control of one of the oldest rebel groups in italy, province. a checkpoint on the way to get it to re province tells you that you're entering the territory of a rebel group called f r p i or the patriarch resistance front of the touring. they hold an area that is rich in cold and collect taxes from one of the easiest route rebel commanders at the headquarters. discuss this state of emergency declared by
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the government in may. and the truth they made to keep the peace of mackenzie. it took rudy with twin army like any other and we know the rules. we are using the schools to protect our population. there are also eager to display their forces. they tell us this fighters are only a fraction of those in their ranks. this is one of the oldest rebel movement here in to controlling a huge territory. one of the former leaders are main cut tango has even served jill tom or the international criminal court for crimes against humanity. the newly does say that want to change the face of the group. they say they want to lay down the on, but they also want honesty and to be really integrated into the if i p i was among the 1st armed groups to sign a piece, deal with the government and agree to disarmament and reintegration program, which has largely failed those involved in a new process. see,
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thousands of militia have already surrendered. but the challenge is how to have them re unite with the community. we know what fail before, please. there is not going to be a misty. this is one key element. there is not going to be reintegration within the security forces of the key element and for the components it has to be the show that the people so which means that everything has to be ready for the containment to be a very short time. because we integration piece, we've in the community is the most important. some of the groups are nervous about the new conditions. if we, the government wants to change anything in our previous agreement, it will require everyone with whom we find to come back and explain clearly the changes. tell you wait, son sauce. up to
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a dozen group continue to terrorize villages in tory people. he tell us, they're worried that he's disarming. their rebel spills again. their problems will only get was government the procedure. if the government do not agree with the rebels, we are afraid to go back to the for it and touch the res, enough again, looting our property. the fighters say they don't want to have to return to the trenches, but any program to disarm them has to be agreeable. catching song algae 0. it room territory in northeastern democratic republic of congo. i see is outbreak of dangling fever has taken hold in india's most popular state of utter pradesh. more than 100 people, many of them children known to have died in the past 2 weeks. india correspondent elizabeth put on reports. the desperate parents carry their children to this hospital and fiddles above, in order for the state. for the past 2 weeks,
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it has been enough dated the children suffering from high temperatures and other symptoms of den gay fever. the mohammed disease 6 month old daughter anya has tested positive for the mosquito borne virus. he says his 3 year old nephew office has also been unwell providence of a lot of the lady. she had a fever for several days and has been taking medicine. when conditioned into booth, i brought her here, but it took more than 3 years for them to look at her. it is difficult for a common man to have access to doctors. he'll most of those who have died from a fever, the past 2 weeks, a children different patients are coming out in the record or numbers. anything, anything with the dominant phase cases of the virus, usually vice during the monsoon season and tropical climates. but health officials
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say the outbreak is particularly bad. the c o municipal workers, the spring chemicals, to kill mosquitoes in the cinema nugget, neighbourhood push pain for lost. his 6 year old son crishna to the danger virus boomer looming, volleyball team is going to have a lot of children who are sick in on the hood. some of a, some fever, half of the children from here on hospital just recently a child right opposite the house was admitted to children who lived there on hers. update. then gave transmitted by mosquitoes which breed in and around stagnant water. in many parts of photos about people live next to open drains and more than one 3rd of homes and indian cities. waste water is released from the house through an open drainage system health experts, the drains of a breeding ground for diseases. but that spraying isn't
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a long term solution. they say the government needs to do more. photos about the chief medical officer told al jazeera was to the outbreak is over. but that wasn't the picture at the cities biggest children's hospital. elizabeth, parent of algebra. it was about alter for dish. so i had an artist here in sport. holly feels return to the ring. gets an added twist with a guest commentator who has plenty to say that's coming up with joe sport next. ah
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cruise me oh a
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type of the sport his joe rub. thank you. well, let's start with an incredible story. at the us open tennis where 2 teenagers have made it into the women's final britons, m a radical new and canadian layla fernandez continued their impressive friends in new york and will now face each other for the title on saturday. david stokes reports m a ruddy connie was 18 years old and playing in her 1st us open. he was up against the greek 17th seed, maria secaria in the semi finals, but didn't seem phased at all. the british player run away with the opening set 61 . it was a little more competitive in the 2nd, but right economy again came out on top to take the match, insecure, her plates, and the final she weeks, the 4th round at wimbledon earlier this year. and it's the 1st qualify to ever make it this far. and new york remarkably, she hasn't dropped to sit yet. and if she does go into the trophy, she'd be the 1st british woman to win a grand slam. since virginia wade win wimbledon back in 977,
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i wanted obviously to be like be playing grounds vows, but i didn't know how soon that would be. and to be in a grand slam final, at this stage in my korea, i have no was in the final right. economy will be up against fellow teenage star. layla fernandez. the 19 year old from canada course and even bigger, upsetting her semi final knocking out the 2nd seat arenas of a lanka. the favorite combat route was clearly wound up after throwing away a 3 love lead in the set. there was some suggestion that fernandez were getting coaching signals from a team in the stands which is not allowed in tennis for the pilot. didn't see anything. and the youngster rank 73 in the world heading into this tournament when times when in 3 set. how are you able to win in be in the us open? finally, i have no idea. i don't know how i got the last
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point in, but i'm glad i'm glad that i'm in the class fernandez with like a tennis program. it's 7 years old until it's if it gets about being approved. on saturday, he'll play in the final of the us open. but she invited con a going for the 1st major title, and a witness check at $2500000.00. they've been states out there, christiana, now they will begin his 2nd spell months. united own plan today in the premier league game against newcastle. he'll stop on the bench, but the manager says he'll definitely get on the pitch. at some point, rinaldo had a pre season that you've anticipate the full 90 minutes import schools when against island last week. he's been training united since tuesday and made it clear he means business. i'm not here for, for vacation, i'm here to win again. i'm capable and i think i will be a huge thing and i know you're ready for you. there's no place to hide. when you go
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when it's like them, there's no you can't go into training and give 95 percent are not being focused. and that's what he demands of himself. of everyone else. per 1000000 teams still don't know if they're allowed to play that brazilian players who block from travelling for international duty. brazil has asked faith, it's been a to them from the pairing for their clubs this week. but decision is yet to be made. they include edison and gabriel, j. seuss. at months 6 months. manchester city for my experience, what i ears so the premier league make a meeting till seals, all the people there do. now we're going to do it. we're going to dive into that, and after that, everyone goes, what was the best for themselves? so i don't trust much in that we will wait, wait. what if i say the premier likes it? and after to morrow, we are going to say, you know, messy is overtaken pele to become the top international score in south american
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history. he scored a hat trick to analogy tina 3 know when over bolivia and they're welcome, qualify that take the time to 17, only no rule to the national team and to make it more special for the 1st time since the panoramic began in argentina. 20000 fans were allowed to watch the game messing his teammates celebrates off the game by lifting the copper america trophy, which they won an empty stadium back in. july. is the 1st major title in 28. you will just sounds before you to start the 5th cricket test between england and india has been cancelled because of the coven 19 outbreak. in the india cap, head coach rubbish! history tested positive during the last march. another member of the back room staff contract to the virus on thursday. they now cannot field a team because they fear it spread england initially said india have forfeited the test, but later attracted that into a 2 went up heading into the final game. it was old, the old indian plays had been negative and it was go ahead. so to make such
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a late call, i think he's a bit strange one. and i say, is it clear? that's what you people travel from all over 21000 days. first 3 days, i mean a lot of people have already paid for trouble, but never got 3 in afghanistan, correct? rashid khan has stepped down as captain of the t. 20. welcome squad. his announcement came less than an hour after he was named for the tournament. rashid says he stepping down or not being consulted on who made the squad box or van de holyfield says he's still in shape and ready to fight for me. you f. c champion vitor belfort and his return to the ring on saturday. 58 year old holyfield stepped in as a replacement for oscar delaware, who spent 3 days in hospital covered. the fight takes place in fort lauderdale, florida. on saturday. you're just going into this. it can be hard outbox menu now, and i'm not in m a m a, i wouldn't do that because i know it probably hurt me about it boxing. so i'm
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always doing a to do my bench. that's reason does for me, and i can do this in a short period time. i've date here though, but i'm in shape. i do well for my well, there's an added twit to this fight. former us president donald trump will provide alternative commentary alongside his son donald junior, and he called into the news conference to trash talk the current president. if i had a box somebody, anybody, i think probably my easiest 5 would be jo buttons because this is go down very, very quickly, very, very quickly. and a one said, oh, i'd like to say can behind the bar he'd be in big trouble. no, i think by and he would go down within the 1st few seconds. all right, that's his book for now more later. roger, thanks very much indeed. now you can get lots more information and pictures as well on the web site. the address for that of course w w, w dot 0 dot com,
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and that is it for this user. i'm going to be back in a moment, but more of today's use, ah, in the state of mind sits the most of the region goes eastern end of the era peninsula . if you look at the raven peninsula as a whole, the essentially, to the ancient countries to the east, to west it's sometimes known as the switzerland of the gulf because of the important regional role. it plays in the gulf cooperation council. the gtc
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platform on long history is not well known outside the gulf region before oil was discovered in 1962 fishing and prototyping words, main sources of income. in this film, we go back over the last 500 years, a whole 90 history of tribes, boris rebellion and colonization, and explore how and why man still plays an important regional role today. how many nukes has too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties. now there are fewer regulation to own a tiger than their our own dog. how can this be happening? we take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. no matter why you call,
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i'll just bring you the news and current affairs. algebra. oh, i lebanon has a new government. after 13 months of political deadlock, the critics war and the old elite is back the camera about this. and this is ally from also coming up. leaders of original block arrive for talks with true leaders and they want that to change. presidents released.


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