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my name, is it possible? just remember on the to nothing. my nigeria, women are strong with my, my dear. and i do there. ah, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. and so, no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. i . millionaire businessmen, the g mccarty vows to save lebanon as he forms, and you government, off to 13 months of political deadlock. the me. hello mariam tomorrow. in london, you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. israeli police catch 2 of the palestinian prisoners
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who tunneled out to a maximum security facility this week. west african to envoy me guineas, alfred president, and the pressure on the gentle office some days coo and the united nation says it's a race against time to get a talk. don, when 93 percent of households are already going hungry. ah, hello, welcome to the program, lebanon finally has a new government ending 13 months of paralysis during which the countries grapple with its worst crisis since the end of the civil war. the new cabinet is led by prime minister designate and g mccarty, lebanon's richest man in an emotional speech. she vowed to save the country, but he'll have to fix an economy that collapse. the lebanese pound is lost, 90 percent of its value since october 2019 a result of decades of corruption and unsustainable financing. in that same period,
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food inflation is exploded. rising 557 percent according to the well food program. many parents of skipping meals or pulling that children out of school so they can afford to put food on the table. more than 80 percent of the population is now poor . people don't have electricity for more than a few hours a day, and the government can't afford fuel to power generators, which means crippling shortages are threatening to shut down hospitals, bakeries and the internet. then hoarder reports now from the lebanese capital bay route. it's been more than a year of political wrangling, lebanon's feuding politicians have now reached a deal on the distribution of power in cabinet. it's common for them to argue for months, but this time so much is at stake. the incoming government needs to stop the financial collapse and know how help me hope that we could bring our country back
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on its feet. let me hope that this government will be able to function at least put an end to the bleeding hall. and we can all come together as one hand to bring back 11 on feet proud and prosperous. the political paralysis had worse and than economic crisis. the united nation says more than 80 percent of the population is considered poor up from 42 percent 2 years ago. since then, the local currency has lost more than 90 percent of its value. the minimum wage is worth just $35.00 or salary barely less. 2 days we are depriving our own children from what they need. what though she went on with those officials should return all the money they stole and transferred abroad. the political class is blamed for decades of corruption and unsustainable financing. months of street protests and international pressure failed to bring about a new leadership. not optimistic that this government can actually undertake the funds because they have shown zach. they are ready to hijack any forms that
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actually help the people versus safeguard the interests of the one percent or the ones who are connected. people have been struggling to meet their basic needs. there are shortages of almost everything, including fuel. the incoming government is not the non partisan cabinets, especially demanded by the international community to unlock a, but it appears they are ready to work with what they call a capable government may ask you does say he has for backing, but many people feel that there will be little change with the same parties in power. the local currency did gain against the dollar on the exchange market, but lebanon is experiencing hyper inflation. and in days, subsidies on basic goods will end. the government's formation is only the beginning . so they're also theda. beirut is ready, please say they've caught 2 of these 6 palestinian prisoners who escaped from a maximum security jail. on monday they were captured on mount precipice. a
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christian holy sight near the city of nazareth, for others is still on the run of the building a whole and breaking out of the prison, or escape set off a furious man homes across israel and the occupied west bank. you are a 4th, it has more now from western lin. well, 2 of the 6 escapees have now, according to these ready police been re arrested. this follows the extraordinary escape of 6 high level prisoners in the early hours of monday from the high security prison of gilbert, in northern israel, escaping from underneath the prison. out past the watchtower into is ready territory. and there has been an enormous man hunt going on. ever since the 2 men recaptured your country and mock would our day both members of palestinian islamic jihad, the latter of those 2 reported as being the mastermind behind this escape arrested
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in the nazareth area in northern israel. the israeli media is reporting that they were spotted either looking for food or asking for food or both from local residents. and that is ready. police then moved in and re arrested them. their reports as well, that there was another military operation inside the occupied west bank, north of jeanine, where all 6 of these men come from the area in and around jeanine, which has since been called off. also hundreds of palestinians marching to the south. janine, in solidarity with these 2 arrested men, there are concerns being expressed by prison. the advocacy groups about the treatment that they may now expect to face. given the fact that these really security services do have a record of using the, the, the premise of a major security incident being justification for enhanced interrogation,
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otherwise known as potential torture. as they try to find the other 4 men who remain on the run, 3 other members of palestinians, i'm actually had one a senior figure in the wing, the alex martyrs brigade, ah, ah, al guineas, new military rulers are under increasing diplomatic pressure. the african union has suspended the country after last weekend's crew, while envoys from the west african lines eco has held talks with army leaders in the capital. khan cree, they've also met deposed president alpha con day and demanding. he'd be released. special forces soldiers behind the crews say they ousted, convey because of widespread poverty and corruption. i'm an interest is in con, a korean cent. this update. there are real concerns among people here in clinical and other parts of guinea. these are we talking about a community or
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a nation that has suffered enough of high levels of poverty, economic type, nation inequities, crimes, as well as what they accused of the government of high 100. net over the last 11 years, something the new military rulers. yeah. say they want to correct now, the fia, the real is that if they tell me community of west africa, steve and the african union go ahead with threats of functions. this could watson, but you can condition a poor guineas who already suffered enough under the previous government. it's a big problem for them. but so far, the meeting between the course and the new military rule as yet, and disney has passed on somehow a high note. we've spoken with some of the delhi members of the delegation, who insisted yes, that the,
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that the discussions between them was preliminary and they were frank and open. and they also got the opportunity of meeting the deposed president of guinea alpha conduct. concessions will have to come one way or the other on both sides from a course and from the military rulership, in guinea for the military leadership in guinea. keeping of a candidate in custody is one of one ways to extract as much as they can from the community of west africa states. they just copying the script that was played in molly last year when you're variable we're going to was fact by the military was arrested and kept invitation by the military and eventually a course needed or had to negotiate his release before he was thrown out of the country, what of course didn't succeed in doing here in guinea cannot create today they were unable to set free mister alpha condie. and they were unable to immediately restore
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democrats or constitutional rule as they put it. so the next few weeks will determine how then it goes, it's just going well, congress, nobel, peace prize winners quoting for an international court to investigate crimes in the democratic republic of congo. dennis mcguire, gay says impunity for brutal crimes is entrenched and people are living in fear, estimated more than a 120 armed groups still operate in the eastern provinces. catherine soy now brings us this exclusive report from a terri and a government is struggling to disarm the mobilize and reintegrate thousands of fighters. a checkpoint on the way to get it to re province tells you that you're entering the territory of a rebel group called f r p i or the patriarch resistance front of the touring. they hold an area that is rich in cold and collect taxes from one of the easiest route rebel commanders at the headquarters discuss this state of emergency declared by
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the government in may. and the truth they made to keep the piece here. can see it too quickly. we are twin army like any other and we know the rules. we are using the schools protect our population are also eager to display their forces. they tell us this fighters are only a fraction of those in their ranks. this is one of the oldest rebel movement here in controlling a huge territory. one of the former leaders are main cut tongue has even served jill tom or the international criminal court for crimes against humanity. the newly does say the one to change the face of the group. they say they want to lay down the on, but they also want honesty and to be really integrated into the if i p i was among the fast armed groups to sign a piece, deal with the government and agree to disarmament and reintegration program, which has largely failed those involved in a new process. see,
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thousands of militia have already surrendered. but the challenge is how to have them re unite with the community. we know what fail before. please. there is not going to be a misty. this is one key element. there is not going to be reintegration within the security forces of the key element and for the company, then it has to be the show that the people so which means that everything has to be ready for the containment to be a very short time. because we integration piece, we've in the community is the most important. some of the groups are nervous about the new conditions. if we, the government wants to change anything in our previous agreement, it will require everyone with whom we find to come back and explain clearly the changes as tell you wait, son sauce. up to
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a dozen armed group continue to terrorize villages in tory people. he tell us, they're worried that he's disarming. their rebel spills again. their problems will only get was government the procedure. if you begin to not agree with the rebels, we are afraid to go back to the, for its touch to raise enough again, looting our property. the fighters say they don't want to have to return to the trenches, but any program to disarm them has to be agreeable. catching. so i'll just 0. it room territory in north east and democratic republic of congo, united nations as condemned when it calls the taliban increasingly violent response to journalists and peaceful protest. as the statement comes a day, after 2 afghan reports is say, they were tortured by the taliban for covering a protest. the un also warned against the use of passions and whips on protest, this as well as live ammunition, which had killed 4 people on thursday and acting. taliban minister said any attacks
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on journalists would be investigated. we call on the ton of and immediately seize the use of force towards and the arbitrary detention of those exercising their right to peaceful assembly. and the journalists who are covering the protests authorities must ensure a safe, enabling and non discriminatory environment for the exercise of human rights. including freedom of expression and peaceful assembly blanket restrictions on peaceful assemblies constitute a violation of international law. and other developments over 90 percent of afghan families are going hungry right now with many people going to extreme measures just to survive. this is according to the world food program which says many people are already skipping, neal's or giving food to children instead of adults. as the country faces economic collapse, food shortages and job losses are the primary cause of concern for the family
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survey. with winter approaching fast and the economy collapsing, they're worried well justice. it's now a race against time snow to deliver life saving assistance to the people who need it most. we need to be reaching 9000000 people among november. if we're to meet our plan target to $40000000.00 by the end of the year, we've appealed for $200000000.00. and a number of countries have come forward and they the officers. but we are quite literally begging and borrowing to avoid food stocks running out. meanwhile, trade is enough, got it. sounds, capital kabul is saying they're struggling with the slow pace of business despite and improvement, or some improvement in the security situation. shopkeepers are saying that hardly any of the goods are being sold and then a lot of it is also going to waste. afghans reported a lack of jobs across the country, and people are having to queue for hours to access cash. banks were closed for
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weeks when the taliban initially took control of the country. mos on the call to anything he's getting sold. i sell houses stuff at normal prices, but some i'm compelled to sell it a loss. the security situation is improved. crime is stopped. bread is also disappeared. there is no food. business is at a standstill, reaping vegetables to sell at the markets, but not much sold. what has happened? nobody is asking about us poor people, flowers, expensive cooking and it's expensive. everything is expensive. there is no one to take care of the poor people. but for the alice s traditional clothes in kabul, the new taliban government is proving to be a booth for business. but though, selling western style, clothing like jeans, t shirts, and suits a thing, their income dry out shop owners and reported, rising demand for conservative governments by the fact that many afghans are on the economic pressure. well, when does it go? the business has changed. no people are going for genes and teachers do want
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traditional code on west coast. people don't have money to buy unless they coming to us more than before. and then 2nd commercial flight from afghanistan. since the taliban sees control has landed in cat all around 160 people on board, the capture i always flight, which touched down in doha. some of the passengers will be transported to a facility housing afghan evacuees canceled. foreign ministry says cobble airport is operational and it's up to all the airlines to decide whether we're not going to use it. watching al jazeera life from london still ad on the program will tell you about an epic blow to the walls was valuable company which could alter the digital economy and russian batteries gather that troops. it's not for war, but could be a sign that one country is coming under the control of another. ah
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hello, thank you for joining in here or whether it's story for asia pacific. a run of rain for southern sections of japan, also north korea. but let's get right to where he actually is on either side of the philippines. talk about both of these disturbances. we've got concept, let me press play, you'll see where it goes over the span of the weekend. but here we are on sunday looking to see that landfall for central vietnam over at turn to this in a sec. but we've also got super typhoon shot through looking to make landfall across that taiwan also on sunday. but back to content is going to be a major rain event for central areas of vietnam, denying, looking at about maybe upwards of $200.00 millimeters less. so a wind event, we think gusts about 57 kilometers per hour. you know, for new south wales, sidney. this will be the warmest weekend in 7 months at 28 degrees, but i want to show you where the instability is. we've got cloud and rain for
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western australia and toward that southeast corner of australia also wind swept drain for tasmania. i think we'll squeeze out one more nice. stay for sydney at 29, and then we've got a southerly busters, so that knocks down your temperatures breezy conditions and we'll see what whether we've got a day of reprieve across that new zealand before the next system finds in on sunday . so enjoy it while you can see it's in the news. ah, ah, al jazeera, when ever you ah, no. i investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on our jazeera.
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ah ah, mag. watching al jazeera life from london to look at the main stories, the south lebanon finally has a new government. the prime minister designate the g mccarty has vowed to save the country, but he will have to fix an economy that's collapsed. is writing, police are saying they've quote 2 of the 6 palestinian prisoners who escaped from a maximum security in jail on monday. the escape set off a major man home to cross israel and the occupied west bank and a group of west african envoys of how talks with guineas, new military leaders. eco asked mission met deposed president alpha con day as well . and they demanded his release a serious outbreak of dangling fever has
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taken hold in northern india will then a 100 people, many of them children are known to have died from the disease. and just the past 2 weeks from throes about elizabeth problem has more. the desperate parents carry their children to this hospital and fiddles above in order for the state. for the past 2 weeks, it has been enough dated the children suffering from high temperatures and other symptoms of den gay fever. the mohammed disease 6 month old daughter anya has tested positive for the mosquito borne virus. he says his 3 year old nephew office has also been unwell. providence of a lot of the lady. she had a fever for several days and has been taking medicine. when he conditioned into booth, i brought her here, but it took more than 3 hours for them to look at her. it is difficult for
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a common man to have access to doctors. he'll probably most of those who have died from a fever the past 2 weeks. a children different patients are coming out in the record or numbers. anything, anything with the dominant phase cases of the virus, usually vice during the monsoon season and tropical climates. but health officials say the outbreak is particularly bad. the c o municipal workers, the spring chemicals, to kill mosquitoes in the cinema nugget, neighbourhood push pain for lost. his 6 year old son crishna to the dang. a virus of buddha, marleni volleyball team is going to have a lot of children who are seeking now. and it behooves some of the dna. so my fever, half of the children from here and hospital just recently a child right opposite the house was admitted to children who lived there on hers.
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update. then gave transmitted by mosquitoes which breed in and around stagnant water. in many parts of photos about people live next to alton drains and more than one 3rd of homes and indian cities. waste water is released from the house through an open drain. it's system health experts. the drains are breeding ground for diseases, but that spraying isn't a long term solution. they say the government needs to do more. fidel is about the chief medical officer told al jazeera was to the outbreak is over, but that wasn't the picture at the cities biggest children's hospital. elizabeth moran and al jazeera turtles about dish. a french court has charge the form health minister over her handling of the corona virus pandemic. anya's bazaar is under investigation for endangering the lives of others. former doctor resigned last february, weeks after the country's 5 confirmed case. she says she welcome the investigation
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as an opportunity to explain herself and establish the truth. a prosecutor said there were no grounds to charge her with a 2nd offensive failure to stop a disaster. natasha marla has worn out from paris. well, and yes, these are for all his former health ministers being placed under formal investigation over the handling of the covey. 19 crisis in france. she faces allegations over endangering people's lives for things like not having an adequate stock of masks, of protective equipment of mixed signals. and communication on mosque whether the public should wear them or not, and perhaps not putting restrictions in place soon enough, particularly on travel. well, the french government certainly being under a lot of scrutiny over the past month for it's hard to go because it 900 crisis, but these are become something of a simple old flat in january 2020. when the 1st co cobra cases would being
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registered in france, a booth are said publicly that french people had little to worry about because it was unlikely that the virus would contaminate many people. one month later, she quit the health ministry to run for mayor paris, and she gave a newspaper interview in which she said the frowns actually face a unami of cases said, contradicting earlier public statements. well, this comes as part of a much larger, wider inquiry that has been carried out by the parliament into the french governments handling of the corona virus crisis. now the question is whether or not are the ministers might find themselves also in front of magistrates, the french health minister. the moment olivia certainly had his offices rated a few months back in connection with this inquiry. so you can imagine that many ministers
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a wondering whether or not anyone in government at the moment will be next. well now for a court battle that one of the world's most popular gains and most valuable company on us, the judges ordered apple to stop interfering with the developers. he wished to take payments outside the app store, one of its biggest moneymakers. apple takes a cut of up to 30 percent of in app purchases and a ban developers from directing buys to external payments. this angered epic games which are the make is a fortnight played by 400000000 people. it was kicked off the app store for deliberately launching its own payment system and took apple to court. but epic didn't come out a winner either. the judge ordered it to pay apple $3700000.00. that's 30 percent of the revenue collected while violating apples commissions. apple is insisted its fees a fat given its investment and the i phone, which it calls a nice product. even though more than a 1000000000 people now have one around 200000
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russian and better russian troops. and then military hardware, amassing close to the border with poland as no conflict. but the war games are a show of increasing ties between the 2 nations. for the president of both men early this week to discuss rushing loans and cheap energy as well re challenge reports. integration could go further. the tank rejects cream and the military men perform at us with good faith dissemination. the usual war game tricks have been on display in eastern europe since thursday. this is zap had 2021 joint drill in between russia and a better ruth, that have western neighbors nervous despite vladimir putin assurances. there's officers in these bills are directed against any one, but holding them a logical while of a different line. say, for instance, nato bills. you'll pay for military for the union state by free when you,
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when you move, whatever pete in claims nato countries are the thinly veiled, hypothetical enemy. here valerie c in president, alexander lucas shanker, said as much when he asserted, if war broke out, his country would be on the front line with russia joining after. for many years, post soviet battery skilfully played russia and the west off against each other, seeing what they could get out of each. but last year's disputed elections, subsequent street protests, political repression, and western sanctions, severely strains that dynamic the better route lucre shanker has no remaining bridges to the west. only putin office support. but the price of greater integration $28.00 programs have just been approved. that will form common energy and financial markets in the 2 countries. lucas shameka is keen distress. he's not selling his people out to save his skin in other. don't rattle with old phrases and
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words that we are trying to take someone over or to unite despite the will of our people. if we need to close a military, political, economic integration, we will do it immediately. as soon as we feel the demands of our people in our roofs and russia, it was. but the disparity in size between russia and better reeses economies suggest as an obvious, junior partner location can, will, will still keep, you know, quite significant autonomy domestically. he would, you know, he would still be politically charged in dollars in charging dollars and he would still keep, you know, control over the key sectors above the receipt economy. so he would still have localize autonomy. but overall, it's pretty much on russian rules because i, you know, i can, i can visage that by the rules in rules would be adapted by russia and economy, which is a $33.00 times larger than valerie seen. economy. why based policy,
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by policy, russia is trying to bring us sometimes reluctant batteries back into its hold. the next full yearly drills happen in 2025. by then batteries will be further tied into rushes, all of it. whether or not people like it will re challenge now to 0. worn everything we're covering right here, algebra dot com, you'll find up plenty of comment and analysis star as well. it takes you behind the headlines. ah, just a quick look at the top stories, the sound now and lebanon, finally has a new government. the country is still facing multiple crises. the new cabinet is led by prime minister designate the gym. g mccarty, lebanon's richest man. it was vowed to save the country though he will have to fix an economy that's in collapse. more than 80 percent of the population is now living
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in poverty with food and electricity, expensive and scares that government can't afford fuel to power generators, which means crippling shortages.


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