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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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what did he tell later for the school children present, the events of september, the 11th, defined the world. they grew up in just a huge moment. these are their stories. 911. witness on al jazeera, all the hello, i mainly anglin in jo. how with the top stories here on al jazeera, him ration have been held across the us to my 20 years since the september 11th attacks us presidents, past and present, joined families at ground 0 in new york to remember the victims and memorial was also held in shank, so pennsylvania to mark the moment when united airlines flight 93 crashed into an empty field. their president jo,
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bottom later rates ceremony to honor those killed the f. b. i has released the 1st declassified documents about the attacks the material described context. the hijackers had with saudi associates in the us, but the 16 pedro poured off is no evidence the saudi government was complicit in the part plot. mike, hannah has the latest from washington. president biden instructed the justice department to look through the documents of the f. b, i investigation into the attacks over the next 6 months and release to the public. what they think could be made public. now this is a 1st tranche of documents to be dropped released on the f. b i's website to a short while ago. and it's 16 pages, it doesn't provide any real revolutionary material. and also it is very heavily redacted. so, very difficult to understand exactly what it is saying. security officials in northern iraq say to drawings with explosive struck outside of the international
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airport. we're where us forces station, this is the 3rd time in port has been attacked recently. there were no immediate reports of casualties for palestinian prison escapees were captured by israeli police have repeating court prosecutors as seeking to add 15 more years to their sentences on new charges. they were allegedly planning an attack. the men returned to court in a week's israel's iron dime. missile defense system has intercepted a rocket, 5 from the gaza strip. the rocker was the 2nd fired after the recapture. also for palestinian prisoners were escaped from an israeli jail. on friday is riley fighter jets attacked hamas sites in gaza and health authorities in columbia, se day worried about a potential covert surgeon next month. columbia has run out of vaccines and many people with 1st choice, a currently unable to get a 2nd shot. those are the headlines. i'm emily anglin, chained for south africa,
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toxic city, me. hundreds of strange mounds lie scattered around johannesburg, south africa's most populous city. but they aren't a natural phenomenon. they are mine. tailing, waste heaps left over from south africa's hugely profitable golden industry. many also said to be dangerously, talks like a wash with heavy metals poison and radioactive debris. with experts help the french journalist math time to do is getting the content to find typically analyzes put one night while he waits for the results. he gets a mysterious voice mail message. hello my. i've heard that you are interested in the mining legacy around around 200, but you know, mind dumps. well, i work those in the little mental geologist for awhile. so i would very much
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appreciate if you can, if you can come around if we can have a good about it. thank you. any last the message is from a geologist, eagle club chick. after 20 career in the mining industry, he's now left it disgusted by the industries failure to had his warning about dealing with it twice. i'll tell you what i find particularly scandalous to take the worst possible material, which is uranium grind it into dust comparable to flour and make a whole lot of it and put it into place where people live. this is a cause colossally bad idea. when you, when you said that women were you doing reports where you listen, that's fine. i have written lots of reports. i must have some sort of recording and answered emails, probably over over a 100. so after a while, you know, i was explained, look what you are proposing costs money. i mean,
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1st of all you have to become the contaminate to the land. that is number one, number 2, you can actually pump tailings all the way back where you got them from them with a just a few percent of cement. and you can get rid of tailing this way. if it basically put it to normal, you put it back to where it was. how does it make you feel when you see it is local communities complaining about their, their health problem? what does it make you feel like you feel like a murder? what we have done, like i said, we have created an enormous environmental disaster. if we let you know growing potatoes and we made environmental disaster along the side, it would be different. we would say ok, we're feeding the nation. well, the gold mining industry do in reached a small percentage of people. so we have produced gold, which is the most useless thing in the whole world. it feeds human greed. it has no uses. and yet we have made in probably one of the biggest environmental disasters
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in the world. so yes i do. i do feel like like a murderer. as eagles, disturbing, one thing can master heads back to see pharma, eric from goma. he's got signs of radioactive poisoning. now the test results for the animals of being delivered in person by frank vendor. the johanna spoke professor of a foreign mental studies. so i want to come aboard. my name is frank franklin, the professor has come to see eric livestock, france, l u c. i. 7 the test results a clear material from the nearby mine tailings has contaminated eric's on the other line and uranium isn't the only problem. for example, manganese would be quite significantly elevated in your,
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in your water sample over 2000 times. what would, what one would find initial water sources? redo her. we do have nico being elevated a 1000 times the alternate this elevator, 50 times ends in as well, 1500 time. ok the most, let's say indicative middle for mining impact, that is uranium in those tailing. so that is about 10 times what you would see in a natural environment 10 times as much. so what you, what you and the less in your water you did about a 100 times more than one would find in an polluted natural 15 water softener in a farm surrounded by pollution its animals badly contaminated it's disturbing news. the hair of your goat shows the highest level of or so overall analyze metals. okay. you see uranium is
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60 times for elevator, but all the lead is elevated to 80 times the meaning almost 100 times a buffer. it's normal that the same was cobalt at the same was also next and a $600.00 times for nickel. maybe if you didn't know and no, no. okay. alright, i can have all the yes you can use for mad at was that us when the lenient down at right for you, fleming? farm. why lights don't die prematurely township, where children have your logic to disorders and suffer from terrible coughing fits . but all the medical links between poor health and mining, so clear cut staff at the free local health clinic might have some among the patient is julie zulu, its the 3rd time this month that the youngest son has taken ill.
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the me i was i know nothing my is not in the go to stella because number no news anyway. i hope you got your the baby has called bronchitis was in both. sometimes we see what you get a child with a quote like the one that i just saw she was having
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a chest in drawings because of the does something that you will see on the average? yes. the other. yeah, i have a number of cases. not really should be like you mentioning is that people who are leading to the mines if we get a lot of those, i think definitely do we have to do astonishingly. the south african state has never conducted a study to understand the impact of maintaining on the population, but can catch up with too lazy to again back and her township. at the foot of the mine and out collecting water, i get a good all right. very heavy. so you have to do this every day. this is julie shall chat with her for children.
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learn le, le mars the bus i ramey is lena le isn't in as zing love? i live fuzzy. bible says be playland. i'm up with i couldn't, i couldn't reach, i couldn't, couldn't i left it there and they were this tiny cabin provide some shelter from the rain but not from the pollution tuleya zulu. and her children live only a few dozen meters from the mine dumb, where earlier the master had measured radioactivity levels 28 times higher than the norm. she agrees to provide her sample to test what level of contamination. ok, now i'm going to give you that a new von from pin a director of the institute for research and scientific expertise. stroudsburg comes on line. you will do it on camino just give all going to come
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under the commotion to pool or you know, just below me the right number for me. i don't know how big. 1 it is what i meant to do is yes, you could just kind of go measure sure. what i told my mom did, i say don't want to write concern alright. should be more than enough in school. both excited. you saw more fascinated image, civil advisors to more linear. pretty sure we don't
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like this when i do need to read, but i all right, perfect. the matter has also taken a half from atlanta and we met the little girl suffering from europe. look at us, but i've taken that down to look beautiful. ah. yeah. and then more 10 in total from other residents living near the maintaining and sent them by express mail to professor penny in france. once again, there will be a few days of waiting for the results. in the meantime, martin goes looking for gold. some of south africa's most profitable export is used
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in the electronics industry. some of it is used for investment, but most of it ends up as jewelry. yet the websites of the world major luxury brands, a curacy silent about the sources that the gold gave about. y'all can shut up a little bit off new or any of them came to respond to questions should it hasn't been come to your job because you don't know how well during your visit from us on monday. and that's almost if you don't see that. but again, in a community really don't model was want, i've been more than a month. you said to put it down to contribute city. indeed, not one jewelry brand agrees to provide detailed where the gold comes from mitigating giving you call. but the only the most italian brand boot gree is the 3rd largest dealer in the world. and it certainly seems to be using
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a loss of gold. it's time to go shopping bull grease headquarters. johanna are located in fountain city, among some of the most expensive real estate on the african continent. in a luxurious shopping monet by the company displays one of its finest pieces. a gold and diamond necklace, costing almost $70700.00. but again, no one here seems to know where the gold had been, so we want it, you know, with cheer in jury, you knew where the goal comes from. if you could talk about it of gold, the gold. yeah. you know, jewelry. have no idea. no idea. okay, don't you're thinking kind of surprising that you don't know where to go from. something that you should be able to tell you. okay. you know,
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the of the consequences of mine, mine, for example, the ninety's is when you buy the book and try the charges job. but that just isn't that just a byproduct of the commercial anyway. thank you very much. you're welcome. i back in a world overshadowed by the waste dumps of south africa, the vast gold mining industry. when people are gathering in a charge call a tiny, the activists has come to run some people with you. so to have all the children who has must have taken protesting
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ah, ah, what has spread and even the national media presence, everyone wants to know what the scientists have computed. thank you so much again for being here today. i really appreciate the fact that you've come quite a long way to, to be here matter, run through the results, cleaned from soil water and go samples. and then he calls in a struggle in charge of analyzing the levels of heavy metals found in the human, had that been gathered what they thought a lot on it. we don't always. we said, here's the other, go to the bill, phone with you guys. you're gonna move it sure was really additional job. roy would go back to
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the show. you do it on do don't do you guys don't do do do so when you would have your 1st goal is what you would explain that you don't don't know, don't do to no one as you sit down as chris i want to respect was it really all of these findings could help south african doctors, given attendance better diagnosis for her disease or job. so i was eligible for your own, you know, people which i don't, i don't, i don't those who i guess for sure.
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okay. taken together, the results and deeply disturbing the soil gathered by my down from the mine tailings is full of heavy metals. the level of off neck, for example, is $330.00 times higher than the norm. the water is full of uranium, $100.00 times the international limit. the goats are infected, that contains 83 times more lead than those living far away from the mine tailings . and as for the residence, some of the children shows $64.00 times more exposure to lead 5 times more exposure to uranium and food times more exposure to authentic than the average french person will be sent to the tv. in have a chemical. what can we do for
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you about the about the me but if you don't do, do you mean? i mean, i don't, i don't think it was normal and this is not my don't people that might be something needs to be we've had enough of this man's exposing us so. so we're a building now to everybody once again to make sure that you're saying that there was that, you know,
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we've lost because of sufficient evidence. but now we've been documented to you are doing know it blue recently, but people know what? oh, thank you very much. once again, my wife as residents begin planning, the next move including a possible legal claim against the mining companies. matter obtains an interview with the chamber of mind the industry association system of south africa's most powerful mining consent truly pretty you don't. 6, if you would mean to look at the mean and i think you should similar eman eckstein to put it on the 20th almost
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a 120 years later. steph. fina moved out. runs that we're going to nations and pollution department answering for those issues that the goal producing firms do not want to address individually regarding the environmental impact of the mining industry. do you think it's it's going in the, on the right track on the good we years there is significant good progress achieved the fall in terms of mining companies dealing effectively with environmental impacts. has the chamber of mine ever convicted human health impact assessment regarding the tating to mine tuning not, not that on my way off. okay. so we've done some a some, some smack done then shows her letters the same scientific analysis that he has shared with the residents back in the township. we never heard about that. no, no. okay. what does that make you think now it's,
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it's quite clear planning for me and i think something should be done. do you think that the mining industry that you or presents have a responsibility in these numbers? i think it is. we our member companies mine? yes, we do have the responsibility. do you live close to the maintaining? why not? if i may i mean most of the it's, i mean most of the, i mean those guys they fall in the table or not the other way around. so they choose to go and do you think the people, the leave around the pe, the stating is huge turnings around jonesboro? do you think they're safe? they're not, they're not at all. there's a lot of environmental risks as well as safety risks. and why do you think it hasn't been clean over all these years of years to
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something should be done for the tailings that are on them. but when you, when you say something, do you think it's something where, what, what is it about eating the media end of the have been taishan of those should get rid of this disease. i think we need an overall management strategy as the industry and obviously in partnership with government. the so what does the government have to say? south africa, the environment minister declines to be interviewed. and he's office said that the subject is not his area of expertise. the ministry of health, on the other hand, is very interested, but can leave a casting director of the national institute for occupational health 1006
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and a mentally. this is of great importance to demonstrate that the levels are so much higher and that there will be negative health effects on the children. and really one of the real tragedies is that the study and why the money has not been prioritized. we need to make sure that minds and other workplaces don't continue to contaminate the living environment for communities and so on. would you like a copy? oh, we would absolutely love to have a copy because you see be, don't have to be, we'd be, be, don't have it in. and then we can go in with our medical teams and perhaps have a sample of those who have got higher levels of these different heavy metals and, and, and geranium, and go in more physical examination. do blood test to urine tests
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and monitor them. oh, the south african government will soon begin a major study on the health impacts of mining pollution. but time is of the essence . in 2017 mining companies extracted 130 tons of gold from south africa and producing 27000000, 600000 tons of supplementary waste. more waste will be produced next year and the next one, the one after that, there are still 35 years remaining of exploitable gold results in south africa. ah, how many move victims will have to be in that time? people realize that life is more precious than gold. ah
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the ah, we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides no matter where it takes a police fill in. if you guys are empowering, impartial, we tell your story. we are your voice. you knew your network out here the it's not as hot as it was in the radian peninsula. this still cloud along the south coast of a mile in human cella, represent, so shows the result as the, as your thinks of the monsoon. so it's not particularly oh, it's very human navy. now again, the overcast nature produces that matter. rightness is normal. it's seasonal. but he shows them all. syntron hasn't yet disappeared. it's starting to but it hasn't
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gone yet. elsewhere of course it's will talk to the wind while this bit of a sham are picking up. no, it's not been particularly strong. recently the orange suggests the dust picked up a bit more than normal. i think that windows strength and particular term we had to tuesday. so normally when developing indo ha shamal $41.00 degrees is above average for temperatures. but because it's going to be this dry, shamella think humidity will come down a little bit. now the breeze is, has been something a story through his time bullet. it's dying down now and he's coming on shore was a cooling effect with showers anywhere from gaza right up towards the south coast of turkey. the rain further west is dispersing showers in greece, not in turkey at all. now, as the monsoon rains now about if you want to cold, not study, come south charlotte now reaching well into the corner. the who's talked to al jazeera,
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what gives you hope that there is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing. otherwise we listen. we were never on whatever road to off migration. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories on sierra nature's news as it breaks. the big concern is that my suits forces are coming round on the mountain ridges and try to surround this area in order to isolate to school with detail coverage, real power fill live and how much effect he takes all the major fatigue from around the world. the water rose so quickly at this new jersey apartment complex. it caught many people off guard the pot to of a special investigation. one, when a visits within the strategy is only youth detention center and travels to the
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remote app back town, where many of the indigenous inmates come from the one out to 0. ah, al jazeera ah, ah, all the. ready news the 1st, the f b i releases the 1st declassified document related to the 911 attacks as us commemorates the 20th anniversary. ah, i tell you, watching al jazeera live from don't with me fully back. people also coming out the leader of truth. molly's rebels who almost toppled the peruvian fate has died in
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prison while serving a life sentence.


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