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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2021 11:30am-12:00pm AST

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and safety for the role of streaming services like netflix is only expected to grow . film lovers are adamant. there's no replacement for the silver screen. somebody said that at the time of cinema has finished it. not there is nothing like cinema. she. mamma is like, when you go to the cinema, you see it's in a room with people different ages, different, back ground with different culture. it, there is no other social event, like a scene and mom. i assume festival organizes agree and say this year's event with it's covered restrictions and social distance. think was the real proof will come when all these films are released to the massive kimbell al jazeera venice. ah, so again, i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera, the f
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b. i has really secret documents about the hijackers involved in the 911 attacks. the 16 page report offers no evidence that the saudi government was complicit in the plot. my can, has more from washington president biden instructed the justice department to look through the documents of the f. b. i investigation into the attacks over the next 6 months and release to the public. what they think could be made public. now this is a 1st tranche of documents to be dropped released on the f, b i's website to a short while ago, and it's 16 pages. it doesn't provide any real revolutionary material. and also it is very heavily rejected. so very difficult to understand exactly what it is saying, the head of the international atomic energy agencies in tehran for crucial talks. we, the radian officials, raphael glossy, is meeting yvonne, vice president and the head of the countries atomic organization. to push for access to some nuclear monitoring equipment, her tears and he was captured. my,
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a guzman, the leader of the heroes shining past rebel group, has died at the age of 86, tens of thousands of people were killed in the campaign to put down his mom. always fin, search and see. health authorities in columbia are worried about a potential koby $900.00 for next month. it's run out of the vaccines and many people with a 1st dose currently unable to get a 2nd shot comes as he delta, very in days on the rise. 18 year old and murat economy has stunned the tennis world with by winning the us open. she's the 1st british woman. she left the grand slam tournament trophy in 44 years. in the 1st final between to see the phase, she beat fellow teenager layla fernandez. 6463, right? a con was the 1st qualifier to win, a major title. those are the headlines next on, on 0, talk to, aren't you, sir? the us a call was of interest to people around the world. this is been going on for a number of what's the use of the report. so he's going into national perspective
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to try to claim your global audience. how's it could impact your life? this is an important part of the world and it's very good at bringing the news to the world from here. after decades of ethnic tension and then the cost of declared independence from serbia in 2008. the move was partially recognized by the international community with the u. s. and most european countries as allies. but it remains a diplomatic problem with its neighbor serbia and with its powerful back russia. in june last year, opposition leader alban could be seen by many as a radical reformer, came to power, was expected to be the fresh start the people of kosovo, needed to turn the page up to so many years. not just of conflict, but also of corruption. and poverty could he gain recognition as a student leader protesting against serbian liter slow, but i mean lots of which is brutal, repression in the 19 ninety's,
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when nato decided to take military action against beer in 190909. could he was in the cause of the capital, christina, where he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison when he was released after almost 3 years following international pressure. as a free man could, he became an outspoken opposition. politician. now as prime minister, how is he facing the geopolitical challenges? of course of the cost of those prime minister alban could. he talks to out his era . ah albin, could he prime minister of course about thank you for talking to out to sarah. i'd like to explain to view as a little bit about your background because you 1st came to prominence when you were an engineering student and you became a protest leader. and if we look back at the time, 999, when nato intervened in your country and the serbian troops left costs. if you were there to celebrate because you were actually in serbian jail serving
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a 15 year term. you eventually released after 3 years of that term. how has that experience affected your political outlook? i think it has effect my life. it has effect my character. but i don't thing that's my political convictions or the world's view changed on 10th of june 1999. when natal enters crossover over 2000, a 1000000000 prisoners of war were sent to serbia and we were kept for hostages. there finally, whither his gym change in serbia. we were released, but not immediately. i was almost a year and a half in prison during period of milosevic should dictate that milosevic is
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against whose regime natal intervenes. on the other hand, the so called democrats, corston, is a who came after and the last service held me over one year and 3 months in prison. therefore that jim change in serbia of course, changed the many things, but not as many for serbia as as many for us as for serbia, on the other hand of the democratic g mm. which followed milosevic in serbia led by as i just ended with the assassination of the later in the year, 2003 already. some history has been very vivid. but at the same time, i am one of the people who was very lucky because i am
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a life in kosovo during 1988 to 1999. around 2000 civilians were killed. 120000 houses were burned down, destroyed or damaged. 860000 old billions were expelled from us over over 1000000. expelled from their homes and the 20000. and we're raped and still nowadays we have 1630 missing persons who have been forcefully. like taken by serbia. well, you've given this the context of relations between cost about and serbia. from your perspective you though have said recently that talks with serbia and not your top priority. why? well, when we want to in elections, we competed with other partners with this idea of jobs and
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justice. the other thing that we have to take care of is pandemic covered 19. and i did not say that we are going to neglected altogether. but if you ask people in kosovo about their top 10 priorities, dialogue with serbia, sometimes number 6, sometimes number 7. i said that we made a concession by blinking dialog dialog as prior to number 4. but it cannot enter the top 3 priority because i do not believe that it should be treated like that. and the people of solar when they voted for us as democratic opposition and brought us back into office in the government. they knew what they were doing. so relations with serbia are important, but so via an independent country and among the top 3 priorities is not dialogue with service. it is though, you know,
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the top priority is regarding the international community and they will be pushing you to focus on it as they've been pushing all your predecessors. and you know, in the past they've been efforts to the deal. go back to 2018 and you will form a president and the and the serbian president came close to a deal involving land swaps. swapping areas with a large population in cost of both areas where the cost of and population in serbia . you're totally against that idea. why wouldn't it be a lasting solution? it wouldn't be a solution at all. it would make things worse. and i want democratic solutions, peaceful solutions. and the land swap is, is an approach with which will bring cars back to the conflicts of the ninety's and which would not remain only within the relation between crossover and serbia. but would spread out all the western bulk. and 6,
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i didn't like this way of doing politics where the presidents are prime ministers think that they are monarchs in medieval times when they, where do they consider territory of the state as if it is their private property and state to such as their own house so opposed to this model which would make things much worse. the project of land swap or total exchange definitely has failed. but the idea is not dead and is very alive in belgrade. because all the neighboring countries of belgrade boston has been montane at all controlled by north macedonia, which are not integrated into a new. unfortunately belgrade considered to be temporary states and imitating
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a russian federation of serbia wants to strengthen its own factors in the neighborhood. a satellite part of states in order to ends its neighbors, dysfunctional and turn them into failed states. but they have no chance with a public of casala, independent course always here to stay. and we're getting stronger as a state with functioning institutions with getting out from economic crisis and by moving forwards towards the west, which is something that we never questions and the where we aspire to joined both nato and you going forward. then how do you deal with the serbian minority in your country? there are no exact figures, but it's believed to be about 140000 people who if they had their choice,
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would rather be living in their homes where they are. but as part of serbia not part of costs about, what do you do about the majority of serbs, of crossover, are integrated in our situation. sometimes also in our society. and i believe that with socio comic development this will improve. it is sure, the beltway doesn't. one service that integrates. not only go saw beltway, doesn't one search to integrate in montenegro in bosnia herzegovina because they want to use them for states and national hedge. and one, i believe that in western bolcom 6 in order to have lasting peace and sustainable stability and security, we need all over the 6 countries to have more or less symmetry sort of
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a balance or reciprocity of minority ice. because as the property of minority rights will help us all to combat the nationalistic and chauvinistic hedge. one is which have been characteristic for the balkans, especially in the last century and a half. therefore, a rule of law against corruption and oligarchs. then democrat ization against autocracy. is facing of the path against war, criminals in power and the rest, the process of minority rights are the 4 elements which will help not only crossover inserted the end, the relation of these 2. but all these 6 countries, whenever they request from serbian citizens to me as prime minister, i very carefully listen and address them and change situation for the better. i
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want to respect the rights of the serbian citizens just as with respect to of the old billions as the majority of people who are like overnighted to percent of the population. of course over and other minorities who are also very well integrated. but all my people boss next to alex osh, cali and egyptians because we do not have only sort of mine on it. we have 6 different minorities just over a year ago, there was a deal in the white house which was much heralded by the trumpet. ministration is a big breakthrough. it didn't include that land swap idea which had been discussed earlier. what did you make of the trumpet, ministrations approach to cost about? do you think the president trump and his special ed boy, rick grinnell really cared much about peace in your country. that so washington agreement of 4th of september was last year was really
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unique. there were so different elements in a page and a half and the one of those elements of recognition, of republican crossover by state of israel was implemented. but there are other elements in that agreement, like for example, discussing on sharing a lake or moratorium on inclusion and membership of kosovar for international renovations, new railway highway with serbia. which one cannot think of them uncritically. however, i think that the main goal of that 4th of september 2020 agreement was for a former president of united states to show that he can make these international
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deals as quick fixes. and that was only 2 months prior to elections in us. but now is 2021. there is new government in kosovo. there is new administration in us, of course is very good that we have this recognition from israel. but i think the previous administration in us was very different from this one because they were much more into a transactional viewpoint of the world financial and transactional viewpoint. whereas current president of the united states, mr. joe biden, he is very much into trans atlantic and transformative. you talked about the decision with regard to israel and moving your embassy to jerusalem. there are those that would say that was a self serving decision done solely to keep the trump administration happy and
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selling out the palestinians and breaching the binding resolutions of the un security council. the shifting of the embassy to jerusalem was not written in this washington agreement. while washington agreement basically were 2 different decks, signed by crossover and serbia, where these were not combined together in a joint text. so basically, every one pledged to certain things which were not the same once and the when we came to powder, we have older the phones, this newly established embassy, of course, over. but mr. prime minister years ago. but you can, you can, you can back if you want to complete for us. you could move the embassy back if you
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want to. i don't think, i don't think that is useful and recognition of israel neither our embassy in jerusalem or not against palestinian people. we want to have very good relations with palestine and good relations and more economic cooperation and cultural exchange with israel. because when nato bombarded the sort of be $999.00, both israel is in palestine protested against genocide in crossover and supported nato intervention. but i wish that also palestine supports now people of course, over in independence of crossover and we are for a 2 state solution. we think that it is possible to have
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a good relationship with the state of israel and at the same time to have good relations with palestinian people and denounce any kind of discrimination against them. you will not only the prime minister of cost you also a citizen of albania and you recently voted in albion elections, which may surprise some people. you've also gone on the record saying if there was a referendum and i know referenda onto aloud under your constitution, you would choose your country to become part of albania. explain to me why and tell me is that a realistic prospect of republic of crossover is the contrary. which made me prime minister. i want in these elections for jobs and justice, and this is what i am seeking for day and nights together with the cabinet
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ministers. and on the other hand, i also have citizenship of old dania. and i use the rights to vote in albania, kosovar albanian are 2 states, but we are not to nations. and of course, i, formation of our connection. getting closer and integration and cooperation between crossover and ben. yeah, i want to strengthen i believe that this is not against anyone else, but we have a very complimentary economists and geographies that by being linked will help all the people on both sides of the border. it may surprise people though, the prime minister of the country has been fighting so hard for its full
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independence is floating the idea of merging with another country. is it a realistic prospect? can you see in your lifetime, costco and albania becoming one nation? well, i think we are one nation, but 2 states. however, i never saw independence of kosovo in contrast to old benya, but always as an expression of liberation from serbia. so we did not declare independence, so we distance ourselves from obeying. but from serbia, on the other hand of some referendum in the future, democratic peaceful would also be an expression of the freedom, of course, or not, of any kind of imposition to our country or to our people. but then again, it is not me who is going to decide about this,
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not only in kosovo and inserted, but everywhere, citizens in europe and in the world who have double citizenship, or triple citizenship for that matter. i encourage them to vote in 2 or 3 countries whenever and wherever they're already lexus and your country. there's been one political figure who's been more dominant than anyone else over the last 2 decades . and that's the form of president former prime minister, former formulas to hush him. but she but now he finds himself with some other key political figures in the hate on war crimes charges. i'd like to ask you about that proceeding. do you think it's a fair proceeding and even though he's a political opponent, how do you see mister, she now, president biden, when he was vice, president biden caught him the george washington of course about about these specialist chamber source, special court as we and popular manor cold, this half local half international courts is not much
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transparent and the i did not support it when i was a member of parliament in the rank civil position. i believe that we need normal courts. we need normal justice. we had icy to why we had international court of the tribunal and was flavio criminal tried doing the slot then we had to make, we had you, lex, we had a lot of special court. we need normal courts now. and i believe was with a strengthening of the state of crossover with the vetting process on among the ranks of prosecution and judges in our country. we are going to be able to address all accusations and indictments in the future. now, specialist chambers are also something that we have found as physical plea as a government. and we consider that the kosovo liberation army did
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not commit crimes. they could have been individuals who abused with the uniform of care lay in summer, 999. when all those massacres, all over kosovo were revealed. hundreds of massacres. but i do not consider that the kosovo liberation army committed, war crimes. so crimes against you, minutes. you let me turn to the dramatic developments we will seen in afghanistan in recent weeks. your country has pledged to be a staging post for some of the people leaving afghanistan. can you tell me about the arrangements you're making for that? also i believe that some of those who are going to land in pristina have not passed their initial security screening. oh well love 1st the fall, it was mid july when we started for talks with our
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american partners about the possibility of receiving for a short period of time. a number of i'm going to have you please back then we thought that we have more time than we've gotten. and everything unraveled very fast. so we had to act fast. and we have agreed with the united states of america to receive 2000 are going to refugees max. at present, we have 683. and all these are going to refugees are either a special immigrant for special good visas and p to or citizens and family members where natal contract us. i went to the airport of christina and welcomed them. i told them that in kosovo they will be safe. and when it comes to humanitarian issues like this one or 2 are special relationship that we have with
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united states, who is our most important ally and most pathetic partner. we don't deliberate or ask why we just say how and now these hundreds of going to refugees will stay in kosovo max for a period of time one year. and they are located at present in bond steel, american u. s. army base american military base. and the also in dormitories of american turkish corporation, bechtel anchor, some claim that america abandoned afghanistan onto a tool worried that one day the u. s. might retreat from costco as well. president biden said he's going to end the forever was well, it's still a nato mission. in kosovo,
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k for 3600 trips and the largest number of the us. i don't thing that nato is going to leave a console because natal intervene here and the mission was very clear to liberate school so far. so it doesn't fall back into the hands of serbia, which is very close to russian federation. and we know very well that's one of the key reasons, perhaps the most important aspect why need to exist? it is with danger from a russian federation. and after natal summit on 14th of june this year in brussels, is clearer than ever of that nature in the balkans, including crossover is here to stay. on the other hand, we want to join nato. we are very well aware of that, of going to son will not join nato, so crossover will join nato. and that's why the situation is completely different.
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we are also strengthening our own army because unfortunately, serbia is not only not recognizing our country and not showing regrets for the crimes of the past. but also from time to time grouping and regrouping its military forces around our border, where they can, of course, just have a gaze at it because definitely they will never, they are to do anything similar as they done in last century. albin curtis prime minister, of course, thank you for talking to out. just thank you very much for having me. ah, how many nukes is too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties. now,
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there are fewer regulation to own a tiger than their our own a dog. how can this be happening? your weekly take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. the state of mind sits in the mouth of the region, goes a big eastern end of the era peninsula. if you look at the raven peninsula, it was a hold the essentially to the ancient countries to the east to west. yeah, it's sometimes known as the switzerland of the gulf because of the important regional role. it plays in the gulf cooperation council. the gcc mine long history is not well known outside the gulf region before oil was discovered in 1962 fishing and prototyping words, main sources of income. in this film we go back over the last 500
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years of all money history of tribes born rebellion and colonization, unexplored. how and why still plays an important regional role today? ah, the f b i releases the 1st declassified document related to the 911. a time says us commemorates the 20th anniversary. ah, this is al jazeera life from the back. people also coming up the leader through molly's rebel to almost toppled. fate has.


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