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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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people ventilate all the troubles they face fernandez, implemented one of the world to a test covey, 19 quarantines last year. but origin, tina has one of the world's highest death rates from the virus. the locked down had a huge impact on the troubled economy. this election results sent precedent over the phone and then there's a clear message. the question now is how he will respond to this. i will as athena, when a site is, ah, this is all, these are the top stories. the un says more than $1000000000.00 and $8.00 has been pledged for ghana, stan, following an international donor conference. secretary general, antonio, chad, as it says, afghans are facing the collapse of the entire country. and it's important nations engage with the taliban. diplomatic editor james base has more from the conference in geneva. the united nations is still seriously concerned about the situation in
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afghanistan. yes, the 2nd general said he's been very pleased by the response of the international community. he came here to geneva for this flash appeal, saying that he wanted $606000000.00 for the next 4 months. and i'm going to stop in new money. well, we know that lots of money has been pledged. well, the u. n. is trying to work out is where that some of that money is money that already been pledged by nations. whether it is that new money, but they are, i think, generally pleased by the response from the international community and iteration. and i've kind of started has been on the agenda, talks between cutters, foreign minister, and his friends counterpart. they discuss how to coordinate humanitarian aid and future evacuations. they confirmed flights. we'll continue out of couple airport israel and egypt have agreed to strengthen the relationship in the interests of both countries. israeli prime minister natalie bennett, made the comments after meeting his egyptian counterpart of sissy bennett,
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is the 1st is a leader on an official visit to egypt in a decade. lebanon is said to receive $1000000000.00 from the international monetary fund to help struggling economy. the country's new cabinet has held its 1st meeting since being appointed. gunman in nigeria have freed more than $200.00 prisoners during an attack in a medium security jail in kaba. that's in the state of coffee. a soldier and a policeman were killed during the attack, and 2 guards are missing. a dodge court has ruled over must employ its drivers on a permanent basis. it says dr. as a covered by the collective labor agreement for taxi transportation over says it'll appeal against the decision and has no plans to employ drivers in the netherlands. and those are the headlines where we're talking about half an hour after inside story. goodbye. news.
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news. news. news is a new cultural revolution taking place in china. the government has cracked and technology companies, education and payments, and even how long children you spend playing video games with all about this isn't like ah, ah, walk into the program. i mean, ron kon, during the past few months, china has tightened regulations and rules across many areas of society. technology, firms, education media, few sectors have been sped. the decisions have been sudden dramatic and even
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baffling. to some observers, the entertainment industry is the latest target regulators. a band tv talon, chosen, noted, broadcast is not to promote what they call a feminist looking men act as accused of tax evasion, misbehavior about. 2 their work taken offline, the government is also crackdown on video games. children are only allowed to play up to 3 hours a week and only on weekends. the goal is to stop young people being influenced by so called negative and immoral behavior. i don't think the new regulation makes any sense, although it aims to help teenagers. however, the less access to get, the more curious you'll be considered here with that on and then what different people have different levels of self control. they might have different kinds of supervision from parents and care is. this is not something they can simply control . people in the, in can always play on another account by a counsel metal. the sweeping measures of also targeted take times $0.10 and he's
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been off to eliminate content that promotes what are described as incorrect values, like money worship. and chinese regulators voted the removal of ride sharing company did each shooting from domestic obstacles. it's been accused of illegally collecting and using personal information, and they've also banned the multi 1000000000 dollar private tutoring sector from making profit or raising capital. some celebrity fund club website's been barred for regulators call, kale thick, fine culture. and the government is promoting president. seizing pings and political ideology through its education system, children as young as 10, hard to attend the special classes state media says the aim is to cultivate a love for the country, the communist party and socialism. ah, let's bring it, i guess anti pe william young e stays a correspondent, c d w news. i'm president of the taiwan foreign correspondent, club in london shining lou rita in modern chinese culture and language at of this.
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so as dusty of london and in new york, and it's going right to a co host of the china tech investor podcasts. welcome to the program. and let's begin in london's 1st with shouting lou shouting, is this the 2nd cultural revolution by increment by stealth? oh, that's pretty interesting. restroom, but i'm afraid i was saying no, but i do see our revitalization of a socialist, the culture in terms of how the parking manage the culture. for instance, the law tradition that a culture has been used an instrument to shave people's opinions to most the ideal citizens of recently we see chinese party of chinese government really put a lot of effort to rectify the so called the so called and determined circle online funding on friend culture and they even impose
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a minute on the online video game in type a william young. this seems to be aimed at no cracking down on current descent, but actually trying to avoid futures and everything that they're doing. it seems to be the very young people children, and it seems to be aiming to foster a sense of love for socialism, stay m for the chinese communist party. would you agree? yeah, i think the previous upper seeker has already touched on the very important point which is that there revitalizing the very essence of the socialist spirit, especially the socialist spirit in the chinese communist parties, stander and its definition. and one of the very important thing that we see in all of these crackdowns on different sectors is that they are preventing trying to prevent any force. be it a company, be at a tech type beard, a pop coke culture icon, to actually become be able to mobilize a large swath of
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a social circle and a society. so which is why they are trying to dissolve all these online fan groups . because some of these groups have already shown k, find that they are able to mobilize and be able to create some of the things that are considered as out of control in the government the under. and i would actually say that these, my standards can all be applied to different sectors. we see the crackdown on major tech companies. and also we see the limit on the ability for the younger generation in china to be able to actually spend too much time on things that are considered as a chaos or a distraction for the younger generation in china. let's go to new york now in elliot zarbara. let's just talk business for a 2nd here. if you're cracking down or at least putting in from laws about screen time, for example, about access to popstars access to money culture and your
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a u. s. record executive and you're going, sean is a huge market to me, but if they've trying to get rid of all of this, then it becomes less appealing for me to invest in from a business point of view. china is actually doing something counter productive, is that to get a little bit that way. i don't think she's paying looks at it that way, but what we're definitely seeing is a de prioritization of, or, and capital. so for much of the past 30 years, we've seen them really prioritize attracting foreign capital to china. i think that at this point she didn't thing doesn't think that that the most important thing for china right now. and i think a really good example of this not just with tech regulation, but just recently the black some group have been trying to acquire the property developer soho and the black, some group, and stephen sportsmen. they had very, very good relationship with the chinese communist party and they had funded
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a massive, massive program by university, which is the intellectual home of the party and are sorry, black rock black. but they have not been able to secure this deal. it was denied by regulators and what i think aging is saying to, you know, to, for investors right now in that, you know, if you want to come here and make money, you can, but we're not going to cater to you the way that we used to selling low in london, there's a real risk where the simply because this is china as the chinese companies policy, the doing it the automatically everybody is going to go. this is authoritarian, this is bad, but i'm a parent, i worry about screen time and how much my children spend on the laptops and i pads and things like that. i worry about the impact of culture. is this a very chinese way of doing it? simply what the west is doing and other ways, but just because there's a centralized culture,
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this is the only way china can do it. i'm glad you asked me this question. i'd like to say the small thinking, in fact, a partially, if the ccp respond to people, demands in the traditional chinese culture that such out saying, except for the indulgence of plain steps, ambition, this is why the parents are worrying about their children. sometimes i'm really concerned about a screen time. of course, you know, you have to write the opinion about the government recent measure, but sometimes i'm really happy that the government has taken this measure to limit children screentime. why offers boys? they are dogs and their reservation because it's going to be effective. you know, i, i think may be, maybe this, this is an immediate solution, but it's not going to be a long term effective solution. avoidance times the children may move opportunities
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of self exploration and being stuck discipline in cetera. and another thing is, i'd like to say these measure are taken by the government manifests the full couldn't leave the governments because it just simply use the single master to implement the single method, you know, across the board, across the country, across all kinds of video games by the way, these times they restrict the time, oh, online video game of but not on the video games, but yet there might be other solutions for you as you come across the part different kind of video games because we know some video games. games are educational, right, educational. so i think the government may be a bit of too lazy time to think about how to really effectively tackle if they tackle this problem. if they really, if they're really concerned about the spiritual, the house,
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the healthy citizens. now in tell pay william young, it's not just video games, it's not just screens. i was those d v d that cracking down on actors that they, that the chinese communist party don't see as follow in their ideals were reflectively asking to do is all your cultural icons in china who are chinese to follow a certain model of behavior. certain mode of behavior that isn't bigger than the, the communist party but isn't, but is in line with communist party families. you effectively imposing culture on cultural actors and for cultures are really tree, breathed and needs to be free. right? right. i think there is, there are 2 sides to argue against this. one site is just exactly like what you said. one of the reason why they are emphasizing the banning on the particular c ma'am. for example, man who are not looking or behaving like the traditionally very masculine way
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is because they are very concerned about the if the, the impact of the korean pop culture. and a lot of these are k popstars have created these barre, sometimes so called out of control of phantom culture and phantom phenomena and online, and they do see some destruction. for example, for in a very small period of time, their fan online fans will be able to accumulate and gather a large amount of money to do something that are viewed as very out of control by the government. and so in order for the government to be able to actually like make sure that everything is in line with their ideals, they put up a very strict guideline and also in post them in a very strict way. and we see that most of the entertainment providers, the social media platforms are, has already stopped wrenching the like pop stars,
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which is used to be very, very popular on away for, for example. and then they have also a band all these kind of like a very competitive culture and wasteful culture in 5, these like talent shows. because actually these measures are having a lot of support from the chinese medicines and chinese citizens because they, a lot of the normal citizens do actually see some very toxic effect of these extreme behavior and extreme reaction to the rise of the k pop culture. and so, but i think rather than the foreign companies and flooring like entertainment providers or worrying the were those who have more concerns or actually the domestic providers and domestic entertainment producers. because they won't know when the like rules will be tightened again. or when the government will decide to impose additional measures to actually make their life and the space for them to
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operate, even hotter and smaller. so i think the unpredictability of the whole thing is actually having more effect on the domestic provider threats in foreign providers. and it's open, we make some very interesting point. disney is like, hey, we are, we have this international audience, and then we have this domestic audience as well, the international audience for like hollywood films, for example. no time to die. the new james, one film, had just passed. the chinese center is access now to the largest market in the world. it's going to make a lot of money. james bond is not a socialist. he's no a character. the is in body socialist values in any way, shape or form anything that aston martin is driving isn't social. but what i'm saying is that actually there seems to be hypocrisy here. the chinese are like our celebrities. alliston needs to behave to communist party values. however, we don't mind hollywood films being played at the cinema,
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but we are worried about bts and k pop values and the razor of that kind of culture . how much of that is to do with just simple money, like hollywood knows access to that market. i think a lot of it is about money and is about maybe the existing relationship that hollywood has with aging. and with china, with china regulator, but a year or 2 from now, we may see that another james bond movie won't be able to get in. i think of that very much possibility, but i think another way to look at it when it comes to the kind of what says the ma'am saying check, i can track down some of these sort of more feminine celebrities. i think that the one thing that shouldn't be overlooked here is china, the demographic problem. and one of the reasons why i think feels like really needs to control the culture is because they need people to have more children. the census data recently came out, i think in the spring of this year, and it was far worse and they even expected. and i think that right now babies,
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regulators are panicking, and policymakers are panicking a little bit about this sort of long term demographic crisis that they're facing. and whatever they can do to try to do some more, more baby making that they're going to do. and to be honest, traditional masculinity gets married and right and more if you're more a feminist or something like that, maybe that's not what you want your life. and i think that also how they interpret this, we should be aware of say thing generalizations, but i will let you get away with the dog when sounding lou in london. what we're talking about right now then, and it seems to me that all 3 of you have said effectively the same thing. this isn't a new cultural revolution, this is a reshaping reformulate formulas ation of chinese values. chinese customs is this, therefore, an ongoing project to all of you at some point and mention, this is what's happening right now,
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but it might not be what's going to be happening in the future. i would assume to be just the ongoing part of the ongoing process. as i said, the importance of the socialist culture. maybe the parking nowadays do not use the id on to anymore. but if we look at the shooting 2014 talks at the paging for our basic her art, i'm a, he's specifically used to terms the good, the true, the, the, to the good, the beautiful. that the 3 thing as the value that when you to advocates and so from the government perspective, for the public figures, or we cause the never a tease, you know, the inferential public, a figures, they have a rate her social obligations to, to sit at samples for the morrow direction of the society. i think this is fund a mental difference going to difference between the socialist culture and the so called a western or a culture. or, you know,
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the celebrities. they are important not only because they produce excellent worth and, and to turning, you know, movies and tv shows, but out the park that government has expectation of them as a person to, to they should oppose the moral integrity. so whoever books i'm who has some transgressive ass, however you define, you know, whether it's evasion, it's kind of banned us, or other things may, may be deemed as problematic. so that's my answer is a lot of the us government has spent a long time accusing china of monotheistic practices, of dominating markets, of using its money to dominate foreign foreign policy in africa, in south asia. and it's often complained that china has been too big to influence directly, or things like this cracked alman. a weapon for the u. s. government uses say
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actually what the chinese are doing is violation of human rights. and therefore, this is something we can use to try and put pressure on them. or once again is trying to just simply too big to put any pressure on. yeah. busy i think it's kind of the ladder, i mean, the u. s. and say all that they want and i believe, but the crack down on human rights. this is not something that i know that makes me less likely to want to live in china, i guess. but i mean the u. s. and say all that it wants and it does, it is the fact that if you look at the been able to levy, i think it definitely has a pressure on i'm trying to and it's official. but when it comes down to what i can get this point, china doesn't really care like china is going to do, which i don't want and they're big enough. and i think she didn't thing as a political well in the political enough consolidation of power to be able to make it happen. and i think that that's generally where they're at right now. william
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young, a lot of the activists that you speak to a lot of the people you speak to in your course in your daily course of journalism, must be very concerned. the china simply is getting away with whatever at once. and grandpa, she is actually basically just doing whatever he wants to do. is that a concern for them? the voice is radical. voices dissenting voices are just becoming lost. right. i think this is already a fact that we are seeing over the last few years, especially i think, after even hong kong becomes one of the biggest target for the crackdown and the extreme level of the measures that china is willing to impose on hong kong, bypassing all the existing system that are supposed to exist under the one country to system. i think those who are inside china who have been experiencing this kind of very heavy handed treatment since the i think the early ninety's and the all the
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way until she brings right in 2012. they are basically very pessimistic about how the outside world has any sort of influence in leverage to actually i think lesser some of the life i think struggle that they're facing. we are seeing a lot of the different kinds of light on justice being imposed by, like i think the legal system is very vague about when to detain someone and then someone can beat the tank for years before they actually finally have a sentence. and a few months after they were properly sent and they were released because they've already been jailed for years before they were actually able to have the proper trial. and a lot of these trials are actually happened behind the close doors. we are actually also seen this happening to flooring citizens, including the 2 canadians and the australian journalists,
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10 lay. so i think right now the, the question, the big question will be, how the international community decides to deal with china while upholding their ideals and also their values. because it seems like if they cannot hold up a very united front against china and find a very effective way to counter china, aggression and ambition, then things like the detention of the indians when we already got time. and i would like to bring sounding li lou here in london. channing, a similar question to you. is this about reshaping the cultural values of china or is it simply just a cracking down on future defense? or is that mixed for both? i would think the reshaping the culture rather as a place, a bigger part because we do have to strike a balance between the commercial and the political and the park. you have to deal
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with. it's very difficult a task. how not to let you know the so called a captain sabbat is to, to dominate the society. but we do see very creative resistance from the young people of times we have we have seen all kinds of lay flat isn't or people just like one to my don pass the resistance to the, the dire to just do the high pressure of the work. so i do think that they are still possibilities. we think within china, i want to thank all guess william yang, shouting lou and eliot zach men. and i want to thank you to for watching. you can see the program again anytime of this thing. a web site, i was there a dot com for further discussion goes for facebook page at facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. and you can also join the conversation on twitter. we are at a j inside story for me and my con and the whole team here. bye for now. the
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