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overpowered as i was, is there a correspondence? that's what we strive to do. how many nukes has too many new america had in many ways driven the arms race for parties are much more like the british parties. now, there are fewer regulation to own a tiger than there are a tone, a dog. how can this be happening? we take on us politics and i see, and that's the bottom line. the news was $1000000000.00 pledged for age for afghanistan. a country described as being on the verge of collapse. the money can't come soon enough for capital hospitals struggling to provide even basic care for children in severe medical need. ah, to this is our to 09 from london,
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also coming up investigation claims of atrocities in ethiopia to cry. region. a un report, find both sides of the complet responsible. tele bennett told talks with their cc and the 1st visit to egypt on israeli prime minister in a decade. ah, the un says that more than 1000000000 dollars has been pledged to help us kind of stone, but they can't be sure it can be used for the immediate injection of cash needed to prevent the country from collapsing. many western donors abruptly cut funding after the taliban took control of the country last month. the u. n. was able to raise more than $600000000.00 during a conference in geneva to avoid an edge humanitarian crisis. agency warns poverty is spiraling out of control and many people could run out of food by the end of the month. james space is more from geneva. the un secretary general came to geneva
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with the aim of getting the international community to provide at least $660000000.00 to help. i'm going to stop before the end of the year. the people of afghanistan need a lifeline. after decades of war suffering as insecurity. they face perhaps their most battles. our just over a week ago, the un humanitarian coordinator, martin griffith visited afghanistan and met with the taliban leadership. you know that some countries will be reluctant to get money because they'll be worried about the money going into taliban hands. what do you say to them? well, i've kind of still is not the only place where humanitarian agencies do direct delivery through our national partners. we have 156 partners agencies working and i've got to stop many, most of them. in fact, africa, at the news conference, the secretary general said he was pleased by the international response to his
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flash appeal. but he said there was still real risks ahead. secretary general, how serious now is the possibility of a complete economic collapse in afghanistan? it is serious and economy doesn't work without the blood and the blood of the economy is cash. and so, as i said, i think it is important to avoid the collapse of the economy. and i think the international community to find the ways to do it without violating international rules and norms. the un says during the meeting, receive pledges totaling more than a $1000000000.00. however, almost certainly not all of that. his new money and some of the funds are being directed not just at the afghan stone, but to the wider region. james bays al jazeera, at the u. n. in geneva. before the town of an took over half the population or 18000000 people were dependent on aid that figure look set to increase due to drought and shortages of cash and food. a well food program survey found that in
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recent weeks, 93 percent of afghans were not consuming sufficient foods. they say that $1.00 and $3.00 africans marching to the brink of starvation. after 40 percent of the wheat crop was lost. and the price of cooking oil doubled there also efforts to show up hundreds of health facilities in the country at risk of closure after don't is backed out. john stratford visited the hospital a couple struggling to provide basic services. the 16 months old school soon has measles and pneumonia. doctor said she was too weak to be vaccinated against measles. because like many children in this cobble hospital, she's suffering severe. acute malnutrition, they are fighting for their lives. 5 months or cause him was born with jaundice. he's very on the weight too weak to cry. his mother cannot afford to feed him and she is distraught. even then he stopped urinating
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and he had diarrhea and he was crying all day and night. i don't have money to buy him milk, so brought into the hospital. indira gandhi children's hospital receives up to 1300 patients a day. sometimes children have to share beds because there aren't enough 9 months old adora is also suffering from pneumonia. his mother's struggles to give him oxygen to a mask. hospital doesn't have the money to fit a central oxygen system. the world bank is suspended funding for about 2300 medical facilities like this one since the taliban retook pow enough, gone as dawn at the hospital entrance, families wait for news of their young ones inside the conditions at this hospital are shocking and staff predict that the situation could get even worse in the coming winter months where normally rates of pneumonia among children increase. the
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un says 1000000 children under the age of 5 could suffer severe, acute malnutrition, a life threatening condition. if international donors don't step up the world bank of the international institutions and governments say they want proof baton bonnie sticking to its promises on human rights before releasing money to treat children like these. there's also the issue of channeling money to a country where the new government includes taliban officials on un sanction lists . this hospital has faced shortages and supplies for years, but the situation could now get a lot worse. as mom jeff, our corner failure, we're trying to renovate to me more space, but we don't have a budget. we've had problems with supply and medicine show for 4 years. we're afraid that if our staff continue not to be paid, they may not be able to afford to come to work. un says governments and
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international donors have to put politics aside. the international community knows how to do that. they've done it elsewhere in the world. and they can do the same thing and i've got this done. the international committee has done it in syria, in yemen, in other parts of the world. and we begs and we pledged in, we urge the international community to apply the same principles of generosity that we have applied elsewhere in the world. that's where we are appealing for our, for i've got this done today for the children. if i've got some kind of stone already has one of the price child mortality rates in the world without international help, the u. n says many of the estimated 10000000 children here who rely on humanitarian aid to survive will die. child stafford al jazeera cancel your sexual state entity blinking has been testifying before the house. foreign affairs committee on the u. s. withdraw from afghanistan from ers and jordan,
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who live in washington dc. what was, what sort of questions did we can face while the secretary is still testifying at this hour, there are nearly 50 members of the house foreign affairs committee, and the chairman gregory makes of new york has promised that all of them will have a chance to ask the secretary of state about the us decision to pull the remaining 2500 troops out of afghanistan in august as well as basically not anticipate the swift takeover of that country by the taller bond which as we all know now has an interim government in place, but the secretary has been saying in speeches in recent weeks in which he has repeated during this hearing on the on capital on monday is that this wasn't something, not only did they not anticipate, but also that the buying administration's hands were tied. the moment they came into office upon taking office,
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president biden immediately faced the choice between ending the war or escalated. had he not followed through on his p. s is commit a tax on our forces and those are allies, what region and the taliban nationwide assault and i can stand, major cities would have commenced that would require setting substantially more us forces into afghan, a stand to defend themselves and prevent a taliban take taking cavities and with at best prospect restoring stalemate and remaining stuck in afghanistan under fire indefinitely. now, as the us military was evacuating us citizens and legal permanent residents and afghans who had worked with us military during the what a year long war. there was considerable bipartisan criticism of the bind administration's decision to leave afghanistan. in fact,
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we did here right least one person, michael mccaul, the ranking member accused the administration of abandoning afghanistan. but for the most part, the testimony and the questioning seem to fall more along the part of the lines. democrats seem to be more supportive of the administration's efforts to end the war in afghanistan, while republicans were rather critical of the administration's handling of the situation. this is not the only time that anthony blinking is going to be on capitol hill. he will appear before the senate foreign relations committee on tuesday to talk about how the us handled the withdrawal from a from afghanistan. jordan, thank you very much indeed. ah, gross human rights for nations were committed by all sides in the conflict in t gray. still risks spreading beyond
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d. c appears borders. that's the assessment of the un human rights. chief bartlett says, if you government and to grow and forces, let's take responsibility for their actions in the 10 month contract, which has seen thousands of deaths ever. morgan has more torture killings and sexual violence. these are just some of the findings of a 5 month investigation by the you and human rights commission into a legit atrocities committed in ethiopia, northern region. the investigations were like following reports of work, crimes committed by the government as it is thought to defeat the grand people's liberation funds are left both the united nations and if the human rights commission took part in the investigation, allegation of you was could have continued to implicate governor, force offense allies. we have received this disturbing report. the local fisherman found offers of bodies floating along the river crossing between western degree and so that engine light. i literally had gunshot wounds and bound hands indication
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that they might have been detained. and told can before being killed. the report also includes accusations of grants being arrested based on a smith city, including in the shipping capital, addis ababa fighting has continued unabated and has expanded to neighboring afar. and i'm, i'm her, i'm regions together with other pockets of into community violence because the police spilling over to the whole horn of africa to take great conflict. started last november after the government launched an offensive against the t p l. f. the group dominated, if you please politics for nearly 3 decades before being removed from power in 2018, 3 weeks into the war. if his government declared victory. but the fighting hasn't stopped. the june, the grand defense for 3 to the regional capital, medically, and other major cities. but since then, the conflict has spread to other parts of europe. with vision,
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the t p. s is killing and displacing civilian population. if the attorney general has called and the international community to recognize violations by the t p l, f is high time that the world wakes up to the reality that the t p l. if he's the aggressor and not the victim, in this project in the work has displaced more than 2000000 people in gray alone. hundreds of thousands have also been displaced in haro. nearly 400000 are facing famine. as the government continues to block access to take, right, and more than 60000 have fled to neighboring to them. first, the bombing started inside the city. i saw a lot of people killed shot inside my own city. i saw them with my own i. i saw people slaughter, that's why i couldn't stay and fed and came to sudan with another. any few people find themselves caught in a conflict that is expanding. the government has called and all those able to join the fight against the t p. alas, both sides are unwilling to concede,
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defeat raising concerns of more atrocities and human rights violations to come here . morgan august 0 israeli prime minister says he's held important discussions with the egyptian president. whether to agreed to strengthen bilateral ties necessarily . bennett, met of the photo, see, see that the red sea resort of shallow shake in a rare public visit to egypt by an is ready to what did her maid report is the 1st official visit. evan is really leader in more than a decade, and it comes only a few weeks after edith's president, the fact that his tc extended the invitation to israeli prime minister enough deli bennett. it also comes at that time when relations between the 2 countries have reached unprecedented levels since the peace agreement between egypt and israel was signed in 1979. we have 2 levels. we have the bilateral level, and you have the regional level. i'm quite sure that in the origin level there will be most salient issues to be discussed. iran and from us on the
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bilateral. my hope is, i don't know if there will lose something concrete. my hope is that egypt will change. it stands because we have to work very hard to secure the real relationship on these bilateral level. it doesn't exist. the security cooperation is the bedrock of the relationship between the 2 countries. and since he came to power, 8 years ago, intelligence and military ties have grown stronger. israel agreeing that the gyptian forces in breach of the cam david accord, entered the demilitarized zone in the sign a peninsula to fight isolate. and then the prime concern for both countries, egypt broke to cease fire during the 11 days one, gaza in may. turning that into a long term cessation of hostilities has proven more difficult. both countries,
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also wary of iran, growing influence at their borders. but the middle east is changing and with it, the nature of the ties between egypt and israel stance appears to be more embracing . we have to remember that this comes against the backdrop of the normalization agreements that were signed last year between israel and 4 era countries. this represents a type of opportunity for a country like egypt to become more public, if you will, about its relationship with israel. obviously there's a, there's a strategic relationship there, there's an economic relationship. but i think the cc ministration or the gc regime, rather views this as an opportunity to become more public, a chance to curry favor with the, the bite and administration in the united states. but it does describe the meeting held in the c resort of a very good, but without a resolution of this really palestinian conflict,
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the gyptian liter won't have the backing of his people. a recent poll showed that only 13 percent favorite relations between the 2 countries. this visit could signal the re booting of an agreement, often described as a cold piece. does that mean? still to come one out is here. a show strength of time with economic need. north korea test a new long range, cruise massage, economic lifeline for 11 and cash strapped economy. the r m f agrees to more than 1000000000 dollars on the hello, your world's weather report begins in asia pacific, where we've got tie food shawn to just meandering around just south of shanghai.
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but this is going to toss a lot of what, whether into shanghai in the gang see river valley. we could see tuesday alone, easy a 165 millimeters of rain. we can expect that wednesday into thursday. and so flooding is almost a guarantee. and then the potential to see some damage when consider winds will be about that 100 kilometer per hour threshold further toward the south rounds of rain continuing through vietnam into laos and thailand. this is all leftovers of what was tropical storm constant and it's dropped about $500.00 millimeters of rain in denying over the pass a little bit, plentiful showers across southeast asia and a pretty heavy run of some thunderstorms through jakarta with a high of $31.00 degrees on tuesday, pet sky cloud cover and also some showers towards the southeast of australia now pushing into new south wales, impacting sidney. so just the other day you were about 3031. now you're down to 18 . thanks to that south facing wind and the vigorous disturbance it was over a new zealand. the bulk of that energy pushes away. but still,
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wet weather for gets been and the escape gets been has a high 16 on tuesday season. ah, the story that need to be tow find away and demand to be heard. opening the window into another light and challenging perfection and personal endeavours in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey witness showcase it in firing. documentaries. the change the way on al jazeera oh,
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a lot of the top stories, you'll notice 0. international donors have pledged more than a $1000000000.00 for i've got a son. you. inspector general says he's concerned the country could collapse. the sector states as putting american troops out of afghanistan was the right decision . antony lincoln has told a house to representatives committee staying would have drawn in more troops, gross human rights violations were committed by all sides in the conflict and assessment of the un human rights chief says the conflict still risks spreading beyond ethiopia, borders. united states military says miss all tests conducted by north korea over the weekend, post threats to the countries neighbors and beyond displace justin economic crisis and food shortages haven't home the regime is focused on developing weapons. so again, behavioral photo is released by north korea state realm. media reportedly show
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a test that took place over the weekend of a new long range cruise missile, or you could call you and it said to aflame, 1500 kilometers and hit targets in north korea is territorial waters. and it's enough to make its neighbors worry to here, they're going resumption of nuclear missile activity clearly shows that it is urgent to have engagement and dialogue with north korea to find a fundamental solution to such problems. i think you're single kid or, or if it's true that north korea fired a missile with a range of 1500 kilometers. it's threatening the pace and safety of japan and it's surrounding region. we are highly concerned about this ah, described as a strategic weapon. it's full of provocative in the ballistic missiles north korea tested in the past and isn't subject to un sanctions, but seems intended as a reminder from north korea of its military strength. i've been even the chinese
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are concerned about this too. right? i mean, if you talk or tiny scholars would event and you know, if you watch chinese tv and stuff like that, they actually talk about how, like more creative or pullover and sort of restrain itself. right? but if you're north korea, you're building these weapons is a great way to get the locals to pay attention. it's kind of a useful tool for our praying diplomacy. regional. there's been gridlock since 2019 over talk. same to dismantling north korea's nuclear and ballistic weapons program . in return for us sanctions relief, but some political analysts say north korea isn't a priority for the biden administration. kim jong ern admitted 2 months ago that north korea was suffering from the worst food shortage in a decade. a situation compounded by existing un sanctions and self imposed border closure due to cave in 19 and say this weekend shows strength may have been partly for domestic consumption. victoria gates and b al jazeera, dozens of angry investors who stormed the headquarters of a cash strapped chinese property developer,
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demanding their money back. security guards formed a wall at the entrance to ever grandeur group, where protest is shouted that company workers. the group says it's facing unprecedented difficulties, but rejected suspicions that it was on the brink of bankruptcy. ever grande's the world's most indebted real estate company. and it's issues of race concerns across markets globally. vest to say they're not convinced by the groups plans to repay funds. most of our products already have to give money to announce in september so they will stop. they are not able to give the money to. he's the c o finance company. and he took out the money in advance. we don't know where to get our money. in the past, you as louis for britain is prince andrew, have argued he's not been served legal papers in the case brought by women who
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accused him of sexual assault. the junior, jeffrey launched a civil case against the prince last year. she claims she sexually assaulted her decades ago when she was 17. jeffrey was an accuser of convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein and claims she was assaulted by the prince on several occasions. the queen, sir charles denies all the allegations against him. the next hearing will be in new york. in a month, international monetary fund is providing a financial lifeline of more than a $1000000000.00 to lebanon. as it grapples with one of the worst economic crushes in modern history, the cabinet has been holding its 1st meeting of the presidential palace in bugger, been a businessman. the g mccarty took charge as prime minister last week. after 13 months of deadlock, but saw the country plunged deeper into crisis, lebanon had been functioning, been without a functioning government since last year, a route port explosion, or there is a hotter, has more beirut. the words of the new prime minister,
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a lot of work awaits us. they need to rescue the country. the economy is all by collapse. look behind me, gas stations are close. there have been crippling fuel shortage for weeks now. it has paralyzed. the economy paralyzed the country. we are as a main thoroughfare. it's monday, the 1st day of the business week. they're supposed to be traffic. and as you can see, traffic is very thin. yes, this is a government that is cash strapped. this is a state which is nearly bankrupt can no longer subsidize essential goods essential goods like fuel. and once those subsidies are listed, not only will the price, the fuel skyrocket, the price of every other commodity. so this new government will have to contain public anger. but it has received a financial lifeline. lebanon is a shareholder in b, which means it has special drawing, right? so it has been able to withdraw more than $1000000000.00, so definitely
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a lifeline. how will the government spend it? will it continue subsidizing good? a policy which has been criticized because it has led to modeling and importers hoarding fuel and creating a black markets. or will it use this money to support what half a $1000000.00 family vulnerable families who are desperately in need of a $100.00 cash for assistance. every month, so the economy has collapsed more than 80 percent of the population for the currency has collapsed. so a lot of challenges i had, but that $1000000000.00, of course, it will help, but that is a short term solution. what this government needs to come up with is a sustainable path to recovery. noise prime minister initial book has conceded defeat in the countries election, bringing to an end a t as in power. neighborly to us, gaster says he will see to form a coalition government coming out on top in early results. government negotiations
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are likely to focus on compromises over oil policy and always relations with the european union. immigration will be a key issue when germans vote for new parliament later this month. the center and left many c migrants as a solution to the problems of an aging population. but to the far right, the arrival of more than a 1000000 syrian refugees in 2015 was a set to far and as dominant came reports from berlin. the prospect to more people from afghanistan is just as divisive a moment of relief for these afghans safe in germany at last. and now with their minds on the long term. until recently, german government policy would have seen most of these people sent back to afghanistan that with the taliban in charge and cobble that has changed. and to some of the far right of politics here, that change is a step to fall. under the start of the visual height,
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while other states focused on security and raw materials in the region, german politicians are primarily interested in the evacuation of afghans who want to leave the country. i dug in the absolute failure of the asylum, immigration policy will go down in the history books as the greatest failure of chancellor angler month term. your street through shop, i'm among the mainstream parties. the view is different. anika clauser is standing for the social democrats in central berlin. she says, germany should be looking to allow skilled refugees to work as soon as possible. i think what is really important that we drop off the roof that say right now that people cannot work from day one equip that is very important to us that people should be able to work from day one when they come here, no matter what that title at the moment, but of course it should be regulated what almost all political parties agree on is the germany face is growing shortage of workers caused by an ever aging population
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. many economists believe that as many as $400000.00 new migrants every year on needed to fill the gap. but if not, then we have a tremendous problem with all our social security systems. first and foremost, the pension system. then we face a tremendous issue. how many people pay into the relationship of how many people have entered the pension h? and that means if this problem is not solved by a migration, people will have to work longer or the pension has to be reduced even further. in 2015 angle american opened the borders to syrian refugees in a humanitarian gesture, saying germany could do it. she even posed a selfies at the time with syrian citizens like and thus more money. now 6 years on he lives in berlin and he's hoping one day to become a german citizen. he says he will miss mackerel in office when we call wish or i am
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very sad and worried about the future. she is going now and won't be around anymore . but she has her private life and i'm worried now about the refugee policies and many other topics to see what will now change and whether things get better or worse the end. if the current opinion polls are accurate than a left leaning government is the most likely result of this election. but with pulling day drawing nearer, there are few certainty of dominant came al jazeera and kind of take, ah, top stories on our international donors. a pledge more than a $1000000000.00 to help us kinda on my foreign aid has dried up after the taliban takeover. the promises followed a plea for help from the un saying i guns were an urgent need of a lifeline. target was at least $600000000.00 to.


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