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saying the life, the poor, back even the very 1st life. and miguel sophie, i, cynthia, when one by a mirror in company revolutionizing the system, you think blend and artificial intelligence. you're in flight. you have you have the right phone else are 0. ah don't is pledge $1000000000.00 an aid for the stone, but the un worn future economic collapse is still a possibility. ah, hello money. sorry, this is al jazeera life and so coming up a court hearing in ramallah, the 14 members of the palestinian authority,
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accused of beating and activists to death climate crisis. the u. s. president meets with those on the frontline to drama, more resources in the fight against global warming. and the decades long dream becomes a reality to parisian icon get the temper make over. ah often urgent appeal to fend off a humanitarian crisis. international donors have pledged more than a $1000000000.00 for afghan. missed on foreign aid has dried up since the taliban took over last month with poverty and hunger worsening every day. but as our diplomatic, as to james bay's reports this emergency relief is just a small fraction of what's actually needed to fend off a future economic collapse. the un secretary general came to geneva with the aim of getting the international community to provide at least $606000000.00 to help are
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going to stop. before the end of the year, the people of afghanistan need a lifeline. after records of war, suffering, getting security, they face, perhaps they're most battles our just over a week ago, the un humanitarian coordinator martin griffith visited afghanistan and met with the taliban leadership. you know that some countries though, will be reluctant to get money because they'll be worried about the money going into taliban hands. what do you say to them? well, i've got this phone is not the only place where humanitarian agencies do direct delivery through our national partners. we have 156 partners agencies working enough kind of stuff many, most of them. in fact, africa, at the news conference, the secretary general said he was pleased by the international response to his flash appeal. but he said there was still real risks ahead. secretary general, how serious now is the possibility of a complete economic collapse in afghanistan?
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it is serious and economy doesn't work without the blood. and the blood of the economy is cash. and so as i said, i think it is important to avoid the collapse of the economy and i think the international community find the ways to do it without violating international rules and norms. the un says during the meeting, receive pledges totaling more than a $1000000000.00. however, almost certainly not all of that. his new money and some of the funds are being directed not just at the afghan stone, but to the wider region. james bays al jazeera at the u. n. in geneva. the us secretary of state has defended the handling of the military withdrawal from afghanistan. anthony unblinking told a congressional hearing. the body administration made the right decision to end america's longest war. roslyn jordan reports now from washington. i on monday,
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those who loved us navy corps min max, sylvia said good bye to him at his high school stadium in ohio, 600 kilometers away. and washington legislators demanded to know why soviet and 12 other members of the us military were killed during the evacuation of afghanistan. indeed, why the bite administration felt now was the time to end its military presence and leave the country in the hands of the taller bon. the anger was largely driven by republican. your bazaar abandoning budrum airfield, lead directly to 13 marine marines murdered. cobble you should resign, we abandon americans behind enemy lines. we left behind the interpreters, who you mr. secretary and the president both promise to protect. i can summarize this in one word. betrayal. secretary of state antony blank and was the
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administration official summoned to be held to account. his message. president jo biden's hands were tied and president biden took office in january. he inherited an agreement that is predecessor had reached the taliban to remove all remaining forces from afghanistan. by may. first of this year, lincoln said the administration did all it could to get us citizens, permanent resident and afghans who had worked with the u. s. military, out of the country before august 31st, he admitted no one thought african troops would fold so quickly or that president us ross connie would flee, and he tried to focus on the positive tens of thousands evacuated as quickly as possible. international agreement, the tolerable would be punished if it harmed women and girls. humanitarian aid increased. while democratic legislators were largely sympathetic,
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there was still some skepticism. and it seems absurd, at least in retrospect, to think that the average afghan grunt would fight in the trenches while seeing those who are best connected. desperate to flee in a matter of days blank and didn't satisfy all of the representatives complaints. and that's to be expected blink. and also didn't give the representatives what some of them wanted to hear. a promise that the us military is going back to afghanistan to serve as a chuck on the taller bombs power. on one point, the secretary and the congress people agreed they would make sure the more than 2600 forces killed in afghanistan over 20 years of war did not lose their lives in vain. rosalyn jordan al jazeera capitol hill to ramallah. now, where 14 palestinian authority, security officers accused of being an activist to death,
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all set to face trial is all bonnet died in june hours after being arrested and beaten by the security officers. his death led to demonstrations across the occupied west bank. he was an outspoken critic of the palestinian authority, often accusing it of corruption. good morning with harry force it who is live outside the court in ramallah. or you tell us a bit more about who is are upon it was and why his death led to major street protests against the p a. well, yes he was one of the most trenchant p. a voices here in the occupied west bank himself a former member of the dominant faction within the p a. but he, as you say, accused him of corruption. he regularly accused them of having sold out to the occupying forces of these railways of being mercenaries. the language was extremely intensely. something obviously got under the skin of the p. a leadership on many occasions now he had stood or intended to stand in the elections that was scheduled
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for earlier this year. when those were canceled. he was intensifying his criticism . really saying that the p a had run scared of a potential defeat to hamas. his house was shut up shortly after that round of criticism and he moved soon as really controlled area of hebron and the southern part of the occupied westbank. he then continued his criticism, especially over a bunch of vaccine deal with the israelis. and it was shortly after that that these forces moved and took him from the apartment. he was hiding out to him that during the course of that capture, they beat him to the extent that the result was, was his death. and that is what brought so many people out of the streets. the fact that someone could be beaten to death over what they saw was free speech issues. those protests themselves, some of the biggest that have been seen here for many years against the p a. and
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they were in turn, put down in very brutal fashion with plain clothes, police officers and security officers on the streets between protest in some instances with sexual assaults as well. so that added to some of the anger at the same time, there was this commission of inquiry which has led to these charges ranging from beating too, with the premeditated murder to torture, to disobeying military orders. those of the range of charges against these 14 men, the most senior of whom is a colonel in the event of security horses. and he was just an ordinary man. i believe. not competition nor anything in particular, but shall i believe. how is his family taking this whole process? well, yes, i mean he was an extremely well educated man and one who had had plans to to be a lawyer and he passed the bar exam with an extremely high mock. but yes, his day to day life was as a, as a carpenter and
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a fairly modest life that added to the strength of his voice in the eyes of many of his audience in terms of his family. they are not here today. they have rejected the entire commission of inquiry process. they say that it should have been an independent inquiry out with the usual system. and so they are represented here by the lawyer. we did hear from a group of activists speaking on behalf of news about us and, and generally anti p, a voices. and the idea of freedom of speech in this territory, he, the chief spokesman of those of that group, was saying that this was a target of assassination. and that it was obviously something from the very top. and that more than just these 14 men should be on trial here today. many thanks, law hurry force. it's outside the court. in ramallah hundreds have rallied in the occupied west bank in solidarity with palestinian prisoners in israeli jails.
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protested in jeanine carried banners, posted recap to prison at the korea debate. he was a high profile figure in 5 times when the martyrs brigade, bailey, was captured over the weekend, off the he, in 5, others escaped the gilbert prison. 3 others were also taken back into custody, and r duty returned to court on sunday. the un human rights chief is urging ethiopian government to gray and forces to be held accountable for alleged human rights violations or the 1700000 people have been displaced since a conflicts began in november of last year. have a morgan reports, torture killings and sexual violence. these are just some of the findings of a 5 month investigation by the un human rights commission into a legit atrocities committed in ethiopia, northern region. the investigations were longer following reports of work, crimes committed by the government as it started to grand people liberation fund or
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both the united nations. and if you human rights commission took part in the investigation. allegation of here was could have continued to implicate government forced offense allies. we have received this disturbing report. the local fishermen found all sorts of bodies floating along the river, crossing between western degree and so that engine light. i literally had gunshot wound, unbound hands, indications that they might have been detained and told to before being killed. the report also includes the accusations of the grant being arrested based on smith city, including in the shipping capital, addis ababa fighting has continued unabated and has expanded to neighboring afar. and i'm, i'm her, i'm regions together with other pockets of into community violence because the risk spilling over to the whole horn of africa. that take right conflict started last november after the government launched an offensive against the t p l. f. the group
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dominated, if you politics, were nearly 3 decades before being removed from power in 2018, 3 weeks into the war. if the government declared victory. but the fighting hasn't stopped the to the, to grand different courses. we took the regional capital medically and other major cities, but since then the public has spread to other parts of europe. yeah. accusation. the t p less is filling and displacing civilian population. if the attorney general has called in the international community to recognize violations by the t p l f. if he's high time that the world wakes up to the reality that the t p. if he's the aggressor and not the victim in this tragedy. the word has displaced more than 2000000 people in gray alone. hundreds of thousands have also been displaced in haro. nearly 400000 are facing famine as the government continues to block access to take right, and more than 60000 have fled to neighboring to them. first,
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the bombing started inside the city. i saw a lot of people killed shot inside my own city. i saw them with my own eyes. i saw people slow here. that's why i couldn't stay and fed and came to sit down with them . any few people find themselves caught in a conflict that is expanding. the government has called and all those able to join the fight against the t p l. f. both sides are unwilling to concede, defeat, raising concerns of more atrocities and human rights violations. to come, he will morgan august their own nuclear envoys from the u. s. south korean japan are discussing north korea's nuclear program. that meeting in tokyo comes a day off the pure young confirmed it has carried out a new long range missile test over the weekend and void considering humanitarian aid to entice north korea to return to the negotiating table. still ahead on algebra by environmental activists in latin america being killed in record numbers
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of divisions laid back germany as immigration, dominates campaigning ahead of this month selection. ah hello, good to be with you. we've got some heavy rain dancing around iberia and, you know, folks, look at this, we could even see some hail as a result of some of these storm clouds here breezy for the south, the east, and also the north. but this is going to help quell the wildfire situation in this region. meantime, for italy and the bulk ins, things are looking settled to run a full on sunshine with a high of 30 degrees. that's a few notches above average. we do have disturbed weather through the boss for us, so this will impact is stumble on tuesday, also toward the southwest of turkey affecting the sea resort city of an talia. we have some showers, not showers, but rain for
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a huge swath of england on tuesday. london scott have 20 degrees also wet for france into the low countries. i'll tell you for finland. may see some wind gusts here of about 50 to 60 kilometers per hour. off to western africa right now and flooding has been an issue for guinea. these are the scenes coming out of there. more than 2500 people force from their homes more than 800 homes destroyed. and that energy has now shoved out toward the atlantic. but we do see storm clouds gather over southern nigeria, beneath toko, gone out right into the ivory coast of john has a high of 26 on tuesday. that's it for me for now. the. ready too often of cornerstone is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of dynasties thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archive standing for decades
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reviews the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part one, the birth of i've done this done on a just ah ah, you watching out 0 mind f i top stories this, our international donors have pledged more than $1000000000.00 to try to have monetary and crisis in afghanistan fall as an urgent appeal by the un at a conference in geneva, the un secretary general says he's concerned i've got to stones economy could still collapse 14 palestinian authority security officers. the keys of beating and
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activists to death are facing trial in ramallah news about it died in june, hours of being arrested out his home, had death led to demonstrations across the occupied west bank. the un human rights chief of cooling for accountability for alleged human rights violations by european government and to grey and forces shall lay civilians suffering have been widespread and fighting began in november of last year. murders of environment activists and land offenders hit a record high in 2020 that's according to report from campaign group global witness . 227 people were killed while protecting land, rivers and natural resources of alexander. i'm here to report from columbia most were in latin america. despite covered 1900 restrictions last year was a dead list on record for environmental activists. a trail of blood,
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the campaign group, global witness says, killed $227.00 people around the world. like my own j look sarcastic, mother keela who was shot dead in her living room for campaigning about an open cast mine in south africa. my mom lived with a case for mine. my mom was just a person who wanted to make sure that all the proper person do procedures are followed so that both the mine and the community to came from this. the report painful, harrowing picture of escalating violence against defenders. latin america remains the deadliest place for them. latin america has, obviously it's very rich and that's wonderful. and also very rich and development projects and that full potential conflict between communities living in and around those resources and digits,
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people's group. and those companies who wants to undertake development projects and very often don't consult with those communities twice. meditations, happy, there. these people who are taking a piece will stand all met it. columbia stopped the list with 65. that's more than doubled in mexico, 2nd place. and murderous trains that is only worse and since the signing of a peace deal in the country in 2016 that has opened larger parts of the country to extract the industry and new fights for resources. they can feel gloomy in human rights groups, place the blame on the government for feeling to protect activists and siding with the companies. exploiting the resources environment allow them to help only because it's the lack of a policy of guarantees for those exercising, social, and environmental leadership. and we see it when politicians fail to ratify international agreements like s because the fail to passing congress people on the
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front lines like mexican activist, my ts valensuela, who fights criminal groups controlling illegal mines in the sonora desert, said he knows his life is on the line, i do feel afraid that i will, i will be harmed. i could be murdered, i could be harm physically or harm spiritually. and those, those are certain things that those are realities that i have to face in my in my stance, in my, in my stance and in protecting our lands. these activists see themselves as the last line of the fence against the exploitation of resources and a worse and in climate. and they know all to well that there's a long way to go before they can see an end to the impunity that allows them to be killed. allison and i'll just eat, i've gotta he was president joe biden is pushing for more resources to fight climate change. as he visits western states hit by devastating wildfires, he met firefighters in idaho and to the emergency offices of california governor.
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but in this trying to drum up support for extra spending on infrastructure to better cope with the impact of climate change. we know that decades of forest management decisions have created hazardous conditions across the western fars or we can ignore the reality that these wire far wildfires are being supercharged by climate change. it isn't about red or blue state about fires just fires. apple has really software to fix a security flow that allowed hackers in fact i phones and other devices without a single click from uses, such as say they capture the malicious code from pegasus by way made by an israeli company was used to hack the phone of a saudi arabian activist, the total targets iphones and other apple devices through i message
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immigration will be a key issue in german's votes for a new parliament later this month for the center on the left, migrants are widely seen as a solution to the problem is if an aging population, but for the far right, the arrival of more than a 1000000 syrian refugees and 2015 to march cane reports from ballad. a moment of relief for these afghans safe in germany at last, and now with their minds on the long term. until recently, german government policy would have seen most of these people sent back to afghanistan. but with the taliban in charge and cobble that has changed. and to some of the far right of politics here, that change is a step too far. we haven't gotten this of the official height. well, other states focused on security and raw materials in the region. german politicians are primarily interested in the evacuation of afghans who want to leave the country. i dug in the absolute failure of the asylum, immigration policy will go down in the history books as the creature failure of
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chancellor anglo month term, your street through shop among the mainstream parties. the view is different. anika clauser is standing for the social democrats in central berlin. she says, germany should be looking to allow skilled refugees to work as soon as possible. i think what is really important that we drop all the rules that say right now that people cannot work from day one. equip that is very important to us that people should be able to work from day one when they come here, no matter what that title at the moment. but of course, it should be regulated. what almost all political parties agree on is the germany face is a growing shortage of workers caused by an ever aging population. many economists believe that as many as $400.00 fires new migrants every year on needed to fill the gap. but if not, then we have a tremendous problem with all our social security systems. first and foremost,
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the pension system. then we face a tremendous issue. how many people pay into the relationship of how many people have entered the pension age? and that means if this problem is not solved by a migration, people will have to work longer or the pension has to be reduced even further. in 2015 angle, american opened the borders to syrian refugees in a humanitarian gesture, saying germany could do it. she even posed a selfies at the time with syrian citizens, like an us more money. now, 6 years on he lives in berlin and he's hoping one day to become a german citizen. he says he will miss mackerel in office when we are all wish or i am very sad and worried about the future. she is going now and won't be around anymore. but she has a private life and i'm worried now about the refugee policies and many other topics to see what will now change and whether things get better or worse if the end. if
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the current opinion polls are accurate than a left leaning government is the most likely result of this election. but with polling day drawing nearer, there are few certain dominant cane al jazeera in a paris landmark has been turned into a piece of modern arts. of the play on wraps was the brainchild of the bulgarian artist christo and his wife, john claude. but never lived to see the project become a reality. natasha butler has this report from paris. dozens of climbers, 25000 square meters of recyclable cloth, and 3 kilometers of red rope. one of paris is most recognizable monuments. the arc de triomphe has been transformed into a shimmering art work, the creation of bulgarian artist, christos, who 1st imagined wrapping the napoleon era arch 60 years ago, but died last year before in his dream become reality. his nephew vladimir is
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overseeing the project means already many different things for many different people. the one to drop and becomes a work of art without another meeting, but also was going to be amazing as with the fabric it would have this issue ality . this project will become something different that people want to touch it. you can see the wind and cristo was born in bulgaria in 1935. as a young man, he fled communist rule for paris, where he met jean claude, his wife, an artistic collaborator until her death in 2009. the couple dozens of building monuments and even islands in 1085 they worked on paris is poor nuff. but the object thrilled remained there, go. the artist believed by wrapping up the tree. all they would were, feel what they call its essence and draw people's attention to its beauty throughout their career. the couple said that the aim with their work was to bring
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people joy, sylvester, because it's a temporary installation. it's a unique and intense experience. christo and john cloud wrapped monumental projects in urban areas. there are 3, we can inspect it in so as many people as possible can see it. it's not the artist skipped to the public. chris so sold his drawings to fund his projects. he said, financial independence was essential to his vision, despite the scale of the work fled to me, it says the technical aspect and logistics are not his biggest hurdle. the biggest charge for me, of course. and this is a criticism. his excitement, a symbol of france and back job for military grade celebrations and protests. the doctor trailed for being out, work for 16 days, daring, and intriguing. some will admire it, others will find it pointless. but increase those world, creating the unnecessary was the ultimate expression of freedom. natasha butler.
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i'll just say we're paris persons. prince. andrew is expected to challenge in your courts jurisdiction over a case both by a woman who accuses m. a sexual assault virginia. jeffrey launched a civil case against him last year. she claims he sexually assaulted her decades ago when she was 17. jeffrey was an accuser convicted, sex offender, jeffrey epstein and claims she was assaulted by the prince on several occasions. he's denied the allegations. one of the fashion wells biggest events the met gather, has returned with a bang out of missing. and yet, because of the pandemic, i'm the hollywood stars musicians and the world's top names turned out install for the annual charity event, which took place in new york. attendees were required to wear moth inside and be fully vaccinated. as us wrapper little nest egg who stole the show with not one box
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3 gold outfits for this is garlic, american independence, us congresswoman alexandria acadia. cortez also made her debut at the god i'm so proud and still to our city will bring it down over the very typical year for making sure that we're getting back to needed so that we can have this opportunity in the moment. we're getting tested every day. we are so close, we're right at the moment. and so we just need to make sure that, that we encourage anyone else that need to get back to native of their 2nd shot or whatever. ah, this is al jazeera, these, your top stories. international donors have pledged more than $1000000000.00 to try to revert to monetary and crisis. and.


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