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too often of cornerstone is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of gun stones thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archive standing for decades reviews the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part one. the birth of, of diana's done on a just al jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts full cabana dot. the 1st you and envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east. how is negotiations with himmler help save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east? killing the count on algebra. oh,
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i know what your al jazeera reminder of our top story on international down at the fed more than $1000000000.00 versus humanitarian quite enough chromosome. it follows an urgent appeal by the un at a conference in geneva. un secretary general says, i've gone the sounds, economy faces color guineas, military chief saw meeting, political and religious leaders to discuss the transitional government following wealth, to exclude special for power and rested long time. president telephone call. the 10th of a trial of 14 palestinian authority, security office is accused of being an active if to if it is jammed in ramallah on
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us died in june off the being arrested and beaten security officers. the situation in afghanistan has been discussed by the foreign ministers of spain and copper with the meeting. and they spoke about how to coordinate to international humanitarian efforts and repeated warnings that cutting off the taliban. it will only lead to more instability. we cannot eyes it, it has gone on. we cannot just boy could then stop communication because balaban took over and they formed they had a government over their eyes edition never been in on such for any conflicts or thought for any crisis. we encourage all the countries to remain engaged, to remain open to i've gone on engaging and dialogue because dialogue is zondaway for mom of all without those at that press conference. rather here in doha mohammed,
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what else came out of these talks? yes, i think the other interesting point that you cut out for a ministers test during the press conference was but 8 to i've gone to sign and engagements enough going to stand should not be politicized. i think this, this was a key note in his, in his reply to the questions and also in his initial remarks a countries should engage in going to stand not on a political basis, because now we have a humanitarian situation in front of us. he also talked about the airport, there was a question about who is going to help katara rehabilitating 40 talked about discussions going on between body band cup and turkey. but right now what's going on is like a makeshift situation, a temporary arrangement, whereby the airport can receive humanitarian aid and also people who would like to, to leave the country, could be evacuated while he talked about the medium term and long term arrangements
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that are being discussed with, with the turkish government and also with the tardy by the spanish foreign minister on his part. he stressed to priorities now are to look at the humanities, tuition, help, help women and girls, and going to gain their rights. or, as he said, you know, preserve the rights of the game during the 20 years of western engagement. and i've got a son in his words. he also said that you meditating a should be channeled to afghanistan. there should be no restrictions. spain has a pledge 20000000 euro student donor conference in geneva. and we understand that earlier this month, the you out a block legend about 355000000 euros to off understand we don't know to what extent or how much of that money has been given so far. it's probably too early fallout. so the gist of it is not to, you know,
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once again cut out of role is highlight to do this press conference saying is full of praise for what, what he's doing to help the african people and also to help facilitate discussions and national re conservation and dialogue to create stability and maintain stability. and i've got a son and also help western countries in the effort to, to maintain channels of communication and to help their own people leave afghanistan and those who have been cooperating with western countries. and i'm going to stop the country safety mom of all their force. and oh, how, thank you. hi, k. nicholas has made land fall along the texas coast, lashing the u. s. state with powerful winds and heavy rain came ashore now the eastern parts of mexico, the peninsula. the storm picked up strength and the gulf of mexico on monday becoming a category one hurricane with winds of 120 kilometers per o. u. s. president joe biden is pushing for more resources to fight climate change
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visits. western state pit point devastating wildfires. he met firefighters and idaho until the emergency officers of california. governor biden is trying to drum up support extra spending on infrastructure to better cope with the impact of climate change. we know the decades of forest management decisions have created hazardous conditions across the western fars, where we can't ignore the reality that these why are far wildfires are being supercharged by climate change. it isn't about red or blue state. it's about fires just fires. i can has more now from washington. oh, he's hoping to discuss with the local authorities how to better lee, come back to the ongoing wildfires that have been occurring in the west coast. but there's something else as well. and that is he seeking support for his trillion
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dollar infrastructure bill. now, as part of that bill, he sees the combating of climate change as a very critical imperative that the baffling of climate change, he argues, can only increase the and better the economy. but it can also come to the type of wildfires that one has been seeing in recent months. it's exactly the same message that he gave during a visit to flood ravaged areas on the east coast last week. basically saying that this is a consequence of climate change. my infrastructure bill is an effective way to counter climate change or to begin to do it. so support that bill and we will help to begin to deal with climate change. prisons. national health service is launched . the world's largest try live a new blood test which can detect more than 50 kind of cancer before symptoms appear, called the glaring test and developed in the us. it looks the chemicals that leak
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from tomb is into the bloodstream. fine to say, can i then defy kansas that a difficult to diagnose in the early stages like in the head and neck, as well as ovarian and pancreatic tumors. let's bring in doctor carl quarter. he is professor of cancer medicine and founding dean of the university of buckingham medical school. he joins us now from london. thank you very much for joining us on the, on their news are. so in your opinion, how significant a development might this test turn out to be? so, to be honest, we just don't know what it has to be, try it out in the population. and it's great that it's a single system of health care delivery. when you compare those that have the chest 2 years every year and those that don't. and so the plan is to gather 840000 people and 270002 give them the test every year. and the
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results. the other 70000 blog will just be stored and then you can see how the cancer experience is for them to grow. should always say we're going to people over 50 percent to be cancer becomes more common as people get. okay, so obviously the size of the population going through this trial is, is very important from what we know so far about this test. other, any types of cancer that there's blood test cannot detect? no, it's basically everyone's familiar with pcr testing for cobra. now even my grandchildren know what a pc test is, it's a similar type test, but it looks that methylation patterns in sexually dna come from the castle. so a small tumor sheds is the blog, so the chest picks it up. now the clever thing and fournier where the grey on the
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company is headquarters, is that they've got artificial intelligence to help with monitoring different patterns of methylation in the blog. dna. as and more patients go into the computer lunch, which patients are likely to have which counseling that's important because there anyway, if someone just have them off the saying, well they may have cancer. it's not very helpful. we'd like to know where just to just thing the counselors come from, then we can focus with an a. m, a scan or a c t scan on the right. part of the body is fascinating. how big a difference does it make when cancer is detected early, particularly. 5 for kansas like bow cancer or a very and cancer is very good question. there are 4 common campuses bound and she mention long and prostate. and in all cases, stage one, cancer,
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cancer confined to big organ from which it's arisen has a success rate with treatment. and like i said, so people are killed in 90 percent. if they have stage one cancer, when it goes to stage 3 or even worse, stage 4, that the same. she brought about 20 percent of all for the big kansas. that's why having something picked up cancer when it's stage one is going to be important all over the well rich countries and poor countries. it would benefit. obviously the test at the moment in the states where it's devised costs about $1000.00 protest that's too expensive. but it could come right, john wants to compute what we need to measure and that will be the future of this sort of test and certainly potentially very exciting. thank you very much. your time doctor cow, the quarter, their professor of cancer medicine israel and egypt
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have agreed to strengthen ties that us vomas' in the egyptian resort city of chavez shake is ready, prime minister and tommy bennett's help re all of talks. after an invitation from the gypsy president of the father of c. c, they also discussed the efforts to revive the stall, the middle east peace process. hold on bill me to report is the 1st official visit of and is really leader in more than a decade. and it comes only a few weeks after edith's president of the fact that his tc extended the patient is really prime minister enough deli bennett. it also comes at a time when relations between the 2 countries have reached unprecedented levels since the peace agreement between egypt and israel was signed in 1979. we have 211 . we have the bilateral level, and you have the regional level. i'm quite sure that in the origin level there will be more salient issues to be discussed. iran and cameras on the
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bilateral. my hope is, i don't know if there will do something concrete. my hope is that egypt will change . it stands because we have to walk the heart to worse. it's your, it's the real relationship on these bilateral level. it doesn't exist. the security cooperation is the bedrock of the relationship between the 2 countries. and since he came to power, 8 years ago, intelligence and military ties have grown stronger. israel agreeing that egyptian forces in breach of the cam, david acord, entered the demilitarized zone in the sign a peninsula to fight isolate. and then there's a prime concern for both countries. egypt broke a deceased fire during the 11 days worn, garza in may, turning that into a long term cessation of hostilities has proven more difficult. both countries,
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also wary of iran, growing influence at their borders. but the middle east is changing and with it, the nature of the ties between egypt and israel stance appears to be more embracing . we have to remember that this comes against the backdrop of the normalization agreements that were signed last year between israel and for error countries. this represents a type of opportunity for a country like egypt to become more public, if you will, about its relationship with israel. obviously there's a, there's a strategic relationship there. there's an economic work relationship. but i think the cc administration or the cc regime rather views this as an opportunity to become more public, a chance to curry favor with the, the bite and administration in the united states. bennett, as described a meeting held in the c resort of a very good but without the resolution of these really palestinian conflict,
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the gyptian leader won't have the backing of his people. a recent poll showed that only 13 percent favorite relations between the 2 countries. this visit could signal the re booting of an agreement, often described as a cold piece that how many of jersey apple has released software to fix a security flow that allowed hackers to infect iphones and other devices without a single click from use of research to say they captured the malicious code from pegasus spyware, made by the israeli company, and a so group. it was used to hack the phone of a saudi arabian activist, the tooth target iphones and to other apple devices through i message, laurie magnet is the ceo of connect safely dot walk. he explains why there's so much concerned about this type of hack. what's particularly concerning about the spyware it, unlike most infections where you have to click on something or do something, it just gets into your phone. you so the user doesn't have to do anything other
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than just on a phone or for that matter, a mac or an even apple watch. and once it infects your phone, then the people behind it have complete control. they can read your message is turn on your microphone, turn on your camera, you have 0 privacy. so it's a particularly pernicious type of malware, even though it does come from a company, it's not coming from a group of criminal hackers. it's coming from a company that failed that the government, but that doesn't mean it's any less dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands. the nfl group, which is behind this product called peg if, if, if a legitimate company in offense. and they say that they only sell to non oppressive, legitimate governments, but they have nothing to stop a criminal from getting their hands on it. or there may be things didn't stop them, but it can still get through to criminals. and of course, governments, you know, what government the, you might consider to be benign. i might consider to be oppressive. so i, you know, that's the political issue. but apple is very concerned about it, which is why they initiated dispatch i. i found out about it today and immediately
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updated my iphone. i recommend everyone do that today right now because it's very dangerous. and you know, apple is trying to prevent it, but haven't been successful completely in so doing. south korea has find google $177000000.00 using its dominance to stifle competition in the mobile phone market . the korea fit trade commission investigated the us take giant claims that blocks local smartphone makers from using other operating systems instead of google. a paradigm mark has been turned into a piece of modern off long the triomphe wrapped with the dream of the bulgarian artist christo. and his wife, john claude. but they never live to see it become a reality. natasha. about the reports from paris. dozens of climbers, 25000 square meters of recyclable cloth, and 3 kilometers of red rope. one of paris is most recognizable monuments. the arc de triomphe is being transformed into a shimmering art work,
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the creation of bulgarian artist cristo who 1st imagined wrapping the napoleon era arch 60 years ago, but died last year before seeing his dream become reality. his nephew vladimir is overseeing the project, means already many different things for many different people. the one to drop and becomes a work of art without another meeting, but also was going to be amazing as with the fabric. it would have this issue ality, this for jealousy. they will become something different that people want to touch it. you can see the wind and christ was born in bulgaria in 1935. as a young man, he fled communist rule for paris, where he met john claude, his wife, an autistic collaborator until her death in 2009. the couple, dozens of building monuments and even islands in 1985 they worked on paris is paul nuff. but the object thrilled remained their goal. the artists believe the by
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wrapping the all the tree on would were feel what they call its essence and draw people's attention to its beauty throughout their career. the couple said that the aim with their work was to bring people joy so best that because it's a temporary installation. it's a unique and intense experience. christo and john cloud wrapped monumental projects . in urban areas, there are 3, we can select it in. so as many people as possible can see it. it's not the artist skipped to the public. chris so sold his drawings to fund his projects. he said financial independence was essential to his vision. despite the scale of the work, fled to me, it says the technical aspect and logistics are not his biggest hurdle. the biggest challenge for me. course, mr. and mrs. enthusiasm, this criticism is excitement a symbol of france and back job for military grade celebrations and protests. the
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doctor trailed for being out work for 16 days, daring and intriguing. some will admire it. others will find it pointless. but increase those world, creating the unnecessary with the ultimate expression of freedom. natasha butler. i'll just sarah paris. coming up next and thought we'll hear from the trophy home to say begin the defense, don't they? european champions league title ah ah ah
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ah, ah ah, ah, me o a phone number for you. thank you very much. kim. while the group stages of the
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champions league gets on the way later on tuesday, title hold this chelsea are back in european action for the 1st time since lifting the trophy and may thomas to took over as has coach just 4 months before the teams . one mill when it goes matches the city and the final chelsea begin the trophy defense against the dentist saint petersburg in the group age class on tuesday before nobody would have thought that that and then we will be the winner of this competition in the end. but believe it or not, i think there are so so many teams who can win it. if you need a need, a bit of luck. you need a momentum. you need a good group, but there are so many teams out there who have a good group, a strong clap and good players and good coaches. so this competition is a very open competition for the last time. christiana, another played for manchester, united in the champions league was back in the 2009 final united losing 2 now to
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barcelona. that year, the team begin the group campaign against champions that young boys are not called twice to his 1st game back at the clubs. what was against the new council on saturday the impact already discussed was very important goals for, for us. and as you know, you know the qualities, but seem to be talking before the experience of, of just an ice summation. so is great for us to live here in the glove already. so it is great to have him back on parcel i'll face by munich in the group phase for the 1st time and more than 20 years. i mean to prove there is life after all. messy 8 senior pays, including messy left in the off season with a top more than a $1000000000.00. and that just over a year ago, bar. so will be an 8 to buy buying in the port. finally, while join us now from barcelona, is football. righto,
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rick saw my rick. let's start with the match. what's happening? where you are right now. bar salon are playing the champions league without leaving a message for the 1st time since 2003. what are the chances? well, it's going to be really not even because they are messy. who for me still as the best player in the world. so replacing him is difficult. memphis, the pie has been inspect telephone at the start of the season. there were 2 reasons why boston could well struggle in the jumping leak. this one is the defense is still very weak. gera, p k, is aging clement langler and erick gossley reliable. only, i don't know who the young you're goin depend. it really isn't any kind of all, and is the big open defense. and the other is the coach ronald kerman, who sees it, was quite tac, constantly deficient at times, and showed no signs of improving on the front this season. so i think it could be a tough season,
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was wondering if they can get supper then starting again by midnight tonight. right . let's talk about our team. chelsea begin their defense against then it be shocked to everyone last season. do you think they can do it all over again? while it's always hot and it's your real madrid, it's always hot. so when the champions league multiple years in a row, i do believe that they can do it because i think chelsea by finding lucas group about it. the one thing really the team was missing in terms of a consistent goal scorer. because last season, chelsea one the champions league with tim a vendor up front and i don't think he played to me but he was very consistent came scoring goals. and the ones that i have really a chelsea is whether in mid field they have enough power because in go to countries fitness been up and down an engine without can they that may fail? that is a little bit wait for me. we saw a commonplace game chelsea the weekend to get us the villa and he had to go up
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a hard time. it wasn't a great one some so so it can take and stay fit. chelsea sure. one of the favorites, me, i know it's a bit early to say, but who do you think are the favorites for me? chelsea, like i mentioned much of the 50 because the other and the score they've got, they're always going to be up that. and then perhaps maybe the 2 are out in front by and munich, and man went by and munich from, from the goalkeeper to the, it's just an early squad. and julie, not goldman, as well. a new coach can give them some new momentum and it's often very well say that a lot of promise was by and and power sponge. man. packing is, is magical. isn't the name of messy and killing and buffet. there's no to be able to withstand this season. my worry with p s d at to worries really one want to see how that works, how they click together, say pop message only just it just made it baby play one game and. and it's just
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beginning. and by that i go to couple of goals and the other is that in, in the field, and i'm afraid to have to leave it. we'll have to leave it there. we're running out of football, right. rick saw my thank you very much for them. talking to blue days this, let me get at old junior continued his hot streak on monday. the 22 year old a master league and leading a 45th home run of the season and his sized $81.00 win over tampa bay. homer was also personal milestone for him. he now has more home runs in one season than he's hall of fame. a father like senior got 44 and 2000. and that's it for me back to camp. thank you very much. i just found out the very you can only go to on there a dot com for more if you'd like on mix marleen site will be here
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with another round up of today's used to show me back a news news news meet you face small natural rocks from outer space that survive the journey down to us and have high market value for rock and minimal collectors. as the world's joins the moroccan nomads and their desert such with these gifts for scar. icon says that it's a meter, right? had it is. it is, i me to roy morocco's meet you write hunter's on order 0. it's the case,
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biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covered 19 patient built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are underway. the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close. extrapolate that across the country. and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. there is a huge group of people at work behind the screen and the power they have is massive that urge to keep swiping through your twitter feed. that's design. the way we all click. i agree to the terms and conditions that's designed,
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and most of us never even give it a 2nd. and actually, that's design is what are the rigs, is how designers are manipulating behavior in the final episodes. all hail the algorithm on the donors to turn pledges into cash as soon as possible off the promising more than a $1000000000.00. 5 gun stone. ah hello money. this is al jazeera life and so coming up facing pressure to set a timeframe election. guinea.


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