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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2021 5:00am-5:31am AST

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nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count on algebra. ah, he's prime minister ariel re fax. the country is chief prosecutor charged over the july assassination of president shipping invoice. ah, how are you doing this is al jazeera live from dough home, also coming up upon taking office. president biden immediately faced the choice between ending the war or escalating. the us secretary of states defends the
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american military puller from mcallister on severe criticism. again, the congress hearing the former us intelligence officers, streets pay a $1700000.00 fine for working as mercenary hackers to be united, our veterans and california. and so. so whether to be cold democrats and govern again, use and $46.00 people running to replace it. ah, i think he's prime minister area long re his sacked the chief prosecutor once and charged over the merger of president jovan and lewis. the chief prosecutor had also asked immigration agents to bar the prime minister from leaving the country. president luis was assassinated in july, and court documents se only was called twice in the years after his death by one of the main effects. michael diver, it says,
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an author and journalist who's covered hasty for almost 25 years. he says is a lot of skepticism in haiti, but the investigation into the president's death is being handles is an extremely convoluted state of affairs. as you mentioned, the president murdered a little over 2 months ago, and it's quite clear from the circumstance that certainly his inner security was compromised essentially to, to be assassinated by, by allegedly, by mercenary. and what's been swirling around or do you think you do in his inner circle, security and politically was involved in his burger and who the intellectual and financial offers were. and so that made his development whereby the chief prosecutor was essentially calling sitting quite minister to be indicted, pretty much golden. the burner and the private esther sacking that prosecutor as just added your the to me all the prime minister himself is ruling if you can
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recall xtreme lee, i guess you might say questionable gentlemen. he was named by a president. many had accused of staying over overstaying his term office and had not been officially invested in that in that position before job it more so the court, the question of the gentleman i think is really up in the air right now. we're about to there's a lot of doubt among people in terms of whether this will be allowed to run its course. i mean, most of the people have been arrested so far. i don't think anyone seriously thinks that they were the, the real money that was a real intellectual office crime to a former us intelligence operatives have admitted, provide in sophisticated hacking technology to the united arab emirates. the us justice department says the men have agreed to pay nearly $1700000.00 in fines to avoid prosecution. and it's also cut all ties with any us intelligence or law
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enforcement agencies. manner of keys of conducting hacking operations for the u. a . working as managers at a firm in the call state, it's a lead stay illegally. access protects his computer systems in the united states and elsewhere like canada has more from washington, dc. the details provided by the justice department in papers delivered in court. the investigators content that the 3 operated essentially as a hackers for the u, a e over a period of time. they had computers around the world. busy but importantly, also computers within the united states, including those of american citizens. but, and this is the interesting point. it appears that the prosecutors have accepted the p bargain. they say that the charges against the 3 will be dropped if they continue to cooperate fully. if they pay a penalty of some $1700000.00,
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which would appear to be the amount of salary they received over a period of time. and also that they agreed not to apply for any security clearance in the future. this is a very interesting point that the prosecutors have accepted a plea. bargain may well be an indication of their awareness of the murky nature of conducting computer hacking cases under us law. but also perhaps a non towards the sensitive relationship between the us and the u. e, which essentially owned the hacking company. back in january 2019 writers published an exhaustive investigation into the us packing company. it based its information on information provided by a whistleblower. now she had joined the company according to reuters in 2014. so this gives you an indication of how long this has been in place. we are not talking about something that has being a period of months or
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a few years. we are talking about a hacking operation operated by the u. a. e se investigators and the news organization for the best part of nearly a decade. so this is an extensive hacking operation over a lengthy period of time. and once again, the questions arise as to how many similar operations are underway. but it would appear that it was the a reuters report that will lead to the investigation that is culminated in these charges being brought against 3 individuals. charges that will be dropped if the individuals agree with a co operating in the ongoing investigation. going carl is a former deputy national intelligence officer for transnational france at the cia. he says, the u e has become more aggressive in hiring americans to do intelligence related work. it is true that there are many americans who work for a companies that provide intelligence and national security related services
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to foreign governments. but those circumstances should always be with a clear contract approval and authorization from the us government. now they claim the 3 individuals who have been charged this time claimed that they did. but when you read the circumstances the, their defense becomes more flimsy. the they were working for a company called dark matter, i think, which was a private company set up specifically by the way, to avoid american laws and to make it easier for them to claim that they were not doing anything that would get the americans in trouble. but since it's a transparent attempt to avoid getting in trouble, then clearly they're doing something that should get them in trouble. now the obligation legal for any former intelligence officer, united states, or national security officer, is you,
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you must not share sources or methods. if you do, you're committing treason, espionage, you will, you should go to jail. it's a very strict line. and here they quite clearly transgressed. so that's the, the change from the more straightforward and benign kind of the although still murky cooperation has gone on for decades. what was his in the us phase of california? just citing the fate of governor gavin newsome in a recall election. the republican lead push to hold the votes was fueled by anger over a nuisance handling of the corona virus pandemic. critics also blame him for high taxes, buys and crime, and the search in homelessness. he needs at least 50 percent of the votes to stay in office, otherwise he'll be replaced by the challenger, with the most supports live nice rental fee join us from beverly hills road,
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less than an hour to go for the pools close. everything's looking right now. well, still some people lining up here at beverly hills city hall to cast their ballots. we've seen pretty long lines throughout the day. now in this race, things have shifted decisively in favor of gavin newsom remaining governor. if you had looked back in july, this race was very, very tight. the yes votes to replace new some and the no votes to keep him in office. we're just about even. but that triggered a big spending spree by governor newsome. he had a 7 the 1000000 dollar war chest that he used to blanket the state with ads. he made a lot of personal appearances campaigning up and down the state and brought in. people ranging from the vice president,
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campbell harris the to the president himself, joe biden. and even the air aired some ads from former president brock obama to bolster his his position. he has been hammering his most likely opponent the right wing radio talk show was larry elder as someone who would disregard science in terms of the crone of virus who would reduce, relieve or remove, i should say, bask mandates in schools and in state office buildings. and things of that nature. a lot of people, nevertheless, are just having a feeling that things are going badly here in the golden state. what with prime taxes, while buyers, a lot of things that people are unhappy about that. and on top of the coven situation, which is foremost in voters, minds has made this a challenge,
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work avenues, them. but if you believe the poles, and if you pull the right, he will prevail when the votes are counted, they will indeed. and we will just to see what those results will be. we've heard a lot from gavin uses. these has the president, the vice president, i something for the campaign true. what about his challenges? they had anything to say. they hopeful it's all they might be able to capitalize on some of the challenges that california face or, or the reason for defeat. well, that's very interesting question. you know, there are more than 40 people on the ballot to replace gavin newsome. a lot of them are political unknowns, some of them are the celebrities. but the, the main challenger is again larry elder. he is a long time conservative talk show host politically, quite skilled, very close supporter of president donald trump and has received support from trump
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. now elder is at around 3538 percent in the polls. so if, if newsome doesn't breach the 50 percent threshold, then, then larry elder would become governor. but he's already saying something kind of unusual, which is that he believes there will be shenanigans, as he said, possible, vote broad in this election even before the votes are counted. so he started sort of laying the groundwork much as president trump did before he lost his election for challenges, lawsuits and so forth. so we shall see when the votes are counted. all yeah, be very interesting to see how this all plays. i less than in our school for the full schools from reynolds, so she's in thank you very much for you. some other use known a suicide bomber has killed at least 9 people when injured 16 more in the somali
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capital market tissue explosion, the t shirts oxy soldiers and civilians, later small shabani, half of the message responsibility the group has been fighting. the somali government, for many years you are a secretary of state hansley, blinkin, has testified for 2nd day about the withdraw from the gas sun and collapse of the washington banks government. the binding ministration has been criticized. pulling us troops over the country. is taliban sledges? game territory across gun stone, lincoln told the foreign relations committee that the rapid fall of cargo took us intelligence by surprise. we collectively over 20 years invested as coronary amounts in those security forces and in that government. hundreds of millions of dollars, equipment, training, advice support and based on that as well as based on what we were looking
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at real time. again. we did not see this collapse in a matter of 11 days. rosalind jordan has more now from capitol hill. us secretary of state antony blank and spent a 2nd day testifying on capitol hill this time before the senate foreign relations committee, while the tone of hearing was not as contentious as it was before the house foreign affairs committee on monday, lincoln still faced a lot of criticism on behalf of the by dent ministration for how it conducted the military drop down and evacuation of us citizens from afghanistan in the last half of august, while blink and tried to put a good face on what he did say turned out to be a more chaotic situation than planners had expected. one of the us senators wasn't having it. ron johnson is a republican senator from wisconsin. check terry, if i were just to read your testimony, not having watched any news,
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i would literally think this was a smashing success. but i do read the news as most americans do, and we realize this was a complete debacle. lincoln also faced questions about what efforts are being carried out in order to provide safe passage, not just to us citizens and permanent residents who want to leave afghan a stand. but also to help the thousands of afghans who worked with the us military service primarily as translators, and go betweens during the 20 year long war. there was also the question of what the u. s. is going to do to protect the games that women and girls in afghan stan have enjoyed in the last 2 decades. but a lot of the questions that senators from both the democratic and republican party had, couldn't be answered because they were questions about how the military performed. and without the presence of the defense, secretary lloyd austin,
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it was pretty much impossible for anthony blinking to satisfy the senator's outrage and curiosity. phil heads on just the road, the un delivers 20 tongues of medical aid to get this done. agencies raise the alarm over shortages or supplies, and no way swings to the left. in the oil and gas section. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best airline of 2021. hello, good to see you here. and update on our monsoon rains for the sub continent. quite a vigorous disturbance sliding across northern portions of india months or per day shoot the production. it's going to link up with sun. what weather that we've seen through goudrow then rochester, on. so any of these indian states, we could see
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a $1200.00, maybe even more than $200.00 millimeters of range of flooding. a big concern. and certainly we have seen that in places like new delhi as of late. here's sean to it's just sauntering around. the east china sea, south of shanghai, it's dropped about $200.00 millimeters of rain to grow. just saturated. the water has nowhere to go and we see it spill over the streets. here, i think winds will be a big problem on wednesday for areas such as shanghai, we could see gust 80 plus kilometers per hour. it's also throw in some heavy ring for southern sections of japan. go a bit further toward the south and leftovers of what was tropical storm concent are now just soaking western portions of thailand spilling into the amber. we'll see some big rain tallies mount here over the next little bit southeast asia, plentiful showers, but also dry spells through sumatra and java. i think our heaviest rain will see parked over silly, wavy, and same goes for the philippines. the heaviest frame will be relegated toward the southern islands fears in the weather, sponsored by cattle airways,
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voted world's best airline of 2021 on era. online be part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the when know how big it off the table. it says shoot inside atmosphere. people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing ptc like symptom. jump into this dream and julian global community. if you're online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this stream announces era, ah, ah, the me. just a quick reminder, all the top stories for, you know,
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he's by minister real only has the chief prosecutor charged over the merger of the president showing a noise was assassinated in july and court document. phase 5 minister was formed after the shooting. i one of the main suspects, 3 former us intelligence operatives of admitted providing mr. katy hacking technology. we nighted arab emirates, us justice department says the men of the great pay near the $1700000.00 to result charges effect 2 states have continued his testimony by chaotic control courses for my grandson, season control, the senate foreign relations committee. alternative to withdraw was continuing to fight the taliban has promised to distribute more than a 1000000000 dollars of age directly to africa and we needed. the money was raised that you and donors conference and monday of canister is heavily reliance and external help the tolerance, takeover,
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sight and fears of economic collapse. nor do we assure the international community that we are pleased to hear about the pledge committed to afghanistan. at the same time we promise on our part. but all the relief faith reached those that deserve it . it's our responsibility to hand out the really fade to all africans all across the country. well, here's what we know about the money that's being pledged to help us canister on the u. s. said it's providing nearly $64000000.00 in humanitarian assistance. francis said it will contribute 118000000 to the us flash appeal. norway has pledged an extra 11500000 for aging problems. 31000000 dollars with food and health supplies, where the world health organization has to live with the 1st batch of women, 20 tons of medical aid to ask. and a son, a son has been job, it has more form couple airports. this is some of the 1st medical aid arriving from
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the world has organization about 23 metrics on essential supplies, including insulin consumables, surgical equipment, and much needed help for the hospital. the world has organizations says that it is trying to build a bridge with which it can bring in much needed a for the millions of people who need a desperate need. so these do shipments essential supplies will provide medical help to about 1500000 people in the number of hospitals across the country. but there's that issue that this is not going to be enough. it is a 1st branch of the much needed help that the people of a planet need. and unless that help is provided on a regular basis. and that's, as we heard from the united nation, this, it becomes a regular feature. it is not going to be enough for the people of a gun, a son, and as we heard the united nation appealed to other nation that they don't need to just provide aid. but make sure that i've run the signs economy does not collapse.
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and the people do not fall below the poverty line as the projections that by the time next year, if the situation does not improve more than 90 percent of the population, all of them it's on. it's going to go below the poverty line. so korea is hoping to enlist china to help with stores nuclear talks with north korea, china's foreign minister when he is in sol for a series of meetings. these visits full talks and singapore, cambodia, and vietnam, monday shown young and i had tested new long range cruise myself. let's get more from my prize. he joins us live from. so both are both countries hoping to achieve with this visit the interesting and come and get this comes at the end of a for. ready nation tool by one year, which is very much from china's perspective, and it's bolstering relations with its asian neighbors in the face of it's ongoing
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rivalry with the united states. and it's no coincidence. in fact that to the places one guy has visited singapore in vietnam, were both on the itinerary of commerce harris, the us vice president when she visited asia last month. so south korea find itself in an interesting position when it comes to sino us relations, because of course, it is one of washington's strongest allies in east asia. but it is of course, very closely living technologically with china. in fact, china is by far south korea is biggest trading partner. so why fi has reminded south korea of its position that this influences its relations with beijing saying impacted in his opening remarks that they are in escape a ball from each other given their close geographical proximity and that they can never leave each other. so a gentle reminder there for south korea just of the economic closeness and in terms
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of north korea, because that's likely to be a concern for, for both nations is likely to be any progress on this issue. i mean, whenever south korea and china talk north korea will always be there on the agenda . china obviously exerts a huge influence over north korea, especially given north korea is continuing development of its mythos. and we got a confirmation of that with this, a testing of a new type of cruise missile over the weekend moon j. and the president of south korea has less than a year left of his presidency to run. he would daily like to restart these stall negotiations, and china is obviously very important in that. and there is an opportunity potentially in the aging winter olympics of next february. when we might see a possibility of using that event to restart negotiations much as the pill chang
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winter olympics in 2018 here in south korea, led to the sol ring and improving of relations with north korea. and all that summit diplomacy between the leaders of north korea, the u. s. so that would be the hope that some way china might be able to use potentially those winter olympics to as a way of restarting negotiations again with north korea. ok, robert bright. there is upstate ly form. so rob, thank you. in the you case, prime minister for is johnson says a booster jazz will be recommended to all over fifty's as part of a conference call with one team funds for winter vaccinations low. so the extended to include 12 to 15 year olds and to simmons reports from london. more vaccinations . no locked downs is a message from the u. k. prime minister. along with the admission that this time last year, the rates of infections was much lower in one way opposition today. he's actually
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more challenging. we have higher levels of daily cases, thousands more. but in many other crucial respects, the british people, all of us collectively and individually, are incomparably better placed to fight the disease. over fifty's will get boost of vaccinations. school children between 12 and 15 can now be vaccinated. the government believes this will be enough to bolster and already successful vaccine program that is greatly reduce the rate of people dying from covered. the number of people dead now stands at a 134000. while an image like the national memorial wall, should ensure no one forgets the fast scales of losses to cove it in the u. k. across the river thames, the government is projecting a new fray. living with co. it's the new normal amount comes with lifting many
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restrictive laws and dropping plans for coded passports, for major events and nightclubs, showing full vaccination or recent negative to say huge mistake. yes, it's typical of them boys over there do. when you turn freedom is what we fight for my for should. while england is dropping the passport plan scotland is imposing warm and in europe despite sometimes fis resistance countries such as france, germany and belgium are using passports to good effect. what we've seen throughout this time next is that britain, england in particular, stays as an outlier the many months while other countries guess what to do, the right thing, only in the end through lens and do the same thing. so they could well be device, team pos, bruised success in other countries, and eventually the take government entities of the england as well. the government says a locked would be a last resort, but a plan b would mean coded passports and other measures. however,
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there's some unease about not using face masks and other risks inside buildings. i certainly think that some venues are riskier than others, and we should, i think somebody still be requiring distancing. and i also think we should be investing in much better ventilation systems. and the fact that more cautious countries in europe have lower infection rates than the u. k. doesn't, can then some, the death rates won't stop climbing again. andrew simmons al jazeera london no, always less leaning parties, are in talks to form a new coalition government such a big gains in monday's parliamentary election. the campaign was dominated by the climate crisis and the future of the countries. oil and gas industry show no reports with the return of sent to left government to norway after 8 years of conservative rule. one question looms large, what does it mean for the energy sector that made this country fabulously rich?
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scobee paid it, sold it. now we shall celebrate, sleep a bit, and then be ready for action. we will change norway and the world. it was an election dominated by the climate crisis and the growing realization that fossil fuel exports must make way for renewable energy. that's a profound shift for a small country, operating western, europe's biggest oil and gas industry. it accounts for 14 percent of gross domestic product and 40 percent of exports, providing norway with a $1.00 trillion dollar sovereign wealth fund. for me personally, i main issues for this election is my what i expect from the new government is just focus even more on the climate issues we are facing today. we need to change in a serious way. we need a government that takes the environment with greater concern.
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tricky coalition talks lie ahead 1st with potential left wing partners wanting faster, moved towards the green economy and labor opting for a more gradual transition. the new government will also pledge itself to tackling rising in equality a cause that already ranks high among always neighbors. the election means all 5 nordic countries are now in left wing hands for the 1st time in 62 years. don't a whole al jazeera. ah. this is al jazeera and these, all the headlines, haiti's prime minister ariel only is sank. the chief prosecutor once in charge over the merger of the president of employees was assassinated in july. the court documents say the prime minister was formed after the shooting. one of the main suspects 3 former us and.


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