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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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stories to tell, lots of society and in this area we pushed as far forward as we can to the front line. now the smell of death is overpowering. a lot of the stories that we cover all highly complex, so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can do as many people as possible no matter how much they know about a given crisis or issue as algebra correspondence, that's what we strive to do oh, i have 5 minutes to sac. the country's chief prosecutor who wants him charged over the july assassination of president silver. no, marie ah . hello, i'm diamond jordan. this is al jazeera ally from coming up. 3 former us intelligence operatives agreed to pay a $1700000.00 fine. the working at packets for the united arab emirates,
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hold close in california, decisive post on the weather to keep the democratic governor for austin. upon taking office, president biden immediately faced the choice between ending war or escalating the us secretary of state defense, the american military pull out from us again. it's dawn and faced his criticism again that a congress here ah, prime minister ariel already had the chief prosecutor who once in charge of the murder of the president of anomalies chief prosecutor, had also asked immigration agents to bar the prime minister from leaving the country. president, my east was assassinated in july and court documents se already was called twice in the hours after his death by one of the main suspects. miko dba as an author and journalist who's covered have almost 25 years. he says, there's a lot of skepticism about how the investigation into the president's death is being
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handled. is an extremely convoluted state of affairs. as you mentioned, the president's murdered now little over 2 months ago. and it's quite clear from the circumstance that certainly his inner security was compromised, essentially to, to be assassinated by, by allegedly, by the board mercenary. and what's been swirling around or do you think you do in his inner circle, security and politically was involved in his burger and who the intellectual and financial offers were. and so that made us develop whereby the chief prosecutor was essentially calling sitting quite minister to be indicted for his electrical murder . and the private esther sacking that prosecutor as just added your the to me all the prime minister himself is ruling. if you can recall xtreme lee, i guess you might say questionable gentlemen. he was named by a president. many had accused of staying over overstaying his term office and had
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not been officially invested in that in that position before job it on ways. and so the court, the question of the gentleman i think is really up in the air right now for a lot of there's a lot of doubt among people that have the terms of whether this gauge will be allowed to run its course. i mean, most of the people have been arrested so far. i don't think anyone seriously thinks that they were the real money man with a real intellectual office crime. 3 former us intelligence operatives have admitted providing sophisticated a hacking technology to the united arab emirates. the us justice department says the men have agreed to pay nearly $1700000.00 in fines to avoid prosecution, and must also cut all ties with any u, a intelligence or low enforcement agencies. the men are accused of conducting hacking operations for the you a, you are working as managers that a firm in the gold state. it's alleged that illegally access protected computer
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systems in the us and elsewhere. my county has more now from washington, dc. the details provided by the justice department in papers delivered in court. the investigators contend that the 3 operated essentially as a hackers for the u, a. e over a period of time. they had computers around the world, but importantly, also computers within the united states, including those of american citizens. but, and this is the interesting point. it appears that the prosecutors have accepted the p bargain. they say that the charges against the 3 will be dropped if they continue to cooperate fully. if they pay a penalty of some $1700000.00, which would appear to be the amount of salary they received over a period of time. and also that they agree not to apply for any security clearance in the future. this is a very interesting point that the prosecutors have accepted
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a plea. bargain may well be an indication of their when it's of the nature of conducting computer hacking cases under us law. but also, perhaps not towards the sensitive relationship between the u. s. and the u. e, which essentially owned the hacking company. back in january 2019 writers published an exhaustive investigation into the u. s. e packing company. it based its information on information provided by a whistleblower. now she had joined the company according to reuters in 2014. so this gives you an indication of how long this has been in place. we are not talking about something that has been a period of months or a few years. we are talking about a hacking operation operated by the u, a. e se investigators and the news organization for the best part of nearly a decade. so this is an extensive hacking operation over
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a lengthy period of time. and once again, the questions arise as to how many similar operations are underway. but it would appear that it was the a reuters report that will lead to the investigation that is culminated in these charges being brought against 3 individuals. charges that will be dropped if the individuals agree with a co operating in the ongoing investigation for glenn county as a former deputy national intelligence officer at the ca, he says the u. a has become much more aggressive in hiring americans who do intelligence related work. it is true that there are many americans who work for a companies that provide intelligence and national security related services to foreign governments. but those circumstances should always be with a clear contract approval and authorization from the us government. they claim the
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3 individuals who have been charged this time claimed that they did. but when you read the circumstances the, their defense becomes more flimsy. the they were working for a company called dark matter, i think, which was a private company set up specifically by the way, to avoid american laws and to make it easier for them to claim that they were not doing anything that would get the americans in trouble. but since it's a transparent attempt to avoid getting in trouble, then clearly they're doing something that should get them in trouble. now the obligation legal for any former intelligence officer, united states, or national security officer, is you, you must not share sources or methods. if you do, you're committing treason, espionage, you will, you should go to jail. it's a very strict line. and here they quite clearly transgressed. so
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that's the, the change from the more straightforward and benign kind of the although still murky cooperation has gone on for decades. now, polls are closed in the u. s. state of california as recall election to decide the fate of the governor, gavin knew some the republican lead pushed to hold the vote was feel by anger of a nuisance handling of the corona virus pandemic. critics also blame him for high taxes, rising crime and a surgeon homelessness. he needs at least 50 percent of the vote to stay in office . otherwise he will be replaced by the challenge up with the most support. but rob reynolds is live for us now in beverly hills. rob, so this is a hugely important election, especially for the democrats. how's the boat going today? well, darren, it is a usually important election that there have been no reports of any problems. any irregularities, any polling places that had to shut down because of technical problems or anything like that, so it does appear to be going quite smoothly. now,
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bear in mind that while today is the last day and voting is now officially over the recall election has really been going on for weeks. the california sent out ballots to every single registered eligible voter. and many of those people return them by mail 9000000 valid have already been received and those will be counted with, with some speed. perhaps it may be a bit later for these final people who are voting in person. but the reason that this is important is it's kind of a bell, whether for how the american public is feeling about the state of things in the country. california is a very republican or excuse me, a very democratic dominated state. there's president trump last here by about 30 points last year to joe biden. but since then, of course it's been, it's been a rough summer with the delta various spreading with all sorts of natural disasters,
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not just here, but around the country. and of course, afghanistan, although many people in the united states, a majority agreed, yes, it was time to go. a lot of people were critical of the way that the final exit from afghanistan was carried out. so the president joe biden is aware of the stakes here. in fact, he was in california in long beach who had a rally to support by gavin newsome just yesterday. so the stakes are pretty high and we now are in the phase of waiting for the results. robots, you millions of balance were mailed out ahead of today's vote. so what do we like to to get any kind of official results? well, it depends darren, obviously the votes have to be counted. the leading
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republican in the race to replace gavin newsom, the conservative talk show hosts larry elder has already been talking about possible voting fraud shenanigans. president x president from chimed in saying, well, if the republican doesn't win, if new some isn't kicked out, then it's certainly must have been rig a kind of head view. when tales you heads i, when tails you lose sort of situation in politics. but the other thing is the california is kind of notoriously slow in counting some of the races and congressional districts in 2020 took days and weeks to resolve. so if it's of a blow out victory for gavin newsom, as some of the polls, the majority of the polls indicate that he will be held over and not recall, not thrown out of office. if that's the case, we'll probably know early on. if it's tight, it's going to be
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a long evening for me and the rest of the people who are watching this election. all right, robert of life percent, beverly hills, rock, thank you. now syria is essentially unfit for humans. and 10 years after the war there began, the situation is getting even worse. that's according to a new report. the un commission of inquiry on syria says all sides and the conflict continue to perpetrate, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and stand accused of infringing the basic human rights of syrians. it found instances of torture, sexual violence, and forced disappearance is an arbitrary death blamed on all sides. government forces, groups and western backed rebels. medical facilities and food markets are still routing targets. the inquiry says the collapse the economy and unchecked environmental issues. leave those still in the country to fend for themselves. and for the more than 6 and a half 1000000 syrians who've left in the past decade, the conclusion is that it's simply unsafe for them to go home. we look at different
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parts of the country and we see the levels of violence in the fighting are going up prizes and down. and then we look at the whole country and we see the economy plummeting. we see the ships food shortages. and as we said earlier, 12400000 insecure, we see fuel shortages. we see the pandemic hitting and the numbers rising. and that's what makes us say at this moment, syria really is not a country that could be taking people in the u. s. s. withholding $130000000.00 in military aid to egypt until a country takes steps to improve its human rights record. the money accounts for fraction of the $1300000000.00 given by washington every year. the government of the cc has overseen a crackdown on descent since the most in brotherhood was ousted in 2013 rights groups. calling for more aid to be withheld by the usa, the decision is
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a the trail. so to come here now does air including south korea, looks to china for help as it tries to engage with young young, rich nuclear weapons program. and we report from the southern mexico where human rights advocates, a policies and migrant attorney era into an opening this morning that i use hi there. here's a headlines for the americas. we had nicolas make landfall as a category one storm toward the texas gulf coast. we saw a storm surge that a 100 more than a 100 millimeters of rain leading to scenes like this is the situation on wednesday . it moves further toward the east. this becomes a story for the wheezy, anna, with some heavy pockets of rain to be expected. here toward the eastern portions of
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north america, some big storms that were over, the great lakes now pushed into the board. the northeast. and a few days ago we had some tornado worn cells in here when they were over in northern ontario. places like sudbury, for example, off to the west, we're just talking about rain here. it starts to dry out for vancouver with a high of 17 degrees. are also starting to see a dry out for large portions of mexico. you could time will have a few showers and we can see some concentrated rain for the pacific coast of mexico in and around. acapulco stop and south america. you get state. we've still got our storms fallen through the amazon basin here. but further toward the south, a vigorous side disturbance, a cold front here, it's gonna slide its way into rio de janeiro dropped the temperature. so if i show you the 3 day forecast like this, we go down to 24 by the time friday, rolls around, that's it for me. see, it's in the
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the story that need to be told. find away and demand to be heard. the opening the window into another life and challenging perception and personal endeavors in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey witness showcases, inspiring documentary change the word on al jazeera. oh, a welcome back to pick your mind about top stories. our haiti's prime minister ariel already as the chief prosecutor once in charge of the murder,
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the president governor, my ease was assassinated in july and court documents signed the prime minister was found after the shooting by one of the main suspects. both of the clothes in the us state of california recall election to decide the fate of governor governor newsome, the republican lead, pushed to hold the vote with fuel by under the new some handling of the current virus. and the us is withholding a $130000000.00 in military h. egypt until the country take steps to improve the human rights record, the government and cc, as overseen a crackdown on descent system, moves him, brothers was ousted in 2013. not the taliban has promised to distribute more than a $1000000000.00 of aid directly to afghans who need it. the money was raised that a u. n. donors conference on monday. i've chemist on is heavily reliant on external health. the taliban takeover has heightened fears of economic collapse. we assure the international community that we're pleased to hear about the pledge committed
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to afghanistan or the same time we promise on our part. but all the relief fate reach those that deserve it. it's our responsibility to hand out the really fade to all afghans, all across the country. well, here's what we know about the money that's been pledged to help us get this done. the us said it's providing really $64000000.00 in humanitarian assistance from said it will contribute to $1900000000.00 to the un flash appeal, noise pledge and extra 11 and a half 1000000. beijing has promised $31000000.00 worth of food and health supplies . and the world health organization has delivered the 1st batch of more than 20 tons of medical aid to afghanistan, a solid. ben jade has mono from campbell airport. this is some of the 1st medical aid arriving from the world health organization about 23 metrics on essential supplies, including insulin consumables, surgical equipment, and much needed help for the hospital. has organizations says that it is trying to
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build a bridge with which it can bring in much needed a for the millions of people who need it desperately. so these do shipments essentially supplies will provide medical help to about 1500000 people in dallas on to a number of hospitals across the country. but there were there though that i vision said that this is not going to be enough. it is a 1st branch of the must needed help that the people of a planet by need unless that help is provided on a regular basis. and that's, as we heard from the united nation. this is become a regular feature. it is not going to be enough for the people of abundance on. and as we heard the united nation appealed to other nation that they don't need to just provide aid. but make sure that the sounds economy does not collapse and the people do not fall below the poverty line. as the projections are, that by the time the next, if the situation does not improve more than 90 percent of the population,
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all of them it's on. it's going to go below the poverty line your effective state, and to me, blink, and has testified for a 2nd day about the withdrawal from afghanistan and the collapse of the washington backed government. the biden administration has been criticized for pulling us troops out of the country. as taliban fighters gained territory across afghanistan, lincoln told the foreign relations committee that the rapid fall of cobble took us intelligence by surprise. we collectively over 20 years invested as coronary amounts in the security forces and in that government, hundreds of billions of dollars, equipment, training advice support and based on that, as well as based on what we were looking at real time. again, we did not see this collapse in a matter of 11 days. rather jordan has more now from capitol hill. us secretary of state antony blank and spent
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a 2nd day testifying on capitol hill this time before the senate foreign relations committee. while the tone of the hearing was not as contentious as it was before the house foreign affairs committee on monday, lincoln still faced a lot of criticism on behalf of the by dent ministration for how it conducted the military drop down and evacuation of us citizens from afghanistan in the last half of august, while blink and tried to put a good face on what he did say, turned out to be a more chaotic situation than planners had expected. one of the us senators wasn't having it. ron johnson is a republican senator from wisconsin. secretary, if i were just to read your testimony, not having watched any news, i would literally think this was a smashing success. but i do read the news as most americans do, and we realize this was a complete debacle. lincoln also faced questions about what efforts are being
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carried out in order to provide safe passage, not just to us citizens and permanent residents who want to leave afghanistan. but also to help the thousands of afghans who worked with the us military service primarily as translators, and go betweens during the 20 year long war. there was also the question of what the u. s. is going to do to protect the games that women and girls and afghan stan have enjoyed in the last 2 decades. but a lot of the questions that senators from both the democratic and republican party had, couldn't be answered because they were questions about how the military performed. and without the presence of the defense, secretary lloyd austin, it was pretty much impossible for anthony blinking to satisfy the senators outrage and curiosity. now, south korea hoping to enlist china to help with sol, nuclear talks with north korea, china's foreign minister, one he is in. so for a series of meetings, use visit followed talks and singapore, cambodia,
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and vietnam. the biden administration's push to engage with north korea has so far been unsuccessful, where robert bride joins us live now from so rob, so how important then is this meeting basic because it comes just 2 days after north korea claims to have tested a new cruise massage that's right, i mean, i think i need talks between south korea and china will inevitably turn to north korea, given beijing's continuing influence over north korea and the apparent missile launcher, the testing of this new type of cruise missile is that was claimed over the weekend is a reminder to everybody in this part of the world that north korea is missile development has continued a pace over over the years. south korea would daily like to restart these stoled negotiations. and that may be a possibility with the holding of the beijing winter olympics, which is only
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a few months away basically next february. now you recall of course, that was the pill chang winter olympics in 2018 here in south korea, that it acted as a catalyst to improve relations with the north that led onto was about some diplomacy between donald trump and kim jong. and the hope is that with bay james influence and maybe using the the winter olympics next february, something similar may happen with restarting the negotiations with north korea. all right, a rob bride live for spare and sold. well, thank you. not my guns and asylum seekers. stuck in a border city in southern mexico are struggling to find food and shelter as i tried to avoid deportation. authorities have been accused of using excessive force to stop them heading for the united states. i'll just hear a minute. rapid reports now from top of july and the state of chiapas. there is a humanitarian crisis unfolding in southern mexico. for months,
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waves of migrants and asylum seekers, mainly from haiti in central america have poured into the city of tupper to bottle migrants rights advocates. c, a national policy by the mexican government, aimed at preventing migrants from making their way north toward the united states has turned the city into an open air prison for refugees. stop by to la f with the, you know, putting is a living hell. they got, it is an illegal prison because nowhere in the law does it say that migrate can only be kept in one city because every street turned into concentration. so to mexican immigration laws are being converted and manipulated, in order to appease the sobbing thought. money landed the streets of temper eula are packed with migrants. this woman who has asked us to conceal her identity is one of more than 35000 haitian nationals currently stuck into a jeweler. she says, food and shelter or in short supply. and that the situation here grows more dire by
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the de loc grenada. and i'm going to be along what we make in a day is not enough for food. and many of us migrants are sleeping in the park on top of each other, begging for food. as mexico's president doesn't do something for us, people are going to begin to steal. and we don't want that. what we want is help and to allow us to keep moving. since the start of the year, mexico's national immigration strategy has been one of containment into a to learn hundreds of migrants queue up outside the cities, immigration officers almost every day, hear confusion, rains intentions are on the rise. the vast majority of people we've encountered outside this government office building say they're growing desperate without a clear answer from authorities as to what it's going to take to obtain the necessary paperwork. and finally, be allowed to leave up a jeweler. despite promises from mexican political leaders to respect the rights
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of migrants into silence seekers, those who try to leave us without the necessary paperwork are quickly rounded up. and local journalists continue to document cases of abuse and excessive force from authorities. we need to recognize that these individuals that are making this very risky journey are in very difficult and vulnerable situations. as we've discussed, there are many women and children and children who are actually in the company. that means they do not have a family member or guarding with children who are very young age. and so what all governments need to do that are involved in managing migration is that they need to make sure that the human rights are respected and that these very little people are protective migrant shelters in this part of the country have reached maximum capacity. and some have experienced outbreaks of cobra. 19 coupled with a lack of access to adequate health care, growing security concerns and a national policy that prevents people from leaving. the situation is quickly
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growing beyond the ability of authorities to control mandated up a little al jazeera tougher to la mexico. tropical storm nicholas has knocked power to half a 1000000 homes and businesses along the us gulf coast. just weeks after hurricane either devastated the same region. nicholas made land full of the hurricane, but was quickly downgrade and is now crawling across parts of texas and louisiana. its drenching the air with theresa downpours in louisiana. the governor has warned to flash floods with drainage system still blocked from ida nicholas expected to weaken to a tropical depression as it moved inland. a team of would be astronaut sa, hoping to make history on wednesday as the 1st all civilian crew launched into orbit. the space ex flight is taking billionaire on trumpet java, isaac men, and 3 other novices into space. from cape canaveral in florida for 3 days they'll be cramped into an area and measuring just 8 by 4 meters. it follows to civilians sub to flights. in july i am
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a mission pilot and it's really special for me to hold that title because i'm going to be the 1st black female pilot of a spacecraft. there have been 3 black female astronauts have made it to face and knowing that i'm going to be the 4th means that i have this opportunity to not only accomplish my dream, but also inspire and inspire the next generation of women of color and girls of color. and really get them to think about reaching for the stars. one of new york's most popular tourist attractions is back in business. broadway is reopening at full capacity for the 1st time since the pandemic for centers to close 18 months ago. a line king hamilton and a wicked will be among the 1st productions to play in front of a full house about 30 shows are expected to welcome full capacity crowds. by the end of the year,
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the brazilian football legend pele has been transferred out of intensive care after undergoing surgery to remove a co lawn tumor. these paula hospital way he's being treated, says the 80 year old is in good condition. he's been moved to a general award to recover. the 3 time woke up when it was admitted to hospital early this month, off the tumor was found during routine test. all the news, of course, on website everett is on the screen. the address i'll just era dot com ah, top of krycek of the headlines here on al jazeera, hey tease. prime minister ariel already has sucked the chief prosecutor who wants him charged over the murder, the president governor mike was assassinated in july and court documents and the prime minister was found after the shooting by one.


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