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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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an extraordinary film, archives fanning for decades reveals the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part one, the birth of afghan cinema on me the california democratic governor wins a recall election with a majority of folks saying his stay in office. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is out of the red light from coming up the pond taking office. president biden immediately faced the choice between ending the war or escalating the us secretary of state defense, the american military pulled out from us again. it's done and faces, criticism again the congress here $34.00, my us intelligence operatives agreed to pay
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a $1700000.00 fine for working for the united arab emirates and haiti's prime minister. in fact, the country's chief prosecutor who once in charge of the july destination apartment, governor more use the democratic governor of the us state of california has defeated an attempt to remove him from office. in a recall election, the republican led push to hold a vote was filled by anger of i've got a new some handling of the corona virus pandemic. it's in the 4th election of its kind in us history. but robert knows join us live now from beverly hills, rob, so california and have not rejected efforts to remove governor gavin newsom talk us through the results so far. well the result so far, darren indicate a very sweeping victory for gavin newsome with many of the counties
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and jurisdictions around the state heavily voting no on recall. and so he has already given a speech, a very short speech, thanking the voters, saying he's humbled. also calling out what he called, the spirit of trump ism, that remains throughout the society in the united states and saying that he was determined to continue to work to bring california in together and to try to defeat the what, what he criticized about the former president trump and his main opponent in this recall election, the conservative talk show hosts larry elder. so this was really kind of a surprise darren. we were, we were girding up for a long night of vote counting. but when the return started pouring in,
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it just was like a series of dominoes. one news organization after another called. busy the race in favor of newsome that he had fended off the recall quite handily and the associated press, which is kind of the gold standard of calling elections just a few minutes ago, also concurred that new. some will serve out the remainder of his term in office. however, there may still be some law suits and some disagreement because republicans, including larry elder, the, the prime candidate opposing newsome and the ex president. trump had all said, in essence, that if new some one, something must have gone wrong, there must have been cheating. there must have been some kind of skull dockery or shenanigans. as, as elder put it at the poles. but the scope and size of this victory seemed to
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put that particular claim to bed tonight. so there, so gavin newsom again, who is one of the governors who was very quick to impose locked down sweeping lockdown mandates for government employees in the state of california to where mass to get vaccinated. very careful approach to schools returning all of that seems to have paid off seems to have resonated with voters who are unwilling to sacrifice gains that the state of california has already made in the fight against coven, and not willing to take a chance on a conservative republican who might have gone along a far different path to robin, whose life was there in beverly hills. rob, thank you for that. that's bringing done moraine. he's an author and journalist,
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and he's covered california politics for 40 years. he's written extensively about the states recall elections. he joins us via zoom from davis in california. done good to have you with us. look, this isn't the 1st attempt made to unseat governor. got a new seminole indications on now this one has failed as well. yeah, this, this is not even close to me and it really is not much of a surprise. california as, as you know is, is it's the economy is if it were its own nation would be the 5th largest in the world. the state of 40000000 people, it's incredibly diverse state, but it's heavily democratic state. and gavin newsome as a democrat is a liberal and the people who are running against some really gave no reason for true democrats, for more liberal voters. to vote against gavin newsome, he ran a smart campaign and,
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and the results are going to show it. he's going to win by double digits. he might 21. so let's stay with a campaign for a 2nd, dan. i mean, new some rolled out a $70000000.00 war chest. he called on the party big guns like bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, barack obama. how important was this in re energizing the democratic base that it, of course, it helped. i mean, the, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren cobbler harris joe biden, all came out to stumps for governor newsome and, and that's certainly helped, certainly energize the democratic base. but you know what the republicans did a great job of energizing for democratic base. they were selling something california and the vast majority of california simply would not buy down
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in terms of the broader political picture. is this vote being seen perhaps as a referendum on president biden's administration, and the overall performance of the democrats, especially over things like the current of virus pandemic? well, maybe you know, but joe biden carried california by 5000000 votes in november. he won, he received 11000000 boats. donald trump received 6 in boats in california. so wasn't even close the in terms of a referendum on on president biden, president biden gavin knew some are on the same team. so certainly, if gavin newsome had lost and i really have always found that sort of been inconceivable. if gavin newsome had lots of course, that would have damage job, but it just, it, it never was going to happen. publicans you know,
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it's pretty easy to get a recall on the ballot in california if you have enough money. if you spend a couple $1000000.00, you can get it pretty much anything on the ballot. and that's what happens down just a final port. you look in your head, what does this vote mean then for the all important congressional mid terms next year and throwing forward again to the 2020 for presidential race? well, it's certainly strength. strengthens governor new some use he's up for re election in 2022. i can't imagine he's going to have a serious challenger unless he makes terrible blunder. the mid terms in california there, there may be 7 seats out of 52 that are in play. and they're going to, it's going to be tough race. you know, the republicans still are likely to take back control of the house representatives in 2022. i think it would be harder to win back the senate. 2024 is a long ways away and, and who knows what, what pandemic,
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what horrible thing may be, fall us between now and that very hard to know, donna, and really good to get your thoughts. thank you very much. indeed for talking to our to 0. thank you them. well, thank you. but taliban has promised to distribute more than a $1000000000.00 of aid directly to afghans who need it. the money was raised at a un don't as conference on monday. i've got to start as heavily reliance and external help and the taliban takeovers, height and fears of economic collapse. we assure the international community that we are pleased to hear about the pledge committed to afghanistan. at the same time we promise on our part. but all the relief faith reached those that deserve it. it's our responsibility to hand out the really fade to all afghans, all across the country. so here's what we know about the money that's been pledged to help us canister the u. s. that is providing the $64000000.00 in the humanitarian assistance from said it will contribute to $118000000.00 to the un flash appeal. norway has pledge and extra and then a half 1000000,
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while beijing's promise. $31000000.00 with food and health supplies for the world health organization has delivered the 1st batch of more than 20 tons of medical aid to afghanistan. a sullivan. jade has more now from campbell airport. this is some of the 1st medical aid arriving from the world health organization about 23 metrics on essential supplies, including insulin consumables, surgical equipment, and much needed help for the hospital. the world has organizations says that it is trying to build a bridge with which it can bring in much needed a for the millions of people who need it desperately. so these do shipments essential supplies will provide medical help to about 1450000 people have been assigned to a number of hospitals across the country. but they were there though that i've said that this is not going to be enough. it's a 1st branch of the much needed help that the people of atlanta need. and unless
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that help is provided on a regular basis. and that's as we heard from the united nation this, it becomes a regular feature. it is not going to be enough for the people of abundance on. and as we heard the united nation appeal to other nation that they don't need to just provide aid, but make sure that the economy does not collapse. and the people do not fall below the poverty line as the predictions that by the time the next year, if the situation does not improve more than 90 percent of the population, all of that is on is going to go below the poverty line. your effective state, anthony blink, and this testified for a 2nd day about the withdrawal from afghanistan and the collapse of the washington bank government. the biden administration's been criticized for pulling us troops out of afghanistan as taliban fighters gain territory across the country. lincoln toll the foreign relations committee. the rapid fall of campbell took us intelligence by surprise. we collectively over 20 years invested as
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coronary amounts in those security forces. and in that government, hundreds of billions of dollars, equipment, training advice support. and based on that, as well as based on what we were looking at real time again, we did not see this collapse in a matter of 11 days. present. jordan has more now from capital his us secretary of state antony blank and spent a 2nd day testifying on capitol hill this time before the senate foreign relations committee. while the tone of the hearing was not as contentious as it was before the house. foreign affairs committee on monday, lincoln still faced a lot of criticism on behalf of the by didn't ministration for how it conducted the military drop down and evacuation of us citizens from afghanistan in the last half of august, while blink and tried to put a good faith on what he did say turned out to be
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a more chaotic situation than planners had expected. one of the us senators wasn't having it. ron johnson is a republican senator from wisconsin. schechter. if i were just to read your testimony. not having watched any news, i would literally think this was a smashing success. but i do read the news as most americans do, and we realize this was a complete debacle. lincoln also faced questions about what efforts are being carried out in order to provide safe passage, not just to us citizens and permanent residents who want to leave afghanistan. but also to help the thousands of afghans who worked with the us military service primarily as translators, and go betweens during the 20 year long war. there was also the question of what the u. s. is going to do to protect the games that women and girls and afghan stan have enjoyed in the last 2 decades. but
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a lot of the questions that senators from both the democratic and republican party had, couldn't be answered because they were questions about how the military performed. and without the presence of the defense, secretary lloyd austin, it was pretty much impossible for anthony blinking to satisfy the senator's outrage and curiosity. let's come here now just here, including south korea, look to china for help as it tries to engage with young, young, nervous nuclear weapons program, noise swings to the left fund on what this could mean, the oil and gas sector. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways booted world's best airline of 2021. hi again. nice to see you. here is your weather forecast for the middle east and really no major changes. we are still watching this wing come down from iraq,
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so that's going to spin around the sound and does for q 8. the ne of saudi and into cats are. but for cats, i want to talk about the humidity in doha. we'll see it up to 85 percent on thursday most humid in the mornings and in the evenings is 85 percent is not going to be all day, but the heat index will make it feel about 50 around the array b and c. we are seen some sand and dust over land of yemen and bonds. so that's going to impact the visibility on wednesday through pocket. don, i think for now it's going to stay dry, but in the days to come we could see some thunderstorms and that will certainly cool the atmosphere. your temperatures will drop and the days ahead off to turkey, unsettled conditions, the boss 1st rate through the capitol region down toward the southwest on talia has a high of 27 degrees, you know, through the tropics of africa. same story here. we've got our storms coming and go and nothing out of the ordinary here. but further toward the south johannesburg, look at your temperature, you're up to 29 on wednesday, maybe 30 degrees. but you know what goes up must come down. so we've got you in for
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18 degrees on saturday with a mix of sun, and that's it for me. see soon, the weather sponsored by castle airways, voted world's best airline of 2021 on era online. be part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the when no healthy get off the table, it's a shooting site atmosphere. people are demoralized, they're exhausted, and many health care workers are experiencing ptc like symptom. jump into this dream and julian global community. if you're online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this dream now does era, ah, the me
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welcome back or took them out of our top stories here on the or the democratic governor of the us state of california has defeated an attempt to remove him from office in a recall. but the republican led push to hold the election was show by anger of a given you some handling the current of ours and talking about another promise to distribute more than a $1000000000.00 of a director to afghans who needed the money was raised the un dental conference on monday, you a 2nd state, anthony blink, and testified for a 2nd day about the job from dennis dunn and the collapse of the washington government. until the foreign relations committee, the rapid phone of cobbled to us intelligence agencies, by surprise. now 3 former us intelligence opportunities have admitted providing sophisticated a hacking technology to the united arab emirates. the u. s. justice department says the men have agreed to pay nearly $1700000.00 in fines to avoid prosecution. there
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must also cut all ties with any us intelligence or law enforcement agencies. the men are accused of conducting hacking operations for a while working as managers that a firm in the gulf state. it's a ledge, they legally access protected computer systems in the u. s. and elsewhere, my kind of reports now from washington, dc. the details provided by the justice department in papers delivered in court. the investigators contend that the 3 operated essentially as a hackers for the u, a. e over a period of time. they had computers around the world. busy but importantly, also computers within the united states, including those of american citizens. but, and this is the interesting point. it appears that the prosecutors have accepted a plea bargain. they say that the charges against the 3 will be dropped if they continue to cooperate fully. if they pay a penalty of some $1700000.00,
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which would appear to be the amount of salary they received over a period of time. and also that they agree not to apply for any security clearance in the future. this is a very interesting point that the prosecutors have accepted a plea, bargain may well be an indication of their or when the of the murky nature of conducting computer hacking cases under us law. but also perhaps not towards the sensitive relationship between the us and the u. e, which essentially owned the hacking company. back in january 2019 writers published an exhaustive investigation into the u. s. e packing company. it based its information on information provided by a whistleblower. now she had joined the company according to reuters in 2014. so this gives you an indication of how long this has been in place. we are not talking about something that as being a period of months or
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a few years. we are talking about a hacking operation operated by the u, a. e se investigators and the news organization for the best part of nearly a decade. so this is an extensive hacking operation over a lengthy period of time. and once again, the questions arise as to how many similar operations are underway, but it would appear that it was the a reuters report that will lead to the investigation that is culminated in these charges being brought against 3 individuals. charges that will be dropped if the individuals agree with a co operating in the ongoing investigation. the u. s. is withholding $130000000.00 in military aid to egypt until the country takes steps to improve its human rights record. the money accounts for a fraction of the $1300000000.00 given by washington every year. the government of abil fatah, as cc, has seen a crackdown on descent since the muslim brotherhood was ousted in 2013 rights
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groups. calling for more a to be withheld by the usa. the decision is a the trail. now the south korean military says north korea has 5 a projectile of its east coast 2 days after claiming to have tested a long range missile coming started with a visit to sol by china's foreign minister. south korea is hoping to enlist beijing to help with stalled nuclear talks with young young, the bite and ministrations pushed to engage with north korea as so far been unsuccessful and rob mcbride joins us live now from the south during capital. rob, so what more do we know about this latest project? charlotte, north korea is supposed to fire well, the south korean military, just as we came on air is just to confirm that it was actually to, to an identified ballistic missile. so they have confirmed that these were ballistic missiles that were fired from an inland location in north korea out into the sea separating the korean peninsula from japan. the launch was also confirmed
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by the japanese coast guard. so this is a hugely provocative act coming at the very sensitive time. obviously during the visit of one d, china as foreign minister visiting with his south korean counterpart here in sole with the south koreans wanting to once more enlist the help of china in trying to restart negotiations that have been stalled now for many months. so the tech comes to that a very a bit, is a provocative act. it to also risks angering china, because obviously this is a very important mission by the chinese foreign minister. visiting for this is the last stage of a 4 country sweep through east asia. so it does risk, it's not being the chinese foreign minister and china is a cause the country that a north career is completely relying upon. so it is a fairly risky maneuver firing at these missiles. and it does come, as you said, just 2 days after a confirmed that it tested another type of miss all over the weekend. that was
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a long range cruise missile. so south korea is hoping to try and list the support of china re possibly looking at the winter olympics next february in beijing as a possible opportunity to try to restart negotiations and have some sort of diplomatic breakthrough as we had with the south korean winter olympics back in 2018, but the missile launches like this, obviously make that a distant possibility to run broad live for the in the south during capital sol, rob, thank you. now the highest ranking american military officer was so concerned that former president donald trump could begin a war with china. he put secret, safe guards in place, mark, milly, call his chinese counterpart twice in the final months of trumps term. not according to exempts from a new book by veteran watergate report above would, would us media say the joint chiefs, chair assured him there would not be any sort of attack hated. prime minister ariel
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already has sucked the chief prosecutor who wants him charged over the murder of president governor movies. the chief prosecutor had also asked immigration agents to buy the prime minister from leaving the country. has been more he was assassinated in july and court document. se already was called twice in the hours after his death by one of the main suspects. michael de bear was an author and journalist who's covered haiti for most 25 years. he says there's a lot of skepticism about how the investigation into the president's death is being handled. is an extremely convoluted state of affairs. as you mentioned, the president murdered now a little over 2 months ago, and it's quite clear from the circumstance that certainly his inner security was compromised. essentially to, to be assassinated by, by allegedly, by mercenary, and what it's been swelling around or do things do in his inner circle, security and politically was involved in his burger and who the intellectual and
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financial offers were. and so that made his development whereby the chief prosecutor was essentially calling sitting quite minister to be indicted for electrical murder. and the private esther sacking that prosecutor as just added to do your the, to me all the prime minister himself is ruling. if you can recall xtreme lee, i guess you might say questionable gentlemen. he was named by a president. many had accused of staying over overstaying his term office and had not been officially invested in that in that position before job it on ways. and so the court, the question of the gentleman i think is really up in the air right now for a lot of there's a lot of doubt among people that have the terms of whether this will be allowed to run its course. i mean, most of the people who have been arrested so far, i don't think anyone seriously thinks that they were the, the real money that was a real intellectual office crime. no ways left leaning parties or talks to form
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a new coalition government after big games and mondays parliamentary election. the campaign was dominated by the climate crisis and the future, the countries, oil and gas industry. and the wind means all 5 nordic countries. and now on the left, when governments for the 1st time and 62 years, john hall report with the return of sent a left government to norway after 8 years of conservative rule, one question looms large, what does it mean for the energy sector that made this country fabulously rich, scobee paid it, sold it. now we shall celebrate, sleep a bit and then be ready for action. we will change norway and the world. it was an election dominated by the climate crisis and the growing realization that fossil fuel exports must make way for renewable energy. that's a profound shift for
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a small country, operating western, europe's biggest oil and gas industry. it accounts for 14 percent of gross domestic product and 40 percent of exports, providing norway with a $1.00 trillion dollar sovereign wealth fund. for me personally, i main issues for this election is my what i expect from any government is just focus even more on the climate issues we are facing today. we need to change in a serious ways. we need a government that takes the environment with greater concern. tricky coalition talks lie ahead 1st with potential left wing partners wanting faster, moved towards the green economy and labor opting for a more gradual transition. the new government will also pledge itself to tackling rising in equality a cause that already ranks high among always neighbors. the election means all 5 nordic countries are now in left wing hands for the 1st time. in 62 years,
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jonah whole al jazeera guineas, military rulers have begun talks with political business and religious leaders to try to form a transitional government after seizing power in a coo this month. the dialogue began with a meeting of the heads of the main political parties in the capital connor cree. the crew leader cannot many w, urge them to avoid what he called the arrows of the past. military leaders are promised a timeline for new government to expect it to oversee election. tropical storm nicholas has not power to half a 1000000 homes and businesses along the u. s. gulf coast. just weeks after hurricane either devastated the same region. nicholas may landfall as a hurricane, but was quickly downgraded and is now crawling across parts of texas and louisiana . its drenching the air with tranquil downpours and louisiana. the governor has warned a flash floods with drainage systems to blocked up from ida nicholas the expects to weaken to a tropical depression as it moves further inland. a team of would be
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astronaut, so hoping to make history on wednesday of the 1st all civilian crew launched into orbit the space ex flight is taking 1000000000 now and dropping it. jarrett isaac min and 3 of novices into space. from cape canaveral in florida for 3 days they'll be cramped into an area, measuring just 8 by 4 meters, and follows to civilian supplements of flights in july. i am a mission pilot and it's really special for me to hold that title because i'm going to be the 1st black female pilot of the spacecraft. there have been 3 black female astronauts have made it to face and knowing that i'm going to be the 4th means that i have this opportunity to not only accomplish my dream, but also inspire and inspire the next generation of women of color and girls of color. and really get them to think about reaching for the stars. brazilian
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football legend pele has been transferred out of intensive care after undergoing surgery to remove a cold on tumor. the south pilot hospital where he's being treated, says the a 2 year old and a good condition. he's been moved to a general war to recover the 3 time well when it was admitted to hospital early this month after the tumor was found during routine tests. ah, type of krycek headlines here on out to 0. the democratic governor of the us state of california has defeated an attempt to remove him from office in a recall election. the republican lead push to hold the vote was fuel by anger of a gun new some handling of the current a virus pandemic out. his ear was robin has more now from beverly hills. there may still be some lawsuits and some.


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