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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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that's a story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area. to be there to tell the people story was very important at the time. ah . hello, i'm darren jordan in dough. how? with a quick reminder, the top stories here on out to 0, the democratic governor of the us state of california is defeated, an attempt to remove him from office to the recall election. the republican lead pushed to hold the vote, was fuel by anger over govern newsome's handling of the corona virus pandemic. it's entity for the election of its kind in us history. we said yes to all those things that we hold dear as california and i would argue as americans, economic justice, social justice, racial justice, environmental justice,
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our values were california, made so much progress. all of those things were on the ballot this evening. and so i am humble and grateful to the millions and millions of california that exercise their fundamental right to vote and express themselves so overwhelmingly, by rejecting the division by rejecting the citizens by rejecting so much of the negativity that defined our politics in this country over the course of so many years, reynolds has more now from beverly hills. there may still be some law suits and some disagreement because republicans including larry elder, the, the prime candidate opposing newsome and ex president. trump had all said in essence that if knew some one, something must have gone wrong. there must have been cheating. there must have been some kind of skull dougherty or shenanigans, as,
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as elder put it at the poles, but the scope and size of this victory seemed to put that particular claim to bed. the south korean military says north korea has 5 to ballistic missiles of east coast 2 days after claiming to have tested a long range cruise missile. it coincided with a visit to soul by china's foreign minister, fin meetings expect to be dominated by young, young nuclear ambitions and regional security zeros. rob mcbride has more from the south korean capital. so south korea had been hoping, oh, is still hoping that that china will use its influence over north korea too, as may be restart the coastal ations. but they all negotiations that seemed less and less likely with each of these provocative missile launches. it also is a high risk strategy from north korea because of course it, it's a risks embarrassing china and windy, the foreign minister,
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china being the country upon which it relies completely for its survival. 3 former us intelligence operatives have admitted providing sophisticated hacking technology to the united arab emirates. the men of agreed to pay nearly $1700000.00 in fines to avoid prosecution. they're accused of conducting happen operations for the u. a while working as managers at a firm in the gulf states. your effective state, anthony blinking has testified for a 2nd day about the military withdrawal from afghanistan and the collapse of the washington back government. the biden administration has been criticized. so pulling us troops out as taliban fighters gain territory across the country, he told the foreign relations committee the rapid fall of cobble took us intelligence agencies by surprise. but taliban has promised to distribute more than a $1000000000.00 of a directly to the afghans who need it. the money was raised that a us down as conference on monday. i've got this don's heavily reliant on external
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help. and the taliban takeovers height and fears of an economic collapse. the u. s . is withholding $130000000.00 in military aid to egypt until the country take steps to improve its human rights record. the money accounts for a fraction of the $1300000000.00 given by washington. every year. the government of the top of c. c has overseen a crackdown on descent. since the muslim brotherhood was asked in 2013 rights groups, calling for more 8 to be held by the usa. the decision is a betrayal. hey, to prime minister ariel only has set the chief prosecutor who wants him charged over the murder of the president shove and movies was assassinated in july and court documents. the prime minister was found by one of the main suspects after the shooting. what those were the headlines and he continues here now. jazeera after witness statements are watching. battling ah,
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me. i use . good morning, sarasota more ever. good morning, newtown it shipboard garage wake up. wake up september 11, 9. let me new day camera. stir something up for me. i'm pretty sure it's very something new. where will you on that day? i knew were hours me and my mother were sitting in the kitchen. she sticks and breakfast and you sat there and watched her to play with them. between towers
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6 blocks away from here, president bush was going to be sitting in a classroom at m e book or the read to back know through like school. wow. and it was exciting but you know, what seems to be forgotten today was supposed to be about the focus on their hopes and the masturbation of a breach. and they got the clips. i tragedy the this day here, i'm dedicating this day to the children. who in that classroom reading the president bush, to a piece of how much you choose . ah,
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i don't even remember this is crazy. this is huge. this is a huge moment for me. and you know, the rest of my classmates. so here i am over here in the corner. wow. these are my babies. my students are killed where i am, where i go, where i see them. it's just like we're in 2nd grade. is for my time stood steal the job
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on i fell in love with the kids. they were eager to learn. they wanted to learn. they were like little sponges and anything you gave them they so that they were coming from maybe a home that did not have a father. maybe at home. they did not have a mother, maybe home. they didn't have a father and mother, and they will be raised by older siblings. many of these kids came to the school without knowing how to read. the school adopted a very prescribed reading program that showed tremendous success. the teachers worked incredibly hard. we were at the bottom of the bottom of sarasota county and because of the reading program that our principal implemented into the school, our score sword, they made the highest reading gains in sarasota county. ah,
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one particular thing that i remember from that day is how beautiful did a will to i never forget this, a temporary doing the entire day was sony. it was a special day actually on that day. was like getting ready for the pop, sees and everything like you just knew you are going to be famous. me tonight today is the day i'm going to be the president. yes you are. i said, do you need me to be there with you? she let me now months now, you know, i got there. my grandmother pressed a uniform bow extra hard that day. my mom cut my hair so that was a nice little treat. well,
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my grandmothers were very crazy and protected and very loving of me. so in preparation for that reading, it's sprint spray me down with a lot of perfume. okay. i know we have to wake up extra early gets to school and i just remember pulling up and it felt like a movie or something. there was a lot of police officers like walking around. there's a lot of police on horses thing of the flavor on the roof. dogs obviously as well. the school is pretty much on lock down. getting to class news, cameras, everything everywhere. obviously something big going on. so my eyes are just like, wow, what is all this school of transform like? it looks like a whole different school. you had to go through secret service to get in the school from the secret service you had to go around about so it's so i don't know,
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i guess my 1st bill, my celebrity they were letting us know case airports. one is landed at the airport. he is a rival, should be in about 1015 minutes. we were told the president was going to be in classroom and everyone's like, president, hiring really know the prisoner was i just knew it was a big man. i don't even know what president meant. a very well behaved it started out is a very, very good. i have 16 darlings in front of me and i was keeping them ready to receive the president. i saw the long black limousines and literally felt like man and black. the motorcade came up, he got out what
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i read just the whole classroom is full of cameras and just just here, just the cameras going quickly quick. i just want to president 1st came in the room . natalia daniel shook his head. they're the ones closer to him when he's going to be seated in. he introduced yourself, even though we knew we were already rachel. hi, greg. to make your walk and really get ready to be these 2 words. the fat. ready? not really very good job. get ready. wow. yes. ball get ready? yes. yes. the pay get it to be the words on page to get ready? yes. ready? yes. play and get ready. yes. then you guys be going to pick up our books. it. she
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told us what store were going to read, which was the pet go i my for someone approached the president. and i knew that was not happening. i notice something was wrong when a guy came in with a suit, it whispered something into the presence ear. what did he say to again, that's what the president looked like. the blank stare in his face. he mentally left the room. the story, the fact the reading took a quick glance now saw the president's faith was really flush red. the ring. hans, and it's kinda like he was in another world like he was,
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there wasn't really, you know, tuned into what was going on. that towel rack. he even thought that he had the p. i had to go to the bathroom and got his whole base shave like he went from listening in to a like yeah. who it just got there. it was one of those moments like you can actually build the fierceness in the world. i could read very thank you also right? not showing that you're reading the product or reading more than they was told yet your chairs are much more talking about like you all what happened? did i do something wrong?
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did i say something wrong or? you know, i didn't know. i didn't know what to think. you're all cell phones and pagers are off at the time. thank you for placing gentlemen, this is a difficult moment for america person. the only thing was wrong wrong. and so he addressed the nation when he came in. that's when i think the whole row got the news of what happened today we've had a national tragedy to aeroplanes. have crashed into the world trade center in an apparent terrorist attack on our country, the order that the full resources,
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the federal government go to help the victims and their families and the, and to conduct a full scale investigation to hunt down and to find those folks the committed to say, i think the question that a lot of us ask was, why or why it, why there, why here? what was the point of it? terrorism against our nation will not stand. and now if you join me among the silence, they will, carefree innocence, children. we went from high emotions that morning to low emotions on americans. if you didn't feel like you had been violated in the worst way, if you didn't feel like the people in new york for your brother or your sister,
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not as you are you whom that would be my question. are you really human? all now live in miss daniels was really, really hurt all she was like just cry but i remember she play this all call hold all the changes going to come. she played it a whole day. mm. oh. oh i did thing with them as a conference, not only for them, but as a conference for me as well. the oh, in the movie terrible. it is the worst you could imagine. hold on. hold
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on, the change will be oh, i don't to quit because this is not the quitting time. this is time. hold on title to hold on. it's not going to be like this. always. this is just a part of your journey. this is not your food your thought? oh, change i oh yeah. roll. oh yeah. you know ration is very special because of all that. they've been through . after $911.00. you get troops going to war the you got to collapse. so
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the economy, 2000 river brock was st. obama. this always worked the 1st leg prison is social media. mom barton was so much not guilty. the racial divide, starting the rear head patriot bigotry violence on many sides grew up with all that i am. that's how you don't pay me. i am 24 years old. well that's, that's how you think you right there. to tell you was super sweet. is a very loving person full of life. energetic, sometimes you want it to be my ball. that was my little crushed back in the day. i thought she was pretty in. she always made me laugh. you know,
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she was funny too. oh my god, looking me ready for it. hello. see there it is. the gate is ready from birth. i feel like i was born, it's a greatness i feel like i've always been that person as opposed to be in the limelight as opposed to you know, thing that's always had their face at the front of always of something. well, oh. 8 feeling fairly cool. 2 babysitting service is called an italian babysitting service. what emotion? no way you want to hold my own actual daycare. you put your mouth, lindsey your mouth. key point here is i want to see where we saw me when you robi, tommy, even though i still have my 2 kids. i have my mom and my sister who helps you out.
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so i kind of do get a breather in between. you know, it's not all work, work, work, work right. she will fight for her. she stands up for her sisters. her brothers don't mess little brother. that that would be the wrong thing to do is to hurt her birth. if you could travel anywhere in the world and do any fun activity in the world, where would it be and what would you do? i'm probably gonna take a cruise ship and just tell it the whole world. jerry, he went in his i graduated early. he was football team of that year. they went to states have said that once they had $31.00 college average. right now, this point my family is going to
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a trying time. right now. the brother was shot, but police, he's just been in the car. an early morning shooting that included to sarasota police officers. the driver, jeremy troubles junior jeremy was in a car. the car was parked and the officers believe that they were involved in some sort of illegal drug activity. they approached the car, jeremy sped off and the officer ended up having his foot run over by the car. he then shot into the car at jeremy several times. they were shooting with the intent to kill. yeah, you got 2 bullets and it's just they fill in. if they, if they remove the boat, they killed. so they have to leave him. then he, he got shot in the ham, his whole head shattered. and his p, he's pinky is gone. he had to get his whole hand reconstructed. trebled is now
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charged with aggravated battery, with a deadly weapon. that charges aggravated battery and a police officer. so that's pretty serious. typically, 3 to 15 years. i mean one we can't even imagine or a 2 year old i just graduated from high school. he didn't me. it took everything away from didn't get what classes they didn't get to go to prom because it's one thing we just have to wait and you know, we could do car situation. ah, sure. one of the riches counties in the united states got to be retired senators, congressman, some of the richest people on the planet with the financial disparity between the rich and poor,
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some great new town close off. the black community is only $10.00. why? no. why? from myrtle, always to 10th street street, back to 3. 0 one. all black. no. like it's very, very separated. you can see the actual difference between or just on this side of the street to the side of the street. when you get to the railroad track, if like you walk back in time, you know, i'm saying as you walk through the neighborhood, it's not foreigner. it looks like it's been there for a long time. it's almost like he was like a time capitol. electric left behind the
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my name is tyler edkey and i'm 25. this is tyler rag. my venture one. i remember the key in what class file. oh my gosh tyler, a key right here. tell ricky. oh my god, most crazy is crazy. where i know is the always argue every day is everyday because i think i might have had a question on him, but he'll tell you he was enrolled in the fast way. get ready that mile found it out. get ready, you miles, we were like losing, you know, i'm a big math. i mean, like when a lot, you know, i don't like losing. so and it just felt like, you know, our class was winning because, you know, we were like the best readers, you know, in our grade, within the state or something in the county or something like that. you know, we would have fast as readers in the best readers. we got good test scores. you
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know, i just felt like we were when i loved his sports. these are all tallish trophies. this is somebody who shall fees that he got when he was doing b makes. he was actually number one in the state. he was in football, piano lesson karate. to get tested for gifted. his academic level was like very high. as he got older, men smiled anymore on any of the pictures want to be like have much of like a mile in 10th grade, i kind of veered off into live in industry, you know, fast money, that type of stuff. me leaving their father. that to him a, tore him up and ask when the change happened,
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and i can pull him back. now as my son to the streets, i fell in love with getting fast money and hanging around a certain lifestyle. and i just wanted to be in that lifestyle and got into a fight. i got stabbed, i got stabbed in the heart teen. here's my left alone. so the heart surgery, when i was 18, as i'm bare risk for like 6 months. this kinda went downhill from there and i just didn't have self esteem. like i can do nothing, no more in life for like all my chances were taken away. so instead of doing something to better myself, i kinda went more downhill in and i get into a lot of trouble. ah, my roommate today and george, jeff king m d m a c. and i'm going to take
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a plea to day. i guess right now my greatest where he is lose my freedom. wow. yes, story. get ready for the renewal of your face. you're right there. you can squire and know smiles his potential. and he got his look of inspired me. the brightness in the i'd like to me more. give me ms. hughes. take the worst possible material. uranium grinding into dust comparable to flour and make a whole lot and put it into the face with people live taking the call up in the line. for many people, this is a silent killer. what does it make you feel like you feel like a murder? we have created an enormous mental disaster and investigation south
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africa, toxic city. on al jazeera meteorites, small natural rocks from outer space that survive the jones down to us and have high market value for rock and minimum collectors. the world's joins the moroccan nomads in their desert such with these gifts from scott. add up until that it's a meter right? had it is it is i me to roy, morocco's meteorite hunters on orders. the the latest news as it breaks. the big concern is that muscles forces are coming round on the mountain ridges, trying to surround this area in order to isolate to school with detailed coverage, real power, fill live and how much sick he takes all the major strategic vision from around the
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world. the water rose so quickly at this new jersey apartment complex. it caught many people off guard. ah hello, i'm down joan, into the pick the mind at the top stories here on to 0. the democratic governor of the us state of california has defeated an attempt to remove him from office. in the recall election, the republican led push to hold the vote was sealed by anger of a gavin newsome handling of the corona virus pandemic affinity for the election of its kind in us history. we said yes to all those things that we hold dear. as california and i would argue as americans economic justice, social justice racial justice invite.


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