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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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the meteorites, small, natural rocks from outer space that survive the journey down to us and have high market value for rock and minimal collectors. alders even worlds joins the moroccan nomads in their desert such with these gifts for adults. yeah, i can tell that it's a meter, right? had it is, it is i me to roy morocco's meet you write hunter's on all disease. it's one of the world's most powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises. central to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people. and behind the death of many more exceptional access to some of its key players reveals the inner workings of an organisation telling the name to many as the blood alliance. inside the sin, a la carte, how part 2 of a 2 part investigation,
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people and power on al jazeera. ah ah. hello again, you're watching. i just, you know, reminder of our top stories to south. south korea has tested a ballistic missile launched from underwater. it is the 1st country without nuclear weapons to develop such a system. hours early in north korea, fire to short range ballistic missiles off its east coast. they landed in the sea of japan. a month after the taliban seas power. afghanistan is facing humanitarian and economic crises. high unemployment drought and food guest is pushing tens of
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thousands of afghans to the brink. 18 prime minister only has sacked the chief prosecutor who wanted him charged over the murder of president jovan. already was called twice by one of the main suspects. hours of the president most was assassinated about to our top story, the missile tests by north and south korea. earlier, i spoke to robert kelly, a professor of political science and diplomacy at to san national university. he said, china is attempting to intervene, but its influence may be limited. i do actually think that the chinese can sort of help us turn the screws a little bit. but chinese don't want to do that too much in so far as they don't want the regime to collapse. right. the chinese were like north korea thinking to exist for the less erratic and briefly less threatening with the weapons. and so the chinese are always sort of back and forth and back and forth on the one down from the president attorneys were happy or push north korea on the americans much from try to fix it. that, of course, failed for all sorts of reasons. and you know,
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and now it's back in the position where the south koreans kind of looking around trying to see if they can for corral the american, the chinese talk to north korea sort of held for them over. but it's worth pointing out to, in fairness chinese, you know, in north it's kind of do whatever they want. and they don't really listen to us. well, in that, in the rest of the world, the outside world. and they often just sort of do these things and i'm not sure how much we can really pressure them without leaving big collapse or making their problems. worse, need to understand with northridge are never going to go to 0. they're never going to retreat back to a total do. nuclear is ation even if we can strike a deal with them, which i do believe we can never go completely back to 0. they're going to be a nuclear weapon state basically indefinitely. taiwan, the most significant annual military drills are underway. the week long military exercise includes life fire drills and computerized war scenarios to test the nations. combat readiness in the event of an invasion by china. katrina,
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you reports from beijing, taiwanese fighter debt circle disguise, before landing to quickly refuel and take off again. democratically sell fruit island is conducting military exercises to prepare for a potential assault like chinese bosses. aging, continue to my one, its own territory. it says, unification is inevitable. the taiwanese leader saying, when disagrees, she says the island isn't independence state and has rejected china's one country to systems proposal. i think it is that the intention of the taiwanese authority to send a speak note to the chinese autocracy that they would not surrender or would not be pressure to go back to their negotiation table. whatever unification. cy has made modernizing time once military a priority. much of the force relies on equipment provided by the united states, its main security allies. the biden administration sent an unofficial delegation to the island in april,
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and his mulling over allowing its de facto embassy washington to change its name to the more official sounding taiwan representative office. the moves have inflamed tension between washington in beijing may well the u. s. should abide by the one china principal and the refrain from sending wrong signals to taiwan independence. in august, china's people's liberation army conducted its orn drove near the island. it's lighted, gets breached taiwan air force defense zone on an almost daily basis. chinese analysts say type pays combat capabilities cannot stand up to beijing ever since the beginning of the 19 sixty's. china, mainland, already had sufficient military power to take over to one by force. china has decided not to do that. and even today, china is still talking about peaceful unification. presidency paying however, has not ruled out taking the island by 4 pages has removed,
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turn limits on his rule, and many he believed he wants to make reunification with taiwan a part of his personal legacy. ty, one has been given separately since the chinese civil war in the 1940s. washington stance of strategic ambiguity means there is no guarantee it will aid tie pay should be ging attack as tension build over the taiwan strait. the islands population of $23000000.00 are holding their breath and hoping the status quo will be maintained. katrina, you are the 0 aging. a former cause of a military commander is in court to face war crimes, charges, silly stuff, or is accused of the murder, torture, cruel treatment, an arbitrary detention of civilians during the 1990. s conflict with serbia. it is the 1st trying to be heard in the coast of special chambers, and you backcourt set up in the netherlands in 2015. 3 for us intelligence
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officials have admitted providing sophisticated hacking technology to the united arab emirates, justice departments, as the men have agreed to pay nearly $1700000.00 in fines to avoid prosecution. they're accused of conducting hacking operations for the u. s. e, while working as managers at a firm in the gulf, states, reportedly illegally access to protect to computer systems in the u. s. and elsewhere. my can reports from washington. the details provided by the justice department in papers delivered in court. the investigators content that the 3 operated essentially as a hackers for the u, a. e, over a period of time. they had computers around the world, but importantly, also computers within the united states, including those of american citizens. but, and this is the interesting point. it appears that the prosecutors have accepted the p bargain. they say that the charges against the 3 will be dropped if they
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continue to cooperate fully. if they pay a penalty of some $1700000.00, which would appear to be the amount of salary they received that period of time and also that they agree not to apply for any security clearance in the future. this is a very interesting point that the prosecutors have accepted a plea. bargain may well be an indication not there when it's of the nature of conducting computer hacking cases under us law, but also perhaps a non towards the sensitive relationship between the u. s. and the u. e, which essentially owned the hacking company. back in january 2019 writers published an exhaustive investigation into the u. s. e packing company. it based its information on information provided by a whistleblower. now she had joined the company according to reuters in 2014. so
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this gives you an indication of how long this has been in place. we are not talking about something that has been a period of months or a few years. we are talking about a hacking operation operated by the u, a. e se investigators and the news organization for the best part of nearly a decade. so this is an extensive hacking operation over a lengthy period of time. and once again, the questions arise as to how many similar operations are underway, but it would appear that it was the a reuters report that will lead to the investigation that is culminated in these charges being brought against 3 individuals. charges that will be dropped if the individuals agree with a co operating in the ongoing investigation of glen call is a former deputy intelligence officer. the ca, he says, the u e has become more aggressive in hiring americans to do intelligence related work. it is true that there are many americans who work for
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a companies that provide intelligence and national security related services to foreign governments. but those circumstances should always be with a clear contract approval and authorization from the us government. they claim the 3 individuals who have been charged this time claimed that they did. but when you read the circumstances the, their defense becomes more flimsy. the they were working for a company called dark matter, i think, which was a private company set up specifically by the way, to avoid american laws and to make it easier for them to claim that they were not doing anything that would get the americans in trouble. but since it's a transparent attempt to avoid getting in trouble, then clearly they're doing something that should get them in trouble. now the
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obligation legal for any former intelligence officer, united states, or national security officer, is you, you must not share sources or methods. if you do, you're committing treason, espionage, you will, you should go to jail. it's a very strict line. and here they are quite clearly transgressed. so that's the, the change from the more straightforward and benign kind of the although still murky cooperation has gone on for decades. syria is essentially unfit for humans. and 10 years after the war began, the situation is getting worse. that's the assessment of the un commission of inquiry. it says all sides in the conflict. quote, continued to perpetrate, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and stand accused of infringing the basic human rights of syrians. it found instances of torture, sexual violence,
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enforced disappearance is an arbitrary death medical facilities and food markets are still routine targets. the inquiry says a collapse the economy and unchecked environmental problems, leave many people to fend for themselves. and for more than 6 and a half 1000000 people who've left in the past decade, syria is too unsafe for them to go home. we look at different parts of the country and we see the levels of violence in the fighting are going up rather than down. and then we look at the whole country and we see the economy plummeting. we see ships, food shortages. and as we said earlier, 12400000 insecure, we see fuel shortages. we see the pandemic hitting and the numbers rising. and that's what makes us say at this moment, syria really is not a country that could be taking people on activists say schools closed on the
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pandemic restrictions in india have forced more children into work. now, a magazine produced by children is highlighting the problem, eligible for on reports from the state of per dish. these are the youngest journalists and the city officials are bob. they working on the next edition of the unique magazine, ball vonny, but chalky vas are the voice of children is a magazine by and for young people about child labor. and they write somebody make the man. the stories that we write for the magazine are all related to children and inform readers about the reality of our town. when we share the stories with government officials, it helps them understand the difficulties that children face the dia, 14 year old. how many has been contributing to the magazine for 2 years? she lives in an impoverished aerial photos about where entire families are employed and the glass bangles industry. she convinced one neighbor to stop her 3 daughters
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aged between line and 12, from working and send them to school instead, whatever. we have 5 children and no one to help us. so when we were in financial difficulty, we asked the children to work a lot of children here work and at home our children started helping us. like when we were going through a rough patch. the baby sent her children back to school when her husband recovered from an illness and could work again. but not every one would do the same . fiddles about glass bangles industry is 200 years old and the factories and known for the poor working conditions. generations of families have been employed in the trade, although many work from home. when we woke narrow lanes of kiddos above, we can see many children making that goes right through the school closures, because of corona virus. and then an outbreak of fever, me more children,
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a full to work because they don't have access to online learning. in this home, children as young as 6 sit in front of small flames using the heat to join broken glass spangles. they do this for up to 8 hours a day. child labor is illegal in india, the whites group say it's, it's difficult to stop those working at home. you have to live, but 10000000 in 2011. i'm doubling it only. i'm primarily because of go with it. so i think what we can think of as being impacting the budget names that you should be always had to fight to spend, which is actually quite the release of this. yes, most of children magazine has been delayed to lock downs, but how many and her team and now pushing the final touches on the issue, knowing they work has never been more important. elizabeth moran of al jazeera,
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the rules about author, dish environmentalists and dentists in rome, trying to save the cities famous pine trees from a nasty insect. invading a species common in north american forest has been spreading through the city for 3 years. adam rainy went out with a team trying to beat the bugs, a thick pine tree and roam, gets the equivalent of a shot to curate hills. thank you for calling on the amazon of the what i mean the misery we cut the whole 4 millimeters in diameter and then shake the tree with a pesticide with then pump the solution in by hand. that way we can monitor the pressure to make sure we don't overwhelm the tree while making sure the treatment gets distributed throughout the plant to be. it will air their target, the north american pine port scale, invasive species has infested thousands of trees across the city. it 1st landed on
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italian shores in 2014 likely hitching a ride on wood imports. to the untrained, i can be quite tricky to tell a healthy tree from a thick one. experts look at the undercover of the canopy to see if there are any black needles or some sap being released that's on the side of the tree. when you look up close at what's going on, you can really see the damage being done. like we see on these pine needles, there's dozens of small insects sucking the sap out of the needles. and what that does, it creates conditions for fungus to grow on the needles and suffocate the plant, making it nearly impossible for the pine trees to produce their own food. so they basically starve. rome has been known for tech, conic stone pine trees since ancient times. artists have sought them out, tourists and locals alike, look to them for shade and inspiration. francesco mounting gallow leads a group of activists trying to save these treasures trees. they pressure
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politicians and raise money to pay for treat your friends. ok to the been young cherry must have bodily. we are not going to be able to save all the time. but we still must intervene with false, immediately covering all the effect of trays, treating it like a pandemic likelihood that she, the vaccine for these trades, is to inject them to save them at lender. biologist said, this treatment cut into therapy is too costly to be considered a long term solution. some experts think they'll need to import another insect from north america to prey on this invasive species, a risky prospect. to do this, you need to perform. i really care for research assessment and not easy sir, because you have to be sure that the introduction of new in sets will not change the your environment back could take years until then,
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activists will keep raising the alarm and funds to save as many as their beloved pines as they can. adarine, i'll busier rome. i head in sport right now. the school is on his champions league returned from mentioned. she nodded, but what his efforts enough ah ah cruise
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me ah me. ah ah ah. all right, tom gets for his center. thank you very much. has been while life without you know, unless he continues to look omen for barcelona. they were thrash 3 now at the new
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camp by by munich. and the champions league opener also were meeting the german giants in the group stage for the 1st time in more than 20 years. thomas mueller opened the scoring for buying that before robert live and off he added the 2nd po to strike. i made it 3. now, late on bar salon, failing to get a shot on target, all match are christiana, and all the european return for man to say united the end is in defeat. the portuguese saw the red devils and france after 12 minutes against the champions, young boys. united went down to 10 men, one on one package was red carded for this challenge before the break. young boy managed to equalize that midway through the 2nd hall, but thanks to nicola mooney now got miles and then deep into stoppage time. where would that pass from jesse and god gave the home side an opportunity. jordan took
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with the law cake of the game is going to sue on young voice. discipline is a huge ball job of the game and iron's normally a very, very, as to tackling one of the best in the world. so we know we've given ourselves more difficult task than what we did last year, but everyone thought we were through after 2 games last year. fortunate is the 1st game of the group when we up loads of time to so to bounce back from it. but yeah, of course, discipline is a huge part football in terms of jesse obviously we know football a lot make mistakes in the last seconds. jesse one, just want to play it safe and just one misplaced pass and you can see that a golf and then the hopkins will learn from it, learn from it. and it will pick himself open to be ready to go on sunday because that's part and parcel of football. but yeah, of course disciplines. a big part on chelsea made the winning thought to the title
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defense for me to local with the only goal of the game against sense because that's his 4th goal and for games since he rejoined the club and the close season, the russian team had the chance to grab a point london, but it finished one mill to chelsea the wall, the anti doping agency will review where the kind of effects should remain a banned substance. the move follows us sprint to chicago. richardson missing the tokyo olympics, having been suspended after testing positive for it, which isn't disqualification spock particular backlash in the united states at a meeting in san blue or the agreed that the drug will remain banned in 2022. while a scientific review is carried out, well either says the current rules are aimed at catching athletes who use kind of as during the period of competition or the less, there's much debate about the drugs actual impact on athletes. 2 papers from 2020
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concluded that evidence doesn't support the idea that it enhances that performance . review of the roof has received a vast amount of backing even from the president of well, atlantic's sabbatical or doing this now is michelle broke in the form of ethics and anti doping as u. k is 1st of all, michelle, thank you very much for talking to us. just explain to our viewers. what's the science between the ban of cannabis in sport? well, it's a very good question because to be perfectly honest, there is very limited scientific evidence for the inclusion of virtually all the substances on the prohibited less than cannabis came from the original international and pick committee list prior to the setting up of water and water said when they set up their prohibited list, there would be 3 criteria for inclusion that would be, you know, that the health impacts it would be performance impact but also something roll the
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nebulous, the spirit of sport and a substance just had to fit 2 of those 3 criteria, but water would not ever explain why any substance was included on the list, but we know cannabis has been such a controversial substance because way back in 2013 was amended the detection level from 59 grams to mil to a 159 grams mill really suggesting that only someone who was using it virtually the day before in heavy quantities or even on the day of the test was likely to be caught. michelle, you expect, but once this review is completed, that the band will be lifted. well, i do expect something is going to change. we saw a change in 2018 when water added some confusion really to, for athletes when they allowed cannot be di or which is c, b, d. but of course c, b, d is it's very difficult to obtain without some other form of the active cannabis ingredient
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. so we were still seeing problems continuing even from them. but it would be really nice if water undertakes this review and publishes the scientific evidence behind its decision that would certainly help in terms of transparency of governance. but i do see that this is, you know, it's just an, a no brainer for most of a finance doping. what are the performance benefits? we really don't know. it is more a misconduct issue. the sports should be dealing with quite differently. the backlash from the united states because of richardson span. do you think that put a lot of pressure on the water to reconsider? i certainly think it has added pressure. notwithstanding inside the united states has also straightened to withhold funding from water unless it
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sees far greater governance improvements. and you know, in many respects the transparency around decision making on the prohibitive list is just one example. michelle broke and the former doctor of ethics and anti doping at u. k. sport. thank you very much for that. the san francisco giant continued the hot streak on tuesday. but suppose he smashed his 18th home run of 2021, to help the giants to a mind straight when they beat the san diego padres, 612, it comes just a day off. the san francisco became the 1st theme in the big meeks to clinch a player. and that's what he's bought for me. i handed back the husband. thanks santa. and just before we go, a team of would be astronaut. so hoping to make history on wednesday as the 1st all civilian crew launched into all that the space next slide is taking 1000000000 now
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entrepreneur, jared isaac min and 3 other novices into space from cape canaveral in florida. and that is it for this news out, but marine site will be here in a couple of minutes with more of the days you stay with us. the news news, news, news on air or online. the post at the debate or pacific people, the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the when no help take it off the table. it says shoot inside atmosphere. people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t f,
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d like symptom, jump into this dream and julian global community. if you're online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this stream announces era. it's the case. biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covet 19 patient built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count. and other similar sites are on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close. extrapolate that across the country. and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one. there is a huge group of people at work behind the screen and the power they have is massive
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. that urge to keep swiping through your twitter feed design. the way we all click, i agree to the terms and conditions that's designed, and most of us never even give it a 2nd. and actually, that's design is what are the rigs, is how designers are manipulating behavior in the final episode. all hail the algorithm on jazz ah, the south korea, north korea test launched ballistic missiles, ours, apart from each other. ah, why money inside is al jazeera life coming up among since the taliban to control canister? we look at the challenge.


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