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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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impact of those decisions on people and how it affects their everyday life. we are free to put them on there and to really engage. because we know that our audience is interested not just in the mainstream news, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported. oh, i hadn't c k in the headlines on edge data. south korea says it's carried out. it's 1st under water launched miss ar test. president moon giant watch the launch from a test side. so says it's also successfully developed other various homegrown mythos hours early in north korea fi to short range ballistic missiles off its east coast. they landed in the sea of japan, of
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a test come as china's foreign minister has been holding talks in so dominated by pyongyang, nuclear ambitions and regional security. south career is hoping china can help bring kim junglin back to negotiations. run the pride has more from so this comes on what has been a busy day of missile activity on both sides of the d. m. z. first of all, south career is claiming somebody give a 1st with the launch of this s l b m. now this is a submarine launch, ballistic missile, which is something of a technological achievement, to launch a missile from a submarine submerge below the surface. it breaks free and then it's main rocket 5 and away it goes. in fact, south korea becomes only the 7th country in the world to have mastered this technology. this know how it says early wednesday. it had the successful launch office as of its coast in afghanistan. it's been one months as the taliban sees the
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capital campbell and took control of the government off to its military success. it's now facing the challenge of creating a durable administration countries. economy is in ruins, unemployment high, and according to the world food program, up to 14000000 people are on the brink of starvation. decades of war have also displaced tens of thousands of africa. haiti's prime minister ariel only has sacked the chief prosecutor who wanted him charge over the murder president, job and mois. the prosecutor had also asked immigration agents to bar the prime minister from leaving the country. where is it? a moist was assassinated in july. a former customer military commander is in court to face war crimes charges solution must offer is accused of the murder, torture, cruel treatment, and arbitrary detention of civilians during the 1990. s conflict with serbia. the 1st trial to be heard in cost was special chambers. a court set up in the
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netherlands. those all the headlines now, but i just need a work. ah, the news news. news. news with me
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in your small natural wrongs from outer space are highly valued by rock and mineral collectors. many are found in morocco where the best specimens can fetch high prices ah, in moroccan nomad, have become experts at monitoring. where are these fragments fall to earth? they're helping a geologist and a meteor ideal or to locate sam holes in the deserts which might benefit them financially. but already let her know she was going to do now. she decided to do like
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us. you can live with them, have that room and then we can come out and do is understood himself as, as in the field as also that it is what about the sort of missouri smith as the birth is on the middle of him. she may have miss hopefully trophy home as you can meet the throw mother did that. he had a home, a little bit of school that she given me today, but they saw me 20 the but another concern. can our roommate have them have an as yeah, of course we had them out of the hosting. yeah. i have not been able to get them pay token. it's rarely
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yeah. you think of it, you know, they could do a fairly cautious off the kitchen. you can do if you don't have a deal with her, so my day care to speak to you. then i'm gonna move to cedar dement. i leave me. she said, i did have to give him i had l g at room now and i may not even sure get a check until the meeting
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me when i couldn't musical it again because it was good. he's a good in addition to the flem shook. imagine millionaire contrib ms. pretty sure. the news news
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back at that. she had to think of it. you can look at you could do that if you will. please don't call him who was going to call you, you know what a lot more than we can walk. you know i got clean if he could. if he is a cup out, i'm not sure what i mean. well, well, the michigan to help me in medication wellness and he could come home, i don't think, i mean she could come and he could. so my son, if you call him at look us can make the 1000000 mcneil of seattle. well, katie, when we look at it, she needs it to me. as you can see that in can tell who know who will be going to
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continue to be killed? no. is it flat? is we? well, there's usually levels of a lot give me he didn't the better in the near a new home. i only key chemical near the wash on it and again, chuckle. one is like an insect and chuckle went in to kill that she will kill go a call. who had the and i don't want you will want to listen to you can go either get a new sure. now if she can, when you can go, william took off as if it didn't kill me. oh, do you know we're lucky, tony?
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man, i do know and if you'll just let me find a come, don't be letterhead, my shooting. emily is my thoughts for nothing. was even the 1st plan and then the one question with him. he didn't for the 1st time we measured didn't said pollock, i just need to sort of them in the article or what it had been medically i think well no that's good to know. i think
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i think that you decided not to need me to leave the kids so that you know, you don't really to dig month much and $0.76 negative was lose. and no, no,
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no deductible. i can look at them if you would this is an in she has a 3 so they can be the service. okay. good. good.
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then that's good and i didn't get to it and you know got sick? yes. again i must have been out of michigan. mm . the the image of the i did not put you in here with me. she said for can she will and were as far as she may have under she, she needs a more humility. not can she get the hello should who how do you fall?
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she said, i thought to have come now we had no issue for about and i mean if she could do it on the machine, can she can she would be able to visit with him get mama she knows about this because he is so good. concrete. someone has to be willing to do a study. i just want to make sure . okay, sure. yeah. i can push it. okay. what about if that would
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actually little games this did this like is it less she with a ship when they enter to cushion, they came in just get kind of because have these they could look in it gets the outcome of things you will make issue because of that, and that's why than you tube situ. most people should know they've been asking them, you know, given the kiss to the she nearly been, the model may be keen. sophie said, hey,
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we'll get them when she gets more for her. kelly lou lou than homer. you know, where the fuck, chuck, we are asked and as you know, what nash did? no. and because in the, in the ship it in the kitchen, when is it from what i can call you? i had to be at the edge of you, i can be a 3 what he said she used to medical how she somebody even when you did about you know, it was the other thing sending me to read that i will be leaving school with the way it is,
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it's certainly a yes, your home. let me show down here now. her. yeah. had in his had anything run through your home, linda. i don't think it ever had, but if you want to control, yes. what can i do for maddie? good schools and there's a couple of can you hear me in the me in what i love steady christopher, she saw suddenly but the next door in
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substance did not. and i've been with us now. oh, the market price for meets your rights in the capital of europe is needless to say, far higher than in the atlas mountains in morocco. ah, in paris alone, counties runs a shop selling fossils, minerals, and meet your eye. he travelled the world, searching for and buying samples direct from their source. ah, publicly said sir quincy persisted municipal to me so that the land of should they don't a golf marker. i'll be able to calculate the sudan if we can get to supplement them
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. a certain mortgage they are much called bob metal. is we key salvage? push out a marvell need oxygen mad should develop their bodies well. ski have a asia day, i'll talk to negotiate the price of the suit, laska on it a to so the the old on door doesn't mean it will come saturday of w p, but they're having a d blend for him back to yeah. i know met gave e lo pallet quantity to circumcise at the v comes in the u. s. and i'm at the all paid. i mean, kind of the view in this, there's the sec, do shoot that goes on, but i don't because of the ballet so. so now we have a, a demo dig civilization complete image fox at the middle. it a really, me would only say mad. yes, i go off a should redeem
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a service crusade. yeah, no, no sir, we just ask, assess them, look down wrong years, isn't that good enough where i'm looks out of it. i didn't books that they mean for the lateral but it, but i mean for the kiddo kicks looked up. if you don't want me to want to give us the book without noise, plus it's a should we speak of the padlock? said your boss. and we'd love jays balls because it's in middle sit on the brakes that tell us get on the saw. so just dad, i could do it with the legal that com. so i would just think that all buddy could you, i mean tell, lies another doctor. and he said yes is all the because last week you will meet meal for consensus. it will follow proper protocol because he said about him or not book a book with discrete date. she casa magellio community can go to service quoted with literally suggest one about what is or do we have this one object
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alone? can y'all has invested in his contact in morocco by equipping them to identify the precious extra terrestrial rocks to everyone's benefits. hence why morocco is a key supplier door called the not a he moved them sir. i mean, does anyone care in the bethany food to joy, a food biscuits that i'm going to do is i me get them a call back to set me a loss either way. so give me the me also, i would give you a courtesy say i don't, i'm you could move a path, see really gunmetal. bingo is there. he is sick. i'm sex, that come or caesar she the thought complete. not who i mean delta m l can you simply as is any website like thought in their image twitter head, i will show buskie motors all in italy with controls said if i were not able to show you a call,
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please because it is for melissa licks blue shield in texas on there. just give me like a not a kid. salt in malika come to bluff. we punish actually be doing it. you so but took your can. i mean, he was going to have you about took a demo malcay las salt the to, to, to submit to it takes time in the after lily levels to potash for ammonia or to the boot. yesterday we talked about methyl de pete, prevent the regression, because this on the heart got to get to auto address it, to show the put them out is accomplishing the city can a diesel excitement. yep. i know is an absolute externally nail. may limit to each or is it a similar character?
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lafayette. no, no. hope. pasco, on the hope to sun where leak that could come from. okay. yeah. the old on the look off. it's $111002.00 cheek it come. you can a, we couldn't eliza, you that the last i want those of a book, my chef come what you see. i'm our can keep on. we took what that s t direct them all. now come in to me to read c capital m capital. i behalf city me toys malkin cookie, the only one we tell it's it will not take me to treat that play selma hook one on a shorter becky,
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and down on them do me to give me your net price because i mean not to do got blood plan don't go by dennis. who did to load me. dolly couldn't simply they say it's in my mouth revolt a lot to get that ignore absolutely. mobile only come after me the global trade and meets your right tribes on a continued fascination with these mysterious rocks from outer space. meet your rights, are probably the only extra terrestrial object. it's possible to find by or own on earth. but can you ever truly own something that comes from another world? the answer, they say, isn't this stars i
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news news, news. news . it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best airline of 2021. hello, here's her headlines for the americas leftovers of what was hurricane nicholas moving further toward the east, across the u. s. gulf states dumping some pretty hefty rainfall amounts and there are flash flood alerts in play for louisiana, mississippi, and rate into alabama on thursday. ok, you know that energy that was hanging out over the great lakes in the northeast, the bulk of that energy now out toward the atlantic. so we've got commer conditions,
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toronto at 22. it's still the threat of some showers or thunderstorms for the mid atlantic states. for western canada, temperatures have come down here so calgary at 13 and we could get clipped with some rain in saskatoon, with a high of 11 degrees for the south west of the us. not much to report here, no weather alerts. we've got a nice stay in l. a. at a high of $26.00 degrees for central america pretty much from acapulco rate through to manson. neo, we've seen between a 100 to 200 millimeters of rain and heavy falls along that border between mexico and guatemala south and south america. it's unsettled through the pacific coast of columbia spilling into the northwest, the venezuela falling through the venezuelan andes, and further toward the south. that vigorous weather front has punched and sliced into rio de janeiro, dropping your temperatures. that's it for me. the weather, sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best airline of 2021 on air or online, be part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source
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of well being. we when no help take it off the table, it says shoot inside atmosphere. people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t f. d like symptom. jump into this dream and julian global community. if you are online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this stream announces era. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello, i'm hasn't seek of this is the news live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. both south korea and north korea test launch ballistic missiles hours apart from each other. once a month, since the taller bond took control of afghanistan,
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tough challenges lie ahead to create the viable and effective government. human rights advocates in southern mexico.


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