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indian state of goods act. jeff has the details in your world whether uptake. hello, there are bon soon range really do in a number across northern areas of india also through goods, right? so i'll take a break down ground level right off the bat. this is in the india and states of goods are out where we have seen more than 500 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours cars just being swept away there. i think our problems spots as we head towards thursday will be the pradesh months of pradesh shadows scar. and if we look towards good wrap, will actually start to see those rains peter out. but we know it will take time for water levels to go down. now around the beta band gall, we have some heavy falls for coastal sections of bangladesh in a solid band of brain. still for disha southeast asia. it's our usual storms come in and go in, but we're getting into some dry spells for large spots of borneo. next up, we're keeping tabs on sean to as it's just been the andrea and through the east china seas. so because it's been hanging out here for the past few days, as young province has got more than $600.00 millimeters of rain over the past 48
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hours, this is now tracking toward the north east. so we go in for a closer look because this is going to clipped south korea and also q issue and southern portions of hans. you look at that heavy rain coming in the days ahead. so a sock has got a high of 28 on friday. that's it, that's all still ahead on azure 0, sheila expands its vaccination drive to include young children in a bit to contain it's corona virus outbreak, child labor in india. our magazine produced by kid in a northern city is raising awareness on asian late to it's for chelsea's champions . league talked with the bank is often good thought football action coming up late to initial ah frank assessments. by way it is freedom. suppress informed opinions what you saw
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happening is come on to the 140 to come up with 2 is the critical debate that we have here. it's not between kula and any other than we have concrete here between 34 years re running to keep people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera, latin america is a region of wonder joy tragedy, and yes of violet. but it doesn't matter where you are, you will have to be able to relate to the human condition away i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career, but no country is alike. and it's my job to shed light on how and why. oh,
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a again you're watching, i just need a reminder of our top stories. this down. south korea is tested, a ballistic missile launch from under water. it's the 1st country without nuclear weapons to develop this type of system. hours earlier, north korea 5 to short range ballistic missiles, office east coast. they landed in the sea of japan. a month after the taliban seas pow afghan, astonished facing humanitarian and economic crises. high unemployment drought and food guest is pushing tens of thousands of afghans to bring back to our top story for years now. attempts to dismantle north korea is
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weapons and ballistic missile programs have failed. in 2018, the leaders of south and north korea signed an agreement outlining steps to de nuclear rise the peninsula pretensions persisted. a year later, donald trump became the 1st sitting us president to set foot inside in north korea and met him. junglin, their meetings were historic, but fruitless. north korea continued to launch short range, ballistic missiles. the us down played the 1st test on the jo biden's presidency in march of this year, the one that was widely seen as a challenge to the ministration. now china, north korea is only major allies in talks with south korea, trying to revive negotiations on de nuclear zation. earlier i spoke to robert kelly . he is a professor of political science and diplomacy, abuse and national university. he says, china's influence is substantial,
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but limited. i do actually think that the chinese can sort of help us turn the screws a little bit, but chinese don't want to do that too much in so far as they don't want the regime to collapse. right. the chinese were like north korea into exist for the less erratic and briefly less threatening weapons. and so the chinese always sort of been turned back and forth and back and forth on this went down from was president of chinese. we're happy to push north korea onto the americans and much from try to fix it. that, of course, failed for all sorts of reasons. and you know, and now it's back in the position where the south koreans kind of looking around trying to see if they can for corral the american, the chinese to talk to north korea sort of helpful them over. but it's worth pointing out. in fairness, the chinese, you know, in north kind of do whatever, they don't really listen to terrible. well in that, in the rest of the world, the outside world. and they often to sort of do these things. and i'm not sure how much we can really pressure them without, you know, leaving big collapse or making their problems worse. need to understand with northridge, you're never going to go to 0 and never going to retreat back to that total do new
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variation, even if we can strike a deal with them, which i do believe we can never go completely back to 0, they're going to be a nuclear weapon state, basically, and definitely a taiwan. most significant annual military drills are on the way the week long exercise includes lie fall and computerized war scenarios to test the islands. combat readiness. katrina, you reports from beijing, taiwanese fly to death, circle the skies before landing to quickly refuel and take off again democratically . so fruit island is conducting military exercises to prepare for a potential assault like chinese sported aging, and to try one its own territory. it says we're unification is inevitable, the taiwanese leader same when disagrees. she says the island is an independent state and has rejected china's one country to systems proposal. i think it is the intention of the taiwanese autonomy to send a signal to the chinese auto reply that they would not surrender. i would not be
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pressure to go back to their nickel c, h, and table like every unification. cy has made modernizing time once military a priority. much of the force relies on equipment provided by the united states, its main security allies. the biden administration sent an unofficial delegation to the island in april, and his mulling over allowing its de facto embassy washington to change its name to the more official sounding taiwan representative office. the moves have inflamed tension between washington and the jing mei, well, the u. s. should abided by the one china principal and the refrain from sending wrong signals to taiwan independence. in august, china's people's liberation army conducted its own drills near the island. it's fighter jets breach taiwan air force defense zone on an almost daily basis. chinese analysts say type pays combat capabilities, cannot stand up, debate ging,
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ever since. the beginning of the 19 sixty's china mainland already had sufficient military power to take over town by force. china has decided not to do that. and even today, china is still talking about peaceful unification. president susan pain, however, has not ruled out taking the island by 4 pages has removed the term limits on his rule, and many here believed he wants to make reunification with taiwan a part of his personal legacy. ty, one has been given separately since the chinese civil war in the 1940s. washington stance of strategic ambiguity means there is no guarantee it will. a tie pay should be ging attack as tensions build over the taiwan strait. the islands population of $23000000.00 are holding their breath and hoping the status quo will be maintained . katrina, you out a 0 paging. a 9 activists and politicians in hong kong have been jailed for up to
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10 months. they were arrested for taking part in a band candlelight vigil last year. commemorating the piano min square massacre in all 12 people pleaded guilty to taking part 3 were given suspended sentences. police cold off the annual vigil in 2020 for the 1st time in 3 decades. so i think corona vars concerns the critic say was part of the crack down in force. since beijing impose the national security, australia's largest city is easing some restrictions 3 months of being put into locked down 12. some of the sydney will no longer be on the curfew. other rules will remain in place though until the vaccination, right. in the state of new south wales, which is 70 percent, australia is struggling with a 3rd wave of infections that hit its 2 largest cities, sydney, and melbourne, and the capital camera. sheila has stated vaccinating children age 6 years and
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has started while the vaccine children 60 years and older. it is the latest step in and inoculation drive that so far immunized, about 3 quarters of the population or latin america editor lucy newman is in santiago wearing a vaccination center here in santia. one behind me is one of the 1st children over the age of 6 who are being vaccinated against covered 19. julian's government is using the chinese vac vaccine for children that age because they say that it is quote, a classic vaccine that it is the safest of all very similar to the influenza vaccine . we spoke a short while ago to the health minister and we kept bodies. he says that it is essential for children to be vaccinated, even very, very young ones, because they have become what he considers the reservoir for coven 19 c. throw. it has been demonstrates that when a country like chile manners used to fully vaccinate over 80 percent of the target population, those who are not vaccinated now,
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especially children turning to reservoirs for the virus. even if most children do not become seriously ill, they can obviously infect the rest of the family. chill is one of the few countries that is vaccinating children as young as 6 in this case with the chinese vaccine c . novak would your husband use fairly widely on young students in china. however, there is another country that's taking this a step further, which is cuba earlier this month, again vaccinating children as of the age of 2 with the father and 2 vaccine which is made in cuba. it has not been approved by the world health organization at least yet. but health authorities, there is this that it is highly effective. here in chile, the government is also carrying out 3rd states clinical trials to see if children of even newborns can start to receive vaccines against coven, 1900. very soon activists say school closures in india under pandemic restrictions
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have forced more children into work. now magazine produced by children in one of the city is highlighting the issue and as withdrawn and reports from the state of which a pradesh these are the youngest journalists of the city of fiddles above the working on the next edition of the unique magazine. bol vonny, but jokey vas are the voice of children, is a magazine by and for young people about child labor and they, right? somebody may be, man, you're the stories that we write for the magazine are all related to children and inform readers about the reality of our town. when we share the stories with government officials, it helps them understand the difficulties that children fifi, by a 14 year old harmony, has been contributing to the magazine for 2 years. she lives in an impoverished area, fiddles about were entire families are employed, and the glass bangles industry. she convinced one neighbor to stop her 3 daughters
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aged between line and 12, from working and send them to school instead, whatever. we have 5 children and no one to help us. so when we were in financial difficulty, we asked the children to work. a lot of children here work and at home our children started helping us. like when we were going through a rough patch. the baby sent her children back to school when her husband recovered from an illness and could work again. but not every one would do the same . fiddles about glass bangles industry is 200 years old and the factories and known for the poor working conditions. generations of families have been employed in the trade, although many work from home when we walk through these narrow lanes off the doors above, we can see many children making that goes right through the school closures because of corona virus and then an outbreak of then get fever mean more children,
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a full to work because they don't have access to online learning. in this whole children as youngest 6 sit in front of small flames using the heat to join broken glass spangles. they do this for up to 8 hours a day. child labor is illegal in india, the whites group say it's difficult to stop those working at home. you have to live, but 10000000 in 2011. i'm doubling it only. i'm primarily because of. so i think what we can think of as being impacting the budget media that you should be all they've had to fight to spend, which is actually quite the release of this. yes, most of children magazine has been delayed to lock downs, but how many and her team and now pushing the final touches on the issue, knowing they work has never been more important. elizabeth, brawn of al jazeera rose above author,
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dish or the button administration has formerly asked a federal judge to block the enforcement. and when you texas law, the bands nearly all abortions. the u. s. just the moment filed and emotion. see, emergency motion seeking to lift the state law, which it considers unconstitutional. supreme court allowed it to stand earlier this month. it was a major victory for social conservatives. we've been pushing to ban abortion since it was legalized across the u. s. in 1973 police in northern ireland have arrested for men, believed to be linked to the death of journalist lyra key. she was shot and killed 3 years ago while covering a riot by decision republicans who were opposed to the northern irish peace process . one man was already charged with murder last year. the police said others were involved in the killing would be astronaut, saw hoping to make history on wednesday as the 1st all civilian and crew to be launched into all the space. next slide is taking
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a billionaire entrepreneur and 3 other novices into space from cape canaveral in florida. mission follows to civilian sub water for all the flights in july. i am a mission pilot, and it's really special for me to hold that title. because i'm going to be the 1st black female pilot of the spacecraft. there have been 3 black female astronauts have made it to face. and knowing that i'm going to be the 4th means that i have this opportunity to not only accomplish my dream, but also inspire and inspire the next generation of women of color and girls of color. and really get them to think about reaching for the stars. environmentalists and scientists in rome are trying to save the city's famous pine trees from a nasty insect invaded a species common in north american forests has been threat spreading through the city. for 3 years. adam rainy went out with
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a team trying to beat the bugs. a sick, pine tree and roam gets the equivalent of a shot to curate ill. that's he fought and in the middle of the water, i mean the misery we cut that whole formula meters in diameter and then inject the tree with a pesticide. we then pump the solution in by hand, that way we can monitor the pressure to make sure we don't overwhelm the tree while making sure the treatment gets distributed throughout the plant tribute at what air their target, the north american pine port scale, invasive species has infested thousands of trees across the city at 1st landed on italian shores in 2014 likely hitching a ride on wood imports to the untrained eye. quite tricky to tell a healthy tree from a thick one. experts look at the under cover of the canopy to see if there are any black needles or some sap being released that's on the side of the tree. when you look up close at what's going on,
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you can really see the damage being done. like we see on these pine needles, there's dozens of small insects sucking the sap out of the needles. and what that does, it creates conditions for fungus to grow on the needles and suffocate the plant, making it nearly impossible for the pine trees to produce their own food. so they basically starve. rome has been known for tech, conic stone pine trees since ancient times. artists have sought them out, tourists and locals alike, look to them for shade and inspiration. where this man, francesco mounting gallow leads a group of activists trying to save these treasure to trees. they pressure politicians and raise money to pay for treat your friends. ok to keep in young jennifer, they must have borrowed me. we are not going to be able to save all the time. but we still must in vain with false, immediately covering all the effect of trees. treating it like a pandemic call likelihood that she's the vaccine for these traces to inject them
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to save them at lender. biologist said this treatment cut into therapy is too costly to be considered a long term solution. some experts think the need to import another insect from north america to prey on this invasive species, a risky prospect to do this, you need to perform. i really care for rest assessment and not easy sir, because you have to be sure that the introduction of new in sets will not change the your environment. that could take years until then, activists will keep raising the alarm and funds to save as many as their beloved pines, as they can. adam rainy dizzier rome are still ahead on edges. the rinaldo scores on his champions league return from manchester. united was his efforts enough to find out in a few minutes. ah
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the who's who's with me.
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ah ah. ah. ah ah. all right tom, as for his son off, thank you very much, has been more life without leo. now miss, you continues to look on this for a bar for lona there with the rest 3 now at the new camp by munich, and the champions league opener also a meeting of the german giants in the group stage for the 1st time and more than 20 years thomas mueller opened the going for by and before or but live in dusky, added the 2nd, the post strike and made it 3 now late on a bus alone or failing to get
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a shot on target. goes down or another european return for man to say united the end as in defeat, fortitude on foot, the red devils in front of the 12 minutes against the 2 young boys to great effect . united went down to 10 men, one on one. the fact was red carded for this chance before the break, young boys manners and equalized the midway through the 2nd half. that thanks to you for last me now go my room and then zip into stoppage time. way. we're back from jesse lin. god gave the home side an opportunity with gordon the but to stick with the lay. last kick of the game, it finished to one young voice. discipline is a huge bar. drove of the game and iron's normally a very, very as to tackling one of the best in the world. so we know we've given ourselves
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the more difficult task than what we did last year. but everyone thought we were through after 2 games last year. fortunate is the 1st game in the group when we upload the time to so to bounce back from it. but yeah, of course, discipline is a huge part football in terms of jesse. and obviously we know football, the like made mistakes in the last seconds. jesse won't just want to play it safe and just one misplaced pass and you've conceded the golf. and then the hopkins will learn from it, learn from it. and it will pick himself open to be ready to go on sunday because that's part and parcel of football. but yeah, of course discipline is a big part. i tells me the winning starts of their title defense council. would the only goal of the game against is an incentive that's this. his 4th goal in for games since he rejoined the club the and the close season. the russian team had the chance to grab a point in london,
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but it finished one mill to chelsea or there are some exciting changes he games on wednesday, python is alma opened the campaign against bush and ac. me non who are missing the injured lot. tiny brokovich take on liverpool, south korea as joan book, motors and pool hung steel is a have a book. this spots in the asian champions league quote, to finals john book just scrap through on penalties off it finished one off at the time to time champions getting the better of time and pound to united for to industries out of well i had a much smooth time 1st goal, because the goal for them be that depends on one mill. the the and the world anti doping agency will review where the kind of this should remain a banned substance. the move follows us printer,
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chicago richardson missing the tokyo olympics, having been suspended off the testing positive for it, which had since disqualification spot particular backlash and designed to states at the meeting and assemble was agreed that the drug will remain banned in 20. 22 was scientific review is carried out. well, what the says the current rules are aimed at catching actually to use cannabis during the period of a competition. are the less, there's much debate about the drugs actual impact on athletes. 2 papers from 2020, concluded the evidence doesn't support the idea that it hadn't. hansen, that performance review of the rule has received the last amount of backing, even from the president of the world athletics. sebastian coal, while we've been speaking to michelle through can the former director of ethics an anti doping at u. k. sports. she believes the approach to dealing with kind of it has to change. to be perfectly honest, there is very limited scientific evidence for the inclusion of virtually all the
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substances on the prohibited less than cannon. this came from the original international and pick committee list prior to the setting up of water. and water said when they set up their prohibited list, there would be 3 criteria for inclusion. that would be, you know, that the health impacts it would be performance impact. but also something rather nebulous, the spirit of school and a substance just had to fit 2 of those 3 criteria. i do expect something is going to change. we saw a change in 2018 when water added some confusion really to, for athletes when they allowed cannot be dial, which is c, b, d. but of course c, b, d is it's very difficult to obtain without some other form of the active kind of this ingredients. so we were still seeing problems continuing even from them. but it would be really nice to florida undertakes this review and publishes the scientific
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evidence behind its decision that would certainly help in terms of transparency of governance. but i do see that this is, you know, it's just a no brainer for most of a finance doping. what are its performance benefits? we really don't know. it is more a misconduct issue. the sports should be dealing with quite differently. he san francisco dance continued their whole streak on tuesday. i suppose each smashed his 18th home run 2021 to help the giants in my street when they beat san diego padres, 613, come just a day off. the san francisco became 1st team and the big leaks to clinch a player. and that's a spot for me. i hand you back to husband. thanks very much santa. that is it for this news, but i'll be back in a moment. more of the day since there was ah,
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al jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts full cabana dot. the 1st you and envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east. how is negotiations with himmler help save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east? killing the count on algae there. there is a huge group of people at work behind our screens and the power they have is massive that urge to keep swiping through your twitter feed design. the way we click, i agree to the terms and conditions that's designed, and most of us never even give it a 2nd. and actually, that's designed as ali riggs is how designers are manipulating behavior in the
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final episodes. all hail the algorithm on a just me each and every one of us have got a responsibility to change our personal space for the better the more we could do this experiment and a lot of us could increase just a little bit that would be worth doing anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet who is incredibly recipe. they're asking women to get 50 percent representation in the same spiritual assembly here. and getting this pick up the collect, the segregate, to say the reason this extremely important service they provide the city. we say we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind me.
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ah, the south korea and north korea test launched ballistic missiles, ours, apart from each other. ah, i haven't seen this is as you live from the house or coming up one month on since the tolerable to control of afghanistan. tough challenges lie ahead to create a viable and effective government. haiti's prime minister fires the chief prosecutor who recommended he be.


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