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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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an extraordinary film archives fanning for decades, reviews the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part one the birth of afghan cinema. on a just oh, i both south korea, north korea test launch, ballistic missile was just ours, apart from each other. ah . again, i'm adrian again. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up to us. olympian suffered sexual abuse, appeared before a senate hearing examining why the f b. i didn't investigate this great team doctor sooner i believe larry now. and i also believe an entire system that enabled and
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perpetrated his one month since the town took control of afghan on tough challenges . lie ahead to create a viable defective government. ah . the united states has condemned the latest ballistic missile launch from north korea calling for de escalation of tensions on the peninsula. but in a surprise, move, just hours later, the south flexed its military might by successfully testing the launch from the water. it's the 1st country without nuclear weapons to develop such a system to serious rob mcbride reports from soul. this highly provocative missile tasked with carried out while china is foreign minister, one year within sol, for tools with his south korean counterparts with north korea high on their agenda
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. but of course, we all want to contribute to the peace and stability of the korean peninsula. for example, not only in north korea, but also the countries are conduct the military actions. so we should have all parties make sure efforts to region dialogues. this was wang's last stop of a foreign nation tour of east asia, as china looked to counter the increasing influence of the us in the region and north korea risks angering beijing with this latest launch, south career res, hoping china will use its considerable influence over north korea to bring it back to the negotiating table with each missile lodge, but seems less likely and shows even china's control over its neighbors isn't limited. north korea has also claim to have tested a new type of long range cruise missile over the weekend. and it comes after a military parade through the streets of gang last week, facing an economic crisis from international sanctions. and from the pandemic,
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combined with food shortages for damaging storms. it seems the show of military muscle is intended as much of a morale boost at home. as showing the world, it is still a force to be reckoned to it. and it comes as south korea develops its own military hardware. on wednesday, at successfully testified, a ballistic missile from a submarine becoming only the 7th country and the world to master the technology. it also announced advances in high powered ballistic and supersonic cruise missiles, as both careers continue to develop their articles. robert bride al jazeera sol. let's take to our white house correspondent, kimberly how could his across all of this for us? what's the why has been saying about all of this? kimberly yeah, the defense department and the department of state both issuing statements with regard to dismissal lodge by north korea. now,
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the defense department saying that they are not concerned that any of their allies at the time are particularly at risk or any of the u. s. personnel or territory. but what they are saying is this underscore is it highlights the destabilizing impact of north korea's weapons program. now, the state department going much further saying that it is not only condemning this, but pointing out that it is in violation of a number of un security council. resolutions and that's why the state department is calling for renewed dialog dialog that we know has really stalled since 2019, when the north korea suggested to the united states that it was needing sanctions release. something that was rejected by the united states. so it appears that this latest missile launch is really an attempt to try and get the bite administration attention the president will be speaking later today.
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is he going to address this? well, there's certainly expected to be questions about this. the president will be speaking at $21.00, gmc about national security, and it's almost certain this will come out. but before then, the white house press secretary jones hockey, also expected to potentially answer reporter's questions on this. what we do know is with respect to national security overall, that the u. s. president has a laser focused on the region, particularly when it comes to working with allies to meet some of these challenges we expect to be reported. now that there will be an announcement of a new working group to address security between the united states, britain and australia. and what this group will do is essentially share information to the area of a i of fiber of water systems and also long range strike capabilities. so this is a conversation that is expected to take place in order to try and bolster what the
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by the administration. so the key priority that is security in the, in the pacific region. whitehouse correspond, kimberly, how can reporting live there from washington? kimberly many thanks. us olympic gymnasts have told us senators that they feel betrayed by the f. b. i failing to seriously investigate disgrace team, dr. larry nasa, for athletes who suffered sexual abuse by nasa testifying at a senate hearing in the f. b. i's mishandling of the case, prosecutors estimate that nasa assaulted hundreds of women and girls. he's been sentenced to up to 175 years in prison. i don't want another young janice olympic athlete, or any individual to experience the horror that i and hundreds of others have endured before during and continuing to this day in the week of the layering effort. to be clear.
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take your time. to be clear. i blame larry now cern, and i also believe in an entire system that enabled and perpetrated his abuse. yet while i was a member of the 2016 us olympic team, neither usa g u. s o p c nor the f b i ever contacted me or my parents, while others had been informed and investigations were ongoing. i had been left to wonder why i was not taught until after the rio games. i was 0, she had returns. he has been listing in 2 proceedings on capitol hill. what's that clear? she have from the athletes. testimony is that this is about much more than just the f b i's failings were so many led to, to this failing by the f
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b i by the usa gymnastic gymnastics organization by the usa olympics periodontics committees. but there are several sections to this 1st dealing with the f b i. the inspector general report found that when once the f b, i was alerted to the allegations against larry now, so the agents evolve basically did nothing for over a year. and then that was next place, i had the newspapers and then they began investigating what we had really vividly from the, the visa, limpy, and athletes. the survivors was just how the agents involved seem to minimize what, what they were telling ages. mikaela mikaela moroni went into great detail about exactly the pulling abuse she was suffering as a result of larry nasa's, larry and as well as stations. and she said once she, once he told the f b i what he told the official, what should go through the show. the other end of the line was,
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what is that if it's at all, and this is a constant attempt to minimize the abuse even once, officials, not just on the f, b i, but also, and us age of not 6, also in the olympic committee. once they heard about this, there was a concerted effort, according to these, these athletes to minimize everything, to cover it up once the investigation was underway, i wouldn't the inspector general report. one of the agents did me when someone from us agent gnostics, but instead of talking about the abuse, he attempted to get a, get a job with a security detail for the following, the following lympics that was coming up. so a few years later. and this is the kind of minimization that i think we're seeing some senators draw out into that. why to issue off how survivors are not taking seriously. we have the me to movement. we, you know, a powerful manner abusing that position, abusing women, but people don't listen, which is why i think one of the most interesting part. so this was from out he raised, he says, rather, rather shockingly,
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points out more of an investigation. they not just into larry nasser and the f b i and the cover up that happened after that. but also to just how deep this goes . if you said, look, we need an independent investigation going back decades before we even start talking about reform, which i didn't seem to convince about anyway. but they said that unless we actually know how deep this guys and so guesswork when you start talking about what it was such an important point. and she also said, like we did, i mean all the people who looked away, not just in the f, b i, but at the usa, gymnastics, organization i b and then pick committees probably still in power. these are the same people and young people are now going through this. once again. what happens with a ledge abuse? and there was actually a comment from john coolant. one of the sentences he said, if wild famous athletes like like these 5 women or for them, if they're not listen to when they bring allegations to the authorities, what hope is that process? i'll just have to pretend see live on capitol hill. you have many thanks. now to
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afghanistan, it's been one month since the taliban seized the capital capital and took control of the government after its military success. it's now facing the challenge of creating a durable administration. the country's economy is in ruins, unemployment, as high at according to the world food program, up to 14000000 people on the brink of salvation. decades before have displaced tens of thousands of afghans who need urgent humanitarian aid in order to survive the global community. we've just pledged more than $1000000000.08 that it will hold the taliban, which promises on upholding human rights such as here is a sum of job. it is in conflict in the last 4 weeks, what people have gotten has been telling us, if there is been a welcome change of at least a lot more security, all the checkpoints have gone. they don't have to pay brides in the street. they can drop on their mobile phone, the walk in the street, and they're not scared anymore. that is one thing which they say is positive. on
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the other side, in the last 4 weeks, their economy has gone from bad to worse. we were a few minutes ago in a central district where there were hundreds of people who been lining in front of the bank all over the city to try and get some cash. if you do get to get inside the bank, you can only redraw about $200.00 every week. now, most of the employees we spoke to that were from the government. they were policemen. they were military official and they were civil servants who haven't been paid for months. where we are right now is a market which is popped up on both sides of the road. as over 100000 people have left this country, and there are lots others who are trying to make ends meet, who are trying to pay their monthly bills, their electricity bills, their rents, and they are selling their household items. you can see in this market the washing machines, refrigerators, son, carpet every, every day i did the people's itself to try and make a quick fuck so they can put food on the table. a weather update,
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thanks to you on out of here. then preparing for a potential attack, taiwan puts its forces through the military places. the drills. california is governor, offends of the challenge to remove him from office to the us. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways booted world's best airline of 2021. hello, there are bon soon rains. really doing a number across northern areas of india also through goods, right? so i'll take a breakdown ground level right off the bat. this is in the india and states of good route where we have seen more than 500 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours cars just being swept away there. i think our problem spots as we head towards thursday will be the pradesh months of protest, shadow scar. and if we look toward good wrap, will actually start to see those rains peter out. but we know it will take time for
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water levels to go down. now around the be a band gall, we have some heavy falls for coastal sections of bangladesh and a solid band of brain. still for disha southeast asia. it's our usual storms come in and go in, but we're getting into some dry spells for large spots of borneo next up where keeping tabs on sean to as it's just been the andrea and through the east china seas. so because it's been hanging out here for the past few days, as young providence has got more than $600.00 millimeters of rain over the past 48 hours, this is now tracking toward the north east. so we go in for a closer look because this is going to clipped south korea and also q u and southern portions of hon. she'll look at that heavy rain coming in the days ahead. so a sock has got a high of 28 on friday. that's it, that's all the weather sponsored by castle airways, boated world's best airline of 20. 21. did meet the young river traders,
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brazil thinking neither. no. right. but they know how to code their breathing dangerous again with their he'll do anything just to christine, you know, when else? ah ah. hello again. this is houses here. let's remind you of the main news this. the united states has condemned the latest ballistic missile launch from north korea to miss planted embassy of japan. a list of top us olympic gymnasts is testified
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before congress and washington. senate committee is looking into how the f b. i handled the investigation into disgrace, gymnast team, dr. larry nasa. he's been jail sexually assaulting hundreds of young athletes of a month off the c panel. i've chemist on his facing humanitarian, a economic crises. hi unemployment. dr. food scarcity is pushing tens of thousands of africans to the brain. for palestinian political prisoners have met their lawyers for the 1st time since being re arrested by israeli police. they were among 6 inmates who escaped last week. the other 2 are still in hiding. i'll just hear harry forces reports from the occupied east jerusalem. well up until now the information about the interrogation of these 4 men has largely been in the form of leak to the israeli media. exactly what they've been telling their interrogate is, this is the 1st time that we've heard directly, or at least one remove from the men themselves to the voices of the lawyers.
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because this is the 1st time that the lawyers have access to these 4 men. now my food is the one who's been reported to be the ringleader, the mastermind behind this escape. and that is very much the claim that he's making for himself. it seems saying that it was his idea that this was an operation limited to the 6 men who escaped their being reports, news really media this week that there are a suspected 11 prisoners to been involved. he says, no, it was just the 6 and they received no help from the outside as well. also saying that they requested no help from locals in the luxury palestinian israeli towns in the area of northern israel where they were on the run and where they were captured on monday. again, israeli media reports suggesting that they did ask for help and that they, they were informed on by palestinian israeli. is that something that is not being corroborated in the men's testimony to the lawyers? they're saying that they were simply charged upon by police patrols. as for
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mohammed allowed to my moods cousin, he's saying that the 5 days of liberty were worth the 22 years of being imprisoned. and it was worse, this escape attend. he's also telling his lawyer that he's being mistreated in the interrogation procedure that he's being kept awake, deprived of sleep deprived until the day before of food. and that the conditions are extremely harsh. and the modem of the habit has been subjected to extremely cruel torture. he still is, he was subject to excessive aggression during his detention. he had his head bashed against the grain head with injured he had an injury above his right. i have not received you medical care up until this moment. he scratches and wounds all over his body. that wasn't part of the escape and the hunt for him. and zachary, as who baby by the occupation forces. he was transferred to nazareth investigation center after he was detained. there he was interrogated in
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a way that was extremely terrible. some 20 intelligence officers investigated him in a tiny room. they stripped naked. and we've also heard from the lawyer of zachary who bates, the latter. i like so much as brigade leader, the highest profile of these escapees. again, saying that they deliberately avoided palestinians really areas above and israel, so as not to incriminate people. and they were without water for the entire time making do what with what they could in terms of fruit that they found in the fields . his lawyer also saying that he received a broken jaw and broken ribs in his arrest on that early saturday morning. of course, there are 2 who remain at lodge. there are reports for the remaining 2 have now got into the west bank into that home area in and around jeanine. and that makes it a true, an extremely difficult and potentially very dangerous recapture attempt if that were carried out by the israeli military. because if there were a fire fight, if there was bloodshed, this could spill over into wider violence. taiwanese fighter jets have turned the
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highway into a runway as audio military drills reached the peak president sign wing washed on to see how prepared the armed forces are for the threat of a chinese invasion. katrina, you reports from beijing. tony's flight a dead circle disguised before landing to quickly refuel and take off again. democratically sell fruit island is conducting military exercises to prepare for a potential assault like chinese forces. beijing continues to my one its own territory, because unification is inevitable. the taiwanese leader saying, when disagrees, she says the island isn't independence state and has rejected china's one country to systems proposal. i think it is the intention of the taiwanese authority to send a signal to the chinese auto reply that they would not surrender or would not be pressure to go back to their negotiation table. whatever the unification. cy has
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made modernizing time once military a priority. much of the force relies on equipment provided by the united states, its main security ally. the biden administration sent an unofficial delegation to the island in april. and his mulling over allowing its de facto embassy washington to change its name to the more official sounding taiwan representative office. the moves have inflamed tension between washington and they may well the u. s. should abided by the one china principal and the refrain from sending wrong signals to taiwan independence. in august, china's people's liberation army conducted it's orange drills near the island. it's lighter jets, breach taiwan air force defense zone on an almost daily basis. chinese analysts say typeface, combat capabilities cannot stand up, debate ging, ever since. the beginning of the 19 sixty's china mainland already had sufficient military power to take over town by force. china has decided not to do that. and
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even today, china is still talking about peaceful unification. presidential pain, however, has not ruled out taking the island by 4 pages has removed the term limits on his rule, and many here believed he wants to make reunification with taiwan a part of his personal legacy. ty, one has been given separately since the chinese civil war in the 900 forties. washington stance of strategic ambiguity means there is no guarantee it will aid type pay should be ging attack as tensions billed over the taiwan strait. the islands population of $23000000.00 are holding their breath and hoping the status quo will be maintained. katrina, you are the 0 paging mind activists and politicians in hong kong up in jail for up to 10 months. they were arrested to taking part in a band candlelight vigil last year commemorating the tenement square massacre. it
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all 12 people pleaded guilty. 3 were given suspended sentences. felice called off the annual vigil in 2020 for the 1st time in 3 decades sizing. corona virus concerns the critic say it was part of the crackdown and forced since beijing imposed a national security law. hong kong the u. n. says that it's withdrawing hundreds of companies, peacekeepers from the central african republic following allegations of sexual abuse. the un mission in the c a r says that in an investigation has been opened by gabon. previous allegations of this kind have not resulted in any convictions. the peacekeeping mission was deployed in 2014 to help restore stability after the collapse of the government held zeros. nicholas huck reports from senegal. capital dot com. well, i spoke to the lawyer representing the victims of sexual abuse and she said this was a small victory. but it's not enough. what she wants to see is prosecution of those involved in cases of sexual abuse happening in the central african republic itself
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. because as for the u. n. conventions, the soldiers involved in the allegations of sexual abuse are not prosecuted in the country where the crimes are committed, but rather in the country in their home country. that's why we saw gab beneath prosecutors in banking for the last 2 years. investigating soldiers of that nation under the supervision of the you and in 2018 when, until the terrorists became secretary general, he went to bang g and i met him there and we pressed him on what the us would do to address the growing cases of sexual violence by un peacekeepers meant to protect the population, but allegedly involved in abusing those involved in what we're talking about. here are children, children as young as 10 who are exchange a glass of water or biscuit against sexual favor, or young girls. 12 year old girls who go to the soldiers trying to sell fruits and
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vegetables, but then are forced into sex. there are hundreds of cases inside the u. n. we calculated in 2018, a 162 cases, but the lawyer who is representing the victim say, this is just the tip of the iceberg. there are hundreds more that go on prosecuted the european union as our plan is to boost its military capabilities. the collapse of the african government and hasty us and they withdraw as push to you leaders to reconsider that offense needs dominant cane reports from berlin for much of the 20th century. and certainly for all of this century that have been loud voices raising the question of what europe can do more to guarantee its own security, its own defense provision, and that sort of thing. the central question being, what role should you play? what role shouldn't they so play but now the president of the european commission, us that fund line has spoken about what she thinks is the way ahead are european
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union is a unique security provider. there will be mission where nato, all the united nations will not be present, but where europe should be, you can have the most advanced forces in the world. but if you're never prepared to use them of what she was all day, what does has helped us back until now? is not just a short form of capacity. it is the lack of political will. it's an interesting time here in germany, following those comments for most of the funding line, because 2 of the leading contenders to replace angular medical as chancellor have spoken about the need for an enhanced relationship with the united states, its presence in nature and its presence in europe, so clear commitments and supports from these leaders, these potential chancellors for the idea, both of anchoring nature in europe, but also enhancing an e u. military side of things. other questions might be raised. what about the
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united kingdom, which has always ruled against and rallied against the idea of an e u military? what concerns might it see here? lots of questions right now. not so many answers. the governor of the u. s. state of california has seen off an attempt to remove him from office. the republican party lead push against democrats, given you some mostly had to do with his handling of the pandemic. l 0 ro rentals reports now from beverly hills. good evening, california democratic governor gavin newsom handily shut down a recall effort tuesday. he will serve out the rest of his term despite a republican push to oust him from the leadership of the nations most populous state. i am humbled and grateful to the millions and millions of california that exercise their fundamental right to vote and express themselves so overwhelmingly, by rejecting the division by rejecting the citizens by rejecting so much of the
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negativity that's defined are politics. while some voters chose to line up and cast their ballots in person, every registered eligible voter received the ballot in the mail beginning weeks ago . the overriding issue has been newsome's handling of the corona virus pandemic. he was on the 1st governors to declare widespread locked downs and masked mandates. that angered many business owners and others who joined anti massacres and republicans to support the recall. more than 40 candidates were on the ballot to replace newsome but the leading republican was larry elder, a conservative radio talk show host, who promised to lift all covert mask and vaccination mandates. elder spoke after his defeat. as you know, my opponent, governor gavin newsom. ah,
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gracious and by the way, we may have lost the battle. we are going to win the war. newsome attacked elder relentlessly over his stance on cove. it. he spent $70000000.00 on t. v ads and campaign stops around the state, and he had help from prominent democrats, including president joe biden. that message resonated with voters. if we recall, governor knew some who knows who we end up with. and the options in my opinion are not looking very good. elder was endorsed by former president donald trump, but in this heavily democratic state, trump's support may have done elder more harm than good. it's likely that democrats from the white house, the state houses all around the country, are breathing a sigh of relief. and republicans are disappointed by the failure of their efforts to turn the golden state red. rob reynolds al jazeera beverly hills,
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california. the world anti doping agency will review where the cannabis should remain a banned substance us sprint to chicago richardson. mr. tokyo will lympics after testing positive for the drug and spot a backlash, particularly in richardson's home country, was agreed to keep the band in place the next year, while a scientific review is carried out. ah, it's good to have you with us. hello, adrian. so here we go, how the headlines on i was 0. the united states has condemned the latest ballistic missile launch from north korea, calling for a de escalation of tension on the peninsula. but in a surprise, move the south flexed its military mize my successfully testing and this i launched from the water rub mcbride reports. this comes on what has been a busy day of missile activity on.


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