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part of the debate or pacific people, the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no help a get off the table. it's a shooting site atmosphere. people are demoralized, they're exhausted, and many health care workers are experiencing tfc like symptom. jump into this dream and julian global community. if you're on live on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this dream now is era. ah, ah ah, i get adrian here. how the news from al jazeera, the headlines, the united states has condemned the latest ballistic missile launcher with north korea. the 2 missiles landed in the sea of japan. the rest of the pic,
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gymnasts have told us senators that they feel betrayed by the f. b. i failing to seriously investigate team dr. larry enough for athletes to suffer. sexual abuse by national have been testifying at a senate hearing into the f. b. i miss handling of the case. among soft taliban sees how afghan stone is facing, humanitarian, economic crises, high unemployment, drought, and food scarcity. as pushing tens of thousands of africans to the break. for palestinian political prisoners met their lawyers for the 1st time since they were re arrested by israeli police. they were part of a group of 6 inmates who escaped from gilbert prison last week. 2 more prisoners are still on the run out. serious harry force reports now from occupied east jerusalem. up until now, the information about the interrogation of these 4 men has largely been in the form of leak to the israeli media. exactly what they've been telling their interrogate
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is, this is the 1st time that we've heard directly, or at least one remove from the men themselves to the voices of the lawyers. because this is the 1st time that the lawyers have access to these 4 men. now my food is the one who's been reported to be the ring leader, the mastermind behind this escape. and that is very much the claim that he's making for himself. it seems saying that it was his idea that this was an operation limited to the 6 men who escaped. there been reports, news rarely media this week that there are a suspected 11 prisoners to been involved. he says, no, it was just the 6 and they received no help from the outside as well. also saying that they requested no help from locals in the lodge, the palestinian israeli towns in the area of northern israel where they were on the run and where they were captured on monday. again, israeli media report suggesting that they did ask for help and that they, they were informed on by palestinian israeli. is that something that is not being
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corroborated in the men's testimony to the lawyers? they're saying that they were simply charged upon by police patrols. as for mohammed alada woods cousin, he's saying that the 5 days of liberty were worth the 22 years of being imprisoned. and it was worth this escape attend. he's also telling his lawyer that he's being mistreated in the interrogation procedure that he's being kept awake, deprived of sleep deprived until the day before of food. and that the conditions are extremely harsh. and the model of the habit has been subjected to extremely cruel torture. he still is, he was subject to excessive aggression during his detention. he had his head bashed against the grain head with injured he had an injury above his right eye, but he's not received you medical care up until this moment. he scratches and wounds all over his body. that wasn't part of the escape and the hunt for him. and zachary, as a baby by the occupation forces,
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he was transferred to nazareth investigation center. after he was detained, there he was interrogated in a way that was extremely terrible. some 20 intelligence officers investigated him in a tiny room. they stripped naked. and we've also heard from the lawyer of zachary who bates, the potter. i like so much as brigade leader, the highest profile of these escapees. again, saying that they deliberately avoided palestinians ready areas of northern israel, so as not to incriminate people. and they were without water for the entire time making do what, what they could in terms of fruit that they found in the fields. his lawyer also saying that he received a broken jaw and broken ribs in his arrest. on the early saturday morning, of course, there are 2 who remain at lodge. the reports for the remaining 2 have now got into the west bank into their home area in and around jeanine. and that makes it a true, an extremely difficult and potentially very dangerous recapture attempt if that
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were carried out by the israeli military. because if there were a fire fight, if there was bloodshed, this could spill over into wider violence. aid from kata is finally being distributed in the gaza strip after a long delay delivery of the much needed support was put on hold after the conflict between us at israel and made our fire reports the united nation begins today to district. the country is funded 8 to 4 families hearing because this trip, where more than 100000 for the fisheries are to benefit from this country 8th, which has been on hold the may conflict between her mother and dealer l. since the 2014 war, hundreds of millions has been funded by cutter to poor families in the gaza strip that has been on hold since may conflict between him and israel and is being with you now through the united nations. the 700 points where the u. one has chosen to
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distribute this country gran are immobile shop supermarkets and even money exchange shop. these, this is the new process would be un, has chosen to deliver the money to the people. the money is delivered in amount of $320.00. she calls in chico enough in dollars like if you to be before a former cause of a military commander has gone on trial at a special court in the netherlands. sally mustafah is accused of the torture, murder, cruel treatment, and arbitrary detention of civilians during the 1990 conflict with serbia. it's the 1st trial to be heard in the course of those special chambers and in you back court set up in the netherlands in 2015. the dean barber reports 1st night. he's accused of terrible crimes during castillo's war for independence from serbia in the late 900 ninety's. but as he became the 1st to stand trial in this special tribunal in the netherlands, sally, most of or rejected the charges telling the judge i am not guilty of accounts
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brought here before me by this gustavo office, was you to get support me in april 9, 10909 most f o was a commander in the rebel kosovo liberation army. the kaylay. the prosecution says he was responsible for the torture of at least 6 people, and the murder of one person attention compounds. it says the victims were accused by cause of those ethnic how banyan rebels of collaborating with serbs or not supporting the kaylay these people, they were not enemies of the state of kosovo. they were not spies. they were fellow community members. innocent, kosovar, albanians whose only crime was to be viewed for one reason or another as an impediment to the k l. a. in certain of its leaders. the cause of a war is believed to have killed more than 13000 people. it ended in 1999 after the nato alliance carried out 11 weeks of air strikes against serbian forces. a
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former deputy prime minister and 5 top former serbian military and police officials were found guilty of war crimes committed during the conflict. that was at the un tribunal for the former yugoslavia. but on wednesday, the prosecutor said to sell him most f. a hearing was a milestone for this cause which has taken 6 years to bring any one to trial. that was one of the failings of the international criminal tribunal for, for me, was lobby not to be able to really sentence any cost of liberation, army soldiers and commanders where it was clear that some war crimes had been committed not to the same scale and intensity as those by the serbian army that it's quite clear, but they had also committed war crimes. the new courts activities are highly sensitive in kosovo, where the former rebel commanded still dominate political life. in june 2020, then president hashem patchy was indicted for his alleged role in nearly
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a 100 murders. while he led the k l. a. he's currently being held in the hague, awaiting trial nadeem, bob al jazeera police and all the island. so they've arrested for men believe to be linked to the death of the journalists, lyra mckee. she was shot and killed 3 years ago while covering a riot by distant republicans. one man was already charged with the murder last year, but police at others were involved in the killing. the repeated union has unveiled plans to boost the blocks military capabilities. the collapse of the african government and hasty nature withdraw has pushed you leaders to look outside the alliance for security proposals to create a joint european force. a faced opposition from some of the states for much of the 20th century. and certainly for all of this century, there have been loud voices raising the question of what europe can do more to guarantee its own security, its own defense provision. and that sort of thing, the central question being, what role should you play?
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what role shouldn't need to play? but now the president of the european commission, sort of fund line has spoken about what she thinks is the way ahead. our european union is a unique security provider. there will be mission, where nato, all the, your united nations will not be present. but where you up should be, you can have the most advanced forces in the world. but if you're never prepared to use them of what she was all day, what does has helped us back until now? is not just a shortfall of capacity. it is the lack of political will. it's an interesting time here in germany, following those comments from mostly on the line because 2 of the leading contenders to replace angular medical as chancellor have spoken about the need for an enhanced relationship with the united states, its presence in nature and its presence in europe to clear commitment and support
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from these leaders, these potential chancellors for the idea, both of anchoring nature in europe, but also enhancing an e u. military side of things. other questions might be raised. what about the united kingdom, which has always ruled against and rallied against the idea of an e u military? what concerns might it see here? lots of questions right now. not so many answers. taiwan, so significant annual ministry drills are under way the week long military exercise includes live, fire, drill, some computerized war scenarios to transportations combat readiness. in the event of an invasion by china, i'll just here was the tree to you, reports now from beijing, taiwanese fly to debt circle disguise before landing to quickly refuel and take off again. democratically sell fruit island is conducting military exercises to prepare for a potential assault like chinese forces. beijing continues to my one its own territory, because unification is inevitable. the taiwanese leader saying, when disagrees,
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she says the island isn't independence state and has rejected china's one country to systems proposal. i think it is the intention of the taiwanese authority to send a signal to the chinese authorities that they would not surrender or would not be pressure to go back to their negotiation table. whatever the unification. cy has made modernizing time once military a priority. much of the force relies on equipment provided by the united states, its main security allies. the biden administration sent an unofficial delegation to the island in april, and his mulling over allowing its de facto embassy washington to change its name to the more official sounding taiwan representative office. the moves have inflamed tension between washington and they may well the u. s. should abided by the one china principal and the refrain from sending wrong signals to taiwan independence. in august, china's people's liberation army conducted its or drove near the island. its flight
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gets breach taiwan air force defense zone on an almost daily basis. chinese analysts say type pays combat capabilities, cannot stand up, debate ging, ever since. the beginning of the 19 sixty's china mainland already had sufficient military power to take over to one by force. china has decided not to do that. and even today, china is still talking about peaceful unification. president susan king, however, has not ruled out taking the island by 4 pages has removed the term limits on his rule and many here, beliefs he wants to make reunification with taiwan a part of his personal legacy. taiwan has been given separately since the chinese civil war in the 900 forties. washington stance of strategic ambiguity means there is no guarantee it will. a tie pay should be ging attack as tensions build over the
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taiwan strait. the islands population of $23000000.00 are holding their breath and hoping the status quo will be maintained. katrina, you are the 0 paging in india activist, say the closure of schools under the pandemic restrictions is forcing war children into work. now, a magazine produced by children is highlighting the problem. here is elizabeth brought them reports from the state of utah dash these are the youngest journalists and the city officials are bob. they're working on the next edition of the unique magazine, bob vonny, but your key are vase of the voice of children is a magazine by and for young people about child labor. and they've right. i make the man, the stories that we write for the magazine are all related to children and inform readers about the reality of our town. when we share these stories with government officials, it helps them understand the difficulties that children face. the dia, 14 year old harmony,
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has been contributing to the magazine for 2 years. she lives in an impoverished area, fiddles about where entire families are employed, and the glass bangles industry. she convinced one neighbor to stop her 3 daughters aged between line and 12, from working, and send them to school instead. what do we have 5 children and no one to help us. so when we were in financial difficulty, we asked the children to work a lot of children here, work and at home our children started helping us. like when we were going through a rough patch, with a baby sent her children back to school when her husband recovered from an illness and could work again. but not every one would do the same. it was about glass bangles industry is 200 years old. and the factories and known for the poor working conditions. generations of families have been employed in the trade, although many work from home when we walk through these narrow lanes of fiddles
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above, we can see many children making that goes right through the school closures. because of corona virus and then an outbreak of then guess fever mean more children a full to work because they don't have access to online learning. in this whole children as youngest 6 sit in front of small flames using the heat to join broken glass spangles. they do this for up to 8 hours a day. child labor is illegal in india, the whites group say it's, it's difficult to stop those working at home. you have to live, but 10000000 in 2011. i'm doubling it only. i'm primarily because of go with it. so i think what we can think of as being impacting the media that you should be all they've had to fight to m expense, which is actually quite the release of this. yes,
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most of children magazine has been delayed to lock downs, but how many and her team and now putting the final touches on the issue, knowing they work has never been more important. elizabeth moran of al jazeera rose above author, dish environmentalists and scientists and rome are trying to save the cities famous pine trees from a particularly nasty insect invade up a species common in north american forests has been spreading through the city for 3 years. out of here as adam rainy went out with a team. so trying to beat the bugs, a sick pine tree and roam gets the equivalent of a shot to curate hills. that's he bought on the corner deanna. that will be what i mean, the misery. we cut the whole 4 millimeters in diameter and then inject the tree with a pesticide within pump the solution in by hand. that way we can monitor the pressure to make sure we don't overwhelm the tree while making sure the treatment gets distributed throughout the plant to be what their target,
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the north american pine port scale. invasive species has infested thousands of trees across the city. it 1st landed on italian shores in 2014 likely hitching a ride on wood imports. to the untrained, i can be quite tricky to tell a healthy tree from a sick one experts look at the undercover of the canopy to see if there are any black needles or some sap being released that's on the side of the tree. when you look up close at what's going on, you can really see the damage being done. like we see on these pine needles, there's dozens of small insects, sucking the sap out of the needles. and what that does, it creates conditions for fungus to grow on the needles and suffocate the plant, making it nearly impossible for the pine trees to produce their own food. so they basically starve. rome has been known for tech, conic stone pine trees since ancient times. artists have sought them out, tourists and locals alike,
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look to them for shade and inspiration. francesco mounting gallow, lead a group of activists trying to save these treasured trees. they pressure politicians and raise money to pay for treat you events. ok to devine on, non charity must have bodily, we are not going to be able to save all the time, but we still must intervene with force immediately covering all the affected trays . treating it like a panoramic likelihood that she, the vaccine for these trades is to inject them to save them at lender. biologist said this treatment cut into therapy is too costly to be considered a long term solution. some experts think they'll need to import another insect from north america to prey on this invasive species. a risky prospect to do this, you need to perform. i really care for rest assessment and not easy sir, because you have to be sure that the introduction of new in sets will not change
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d and your environment that could take years until then, activists will keep raising the alarm and funds to save as many as their beloved pines, as they can adarine dizzier rome. just ahead here on that is it's for 2 of your most successful football teams. we're about to renew that champions, league rivalry. andy here with that for the rest of the days. actually just the news
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news news with me. ah ah the ah ah.
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again, plus for every thank you so much, you know, brush it all and it just made a winning starts the european champions, lead campaign last seasons, quarter finalist to win is against the sheets f, english st. jude bellingham giving goldman a lead here against the circus champions. any time boat, and it was bellingham, who, short timeline to set up no waging, strike earning holland a number to his 21st golden competition in only his haven't seen the game. in a few minutes, found liverpool take on a symbol on the sides of met in the competition twice before both times in the final liverpool winning in 2005 milan. so trophy a couple of years later, spanish champions at westco madrid host. last season's quota families port. so when the other group be fixture, this is the strongest group we had, obviously, since i met liverpool, no doubt about that. i have think 2013 when i was a dog. when we had that champion sleep group, that was a proper group as well. and everybody said before, my god,
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how you want to get through that and stuff like this. it's all about. you have to play the games anyway. but that, that for the competition is grow, it keeps out to really good football teams from the know golf stages that is already clear. south korea is jump motors and piling still is of booked their spots and the asian champions league quarter finals. jumbo just made it through own penalties like i finished one or extra find the to tom champions. getting the better of thailand's pass him united full to in the shoot. i got a slightly easy form of it, a 1st off goal. so then base in japan's reach or psycho won mil, how the world and see don't think agency will review where the cannabis should remain a banned substance. i mean follows us. princess shikari richardson missing the talk, carolyn picks off the testing positive for the drug. water says cannabis will remain banned next year, while more research is carried out. what it says, the rules are aimed for the moment, the catching athletes who use kind of during
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a competition recent research that concluded there was little evidence to support the idea that the drug can enhance performance. the presidents of world athletic sebastian co says it's time to see if the rules can be changed. but we've been talking to chauffeur oak and the former director of ethics and an open case for she says, a review of the issue is overture. to be perfectly honest, there is very limited scientific evidence for the inclusion of virtually all the substances on the prohibited less than cannon. this came from the original international and pick committee list prior to the setting up of water. and water said when they set up their prohibited list, there would be 3 criteria for inclusion. that would be, you know, that the health impacts it would be performance impact. but also something rather nebulous, the spirit of school and a substance just had to fit 2 of those 3 criteria. i do expect something is going to change. we saw a change in 2018 when water added some confusion really to,
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for athletes when they allowed cannot be dial, which is c, b, d. but of course c, b, d is it's very difficult to obtain without some other form of the active candidates ingredients. so we were still seeing problems continuing even from them, but it would be really nice if water undertakes this review and publishes the scientific evidence behind its decision that would certainly help in terms of transparency of governance. but i do see that this is, you know, it's just a no brainer for most of a finance doping. what are its performance benefits? we really don't know. it is more a misconduct issue. the sports should be dealing with quite differently. now the presence of a to me to show cause the slightly nervous white the surf is attempting to focus on winning the world title surface sort. safety on the jet skis while the shark was
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cleared from the competition area under a new format. the world championships came down to this one day events in california. previously wilton was cited on points gathered throughout the year. olympic gold medalist crease and more of the united states. one of the women's championship for 5th time amends event was won by gabriel medina. it was the brazilians 3rd will championship. will surfing also made it to limpid w this year i've been talking to the mens will champion about the impact of that have and also how it felt to be. what's a close to that shock during tuesdays events? i feel like you were safe, you know, that's why we went back to the water. but yeah, something that you don't want to hear very, very often. and i'm just glad everything worked out and it was ok. the shark was bruising around the you. you went to the silverware thing, the big help grow
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a lot for everyone that even the place that he didn't have ocean, you know, they didn't have any contact with surfing way mode. you to watch other than to, to get to know our support. so those really good for sharpie on the, i think those huge and they experience to be there was amazing. you know, of course i wanted to do the final with the hello. i love the in the me, you know, what, all the grading you know, just to be there today or even bigger, you know, because the pigs and all of that. so how we have that 100 percent. okay. more champions league action coming up from in a couple of hours. fine, but for now that is, it takes time for us to pass the baton to our colleagues in london,
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bob or sarah with more news and just a few let me talk to you. thanks. so much i news, news, news, news, news, the much more of the communities they live in, no matter how much it's a presentation as much as anyone else's going to like the main. it's one of the most polluted part of the niger delta, and now it's people say they want a clean up all that is for the bottom and with the media love, the coverage covers you just when you suffer calamities. i don't think that's right
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. and that is what i want them to change. i wanted to go further to cover story stuff, impact the lives of people to, to flip the stories that i was really passionate about. the stories with the government will try to keep him in the story stuff, drop the fixed narrative and depend on the reality on the thought is why i became a john, mr. hammond. i booked as who's one of the well, my powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises. central to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people and behind the death of many more. exceptional access to some of its key players reveals the inner workings of an organization telling the name to many as the blood alliance. inside the sin, a la carte house part 2 of a 2 part investigation. people and power on al jazeera play an important
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role protecting human. ringback face in the south and north korea has ballistic missiles, ours apart raising tensions between the 2 rivals. ah, hello barbara. so right, you're watching out just a real life from london also coming up to be clear. i believe we're enough. and i also live in an.


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