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the way we all click, i agree to the terms and conditions that's designed, and most of us never even give it a 2nd. and actually, that's designed as ali riggs blow is how designers are manipulating behavior in the final episode. all hail the algorithm on the. ready this is al jazeera ah, hello barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our life from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes south and north korea test, ballistic miss styles, hours apart, raising tensions between the 2 rivals. a month after the taliban took control of cargo afghans that show what they can to feed their families. plus to be clear,
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i believe, learned. and i also an entire system that enabled and perpetrated his view olympic gymnast slime the f. b, i for mishandling the sexual abuse investigation into teen dr. larry nascar and a billionaire, a health care worker, and to contest winners, prepared to blast off on a 3 day trip into space without any extra notes on board. in school, little messy has made his european debbie for paris, sons, your man, and his 1st champions league game away from boss alona. seymour health, a 11 draw by club british. ah, well as we start the news, our,
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let's take you straight live to the white house with us president joe biden is due to announce a new defense alliance with britain and australia. let's listen in the independence of sovereign states, the peaceful fellowship nations. and while we have always looked to a child, what we believe is right, we have never lifted each other. always together, never a line. our world is becoming more complex, especially here in our region, the in the pacific. this affects us all. the future of the in the pacific will impact all our futures to make these challenges to help deliver the security and stability average and needs. we must now tie our partnership to a new level, a partnership. the thanks to engage not to exclude, to contribute, not tight, and to enable that empower not to control or coerce. and so friends office is born
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a new enhanced trilateral security partnership between a straight in the united kingdom and the united states. orcus, a partnership where our technology as scientists, our industry at offense forces are all working together to liberal cipher and most secure region that ultimately benefits all. orcus will also enhance our contribution to our growing network of partnerships in the, in the pacific region. answers as the on friends of bilateral strategic partners, the quad 5 eyes countries. and of course at the pacific family. the 1st major initiative of august will be to deliver a nuclear power submarine flight prescribed. i have the next id months we will work together to seek to determine the best way forward to achieve this. this will include an intense examination of what we need to do to exercise an new killer
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stewardship responsibilities here in australia. we intend to build the submarines in adelaide, australia in cause cooperation with the united kingdom and the united states. but let me be clear, the strategy is not seeking to acquire nuclear weapons or establish a civil nuclear capability. and we will continue to meet all our nuclear non proliferation obligations. stria has a long history of defense cooperation with the united states and united kingdom. for more than a century, we have stood together for the course of peace and freedom. now divided by the beliefs we share, sustained by the bonds of friendship, we have forged, enabled by the sacrifice of those who have gone before us, and inspired by our share hope for those who will follows. and so to die, friends, we re commit ourselves to this cause and the new orchestra vision.
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i'm delighted to join president biden. and prime minister morrison tonight's that the united kingdom, australia, and the united states are creating a new trilateral defense partnership. none is orcus with the aim of working hand in glove, to preserve security and stability. in the endo pacific, we're opening a new chapter in our friendship. and the 1st task of this partnership will be to help a stray lawyer acquire a fleet of nuclear powered submarines emphasizing of course the submarines in question will be powered by nuclear reactors. not armed with nuclear weapons. and our work will be fully in line with our non proliferation obligations. this will be one of the most complex and technically demanding projects in the world. lasting for decades and requiring the most advanced technology. it will draw the expertise
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that the u. k has acquired over generations dating back to the launch of the roll navy's 1st nuclear submarine over 60 years ago. and together with the other opportunities from orcus, creating hundreds of highly skilled jobs across the united kingdom, including in scotland, the north of england. and the midlands taking forward, this governments driving purpose of leveling up across the whole country. we will have a new opportunity to reinforce britton's place the leading edge of science and technology, strengthening our national expertise. and perhaps most significantly the u. k. australia and the us will be joined even more closely together. reflecting the measure of trust between us, the depths of our friendship and the enduring strength of our shared values of
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freedom and democracy. only a handful of countries possess nuclear powered submarines and it is a momentous decision for any nation to acquire this formidable capability and perhaps equally momentous for any other state to come to its aid. but astray. lawyer is one of our oldest friends, a kindred nation. and a fellow democracy and a natural partner in this enterprise. now the u. k. will embark on this project alongside our allies, making the world safer and generating jobs across united kingdom. thank you. over to you, mr. president. thank you board and i want to thank that fell down under. thank you very much. appreciate this privacy.
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i am honored to day to be joined by to america causes allies, australian united kingdom, to launch a new phase of the trilateral security cooperation among our countries. as prime minister morrison and primus, or johnson said, i want to thank you for this partnership, your vision, as we embarked together on this strategic mission. although throughout the u. k. and us partnership, august, to sound strange and all these acronyms. goodwin, arcus, our nations, will update, enhance our shared ability to take on the threats of the 21st century. just as we did and the 20th century. together, our nations and our brave fighting forces have stood shoulder to shoulder for literally more than 100 years to the trench fighting a war one, the island hopping war 2 during the frigid winners in korea and the scorching heat in the persian gulf. the united states, austrian united kingdom,
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have long been faithful and capable partners or even closer today. today, we're taking another historic step to deepen and formalize cooperation among all 3 of our nations. because we all recognize the imperative i'm insuring pieces stability and endo pacific. over the long term, we need to be able to address both the current strategic environment in the region and how it may evolve. because the future, the reach of our nations in indeed the world depends on a free and opening up a civic, enduring and flourishing in the decades ahead head. this, this about investing in our greatest sources, turn our alliances and updating them, and to better meet the threats of today and tomorrow. it's about connecting americans existing allies and partners in new ways and amplifying our ability to collaborate. recognizing there is no regional device,
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separate in the interest of our atlantic and for civic partners. indeed, this effort reflects the broader trend of key european countries plain and greenly important role in the pacific. france in particular, already has substantial indo pacific presence as a key partner and ally and strengthening the security and prosperity of the region . the united states look forward working closely with france and other key countries as we go forward. and finally, this initiative is about making sure that each of us has a modern capability. most modern capabilities, we need to maneuver and defend against rapidly evolving threats. arcus will bring together our sailors, our scientists, and our industries maintain and expand our edge and military capabilities. and critical technology such as cyber artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and undersea domains. now, as a key project, under our case,
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we are launching consultations with australia acquisition of conventionally arm nuclear powered submarines for its navy. conventionally armed. i want to be exceedingly clear about this. we're not talking about nuclear armed submarines. these aren't conventionally arm submarines that are powered by nuclear reactors. this technology is proven it say in the united states and u. k. have been operating nuclear power submarines for decades. i have asked secretary austin to the department of defense to lead this efforts for the u. s. government. in close collaboration with the department of energy and the department of state are governments will now launch an 18 month consultation period to determine every element of this program from workforce to trainee requirements, to production timelines, to safeguards, nonproliferation measures, and to nuclear stewardship and safety to ensure for compliance with the,
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for each of our nations commitments on the nuclear nonproliferation treaty will all undertake this effort in a way that reflects the longstanding leadership in global mom, collaboration and rigorous verification standards in partnership and consultation with the international atomic energy agency. so i want to thank the prime minister prime minister marson, and prime minister johnson for their friendship, but mostly important for their leadership and partnership as you undertake this new phase of our security cooperation. and the united states will also continue to work with asi on and the quad. as was stated earlier, our 5 treaty allies and other close partners in the pacific, as well as allies and partners in europe and around the world to maintain a free and open it up pacific. and build a future, a piece, opportunity for all the people of the region were joining together or partnerships
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are getting stronger. this is what we're about. i want to thank you all and i look forward to seeing both of you in person very soon. i hope. thank you. thank you. the we're listening there's in us president joe biden, during that video meeting with the screaming prime minister scott morrison. and the british prime minister bar is johnson announcing the creation of this partnership called orchestra between the u. s. u. k and australia. now some of the top lines, they said that this partnership will promote deeper information and technology sharing deeper integration of security and defense related science. and also crucially that the 3 leaders were going to support a screen in acquiring nuclear powered submarines but not nuclear arms. so conventionally armed the submarine,
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so that video meeting between the 3 leaders just finishing. now let's go to al jazeera mike, hannah, who joins us live now from washington, d. c. and the was also listening to that. now, these 3 countries of obviously, historically had cordial relation to so why the need for this partnership now? well, it's interesting that there was one word not mentioned by any of the 3 leaders. and that single word is china. there is no doubt that this new alliance is in response to what the us and its allies, but the as a mountain chinese threat in the, in the region. and what you have is now a formalization off alliance between these 3 countries, which is directly aimed at countering that chinese threat. it is very significant, significant, in terms of forging this alliance, the sharing of highly sensitive nuclear technology. for example, in the past, the u. s. some u. k, share nuclear technology in terms of propulsion systems,
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for example. now australia is being brought into the fold. a very significant step forward in terms of the relations between the countries. but one must point out as well is that this is another level in terms of alliances that are being forged or have been forged in the past. the quad, for example, the us, japan, india, and the u. k. they were formed a long period of time ago. then you had the 5 eyes and intelligence gathering operation between 5 allies, including australia and the u. s. so this is building up on blocks in terms of alliances between traditional allies. but underlying it all is that threat that is perceived to be coming from china, and this is perceived as a way to come to that. and how do we, or, i mean, obviously it's just happened now, but that is perceived to be coming from china. and this is perceived as a way to come to that. and how do we, or, i mean, obviously it's just happened now,
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but how do we expect the china itself to, you know, to react to this creation of a partnership? well, that's an important question, but it is something that will play out the threat has not been made real or a parent. as i said, there was a careful move not to mention the word to china during this announcement. so certainly there's no intention to provoke china in any way. it is a warning shot across china's bows, in terms of the fact that the alliance is going to stick together, it will actively attempt to restrict china's influence in the in the pacific. already for example, you have a u. k crop carry and the region operating in conjunction with a couple of us nuclear power submarines that is understood. so this is already underway in terms of policing,
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the waters part of which china lays claim to which is highly sensitive, strategically for the western allies. but i'm, i just mentioned quickly as well. there's some other issues here. it appears that australia has not turned its back on bronze. it had a submarine deal with problems in terms of which france is going to provide some 80 conventional apollo submarines been problems for that project all along. now it appears that australia is turning its back on that moving into this alliance with the u. k. in the u. s. in terms of delivering a nuclear propulsion submarine. so that's not going to do much for relations with the french. then of course, there is another issue which underlies all this, and that is iran. iran is likely to argue very strongly publicly. now that while australia is able to build a nuclear driven submarine, it to can use it's neck to nuclear technology to do that because these allies have made clear that this is no counter to the nuclear proliferation treaty. president
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biden stated that explicitly. so there's all sorts of issues that will come out of this that may go far beyond what is essentially a defense packed to on an advanced technological basis between the 3 countries. very interesting to see how it all plays out like hannah, with the latest on that from washington. d. c. mike, as always, thank you. and the tensions are definitely rising in the korean peninsula. north korean media says the country as test fired. another missile barely a day after it launched ballistic myself prompting condemnation from south korea and the u. s. the latest launch was reportedly fired from a railway with state media, calling it an efficient counter strike weapon against threatening forces. south korea also tested its own ballistic miss silo earlier in the day as it wraps up its defense capabilities. but mcbride reports from sol. this highly provocative missile test was carried out while china's foreign minister,
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one year was insole for tools with his south korean counter path with north korea high on their agenda. but of course, we all want to contribute to the peace and stability of the korean peninsula. for example, not only in north korea, but also the countries are conduct the military actions. so we should have all parties make joint efforts to region dialogues. this was wangs last stop of a foreign nation tour of east asia. as china looked to counter the increasing influence of the us in the region and north korea risks angering beijing with this latest launch, south career is hoping china will use its considerable influence over north korea to bring it back to the negotiation table with each missile lodge but seems less likely and shows even china's control over its neighbor is limited. north korea has also claim to have tested a new type of long range cruise missile over the weekend. and it comes after a military parade through the streets of young gang last week,
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facing an economic crisis from international sanctions. and from the pandemic, combined with food shortages for damaging storms. it seems the show of military muscle is intended as much of a morale boost at home as showing the world, it is still a force to be reckoned to it. and it comes as south korea developed its own military hardware. on wednesday it successfully testified, a ballistic missile from a submarine becoming only the 7th country and the world to master the technology. it also announced advances in high powered ballistic and supersonic cruise missiles, as both careers continue to develop their arsenals. robert bride al jazeera sol, its been one months since the taliban seized cobble and the crisis and gown his son is only got worse. more than 3000000 people are internally displaced as drought and famine. dr. thousands out of the countryside and into cities. unicef says
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a 1000000 children could starve to death if their immediate needs are not met. food is running out and 14000000 people could be pushed to the brink of starvation in just 2 weeks. around $10000000000.00 and acids remain frozen outside of the country . banks are running out of cash and they warned that they may have to close their doors unless the government releases more dollars or some. bon jovi reports from capital if you're looking for bargains, gobbles german market is the place to be from fridges to carpets. all household items are bought and sold here, but this market wasn't here a month ago. this trade began after tens of thousands of people left the african capital. when the taliban took over these days, many others are selling what they can to make ends meet. as jobs have dwindled, the population of cobbled has increased tens of thousands of people move from their homes at the thought about the territories across. have gone to sun. many a sheltering and make sure the camps in the city will send
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a slightly how much the government of afghanistan is doing everything you can to provide job opportunities to africa. and we call an africans to stay and not to migrate and to help develop the country. although our guns have not seen this level of peace and security in cobble for decades, people are still concerned about the future. i don't have hope like before, the security is now better, but the state of education will likely be affected in the future. but there is a generational divide in the opinions of women. and so the mother says she's happy, there is no more bloodshed and insecurity since the taliban, segregated people by gender, she believes the model problems of you have been dissolved. so the and her mum came to the bank to get some cash that some short supply for hundreds of these people who are coming to the bank every day. the biggest problem is the cash french every half hour. only a few of them are allowed inside and then they go in the draw just about $200.00
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every week. most of the people here are government employees are $77.00 who have not been paid for a month because of the cash shortage prices of everyday items are rising and with people's dictates purchasing power, businesses are suffering. well, how much is a business student who has learned to fix mobile software to make and meet the q at the bank extends to his shop or not? he's losing customers. he needs to pay his monthly rent of $700.00. like many i've done, he's concerned about the future, but willing to give the taliban a few years to see if the group is sincere in its promises to make people's lives better. maybe if the taliban government are going well and they bring some facilities for our pupils, different the i will stay here with the country. they're frozen the gun central banks assets until the taliban delivers on. it's human rights pledges in the queue . the banks will continue until the unblocked those billions of dollars some a bon jovi, the other. there are couple. meanwhile, f canister, guns,
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acting deputy prime minister, has appeared in a video to deny report. city will sort of a clash with a rival faction in the clip released by the taliban on twitter of the tiny better that says he is safe and healthy. the brief video shows him seated next to an interview. we're reading from a sheet of paper. the denial follows days of rumors that supporters of batter that had clashed with members of the county network, a group affiliated with the taliban. based near the pakistani border, members of a canister, on junior women's football team have fled across the border into pakistan. girls who played for the under 14, under 16 and under 18 teams, arrived in la whore on wednesday. the sports governing body fever has said that it's working to evacuate those remaining in afghanistan, the taliban band, women and girls from playing sports in the 1900 ninety's. but it has indicated there will be fewer restrictions now. while african women living around the
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world have shared photos of themselves in colorful traditional dress to protest against clothing regulations under the taliban activists say that they were shocked to see women wearing had to tow black robes. hearing a demonstration in support of the taliban at campbell university on saturday. in response, many african women overseas of post that photos and bright dresses, declaring this is afghan culture. this is how we dress. while the new taliban regime has promised to allow women more freedoms, it has been dated. the segregation of genders in classrooms, and women and girls have been ordered to where he jobs us olympic gymnasts have accused the f. b, i of turning a blind eye to the sexual abuse that they suffered at the hands of their former team. dr. larry nasa for athletes gave emotional testimony to a senate judiciary committee,
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which is looking into the f. b. i's mishandling of the case that's there has been jailed for sexually assaulting hundreds of women and girls. shebra can see reports from capitol hill the hearing coming order. officially. this was a hearing about the f. b. i's mishandling of the investigation into the sexual abuse of women and girls treated by former olympics team, dr. larry nasa. but as soon as testified, it was clear, their goal is to go much further. to be clear, i blame, learn as her. and i also blame an entire system that enabled and perpetrated him to be nasa has been sentenced up to 235 years in prison, but the department of justice report found the f. b. i had been alerted to his abuse in 2015 and didn't take the allegation seriously. it didn't even in the local authorities, which meant nasa continued molesting athletes when the allegations were finally investigated. officials minimize the athletes suffering. i told them i walked the
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halls of tokyo hotel at 2 am, and only 15 years old. i began crying at the memory over the phone and there was just dead silence. i was so shocked at the agents, silence, and disregard for my trauma. after that minute of silence, he asked is that all once nasa's behavior was exposed to agents lying to the d. o j inquiry into what are gone so wrong, they haven't been prosecuted to their conduct controversially. the department of justice refused to testify about why that was the case, but the survivors of the abuse. this is just the latest example of a broken system, not just of the f, b i and the department of justice, but also at usa gymnastics and the u. s, and then pick in parent, a big committees whom they said did everything they could to cover up the abuse building, prosecuting those involved and the cover up the survivors want a full, independent investigation. nothing should be off limits, it should go back decades and that has not been done. and it's been something that we've been asking for for years and years. and so i personally would like to see
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all 3 organizations completely investigated and the scope of it matters because until we know all the facts, it's just guesswork. also speaking of a hearing, the current director of the f b i. he wasn't in charge during the investigation into nasa. i'm sorry for what you and your families have been through the validations, raised by well known world class athletes are not taken seriously by the f. b i what hope to other victims of sexual assault. it was clear from their testimony that these 4 lim pm sealed of the official responds to their abuse has not been sufficient. she ever tennessee al jazeera capitol hill. lots more still to come in this news hour, including growing frustration in the southern mexico city. where the government is stopping thousands of migrants from heading to the us. the indian children shut out of school and forced to work. can the young journalists fighting to raise awareness
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about them and, and sport the doping rules that ended this printers? olympic dream could be about to change details coming up later in the show. ah hello there. we've seen some very unsettled weather across southern parts of france over the past few days that thanks to violent storms and provincial rain that lead to widespread flooding in southern areas in particular, the department of god. now we've had read alerts out, they have been lowered to amber warnings as the storms continue, but they are pushing more centrally to the north east. we are going to see some of that heavy rain effect, northern parts of italy ansley vina. we could see some localized flooding there is going to be wet weather for much of germany and poland on thursday. we've also got a swelling weather system bringing the wet and windy weather to denmark and part of
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scandinavia. now for the fine dry up conditions we have to look for the british isles and island though we will see some rain edging in from friday. i want it does look rather wet centrally for the balkans, we are still seeing some hot and sunny weather. we've got the temperature rising in belgrade. if we have a look at serbia over the next 3 days, we're going to see some sunshine on thursday, but it is going to get cooler as a wet weather kicks in on friday. those storms running across hungry into ukraine is wet weather on the way for the baltic states. by the time we get into the weekend now for the beer in peninsula is starting to dry up. but we'll have the wet weather moving in on friday. the it's one of the world's most powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises, central to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people. and behind the death
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of many more. exceptional access to some of its key players reveals the inner workings of an organization telling the name to many as the blood alliance. inside this, in a la carte house.


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