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we have to look to the british isles and island though we will see some rain edging in from friday. i want it does look rather wet centrally for the balkans, we are still seeing some hot and sunny weather. we've got the temperature rising in belgrade. if we have a look at serbia over the next 3 days, we're going to see some sunshine on thursday, but it is going to get cooler as a wet weather kicks in on friday. those storms running across hungry into ukraine is wet weather on the way for the baltic states. by the time we get into the weekend now for the beer in peninsula is starting to dry up. but we'll have the wet weather moving in on friday. the it's one of the world's most powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises, central to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people. and behind the death of many more. exceptional access to some of its key players reveals the inner workings of an organization telling the name to many as the blood alliance. inside
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this, in a la carte house part 2 of a 2 part investigation, people and power on al jazeera cut, one of the fastest growing nations in the world. i needed to open and develop into national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and trade and money skilfully enough. re key is up to about filling up from it of connecting the world, connecting the future the cato cut to gateway to whoa trade. oh, a
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reminder. now the top stories on i'll just you were on a month after the taliban took control of the african capital kabul. the country is facing a major humanitarian crisis. more than 3000000 people are internally displaced, and 14000000 could be pushed to the brink of starvation in just 2 weeks. north korean leader kim jong sister has threatened the complete destruction of ties with south korea after both countries conducted ballistic missile tests ours apart. and the u. s. u k. and australia say that there forming a security partnership in the, in the pacific region, the healthiest premium government acquire nuclear powered submarines. the leaders of the 3 countries announced the deal in the last half hour in a joint virtual news conference. let's talk a little bit more about this partnership with brett brewin, who's a former director of global engagement at the white house under president obama.
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sir, thank you. so much for joining us here, and i'll just 0. now considering that the u. k. u. s. and australia, our historic allies, do you think that this partnership was necessary and if so, why? i think it is necessary. it's a new level of friendship. if you will, one that is clearly designed to send a message to beijing. look, we are not only close allies in a number of areas are ready. we're going to vary swirlies remain focused on the security threat across the pacific region. so at the beginning, i think this is little more than a new friendship treaty. obviously there'll be some benefit, but i think we're also going to see a situation where over the course of the next few years, this will deepen. and it's the kind of alliance that both the u. k. the united states and other countries need to develop to deal with the threats that we're
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facing from china and elsewhere. and scott morrison, the australian prime minister, emphasized how, basically one of the commitments is that they will support us freely and acquiring nuclear power. would a submarine. so that's the obvious, been in fit to really how would you see the other countries benefiting? well, they've got serious security concerns about china's activity. let's not forget, china is claiming large swats of the south. china sea are building islands out of the ocean. so it is important that every possible military capability can be brought to bear, to send a clear message. and if you will, a deterrent to china for getting overly aggressive for trying to intimidate some of those other countries in the region as well. that we have additional military support will feel the warm glow of the western alliance. and that may help to keep them on the side of democracy. human rights. and the hope is that china will have
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less influence in the region. it may be that france is not necessarily going to feel that warm glow that you were talking about because it looks like france is going to lose out on a quite a considerable contract to that. now, streaming will probably sign with the u. k. how do you think that that might impact what you know when you called the western alliance? but of course, frances, a western country, not part of this partnership. it isn't. and look, you're going to continue to see the squabbles over well, you know, who's getting what share of, whether it's military contracts or even just, you know, the, the promotional value. and obviously, you know, france is a long history of wanting to carry out its own self serving in many respects, diplomacy. but it's important that a lot of those smaller differences, those, you know, personal financial interests are set aside to deal with a very significant challenges that we're facing. so i hope that the response from
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parents will be one of welcoming. this is another important security structure. and that we look for other ways to bring in you partners, not only france, but other nations, as well as other nations across the pacific region. because we're going to have to put together layer upon layer of security structures in order to deal with the numerous challenges. china, obviously we've gone astounding. the developments they are terrorism once again becomes a big concern. and let's not forget russia continues to metal. and in some cases, invade countries for brewing former director of global engagement at the white house under president obama ser, thank you for sharing of use with us. while speaking of western alliances, the collapse of the african military and nato's chaotic withdrawal has pushed the european union to unveil plans to improve its defense capabilities. proposals to create a joint european force. a face proposition from some member states. but european
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commission, president or cylinder line says it's time for europe to do more on its own. that our european union is a unique security provider. there will be mission, where nato, all the united nations will not be present. but where you are should be. you can have the most advanced forces in the world, but if you never prepared to use them of what use all day, what does has helped us back until now? is not just a shortfall of capacity. it is the lack of political will. at least 2 people have been killed after. yeah, many security forces fired on protest her as in aden and will color demonstrations of erupt in cities across southern yemen over widespread poverty. and electricity outages for testers blocked major roads by setting tires on fire. the saudi back governing alliance is struggling with a complete collapse of public services in areas that they control,
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unemployment and spiraling inflation. of compounded the misery country where most of the 29000000 people rely on aid. the un says it's withdrawing 450 ga, beneath peacekeepers from the central african republic following allegations of sexual abuse. the un mission in the ca are says, an investigation has been opened by gabon. previous allegations of this kind of not resulted in any convictions. the peacekeeping mission was deployed in 2014 to help restore stability after the collapse of the government. the international criminal court has approved our request to open an investigation into the philippine governments as so called war on drugs. the judges say president rodrigo to pet as crackdown cannot be seen as a legitimate loan for spent operation. the test has been accused of increasing abuses against civilians during the campaign. thousands of people have been killed
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in anti drug operations. go to southern mexico now where the frustration is growing because tens of thousands of migrants are stuck waiting for a response to their assign them requests. many are struggling to find food and shelter. officials are overwhelmed and lack the resources needed to deal with the exponential growth in a final requests. many migrants in the c, p step or 2 that are surviving by selling what they can on the streets, unable to find work without legal status. the authorities are accused of using excessive force to stop them heading further north. manuel rap hollow has more now from top of we are in a tool about 50 kilometers north of mexico's border with guatemala. and just to give you a sense of the scale of the migrant crisis here in the city, the municipality of health, who lives somewhere around 350000 inhabitants. the estimates that we're hearing of
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the migrant population is anywhere between 35100000 migrants that are currently stuck here. is that, but you know, we use the term stuck because that's the government's the mexican government strategy with the strategy and policy of containment. preventing migrants from moving north for the united states. and what that's done is created one of the largest bottlenecks for migrants on the american continent. now we're seeing people here predominantly from haiti, thousands of people from haiti. we were at a protest and march earlier today. we're haitian migrants were blocking traffic, were blocking off roads, asking the government to allow them to give them the necessary paperwork to allow them to leave up at you and go to other cities of mexico where they may have better opportunities, better access to health care of migrant shelters here how to collab through security concerns there security because there's concern over the ongoing coping. 19 health emergency given just the sheer number of people that are crowded together, living in unsanitary conditions, many of them sleeping out here on the street. so what we're hearing from
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international observers and what we're seeing for ourselves is simply an unsustainable situation here in tampa. greece has been accused of excluding child refugees from school and denying their right to an education that's despite receiving millions of dollars in education funding to provide school aged children with learning opportunities. or for more, we're joined now from athens by daniel. go to van a senior advocacy advisor for save the children. so thank you so much for joining us here and i'll 0 1st of all, explain the situation to us. what kind of numbers are we talking about? and what is it that is stopping these children getting the education? so the numbers are of refugee migrant children that are actually attending school in greece are shockingly low. so even prior to the corporate 19 crisis, only started a refugee migrant children were attending school and the last school year. although
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there isn't comprehensive government data, the situation was particularly bad for children who lived in refugee camps where there was only 15 percent of children who are actually attending school. and in the reception centers even lower than not less than one percent of children were attending formal skills. so the situation was chronically bogged prior to corporate and gall significantly worse in the, in the last year. i mean, obviously coverage was a great disruptor of education because a lot of children had to effectively learn through the computers. and i'm guessing that things like why fi, or even having a laptop would be very difficult in a refugee camp. but even prior to cove, you mentioned, lack of sufficient staffing, absence of transport, arrangements,
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community hostility towards these children. and what is behind that? what is being done to prevent that, considering how much money greece is getting to make sure that these children do get some kind of education? the right, these are the 3 key factors that save the children and the group counsel for refugees. identify the body or is to education for these refugee kid. so no transport to schools or not been organized in a timely manner by local authorities and community hostilities or the local communities, or lobbying or local politician to exclude refugee children. and although i think is important to point out any significant amount of community solidarity with refugees locally in greece as well. and these, like i said, they were compounded by the corporate 19 crisis where there was school closures.
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and the restrictions on the movement of refugees from camps which led to the worst sitting of the war sitting of the situation. the, the, the issue can be resolved. the what we are calling for is for the, the government of greece. to remind the local authorities, there is an obligation on them. so it is greek law that all children are on the terrace. she must go to school and then to take her seriously at all levels of government to solve the chance for issues to solve the staffing issues and to show political leadership to ensure that refugee market children are not excluded. and ostracized. and we should also mention that, of course, greece,
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i'm sure would say that they haven't had the kind of assistance or sharing from other countries that they would expect. so, i mean, that's a, you know, the backdrop against all of this. but just remind us, when we say that greece is receiving money from, you know, to, to, to take care and give these children an education. where is the money coming from? when could any pressure come from their? so in greece, since 2015, when there was a cigna, african received billions of euros of support from european union to manage migration. it also received significant budget support for its national education budget. so $800.00 we last year as well as specific money for refugee education. it is also worth noting that the part you all is as you direct if the all migrant 5 them seekers should be
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integrated into national education systems within 3 months of arriving in the country. so there's clearly the resources. there's the legal framework and there's an obligation both on the, on the creek, governments take the seriously and to solve the problem. and then again, i'm sorry, just time for one last question. i mean, just talk us through what the impact impact is on these children. not to have an education especially i guess in you know that the key ages the early stages well. busy the lack of an education is keith child development, so this is absolutely critical and catastrophic if they are effective way excluded from school, particularly. so for the children that live in, in camps and sub standards conditions with very little hope that their ability to go to school to learn,
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to interact with their peers is absolutely key to, to their development. is there right? and it's been denied moment then care of and senior advocacy advisor, advisor for save the children, assert. thank you so much for speaking to us. activists say school closures in india. meanwhile, due to the pandemic have forced more children into work, a magazine produced by young people aims to highlight the problem, elizabeth per on them. it's some of it's journalists in photos about in order to prevent the state. these are the youngest journalists in the city of fiddles, a bomb. they're working on the next edition of the unique magazine, bol vonny. but your key vars, are the voice of children is a magazine by and for young people about child labor and they've right. somebody make the man, the stories that we write for the magazine are all related to children and inform
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readers about the reality of our town. when we share these stories with government officials, it helps them understand the difficulties that children face. the 14 year old harmony has been contributing to the magazine for 2 years. she lives in an impoverished area, fiddles about where entire families are employed, and the glass bangles industry. she convinced one neighbor to stop her 3 daughters aged between line and 12, from working and send them to school instead, whatever. we have 5 children and no one to help us. so when we were in financial difficulty, we asked the children to work a lot of children here work and at home our children started helping us. like when we were going through a rough patch. the baby sent her children back to school when her husband recovered from an illness and could work again. but not every one would do the same . it was about glass bangles industry is 200 years old and the factories and
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known for the poor working conditions. generations of families have been employed in the trade, although many work from home. when we woke narrow lanes of fiddles above, we can see many children making bangles rights group, say school closures because of corona virus. and then an outbreak of bengal fever may more children afford to work because they don't have access to online learning . in this home, children as youngest 6 sit in front of small flames using the heat to join broken glass spangles. they do this for up to 8 hours a day. child labor is illegal in india, the rights group say it's difficult to stop those working at home. you have try live, but 10000000 in 2011. i'm doubling it only. i'm primarily because of go with it. so i think what we can think of as being impacting what it means that you
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should be always had to fight to spend, which is actually quite the release of this. yes, most of children magazine has been delayed to lock downs, but how many and her team and now putting the final touches on the issue, knowing their work has never been more important. elizabeth moran of al jazeera it was about author for dish. facebook has been criticized for hiding internal research that shows it's instagram app makes body image issues worse for teenage users, especially girls. according to the wall street journal, the study showed that teenagers blamed the platform for anxiety and depression. campaign groups and lawmakers of accused the company of putting profits 1st. instagram has defended itself saying it plans to play down posts. they could spike a negative body image. right, time for support. now here is andy. thank you so much. barbara. liverpool and ac
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milan produced another classic nights of champions league football. liverpool emerging is 32. when is that failed in the teams opening group gang the echoes of the 2005 fun. when liverpool recovered from being 3 goes down, this time milan hit back from being one neil behind 2 goals in 2 minutes. just before half time. putting the italians ahead. after the break miami sala, bringing liverpool level, the gyptian had already missed a 1st penalty. and then jordan emerson at school spectacular. when i play governor's impulse or with the other things in this group, they drew neil neil little messy, started the game for p. s g. for the 1st time he hit the woodward and got books in this game against club bruce, killing them by face it up and around for the games opening. go finished 11 in the 2nd half worrying. so the p. s g isn't back leaving the feel but with an apparent
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ankle injury. english teenager jude bellingham gave fresh adobe the lead against turkey champions, sheets any bo spelling, and then set up no wages truck early holland. number 2, this is 21st. go. now in his 17th game and the competition see want to determine the final scope south create job motors and po, hang stealers, have books, their sports and the asian champions lee quota. finally, jumbo just made it thrown penalties after the game finished $10.00. after extra time b to con champion, getting the better of thailand's at some united for 2 in the sheets out. po, hang how to easy a tom of it 1st off, go. so then beat japan's 3 to suck up one nail. now the world anti doping agency will review where the cannabis should remain a banned substance. to move follows us princess chicago richardson missing the so carolyn picks after testing positive for the drug water says kind of this will
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remain bound in 2022. well, more research is carried out. what a says the current rules are aimed at catching athletes who use kind of is during a compet fission. a recent research concluded there was little evidence to support the day that the drug can enhance performance. the presidents of world athletic sub co said it's time to see if the rules can be changed or we've been talking to chauffeur row can be former director of ethics and, and see the open u. k. sports. she says, a review of the issue is order for you to be perfectly honest, there is very limited scientific evidence for the inclusion of virtually all the substances on the prohibited less than cannabis came from the original international and pick committee list prior to the setting up of water and water said when they set up their prohibited list, there would be 3 criteria for inclusion that would be, you know, that the health impacts it would be performance impact. but also something role. the nebulous, the spirit of school and a substance just had to fit 2 of those 3 criteria. i do expect something is going
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to change. we saw a change in 2018 when we added some confusion really to, for athletes when they allowed cannot be dialed, which is c, b, d. but it was c, b, d is it's very difficult to obtain without some other form of the active cannabis ingredients. so we were still seeing problems continuing even from them, but it would be really nice to florida undertakes this review and publishes the scientific evidence behind its decision that would certainly help in terms of transparency of governance. but i do see that this is, you know, it's just an, a no brainer for most of a financial doping. what are its performance benefits? we really don't know. it is more a misconduct issue. the sports should be dealing with quite differently. all the
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presence of a 2 meter long, sharp cross, the nervous white, the surf is attempting to focus on winning a will title. the surface safety on a jet ski while the shark was cleared from the competition area under a new format. the world championships came down this one day events in california previously will possible decided on points gathered throughout the year. elliptical med list. teresa moore, of the united states when the women's championship for 5th time, the men's event that was won by gabriel medina. it was the brazilians 3rd world champ car, complete from gabriel. surfing also made so limpid this year. i've been talking to the mens will champion about the impact that had and also how it felt to be so close to the shock. during tuesdays events. i feel like you are safe. you know, that's why we went back to the water. but yeah, something that you don't want to very, very often. and i'm just glad everything worked out then
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was ok. question cruising around you. you went to the silverware thing, the big help grow or sport everyone that even the place that he didn't have ocean, you know, they didn't have any contact with surfing way both you to watch other than to, to get to know hours. busy so those really good for sharpie on the, i think those huge and their experience to be was amazing. you know, of course, i wanted to do the, the final with the pillow laws in the family, you know, but all the great things you know, just to be there today, even bigger, you know, because the lean pigs and all of that. so how we have that 100 percent.
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all right, that is surfing world champion. gabriel medina. so can you say or earlier on today? get back to barbara inland or they thank you very much for that. now in the coming hours for civilians are set to make history on board a space ex mission. without any professional astronauts. the inspiration for is due to blast from cape canaveral. canaveral in florida. it will orbit the earth for 3 or 4 days before splashing down in the atlantic ocean. a billionaire entrepreneur will lead 3 for loose space flight novice is on the trip with the mission, almost entirely automated. the amateur crew have spent months on a training course to prepare for the historic trip. i'm going to be the 1st black female highlight of a spacecraft ever. and to me that just blows me away. and i want to encourage the next generation to dream that this is possible. much more on that on our
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website, al jazeera dot com. i'm going to be back in just a few minutes with a news news, news, news. news meet you ice small natural rocks from outer space that survive the journey down to us and have high market value for rock and minimal collectors under the world's joins the moroccan nomads in their desert such with these gifts for adults.
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yeah, i can tell that it's a meter i had it is it is i me to roy, morocco's meteorite hunters on orders to know where the fires are and where they are going. greeks look to the skies worrying side helicopters have been getting close to major towns and cities. this one has just become much bigger. and if you can see by the train tracks the fires, climbing up the hill just behind us on the ground, this is what the business of fighting fires looks like. holding back the inevitably of mother nature's fury is dangerous and exhausting. we're trying to give whatever the hope is, the fire will stop when it runs out of fuel. but for the moment, the fuel is everything inside al jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts full cabana dot. the 1st un envoy
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trying to bring peace to the middle east. how is negotiations with him? la health, save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count on al jazeera ah, south and north korea tests, ballistic miss styles, hours apart raising tensions between the 2 rifles. ah, hello barbara, are you watching al jazeera life from london? also coming up? i believe larry nasser and i also believe an entire system
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that enabled and perpetrated his olympic gym.


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