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tv   [untitled]    September 16, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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animals, things like that, my child shouldn't go through the program, but open your eyes to tennis, if you, well today on algebra, ah, me the us, the u. k. and the strictly unveiling, use offense packed for the indian pacific region would be streaming this to get you clear. powered submarine, ah, how am i here? this is al jazeera life phones coming out. and north korea tests, ballistic. michelle's just iris apart spray some tension between the 2 bibles and in the region a month from the taliban takeover of carpool.
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sell their possessions 2 foods on the table, plus to be clear. i believe larry now her and i also use an entire system in a board and perpetrated his view american gymnast doing the f. b i for turning a blind going to sexual abuse. teen dr. marinez ah, the leaders of us, history alia, and the u. k. have announced and you in the pacific security line seen as a strategy to can to china's influence in the regions the orca partnership will see corporation in areas including cyber and underwater defense. and official intelligence failure also gets new nuclear power submarines. the british and
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american help so far the us only share such technology with the u. k. august will bring together our sailors, our scientists, and our industries maintain and expand our engine, military capabilities and critical technology such as cyber artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and undersea domains. now as the key project under archive, we are launching consultations with australia acquisition of conventionally our nuclear powered submarine. we're opening a new chapter in our friendship. and the 1st task of this partnership will be to help us trailer acquire a fleet of nuclear powered submarines emphasizing of course the submarines in question will be powered by nuclear reactors. not armed with nuclear weapons. and our work will be fully in line with our non proliferation obligations. the 1st
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major initiative of august will be to deliver a nuclear power submarine flight prescribed. i have the next id months we will work together to seek to determine the best way to achieve this. this will include an intense examination of what we need to do to exercise our new killer stewardship responsibilities here in australia. let's get one from mike hannah. he joins his wife from washington, dc. it might just tell us a bit more about this new defense packed well, it certainly is a wide ranging alliance. it ranges from aspects of artificial intelligence, for example, cyber technology, and under water events in particular. and the most tangible form of the alliance that is going to be seen is providing australia with nuclear power submarines. now the last time the u. s. shed at nuclear propulsion technology was with the u. k.
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back in 1958. now, australia is going to become a member of that tiny club as well with both the u. k and the u. s. helping it develop a nuclear power submarine fleet, which is going to have a massive impact on the indo pacific region, particularly with regard to the strategic conflict that is continuing the the us and u. k. already maintain a significant naval presence in the region. but injecting into that nuclear power, australian submarine is certainly going to ratchet up the whole situation and actually bring this new cold war under the water as well as on top of it. and mike, that had been announcement between the, the us leaders of the u. s. u k and the united states, they're all very careful not to mention china. they do seem like the elephant in the room here. i see. think this is likely to effect relations between
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washington emerging a very large elephant indeed. and you are correct to mention that not one of them said the name china during the addresses that in veiling this particular lions. but there's little doubt, according to most analysts, that the motivating force behind forging this alliance with focus on the specific is what these western nations regard. as of china's expansionism, particularly it's control of the in the pacific, some parts of which it claims that its own particular areas. and there's already been a reaction from china, the embassy here in washington, as issued an angry statement saying, and i quote, country should shake off the cold war mentality and i do logical prejudice. but there are other international ramifications as well. there's been absolute theory from france, which had concluded to deal with australia to provide some 90 conventional college
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submarines that belong being a problem. but that particular project. but now france is saying that the alliance has cost all its relations with brands in terms of turning its back on that deal that the problems had signed with australia. so that's one international impact. another international impact is going to be very important to, and that is that a country like iran is liking to argue that it was straight. you can use nuclear power technology. so to can it, if it does not country contravene nuclear proliferation treaties. so you are going to have a situation where iran will lucky very strongly that it has the right to use nick nuclear technology. it's submarines. so many more aspects to this deal are likely to come forward, but it isn't alliance. it's going to have a massive impact on the strategic says of that particular region. ok, mike hannah, that bring is the very latest in washington dc. thank you. might. laurens cor, was
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a former us assistant secretary of defense and retired navy captain. he's currently a senior fellow at the center for american progress and says that this is a significant step for a number of reasons. i think 2 things. one is to send a message to china that if they keep being aggressive in the south china sea and, you know, taking over more and more of it, they're not, they're going to confront not just the united states with the united kingdom and australia. it's also something that we did in the cold war when we had what we called and this united states, australia, and new zealand together to combat what we saw the soviet expansionism in the, in the, in the region. so basically, i think this is to send a message from china, and i also think the timing is appropriate given what has just happened in
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afghanistan. people concerned about is the united states still going to be there? we need it. and the other thing is we supposedly did not check with our allies enough ganesh, than before we went out. this is a signal we're still working with. the british, basically the united kingdom is the biggest naval power in europe sell to have them . and of course the united kingdom, so long history of involvement in the, in the, in the area. so i think it's important to get them involved with this as, as well. and again, it makes it trying to think twice before they keep trying to control parts of the of the, the south china sea. well, earlier on, wedding stable north and south korea conducted ballistic missile task just hours apart. the sites military successfully launched myself on the water that creates
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the 1st country without nuclear weapons to develop such a system as rockman point reports. this highly provocative miss l test was carried out while china's foreign minister one year within sol for tools with his south korean counterparts with north korea high on their agenda. but of course, we all want to contribute to the peace and stability of the korean peninsula. for example, not only in north korea, but also other countries are conducting military actions. so we should have all parties make joint efforts to region dialogues. this was wangs last stop of a foreign nation tour of east asia, as china looked to counter the increasing influence of the us in the region and north korea risks angering beijing. with this latest launch, south career res, hoping china will use this configurable influence over north korea to bring it back to the negotiating table with each missile lodge, but seems less likely and shows even china is control over its neighbor isn't
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limited. north korea has also claimed to have tested a new type of long range cruise missile over the weekend. and it comes after a military parade through the streets of young gang last week facing an economic crisis from international sanctions. and from the pandemic combined with food shortages for damaging storms, it seems the show of military muscle is intended as much of a morale boost at home. as showing the world, it is still a force to be reckoned to it. and it comes as south korea develops its own military hardware. on wednesday, it successfully testified a ballistic missile from a submarine becoming only the 7th country and the world to master the technology. it also announced advances in high powered ballistic and supersonic cruise missiles, as both careers continue to develop their articles. robert bride al jazeera sol. well more details are emerging about wednesday is miss aw launch by north korea.
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state media says and you will, we born miss l system was tested and which is for these for the k c. any news agency appears to show miss l being far form a train table is sick myself, reportedly for 800 kilometers before landing in the sea. off north korea's east coast has been one month since the taliban captured cobble and seized control of a gun. it's dawn groups in some governance no faces the challenge of providing for millions of people facing poverty, starvation and with foreign funds. drawing up a cash crisis is also looming. the phones and java reports my phone calls. if you're looking for bargains, gobbles german market is the place to be from fridges to carpets. all household items are bought and sold here. but this market wasn't here a month ago. this trade began after tens of thousands of people left the african
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capital when the taliban took over these days, many others are selling what they can to make ends meet. as jobs have dwindled, the population of cobbled has increased tens of thousands of people move from their homes at the thought about the territories across. have gone to sun, many, a sheltering and make shift camps in the city. nobody will send a slightly touch with the government of i've kind of stone is doing everything that can provide job opportunities to africa. and we call an africans to stay and not to migrate and to help develop the country. although our guns have not seen this level of peace and security in cobble for decades, people are still concerned about the future. i don't have hope like before, the security is now better, but the state of education will likely be affected in the future. but there is a generational divide in the opinions of women. and so the mother says she's happy, there is no more bloodshed and insecurity since the taliban, segregated people by gender,
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she believes the modern problems of you have been dissolved. so the and her mom came to the bank to get some cash that's in short supply for hundreds of these people who are coming to the bank every day. the biggest problem is the cash french every half hours. only a few of them are allowed inside and then they go in. they can draw just about $200.00 every week. most of the people here are government employees are the servant who have not been paid for money because of the cash shortage prices of every day, items are rising and with people's dictates purchasing power. businesses are suffering. mohammed is a business student who has learned to fix mobile software to make and meet the q at the bank extends to his shop or not. he's losing customers. he needs to be his monthly rent of $700.00. like many i've done, he's concerned about the future, but willing to give the taliban a few years to see if the group is sincere and it's promises to make people's lives better. maybe if the taliban government going well and they bring some facilities
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for our pupils, different the i will stay here with the countries are frozen the african central banks assets until the taliban delivers. and it's human rights pledges in the queue . the banks will continue until the unblocked those billions of dollars some a bon jovi, the other. there are couple. therefore civilians have just made history after taking off on a space ex mission without any professional assaults on boards. the well that's the moment said that the inspiration for the last at all, for from a key cannot roll. that was just over a 10 minutes ago. no. once they make an inch or but they will over for 3 or 4 days before washington in the atlantic ocean and a billionaire entrepreneur jerrick isaac command is one of 4 amateurs who are on
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board that trip. that mission is almost entirely automated to see space mission going most most fields become here on our era, preparing for a potential attack for long hoops, horses through their military pace, for military drills. and the un security to cancel steps into the dispute between ethiopia and its neighbors, over a mega projects, all the details coming up after ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways booted world's best airline of 2021. hello there is more wet weather on the way for east asia. not only because of tropical storm shampoo, but we've also got
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a band of cloud running from north east china all the way down to the south west and that's bringing a lot of rain to switch one province. we could see some flooding as those rains for heavily over the next few days, but we've also got souls and showers affecting the south is gonna be wet weather in hong kong through to the weekend. for shanghai though, it does dry up. as the tropical storm pushes out towards south korea, now it is slow moving, but it is bringing with it's very heavy rain of $250.00 millimeters, expected, and wind gusts of up to a 100 kilometers per hour and some dangerous sees with that. so lots of heavy rain on the way for south korea and southern parts of japan. can you shoot? she co, coo and han. she would like me to see some very heavy falls over the next few days . now we moved to south asia. it's a similar story for india. we've seen the monsoon in full force in good. you're right state. it's now moved up further north to low pressure in charge. so lots of heavy rain up in the north. we could see some localized flooding here,
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but not only here, also in the north east, we could see some more flooding in bangladesh. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best airline of 2021. meteor ice small natural rocks from outer space that survive the journey down to us and have high market value for rock and minimal collectors. alders even worlds joins the moroccan nomads in their desert such with these gifts from nascar. add up until that it's a meter, right? had it is it is i me to roy morocco's meet you write hunter's on the ah ah, the me
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is out there a quick reminder of the top stories for the leaders of the us history and the u. k . have announced and you in the pacific security alliance, j t, counter china's influence in region. see all chris alliance o c corporation in areas including the fiber and water defense, north and south. can we have tested those cells, tested what it called a real weight born my cell system over the salt form, a submarine that time long as most significant annual military drills are under way. the week long military exercises include life, fire drills, and computerized war scenarios. katrina, you has more from teaching taiwanese flight, a jet circle disguise before landing to quickly refuel and take off again democratically. so fruit island is conducting military exercises to prepare for
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a potential assault like chinese bosses. aging continues to, i want its own territory because unification is inevitable. the taiwanese leader saying, when disagrees, she says the island isn't independent state and has rejected china's one country to systems proposal. i think it is that the intention of the taiwanese autonomy to send a signal to the chinese auto reply that they would not surrender or would not be pressure to go back to their negotiation table. whatever unification. cy has made modernizing taiwanese military a priority. much of the force relies on equipment provided by the united states, its main security ally. the biden administration sent an unofficial delegation to the island in april. and his mulling over allowing its de facto embassy washington to change its name to the more official sounding taiwan representative office. the
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moves have inflamed tensions between washington and they may well the u. s. should abide by the one china principle and the refrain from sending wrong signals to taiwan independence. in august, china's people's liberation army conducted its own drove near the island. its flight gets breached high, wants air force defense zone on an almost daily basis. chinese analysts say type pays combat capabilities, cannot stand up, debate ging, ever since. the beginning of the 1960s china mainland already had sufficient military power to take over to one by force. china has decided not to do that. and even today, china is still talking about peaceful unification. presidency, however, has not ruled out taking the island by 4 pages has removed the limits on his rule and many he believed he wants to make reunification with taiwan, a part of his personal legacy. taiwan has been given separately since the chinese
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civil war in the 900 forty's. washington stance of strategic ambiguity means there is no guarantee it will. a type pe should be ging attack as tension build over the taiwan strait. the islands population of $23000000.00 are holding their breath and hoping the status quo will be maintained. katrina, you al jazeera paging. european union has unveiled plans to boost the blocks military capabilities. the collapse of the afghan government and hasty nato withdraw the switch to e leaders to the current site. the alliance for security bumps proposals for a joint european force, half based off position from some member states. so many cane has war from berlin for much of the 20th century. and certainly for all of this century, there have been loud voices raising the question of what europe can do more to guarantee its own security,
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its own defense provision. and that sort of thing. the central question being, what role should you play, what role shouldn't need to play? but now the president of the european commission of fund line has spoken about what she thinks is the way ahead or your opinion is a unique security provider. there will be mission where nato, all the, your united nations will not be present. but where you up should be. you can have the most advanced forces in the world. but if you never prepared to use them of what use are they? what does has helped us back until now is not just a shortfall of capacity. it is the lack of political will. it's an interesting time here in germany following those comments from most of the fund deadline because 2 of the leading contenders to replace angular medical as chancellor have spoken about the need for an enhanced relationship with the united states,
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its presence in nature and its presence in europe, so clear commitment and support from these leaders, these potential chancellors for the idea, both of anchoring nature in europe, but also enhancing an e u. military side of things. other questions might be raised. what about the united kingdom, which has always ruled against and rallied against the idea of an e u military? what concerns might it see here? lots of questions right now. not so many answers. us olympic gymnasts of accused the f. b, i of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse. they suffered at the hands of former team, dr. larry nasir for athletes, gave emotional testimony to a us senate judiciary committee. she returns, he has more the hearing will come in order officially. this was a hearing about the f, b. i's mishandling of the investigation into the sexual abuse of women and girls treated by former olympics team, dr. larry nasa. but as soon as testified, it was clear, their goal was to go much further. to be clear,
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i believe larry now sir. and i also believe in an entire system that enabled and perpetrated his abuse. nasa has been sentenced up to 235 years in prison, but a department of justice report found the f. b. i had been alerted to his abuse in 2015 and didn't take the allegation seriously. didn't even let local authorities, which meant nasa continued molesting athletes when the allegations were finally investigated. officials minimize the athlete suffering. i told them i walked the halls of tokyo hotel at 2 am, and only 15 years old. i began crying at the memory over the phone and there was just dead silence. i was so shocked at the agents, silence, and disregard for my trauma. after that minute of silence, he asked is that all once nasa's behavior was exposed to agents lying to the d. o j inquiry into what are gone so wrong, they haven't been prosecuted to their conduct controversially. the department of
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justice refused to testify about why that was the case, but the survivors of the abuse. this is just the latest example of a broken system, not just of the f, b i and the department of justice, but also at usa gymnastics and the u. s, and then pick in parent, a big committees whom they said did everything they could to cover up the abuse building, prosecuting those involved and the cover up the survivors want a full, independent investigation. nothing should be off limits, it should go back decades and that has not been done. and it's been something that we've been asking for for years and years. and so i personally would like to see all 3 organizations completely investigated and the scope of it matters because until we know all the facts, it's just guesswork. also speaking of a hearing, the current director of the f b i. he wasn't in charge during the investigation into nasa. i'm sorry for what you and your families have been through the allegations raised by well known world class athletes are not taken seriously by the f. b i what hope to other
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victims of sexual assault. it was clear from their testimony that these 4 lim pm's feel that the official response to their abuse has not been sufficient. she ever tennessee al jazeera capitol hill. a former kosovo military commander has gone on trial at a special court in the netherlands. sell him, stuffing the keys to the murder, torture, cruel treatment, and arbitrary detention of civilians. during the conflict with survey in the 1990 s, that baba reports january 1st night. he's accused of terrible crimes during castillo's war for independence from serbia in the late 1900 ninety's. but as he became the 1st to stand trial in his special tribunal in the netherlands, sally, most of or rejected the charges telling the judge i am not guilty of accounts brought here before me by this gustavo office view. the good stuff was in april 999 must f, o was
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a commander in the rebel costs of liberation army. the kaylay. the prosecution says he was responsible for the torture of at least 6 people, and the murder of one person added attention compounds. it says the victims were accused by cause of those ethnic albanian rebels of collaborating with serbs or not supporting the kaylay these people. they were not enemies of the state of kosovo. they were not spies. they were fellow community members, innocent, kosovar, albanians whose only crime was to be viewed for one reason or another as an impediment to the kaylay in certain of its leaders. the cost of a war is believed to have killed more than $13000.00 people. it ended in 1999 after the nato alliance carried out 11 weeks of air strikes against serbian forces. a former deputy prime minister and 5 top former serbian military and police officials were found guilty of war crimes committed during the conflict. that was
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at the un tribunal for the former yugoslavia. but on wednesday, the prosecutor said the salad most f. a hearing was a milestone for this cause which has taken 6 years to bring anyone to trial. that was one of the failings of the international criminal tribunal for, for me was lobby not to be able to really sentence any cost of liberation, army soldiers and commanders where it was clear that some war crimes had been committed not to the same scale and intensity as those by the serbian army that it's quite clear, but they had also committed war crimes. the new courts activities are highly sensitive in kosovo, where the former rebel commanders still dominate political life. in june 2020 than president hashem patchy was indicted for his alleged role in nearly a 100 murders. while he led the k l. a. he's currently being held in the hague, awaiting trial. nadine baba al jazeera egypt says, see if you hear him
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a seriously works was reaching the binding agreements over a controversial dam on the now river. after the un security council colson negotiations to continue. christian salumi has more form. the un, the security council statement calls on the 3 countries to move forward with the african union lead negotiating process in a, quote, cooperative and constructive manner. discussions under the a you have stalled, even though the 3 countries 1st agreed to work together back in 2015, e p. o b, a considers this dam on the blue nile vital to its economic development. but egypt and su down are concerned about the impact it's going to have on their own water supply, particularly in drought conditions. they're supposed to be working together on a dispute mechanism. but again, these discussions have stalled. the security council 1st met on the issue of the down back in july at the request of tunisia. but there was no statement or outcome
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from that meeting to nisha has been trying to get a statement ever since. and to get to this point. they included the coffee that the statement does not in any way set precedents for other water disputes, other trans boundary water disputes in particular. so the reaction to this is a bit mixed. the egyptian foreign ministry released a statement saying that it was a welcome push and important push that forces ethiopia back to the table. but ethiopia says that water disputes are not under the purview of the security council and any claims made as a result of the statement will not be followed ah, era. and these are the headlines, the u. s. history alia, and the u. k. have an artist and new security partnership.


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