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tv   [untitled]    September 16, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm AST

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live in king my how much sick he takes all the major strategic decision from around the world. the water rose so quickly at this new jersey apartment complex. it caught many people off guard. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm have them speaker, this is the news i live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. china has criticized and new security pack between the u. s. u. k and australia, which includes nuclear submarines. french special forces say they've killed, i saw the leader in west africa region 20 tank trucks cross into
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lebanon from syria bringing desperately needed fuel to a country that nearly run dry. me and one giant leap for space tourism or amateur crew are now circling in the earth on space axis. first private trip into orbit and is for lynn l messy. had a disappointing european debbie and his 1st champions the game away from barcelona messes. game were held to 11, draw by club, the bush. ah, the united states and the u. k. you have agreed to help australia develop nuclear power submarines under a new partnership. they're calling because it's seen as a way to count that china, which has condemned the action the alliance because it as an extremely irresponsible threat to regional peace and the bill see more from beijing shortly.
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but 1st, mike, hannah in washington explains more about what's in this new deal. now 3 nation commit. it was an unusual prelude to a bite in white house briefing a video extolling the depth and length of the relationship between the 3 countries . the only time the u. s. a shared it's nuclear propulsion technology was with the u. k. back in 1958. now a trailer will become part of the exclusive club in an alliance, labeled the us presidents joined remotely by the other 2 leaders. the 1st major initiative, a bogus will be to deliver a nuclear power submarine flight for a strike. i have the next id months we will work together to seek to determine the best way forward to achieve this. only a handful of countries possess nuclear powered submarines and it is a momentous decision for any nation to acquire this formidable capability and
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perhaps equally momentous for any other state to come to its aid. and president biden confirmed a few emerging us strategy in the, in the pacific region of allies. we need to be able to address both the current strategic environment in the region and how it may evolve. because the future, the reach of our nations, indeed, the world depends on a free and opening up a civic, enduring and flourishing the decades of head. dan osmond came only alas, off the north and south korea conducted miss altis, hugh and around looking up tension in the region and just ginger says in bundle china was quick to make a call for restraint. amidst mounting international criticism, the word china was not mentioned by any of the leaders during the washington announcement. but there's no doubt that what is regarded as chinese expansion isn't . is a motivating force for the formation of this new alliance. and clearly it would appear
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china think so as well. the chinese embassy here in washington has been quick to issue a statement, saying, countries should shake off the cold war mentality. an ideological prejudice. b, u k, and the u. s. have long maintained the significant naval and air presence in the in the pacific region. in competition with china, the injection of australia, nuclear power submarines could well intensify this new cold war under the water as well as above. mike hannah 0, washington a china delivered its latest criticism of the lines through its foreign ministry, which said the partnership is damaging to regional peace and security. the spokesman added the providing australia with nuclear submarine technology will hurt . international anti proliferation efforts may war. we are the leon,
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the u. k in u. s. are about to export powerful technology to australia and that shows that they using nuclear exports as a geo political tool. applying double standards, which is extremely irresponsible. a strategy or is a non nuclear weapon state party to the n p t and a party to the non nuclear weapons free zone in the southern pacific. now it's importing nuclear power submarine technology with strategic military value has this on the international community including neighboring countries, have raising the question, is commitment to nuclear nonproliferation china will closely monitor the situation . or the nuclear watchdog says, all 3 nations briefed it about the new alliance. the i. e. a says they've advised that they're committed to maintaining australia, is exemplary nonproliferation credentials, and that they will be engaging with the i. e, a throughout the coming months and process farm as there has hit out at australia
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for cancelling a massive submarine deal in favor of nuclear power. u. s. subs. the french government says it will fight to ensure australia honors the $58000000000.00 deal. it's fine, 2 years ago, government ministers are describing what's happening as a stab in the back. you know, she was the sign a deal, a deal that is not simply an industrial commercial deal by strategic partnership. and we bought a truck on a well, it's back truck in on one's wed. and in terms of jo, politics and international politics, it's serious will surely we'll get the view out of london with the andrew simmons who's monitoring. that's part of the story for the 1st. let's go to kimberly, how can, who's outside the white house for the, kimberly. what's been the reaction to this deal for the us? well, there's no question that in the united states, there is an echo of concerns. we've already heard globally with respect to how this
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plays out in terms of the escalation of nuclear capabilities. now the white house has been careful to point out that this is going to be a new killer, howard or nuclear power capability versus a nuclear armed capability. but still, the nuance is something that is not being recognized fully, that there is a concern that things are going in the wrong direction. now, we should point out that the reason this is a nuclear power versus as armed capabilities because australia is signatory to the non proliferation treaty. and so that's why, but still there is a need that is being felt as far as way it is north of canada. and the other concern and all of this is that when it comes to australia, there is the feeling that perhaps this is a loss of sovereignty for australia. and of course, the snubbing of france as well as new zealand is something that is being recognized
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here in the united states. some even wondering what this means, given the fact that joe biden promised that foreign policy. * defense policy would be done in conjunction with allies, and yet there are some significant allies that appear to be left out. and what does this say? what does it tell us about american priorities in the the endo pacific region? well, what it says is that china is still of grave concern to the united states, and those tensions have been ratcheting up. in fact, they've been rashed up even before joe biden came into office. but if you go back 10 years, this is a priority for the obama whitehouse as well. brock obama identifying that there was a need for reshaping of the in the pacific region when joe biden was vice president . so this is something that joe biden was really a part of early on, but what's important to note here is that when it comes to china policy in the united states, a lot of what donald trump did was an escalation,
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a rationale pretensions has not been undone. by joe biden. and that's important because what this says is that there is still a real concern about the actions of try to even just try to right now. is saying that this will cause regional instability. that's exactly what the united states is accusing china of doing. and so that's what they're putting this on the front burner. they are concerned and they are looking to their allies, albeit with the absence of some notable ones in order to try and counter what they say is escalating aggression. kimberly, how can live 1st in washington? thank you. are you k prime minister boys? johnson has dismissed speculation that the alliance is aimed at china. instead, he emphasized the importance of the ties between the 3 members. ok, this is not intended to be adversarial towards any other power, mr. speaker, but merely reflects the close relationship that we have with the united states and
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with australia, the shared values that we have in the, the sheer level of trust between us landra simmons in his life or sat now in london . so, and you talk to us a little bit more about what is at stake here for the united kingdom. well firstly, you heard the, the prime minister trying to play down the significance of this or because alliance . he also has to deal with another major problem which is a diplomatic storm, or if you will, a synonymy heading across the english channel from paris to london from the foreign ministry in paris saying, this is just, this is just not all, this is a stop in the back a deal behind the back of france between the u. k. and the u. s. with australia to supply these these submarines, nuclear power submarines, not nuclear arm. sabrina has to at this happening when there's been a deal that goes back to 2016 for 12 diesel electric powered
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submarines. but there is a big diplomatic issue over this over whether it was kept quiet now, downing street, the official spokesman for bowers johnson rushing to explain that this just didn't happen over night. yes, it was discussed back in june at the g 7 meeting between the 3 countries. but that's been happening over a considerable length of time. and there's 18 months to go. now, lots of jobs, so far as johnson is actually promoting this within the u. k. as a big post bricks it deal because i haven't come out of europe. this sort of thing is what maurice johnson wanted. it isn't just about defense and actually standing up to china of some right wing as of saying within his government, it's about promoting trade deals. indo china in that region. it's seen by this
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government as a geo political center of the world. and it is a tilt of foreign policy. britain sees, but it can do now is outside of europe and post bricks it deal wise. yes, they believe that security and that part of the world is going to involve more tre deals for britain. andrew simmons lie for us in london. thanks, andrew. let's bring in, i soon ho, he's the director of global and strategic advisory and also an advisor at the pacific research center in malaysia. he joins us now from qual, i'm for. thanks so much for being with us. so we've talked a little bit earlier there about the, the fact that certain nations feel slighted by this deal, that they weren't consulted. namely, france, we just heard there and you zealand, let's talk a little bit more about new zealand. and where they stand on this, they are, they have this policy of not accepting any nuclear,
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they have a nuclear free pacific policy. how is, how is that going to affect that? how is this deal going to affect rather than well, of course, the new zealand would feel a little bit less out from this thought of me do among the united states, australia, and united kingdom. but of course, it could not quite blame d 3 allies because as you said, it has this non nuclear policy which prohibits for example, nuclear power to shoot from birth thing at a part or even appearing the need carried perio waters. so i guess in future when do some sort of joint exercise nevo exercises between the, between australia and new zealand. you would have to be done to id and open c or in
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australian waters, new zealand because i think since 1980 s for a long stretch of time rather than meaning government and they very much arrive what they have arrived that a national consensus on the sort of no, no matter nuclear policy for the country. so in that sense, i think new zealand would have to nowadays, really think carefully as to what sort of a, what level corporation you would like to continue. for example, the united states. and we respect to australia and the chinese government has made very clear how they feel about this deal. does it risk ramping up tensions further in the region? well, we'll, we'll, we'll china then speed up their, their building of nuclear submarines. well i think they're already speeding up the
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building of the nuclear submarines. i think at the moment we are at least 4 to 5 weeks on the construction. and we do sort of australian submarines be able to have a longer range because of the nuclear power. china, all posts would like to ramp up the production saw that, for example, due to some marines with similarly and longer range, potentially reaching un australian shore as some of the ships have done. so, for example, the very ma, correctly last month during the u. s. australian joint naval exercise. good talk you. i somehow joining us there from quality. thank you. thank you. of the to come in this news out why a court has ordered indonesian politicians,
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including the president to take action. currently, pollution and sport want to, well football is best, young players is the match, went up for his team and the european champions li, details later on the show that age. ah well let's go ahead. the 1st france says it's special forces have killed, and then i will, will lead is what are we the leader of i saw in the greater the hollow region he was behind the killing of 6 french charity workers. and then jury and dr. a last year french government held the operation as a success in france is a fight against all groups in west africa sat the death of abilene high. we is a decisive blog i saw in soho, but also is cohesion. it will certainly have difficulty replacing its leader with some one of the important nicholas hawk has more from docker in cynical
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we've heard from the french defense ministry that this neutralizing of also our re, as, as they, as a matter of describes it happens in august. but it's only now that they're renouncing the official death of the head of the isolate. silly in the region. this worry was behind us attacked against american forces in these year, but also against french forces and african maryan forces on the ground in detroit border areas. burkina faso molly and the share he is the significant figure. he was part of the other arm group before that might be to who was responsible for the attack on a hotel and bama co. but before that, he was part of new joe, which was a group that took over the north of molly. so this is a significant attack, at least from from the french's perspective. the timing of it is interesting
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because just yesterday we heard of molly the new molly and authority led by, by, by the military. they're wanting to, to engage with russian mercenary to reinforce their position in molly and try to fight off the arm groups. now franz has said that that is unacceptable. if that was the case, then they will pull out altogether. we heard from the german defense minister yesterday saying that they would do the same. we know that the russian mercenary group wagner is present in the central african republic. and there's been talks and discussions happening in molly. but nonetheless, this is significant announcement by the french to try to bolster that they are the one there to ensure security of you and children's agency is warning of what it cause an education crisis. because schools in dozens of countries are still either partially or fully closed. according to unicef,
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nearly 77000000 students across 6 countries listed in the report. how being affected by the closures, almost a 3rd of those are in the philippines where a new school year started this week. many schools as shifted to remote learning, but with some communities having limited access to technology, a growing number of pupils are at risk of falling behind on their education. yusef also warned many pupils are missing out on school based meals and routine vaccinations. summer, also struggling with social isolation and increased anxiety and could be exposed to abuse and violence at home. well, let's talk now to james elder, his spokesman for unicef and join just now from geneva. thanks very much for being with us. so i want to ask you if schools need to reopen, how quickly can this happen? because obviously it's going to vary in different countries according to their, to their infrastructure, according to their health concerns and so on. look very much. so in unison has said
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this all along with, when you asked how quickly tomorrow, basically if we do it right, why and the all the god isn't signs nouns clearly shown. and that is, you know, make sure children have masks, make sanitation starting those areas that are not so hon, that have lower transmission rates among general population. it can be done. it is being done around the world. you know, the evidence. now a lot of people got things right and wrong. ready for almost a year, the evidence has been very clear that there is much more damage done to children by keeping them out of the classroom. and that they're not the main drivers of the transmission that's really clear science. and so it's possible for post and learning, and i think governments increasingly still need to understand the longer term, the longer term kind from this. if we can't get those children into where they should be, we'll talk to them about what, what these long term effects can be,
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then of, of not being in the classroom for, for such a long period of time. in this world development, we're just seeing that we found the most bang to the bought the thing that gave us jones, why moms and dads get their kids to school. it's why governments invest in education, the biggest return dollar for all children school. that's what build up your local community, that's what build up your g d a. and what we're saying now is we are risky. last generation we, if we got to learn something from total that we are going to learn that help work is resolutely critical. and kids need to be in the classroom, and if we don't learn those lessons and we stop education to depravation, then societies are going to have a problem. why after these pandemic games, so, so the big one is economic. but as you riley said, stress of children, lack of socialization, increasing child marriage, increasing abuse anxiety. these are very real things. the dad is clear on them now
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. but if you want to jump forward, bible can use when we no longer have a can damage. you told me about a loss of burning and loss of what you know, those young people today children can bring to their communities. i just quickly, i know you mentioned about the, the saying the sciences is pretty unequivocal about this. that it's not a danger to, to, to the, to the overall, to the public schools reopen. but there are many governments who are not convinced by that. and they point to numbers that show that koby cases have gone up once the school years thought. so how do you, how do you can to counter that with, with data quite simply, of course, in those countries where the vaccination rates improving, you look at the hospital rights and those, those have been made in countries with less vaccination rates. we see the same thing time and again, children and not the drivers. you don't see the big spikes occurring there when
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they have been some, some spikes, sierra's mom, a general population, as we see would tell you that. we again have to balance that with what children are losing these generation. as we know these don't have issues to face and they want to generations to a climate crisis. and if we continually look at them last rather than schools must be. the 1st thing we reopen, then we, as i say, we will have a problem down the path. but science overwhelmingly. you know, from india to indonesia allow e tamales does show you that children are not the main drivers and that we can reopen in post and learn and could talk to james elder there in geneva. thank you. and singapore, migrant workers have been allowed outside the dorms after being confined for more than a year. more than 300000 low income workers from mostly south asian countries have endured social distancing, cubs fall stricter than the white population they were imposed after the crime
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dorms became the center of the initial code 19 outbreak. last year, singapore has been praised for swift response to the pandemic, and lately for its high vaccination re a much needed fuel has arrived in lebanon to ease the country's crippling shortages. the 1st of several truck convoys carrying iranian fuel fuel from syria was arranged by the iran back, has bulletproof, the shipments violate us sanctions imposed on iranian oil sales zeno quarter reports from bay route. the us sanctions. iranian fuel arrives in lebanon. rock overland from syria, also under american sanctions, has below which arranged the shipment to help alleviate the widespread fuel and diesel shortages in the country sees this victory again, united states. and we assume we have enough supplies for september and october,
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and then we decide if there is a need for or 5th, 6th and 7th ship are importing fuel from iran with us action under the current sanctions. that is why the iranian back lebanese arms group says it chose to offload at a port in syria and bring the supplies through illegal crossings. so lebanon won't have to deal with sanctions related complications. but politics was also at play. has. viola has managed the current crisis very well by presenting itself as opposed to trying to protect the human population in the country. and this role is really difficult to challenge, or even for the united states to oppose the by the administrator, which considers has a lot of terrorist organization has chosen not to respond. some say it is because of efforts to restart negotiations with iran on a nuclear deal. lebanon is entangled and the regional conflict and fuel is being used as
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a political weapon. has the law is being accused of trying to expand around influence here. the response of the united states has so far been muted, but it is supporting another alternative, despite sanctions on syria, it showing flexibility to allow a lebanon to import natural gas from egypt and electricity from jordan. this is parts of daily life in lebanon. fuel is scarce and nearly bankrupt to state . the lebanese government has not commented on the deal to import fuel from iran, but experts say energy sources from iran, egypt and jordan are temporary solutions that won't fulfill long term need. we need to be new power plants. we need to resort, forgot we need to invest in renewables as we need to have a good governance has well as part of the system has. but it's not the form of entity that is willing to do the form. so has valor is not doing anything in the government or anything in the parliament who formed the crisis of the energy. for
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now, has the law long accuse of exploiting the weakness of a state mired in corruption is celebrating the geopolitical implication of what appears to be the pro iran alliances growing power. then there was ita they wrote a lead us from the west african block eco s meeting and gone us capital across to discuss the political crisis in guinea last week. the block suspended guinea after the army stage a coup, removing long term president alpha conduct. the leaders are expected to discuss strong measures, including possible sanctions to force the military to step aside and allow civilian rule manager. this is life was now from guineas. capital can actually so, and what was, well, the eco s leaders trying to achieve him. well, basically like you said in the introduction, we're trying to apply pressure on guinea to quickly restore democratic rule in this
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country, free or suck free. the former president, the post president for candy, was been in detention since the 5th of this month when the cool porters struck. now the other thing is the cool, the course lead is one to avoid a repetition of what happened in guinea in other parts of west africa. remember we've seen something like this happening last year in molly, which of course they guinea and secured for so cool lead as copied in total to implement. yeah, they deposed the money and call it as deposed a bramble, but can cater a point after after pressure from echoing, they appointed an interim government headed by civilians and then they pushed them out again. and now the military's in total control. meanwhile, the course of state meeting is in progress. the introductory remarks have been met
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by the host president who is chairman of course the president of ghana. and that session has gone into a coastal session right now. like you said, they are going to be briefed by delegation sent by a course last week to meet with the military, june to on friday last week, and also brief them on possible measures that could be taken. i guess the new government here in guinea that will also be brief bye bye, of a course representative to the amount of money in crisis for me and during president. good luck, jonathan. about the situation in molly, remember, we can go. he presented our document to the states and government telling them that money is not keeping up to the great time table of democratic transition has him made address in con, actually force thanks a tropical storm, a chance to is spinning closer to southern japan. his jeff with what to expect. hi there. your world's weather update begins in asia pacific and we've got weather
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alerts in play as shown to now starts to steer into southern portions of south korea and also japan, you know, for a hero. she may think over the next 24 hours starting friday will pick up about a 120 millimeters of rain mud slides by and slides. a big concern here. indo china still rounds of heavy rain and particularly hammering southern and central sections of vietnam. once again, it wasn't that long ago that we were dealing with tropical storm concepts and now more rain to come for the philippines. bursts of heavy rain for lose on island. so you know, so it says manila, we do have a flood watch in play, and this is really where we see our heavy as pockets of rain off to the sub continents. and it update on our monsoon rains. what's been gone over the past 24 hours is picked up 10200 millimeters of rain. but then we've also got this vigorous .


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