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tv   [untitled]    September 16, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm AST

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when one by your company is revolutionizing the system, you think plans in artificial intelligence, you're inside, you have you have fries, phone l, just 0. the china has criticized the new security pack between the u. s. u k and australia, which includes nuclear submarines. ah, hello, i'm have them seek. this is jesse and i live from the whole set coming up. french special forces, say they've killed. i saw the leader in west africa, sal region, 20 tank trucks cross into lebanon, from syria, bringing desperately needed fuel to a country that nearly run dry and jakarta residents suing for clean air when
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a lawsuit against their president and other leaders. ah, the united states and the u. k, you have agreed to help australia develop nuclear power submarines under a new partnership. they're calling because it is seen as a way to counter china, which has condemned the lines as an extremely irresponsible in their words, threat to regional peace and security. france has also hit out at australia for scrapping a submarine deal in favor of nuclear power subs from the u. s. calling it a stab in the back. why? under simmons will bring us more reaction from this more reaction on this from us. and we've also got kimberly, how can standing by in washington dc 1st. mike hannah takes us through what's in
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this new deal, 3 nation to me. it was an unusual prelude to a bite in white house briefing video extolling the depth and length of the relationship between the 3 countries. the only time the u. s. a shared it's nuclear propulsion technology was with the u. k. back in 1958. now a trailer will become part of the exclusive club. in an alliance labeled, the us president joined remotely by the other 2 leaders. the 1st major initiative a bogus will be to deliver a nuclear power submarine. flight frustrated. i have the next id months we will work together to seek to determine the best way forward to achieve this. only a handful of countries possess nuclear powered submarines and it is a momentous decision for any nation to acquire this formidable capability and perhaps equally momentous for any other state to come to its aid. and president
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biden confirmed a few emerging us strategy in the, in the pacific region allies. we need to be able to address both the current strategic environment in the region and how it may evolve. because the future, the reach of our nations in indeed the world depends on a free and opening up a specific enduring and flourishing and decades of head. dan osmond came only alas, off the north and south korea conducted miss altis, hugh and around looking up tension in the region. need. ginger says in bundle china was quick to make a call for restraint. amidst mounting international criticism, the word china was not mentioned by any of the leaders during the washington announcement. but there's no doubt that what is regarded as chinese expansion isn't . is a motivating force for the formation of this new alliance. and clearly it would appear china think so as well. the chinese embassy here in washington has been quick to
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issue a statement, saying, countries should shake off the cold war mentality. an ideological prejudice the u. k and the u. s. have long maintained a significant naval and air presence in the in the pacific region. in competition with china, the injection of australia, nuclear power submarines could well intensify this new cold war under the water as well as above. mike hannah 0, washington or china delivered its latest criticism of the lines through its foreign ministry, which said the partnership is damaging to regional peace and security spokesman added that providing australia with nuclear submarine technology will hurt. international anti proliferation efforts may war war. we are the leon, down the u. k in u. s. are about to export powerful technology to
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a strike. and that shows that they using nuclear exports as a geo political tool. applying double standards and which is extremely responsible astrologer is a non nuclear weapon state party to the n p t and a party to the nuclear weapons free zone in the southern pacific. now it's importing nuclear power submarine technology with strategic military value. so the international community including neighboring countries, have raising the question, is commitment to nuclear nonproliferation china will closely monitor the situation of the nuclear watchdog says all 3 nations brief did about the new alliance. the i . e. a says they've advised it that they're committed to maintaining australia, exemplary nonproliferation credentials, and that they will be engaging with the throughout the coming months. let's be now to, kimberly how kit, the white house. so kimberly, what's been the response from the us to this new deal?
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well, the united states is obviously concerned that there isn't a creased and escalated aggression by china. and so has really made this priority. but in terms of the reaction to this, a lives in the united states says this really going to be re shaping up in the pacific relations. there's been sort of a ripple of an ease that has gone, not just through the united states and those raising concerns, but also canada new zealand and even japan. because the concern here is, is that while the united states maintains that this is a nuclear power capability in terms of the technology that's being shared, what people are hearing is the word nuclear. they're, they're not hearing that this will be nuclear armed. they're only hearing, but this is a nuclear capability that is concerning, particularly given australia as non proliferation treaty commitment. but the other
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concern in all of this is, is also an issue of sovereignty. there are those issues being raised with respect to australia and whether or not some of that is being waived. and also there is the concern about the alliance. the fact that this is a partnership made up of just australia and the united states in the u. k. and joe biden promised that his foreign policy would be multi lateral, that it would be working in conjunction with partners and allies. but there are countries including new zealand as. a well as friends that are saying, hey, we weren't included in this, and we're considering this a major snob. so there are some concerns both inside and outside the united states that joe biden may have calculated this. not taking into consideration some of those very important international relationships. and what does this tell us? kimberly about us priorities in the, in the pacific region of the moment. well, it tells us
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a couple of things. number one, this is an administration that is really keen to get the spotlight off of the chaotic withdrawal of us troops in afghanistan. that is something that is continuing to be in the domestic headlines and put a spotlight on not only the secretary state, but also the defense secretary. so not surprisingly, we're going to be hearing a bit more from them today about this partnership. but also this is an opportunity for this administration to carry on what was started 10 years ago under brock obama when joe biden was vice president. he said there was a concern of the increasing aggression of china. there was a need for a reshaping of the in the pacific relationship, particularly when it comes to the defense capabilities, given the aggressions the u. s. ledgers of china in the south china sea. so this is certainly something that is controversial given the fact that if you know joe biden has not done a lot of the trump era policies with respect to china,
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they consider it to be a major concern. and so that escalation, that started prior to joe biden, taking office, just seems to continue to escalate. kimberly, how can live 1st there in washington? thanks. kimberly andrew simmons in london. so, and what is his stake here for the u. k? we know the primary, the boys, johnson was asked about the alliance in parliament. yes, he's pretty chuff, this is to him and to the rest of his government. a big win to have a deal with its close all of the states and australia, which is in the commonwealth to him. it's something that he wanted in post bricks in britain. he's out of do or pin union. now he wanted to have tre, ties with, with asia. defense goes with it. so he's trying to play down any adverse or
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serial intention against china. but clearly this alliance, which is, is totally new and is added to other alliance, such as nato, such as the bilateral alliance with france, britain has, and the some concern in parliament. the questions were coming from the opposition to labor party, about how a britain will not work with nato and how it will view it's. it's all i france's certainly a big problem because france in 2016 how to deal with australia for 12, electric diesel subs. that, of course, has gone to the wayside and france is furious. a diplomatic tsunami across the english channel coming from waste from the foreign ministry, ben wallace, the defense ministry, events minister having to get on the phone to his to his, to the friendship foreign office to say,
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basically that he's very sorry he could understand the frustration, added to all of that, former prime minister teresa may ask this question in the house of commons of all the prime minister. what are the implications of this pact? the stance that would be taken by the united kingdom of fritz response, should china attempt to invade taiwan, to speak, the kingdom remains determined to defend national law. and we, that is the strong advice you would give to our friends across the world. and the strong advice that we would give to the, to the government invasion. but it's a serious question because the u. k is now in this, for the long haul along with australia and the united states, the ratcheting up of tension in that region is significant. and as far as johnson made it clear to the house of commons, that he was backing
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a whole raft with other areas of ministry cooperation, which will move both the british defense industry. hopefully bringing in hundreds of well paid jobs. he says, but also adding to the defense of britain and at the same time getting more technological cooperation with the united states and defense policy. so there's really something of an arms race going on here. and the actual implications for this, this part of this region, which britain wants to hopefully get more trade from as part of its post breakfast situation. this is all a new policy, the u. k. following. and it's not, not going to be backed by everybody by any means in the house of commons, anderson and slot for us in london. now let's hear more about what the french have to say about australia, turning its back on their submarine. you know,
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once we sign a deal a deal that is not simply an industrial commercial deal. foster tejas partnership, and we bought a truck on a well, it's back truck in on one's wed. and in terms of jo, politics and international politics, it's serious. none of us, today's news had hope at last. how a few shipment from iran aims to be the fuel crisis in lebanon, also me one giant leap, a space tourism, and all amateur cruelly circling the earth on space axis. first private trip into albany. ah hello. good to be with you. we have had some persistent rain for west spain golf.
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calcutta picking up more than a 100 millimeters of rain, and diamond harbor pretty close to $200.00 millimeters over the past 24 hours. and still we've got this weather lingering around, especially for coastal sections of bangladesh and show you this vigorous system. we've been tracking over northern areas of india through pradesh, but on friday we start to see a wind down. so i think we're going to lose all of our red weather alerts for the area. what for the west coast of india, but not at great intensity. next, we're going to southeast asia. we've got some dry spells that we can find here for parts the borneo average a card has got some storms in the forecast at 32 and we have a flood watch just north of manila because of heavy bands of rain setting up there . here's the latest on sean to it's now on the move. it's going to slam into southern portions of japan. so we've got weather alerts to talk about landside emergency warning for southeast corner of que issue. also the risk of seen some big waves here, and we got to talk about when, because that will be
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a factor as well. got up to about 87 kilometers per hour. and places like harrow shima could see more than a 100 millimeters of rain over the next 24 hours. that's it for me have a good one. the l g 0 recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts for cabana dot. the 1st un envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east. how is negotiations with himmler help save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east? killing the count on algebra. ah,
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the me again, you're watching, i just 0 reminder of our top stories this out. the u. s. australia and britain are forming a new in the pacific security alliance known as oak. this is being seen as part of a strategy to count to china, which caused the pack, a threat to peace. john is criticizing the alliance and wants that it threatens peace, and beijing says providing australia with nuclear submarine technology will hurt nonproliferation efforts. a waterfront says, hit out that australia for cancelling a $65000000000.00 submarine deal in favor of nuclear power. us subs. the french government says he wants the australians to all of the agreement of france says its special forces have killed and then i believe is how we the leader of i saw in the
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greater so hot our region. he was behind the killing of 6 french county workers, and then i, during dr. a last year, the french government hailed the operation as a success in the fight against all groups in west africa. so nicholas hark has more from the car. we've heard from the french defense ministry that this neutralizing of, of alto, ari as, as the, as a matter of fact describes, it happens in august, but it's only now that there are now seeing the official death of the head of the isolate philly in the region this worry was behind us attacked against american forces in these year, but also against french forces and african molly and forces on the ground in the tri border areas. burkina faso molly and the share. he is a significant figure. he was part of an other arm group before that el mariachi tune who was responsible for the attack on a hotel and bama co. but before that,
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he was part of mood. joe, which was a group that took over the north of molly. so this is a significant attack, at least from, from the french's perspective, the timing of it is interesting because just yesterday we heard of molly, the new molly in authority led by, by, by the military. they're wanting to, to engage with russian mercenary to reinforce their position in molly and try to fight off the arm groups. now france has said that that is unacceptable. if that was the case, then they will pull out altogether. we heard from the german defense minister yesterday thing that they would do the same. we know that the russian mercenary group, wagner, is present in the central african republic. and there's been talks and discussions happening in molly. but nonetheless, this is significant announcement by the french to try to bolster that they are the one there to insure security. a desperately needed fuel has arrived in lebanon. the
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1st of several truck convoys carrying iranian fuel fuel from syria was arranged by hezbollah. zana hotter reports from the route, the us sanctions. iranian fuel arrives in lebanon. rock overland from syria, also under american sanctions, has below which arranged the shipment to help alleviate the widespread fuel and diesel shortages in the country sees this victory again. united states mission and we assume we have enough supplies for september and october. and then we decide if there is a need for or 5th, 6th and 7th ship are importing fuel from iran with us action under the current sanctions. that is why the iranian back lebanese arms group says it chose to offload at a port in syria and bring the supplies through illegal crossings. so lebanon won't have to deal with sanctions related complications. but politics was also at play.
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has bala has managed the current crisis very well by presenting itself as opposed to trying to protect the human population in the country. and this role is really difficult to challenge, or even for the united states to oppose the vitamin ministration which considers has a lot of terrorist organization has chosen not to respond. some say it is because of efforts to restart negotiations with iran on a nuclear deal. lebanon is entangled and the regional conflict and fuel is being used as a political weapon. has the law is being accused of trying to expand iran's influence here? the response of the united states has so far been muted, but it is supporting another alternative. despite sanctions on syria, it is showing flexibility to allow lebanon to import natural gas from egypt and electricity from jordan. this is part of daily life in lebanon. fuel is
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scarce and a nearly bankrupt state. the lebanese government has not commented on the deal to import fuel from iran, but experts say energy sources from iran, egypt and jordan are temporary solutions that won't fulfill long term need. we need to base new power plants. we need to resort forgot. we need to invest and renewables as we need to have a good governance has well as part of the system has not the form of entity that is willing to do the form. so he is not doing anything in the government or anything in the parliament who formed the crisis of the energy for now has belong, accuse of exploiting the weakness of a state, mired in corruption is celebrating the geopolitical implication of what appears to be the pro iran alliances growing power then there elisha's ita, beirut, afghan is phones i kidding, deputy prime minister,
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milan the granny. but our daughter has appeared in a video to deny room. as of his death, speculation had been swirling the door was caught up in a violent confrontation between tyler bond factions, commerce for pardon or the cupboard. i was traveling from toggle, so i had no access to the media in order to reject this new. we assure the dentist on nation mature, dane elders and you not to worry, there's no reason to worry. i haven't heard about it has more in this in cobble the top of a house, thought it for the 1st time, something high ranking officials to talk to the media about the exactly those reports that have been circulating for quite some time about a vis within the highest command of the taliban, and they said that basically those reports were fabricated. and they say that there's an investigation underway to try to find out exactly who's thought of those reports. they say basically the international community from members of the
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international community plus members of the form of government have been spreading . those reports about violent confrontations between donovan and hudson holland. and that those device that trickled down the taliban movement, created a huge divisions. a taliban things become to the came to power in 1996. and it's obvious that some of those debates will definitely continue to reverse the race in the coming days and weeks and months because $996.00 on 2001 with a tiny band would weigh in power. what punctuated later by 20 years of a government backed by the international community. now the tardy bank come to another level. and we are trying to figure out ways to deal with different ethnic groups with the issue of gender issues of how to move forward. what kind of institutions we'd like to have for the future, and how kind of concession should we give to the opposition to be part of this
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government? but at the same time is the opposite. you're willing to take into account that we are the ones who swept through power and that we are the ones that have the upper se enough. connie said these quite interesting debates which are now taking place behind closed doors. the everyone is involved, particularly the top issues of the taliban, are the things that are likely to further shape the future of a country. jakarta residents have won a legal battle for clean air and a case against the innovation presidents and top officials. but it's unclear if it'll translate into any reduction in pollution. patio lopez hold on records it's a landmark ruling, a panel of judges and indonesia, as top government officials have failed to set proper standards to curve air pollution. there are negligence. the court says is partly to blame for jakarta as poor air quality, often ranked among the worst in the world. 32 residents filed the lawsuit against
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the officials. st. pollution is affecting their health, livelihood, and life expectancy. i've been that if the defendants who are also government officials decide to appeal the ruling, they could continue with their negligence. it could put millions of people's lives at stake. the citizens lawsuit was filed 2 years ago and 7 politicians, including to carter's governor unease, both later. and he's now been order to monitor emissions from all the vehicles and trash burning. and the court says president joker, redondo should strengthen indonesia air quality. sanders. it's a problem he has raced before the 2019 he admitted pollution around jakarta was out of control. he recommended moving the capital to another city to east overpopulation traffic and pollution the gap. yeah, ever since my daughter started kindergarten, she's been suffering from nosebleeds. now i know this isn't normal,
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she is really sensitive to pollution and those nosebleeds can last for about an hour, up to 3 times a day. 30000000 people live in and around indonesia, capital jakarta, and air quality report ranks that the night most polluted capital in the world. such levels of pollution can reduce people's life expectancy by up to 7 years. i will say that when i'm out in the city, i can see how much smoke comes out of our city buses. maybe they haven't had an emissions check. a lot of the time i have no choice, but inhale the terrible smoke and it hurts my eyes. my many people in the capital, welcome tighter government restrictions to reduce pollution and i hope everyone including the government will work something out. i support more regulations, so vehicles and factory it's a legal battle for the right to breathe, clean air, one that could set a president for other citizens and environmental groups. the focus now turns to how
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and when the new court ordered measures will be implemented. patsy, a little visit again al jazeera all the trial over the emissions. cheating scandal known as diesel gate has begun in germany for, for my executives of volkswagen are accused of using manipulated software to make vehicle emissions appear law. it's already cost volkswagen. billions in fines and compensation for civilians have made history going into orbit on a space. ex flight with no professional astronauts on board. they've lost it off in cape canaveral in florida. rob reynolds has a story lift off for inspiration for lasting, the world's 1st all civilian crew into orbit. the space ex falcon 9 rocket took off from florida on a 3 day mission that will take it 575 kilometers above the earth. higher even than the orbit of the international space station,
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on board businessman and pilot jared isaac, men who chartered the rocket from space ex isaac men, has piloted a variety of aircraft and will be at the controls. i just really felt at the time, inspiration for was created and knowing that this was, this was going to be a 1st and there's a lot of responsibility that comes with that. that, you know, we had to send a message that there real, real problems and real obligations we have to pay attention to here on earth in order to earn the right to make progress for tomorrow. the price tag to the flight was not disclosed. but isaac mon hopes to raise approximately $200000000.00 for st . jude children's hospital in memphis, tennessee. he donated 100000000 from his own fund. isaac been also paid for a tv ad promoting the mission that aired during the superbowl. the chief medical officer on board will be haley arsenault. she is a physician's assistant and recovered cancer patient who was treated at saint jude's at age 29. she's the youngest us citizen in orbit. i'm really honored to be
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representing kids with cancer and how to cancer survivors. but you know, everyone in life has, has been dealt a certain and everyone's had to overcome something. and i hope that those who are in the process of overcoming something can, can look to me and see the importance of holding on to their fellow am. it's your astronauts include seeing proctor geologist who barely missed being selected as a nasa astronaut in 2000. and 9, there been 3 black female asked and i have made it to face. and knowing that i'm going to be the 4th means that i have this opportunity to not only accomplish my dream, but also inspire and inspire the next generation of women of color. the 4th space traveler as christ kimbrough sky and aerospace engineer at defense contractor, lockheed martin. the capsules docking port has been replaced for the occasion with
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a large window like transparent dome inspiration for the latest foray into space tourism following sub orbital flights in july by billionaires richard branson and amazon founder jeff bezos. space ex, owned by yet another billionaire ilan mosque is one of the leading companies planning for a lucrative mass market in space tourism over the coming decades. rob reynolds al jazeera ah, this is 0. let's get around now the top stories, the u. s. australia and the u. k. have announced the new in the pacific security lines known as ok.


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