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tv   [untitled]    September 16, 2021 9:00pm-9:30pm AST

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countries for the entire pacific region, and i would argue for the world, we also recently marked the 20th anniversary of $911.00. the only time the collective defense article, the treaty, was formerly invoked. that meant a great deal to us. we also remember how australia's parliament very swiftly past the motion offering support the united states after the 911 attacks. simply but we will always be deeply grateful for australia, solidarity for friendship. at one of the darkest moments in our history in afghanistan, australian and american troops serves side by side for 20 years. as part of the nato led multinational missions more than 40 australians lost their lives as part of those missions will never forget their courage. and their sacrifice and we'll continue to work together as we look to the future and afghan stand to insure the terrorist groups. never again use it as
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a base for external operations that could threaten australia, the united states or our allies. yesterday, present by the announced a historic new chapter in our security partnership with australia and the united kingdom. it's called us and it reflects our country's shared commitment to work together to safeguard patient stability in the in the pacific. now and in the future. through august, we will significantly deepen our cooperation on a range of security and defense priorities, including by strengthening our joint capabilities and interoperability in a number of key areas. cyber a quantum technologies, additional under seas capabilities will also work to sustain and deepen information and technology sharing between our countries. and we'll foster a deeper integration of security in defense related science, technology, industrial bases, and supply chains. the 1st initiative under august is our shared ambition to
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support australia, acquiring nuclear powered submarines for the royal australian navy. we're now in barking on a trilateral effort to identify the best way to deliver that capability. i wanna emphasize that there is no regional divide, separating the interest of our atlantic and our pacific partners. this partnership with australian, the united kingdom, is a signal that we're committed to working with our allies and partners, including in europe, to ensure a free and open in the pacific. we welcome european countries playing an important role in the, in the, you know, specific. we look forward to continue close cooperation with nato, with the european union and others in this endeavor. france in particular, is a vital partner on this and so many other issues stretching back generations. and we want to find every opportunity to deepen our transatlantic cooperation in the pacific and around the world. our discussions did reflect how the alliance between
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australian, united states, goes far beyond. our military ties deep and as important as they are. or economic relationship is robust. the united states is proud to be the top foreign investor in australia by far and to be the top destination for australia's foreign investment. were connected by people to people tied stretching back generations and priding today. you know, the 5000 and australian students came to american universities in 2019 and more than 12000 american, studied in australia, discovering for themselves, australia's great natural beauty, multicultural society. and it's easy going, friendliness and beyond these bilateral ties, the partnership between our countries underpins stability and prosperity in the pacific region. as a whole. we share a commitment to democracy in the rule of law. we stand up for human rights stand together against threats to democratic governance, including state sponsored disinformation. we work together to help neighbors in the
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pacific and to take on urgent global challenges. for example, working together both bilaterally and through the quad and other global for to stop the cobra. 1900 pandemic. today, we also discussed the urgent need to respond to the climate crisis by making giving progress in cutting emissions by the end of this decade. and our 2 countries together defend the international rules based order that makes so much cooperation, shared progress among nations. possible to begin with. the world saw china's aggressive response. when australia lead calls for an inquiry into the origins of colbert 19, and beijing has seen over the past months that australia will not back down. and the threats of economic retaliation and pressure simply will not work. i also want to reiterate what i said before. the united states will not leave australia alone on the field or better yet on the pitch. in the face of these pressure, texas,
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we've raised publicly and privately, our serious concerns of our business use of economic course against australia. we made it clear that actions like these targeting, our allies, will hinder improvements in our own relationship with the chinese government. we welcome australia leadership in standing up for universal values that we seek to uphold and helping to shape and into a pacific region where nations conduct themselves in ways that enhance stability, reinforce international law. including freedom of the seas allowed front impeded commerce and respect. the sovereignty of all countries these past 7 years have proven that this is an unshakable alliance. we're deeply grateful for our friendship with australia. we're eager to continue to work closely together for the next 7 years and beyond to ensure a bright and hopeful future for australians, for americans, for people across the region. so thank you so much again from mr. pain, defense minister dutton for traveling here to washington. we're looking forward to
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returning the favor. i'm traveling to australia as soon as we can and welcoming prime minister morrison here next week. when you meet with president biden and leaders of japan in india for the quad security dialect with that. are mr. pay. thank you very much, a secretary blinking and to show you blink and end. stick with your austin. thank you, bye for hosting the 31st or mean consultations. may i also thank those many officials who have been toiling behind the scenes for some time now to prepare for a meeting of this consequence. it is a great pleasure to be here in washington with our friends and colleagues to engage in the mean talks and possible without the work of officials that goes into it. 2 weeks ago, the sales of the iconic sydney opera house were lit up with the stars and
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stripes, the flag of the united states marking 70 years since the signing of the ends is tracy. and for those 70 is our lives has helped to safeguard out people and to enhance the security of our region. and this, along with the other alliance is the united states has in the, in the pacific and many good friendships and partnerships of both nations have formed a bedrock of stability, enabling 7 decades of pace and economic growth. as we face a prolonged period of strategic competition in the indoor to civic, we are now expanding this network, the orcus trilateral security partnership. being the latest example of that. indeed, a stranger in the united states are continually identifying new ways to work together in our region, according to our values and interests and in concert with existing and new partners
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. prod, writhing in washington, minister dawson and i visited jakarta, new delhi. and so where we discussed many of the same issues that have been on the agenda here today. at today's meeting, we have reiterated that our allies and our partners are our greatest strategic message. we are committed to as the centrality and as the lead architecture. and we'll continue working with the quad as a key vehicle to support the indoor pacific. next tweaks quad latest summit. the 1st such meeting in person will be a powerful demonstration of the commitment of 4 nations. we see that competition is happening across a wide range of areas in economics, in diplomacy, in development, in health technology and in great zines. our alliance has long evolved beyond its initial status is a military pact,
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which means it is contemporary. it is well suited to cooperate on countering economic coersion or supporting our regions response to cause at 19 as much as it is on those more traditional security challenges. our approach stems from our fundamental values as liberal democracies of which we are deeply proud. but it is inclusive, there is room for each nation to be itself within that regional framework that protects and respects sovereignty. the champions openness and resists intellectual assertiveness and breaches of international rules and know. we're supporting that vision practically by ensuring that others in the rage and have confidence that there are options available. we are guided by the priorities of our partner countries as we support them in their recovery from clover 19 through enhanced access to vaccines. and strings will help security infrastructure. our question is,
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what do you need? not, how can you serve our strategic interests? we also discussed working together to enhance cooperation on innovation and critical technologies to advance, to pay full use of space through a space framework agreement to counter malicious cyber activity, to build infrastructure, to promote economic growth and independence to combat dangerous disinformation and to drive clean energy solutions that make the world climate targets determination to combine our strengths in critical technologies to drive prosperity, to make security challenges as well as to increase regional stability is well demonstrated by the august partnership, which will integrate areas. it's across science, technology, industrial bases, and supply chains. today,
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we also discussed strategic competition. we discussed the competition of china at a number of levels that require us to respond and to increase resilience. this does not mean that there are not constructive areas for engagement with china straight. it continues to st dialogue with china without pre conditions. let me conclude by emphasizing that united states leadership in the in the pacific remains indispensable. we must compete in order to preserve and to shape the international order that has underpinned decades of prosperity and economic stability. in the pacific. australia's message is that we are an ally. that is looking for opportunities to work together across the region, alongside us leadership, to maintain, to improve security and prosperity for all way.
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good afternoon, minister, praying and minister doesn't. let me also thank you for coming all the way to washington to join us. it's great to see your presence here reflects the strength of what we are proud to call the unbreakable alliance or alignment on the most important strategic issues of the day attached to the enduring value of our partnership. and speaking a partners, i want to thank my friend and colleague secretary blinking for a walk and walking us all to the state department. tony, you've been a great host and thanks for for having us. as my colleagues have made clear, the united states and australia share and enduring bon united by our common values and common interest. and even through more than a century of shared battlefields,
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sacrifice from the sun to afghanistan is not lost on me. and certainly what secretary blanca highlighted just a moment ago that australian troops had been at our side through thick and thin, through every conflict of the modern era. and certainly over the last 2 decades, i've served with them for, alongside our allies from down under. and i can attest to their bravery, their skill, their professionalism in the face of danger. i'm extraordinarily grateful for their courage and for their mate ship. in here today, we still stand shoulder to shoulder as make ready to face the challenges, any opportunities or the future. and that's what this new trilateral security partnership between the u. s. u. k and australia is all about. and the secretary
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blanca noted. an important 1st step for authors will be our efforts to help us trail your acquire nuclear powered submarines. this will significantly improve the australia navy's reach and defensive capabilities. it will also help to contribute to what i call integrated, deterrent deterrence in the region. the ability for the united states military to work more effectively with our allies and partners in defense of our shared security interest. this morning we had a robust discussion across the full range of those security interests to include terrorism, climate change, any increasingly contested security environment. in the endo pacific, we spoke in detail about china's d, stabilizing activities and beijing efforts to course and intimidate other countries
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. contrary to establish rules and norms. and while we seek a constructive results oriented relationship with the p r c, we will remain clear eyed and our view beijing's efforts to undermine the established international order. let me also take a moment to thank australia for its continued support of the marine rotational forest darwin, which is completing its annual deployment despite the difficulties of colbert 19. i'm proud of the breath and the depth of our lives, and it's only getting stronger yesterday, ministry, and i signed a statement of intent that will expand our efforts to co develop advanced defense capabilities. and today we endorse major force posture initiatives that will
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expand our access and presence in australia. we agreed to take immediate steps to improve inter operability through deeper integration. and we've reaffirmed our commitment to expanding multilateral efforts, especially with japan through the trilateral defense ministers meeting. and also with india and so minister, praying minister debt in thank you again for being here today and for a very productive couple of days. and i look forward to working closely with you as we deep in this alliance. and of course, i look forward to joining secretary blinking on a trip to australia at the earliest possible opportunity. thank you very much. let just gentleman know. good afternoon. thank you very much at the bidding here. personally, am i? there is sincere, thanks to the secretary blinking into secretary austin,
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of the hosting. what has been incredibly successful? i didn't do historic always been at a time when it has been difficult, of course to meet in person. this meeting has offered us a great opportunity to build on our story partnership. the most important relationship destroyer has been none and ungrateful for the warm hospitality and welcome that we have received here in washington. to be here in this year. at this time is indeed a great on up the she is a 73rd of history of the signing of the ends is traded. and it's also now 20 years as we will know, since the devastating september 11 terrorist attacks which changed this country. her allies and the world prime minister john howard at the time, invoked the angel tree for the 1st time in the wake of those dreadful attacks. then as now astray, stands with united states. 70 years on el lawrence is stronger and more important than ever. it stands as a pillar of security and stability in the pacific,
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and it's a testament to shared values and our commitment to i secure, prosperous and resilient in the pacific. yesterday. announcements that we have established and enhanced trilateral security relationship with the united kingdom in the us. orcus is further evidence of the strength of these bonds and our commitment to protect shared values and promote security and prosperity in the pacific region. that discussion here today has reinforced as shared commitment to ensuring a lot that is match fit to meet the strategic challenges ahead. it's through this lens that on proud to announce the destroyer and the united states will be significantly enhancing our force posture corporation, increasing its operability and deepening alliance activities in the pacific. this will include great cooperation, 3 rotational deployments of all types of us military aircraft to
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a straw you. we will also establish combined logistics, sustainment and capability for maintenance to support alan hedged activities, including logistics and sustainment capabilities for our submarines and surface combatants in australia. these k activities will be complemented by conducting more by electric sizes and greater combined exercise engagement with partners in the region. what makes us stronger in the us, so effective as an alliance partners is a depth of our corporation. we further advanced corporation to die in science, technology, strategic capabilities, and defense, industrial by see to gratian, which are the key pillars of l. lawrence. this included signing a classified stipend of intent on strategic capabilities, cooperation, and implementation. it will be a k y that we can strengthen capability outcomes,
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deepen l alliance and increase corporation to meet emerging strategic challenges and support regional stability. we also discussed plans to instill accelerate establishment of a strays guided weapons and explosive ordinance enterprise. and we agreed to cooperate on its development. we're also looking towards the di minds that will shape future environment activities. it will expand, destroy, space, knowledge and capabilities. and i'm pleased to announce that the strain department of defense and the united states national reconnaissance office have also committed to a broad range of cooperative settle activities. a stronger and the united states have common values and history of might ship and collaboration in times of war. and in times of pace. it say for no surprise that we have formed such a close and enduring bond over that time. as we stand here acknowledging several important anniversaries for the alliance,
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as well as historic new opportunities between our 2 countries and our partners on positive that we've lied, the foundation for another 70 years of corporation and collaboration. thank you. questions and we'll start with andrea mitchell and in the news. thank you very much. with your indulgence, i have the honor representing all of my colleagues, so i'm going to represent them today with things that are on their mind as well. february blink and new open. today, talking about the strong alliance with france, but after professing at nato, that america is back to all their opinions. what you say to an ally, france, that feels that this raymond, today stabbed them in the back by going and you know, providing nuclear submarines to the australians for secretary austin,
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after 2 days of brewing testimony on the hill. secretary lincoln was asked grilled about questions that really involved pentagon decisions and decisions by other agencies, such as the closing of background, the intelligence assessments, the failure to train up the afghan army as had been expected. should the pentagon also be held accountable for some of the failures in scotland? and for both of you? after those nato meetings in june, you heard very strong objections sector, lincoln to a total withdraw you came back in. according to the woodward cost a book, you revised some of your proposals and suggested a slower withdrawl. leaving a footprint, a smaller footprint secretary austin, credited the book. you suggested a slower withdrawl, a gated proposal, perhaps to provide room for negotiation, the taliban. so according to the book,
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you also had a deep analysis of a worst case scenario, where al qaeda would indeed reform and be able to eventually pose a threat to the homeland. so what does that say about the assessments and about the decisions that were eventually made to withdraw, as you did, you know, unilaterally without proper consultations or at least in contradiction to what you heard at nato, and russell and secretary austin with your indulgence, this is our 1st opportunity to ask you to respond to those republicans on the hill, including course the former president, demanding the firing of the chairman of the joint chief general midway. thank you very much. thanks andrea. i'm happy to start and then handed over to toy
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with regard to france. first of all, andrea as i, as i noted, as the president said last night in announcing this initiative, we strongly, strongly welcome european countries playing an important role in the, in the pacific. we look forward to continued close cooperation with nato, with the you and others in this endeavor. one of the hallmarks of the conversations that of lloyd and i both had over these many months in europe at nato, as well as with the eu, has been their own increased focus and attention on the endo pacific and the work that we can do together in that regard, and as i said, france in particular is a vital partner on this, on so many other things, stretching back a long, long time, but also stretching forward into the future. as we've discussed in depth in my many conversations with my, my french counterpart present biden with president micro,
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including at the nato summit at the g 7 and other places. and we want to find every opportunity now to deepen transatlantic cooperation in the pacific and around the world. we've been in touch with french counterparts in the last 20 for 48 hours to discuss office. including before the announcement, i'll leave a to our australian partners to describe why they sought this new technology. but as the president said, and i want to emphasize again, we cooperate incredibly closely with france on many shared priorities in the pacific, but also beyond around the world where to continue to do so. we place fundamental value on that relationship on their partnership. and we will carry forward in the days ahead with regard to to get a couple of things. first. ah, as secretary sir noted as well. we both went very early, well before the president's decision on, on afghanistan to nato,
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to spend time with our nato allies and other and other partners to listen intently to them about their, their views on the way forward and afghan. stan views that not only did we, we listen to very carefully, but we shared directly with, with president biden and they very much factored into our thinking and into the decisions he made. i can't stand different allies, had a variety of perspectives on the way forward, up some talked about a conditions based withdrawal that certainly came up in the conversations that we had. but each of them to an ally, to a partner, recognize that had we chosen to stay beyond may 1st or not to make clear by then that we were withdrawing. pursuant to the agreement negotiated by the previous administration,
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an agreement that led to the taliban. not attacking our forces or allied or partner forces from the time to the agreement until the plan withdraw on may 1st. and that led to it not attacking the major cities in afghanistan, they knew and expressed to a partner that should we stay beyond may 1st or not make clear that we were in the process of leaving that the attacks, not just on us, but on allies and partners would resume that the offensive against afghanistan cities, which we seen in, in recent months would commence. and that we would be faced with the decision of what to do about that. and that decision would involve sending substantially more forces into afghanistan, under fire, taking casualties for some indefinite length of time. and again, with little prospect of doing more than perhaps restoring the stalemate that had been in place before. so when the president made his decision,
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we went back to nato. and at that, at that session, nato, immediately and unanimously endorsed the decision we went in together. we agreed that we would leave together, and that's exactly what we proceeded to do andrea with respective testimony. as you probably know, i am scheduled to testify in front of the senate armed services committee on the 28th of this month. and then the house armed services committee on the 29th of this month. and so i will appear as tony did before our respective committee and have an opportunity to address some of the issues that you raised on the issue or what's in the book with respect to my activities and secretaries lincoln's activities. i want to confirm or deny what's in the book because i've not read the book, but again it's, i won't comment on what's in the book,
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but i what i will say it's tony is just mentioned that we follow the rigorous process. we're commanders and, and other players in the, in s c, establishment we're able to provide their inputs. and with those inputs, the president made his decision. and then following that decision, as a secretary of state and said, you know, we went to went to nato to, to engage our nato allies. and then beyond that, once we laid the plan for retro grading, our equipment and people, we synchronize that plan with our allies to make sure that we had everyone and everything accounted for. and finally, regarding general milly, again, much of what's in all of what's in that book happened before i became secretary of defense. so i can't comment on on that as well. and certainly i will comment on
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what's in the book. i have confidence in general milly i don't have a comment there. 100 will turn to greg didn't of a b. c news. good afternoon and thank you for this opportunity. also on behalf of the colleagues, i must questions was only to ra, primarily directed to the secretaries, but no doubt, ministers painted. dutton may choose to respond following on from yesterday's remarkable orca submarine decision and it goes to the principle of reciprocity. so a strike your is going to get to america.


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