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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2021 10:00am-10:31am AST

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some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced. and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise. because up the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together, that wells is so important. we make those connections. ah, me, australia prime minister defends a new security packed for us and the u. k that we'll see more nuclear power submarines in the asia pacific region. ah. hello, i'm money i eat this is out there alive from doha. coming up. russian's head to the polls, but many opposition candidates are excluded from the ballot. west african leaders
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imposed sanctions on guineas military rulers and on demanding a return to democracy within 6 months. and an ancient treasure trove and eastern afghanistan, finding a balance between extracting rich mineral wealth and preserving the nations heritage ah, australia's prime minister scott morrison says a renewed alliance with the us and u. k. should not come as a surprise. under the agreement, the australian government will get nuclear power submarines. it's seen as an effort to counter beijing influence in the pacific, but china says it will only intensify an arms race. morrison says china has no right to criticize the new alliance. we're just doing what we need to do to keep
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the straight insights and protect our national interests. i mean, china do the same thing. they have massive investments in the military capabilities, including the in this area. and strike doesn't rise issues around that. all countries will take decisions in the national interest. we believe this will lead to the peace instability and security of the region. and that is, i think, a view that is widely shared about the impact of this arrangement. and we encourage all countries in the region to engage in that way. charlie's prime minister has also defended his government's decision to pull out of a multi $1000000000.00 submarine deal with france. i understand they're disappointed and that's very, very clear. and that will work through those issues. they're important part of france, particularly here in the pacific where we have so many shared interests. and so we'll work through that and that's necessary. we don't have any issue with what you know, obviously france and particularly navarro group with the a tech class submarine was seeking to do. it was a good submarine. it's just was a conventional submarine and that no longer made need. so we had to do what was in
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our national interests, and i'm sure the prism of con would always act in frances, natural and national interests. and. and so too much to strive, it must get more now from rosalind jordan in washington, dc the u. s. u. k and australia reportedly agreed to form a new defense alliance on the sidelines of this year's g. 7 summit in england, washington in london will help it by a fleet of nuclear power submarines. the main reason for the alliance containing china, we spoke in detail about china's di stabilizing activities and beijing efforts to course and intimidate other countries. contrary to establish rules and norms, we will remain clear eyed and review a beijing's efforts to undermine the established international order. we discussed the competition of china at a number of levels that requires us to respond and to increase resilience. this
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does not mean that there are not constructive areas for engagement with china. straight. it continues to seek dialogue with china without pre conditions. not surprisingly, beijing condemned both the alliance and the submarine deals war war, leon kaden, who attended the export of highly sensitive nuclear power. simmering technology by the united states and britain to australia once again proves that they are using nuclear exports as a tool of geopolitical games on adopting double standards, which is extremely irresponsible attending. and washington journalists pummeled the ministers with questions about the security path. is check in china's efforts worth offending it or offending long standing partners. this is about enhancing our, our cooperation, our work together, ultimately about enhancing security stability in the pacific. it is not aimed at
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any country. it's certainly not aimed at holding anyone back. the announcement of this new alliance could signal that the us president joe biden has decided to reshape american foreign policy, bolstering new alliances to deal with new threats. while telling old partners that change is not a diplomatic death knell. rosalind jordan al jazeera, the state department. let's bring in natasha kasan. she's director of public opinion of the level we institute. she joins us from sydney. thank you for your time. natasha. a few years ago, the australian prime minister said his country need not choose between the us and china, but clearly with the steel, with the u. s. he's made a choice of me. that is the kind of thing that political leaders often like to say. but i mean, history alia, has been choosing for quite some time. we have a long standing alliance with the united states. we've been quiet plus,
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right in our response to china, over the last 4 or 5 years. having said that, china is still is trailing as largest trading partner, and so our trailer is trying to balance. the very tricky act of being closely economically entwined with one country and closely aligned in security terms with others. as you say, it is, australia is china, is australia's biggest trading partner. to what extent has that economic relationship now been put at risk? look, we've seen china subjective strongly to targeted economic coercion for the past year. several industries have been quite damaged as a result, but the majority of trade does continue. and it's important to remember that the majority of trade between australia and china, that takes place because it isn't by country of interest. china isn't doing a favor to a style. yeah, bye bye get i and all it needs is strictly as i and all at least for now. so i
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think the economic relationship will continue, but there's no doubt over the longer term, both countries will be looking for alternative. how is this deal being viewed domestically in australia? there is a really broad range of views when it comes to this issue. and i think there are 3 factors. there is incredible negativity towards china here in australia, public b as of salaried, so dramatically but trust in china competence in she's in king warm towards china. they are all record lawyers in 2021. but the 2nd issue is that while most strangely and very supportive of our alliance with the united states, they are also losing facts in the united states and has found it to be less trustworthy. and president trump, who was very unpopular here in australia. finally, staley and jerry very, very anxious and opposed to nuclear weapons in australia. and so these things come
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together for the majority of us really, i think to be supportive of this new deal, but anxious about what it means. first railey is military in the future, and whether we might be dragged into the future was in our region. natasha really good to get your thoughts. natasha sam, speaking to a staff from sidney, from allowing institute. thank fabbing. the british prime minister boris johnson has been questioned about the orcus packed in parliament, his predecessor theresa may aust, if it could lead to the u. k. being dragged into a potential war between china and taiwan. what are the implications of this pack? the stance that would be taken by the united kingdom of fritz response, should china attempt to invade taiwan, to speak, the kingdom remains determined to defend national law. and we, that is the strong advice you would give to our friends across the world. and the
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strong advice that we would give to the, to the government invasion and has some, and has more from outside the british parliament, some sign of unease within mister johnson's own party. it would seem now this deal goes back some time and it was kept amazingly secrets. it was discussed apparently at the g 7 summit in june and the united kingdom and cold war. and there were further talk since then. but there is some way to go 18 months of a corporation on the technology of the expertise of fully 3 countries coming together on this and whether or not the main parts of these nuclear power submarines will come from the u. k. all the united states. but nevertheless, johnson is probably right in what he says, but tens of billions of dollars a going to be invested in all of this. and he claims that things will be cheaper in
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the long run. because of the technology corporation and technology for further defense spending, he, he more or less boasted that britain was in a situation our spending more on its defense budget that had done since the cold war with soviet union. now, those where it's cold war to send the ship some over of this new deal. he says johnson says that as far as he's concerned, this is a new chapter in military history and britain are really important. one, the question is, what will be the epilogue? what will be the conclusion to this military investment? china is seeking to join a regional free trade pack that was originally set up by the united states. the trans pacific partnership was spearheaded by washington in order to counter china's growing influence in the asia pacific. before my president, donald trump withdrew the u. s. back in $21711.00 nation trade pact includes agreements on market access, movement of labor and government corporation. paul's now opened across russia of
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parliamentary elections. people have 3 days to cost that balance for representative in the duma support for the governing united russia party is as an all time low. according to recent polls, women, many candidates who are opposed to president vladimir putin have been excluded from the ballot. but as ben smith reports from moscow, the opposition is still hoping to make an impact. yours will be given russia's elections. they also stacked against me. hi albano, an independent candidate supported by the communists. he says he's surprised, he's made it this far. most potential candidates are not linked to parties approved by the kremlin. i have been prevented from stand up as have been arrested or forced to leave the country rather likely with the worth yet to conduct the 3rd. she's getting rid of strong candidates from the right and the left. but the main danger here is the voter apathy. so we're telling people that we have a chance to give a forceful head, but 3 thirty's get at least
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a few feisty deputies into the state. duma lavano competition in this part of moscow gain a couple. who with his wife olga hosts, one of the most popular politic shows on russian television. it's pro kremlin propaganda pop off standing for united russia party backed by the president. that has 3 quarters of the seas in the state. duma. the latest polls give the party just 27 percent support, even though vladimir putin enjoyed a 60 percent approval rating. rushes election commission says the vote will be free and fair. emma's is about what is in the group of the criminal lives in a state of permanent political crisis. attentive, 15 percent drop in support with them be a catastrophe. the only way they can prove their worth is to get a few more votes at every election. if united russia got just half the seats in parliament, it would mean they are close to failure and maybe at the next election, no one would vote for them by observing military exercises. earlier this week,
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president putin has all but won the war against his political opponents. but supporters of jailed opposition lead alexa navarro. ne, i've come up with one tactic that seems to have resisted everything the kremlin has thrown at them. smart voting. it's the system, calculates which candidates are most likely to defeat united. russia voters asked to cast the ballot accordingly. no matter their own affiliation. 30 years ago the parliament acted a real check on executive power in want nearly impeach former president boris yeltsin. today, it's a rubber stamp passing into law without question. all the legislation proposed by the kremlin the best, the opposition can hopeful is to deprive united russia of the super majority, but allows it to change the constitution. bernard smith, al jazeera moscow. still ahead on al jazeera in democratic republic of congo. the
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threats from armed groups is making it difficult for people to make ends meet and living in fear, we follow the plight of migrants in southern mexico, trying to avoid people taishan. ah hello there. let's have a look at the weather in europe, and it's a rather wet end to the week. from many areas we've had a weather system clinging to central parts of europe that brought some thunderstorms and heavy downpours. it's going to sweep across to the east, whether on the way for much of ukraine and into better routes. we've also seen some heavy rain across parts of italy, sweeping into the balcony and up north. we still got that wet and windy weather, clinging on to denmark and pots of scandinavia. now from the north west, we're going to see the arrival of the wet weather on friday. plenty of cloud cover
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coming 3 for the british isles on saturday, but we will see some sunshine breaking through in areas of the south for the iberian peninsular and have dried up. we are nice and weather sweeping across northern areas and into france. that's not going to help the south where we have seen flooding the ground is already saturated. there's more rain to come. now it is looking very wet in the east, but for the southeast we are still seeing some heat, clinging on not a fine and dry weather for turkey. and for grease, if you look at the 3 day for athens, we are going to see the temperature rise about 10 degrees, well above average, with lots of sunshine coming through. and that should weather update the news. frank assessments, by way it is a lesson freedom, surprising informed opinions. what you saw happening is come on to it was what it was for. petune is the critical debate that we are here. it's not between kula and
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any other group that we have corporate here between 34 years re running that even people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera like the ah ah, he watching out 0 mind if i help stories this hour, australia's prime minister has defended a new security deals saying a renewed alliance with the u. s. u. k. shouldn't come as a surprise. scott morrison has rejected criticism from china and france about the agreement holds in that open across russia for parliamentary elections. people have
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3 days to cost the balance for representatives and the duma. many opposition candidates have been excluded from the ballot. leaders from the west african regional block eco s have imposed sanctions on guineas, military rulers and demanding elections be held within 6 months. getty was suspended from e class last week after military coup removed, president alpha con, day from power. while the special un representative for west africa. i'm this a hail says the body will never endorse unconstitutional changes of government, the government democratic the united nation opposed to number of values. it is democrats, alternation. we condemned detached in any conditions, and therefore we will never endorse unconstitutional changes. and the united nation is clear on this would simply hold that what has just happened in getting your money our mishaps and will be very quickly rectified on that address has more from
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cannot cri, the most surprising aspect for the military. here in guinea is the short notice the short deadline took for transition to civilian rule 6 months, not least, they expected. many of them were probably looking at the molly model. by the way they copied the molly call or in total. they have the depos president still in custody, hoping to use him as a bargaining chip. now it causes coming with this idea of 6 months transition to democratic rule. so the other thing is the functions imposed on the military rulers . very few of them. again, yes, i agree have accounts or businesses outside of the shows of guinea, so that will not be much effective on them. but again, this is a government, this is june tab that has taken over power nearly 2 weeks ago. and the still yet to form a government there still holding consultations with very stakeholders, religious leaders, political leaders, activities and civil society,
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minors and business community in order to form a government and also approach the transition program. they have not concluded the consultations yet. yet, of course came with this with this new sanctions on them. again, we expect the course delegation to be here very soon to deliver the message of the lead us of the west african region of buck, economic community, west african states through the lead us. yeah. and the military leaders here in guinea, their response will be very interesting to hear and to see how they respond to the new development from across. as china moves to engage with the taliban, it's setting its sides on afghanistan's vast mental resources. the interim government wants chinese recognition, so mining can begin. but as charles stratford reports from ms, i knock the plans could threaten some of the nations on he'll call trespass the we follow the hot on guns on the motorcycle up through the gorge to
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a plateau high in the mountains of lucca province. this baron isolated place in eastern afghanistan is believed to hold the 2nd largest copper or deposits in the world worth at least $50000000000.00. the chinese flag flies over a make shift mining camp. in 2007, the former afghan government signed a 30 year lease with a consulting with chinese state owned companies to start mining work here. it never did. and the taliban is in control now. that ed morgan, who of the yellow i'll country is economically very weak. we hope the mine will help the whole country. if the work is not beneficial for all that guns will restart the process and give the contract to someone else on the to turn it on fighters. this is through the gate for the guard working for the chinese companies refuses to let us film. coming said i look, look at the camp,
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but you cannot record the last chinese stuff to flee. what became a fast deteriorating security situation left in early august. but years of fighting between the taliban nato forces and the afghan army is not the only reason why excavations have not started yet. this valley is absolutely full of history. buddhist zoroastrian archaeologist say stretching back to 2000 years, the taliban say they're going to do all they can to protect the archaeology here before mining for copper on the other side of the mountain, stotts, these ancient ruins were once a thriving city on the silk route between china and europe, its inhabitants were mainly buddhists. with the article, the tower were no match. when we were traveling through these mountains for years, says this man, the surface was smooth and we had no idea. there was an ancient city beneath. yet
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a local taliban official guides us into tunnel is to show where afghan and foreign, archaeologists have been working for years to remove artifacts before the mining starts. but just like the chinese miners, the archaeologists also fled when the taliban arrived. we walked to hot, so on a cliff where he reveals one of the estimated 500 buddhist statues, was carved into the mountain side in 2001 the taliban caused international outrage by blowing up giant buddhist statues in the clips of bombay on. so we'll do something like that here to that for a long level as a get back to 1000 years old, the chinese made an agreement, the artifact, they have to be taken away and protected. if we wanted to destroy them, we would have done it when we took control, but we didn't. we're protected. normally. it's unsure when the archaeologists will
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return. and experts say until china recognize the taliban government contracts are signed with previous guy and administrations are all on hold. these mountains could unlock immense wealth. afghanistan, the taliban says the archaeology will be moved and protected. first, afghans and the world watched to see if the new rulers of this country keeps their word. cha, stratford al jazeera. miss isaac, i've gone to san thousands of migrants are gathering under a bridge between mexico and the u. s. state of texas. they're waiting to be processed by us immigration. local authorities estimate more than 10000 people are stuck living at the makeshift camp. us board agents say that providing basic services, but a false becoming overwhelmed by the thousands of people. mostly from haiti, cuba and venezuela. many more expected to arrive in the coming days
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and tens of thousands of migrants stock in southern mexico. the government has been stepping up efforts to prevent them heading for the us border. those trying to leave on the constant threat from immigration authorities and criminals. annual report reports from top of trula in the state if she epis walking through the back roads of the city of tampa. shuler, a group of haitian migrants is trying to avoid capture by mexican authorities. immigration agents in southern mexico are under federal orders to prevent migrants from leaving the city. there's many migrant suffering. there is no housing and we don't have any money. the hotels are expensive and we have nothing. so we have to try to go on foot. having spotted a government agent, the group quickly scatters to hide in a nearby cornfield. fear is written on everyone's faces. one local resident who has
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asked us to hide her identity, says migrants or right to be afraid. she says danger lurks around every corner. the capital, the bus counseling 4 days ago, a man passed by shoeless they had just raped his 9 year old son. and his wife, the man couldn't even walk because they took away his shoes. so he wouldn't run for help. but these people don't go to the authorities. they don't speak out because they had afraid authorities are going to wrestle them and sent them back at the end of the cities up at about 50 kilometers. north of mexico's border with water molla, is experiencing the worst migrant crisis in decades. some had been here for weeks, others months, and they're growing desperate to escape the city. they say has become an open air prison for migrants. eco might not get entered. i got up. the government doesn't want to give us legal paperwork. and even those who have staples and try to live right back here. some are leaving through the jungle trying to get out early. but
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the bandits in the jungle who would help them move on the the authorities in southern mexico have also been accused of abuse and excessive force, which is why small groups travel along side streets and jungle roads. to evade arrest one of a handful of security checkpoints leaving the city of double shula. and behind me, authorities are stopping vehicles that they suspect may be transporting migrants were then detained and sent back to the city of a shula, or at times their deported water mala, regardless of their country of origin. this group has made it past the 1st immigration checkpoint and are getting ready to board of public bus. they tell us they'd rather be anywhere here and are willing to risk it all to get away. manuel, rock a little al jazeera stop by you la mexico. cuba has expanded its mass vaccination drive for children as young as to it's the only country in the world to vaccinate
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children that young. it comes to health officials report a surge in delta infections among young people. human authority say the locally produced 900 vaccine a stay for children from ta suspended around 3000 health care workers for failing to comply with code. 19 vaccination orders. now reports it's led to surgeries being delayed at hospitals. inoculation was made compulsory for help workers in july. the deadline was september. the 15th is one of several measures aimed at increasing vaccination numbers. the italian government is taking things even further making its coven green cove. in 1900 green parson, mandatory for work is from october 15th employees. and both the public and private sector will need to show proof of vaccination. a negative test recent recovery from infection. trade as a northeast and democratic republic of congo,
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say it's becoming increasingly difficult to run their businesses because of armed groups. the state of emergency has been declared in tori and the north kiva provinces, but many fear the situation is not improving out. there is catherine soy, where the ports from the timber in north keybo. this is one of the busiest trade routes in the eastern democratic republic of congo, merchandise from uganda, kenya, and beyond comes across the border of the town of cas cindy in uganda and into libya in the congo. most of the goods end up in temple, a business hub in north cuba, providence, minerals for mining areas are also transported using this route. but rebel groups in north q and the neighboring it, tory provinces have made doing business dangerous. polycarp veto is a trade union leader and sees the traders enough q and a tory have collectively lost more than half
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a $1000000000.00 in recent years. because of attacks by armed groups including the allied democratic forces. you see it already through this one. the bottom route will become tricia middleton, a gold come in for mining areas or government needs to delete these that are both. nearly 2 weeks ago, fighters from the armed group, almost a convoy and killed several people keep not thumb and burned dozens of vehicles. this was despite the national army and un peacekeepers being present. catholic of police was in his vehicle when they were a talk he had to flee and hiding the forest. his car was torched. global reports on the convoy is usually very long and the security escort has limited. the road is also very bad. so we can't even speed in dangerous areas. sometimes one car can develop a mechanical problem, but the rest of the convoy including the escort moves on the use to the convoy to separate us. most of the drivers here in town was saying they're not traveling to
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bornea to the province anymore because of the security situation. they say that being a talked by on to groups the vehicle destroyed and now with a suspension of military convoys along that truth. the situation is just getting worse for them. after we left, those security escorts resumed in the region. it's been under military rule since may when the government declared a state of emergency. while that when the fight to me, we have done the 1st phase of the rebel cleanup, we have secured government territories. we have to get somebody that you are not accessible because of the security situation. now we are going into the 2nd phase to get them completely out of civilian areas and then neutralize these drivers back in september and not optimistic. they say they've lost many of their loved ones in their property and have listened to many government promises for way too long without seeing security improve.


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