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and i miguel sophie, i sent one by a mirror in company just revolutionizing the system. you think planned an artificial intelligence here inside you have you have a price on your 0. ah was a mistake and i offer my sincere apology. the us had made it killed pavilion instead of i saw the fighters in its last striking gun. it's ah, lay watching al jazeera alive from deal with me fully bad. people also ahead france recalls this and bastards from the us and australia. i made an ongoing dispute over the new pacific security alliance, putting pressure on warring size in ethiopia, the u. s. threatened sanctions,
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the violence continues in the gray region and down terry as long as serving president of dallas, he's book is speaker has died at the age of 84. he was forced to resign in 2019 aftermath. ah, the u. s. military has admitted that a drone strike and danny stands capital last month, mistakenly kill civilians instead of i. so fighters. 10 people including 7 children, died in the talking campbell, a top us commander, apologized for what he called a tragic mistake. and galico reports reduced to twisted smouldering wreckage. this is the cause. the us military deems an imminent threat on august the 29th west of cobbles, international airport, us intelligence officials say the vehicle was monitored for 8 hour is suspected of
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picking up explosives and seen at an ice ok compound. now one of the us military's find elections of the 20 is enough canister on, has been called a tragic mistake. i mean, thoroughly review the findings of the investigation in the supporting analysis by interagency partners. i am now convinced that as many as 10 civilians, including up to 7 children, were tragically killed in that strike. moreover, we now assess that it is unlikely that the vehicle and those who died were associated with cake or were a direct threat to us for the us. drone strike happened just days after attack cobbles, airport killed, at least a $170.00 afghans and 13 us troops and mid frenzied evacuation. if it's initially us officials called the strike, a righteous blow against specific threats to the u. s. military. now they've admitted to killing us a work at the murray, marty, and 9 members of his extended family, 7 of the victims with children, the youngest,
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just 2 years old. on offer that you say, for america to time and here the husk, david, things with me. i am ready to respond to dame members of the body family had been planning to relocate to the us to start new lives. now they say they're living under a cloud of suspicion and fear. the us military says it will launch an investigation into the drone strike, but the loss of innocent lives now calls into question the u. s. his ability to carry out operations and strikes remotely, a key part of the policy towards i've got a son. now that us troops have withdrawn so called us over the horizon military strikes already have a check, had passed implications experts, they will have serious consequences enough gannons done in the past. the u. s. had an extensive presence with lots of local partners, the afghan government,
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and its various subsidiaries. but that's not the case anymore. so that this remains to be seen as to how the united states will be able to conduct operations as if dennis time begins. it's next difficult chapter one of the last acts of the us military will leave a dark stain on an already chaotic us exit to gala carl does 0. washington. ryan casner is a senior crisis adviser from the scenes national. he says us drone strikes a common and most can't be investigated properly when these kind of strikes happen all over rural if can stand or in syria or an iraq or somalia and libya. there's just not that kind of media attention. and so amnesty international and other groups we try to investigate these strikes, but it's much more difficult. and so unfortunately, yes, this is a pattern that we've seen all over the world for the last 20 years since 911. so we have to investigate from afar. sometimes we can get to the location, sometimes we can dig in the crater and we can talk to the families. but often as
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you say, for example, in somalia in areas that are controlled by all. sure, bob, it's impossible for anyone to get there. so just for comparison, we came out with a report, i was one of the authors in 2019. it took us an entire year to investigate 5 of these strikes and prove that the u. s. military killed civilians rather than osha bob fighters, for many of the circumstances are going to look familiar. in one of the strikes, the americans killed 3 farmers. there were sleeping under the tree or under a tree next to their fields in the middle of the night. but it takes a long time through satellite imagery, remote interviews, to really meticulous work. and really the, the huge trust region that i and other groups have is that we're doing the us military's job for them. and in this case we and other journalists did the us military's job for them. do you think they would have admitted the error of this strike today? if it weren't for all of the reports would come out the last few weeks. and i think
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something general mckenzie said today was really important that they were going to try to provide payments to the families, but they weren't sure how this was going to happen because there is no us soldiers now canister. and this is not a small problem. the u. s. military do not pay a single dime of compensation in 2020. they still have not compensated any of the families in somalia, for example, and cases that they've admitted to. and because they don't, they literally don't know how to deliver the aid. and so this is not a small problem and it's going to keep justice from happening for these families. has been just over a month since the taliban sees control of afghan is done in some residents are beginning to return to the everyday lives or the country faces a mounting economic crisis come on. hider has more from kandahar where the market square, which is a main area of kandahar city life fair. now review me and did a semblance of normality. the paper that we have been speaking to, i didn't got it by the fact that they have seen plenty of bloodshed and waltz. and
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for the 1st time they're the rail vault that the people of gunners on may see lost in the illusion through the conflict. as you can see, it did live in the markets that old people are going back to the trade of god at the back of their minds. they would be worried about the looming economic crisis. the fact that there may be, i'm, if occasion from the drought, richard, we bring the country and man, danger, boat, dakota gate. but that dollar bond have from a red dog be gone so that people can reduce their ordinary normally every day. life will as well side of the brady if the water doesn't it both. thanks and leave off gone intolerable alone to another country is capable of sorta and alters the problem was more solid performer when it came on the little t number. if that was wanted ignite the new gordon to me,
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they should not put precondition. we will never come from, i believe the united nations already played over $1000000000.00 a welcome relief. but what happened in the long run will be important because it's on related to help, not judge from the international community, but also from the neighboring country. in the world news, frances recalling its ambassadors from the us and australia is spot of an ongoing while about a new security packed in the pacific. under the deal, australia will be able to acquire nuclear power submarines. but it means a multi $1000000000.00 agreement to buy submarines from france is being canceled. the lines which in the u. k. u. s. and australia is widely seen as an effort to counter china's influence in the pacific. phil laval has moved from washington. we've just heard from the americans, it's not an apology, but it's probably the nearest that piracy is going to get sward that direction.
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anyway, the american saying that they regret this decision by the french and they will engage in the coming days to resolve differences. clearly they are aware just how lifted president macro is here. they're trying to lower the temperature somewhat. that's probably a more muted response compared to some of the language we've heard out of paris over the last few hours last day or so. words like i quote here, betrayed, tried, i thought, partnerships, ruined, stabbing the back lack of coherence, angry and better, and then the real punch hair towards joe biden. the foreign minister of foreign minister saying this brutal an unilateral decision resembles a lot of what trump is doing. of course, nobody here in washington d. c. and the white house was to be composed in any way to the former president of the united states. but we know here that president micron is absolutely furious. this is coming straight from the top. the official line is that the sam baset is a being recalled for consultation. that means that they're not walking out, slamming the door, saying that never coming back. this is merely the making
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a point. they are saying that they are not happy, they are showing that they are not happy. this is the 1st time france has done this in modern history. and we know that there are a couple of other things that the french are doing as well to show how angry they are. we know that they canceled a reception at the french embassy. they have scrap their participation in a naval commemorative event with the americans. cuz this is about more than just wounded pride. the french are going to take a huge financial hit here. this was worth some $65000000000.00. the u. s. is threatening more sanctions against the warring size and ethiopia to dry region. and you executive order, opens the door, just sanctioning members of ethiopian and every tree and government that the gray people's liberation front and the higher regional government. the conflict has asked 1000. instead, almost 1000000 people are living in famine like conditions she ever tansy has more . this is not the imposition of sanctions, but another threats of sanctions. president biden's executive order empowers the
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state department of treasury to be able to sanction those seen in the future to be standing in the way of a negotiated piece and a few on all sides. but their deadline has been announced if the government of ethiopia in the to great people's liberation front, take meaningful steps to enter into talks with out preconditions and allow unhindered humanitarian assistance. the united states is prepared to mobilize assistance for the piano to recover and revitalize its, its economy and build a future for its people. wow, state department officials say they fear prime minister. i'll be on want to declare victory over the to crow and people's liberation from when he's sworn into office on october, the 4th. they also fed the t p. i will do all it can to prevent that. the u. s. does have a great deal of leverage over the fuel government that so far it hasn't used much of a fuel. success in the us has been in terms of trade,
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its industrial parks occupied by americans multinational its benefits from this tax benefit, those that introduced 2 decades ago. and there was a fear that would be withdrawn. but that did not happen. and there's a release in the sub a just my presence in the administration of those 9 to be open to us interventions that are samantha power at u. s. id. it hasn't imposed punishing sanctions on the if you can government. and let's say there are multiple reasons for washington's caution. ethiopia is the u. s. main ally and the strategically important horn of africa, and key to its projection of power across the region. ethiopia is also important to us as warren tara, an important component against our bob in somalia. and now that us troops officially withdrawn permanence abbey, i'm. it is also deregulating and privatizing economy after decades of central planning, which is beneficial for us multi nationals. and perhaps most importantly, even as if you're pure receives hundreds of millions of dollars from the u. s. it's a key trading portland and investment destination for china. and as the biden
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administration is clearly demonstrated, this is not a white house that will take a further integration of addis ababa and beijing. well, she ever times the al jazeera washington still ahead on al jazeera bowing to kremlin pressure. tech giants remove a tactical voting, which favors the russian opposition. and we meet the experts rushing to save the world right in coral reef before it's too late. i use i again, here's her headlines for the americas, starting into a sophie on 34 to greece. i want to show you the 3 day forecast here because it's cloudy on saturday. but once we get into the sun on sunday, we'll crank your temperature up to 38, even warm are still 39 degrees on monday, the south end of south america, we've got our storms through the amazon basin,
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a wet day for my house, with a high of 34 degrees, also wet across parts of central america, say pretty much from the gulf of mexico rate through to mexico's pacific coast, affecting acapulco u. s. gulf states. ok, we still need the umbrellas here because we've got this wave of moisture moving across some heavier falls can be found through alabama. we may have something tropical trying to develop india by and take care. so here it is on saturday. i'm going to press play. let's see where it goes on sunday, looking like a could crash into newfoundland. this is about a week after we just were dealing with a hurricane there. so something we are watching carefully in time for the west, moisture late in system, spreading rain across british columbia trying to get into alberta 31 degrees in regina, but the weather also seeping down into washington, oregon, and northern portions of california. or of course we've got the colder and dixie wildfires, so this rain desperately need it. the
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in hong kong has become a dangerous business. one or one nice funny. those who refuse to be silent. now says, i care about help us engages with the rest of the world. i cover foreign policy, national security. this is a political in house here. the conflicts are we telling the good story? we're really interested in taking you to a place that you might not visit otherwise. it's actually feel as if you were there . ah, ah, ah,
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you're watching al jazeera alive from the reminder time stories. the us military has admitted that a jo striking ganeth stands capital last month. miss. take me a 1000000000 instead of i will fight to 10 people including 7 children, died in the attacking campbell at top. us commander called it a tragic mistake. frances, recall some bastards from the us and australia. it's part of an ongoing viral about a new security act in the pacific. it reverses, the multi $1000000000.00 agreement, was trailer, to buy submarine from and the u. s. has threatening more sanctions against the warning signs in ethiopia as dry region. 10 months of fighting has left hundreds of thousands of people living in from unlike conditions. now the bite in administration is running the deportation of thousands of haitian migrants from a border town in texas. according to a report by the associated press use agency, most of the migraines to stay at a make shift camp under
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a bridge in del rio order agent there have temporarily close to crossing with mexico. when i speak to brian can cannon about this. he's a human rights lawyer and board member of the institute for justice and democracy in haiti is joining us from boston. thank you very much. mr. cannon for being with us. so thousands of haitian migraine, very assembled under or around this bridge in texas. hundreds more expected, i understand, and the biden administration now threatening to send them back to haiti. what is your reaction 1st? is this justified? and can they legally do this? it's neither and it's either justified nor is it legal. in fact, a judge issued an injunction yesterday declaring that the whole law that the administration is relying on for these expulsions is illegal. that injunction doesn't go into effect for 2 weeks. and what the administration is doing is using that time to do as much illegal expulsions as it can before the the with the order
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goes into effect. why have these h haitian migrants not being able to access the us asylum process? it's because of a law called title 40 to get the trump administration put in that that gave it a pretext for not allowing the normal asylum screening procedures under both us and international law. the trump administration carved out an exception saying that because it could be, it could do this the by the administration, they know with the legal but they're doing it anyway because they're worried about criticism from white supremacist advocates in united states or whipping up hysteria against against all kinds of immigrants, especially immigrants of color. i mean, this is not a new phenomenon. haitians have been migrating to the u. s. in large numbers from south america for many years now. is there anything significant or surprising about
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the numbers we're seeing currently in texas? a lot of people asking, how could a large number of people have a mass so quickly that or men, most of the haitians that are at the border now have they left haiti a long time ago, most of them 5 to 10 years ago. and they've been collecting at the border because the tropic administration, in the, by the administration stopped the normal screening procedures that's created a lot of uncertainty. it's all, it's created a lot of anxiety. and it looks like the, the, the people just decided they couldn't take the, the, the waiting anymore and used an opportunity to, to try to get through. but patients are not, there are, there are substantial haitians immigrating to the united states. but they're not a large part of the people at the border. in fact, so far this year, they're less than 2 percent of all encounters between customs and border patrol agents and and suspected you illegal immigrants. but haitians are being singled out
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because they aren't the most numerous immigrants, but they are. the dark is one border. so what future do they face if they're sent back to hating a very bleak future. haiti has been, has been hit hard by an earthquake and a tropical storm just a few weeks ago. on july 7th, the president was assassinated. the countries in turmoil the economy has as unravels. there's gangs control large swats of territory. it's really a place for people to go back. the government provides no assistance to, to returning travelers, and most of them have nothing to go back to, which is why they left them the 1st place. thank you so much for talking to us about this and sharing some night brian can can and joining us from boston, thank you for your time. thank you for covering this issue. along lines have been seen at polling stations across russia,
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as people vote in parliamentary elections. many opposition candidates are not on the ballots, but that hasn't stopped activists from developing an up to guide people on how to vote for independent candidates standing against the government. bennet smith re forced from moscow the kremlin will be hoping this long line of voters can be relied upon to by united russia. the pro vladimir putin party wants to hold onto the super majority in the state duma, the low house of problems. they face an hours long wait on a cold moscow morning. they put voted anytime in the next 3 days. the election commission says the military personnel coming up the night shift, a russian independent electric monitoring group goal often pointed out the lack of people in uniform through the thing is that more and more russian citizens don't believe in the legitimacy of these elections. it's just to show, nobody actually believed in free elections in the soviet union,
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just became accepted for the communists to get 99 percent of the vote boot and wants to create the same status quo that united russia will always have a super majority and people will make peace with that. the only intrigue now is whether it's only the kremlin that can influence voters or smart voting can to the idea of smart or tactical voting came from allies of jailed opposition activists, alexia vonny. they've drawn up a list of candidates most likely to defeat united, russia. and so at least to deprive the party of its super majority. this is not voting up where you enter your voting district and it tells you who should vote for . now the kremlin has told apple and google this app is illegal, and both companies are now taking off their stores. united russia had just 27 percent support in pre election polls. surely there's widespread public dissatisfaction with corruption and paul living standards. but the russian president still enjoys around 60 percent approval. vladimir putin is isolating
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after coming into contact with someone who tested positive for covert 19. he voted online. as you can see, under sanitary constraints and quarantine, i did my civic duty online in electronic format. such voting system is used in many countries of the world and has been used in moscow several times. many falling stations in russia like this for much of friday, quiet opposition groups say they want their supporters to wait until as late as possible on sunday to vote, to reduce the risk of the ballot being interfered with. boats may al jazeera moscow guineas, military leaders say they will not yield to pressure from the west. african economic blanca was to allow the post president delta con day to leave the country. a delegation from the grandkids in con a creek and met the military leaders on friday. it's already imposed sanctions and demanded elections be held within 6 months. police are out in force, in australia to largest cities as protesters rally against corona vice restrictions
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. hundreds of demonstrators and marching and now been when he says, put the city central business district in lockdown valley is also expected in sydney. this comes a month after a 100. the protesters were arrested in caches with police officers. algeria as long as serving president abdel aziz boot flicker has died at the age of 84. he struggled with health issues for years after having a stroke. with their freak, a step down in 2019 after facing mass protest and pressure from the army. it was anger after announced he, his bid for a 5th presidential term had been in power for more than 2 decades. now with constant warnings of a climate catastrophe, many governments is struggling to balance economic pressures with the need to protect the environment. one project is under way off the coast of contact to help ecosystem by restoring coral reefs. julian wolf, hastily petro range spends most mornings out
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a sea of course cutter. he's joined by a team of marine biologists from all around the world to explore a region they say is under studied states, right? so what are cor resear facing right now is 2 different types of threats. we have local threats such a sedimentation, such as pollution, such as over fishing, and we have global threats and this is what is associated with global climate change. and with these threats. right now we cannot solve global climate change. that's a bigger problem that needs countries cooperating right now that are not cooperating. but what we can do is we can reduce the, the local stresses on our e in those pools are in much better condition to withstand the issues from global climate change. and it's those local threats, these marine conservation and research team members are out to combat they're working to protect carl reese restored graded ones and provide alternative habitat
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for marine life. and they're using this underwater, carl, nursery, and an on shore coral farming facility to do that. many call it the rain forest of the sea. and while coral reefs cover less than point 2 percent of the ocean floor, their home to more than a quarter of the world's marine species here and there maybe in gulf c, temperatures or warmer than anywhere else. and the rising inside to say that soon, even the world's most resilient karl that's found here, will find it impossible to survive. back in the labs, petro explains what's been happening under the water. can the coral, when it turns white like this can regain its color? it can, it can it can, it went from being a healthy colony to being completely bleached and partially call any interest in just 15 days. so we see really literally the reef going in front of all right, so if we don't do anything to prevent this,
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i'm not sure what to leave to the next generation. several solutions he says are reducing over fishing and pollution while increasing the size of protected areas where fish can flourish. this is just one example located 50 kilometers off shore. this fish form uses floating cages to provide cutter with high quality c, bath and other types of fish. the aim is to preserve fish stocks and increase the countries self sufficiency. environmentalists say more projects like this will be needed in the future. with the next century, we are expecting 2000000000 more people on the planet and with the increase in the consumer behavior towards the sea for this is a big challenge in terms of how we can increase the production in terms of not affecting or harming the environment. while initiatives like this may seem like a drop in the ocean on a global scale here in the gulf, it's providing a positive step toward addressing one of the most pressing issues over time. join
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wolf, l 0. 23 chinese astronauts have returned to earth after a 90 day mission to help assemble the country's 1st feminine space station. it was the 1st time china had sent astronauts into space for nearly 5 years. ne, font reports in a cramped return module. the 3 astronaut ne hi shang lou bombing and tang hung bo landed safely in in a mongolia northern china. has shown jo. 12 is the 1st 4 man missions planned over the next few months. as china assembles it's 1st permanent station when at home. if he's really good to be back, flying just base, felt great. this time during a few months based mission, we accomplish a large amount of construction work of the space station conducted a large number of scientific experiments, and marveled at the vastness and magical univers enough. bedtime benign today, mission was the longest stay in space by chinese astronauts on the space station
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cor module, piano. china staging 11 missions in total as it completes the space station, including launches of stations 3 main modules. the afternoon arrived back in the capital, beijing to a hero's welcome and a pledge from the chinese government to expand its mand, exploration of space. from where john tissue java. china will continue to increase at depth and breadth of international cooperation and exchanges and make the chinese space station space laboratory for the benefit of mankind. shyness, space ambitions have accelerated in recent years, setting the stage for a new space race with western countries. beijing pants to send his 1st crude mission to mars. in 2033. the welcome. i'll just hear me now for an update from all they send me for person civilian co of the commercial space. ex rocket have been enjoying the view and their unusual trip before returning on sunday. it's
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the 1st time a spaceship. test circle the earth with no professional astronaut on board. hey everyone. so what we're looking at is the earth from our perspective. so we are flying this huge window. the biggest wind has ever been flown in space and looking for the window, we can see the entire parameter of the earth, which is so beautiful. and so i hope that you're getting to see what we see, which is passing over some really beautiful water ah, headlines on al jazeera, the us military has admitted that a joe and striking gannon found capital last month, mistakenly in the billions instead of eyes of prices an investigation found that an aide worker died and on with 9 members of the family, a comp us commander called it a tragic mistake. i am now convinced.


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