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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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me ah, me. this is al jazeera ah hello patterson. this is the news i live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, we wed deliberately kept in the black. we were there with the war and frustration among allies, france recalls its basset to camera and washington after it was dumped from a multi $1000000000.00 submarine deal was a mistake. and i all for my sincere apology. the year i met killing 10,
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the civilians including children mistaking them for i saw fighters in its last joint attack. enough canister on the by the ministration is finding a mass deportation of thousands of haitian migrants from a texas border town, plus its hope. this lo, cobb, and heating and cooling system will revolutionize electric cars in the race to make electric cars go further and charge foster. i'm going to go with the sport pele, reassure fancies, recovering well, and thanks them for their support. the 8 year old football legend is in a stable condition of being re admitted into the intensive care following surgery. ah, frances, recalling its ambassadors to the u. s. and a straight up after what it called a stab in the back. it's part of
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a dispute about a new security packed in the pacific. under the deal, a stillia will be able to acquire nuclear power submarines built with us and british technology. but it's come at the expense of francis multi $1000000000.00 agreement to buy french submarines is being canceled. the deal between the u. k. us and australia is widely seen as an effort to come to china's influence in the region. frances recalled on bassett, or to celia assess his country's being duped and betrayed by allies we with deliberately kept in the black. we where there ridley can north and you can realize our deep we feel about such a thing. is it possible that you ignore? you don't even mention, you don't read, you even refuse to discuss with a trusted partner like france and for you know about such an issue. oh,
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could it be possible? rory challenge is live for us in london. so far, rory looks as though the u. k. at his diplomatic that seems to have escaped some censure from france. i was this playing out in the u. k. well, the u. k is not having its french ambassador recalled in the same way that the united states and the australians have done. but that doesn't mean that the french are happy with the role the united kingdom has played. and in this deal, they have essentially fed through the foreign ministry, the 3 for a minister that the u. k. is nothing more than i kind of vassal state of the united states as to how this is playing out in the u. k. i think this is being seen as perhaps the french being a little bit hysterical about things as throwing their toys out of the prime to
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a certain extent. but you have to acknowledge that france has been really, really thrown under the bus and this, and i think in the u. k, that view is not being ignored. they can see that this was a big deal for france. they can see that this is a humiliation for macro and, and they can see that this throws french strategy in the indo pacific region into disarray. so the rivalry between france, the united kingdom is long, it goes back centuries, and there are always examples you can find in the u. k. of having a lot of the, the french people's expense. but i think there is also an acknowledgments that the french really have been done over, and the 2nd step and post brags, of course, the trying to suddenly become even more important to the united kingdom in terms of trade, in terms of just cross border agreements and so on one would imagine that the u. k . whatever position it might take publicly might be keen to try and build bridges
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if you're like with funds and get this back on an even keel as quickly as it can. yeah, i mean, this plays into a whole host of other dynamics, as he said, breck said being key amongst them. dynamics between france and the united kingdom. the united kingdom is still in disagreement with its european partners and eyes such things as northern islands and the way that the deal assigned in the optimized breakfast is implemented. we've got supply chain issues at the moment with food and other goods coming across from europe, making its way or not on to english scottish welsh and northern irish shelves. so these are all big problems. big issues between france and the u. k. the u. k. didn't need noted france any more adding to that difficulty box. i think boris johnson,
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the government is essentially atlanta assist by inclination. boris johnson likes to think that his daughter, you case relationship with america, goes back through the 2nd world war churchill and roosevelt, etc. he wants the u. k to be side by side with the united states. and in doing this deal regarding the australia submarines and this packs for security in the, in the, in the pacific region. that was boris johnson. he has got, he's got a big feather and his cap for british prestige and a relationship that he wants the terrorists, that one between the united kingdom in the united states. raleigh, thanks very much. indeed, rory, challenge life for us in london. let's bring in rosie hock. he's the chief foreign correspondent and live figure home and a professor of strategy at the post school of international affairs. and he's joining us not from parents is good to have you with us. and i'll just see the thank you very much. indeed. given fans is response. do you think that that was the
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correct response given the nature of this incident? i think you know, it was not necessary. i mean, we have never recalled previous care one better from washington. and it's really very bad manners from the americans to to was wrong. i mean, really, i medic, treating my call, i can, i'm the dog and saw, but it's only bad manners. and i think that vengeance is a meal that should be served cold. it's just a lesson that has been given to us because we had forgotten the lessons of charles to go. and charles, the gold would at the meet only a dialogue equal to equal with the united states. yes, we are alive,
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but we are not poodles of the united states, and it has been a little bit forgotten. we have forgiven the way america had treated the like in the aggregate crisis. and we have, for the way, you know, in 2013, about my decided by himself to deal with level off on city out without getting the french and without inviting the fence in geneva when they make the deal with that. we live up in russia and city out we we should remember that they. ready put it, they brought the bottles of wine of french wine in washington because we were all our lives. that was a mistake to go and invade iraq. the french were right, but still couldn't control. is that right? did we will punish the french and they did. and so we forgot all that and we'd be
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a little bit like to put was one of the american asked us not to do to do to break the contract with the russians on the miss cars because a big boat for military transport flags. and the us be nice ally, don't sell it to the, to the russian. and we bade and they told us, oh the bull, the bullet, the bullet was by you got there. was that never both of you should not, we should not sorry, forgive me for interrupting you. i'm sorry to interrupt you, but i want to get some context from you on this given, given your experience in this and we're talking about a deal, of course with regard to the submarines defense deal for submarines for tens of billions of dollars. no one can imagine that funds would be extremely annoyed that that deal is not going, not going. i can't. at the same time, this was a deal that if i understand correctly, was still subject to cost overruns,
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that were delays in the timing because of design changes and all the rest of it. i don't know on what side who was responsible for that. how much of this, though, is about the deal, and how much of it is about what is essentially a diplomatic embarrassment for france? you know, the prime minister came to see me a call on the 15th of june. my call asking, how is it today? so mara and submarines contract, are you happy mr. bryant is that? do you want any change? scott morrison and said, we are very happy. we don't want any change. even if they had asked for nuclear. so mary's, we do produce new summaries. we could have sold them, but they wanted the bid for classical summaries. and more on the 30th of august, there was a meeting called 2 plus 2 between the ministers of defense and the ministers. the
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file affairs of a stranger and from and again, the bench people are that. are you happy with the conflict? they said, yes, we're very happy. nothing, not one information. of course, it is not the way you treat allies, but i think that the french reaction recording our ambassador is a little bit shy. lease. you don't you, you have any hungry, but you don't, you should not show it. you should keep your temper and draw the conclusions quite sure how we appreciate having you and i'll just say don't giving us your thoughts. thank you very much. indeed sir. you're welcome. china state back newspaper. global times is described estrella as a pawn of the u. s. and gullible, for buying into us cold war strategy. the chinese president has warned against what he calls interference from external forces. and his address to the shanghai cooperation organization. javert usual, we should maintain firm confidence in our systems, reject condescending,
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lecturing and firmly support countries and exploring development pods and governance models that are compatible with the national conditions. we must never allow any internally interference in the domestic affairs of countries in our region under whatever pretext, in short, we should keep the future of our country's development and progress firmly in our own hands. well elsewhere in the region, chinese military plains have flown into one's aerospace a day after taiwan announced an increase in its military spending. the island says it will spend $9000000000.00 to upgrade its weapons and purchase new missiles to push back against threats from china. also on friday, a u. s. battleship sailed through ty ones waters for the 9th time since president joe biden took office shina cold to move provocative and accused washington of destabilizing the region. the us military has admitted a drone,
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the striking kind of stones capitol last month, mistakenly killed civilians instead of ice fighters. 10 people, including 7 children, died in the attack incapable. let's help us commander apologized for what he called a tragic mistake. and he galico reports reduced to twisted smouldering wreckage. this is the car. the u. s. military deems an imminent threat on august the 29th west of cobbles, international airport. us intelligence officials say the vehicle was monitored for 8 hours, suspected of picking up explosives and seen at an eyesore k compound. now one of the us military's find elections of the 20 is enough chemist on has been called a tragic mistake. let me thoroughly review the findings of the investigation in the supporting analysis by interagency partners. i am now convinced that as many as 10 civilians, including up to 7 children, were tragically killed in that strike. moreover, we now assess that it is unlikely that the vehicle and those who died were
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associated with isis cape or were a direct threat to us forces. the us drone strike happened just days after attacking cobbles, airport killed, at least a $170.00 afghans and 13 us troops and mid frenzied evacuation efforts. initially, us officials called the strike, a righteous blow against specific threats to the u. s. military. now they've admitted to killing us a work at the murray, marty, and 9 members of his extended family, 7 of the victims with children, the youngest, just 2 years old. on offer that you say for america to time in here and ask about david things with me. i am ready to respond to members of the party family had been planning to relocate to the us to start new lives. now they say they're living under a cloud of suspicion and fear. the u. s. military says it will launch an
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investigation into the drone strike. but the loss of innocent lives now calls into question the u. s. his ability to carry out operations and strikes remotely, a key part of the policy towards i've got to stand now that us troops have withdrawn so called us over the horizon military strikes already have a check, had passed, implications expert say, will have serious consequences enough gannons done in the past, the u. s. had an extensive presence with lots of local partners, the afghan government and its various subsidiaries. but that's not the case anymore . so that this remains to be seen as to how the united states will be able to conduct operations as if kennesaw begins. it's next difficult chapter. one of the last acts of the us military will leave a dark stain on an already chaotic us exit. to gala corolla 0, washington, with some a bunch of aid has visited the area ingle for the strike head. this is what is left
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of the vehicle. we can see memorabilia of those children that toys scattered here. some of the water containers, which the driver of the car was putting in, as it was reported earlier by the us forces that this was a terrorist. now we know from the united states, it was a strike, which was wrongly done against a civilian family. we've been speaking from family members who have been telling us that they are looking for compensation from the united states. they want justice for their family members and if possible, there are those who have remained in this compound. one to leave of gun is done. there has been some so talk about what is going to happen next in a gun this time, but they say regardless of what the future of a plan, son is. this was an attack which was carried out against them inside their own home . some of the children were actually around this car and some of them were inside when the drawn struck them. the be speaking to taliban leaders in the lead up to this acknowledgement by the united states. and they've been telling us that this
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was an act of aggression. the united states for 20 years has been killing innocent civilians, according to the taliban. and they say they have no agreement with the united states and incidents such as this. and their insistence on using eisen k as a pretext to attack of gun son is not acceptable. and those countries who have intelligence about such terrorist activities in god is done should share it with taliban leaders. but for now, here in this compound, that is death, misery, and memories of those who passed and people who are trying to rebuild their lives in the may have of what is going on and what happened to their family. well, it's been just over among since the town of unseen control of ghana, stan and some residents are beginning to return to their everyday lives. but it's come out, hide a report from kandahar the country faces a month and you can now make crisis where the market square, which is a main area of kandahar city, life fair. now review me and assembly solving no malice. the paper that we have
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been speaking to aren't gutted by the fact that they have seen bloodshed and was the 1st time there the rail hope that the people of gone is done may see a lasting solution to the conflict. as you can see, it did, life is usually the markets that old plan, people are going back to the trade of god at the back of their mind. they would be worried about the looming economic crisis. the fact that maybe i'm, if occasion from the drought, richard, we bring the country and man, danger dakota date. but that dollar bond have from a debt david, rich girl b one at dawn, so that we can reduce their ordinary normal everyday life will as well set up if the water doesn't both thanks and leave off gone intolerable alone to another country is capable of sorting doctors, the problem was most said it's part of my clinic in the little number of wants to
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ignite the new gordon and they should not put precondition. we will never compromise. our united nation already played over 1000000000 dollars a welcome relief by what happened in the long run will be important because it's on really help not judge from the international community, but also from the neighboring country. we're staying in afghanistan. local officials say at least 3 people have been killed and 21. all those injured dr. a vehicle belonging to taliban forces it a roadside mine happened in july about in the eastern province of nikon. any more had any news are including why peru is true, making the remains of ivy male coachman who led one laughing because most of the violent rebel groups we meet the experts rushing to save connell reefs off the coast of katara before it's too late. and it's another home loan and major league
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baseball lydia guerrero junior. joe is going to have that story in scores ah, the by the ministration is planning the mass deportation of thousands of haitian migrants from a border town in texas. most of the people a staying to make shift camp under a bridge in real victoria, it gave me has more these are some of the more than 10000 migrant sleeping on the ground and desperate for food under a bridge. and del rio in southern texas. officials on both sides of the us, mexico border say most of the migrants of, from haiti, a more expected to arrive in the coming days. the mayor of del rio has described the situation as beyond surreal, and says the authorities are struggling to cope. the migrants are getting agitated . the border patrol can't keep up with, with feeding. during lunch time,
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the facilities, the quality of life, the standard of living is all being stretched beyond its paper bill, it is. many of the migrants say they've not come directly from haiti, but have made long and harrowing journeys through mexico and central and south america. president j biden's pledged a more humane approach to immigration than former president donald trump. the situation in del rio was giving ammunition to critics who say biden's policies have encouraged migrants. they have told us that the people who are under that bridge right now are going to be relocated by the united states department of defense. some are going to arizona, others are going to california. others may be going to, laredo, we were told. but one thing that we know for a fact, and that is, there is nothing but uncertainty and indecision by the bottom. it's ration about exactly what they're going to do. haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. in july, the president was shot the native and in august,
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a 7.2 magnitude, earthquake and a powerful storm hit the country. some legal, expert, se, sending migrants back to haiti cannot be justified by the administration. they know it's the legal, but they're doing it anyway because they're worried about criticism from white. supremacist advocates in the united states who are whipping up hysteria against against all kinds of immigrants, especially immigrants of color. the migrant say they want a better life for themselves and their families. but with more people on the way, the situation is growing, humanitarian and political challenge for the president, victoria gate, and be al jazeera. an expert panel in the u. s. is rejected. a proposal to roll out cobra, 1900 booster shots to all americans. age 16 and older and cited a lack of safety data on extra doses and doubts about the value of mass boosters, but it indoors to extra 5 by own tech shots for people above the age of 65 and
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those at high risk of severe disease. however, the votes, not binding police have been out. enforcing australia's to larger cities is protestors rallied against corona, virus restrictions, hundreds of demonstrations, marshall city of melbourne. even those cities, visitors, district was put into lockdown. bodies were also called in sydney last month. hundreds of protesters for the rest of the confrontations with police. india's northern auto protest states is struggling with rising cases of dang, gave fever more than $100.00 people. many of them children, unknown to have died from the mosquito borne disease in just the past 3 weeks. officials are also dealing with an outbreak of malaria. along with the cova, 19 pandemic, it estimated dangling kills $20000.00 indians every year. to california now were large. wildfires have burned into at least 4 grows of gigantic ancients acquires in national parks and forests firefighters. haven't yet been able to
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determine how much damage was done to the groves on friday, cooler weather helped crews to keep the flames away from a famous cluster containing the world's largest tree by roughing fire resistant blankets surrounded. the general sherman is known as more than 2000 years old with constant warnings of a climate catastrophe. many governments are struggling to balance economic pressures with the need to protect the environment off the coast of casara. one project is under way to help the ecosystem by restoring coral reefs jelly more reports. petro range spends most mornings out of c, off the coast cutter. he's joined by a team of marine biologists from all around the world to explore a region they say is under study states, right? so what are cor resear facing right now is 2 different types of threats. we have local threats such a sedimentation, such as pollution, such as over fishing, and we have global threats and this is what is associated with global climate
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change. and with these threats. right now we cannot solve global climate change. that's a bigger problem that needs countries cooperating right now that are not cooperating. but what we can do is we can reduce the local stresses on our read. those pools are much better condition to withstand the issues from global climate change. and it's those local threats. these marine conservation and research team members are out to combat. they're working to protect carl reese restored graded ones and provide alternative habitat for marine life. and they're using this underwater coral nursery and an on shore coral farming facility to do that. many call it the rain for a still the see. and while coral reefs cover less than point 2 percent of the ocean floor, their home to more than a quarter of the world's marine species here. and there radian golf c. temperatures
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are warmer than anywhere else. and the rising inside to say that soon, even the world's most resilient karl that's found here, will find it impossible to survive. back in the labs, petro explains what's been happening under the water. can the coral, when it turns white like this can regain its color? it can, it can it can, it went from being a healthy colony to being completely bleached and particularly that colony interest 1515 days. so we see really literally the reef going in front of all right, so if we don't do anything to prevent that, i'm not sure what to leave to the next generation. several solutions he says are reducing over fishing and pollution while increasing the size of protected areas where fish can flourish. this is just one example located 50 kilometers off shore. this fish farm uses floating cages to provide cutter with high quality sea bass and other types of fish. the aim is to preserve fish stocks and increase
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the country's self sufficiency. environmentalists say projects like this will be needed in the future. with the next century, we are expecting 2000000000 more people on the planet and with the increase in the consumer behaviors towards the sea for this is a big challenge in terms of how we can increase the production in terms of not affecting harming the environment. while initiatives like this may seem like a drop in the ocean on a global scale here in the gulf, it's providing a positive step toward addressing one of the most pressing issues over time. gillian wolf, l 0 doth still had, and i'll just see the rebel leaders into good. i have welcomed us threats to impose new sanctions on ethiopia and added judy as longest serving president has died at the age of 84. he was forced to resign in 2019 after mass protest. i'm
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just going to be here for the action. understand here, look to make it to wings in a row. we're going south africa. ah hello, good to see you hope your weekends go. and while we've had rounds of rain once again and leave for central and southern parts, scooping up a months worth of rain in the span of 4 hours. so people had to wait through the deep water here to get to safety. now, most of this energy over the other side of the adrian fee affecting the eastern shores. and you know what albany has some intense thunderstorms for you on saturday, off to turkey. what weather will plague the european side of the country. so it's them, bull, you'll stay dry athens up to $37.00 degrees, which is well above average, up to be area right now. plenty of sun to go round, stay for northern portions and toward the northeast. barcelona getting into some
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rain. that energy will move into the pier knees and eventually through the outs says we head towards sunday for the east, the run of rain through central ukraine pushing into bell the roofs, and this will make its way into moscow. so i show you the 3 day forecast. we've got some ra days here, monday and tuesday ra, feeling because of that is when and a lot of rain to come off to western africa right now in our storms, mostly toward the south here. and we'll see them run pretty much from camera room right through to sierra leone. so free talents got a high of 27 degrees. that sure update. see soon the the latest news as it breaks. the big concern is that the muscles forces are coming round on the mountain ridges. try to surround this area in order to isolate school with detailed coverage, real power, fill live and how much sick he takes all the major fatigue division from around the
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world. the water rose so quickly at this new jersey apartment complex. it caught many people off guard. how many nukes there's too many new america have in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties down to the there are you will regulation to own a tiger. then there are a tone, a dog. how can this be happening? we take on us politics and i see and that's the bottom line. ah ah ah ah, ah.


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