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in their desert such with these gifts from the sky, i can tell that it's a meter, right? and it is, it is i me to roy morocco's meet you write hunter's on jersey. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm emily. angry and this is the news our live from coming up in the next 60 minutes is constitutional, crisis, row of 1000 for the strange protest is opposed to seizure of ruling powers by president. ty said we with deliberately in the black, we where there was anger and frustration among allies,
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friends recalls the sam baset is a camera and washington after it was damned from a multi $1000000000.00 submarine deal. security is based around us capitol hill as the board of the january 6. right. who's imprison daphne insurrection? how's a rally? and tell us advisory panel recommends a booster club at 19 shots, but only the only and those at races to the disease and in thought, never fall of a new premier with study. i'm on i going his 100 golf club in this serena win over crystal palace. ah, we start with 2 nicea where thousands of protesting and the capital juniors in the 1st major demonstrations in president kyle said seized ruling powers and dismissed the parliament in july. mm. opponents
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a calling saves move and organized who the president has indicated he plans to amend the constitution. dosa jabari has the latest room show of public descent against president case faith in the twenty's in capital . thousands of people rallied in the center of tunis on saturday, chanting shut down the coo and we want to return to the jeremy see, i'm going to, we followed the path of the revolution with its negatives and positives for 10 years. but what happened on july 25 took us back 50 years to soccer, see which we tried with dba and ben eileen. but the policy is what a failure. and we couldn't advance on july 25th president. so you dismiss prime minister, who shall mate she, she froze parliament and seized additional power, insisting it was not a qu, but others called it a threat to the region. few democracies said supporters held a counter demonstration chanting. the people want to dissolve parliament cabinet
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and we got the, the, the opposite side took advantage of the chaos pulling the schism and conflict between state agencies. they are the ones that went out to demonstrate today. on the other hand, we are the ones who consider ourselves supportive of the july 25th decisions and therefore support place. say we came to preserve the state president. so you called the move to seize executive power and exceptional measure. a response to an economic and political crisis. the former constitutional law professor justified his decision by citing emergency measures in the constitution that his critics, and many legal scholars said did not support his intervention. political leaders have complained about the constitution since it was agreed in 2014. they want it to be changed to either a more directly presidential or a more directly parliamentary system. president said, says he plans amended that
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a powerful union and teenagers largest party have objected to changing the constitution, said is still to appoint a new prime minister while 1000000 struggle under economic and political stagnation . dorsey jabari al jazeera rebecca louisa journalist based in geneva. she says she is in protesting for the sake of a country future. 50 days after that tumble of the government, there's no government for no world map and now for the future of the country. that's why 2 reasons gather from this morning. you know, the couple of capital in tunis to protest against prison. i have a decision and now they are describing his decision. a the violation of the constitution in lucian street in the burg yuba a venue demonstrate there's no show thing going down the
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coo and we want the return of the legitimacy and also save our. a democracy at the same time and a few minutes ago, account or demonstration started, something that people want to do. so the parliament, so no, exactly. now we have 2 camps of demonstrations in should be able to, but we have people who are against business and in the other, in the other side, we have people who are grow the business decision at the same time with me think a big police presence a presence around this people avenue and let's say this is the biggest the most ration since the announcement of president i saw you in the 24th. a of july to the rest, the day's news,
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and frances recalling its ambassadors from the us and astronomy after what it called a stab in the back. it's part of a dispute about a new security packed in the pacific. under the deal is trailer will be able to acquire nuclear powered submarines built with us and u. k. technology. but it's come at the expense of france as a multi $1000000000.00 agreement by french submarines is being canceled. the deal between the u. k. us and astronomy, it is widely seen as an effort to counter china's influence in the region. frances recalled ambassador to estrella says his country has been duped and betrayed by allies. we were deliberately kept in the black. we where better woodley you can north and you can realize our deep we feel about such a thing. is it possible that you ignore? you don't even mention you, don't you even refuse to discuss with
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a trusted partner like france and for you know about such an issue. oh, could it be possible? and rory challenge has this update from london fronts of rice over the u. k. has been fraught for a number of years, not disastrous, but certainly fraud, mainly because of breakfast. and france is key role in decision making within the european union has also meant that over the last few years has locked horns with london over numerous things. we've got the disagreements that have been hatched over for a good many months and years to do with northern islands to do with access to the european marketplace tice bracket and currently to do with immigration. there are people who are coming through france leaving french shores
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in small thing, ease and coming to the beaches of southern england. that's a, that's another issue between the u. k and france. so they're having to deal with the owner bilateral level this latest route. i think although the u. k is not absolutely at the heart of it, it certainly is not going to help this difficult relationship between france and the u. k. and it's not going to be good for either side. it's not good for the, for the pressure side is not gonna be good for the french odd. they will try, i think, to find a way of getting past this spot. because the french are not pointing the finger of blame at the u. k. as much as they are against the united states and australia, they're essentially saying that the u. k was not much more than an intermediary and this kind of matchmaker between australia and the united states. if perhaps it will be easier for the front to get over this hump than it will be for the united states
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and australia to renew gerad is the chief foreign correspondent with love to god or professor of strategic strategy. rather, at the paris school of international affairs, he says, france suit, stand up to the us. vengeance is a meal that should be served cold. it's just a lesson that has been given to us because we had forgotten the lessons of charles to go and saw the gold would admit only a dialogue equal to equal with the united states. yes, we are alive, but we are not poodle of the united states. and it has been a little bit forgotten. we have given the way america had treated their lives in the afghan crisis. and we have
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forgotten the way, you know, in 2013, about my decided by himself to deal with love, love on the out with during the french and without inviting the french in geneva. when you deal with, with live up in russia and city out us or we, we should remember that they broke the bottles of wine, the french one in washington because we won't our lives. it was a mistake to go and invade iraq. the french were right. but still can control, is that right did, we will punish the french and they did. and so we forgot all that and we be a little bit like a china state back to a newspaper. the global times has described estrella as a pool of the us and gullible for buying into us cold war strategy. the chinese president is warned against what he calls interference from external forces. in his
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address to the shanghai cooperation organization. you have a general job, we should maintain firm confidence in our systems, reject condescending, lecturing and firmly support countries and exploring development pods and governance models that are compatible with the national conditions. we must never allow any externally. interference in the domestic affairs of countries in our region, under whatever pretext, in short, we should keep the future of our country's development and progress firmly in our own hands. and john blackland is an international security professor at the astronomy and national university. he explains how china's military growth is changing the dynamic between regional powers to be fit. the french are well within the right to do what they've done. but look at the novel group. the french company is not actually playing sheet of paper hirata the natal group. it's been been
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challenged about, it's tightness and it's all over every budget performance for some time now to get competitive compounded by the fact that you know what the french head was, a nuclear propulsion submarine, the barracuda, for which they had proposed to take out the nuclear propulsion and putting a diesel, electrical, tentative, which at his request administrating changes in my mind, so perfectly understandable for them to be quite moved at what astride is done. but it's very interesting because the dynamics have shifted. and you know, president ga, well within his rights. so what he does to the shankar cooperation organization, but let's not forget it's chinese expansion. it's exponential growth of military capabilities including dozens of submarines, literally dozens of submarines manufactured in recent years. coupled with demonstrable rhetorical bob's that are aimed at countries like australia, korea,
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japan, canada, the united states, anybody who days to cross china cross. and chairman g for his remarks. i mean, this is, this is what's driving the change elsewhere and the rage and chinese military plains have flown into one's a face day after time one announced an increase in its military spending. the island says it will spend $9000000000.00 to upgrade its weapons and purchase new missiles to push back against threats from china. also on friday, us battleship south through ty, one's waters for the 9th time since president joe biden took office. china cold, the move provocative and accused washington of the stabilizing the region. plenty. morehead, on this news, our including was a mistake and i offer my sincere apology for us. it may take killed civilians instead of i for 5 years in the last a strike, enough canis done it's hope this low carbon heating and cooling system will
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revolutionize electric cars. the rise to make electric cars go further and charge and it's never a good idea to tell a referee he's crazy. will tell you what happened in spain. later in a hundreds of police officers are being deployed around the u. s. capital for rally by far right groups ahead of the event, the police said they did detected some threats of violence, organizes of justice j 6 reli showing support for those arrested for taking part in the capital riots. engendering hundreds of people breached the building and to be to overturn former president donald trump's election to fate. for more on the demonstration lead springing fuel lavelle who is live for us in washington, d. c. feel it looks like things have wrapped up there. how was the move for the
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approach it the yeah a, it was fairly civilized. it was that there was concern that this could hide into something approaching january. the 2nd. there was never any sort of real worry and i just began but it was going that way because there was so much security. there were so few protests here compared to the numbers that i were expecting. but it was a fatty 7. i mean, we had maybe 200 protests here. they were expecting 5 to 700. it was nowhere near that number and a month. so to under protest, as they were covering all rages opinion, it wasn't just those have to support those. you said incarcerated because of roles to do it, january the 6th. it wasn't just that pro donald trump support that was i'm teach from voices that were like like multiple people who were saying that those hey, protesting in favor of releasing those in jail were traces themselves at the moment . i mean, we've got a few people left, there's a few sizes later that he sign says,
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got kind of a killer set free american protest is unlawfully incarcerated. but there was a lot of also debate. but you know, the police shut anything down, look even remotely like it might escalate very, very quickly. you know, we saw on a few occasions, people riding on bicycles. there was a guy with a megaphone shouting insults, shouting that people were traces out as soon as sort of a crowd swarmed towards them to be getting a device. they quickly moved on, so they kept everything very fluid. for the time we had swapped offices stationed all the way along. here they've been replaced now they've just regular offices who had high visibility. they, they kind of focus. now let's move towards more people. management starts getting people out of the area, easily making sure that they don't get it at a trouble or a huge crowd, but it is, you know, fairly peaceful, civilized they have in dc fill that is refreshing to hear that things didn't get out of hand. but police were certainly making sure that they were prepared for what
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was ahead when they what kind of preparation did they carry out? yeah, yeah, i mean, we had oversee the capitol police officers from the metropolitan police in d. c. we had offices from surrounding forces. the national guard, we're here on stand by just in case i pop from the fact that we have this one over here, the capital. i mean there's no way of getting anywhere near that. they have this barrier, have not barrier. there is another barrier on the other side of the water than that they're all those really high fences. the ones that we saw during got during terabyte and did all gratian the ones that have raise a wire on top and then be on the capital cell which is got offices in there. we're looking out ready just in case anybody did manage to get close, but the big difference is that this was a weekend if i remember john b 6 was a week day. it was a highly motive day. that was that raleigh, the president from held in which he said, you know, you don't fight, you know, going to have a country, mike pence, the full, the vice president who many,
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many within the party believes were sort of selling out. donald trump like search, find election. he was that hey, there was a lot of anger to that. it was very different. 30 people inside the building with a police, all of the lawmakers there off because it's the weekend. so it was a very different movie. and also this was not being billed as a pro chunk raleigh very got out my right. you know, the organizer who was on the stage here who was a former from campaigns not i said this is solely about the how to secure should a political prisoners. that's how he's referring to those people who are in prison are awaiting trial for that role. so i let strows because they're about to go to trial a john to be the same. so it's very important to point out. this was not a pro trump rally, most republican stayed away from this. they were in a pretty tricky situation. if they received to tell people not to come, that they risk angering a lot of adult from support. i told them to come, that they risk being tied to any violence that perhaps did occur down the line. every donald trump himself called sweetie hall, put anything on facebook. all he could do was when he press release,
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which came out in the last 24 hours in which he said that he sympathized with those being persecuted. but that had very little effect on the mood here today. well, now everyone can enjoy the weekend. thanks for the update their feel. lavelle live for us in washington dc, surviving members of a u. s. drawing attack in cobble demanding compensation, and to be relocated from afghanistan, it comes off to the u. s. admitted the attack intended to target iso, when in fact it killed 10 members of the same family and help us command to apologize for what he called a tragic mistake. as some have been jade reports from cobbled charge remains of what some of the children were wearing when the u. s. strong hit their house, some of them, but inside a displaying outside, near a parked car. among the 10 people killed and cobbled on august the 29th for 2 year old, so maia and i, along with 3 year old ma leeker, 7 year old are when was playing near the car, 20 year olds,
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amir 6 year old. been you mean an 11 year old for fight? 16 year old face and was learning to reverse the car with his father's the mirror. i. nothing was preparing for prayer. neighbors rushed with buckets to put out the fire. they were too late. my daughter malika. but the family which lost everything the us admission of killing civilians brings no closure. aim of once compensation and is demanding the u. s. government, relocate his family from of understand that 1st they should investigate. after that they should target that we are on listen people. we don't do it. any mistake right now? i heard that america accept the mistake. yeah, my last member of the family will not just type for you say for high that are going to the hall over the world before the acknowledgement of the u. s. stone. strike which killed civilians. taliban leader anessa connie told the 0 that us john started innocent people and cobbled connie, says eisen k controls. no bass in
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a plan is done. and it cannot be used as a pretext to strike against the people. and he says it's in breach of the agreement signed with the u. s. last year in the hot through. i just remember that we went to the agreement is like to war. this doesn't help with he's in prosperity it's. he's misusing peace in a wrong way. now peace has come to this country, so if they continue to behave like this, they will should understand that they want war not peace. the u. k. bass bureau of investigative journalism says, more than 10000 people have been killed in an estimated 13000. don't strike in a gun, it's done. and so far, no one has been held accountable. the family lawyer calls it a war crime. this was the last strike carried out by us forces in abundance on a reminder, for many off guns of the initial days where my address students were being killed and drawn strikes. and for many here a legacy of us presence for 20 years in this country. so i'm a bon jovi out there
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a couple to externally now, and please have arrested more than 200 people at an anti lockdown protest. they also fine pepper spray at the rally and melvin several 100 people disobeyed. stay at home rules to demonstrate the cd is in its 6 lockdown since the pandemic began. an expert panel in the us has rejected a proposal to roll out cove 19 booster shots to all americans, age 16 in odom. it started a lack of safety data on extra doses and dance about the value of math boosters, but each indoors to extra 5 by and take shots. so people above the age of 65 and those at high risk of severe disease. however, the votes, not binding, dr. mash adelcia is a senior scala with johns hopkins center for health security. he explains who might need a vaccine. we've already seen that for immunosuppressed populations,
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that this is something that's beneficial because they tend to not respond to the standard regiment of vaccines. and that's something a w h o is actually endorsed. when it comes to the general population, i think you have to parse it to see where are we seeing declined in in efficacy when it comes to serious disease. and that's why there wasn't a yes vote for the general population. but in some of those higher risk groups, those that are elderly, there seems to be some benefit. i don't think in the united states that the question of supply, i think we have these vaccine doses are already there on hand for people to get. but i do think, in general, if, when you're looking at the trajectory of the pandemic, it's 1st, 2nd doses that are the most important. 3rd doses are, are less important that than those 1st 2, especially if you're trying to keep hospitals from going into crisis. but that's why this is a narrow recommendation from that f b a committee based on where there actually was that, but it's not blanket. what that 3rd dose will do is protect some people who are at high risk for severe complications from needing hospitalization. so may have an impact on hospital capacity in some parts of some parts of the world. but in
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general, transmission that, that issue is going to be solved with 1st. and 2nd doses. there doses less important when it comes to transmission. but more about protecting those individuals who have higher risk for disease. we've seen some definition in protection against serious disease with the vaccine because of their age because of their high risk condition. electric cars are growing in popularity as the cost of batteries falls and performance increases. but as governments around the world rise to slash carbon emissions engineer's a face with a challenge of improving how far it can go me back, i has this report from london. so our plane is to put the thermal energy storage right on top of days. it looks anything brought futuristic. but inside the chassis of this classic many rover engineers tinkering with ways to make electric car batteries go the extra mile in the u. k. alone, one in a cause board so far they see a were pure electrical hybrid vehicles or become
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a because a racing to improve performance. but up to half the power of an electric cars battery is used to run the vehicle, heating and air conditioning. a big concern from any drive is thinking about switching to electric with this team thing. they have a solution using excess heat generated by the battery to warm the car or power a cooling system. the advantage of it is it can simply use the heat pre stored inside of the material. and when we need to use the heat, we just release the energy from the material and use that energy to heat up the car . so it's as simple as that. it's hope this low carbon heating and cooling system will revolutionize electric cars, allowing them to drive further and lower cost and also boosting their popularity. the world's 1st electric for caught off as
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a glimpse of wants to come. it takes just a matter of minutes to supercharge vehicle, just enough time to wander around the all electric service station. even little work out with the energy generated from this bike, but straight back into the charging stations. we've often been tarnished with the anxiety. we're in this industry in terms of range anxiety and charge on there are negative phrases and we want to dispel and move those away. and i think range anxiety is diminishing phraseology because the vehicles are going so much further. now, you know, 2 or 3 or 400 miles, even certain cases is not necessarily that far away from being reality. some developers are going one step further with technology that can charge vehicles wirelessly at home or on the move along special roads to allow charging while driving. with fast approaching a tipping point, where the mass adoption of electric cars seems unavoidable. battery costs are falling, cause it getting cheaper. and governments around the world is setting ambitious
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targets to cut carbon emissions. but there are still technological bumps in the road, from infrastructure to performance, that engineers an al, racing to overcome the fall out to 0, london. still ahead on al jazeera, why peru is remaining the remains of abbey. my al goodman, who had led one of latin america's most violent rebels. how new passing tripoli, helping the living capital, regain its name as the bride of the se. and in the spring to his bounced back from his appointment at the tokyo olympics, to run the fast this time of the year. a hello. good to see, you know,
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major change across the middle east with your weather pattern though we are now starting to get into the season where it's hard to find those 50 degree days. but many of us, either at average or slightly above or below, for example, look at tater, on 33 degrees. we go in for a closer look. and this is actually pretty well where you should be this time of the year. stellar forecasts with plenty of sunshine over the next $35.00 and even 7 days off the pakistan things are staying dry in the south. 36 degrees in karachi, me just see some showers sneak in between the hor and islam, but not going to be a wash it off to turkey. we're also looking at several conditions here, just as scattering of showers, mostly for northern portions of the country, close toward the black sea. through the tropics of africa. we've got our storms come in and go and but once again, i have concern as we head toward gabon, equitorial, guinea, and cameroon. on sunday, where we could see some pretty intense bursts of rain here, further toward the south scattering of showers for the western cape. it's going to be breezy here as well. we'll talk about those winds in a sec,
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but focus on the positive habit are only $29.00 degrees then took also $29.00 and now for those wins in cape town. well look for them to got up to 55 kilometers per hour on sunday. that's it. for me, see soon the l g 0 recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts full cabana dot. the 1st you and envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east. how is negotiations with himmler helped save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east? killing the count on al jazeera. ready too often of cornerstone is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many
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thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction . an extraordinary film archives fanny for decades reveals the forgotten truth of the countries modern history. the forbidden real part to the communist revolution on a oh a hello. you're watching al jazeera, i'm emily angland, reminder about top stories to thousands of chinese of history. 15, easy as capital in the 1st major demonstration after president said pal is and dismiss comments in july.


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