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tv   [untitled]    September 19, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack. this is europe on al jazeera. oh no, that isn't and don't have the tubs tony's on odyssey is there any police have detained? the last 2 of 6 palestinian prisoners escaped from a high security facility. please arrested ion come on z. i want to deal and shot in jeanine and the occupy westbank ending a 2 week search. hurry faucet has this update from jeanine. there are 2 concerns. i think one, the immediate one being that how this might all and that if there was some kind of major firefight with the death of either or both of the escape prisoners potentially wider bloodshed that that could have triggered a much bigger round of violence. both in the occupied west bank and potentially
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with garza as well because 5 of the 6 escapees. both of those arrested over night from islamic jihad palestinians. i mean you had and they've been, there been rockets fight out of gaza off of the previous 2 rounds of arrests that didn't happen so far. so i think that will be aside relief on that front. there's still no word and when girls will return to secondary school and if again this time boys were back in the classroom on saturday after an order for the town on girls have only been able to return to primary schools. at this stage. the u. s. is preparing to deport thousands of on documented haitian migrants across the border from mexico and estimated 13000 people are staying at a makeshift camp in the texas. town of the little voting is underway on the 3rd and final day of russia as parliamentary elections. the united russia party, which backs president vladimir putin, is expected to retain its majority. most kremlin critics were barred from running after a year of crackdowns. for being boxing,
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i phone money pocket. oh says he's going to run for president in the 2022 election back. it was now a senator. it was nominated by a faction of the ruling party. it comes off to revival faction named a sen. i'm long time president or diego to charity as a choice. hong kong political liter voting for a powerful committee which will choose the cities next leader. fewer than 5000 people are eligible to vote. if the territory is 1st elections in beijing over hold its electrical system, indonesian security forces have killed the leader of an armed group with ties to isaac. ali collado was one of 2 fighters shot incentives for the ways the province on saturday night. it was at the top of the country's most wanted list and those are the headlines. the news continues here on our 0 after our to 0 world, goodbye the peaches joint wine. that's the beauty of telling me in general
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with i've always wanted to make the audience feel something to create an emotional connection with the story. ah, sometimes you have to go to great lengths to do just ah, when we made a film on the point of honor, we covered it without fear or favor. we thought this hand up fee, the panoramic record, and the behavior can lead to the truck. you realize what's going on, the police investigated, and right now the government expelled me, that i couldn't hide from the truth as a tax on press freedom escalade. i work the al jazeera because i hold the line. mom drew ambrose in me. meet your
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small natural wrongs from outer space are highly valued by rock and mineral collectors. many are found in morocco where the best specimens can fetch high prices. ah, in morocco, no man have become experts of monitoring. where are these fragments fall to earth? they're helping a geologist and a meteor dealer to locate samples in the deserts which might benefit them financially. but all radical alone, i'm not sure which can do now. she decided to do this to you and and, and then the score for several years
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and then had to kind of understood ahead. i got a bunch of them. what about 150 feet? you know, do you have give me just get a little machine a lick? what about is the model as you push these can is the you can use. i saw what is at adams in the color of the routing form, but us and you can go on there with them. have that room and then that could be it would be getting coming out. and do you have
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that in the field at all from them? what about the sort of missouri smith, the or the, the birth is on the other? doesn't schulman have minimis, hopefully profi home as in telling me that the throw man is home a liberal employee, but also what she gave me to read that they saw me 20 the but another concern will, can our mate have heaven as yet of christ. you had that kind of a home. yeah. i have nothing had been of that then it has didn't them pay less than that? it's ready. yeah. you think of it, you know, they could be under the cost of off the kitchen you can do if you don't keep
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it in addition. so my level of idea came to me cuz we didn't know whether she could move in like a cedar leave me. she said she didn't have to give her medical had l. g at room now. i mean, it's not even sure. well, good luck to come to the meeting where they could newsletter can look
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good. he's a good in addition to the flem shook. imagine millionaire contrib ms. pretty sure the news news had you seen
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a road is mostly known. if you have criminal contrib, literally mother. that's mcqueen over i can at least 3. i could have been if i'm a debit enough to me that i've got enough i could i that if the hotel and there's an engine she hasn't got process
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completed and you know kind of like a good real good back in that as well. what can we do? the ready news if you could get back at that she had asked me to take a look at you could do that. if you would, please have him call him quite kinda via you know,
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what if you need more than that if we can work your clean if he could, if he takes about or not asha has well well know michigan to help me in medication when this any cause got home, i don't think she could call him and he could. so my son, if you call him at lucas kane has plenty bug 1000000 mcneil us, she asked, i don't want it. he went to look at her. she needs it to me at that. and you can see that him can tell who know who want to continue to be killed. no, dick flab, we will. there's usually a
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look at me. he didn't need to need a new home. i only key kimco near a wash on it and it can show one is like an insect truck and one is to kill that she will kill co co who had the and i want you all one of these. you can go either to neutral element if you can, when you go, when william took off his, if it didn't kill me. oh, you know, we're lucky tony. man, you know, and they shall just let me find the come, don't be out ahead. my will issue to emily ask my thoughts for nothing but leaving
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for florida. another one and a question. if you already know with him, he didn't fall knocked on where he measured, didn't federal park. i just need to sort of them in the article that had been met. i think well, no that's good to know. i think i think those you
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just need to look at that now you don't really to dig month. this is much and sam did not tell you not sensors and i was supposed to know the deductible
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i know that she can look at them if you would. i don't actually this is in the she has to be the service. okay, this is just good . good, good, it's good and i didn't get to it and you know, got the rest of
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it. yes. machine. mm . the the image of the i did not put you in here with me. she said, for can she will and were as hard as she was under she. she needs a 1000000 up. can she get the hello she who, how do you fall? she said, i thought to have come now we had no issue for the better of alton. i mean, if she should do it up the machine,
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can she can she would be able to visit with you she and i guess who is this to continue someone has to be willing to do a study. i just want to make sure because she pushes okay. what about if that would actually little
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games this deal this year? it less she with a ship when they enter to cushion became a car just like you come to because they could look in it gets the outcome of things you will make issue because of that and getting them in a non utilise issue for most people should be finished with the machine. the kids took the she nearly and the model may be interested. she said, hey, will you tell them when you get more for ad kelly? lulu? i'm home or you know where the fuck, i'm just going last and as you know,
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what nice little know exercise in the, in the, in the ship it in the kitchen. when is it from what i can call you? i had to be at the edge of you, i can be a 3 what he said, come to me. it's a medical house, you know, somebody like you did about you know, it was the other thing you know, sending me to read that i will be leaving school with the notary completion. that certainly can add on to a yes. let me let down
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here. no, sir, you had in his head. anything wrong? so you have melinda, i don't think it ever had picked. but if you could just you know, medical to control. yes, i will get it right. yeah. for my heddy, could you tell me what i love? steady, christopher, she said suddenly, next door move in such like you didn't live in
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oh, the market price for meet your rights in the capital of europe is needless to say, far higher than in the atlas mountains in morocco. ah, in paris alone, county own runs a shop selling fossils, minerals, and meet your eye. he travelled the world, searching for and buying samples direct from their source. ah look publicly said sir quincy persisted municipal to be sensible enough, should they don't a golf marker, i'll be able to calculate the sudan if, if we can get to supplement them. we a said to mortgage they are much bob. bob metal was is really key salvage push now
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a marvell need oxygen mad should develop their bodies. well. ski have a, is it a condo? negotiate the price of the suit, laska on a day to so the, the old on door doesn't mean it will come side of a copy, but they're having a d blend for him back to yeah, i know met gave e lo pallet quantity to circumcise at the v comes at b, b, u, s. and then at the all paid, i mean kind of the view in this, there's the sec, do shoot that goes on, but i don't because of the belly so, so no be, say a 80 them all the exhibit object complete image fox at the middle. it a really me would only say mad, yes, i go off a should redeem a service crusade. yeah, no, no sir, we just ask, assess it unplugged that wrong years, isn't that good enough where i'm looks out of it. i didn't books that they mean for
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the lateral value, but i mean for the kiddo kicks looked up. if you don't want me to want to get the book without royce person seminar, a should be a speaker the padlock said your boss. and i would love jays balls because it's in middle sit on the brakes to get on the saw. so just dad, i could do it with that. he killed that comes on. i would just think that all body could you, i mean tell tale eyes and the doctor. and he said yes is all the because last week you will meeting mean meal for consensus. it will follow proper protocol because he said about him on the book book with discrete date regime. cassie magellio, commonly called customer service, connected with literally suggest someone about what is or do you still object along care? y'all has invested in his contact in morocco by equipping them to identify the
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precious extra terrestrial rocks to everyone's benefits. hence why morocco is a key supplier door called the not a he will come, sir. does anyone care in the bethany food to joy of food? because there are bugs i do is, i mean get to make contact today. so for me to last is ivy so scary me the more so i would tell you it curious to see if i could move it, but he really got middle bingo. is there again? yes, it's a come sex tech, a mercedes or she verbal talk, complete. not who i mean, delta care america you simply as is any good to have said like thought in their image twitter of head. i will show buskie motors rules in italy with controls said if i were not able to show that you could please visit us on one of the links blue shield in texas on on. just give me like a not a kid. salt in the malika come to bluff,
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we punish actually be doing it. you so but took you hold. can i mean he was going to have you about took a demo malcay las salt, the to, to submit to it takes time in the after lily levels to pot asher out ammonia seal or to the boot. yesterday we talked about methyl de pete, prevent the progression because this all knowledge got to get out of my old address . it to draw, the put them out is accomplished the city can, it is all excited movie up. and he's an absolute externally nail. may limit to each of his shit, a similar character. lafayette no, no hope. hope went to son when leak. that could come from our care via the old on the look off. it's he left, there's one on to chick it come. you can
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a we couldn't. eliza, you that the last i want, those are paid book my share. come what? you see. i'm our can you have on we took what that s t direct them all mark is coming out to me to read c capital m capital. i behalf city me toys malkin cookie, the only one we tell it's it will not take me to treat that play selma hook one on a shorter becky, and to be down and then do me to give me your net price because i mean not to do to blood plan don't go by dennis. who did to load me. dolly could you show me,
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they say it's more mount it on the vault to guild that ignore the absolute most that only come out in the global trade and meets your right tribes on a continued fascination with these mysterious rocks from outer space meet your rights are probably the only extra terrestrial object, it's possible to find by or own on earth. but can you ever truly own something that comes from another world? the answer, they say, isn't this stars i i county courses if the 20th century lives. what intertwined from outcast,
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who found an artistic connection in 194010 jane to live. deuce the both of them were lost. children to a battle of words, against the backdrop of julian. more independence. i'll just tell the story, the complex relationships that spot created really, really a north africa on al jazeera, me. ah, ah, it's another beautiful sunny day of 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways booted world's best airline of 2021. hi again. good to see you here are headlines for the americas on monday. we do have post tropical storm or dead. just
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moving to the south of st. johns, but it's still going to throw a lot of rain there. and also some wind got storms cutting across northwestern ontario into the upper midwest on monday. and there is a potential some of these could be severe over to the west. our next batch of what weather moves into the central and northern coast of british columbia, affecting hardway and look at that drop in temperatures for winnepeg down by about 10 degrees from sunday. elevated south fire danger for central parts of california . and otherwise it's looking dry in phoenix with a high of 37 remnants from what was hurricane nicholas. still hanging round toward the u. s. gulf states, we've seen flash flooding in western alabama. and once again, the risk for that on monday, over to central america, we do have driving rain for costa rica and panama panama city, getting up to a high of 30 degrees south end of south america. here's the situation. we've got some showers for bo guitar, 21 degrees, just cloud cover, and lima at 17 and a front is sliding from uruguay right into the southeast of brazil. look at it
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salty on 40 degrees. it's not going to be record breaking, but the wind shift around and you have the big drop in temperatures on tuesday. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best airline of 2021. the this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm rob matheson, this is the news our live from doha. coming up with like 60 minutes, the un urges the taliban to reopen secretary schools for girls. enough gonna stand for now? girls are only back in primary school. we are rated to rise. charlene of leadership packing, a political punish philippine boxing icon on sen. money pack hill announces.


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