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on and that's a key strength of answer 0 ah, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on our jazeera, ah, ah, this must be unjust. and it also is immoral. the crisis of covered 19 vaccine inequality in the us of it's defending half a 1000000000 doses to poor and middle income country. ah, other kimbell, this is their last and also coming off unity as president says, your rule by decree. if you prepared for changes to the political system,
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opponent say he's cancelling the constitution at the un general assembly secretary general antonio good paris says the world must engage with the tenable nava continues to flow from a volcano on the finish island of the palmer destroying homes and covering towns and ash ah, vaccine, iniquity becomes the focus that the ongoing un general assembly, the u. s. is that will donation of a half 1000000000 doses of the 5, the coven, 1900 job to countries struggling with the pandemic. president joe biden made the promise during a virtual corona of our summit on the sidelines of the un meeting. my kind of reports from the united nations, accompanied by un ambassador, president biden arrived to launch an unprecedented virtual cove. at 1900 summit,
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he's joined by leaders from around the world to discuss, among other things, the vaccine gap between nations, the global shortage of oxygen, and the ways in which rich nations can help the poor. the u. s. has to date, distributed 160000000 doses of vaccine to 100 countries. and more is to follow the united states is buying another half 1000000000 doses of pfizer to donate to low and middle income countries around the world. this is another half 1000000000 doses that will all be shipped by this time next year. and it brings our total commitment to a donation of donated vaccines over $1100000000.00 vaccines to be donated. put another way for every one shot we've administered to dayton america. we have now committed to do 3 shots to the rest of the world. all on the call agree that fighting the
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pandemic is a global rather than national issue trucks and it's the pledges of help a reality check by the south african president of around 66000000000 vaccine. those is administered worldwide. only 2 percent of these have been administered in africa. a continent of more than 1200000000 people. this must be unjust. and it also is immoral. well, bleeders had pledged to vaccinate at least 70 percent of the world's population by next year. but as president drum oppose, also pointed out, it is now september and not even 10 percent of the target has been reached. the despite the parent awareness that nobody is safe, unless everybody is. and still echoing the bleak message from the un secretary general and his opening address to the general assembly. the world is on
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a precipice. my kind of his era at the united nations, as he heard in mike's report, africa has the slowest vaccination rate of any continent. less than 4 percent of its population has been fully vaccinations. now the world health organization says a target. so fully vaccination, 10 percent by the end of september is unlikely unless supplies and access to jobs improve so far. only 14 out of $54.00 african countries have reached that 10 percent target. the poor health infrastructure in some countries is slowing down vaccination campaigns, exports or another challenge. initially, most african countries don't take over 900 vaccines from a manufacturer in india. lot has the country struggled with its own search and infections. it stopped shipments. deliveries have improved, but i'll still lagging behind. well, helen raises a member of the world health organizations, international health regulations,
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emergency committee on covert 19. she says beyond verbal commitments, leaders should focus on the actual delivery of vaccines urgently touches the fantastic this, the scale of touch here is, is excellent, but what we need is to get these vaccines out as quickly as possible. we cant pledge and then deliver, you know, next year or the end of next year. we my pledge and start to really roll out back in the kofax facility, which was set up to the poor, low middle income countries that with, with fewer resources and to get faxes quickly has been hampered by lack of access to vaccines. and in the early stages, lack of funding. so the pledge to be welcome definitely. but to on the school, the need for speed to get these vaccines to countries in many of the rich countries they really do have such as back things. but if you leave it too late, then it's going to be logistically, very difficult to start to roll these out. countries don't have hard borders,
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so there's lots of movements of people. and but more than that, i mean, we are a continent and as enormous solar charity across the african region. so we're very aware that the, the mortality rates are going up, the wages are going up. and as long as we neglect and the entire consummate in the countries in that continent, and we don't get vaccines out, then we can expect the emergence of new variance. and so far, the variance of concern that we've seen have all been resistant to some extent to the vaccines that we have. so this becomes the global threat, as well as the regional threats. a diplomatic route between the us and france appears 3 easing with paris saying it will return its ambassador to washington. next week. president biden and mccomb spoke by phone on wednesday, aiming to resolve a dispute over a security pack. the u. s. is formed with the u. k and australia, as part of the alliance, australia cancelled a multi $1000000000.00 submarine deal with funds favor of us nuclear power subs,
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move and get paris audit and con planned to meet in october. the butler in paris is nicole has a notable concession from biden, was been nearly a week since the diplomatic crisis, a rotted and finally the french president. the minute micro has spoken to the u. s . leader joe biden, in a phone call that we understand was initiated by the white house. well, the white house and the lisa palace both put out simpleton news a statement. and if you read through the may really seems as if joe biden is saying many of the things the president might call wanted say on the public records, you have, for example, a biden. admitting that more open consultation with allies would have benefited the situation. also saying that the, the u. s. was counting on french and european engagement in the,
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in the pacific region bite. and also saying that the u. s. supported stronger you defense. that's quite interesting because the whole idea of bolstering you defense has been somewhat controversial with the u. s. in the past, it was certainly something that ruffled the feathers of donald trump, but thought again is biden making. you can say a concession to the french person tomorrow, micro macro, who for a long time has been saying that that you must bolster its defense and strategic capacities. because the, you can no longer necessarily rely on the united states as a partner on the international stage. well, the 2 leaders, it seems, have agreed to meet in europe in october. we don't have a date yet, but i think what is clear from this phone call is a base macro and biden look, they know it's in the common interests of both the us and frauds, to improve the relationship and rebuild some of that trust. it doesn't mean of
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course, that the french are not going to remain upset for, for some while yet, but i think it is clear that both want to move forward will be trailing prime and mr. scott morrison says he's tried to arrange a phone call with a manual con, but it's been on successful, so fall. speaking in washington, dc on wednesday. morrison said he'd be patient and rebuilding kinds with france. the french government has recalled it's ambassador in australia for consultations. the un security council met with the secretary and targeted us on wednesday to discuss i've got missed on he says, all 5 permanent members wants stability and peace. they're. the taliban is appointed a new invoice to the us and requested that he be allowed to speak at the general assembly. christian salumi has more from the united nations seeing intense diplomacy at the united nations on the situation in afghanistan. many meetings taking place, including one between foreign ministers of the permanent 5 members of the security
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council, and the secretary general of the un, antonio gutierrez, the united kingdom chair, that meeting the new foreign minister list trust said going into it. that her goal was to get china and russia to take an international approach to the situation there. and what the council is weighing is whether or not to recognise the taliban of the united nations. and on the one hand, there's concern about legitimizing group and a government which has members still on the international sanctions. less to a group that wasn't recognized when they controlled the country from 1996 to 2001 their treatment of women. and girls and ethnic minorities very much a concern for countries in the united nations here. but on the other hand, the united nations is warning that there could be an economic collapse in
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afghanistan if the country is not allowed access to the international banking system. and that could make it even more of a threat to international peace and security. we got to hear a little bit of what the secretary general told the members of the p 5 in that meeting. can you send them to the we see cannot go to follow within the leadership. and we see different behaviors in different parts of the country and the several contradictions between what is sometimes what happens in some areas of the country. now it's not likely that the taliban will be given a platform to speak during the general debate. the new ambassador would need to be recognised by the credentials committee. the credentials committee doesn't meet until november. the committee consists of 9 member states. among them, the united states, china and russia. so these countries will have to deal with this issue before too
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long. to renew the president, sky side has given himself extra pals, including bull by the creek, and says he'll no longer the whole pulse of the constitution. the new measures go beyond the steps i took in july, when he facts, a prime minister for parliament, and assumed executive authority. his extra powers include being able to issue the legislative text by decree, as well as appointing the cabinets and setting its policy directions. i had gone loose, a senior member of the another party, the biggest political force in the frozen parliament. he says the president's actions cement his one man will. mister a it has put, he says, right now, total estimation. he's even isolated teams and from the ministration from the constitution. and he's even referring to the premier of the constitution while in total contradiction the content of that prenatal. so right now we are in, in
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a declared who did stop with no possibility for any far fetched to probation. so we are in that and the music community, what is it to them in the international community? they need to be aware right now that there is no way of interpretation. this is a qu, cell declared, coo, spain's tourism minister has been criticized off to suggesting a volcanic eruption on one of the canary islands. could be a drawer for tourists. a wall of lava up to 12 meters high. slowly moving across the palmer with the 6000 people have evacuated since sundays. are option. nicholas hoc reports from the palmer. this is jose hernandez. her mom says house in the distance. just below the gushing crater still standing, but for how long he says he was no warning from authorities, but he knew when the earth under his feet suddenly started shaking the summit. luna,
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who had once again a walk and i angry. i am so disappointed, so many people have lost their homes. we have nothing left and nothing was in his neighbors. are staying in a nearby parking lot, relying not on the state, but friends and family for help. there in shock with only a few belongings in a plastic bag. they watch. european poorest flocked towards the volcano. encouraged by spain's tourism minister, who's described the russian as a great show. and incredible, natural back talk to that and not really much places in the world where you have an active hotel where you can see that people go to learn to, to hire, to do something by having your own canary islands is something very unique, especially the people from the islands, things opposition leader denounced what many on the island describe as
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a disaster tourism thousands of people have been displaced in hundreds of home, destroyed. this is a he gets from the creator and what are you hearing right now? is liquid rubbing, shut up into the year as well as the chemicals being released with century reader. it looks right below us. look at the snake layer of ash just on the outside, on the conscious on the ground. it's also loud right above the articles of sulfur dioxide hanging. the air residents in its path are given less than an hour to evacuate. yes ma, i'm trying to get as much as i love my house because exactly when i will be able to come back. we are still missing to get and we want to pick up some documents, photos, and some clothes. the government has promised to rebuild last houses and say help from the us coming direction in this isolated island has revealed
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a fault line between europeans and in its mention facing an unfolding tragedy. nicholas hall, county 0 palmer canaries still ahead on their varying being sent home some migrant. some have he had turning their backs on the us and trying to make a new home in mexico back in business. how south african airways redeem science stuff, to be grounded for almost a year. a hello there. let's start in se, asia, and we got various areas of low pressure. you can see them swirling around the satellite image behind me. and they bring you from heavy rains to parts of indo china in particular to me and more and southern parts of thailand. we've got some
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intensified monsoon rains and we could see further flooding here. we've also got a tropical depression that's moved from the south china sea into vietnam, bringing some really heavy amounts of rain. we took it up to $200.00 millimeters affecting vietnam and lounge. for the south of this, we seemed flooding across parts of indonesian, the rains are going to continuous and sharp thunderstorms coming in for west java and sun wessy. and we've got those scattered. sheldon, thunderstorms, affecting much of the philippines. but for the south of this, as we move to australia, it is a much finer, dry, a picture. we've got high pressure dominating much of the country. a lot of heat still coming through in the north. the temperatures aren't as high as we have seen . honest some of the story in the west for perth, a little bit of a brisk wind kicking in. but for the really unsettled conditions, we have to move to the se, in particular for victoria and has mania. we've got a severe, a wind warning in play on friday with temperatures dipping down. but there is lots of warmth in sydney. that's her update. the,
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the the world lungs are being seized. the amazon rain forest is diminishing a rate of football pitcher a minute to meet the market insatiable appetite for logging mining and farming. as both scenarios, government seek to relax conservation laws and increased production indigenous communities on the brink of extinction. know, with the bite of their life, people empower brazil's amazonian battle on al jazeera. ah ah,
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what's your algebra reminder of our top story is this on the us is doubling as purchase of coven vaccines to help developing countries. a purchase of another $500000000.00 jobs brings a total vaccination commitment to more than $1000000000.00. tele bomb is appealing to be recognised quickly. bomb the united nations as a new ruler. the group has appointed a new envoy to the un and requested he be allowed to speak as a general assembly to the president has given himself extra poles and says he'll no longer at the old part of the constitution to include being able to issue legislative text find creek was appointing a cabinet and you report to some of the richest countries in the world, a failing children in refugee camps and syria safe. the children says at least $62.00 children have died of different causes this year. it's almost 2 every week
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that he has one agencies say an estimated $40000.00 children are trapped in the l hall and raj refugee camps in ne, syria. every day is a struggle for survival. and the statistics tell a grand story, save the children, said at least to have died every week since the start of the year. some were killed from avoidable illnesses, others by fires, poor sanitation malnutrition and even murder. living conditions are tough and daily outbreaks of violence are making them worse. they are witnessing so much trauma around them. they're living through it every day. busy and we're really concerned about what this means for children growing up in these conditions. it's simply no place for a child to grow up. and so we're calling strongly on government to repatriate their children, bring them back to their countries and give them accounts for a proper life. cause to re, patrick,
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the foreign nationals among the camp. 60000 residents are not new. at least 30000 are from iraq. and 10000 are from other countries. many are families of iso fighters or those who lived under their control before the armed group was defeated in the region 3 years ago. some countries have taken back their citizens, but many have not. since 2017, nearly 1200 children have been repatriated almost 59 percent of them went home in 2019. but repatriation declined in 2020. and so far this year, there have been only 14 the united nations is calling for action from the nearly 60 governments who are believed to have nationals in the camps. but with differences on policy, possible security threats. and the lack of political will many are reluctant. each of those countries have their own local situation with their own complexities in
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terms of political environments. so this is something that each government is having to work through as they consider the restoration of their nationals. the 2nd level i would say the legal one. so in many countries as well, there are complexity in terms of the actual nationality of these children and mothers. 80 percent of the camps residents are women and children. 65 percent of them are under the age of 18. they are vulnerable not just the dire conditions, but also to the threat of radicalization in camps described as the most dangerous in the world. and with the slow pace of repatriation. it will take decades before they can leave them there as ita supplies of tens of thousands of haitian national seeking refuge in the us made headlines this week. but i thought the under their air force is showing border officials whipping migrants crossing from mexico. now many from a few have decided to abandon hope of migrating to the united states in favor of
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staying in mexico. manual power reports waiting outside an immigration office in mexico city. these haitian migrants have decided it safer to asked to stay here, rather than risk crossing the us border. i'm hearing people are being deported to high 3 and right now high t, it's very bad. they don't have a president. there are many things so we can't go there. that's why i'm afraid, and i want to live here in mexico. in recent days, the u. s. has been sending more migrants back home following the arrival of thousands of haitian nationals on the us mexico border. but not all are being repatriated. many who have crossed in the state of texas have been given paperwork and a day to appear in the us immigration court. though there's. ready confusion about how authorities decide who goes and who states. right now, it's not clear how they are being process. what criteria border patrol is using to say, who should have access to parole?
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who is going on the deportation flight. they've got to go off this week. images of us border patrol agents on horseback mistreating haitian migrants provoked international outrage. agents captured on video by al jazeera have been placed under investigation human rights observers. more than that, conditions for migrant on the mexican side of the border are even more challenging and immigration agents here in mexico have also been accused of abusing margaret. more haitian migrants are expected to arrive in mexico's capital in the days and weeks ahead. there were too many are going to abandon the north and come down here to the city in search of new opportunities. so i think that migration will continue to increase and we, the 30s must do something to provide the solution that the case requires elsewhere in northern mexico, people are rounded up in immigration rates and sent south towards the border with guatemala, where more migrants from haiti, and elsewhere, enlighten america arrive daily. and these last month,
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the number of haitian people arriving and mexico has increased drastically. this is interesting because haitians are not arriving directly from haiti and said many are traveling from far away as brazil. and sheila, international observers ward that nasty partitions, could overwhelm haiti as thousands, return to the same cycle of violence, poverty, and political instability that forced them to leave in the 1st place. manuel, up a little al jazeera mexico city. south african airways has resumed flights after the grounded for more than a year. the airline was only running cargo and recreation flight since the beginning of the corona virus pandemic in march 2020. but financial difficulties forced to hold all operations last september. for me to mit isn't johannesburg, with more on the airlines recovery if needed to restructure as best it can because they would times wage. they strike from pilots who are not being paid. that's just
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how bad the situation was for a and since then it's sold 51 percent stake of the company to a private consortium to try and get it back on its feet. one of the latest investigations into misappropriation of funds. and corruption has shown that at least the $2000000.00 in recent years have been misappropriated, linked to irregular contracts and issues like that. and so the issues around is just one of the, one of many examples around state owned enterprises in south africa where corruption, widespread corruption has been problematic. and this is just another one of the state owned enterprises that has been so severely affected, but also the running of a and it's future is also been criticized by some africans has been mixed reaction to is a weak starting in that many say it's a prestige project that is a need that there are many airlines in south africa in fact low cost a lot cheaper to fly with. and so african airways has, for a long time,
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been leading public funds, and many in the country would say that it's an a line that's not needed. it needed a number of bail out in recent years. and so many a into to see if it's able to get off the ground and it's sustainable electric vehicles have been the big draw at most of ballot in the united states. this is outdoor replacement for the detroit most show trucks that can reach speed's faster than most petro calls the, showing how much technology has evolved. but president biden began bishop to make them the majority salary may still have some road bumps and still valid reports. everyone's big on electric this year, e v. 's every where you look here at motor bela the future is electric. the big announcements. big names from the staples through the absolute beasts. if ever there was a vehicle that looks like it means business. there you go. and this brand only
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makes evey's, which just goes to show if they can do it successfully and make it their main business model than so can all of these guys. i'm, they off, you can't move for them here. and they're moving, oh job, i did an easy found giving this one the presidential approval back in may. the 2nd where out for trying to show e v. 's all for everyone. not to 64 seconds in a truck. surely this is going to run the battery out very quickly. if you drive like this. but no, this truck has plenty of range, 300 miles. the aptly named lightning showing just how far electric come a lot of people don't expect this truck to handle this. well, right, so with the battery, the suspension, all the work we've done handles almost like a cough, the software to the swedish band with its global map database that feeds real time information into e. v. 's to make the batteries last longer. we can tell you the friction level of the roads are driving out and that allows regeneration system of the electric
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vehicle to be most efficient. then it's like absolute because we are told these all the future he's convinced today i'm signing an executive order, setting out a target of 50 percent of all passenger vehicle sol by 2030 will be electric, determined to relegate the gas guzzlers to the past. but big issues remain batteries for one, china supplies, 80 percent of the world's lithium power packs. at the moment, surely the u. s. is not going to want to be in a position where it's beholden to china. no, i don't think so. and i think that's it's really incumbent upon the global automotive industry to work together, plus recalls over battery, 2nd, catch fire, chevrolet and famous, the tesla know about that. then there is grid capacity or lack of it for a huge ation powering up that of course there is the weather charging and even in the rain. absolutely fine, but it's when the weather takes out the power, then you're going to have an issue which we've seen recently,
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extremes from texas to california. that is one of the hurdles to it. but in a very similar way, if there is no power, then you're also not able to power a gas pump to run your internal combustion engine car. so of course, there are things that could happen. we hope that those things would be outliers, that they would be on the fringe and the fringes, anything but the final destination for these things. the future may be electric, still some way to go until it's perfect. fed lavelle al jazeera pontiac, michigan. ah, this is out there. these are the top doors. the states will donate half a 1000000000 more doses of the 5, the vaccine to developing nations. joe biden made a pledge, a virtual cove at $900.00 summit on the sidelines of the un general assembly. the united states is buying another half 1000000000 doses of pfizer.


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