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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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talk to al jazeera, we what gives you hope that there is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing the way we listen. we were never on whatever road to off migration. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories on sierra ah, ah, i money fight and don't he top stories on al jazeera, a major tele bound security operation is on the way the eastern afghan city of july, about many people have been arrested. it comes off to a series of attack claimed by iso in a kind of stone. the chief spokesman for the taliban says it's a continuation of the security operation against iso in the capital daisha. when we took over the country last month,
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some iceland afghan extent operatives moved to cobble and july the body. we've launched an operation and couple and arrested many. another operation is underway. angela bodies were hunting down. those who were sewing chaos and those who are behind the recent attacks we've caught, doesn't so far a car bomb in the somali capital has killed at least 8 people and injured dozens. more witnesses say it happened that a security checkpoint in the hummer. when district of southern mogadishu, they say the a tank talk to several cars as they tried to cross the security barrier. they hated about 2 kilometers from the presidential palace. also, bob has claimed responsibility for the attack to canadians fried by china have just arrived at calgary in western canada. you looking at live pictures from the airport, michael coverage and michael is favors spent 3 years in jail in china after being accused of espionage hallway. chief financial officer mang once you was also released on to 3 years of house arrest while awaiting extradition. at least
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a 100 members of tennessee as large as political party and not hadda had resigned in protest against their leadership. those who have stepped down include deputies and former members of the constituent assembly. i say the parties leadership is failing to actively engage any common front against what they call imminent, tyrannical danger. rhonda is president polk ago, may says history cannot remain in northern mozambique forever. he made the comments while on a visit to mozambique cargo got a province run, and troops have been helping local forces fight back armed groups. a 1000 soldiers were deployed into the resort rich regions back in july that been hailed for rapid success. authorities on la palm in the canary islands are wanting more homes, could be destroyed as lava from the volcanic eruption, specify that those. are you headlines coming up next?
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this is europe. ah, me the natural base to get the vote for him. it just to maybe hummadi foreigners in english module. when can he get job duck up was? community may or may not really look up the object not work. i'm george i today. so one where the big girl celebration day or 5 sunday. that's why we are
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going to collect the things you can see here the, the road we broke and we will broke and you have to go from our country and this and that the, this is from fascism says, how would i cut that above head? the bandit container can take up to neil to the the game. sampsonoma mccadden had so much of the man god did throw on me. that's why they my legend, my son, the games of them. what leverage i don't know why they did. he had the
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6 that you get each man. i like i shall go ahead man to get a good addition. we've got to actually do him. made it by monday. golf is to move and selfishness will give that a cock. it won't let us get it. so have i got to tell you, don't that any news generally way because if i was going to have southern immigrants edition smith southern i met i left about what i've got to get get this number off. just talk to you about
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them. i must do to get my locals are part of your own. there's some list. it's up to about one minute minute. got you? yeah. you know, you know, some of the stuff it's just going to get you off. you're gonna cut out a lot to little bit on them. got off the o. unami,
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nestle plus the tomato. do you get the heck? a set of 4 should have wardrobe. avoid your hot hanging of bucket. you'll be greek who know he will come on go home now or in a hotel about mostly for modification. you have nothing for us to get home like you capital. got at the doctor in the morning. he couldn't get to. the boomers don't go, well hope more to shut the gunshot. now would he be your head will, golden don't come member to get us started. he again, look the tucker w. mom says i've got a look munches, i've got the got to me by the door for out for them. good luck get up and mama w mrc. if she go get
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a starkey. i the i don't need to do that because you know my name even as well as video enough. i guess when i went up and it was like all the caustic in the world, the more you saw. yeah. i see that it works easier. let me go, let me see now that that's a little go home with your will. budget to study says the dog boy about our
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ship, but i've done give it to you guys over there to get money. that's what i could get. it was, it had to be or whether i went to school and the longer the government can go to a new opening and could come together when the door seals or your. ready neck, you'll a dollar to get a lot of papers down to one to lot,
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but that new boy damage i say, you know, to get you done if you can, if i don't know that the capital one unwelcome and then you should look up the mountain. mm. ma'am that's my back. i think it's very good us to be competitive particular to pick them up and jump out at that stuff, but i will be with you, but i'll let him go to the one on a minute but are back in a minute to put some out of it. you
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know, when i'm a local, i just will bugging out much gill, just about to get what nothing would have done to model that will not bug some children with the the man though the go to be the the
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the blah blah. the oh oh my god, i pay the $70.00 it and now the cars going to bomb, but i take it out. they say, i mean, i mean it will be chessy, i want to give the guy got to the house law. it's monica me. when i got a decent on that it was in it. yeah, it was in the clear. they're going to mobile. go on with a. com. got it. they probably haven't got a tenant in a thing, but i forgot it. they were actually, which is how you know now,
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but that's me know what he got to be, but he got this pretty, really, and i've been in the basement of the piece and upon this enough have gone the north main job. that way the list had fairly be ideal, but that was no, say yay or nay. can we put them on your hot conflict on one on and we didn't miss any of them. you can please call me. we'll talk to him a little bit, but i'll be good to talk with and i've got that going on within shanrice name and after natasha was on a she was get the piece on a deal for this gay after 31 leg. tell it any 100 but a telling if the li. okay,
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no figures are missing a pair. luna? santa scott sooner know figure than it was off the nice it was good to fill these i've done a good one of them on of cornell. i shook the coma, haughty of beginning. helena lud. galen is going to be a 130000000 miles remark. did he do any one of us? but he never any more. carlos, pretty low. but when he got us be allowed to go speak with the police on the after he got all, who was pretty close, pretty high, kato, yet they gave him and easy to be not going away from easyhome
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while he sunburned, that the last one would have been no more than that, i got not picked it up, but more typically if you wanna if this one bloom, it some more journey in the corner. missing a bowl. now where he saw nikki tina going in the mood. he says, these are those they go. i miss put on the to me or he, lia they live, the author goodyear, i don't know these a lot of what they will do any idea. and then there are, these got the low. i don't a boy d i
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was guessing that it was due to another monthly to july, july buddy, it's wendy lyon, but if you can do to come down there by the devil, much does it make them another vin number, but it hasn't showed up? can they made it to so you know, 7 and 8 and card with them then in nod and made it hard and then a man in the new one gets to come to he told me, i don't tell you that i don't live down in a while and one, and i'm going to come out he had domain names, these sort of bring it on a dime should add or disguise enchilada and name got only low
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t g. now them tell you got to do that will come some other when the some of it, i mean casita care food festival or they were not that are care. but the community and most of us would start out in the, on the all new for the, the route only do the one with the mind on the order on us of the medical to get i choose the ma'am. i
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bought this hard, gave my new go bomb. fuck a funny bennett. i got you and i was even though you get up if you wanted to become the goes by the way, the slim i nibble a back a year. jewel the meat that he's also enter yet. oh sca basil those honest go gone, got good by metal but he got to get you a bit but a little bit but then again still got to be a manipulator. would you mel it's longer get the bucket again monday in the car which got to go daily but you other in good the other the other girl,
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the law telling them listen and the meta i lose the one the in the gulf in the gun me then look, a le le didn't play all the other the other believe with dental bundled people. the association had been a bit as you before you get the municipal government now easy. got up off to i want to see lucy. easy for of the only did the biggest feel afraid they yoshi and i can see a balanced against the cup here. but nikki violence was through an illegal turn
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. the wheel had been the f a b v. a b, this where the guess he'll skin it rolled. actually call that up. as he had a stable denise, going to go and now i thought, thought, updating man, man of the had these, you kill. he said, let's just go and lemme get mon as union thought. thought the method what somebody's been on the bottom on this was fema quigley went up on his vehicle. he's not another met jeanette guy, another one p d as toner, limb in the middle. those out of south michelle may be the city for the city of midland. are going to be automatic. dramatic school credits. void kataria, or really am i somewhat hello la monica,
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me on. the banana that i've been active on about there. hello. hello. matt burnett, from phantom give, that'll be fine. i'm gonna get out of the, the number that i'm at and i got the method i got to talk to about, but then you could tell was abilene, they will know what i need about down into bus. and they gotta get on it, but then i will try to do some bomb down. got a table, a delicate, that laminate me come to the left and focused on me that the problem is live foods on the members or people that are on the, on the,
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on the news. wonderful. so any, so i don't know know integer but why? and i am going to google, danny was on the 20 meg of i'm a movie that i'm the i tell what the grammar has to goodness a world rather than whatever marla, who do i live in the morning when i'm going to push any one on the rug this will take me a little to leave and then change the name. i checked him. i don't even whom i don't want to get about what they are. they're going to buy the man. lot of believe that. yeah. got to get to know when
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a lot of work in the room right. you generated by you know who you're going to be. it wouldn't bother to get them on monday. you could please have him. give me a call. monday, i me use my mouse barely bought a job, made on lower than for college and we were just in a go for the please. hello, girls can him with the little bit of money and a mega lay that the me angel dagger boy might go let me get going.
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oh, i like the one that the bad on the was a long one job monday. last monday, or in a boy or girl lou. or don't get to the non native shark. got my again and let me
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i'm tina mcdonny junior. i am well that i'm a good day i am out of in. i'm opening and going to pop kelly. lucky though, still get the dog is clear with us. he did a duet, yada only managed to get the it would be up. you may, can easily guess on that. let me get a get those who don't. but the way it was, what the manager on a young bar, i'll give a young one. i'm the casino would still be young and a little by hanging. i knew mine and i have your met at high yield pod for about
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a month. the robin about the home in the web root cause i got a good job. i've got nothing that i got to check on to the
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i name is rudy gay. hopefully with the the the the muslim game mother also said in the gym who she has some good coupons that i've gotta get to work my gums ready, getting up, cut it will get put on the
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news news, news news . it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways booted world's best airline of 2021. let's get go on with your weather story for the america and right off the bad guys. talk about sub tropical storm terese as it's moving up the atlantic. it's going to link up with them what weather over there, northeast, and that's going to amplify rainfall across the canadian if i'm to provinces, in the days to come. a run of rain through the great lakes toronto
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a 120 degrees. so pretty well where you should be from his, from the year off to the west, quiet across the prairies, our next batch of what weather moves into the south coast of british columbia. this will effect vancouver on sunday. meantime, for the desert southwest monsoon, no moisture leaks in towards southern areas of nevada into new mexico. but albuquerque, you're going to stay dry with a hive 29 degrees, a lot of sunshine across the u. s. gulf states looking good in new orleans with a high of 27 degrees, but some thunder storms in the forecasts for miami, central america, a heavy falls through honduras, also some aggressive rain falling for guatemala on sunday. and i wanted to give you an update on hurricane sound right now. i'm going to put this a few days forward sunday monday. but look at staying east of the leeward islands, but will continue to keep close sky on that top end of south america. cloudy day for lima at 18 degrees, we've got some weather for southern sections of chile, but it should impact santiago at all. the weather, sponsored by cattle airways,
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boated world's best airline of 2021. ah, when ever you ah ah. this is al jazeera ah. hello marlene bye. this is the news ally from hall coming up in the next 60 minutes . the taliban is carrying out and security operation in the eastern city of de la bod, off the series of attacks claimed by on so enough kindness on political parties.
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fine for the heart of germany's merkle generation, as young virgins proposed to make their voices had in some days election.


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