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lose killing the count on algebra. ah, bold and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific. bon jazeera. ah molly says it feels abandoned. does french troops prepare to leave and seek help from russian mercenaries? ah, hello, i'm diamond jordan. this is all just right. you from also coming up a major security operation in eastern afghanistan. the taliban entertain dozens of ice linked. find it. more rivers of molten lava flow down la palmer's volcano,
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when the canaries threatening unexposed reaction in the sea. and the final hour of campaigning in an election that's too close to cold. germany's candidates deliver their love pitch to vote. ah, molly's prime minister has accused france and abandoning his conflict torn country, as most troops prepared to leave speaking at the un general assembly shall go el kohler, my girl said his government is justified in seeking other partners. that's a reference to private russian military contract, which has been linked to the kremlin christian salumi joins of live now from the united nations christian. so molly's prime minister, clearly angry and accusing france, abandoning the war torn country. what more than i have to say then? yeah, that's right, he did,
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he basically accused france of abandoning molly and saying they had no choice but to seek help from outside contractors as a result in order to protect their own security. monetary military gentle, however, has been under pressure from the un security council to hold elections and convert to a democracy ever since a crew last year. and the u. s. has more than 13000 peacekeepers in the country. and this increasingly tends to area of west africa. so, and a french soldier was killed there recently. but here's more of what the prime minister had to say. molly reagan, it's principally concert. does molly regret that the principle of consultation and concentration which should be the rule between privileged partners? it was not observed before the french government's decision, the new situation resulting from the end of operation by honey, which presents molly with a fait accompli and expose of it to a kind of abandonment in mid flight leads us to explore ways and means to better
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ensure security, independently, or with other partners? i'm christian, the russian foreign minister. lab rob, he's jumped into the fray saying molly has not lost a private military contract is from the walk, the group to help fight insurgents. what more do we know? well, start a live rob was speaking in the press corps here at the united nations earlier today . and he confirmed that molly had reached out to a private russian contractor. he didn't say wagner by name, but did it say that this had been done? he said they had nothing to do with moscow, it was nothing to do with the government, but he defended the move and said that it was within the country's right given it was, quote unquote, abandoned and needed help with security. that said, the west has accused the wagner group of working on moscow's behalf to do stabilize other countries from libby to the central african republic. that's something that's lab rob denies, but it is a concern for the west. and the european union has said that any move by molly to
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work with wagner or other russian contractors would have a negative impact on their relationship. all right, to christians let me live 1st there from the un in new york christian, thank you. and so good laboratory has criticize what he describes as a hasty withdrawal of us troops from afghanistan saying it had been carried out without thinking about the consequences. he also said is important. the taliban keeps promises. it's made sung secretary, but the lib vision, the new. so those sanctions that have been imposed on the taliban have loopholes 1st and foremost exemption. so there will be a dialogue when possible. so that means that the security council recognizes the taliban as an integral part of afghan society. so of course, we will encourage those who have taken power now in cobble after the flight of foreign contingent for them to behave in a civilized manner. when our diplomatic editor james base was in that briefing and says russia like other powers is worried about gun us downs path ahead. well,
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every time that he comes to the un, every year he gives this very wide ranging news conference. it lasted almost 90 minutes discussing all sorts of issues all around the world. but clearly the focus of attention was on afghanistan. and the russian position clearly seems to be for now that they're going to be patient and they're going to judge the taliban by the actions. he agrees that there is a real risk of an economic collapse in afghanistan, and he says, consideration should be given to and freezing some of the international assets. but he says that for now, russia is not going to recognise the taliban. that's not on the table right? now and also with regard to the sanctions living, imposed by the un security council, he says there's going to be no meeting of the security council to consider lifting those sanctions. he said that thought needed for now, because already there exemptions that were put in place. the time when the talk started indo but taliban says it's rounded up dozens of fighters linked to i sold
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it spokesman told down to 0 that the detentions are part of a major security operation in the eastern afghan city of july. the bad after several attacks. my whole bar report from campbell, this is a few moments after roadside bomb went off in july about one of the many attacks that have targeted the city in the last week. mostly carried by. i said enough, god has done. the arms grew known as his law mixed state of haul. our son is a regional affiliate of ice l. hola! sons is the historical term for the region that includes more than de of gun is done. it was behind the attack at fort last month, which kills a $170.00 people, including 13 us troops established into a $1015.00. the armed group considers the taliban its enemy and has vowed to spread
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its own ideology for the law, which i hate the tale bands spokesman, it's just a matter of time before i sit enough gun is done is defeated or daisha. when we took over the country last month, the meisel, k operatives moved to cobble angela battle. we launched an operation in cargo and the rest of many. another operation is underway. angela bad were hunting down those who are sewing. caleb one and those who are behind the recent blog of course doesn't say leaky on the streets of capital. taliban fighters have established checkpoints, searching for suspects. the group praises itself for restoring stability across the country. it's fighters. i don't alert to prevent any blast or suicide bomb attack in the capitol. last year. the taliban agreed indo how to prevent our groups from using us. god is done as
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a base. now. the us and others in the international community want the taliban to deliberately, brahman lauren fight is affiliated with al qaeda left. afghanistan, we don't see them here anymore. but as far as i sort of concerned, it's fighters are mainly africans. we embraced a radical ideology. we're doing our best to stop them. clamping down on ida and i feel good pays away for international recognition for taliban and convince the biden administration to em freeze billions of dollars in afghan reserve held in the us. but taliban is under mounting pressure to restore stability and security of the attack. the injured out about raise many questions about whether it's the the will be able to push back against ice and hide the after the 8th. and i've got these arms rules remain washington biggest concern is true, put out last month has about about i'll just the ra capital. there been protests in
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new york across the street from the united nations against the taliban takeover in afghanistan. the protest dot concerned about how the new government were treat afghan women given its hard line rule between 996 and 2001. the taliban says will respect women's rights within an islamic framework. so far not defined. they should be sure in a totally announcement have been on the people that have not been elected by the african people. a chinese tech executive has returned home nearly 3 years after she was detained in canada, who always chief financial officer among lin. joe was greeted by large crowds insurance and on saturday, soon after her release to canadians were freed from prisons in china. long had been under house arrest for almost 3 years while awaiting expedition to the us. the fraud would reach to deal with american prosecutors in north
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after more than 1000 days of suffering, i find the return to my home country, the long wait in a foreign country with torture. but when i step down the steps and have my see on the ground, the warmth of the homeland filled me with excitement beyond was motherland. i am back. and canadian prime minister just intruder met the 2 men who had not been freed from china as they landed in calgary michel coverage michaels fable were detained, accused of espionage. not long after mingling, joe was arrested in canada. comp reagan's fables the rest were why they're labeled by western critics hostage diplomacy at least 8 people have been killed and 9 others injured by a car bomb. and a somali capital that happened near a security checkpoint close to the president's residence in mogadishu. a target was a convoy heading to the palace. local officials say the casualties could be hired. some of the dead and wounded. i've been taken away by their relatives algebra which wants to overthrow the government as claimant responsibility for the attack. for
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london, president polk army says his troops cannot remain in northern mozambique forever. he made the comments while on the visit to the modem, bigs comp delgado problems. a 1000 random soldiers were deployed to the gas rich region in july to help local forces fight on groups. attacks in 2017 have killed more than 3000 people, and it's based almost 750000. well, cook army attended a military parade with his most beacon counterpart, felipe, and you see in the northern city of pembert, malcolm, when this report. 7 7 the parade to commemorate mose, i'm big struggled against portuguese colonial rule that began nearly 60 years ago because of a conflict. it's still happening right now. the president pulled me everyone there is here with his most. i'm beacon council philippe. you see rwandan soldiers helping mozambique and forces to fight an armed group called our ship. bob had
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taken over towns and cabo delgado province, stalling the extraction of off shore natural gas deposits worth $20000000000.00. companies visit follows the rwandan forces, recapturing all of those towns joint forces did working in progress. people wondering what direction the conflict. going to say next government is that i may control the town and the natural gas installation, the on group sizes are in the bush. you don't know exactly how many there are weaponry they have, and if this is going to turn into a protective gorilla, comes like the finale of victory for right. leaders here feel at this moment a very much have the company that's not sort of coming out of air including i'm adam rainy in rome for decades. the flag carrier, i'll tell you,
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has been synonymous with all things italian, coming up the story on that company lap. and the airline looking to replace that hundreds of couples hit the dance floor in argentina. i think to become a world champion, smartness. ah, the, who's the hello there, you're headlines for the americas right here. right now. we've got some wet weather coming across the sections of chile, but look at this. it's not going to make it into santiago, temperatures looking pretty good there. we do have cloud cover for bogus are high 20 degrees. same goes for lea might 18 but are pulses of what, whether moving into more central areas of brazil on sunday. here's the latest on hurricane sam. it is staying toward the east of the leeward islands,
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but we will continue to watch this one elsewhere for central america, some aggressive rain across nicaragua on sunday. also look at this pocket of rain over guatemala. will continue to watch that because that area has been a problem spot for some flooding. nice conditions across the u. s. gulf states, new orleans. i think we've got you in for a high of 28 degrees and you'll certainly get there with that abundance of sunshine . lot of disturbed weather across the eastern parts of canada in the us sub tropical storm teresa meeting up with weather. and look at this deluge, we're going to see over new brunswick flooding will be something we've got to watch for what weather pivots in to the south coast of british columbia, affecting vancouver with the high. it's 17 degrees and we do have some air quality alerts for southern portions of california on sunday. ok. i'm out of time soon. the the world's lungs are being seized. the amazon rain forest is diminishing the rate
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of 2 football pitcher a minute to meet the market insatiable appetite for logging mining. i'm farming, as both scenarios government seek to relax, conservation loss and increase production. indigenous communities on the brink of extinction. no, it's the bite of their life. people empower brazil's amazonian battle on al jazeera . ah the a. welcome back, a correct amount of the top stories here on out to 0. molly's prime minister accused from abandoning his country, as most troops had to leave. speaking of the un,
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she'll be able call up my eager that his government is justified in seeking of apartment, referencing a private russian military contract on a ton of and says it's rounded up dozens of fighters linked to iceland, up dentist on eastern city of joanna by operating comes after the series, the tax in the area, and the chinese tech executive has returned home nearly 3 years after she was detained in canada, raleigh's chief financial officer among when joe was greeted by large crowds mentions and not to her release to canadians are freed from prison in china, sounds feigns canary islands. the volcanic eruption on the palmer is intensifying flights. the ground good, almost 7000 people have been forced from their homes. nicholas ark reports on the island in the village of a quote from the ocean. it appears even more menacing. the evacuation coordinate around the comm review hall county corruption in spain's la paloma island is widening extending to nautical miles into the sea. fishing boats are
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docked, bringing the port town to a standstill. fishermen nicholas and whispered es is worried that a giant wave of law could submerge. does the court? we are afraid. we don't know how things will evolve. there is such a reach v o, the versity here, and he's a scary to see that they are evacuated, people in this area with at least 2 active craters. volcanic activity is intensifying. liquid lava is overflowing, and a cloud of ash, shooting 4 kilometers into the sky. grounding all commercial flights. more villages are being in. you waited putting spain's quart eskoville on high alert. from the coast, the volcano sounds like a huge crashing wave in with an explosion that time comes a sonic boom. shaking windows. you can feel it in your body. and soaking the wind
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lights in the ocean. the reception is reverberating into the ocean. sensing danger are rare, blue sharks and pilot whales. if the wind 1000 degrees celsius lava continues its path to the cold atlantic ocean. scientists predict a thermal shock sending plumes of toxic chemicals into the air, killing many of the life beneath and in its vicinity. later the lab. and we could see a delta of lava flowing into the ocean while it would cause an explosion in the short term. eventually, in the long term, it will bring you minerals into the ocean and bring button more biodiversity to move in. life. ignoring the possible dangerous tourists, flocked to the islands, attracted by the volcanic landscape. the unusually black sandy beaches are the result of previous eruptions. some on the island would refer to come to view as the sleeping beauty. now woken. it is showing its true nature powerful and
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unpredictable. nicholas hawk al jazeera does a court date, la paloma spain. well, since the 1st option on some day lava has destroyed at least $320.00 buildings, including homes, businesses and schools. and it's only going to continue as the fiery war heads towards the palmer's western coast. a lava now covers at least 1.5 square kilometers and has caused $470000000.00 of damage so far. about 15 percent of the island banana production is also at risk and dangerous as many as $5000.00 jobs. another big worry is if or when the lava reaches the sea, the resulting thermal shock will likely cause explosions and the release of more toxic gas that's bringing allison great ginger. she's a bulk and ologist and an assistant professor at the university of missouri and joins us live via skype from kansas city. allison, great to have you with us. so if anything, the volcanic eruptions seem to be increasing, especially with this new vent opening out. so talk us through actually what's
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happening at the crater now. yeah, so the direction is definitely changing. and this is not uncommon for this type of reaction. so there's a lot more gas rich reaching the vent area, which is causing a clue that we've seen that girl quite high person, the ash, which is why we are and it's a part of the life cycle, this style of okay, now it's happened before on the phone and the other 2 reasons, but it is still a significant impact in those round it. yeah. and allison the, the big concern now seems to be when the lava reaches the fee, it'll create huge clouds of acidic toxic gas. how dangerous is this to the residence that the biggest challenge that it's predictable because lava and water can interact without explosion. but without notice that that can be true, quite exposed. so this happened commonly in florida to see,
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but this is how the land is made. so the challenge will be keeping people at a distance during the whole time, which is very frustrating for people who live there. they don't get a discrete amount of time to stay. busy away they don't have to actively respond changes. and the big challenge go ahead. no, no, i'm going to say, let's just quickly talk about what's happening in the air because some airlines have council flights into the island because of this huge ass cloud which is hanging about 15000 feet in the air. what does this asked? cloud consist of? allison them and how damaging of it. so ash cash is really to polarize rock and the challenge with small and i'm sure, but it can do terrible damage to airplane engine. and so we've seen interactions and other places in the world with rounded light is but a huge economic. but we're trying to avoid damage to the airplanes that can put more people at rest. and so it's also keeping the air the landing strip clear
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that the airport it so they have to clean up the ash. and so it's really mechanical damage that it can do to clean and as well as to when screens in your home and things like that. allison, just a final thought to you. i mean, the big question now is how long these are options will continue for some experts saying it could last anywhere between 24 and 84 days. and what are the experts like? so thing so russians like 15 last anywhere from just a handful of days up to several months and we're based on previous directions in similar settings around the world. and so we just monitor the situation and be prepared that it might have some great change, a really good to get your thoughts. thank you very much indeed for talking to i'll just say we're now some days german election is shaping up to be the closest in more than 70 years. pose also show more than a 3rd of the 60000000 voters a fil. undecided. the social democrats on mounting a strong challenge to returning johnson anglo merkel. conservatives effect vast
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reports and puts them on the edge of berlin. just a week ago, paul show the santa left candidate all of shawls, could easily become the next chancellor. his s p d party germany, social democrats was comfort to be in the lead. but the race has tightened. shoals is the finance minister. i'm glad miracles, fight chancellor. if you would come the chancellor. how are you going to convince the world and europe that you can feel miracles? large shoes? germany is a big country in europe, and the biggest cost for all of us would be that we work very hard to get a sovereign european union. and this is why i am very much supporting the transatlantic partnership. and i would very much support mover, very much that we will be successful with the cooperation in nato because it will be him someone i will be for both over here in germany. it's dick and china wireless survey have ingested the majority of america. i was 16 years as
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a china ability, an experience to bring stability in europe. and here in germany, like last year, when i brought the law to didn't, mocha mostly stayed out of the campaign. but in the last week she's been out campaigning for lunch at the prime minister of north ryan, west valia and candidate of center. right christian democrats, and i mean that's it. i'm in lash, it is a bridge builder who takes people along with him. and that's what he's shown throughout his political life, that he can do it. not just the radically, but with passion and heart. lasha needs. michael's health, his phone numbers dropped dramatically up. he was seen laughing during the speech of the flood, killed nearly 200 people last july. lasha has been warning of a swing to the left of shoulder. when we are cons, i said, i'm best who can do that the best and i'll tell you straight up. does anyone
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believe that the red, red green coalition will be able to do that? well, that was about 23 people who believe that the rest of the germans don't believe that the will say that germany's political landscape is likely be a lot more fragmented when all default accounted. if that happens, coalition negotiations could take weeks, leaving merkel in place as a caretaker. while sundays, when us negotiate the shape of germany's new government steadfast and al jazeera berlin. now chronic fuel and food supply problems forced the u. k. government to make a u turn on post breaks it, immigration policy. it'll issue more than $10000.00 and temporary work visa to truck drivers and poultry workers to ease to the shortages. the visa will run from next month until late december to cover the christmas period. a lock up truck drivers lead to petrol station closing an empty supermarket shelves. italy's 75 year old national airline will close for good in 3 weeks time. it will be replaced by a smaller status carrier called ita. but the old carrier start wondering where they'll
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fit in atom rainy reports from room writing to protest. that's how alex, how your flight attendant angela medina now spends her days after 11 years in the skies when the new airlines had to replace flag carrier al italia launches on october 15th it's unclear family. you know, we'll have a job the day before speaking to us, she had just returned from working a long hall flight. when electron yours and we're, we're taken off. i felt that was the last time it could be the last time my last flight. and then we were to really, really hurt some, 11000 al italian employees are set to lose their jobs. trade unions are trying to pressure to hire the majority of them back with plans to fly fewer routes. ita has said it will hire $2800.00 workers when they launch in another 3000 next year.
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alessandra amelia is worried. you can go in an office and say, good morning. i'm a good tried to say okay, very nice. what we can do, we do nothing. the workers also want to keep wages at the same level. unlikely since the european commission rules this month, that ether is distinct from alex, how you hence not bound by its contracts. that also means eater isn't on the hook for 900000000 euros and a legal state support. alex, how you received? for decades, alex, how ya has defined a travel to italy? even popes relied on the carrier to reach their far flung flock. the brand has also come to symbolize huge losses from 2000 to 2020. they never close at minus sheet. that is positive. so of the account every year than lose money. so that's not a good predictor that will do any better. yeah, exactly. despite its trouble,
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has either the real value in the brand name, al italian is willing to spend big money on it because they realize the name is synonymous with italy itself. and they put in a bid, perhaps, copying more than 200000000 euros for the right to that name. some asian experts question, the whole idea of a flag carrier. if i was an attendant as a city falls, an attendant textner, i would think that, you know, i might be, we can spend money on better things. do we do? we need an italian, ala and in, in modern europe. what once upon a time, perhaps when aiden, a tang and a lot, because otherwise now with flood or on really, you tell me that not a philosophy shared by the government. indeed, italy is betting on the new airline, backing it with more than 1300000000 euros and state funds. the hope is that perhaps just a reborn, al italia will find its wings and take off financially. adarine. i'll just hear, roam. now in just
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a few hours will know which couple has danced their way to glory at the final of the world tango championship, competition taking place and argentina's capital. when as iris warden, $400.00 couples, some $25.00 countries swung into action at the qualifying ground on monday, then finally, devon says serious contenders that you wouldn't want to see be done. so i can tell you that these. there are some fantastic dances out 400 or so couple 2500 all over argentine the finals are being held today. now right in the center of what i read, we should get the windows of the 2 main categories and go within the next 2 or 3 hours. in the meantime, would begin today by figure new time. there's always some things with the time off it in the back streets of whether fire it was. if you came at the end of the 19th century, dancing out of the 3 in the ball, now we've covered 90,
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would have been for cell phones for the free. again, they take them over to everyone in the center of the global issue around the state where you are not worry competition people. we feel the said, hot dog, those rather indonesia, south korea, russia, cuz i'll be dancing along the side because we've been staying over say, i talk a quick check of the headlines here on the 0. molly's prime minister has accuse france of abandoning his country's most troops prepared to leave. speaking at the un shall gale, call up my eager said his government is justified in speaking of the partners referencing
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a private russian military contract. malignant could principally concert molly to read the principle of consultation and concentration, which should be the rule between privileged partners. it was not observed before the french governments.


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