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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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forming from a hash tag to a movement ah, being a journalist is about listening to people and understanding where they're coming from. following a story, no matter how long it takes, or where i'm christian for. ah, ah hello, i'm down, jordan and joe. with a quick reminder, the headlines here on al jazeera, molly's prime minister, has accused france of abandoning his conflict one country, as most troops prepared to leave. speaking of the un general assembly shall girl call him. i said his government is justified in seeking other partners. that's a reference to a private russian military contract, which has been linked to the criminal malignant. it could principally conclude, does molly regrets that the principle of consultation and concentration,
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which should be the rule between privileged partners, was not observed before the french government's decision. the new situation resulting from the end of operation. but honey, which present smalley with a fait accompli and expose of it to a kind of abandonment in mid flight leads us to explore ways and means to better ensure security. the independently or with other partners might sort of in yemen of toll down to 0. that healthy rebels of his neighborhood and married with a missile and drone causing a number of casualties fighting has been intensifying to control of the city, which is the government's last northern stronghold control of the oil rich region could strengthen the whose position in any future peace talks a patent train has derailed in the us state of montana. there are reports of some injuries, local media, se, emergency responders and now at the scene, it hadn't been a remote part of the state. the truck train was heading from chicago to seattle.
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the telephone says this rounded up dozens of fighters linked to iceland, gun stones, eastern city of july, the bad. the operation comes after a series of ice luck tax in the area. a chinese tech executive has returned home nearly 3 years after she was detained in canada. why was chief financial of some young wing? joe was greeted by large crowds and sions. then was soon after hercules to canadians were freed from prisons in china. canadian prime minister just intruder met the 2 men. on the landed in calgary. michael coverage and michael favor were detained. the cues of spying. not long after long when joe was arrested in canada. the volcano and la palmer island on the canaries is continuing to produce loud explosions and ash clouds almost a week after it began erupting a new crater has opened, forcing the small island because it's airport. 7000 people about to leave their home so far. those were the headlines it now back to the bottom line spectrum got so much bye for now.
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i use i natural to get the word 40 video minute, just to maybe hummadi foreigners in english module. when can he get job that's up was community may or may not. did he look up your head not work? i'm sure i through this one where a big girl celebration day or 5 son,
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and that's why we are going to collect the things you can see here on the road we broke and we will broke and you have to go from our country and this and that the, this is from fascism says how the wood cabinet above head still when i get to the car to take a nail to the, the games, it's an old man to me. that's why the mileage and you'll move by somebody the magic games of them. what leverage i don't know why they can do the
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96 that get each man like i will go ahead man, you'll get a good addition. we've got to actually do have made it up there. monday golf is moving. so selfishness, minute khaki will let us get it. so coffee thought it was done. any news generally? the way i was explained to me didn't have any additional southern ah, i left about what i got. i got to get this number off just to talk to you about the
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my my student. good thoughts? are they hurt my room? talk part of them. i like it. sit on there's some list. it's up to about one minute minute. got you? yeah. good. on some of the subject. dylan's digit, off you off your son. it was done on the la la hunt michael gordon and got the oh, you're not me. not silly for us. the demarco. do you get the head consider for ship
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wardrobe. avoid your hard hanging bucket, you'll be greek who know he will come or go home, your house in the gulf or in the hotel about mostly for modification. nothing for us to get home like you capital. got it. the doctor in the cars are good even with don't go well hope the more the shut the guns and i'm going to go will be your head will golden don't come. members get started. he also works the tucker w. mom says i've got got a lot to look man says i've got the got anybody to do to the door for more for them . good luck get up. and my job is to go get a started i
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i the i don't need to go show months because my name he missed the custodial even guess when i went up. but i was lucky because because of the world of us more you saw a fee. they got mad at god gave me throw, met that. not that she said that what you said the day that you'd like me to see how much it will budget studies or about are not going to
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give you my son. give a get it get a job. they get money. that's what i could get. he had to be like, no other one i went to school and i'm the le le, let's just going to go to you can go to medical me on anything cuz it becomes about when the door seals are your neck, you'll have to be done on that a lot of papers to one to lot but
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boy damage i said, you know, to get you done if you can, if i don't know that the capital, the looking at one unwelcome wish and then the local that no mountain forgot me my back. i know a little bit there to get us to be in charge of it to stop them from jump. jonathan stopped working with that. i left him a bunch of the one on a minute but are back in tomorrow minutes with somebody to
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locate, locate. i just will bug gal much gill johnson, but guess what? nothing went to jonathan. mother will not bug you some children that need the the name and the school to be moody. ah me.
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oh oh oh, i hear them it's. i'm got a paper coming in and now i'm going to come, but i will either go out. they say, i mean, i mean it will be chessy. i want to give the gum got to the house low. it's monica me. when i got a decent on that it was and it was in the clear they're going to mobile go on with a. com. got it. they probably got a tenant in a thing, but i forgot it. what actually will be cherry oh no now, but that's me
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know what he got to be, but he got this pretty ridiculous and i've been in the basement of the piece and one nice enough have gone the north main job that way. the list had valley be ideal, but that was north. say yay or nay, or can we put them on a hot god put on hold on and we didn't miss any of them. you can please call me. we'll talk to him a little the lobby. got the top up with that. i've got that going or him with in chinese name. and after natasha was on a she was get the piece on a deal for this gay after in reality, who knew legal?
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tell it any 100 body talent lift up. what? li. okay. no figures are missing a pair. luna? santa scott sooner know figure than it was half the need was get the federal. these are going to come in monday afternoon. i shook the coma claudio between helena lud gained only the company i don't know. did he put my name as he did? he really knew was him us but he never met him. carlos pretty mellow, but when he got to be allowed to go speak with the police on the after he got all his l o. l was pretty tough after school the hurricane that you gave him and he will be not going away from home while his hands on the last
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one will go no more than that. i got 100 magic bike but more people wanna know if this one, bloom, it was on the way for that journey. and the nice napoleon meadow where he saw nikki atena going in the mood. he says, these are those nichol. i miss put on the to me or he, lia, dealing with the author, goodyear, i know, these are martin, what is the name of the any or the and then there are these got the low. i don't know, boy d, i
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order guess it will then it was due to another normally, to july, july buddy. when you log in to that, you can do to come down there that will be much mad if it was a do you know that make i'm about to do that. can that it's you so you're around a $7.00 and $8.00 and card with them. then in that i've made it than hard and then in man minucci case to come with america's tunnel cover was he told me, i don't tell you to harvey that dominic damn in a while and one and i'm going to give you had the minute the sort of bring it on a dime should add on his guides enchilada and they got only long to get now the
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jelly. michelle federal gun some a lot of the some of it, i mean i see that here food festival bay or they were not that or care but the community and meghan give us the most do it on one side of things are going to be on the all new dollars for the the route only do any of the one where the mind on the order did on us of the medical id to get i choose the name of the day by
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a need to do new go on the sunny in the community and i was even give me the key thing because you get up in the community to become new but you read the system. i never let back a year to the mit is also enter yet. oh sca bus, you know those orders go gone, got good by monday metal but he got to get you a bit but a little bit a bit but then again it's got to be a manipulator. would you mel it's longer get to but can again, monday in the car which got to go daily but you either in good the other the other
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deal, the law telling them listen and the meta, i lose the money the in the gulf in the gulf. me then or like a la la dinner boy or the other cut the other police don't then open them with people. the association had been a bit before you naked the municipal government now easy. got up off today. i want to see lucy easy for of the only did the custodial fake the yoshi and i can see a balanced against the wind gap here. but we'll see now nicky violence with a guest. the only time you had been at the f
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a, b, v, a b. this where the guess he'll skin it rolled, actually call data. as he had a table desk in a year ago. and now i thought thought, updating man, man of the had the security. so let's just go ahead, lemme get moan. is your thought thought the method what somebody's been on the bottom on this was fema to quickly didn't oppose on his vehicle. he never met jeanette. got another one p d f 2 in the middle. those that have the michelle may be the city for the city of midland. are going to be out of medic, duramax school credit debit card via or really i'm i somewhat
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hello la monica me on the banana 100. i will give on about their hello. hello matt. but not this, i'm fine, i'm going to be fine. i'm going to get out of the, the member that i'm at and i got the method i got to talk to about, but then the content was abilene, they will know. i think it's about a, i don't know, maybe they gotta get on it, but then able to do that down. got a table lamp coming. come to love focused on that, but it's live foods on the member or people that you know on
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the, on the on the wound . so any, so i don't know know that indicated but why and i am going to google, danny was on the the mag vamashali movie that i'm the grandma who do goodness a world rather than my little whatever. my little boy, i really need to get in when the i'm going to push any money that is, this will take me as i literally will never change the name. i checked him . i don't even want money yet about what they're going to or they're going to buy the man to be live on the yeah. got again, not a lot of work,
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but in the room. right. you general teeth by uniform get you're gonna be able to get a lot of lever to get my money. get up with him and he's got money. i me. oh, my mouth barely bought a job. made it on lower than for college and we were just in a go for the blue hello goals. kind of with the in a little more and a class mega lay that those me angel there. good boy. why they're listening. get going. oh,
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i like that one that the bad on the was a long one kid monday last monday or away. good old lou or didn't get to the non terminating child. got my bill again. the number on me i'm tina mcdonny junior m m a day. i am i'm opening
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and go in the park kelly. lucky though. so give me a nod again. he is clearly guilty arguing in my little mad getty, when you make a guess on that, let me get a young boy named tom. was the manager on a young law, i'll give you young i'm. the casino would still be on the little by hanging me minor. i have your matter high. you then
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i hope the robins give us a good. i've got i've got another i got the wrong to come down to the
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last name is judy k. kelly. i've been out on the home and the denied the the muslim game that said the trip who she us and keep on with that i've gotta get to work on getting that up cut, it will go. and if i
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news news news, news, news. hello there your headlines for the americas right here. right now we've got some wet weather coming across the sections of chile, but look at this. it's not going to make it into santiago, temperatures looking pretty good. there. we do have cloud cover for bogus are high 20 degrees. same goes for the night 18, but are pulses of what weather moving into more central areas of brazil on sunday. here's the latest on hurricane sam. it is dane toward the east of the leeward
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islands, but we will continue to watch this one elsewhere for central america, some aggressive rain across nicaragua on sunday. also look at this pocket of rain over guatemala. we'll continue to watch that because that area has been a problem spot for some flooding. nice conditions across the u. s. gulf states, new orleans. i think we've got you in for a high of 28 degrees and you'll certainly get there with that abundance of sunshine . lot of disturbed weather across the eastern parts of canada in the us sub tropical storm teresa meeting up with weather. and look at this deluge, we're going to see over new brunswick flooding will be something we've got to watch for what weather pivots in to the south coast of british columbia, affecting vancouver with the high of 17 degrees. and we do have some air quality alerts for southern portions of california on sunday. ok. i'm out of time. see soon the
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more and more indians are going under the non to become tall. ah, when i want to investigate the length some people are willing to go to bridge new on al jazeera. ah, malia says it feels abandon the french troops prepared to leave and seek help from russian mercenaries. ah, hello, i'm down. jordan, this is out of the red line from dell are also coming up a major security operation in eastern afghanistan, the taliban to change dozens of iso linked fighters. a train derailed in a remote corner of the united states will hear from one of the passengers more
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rivers of molten lava flow down the thomas volcano.


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