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from different corners, i never see, no american dream in america. you just feel like your caged animal, things like that. my child shouldn't go through the program that open your eyes to tennis. if you, well today on al jazeera, frank assessments is orcus likely to change biking behavior and it's not going to change their behavior. they are going to continue to do what they do and in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines inside story on our jazeera. ah, jen, and he's election to determine chancellor anglo merkel. successor is too close to cold. that's not fair. who will form the next gum? ah, either i'm kimbell, this is al, just they're alive from coming off and get
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into new z. a president, chris execution of the crew. off the he suspended parliament tend to assumed executive authority called for cost of all. and so the a to show restraint and return to dialogue is tensions grow their border. and the u . k. considers drafting the minute treat, deliver fuel pumps, run on empty shoe, for lack of truck drivers. ah, germany, social democrats have taken a thought lead in the election, but early results show the race is still too close to cold. the christian democrats, a training in the poll, which will determine who will succeed. chances are uncle merkel and switch. coalition will govern europe's largest economy, state boston reports from berlin. and he was welcome for a man who is hoping to become germany next leader. after close one race. all of
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confidence is lots of times left social democrats for a sick to eat and parliament elections more than 16 years isn't i know park bible peptide, the vice move on to get. we're a pragmatic party that knows healthy, govern. we're confident policy that wants to work to ensure that we have a base of future in germany. but we've also showing that we have what it takes to govern a country that is unity supported by everyone. and that this was the case. i would like to thank you for that for me or to me off the done. i'm glad merkel. last minute efforts to attract support for the conservative christian democratic candidates. lasha seemed to fade off for like last star to the campaigns to see to you and it's been area. and since the party ended up in a fight wait, we chose his social democrats. i should say he's not happy with the results but still wants to lead correlation talks. this type weird and we are other stuff that we will do. everything possible to build a conservative led government because germany now needs a future coalition that modernize is our country. and for the 1st time in history
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that coalition will need 3 parties to govern under america leaves the 1st month of political landscape. and while her former coalition partners, the social democrats, are optimistic, they will be having the next government options are on the table. and difficult coalition talks law, you have talks not only closely watched in germany, but also in the rest of europe, where many has long looked on the la merkel for leadership. so a very, very long to do list of. busy the next to the next jobs. and the difficulty is that they're probably going to find themselves leading a very fractious, possibly quite incoherent correlation, which could make decision making even more difficult. this good well mean that europe's largest economy might be a little less politically stable than it was in the past. decades steadfast and al jazeera berlin, thousands of people have been protesting against the to new jersey and president, supporters of congress. i swear, also on the streets of tunis. on wednesday,
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he announced he would rule by decree, and ignore parts of the constitution. alexia bryan reports, under a heavy police presence crowds gathered on the tune as in capitals main boulevard, to protest against the president. the anger has been growing since july when chi said suspended parliament and sec to the prime minister. 2 months on they still know parliament, no prime minister. and people here say no plan to improve their lives. but when you have a home, you know what i, what i, what he's acting like he is, the sun is rising on the country. the general prosecutors, the president, the parliament, the government, he's acting like he is everything to miss you. people and it's movement. don't want to play sight. president side says his actions when needed to address economic stagnation and a poor response to the corona virus. his critics, a calling it a coo and cy, he tightened his grip on power on wednesday,
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announcing his rule by decree and ignore parts of the constitution. but that constitution was a hard forward product of the 2011 revolution that triggered the so called arab spring protest is say, the president who the constitutional law professor is endangering the progress has been made. calling his actions at the trial of democracy. we need to go back to because situation, we need to go back to the flow. we are a democracy and nobody has the right to break the system. they got 6 june as he, his largest political party enact is facing a crisis of its own. over a 100 party officials announced today resignation on saturday, accusing its leadership of failing to counter sides actions. it's quite clear that the political need are, they didn't understand or even they didn't assimilate. the huge psychological
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shoak and the huge impact of the july 25th decision. and the, the, the 113 people via presented yesterday. and they were in conflict with the president of another month before july 26th, local and international human rights groups had condemned size pal grab warning of a slide towards authoritarianism. but there are also been demonstrations in support of the president. i say he has promised to uphold people, right? but there is still fears here of a return to absolute one men rule. alex here brian al jazeera a funeral has taken place in the occupied westbank for one of 5 palestinians killed by israeli forces. the bodies of the 4 others being withheld by israeli authorities . they were killed when troops stormed several villages synching in ramallah
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surrounding houses and circling fire need. abraham has more from the occupied westbank with amazon had just turned 22. but the day after he was killed in a reed by these radio, he's one of 2 palestinians killed in jeanine in the northern part of the occupied with bank, including a 16 year old. the family says they had just set a date for his wedding. that was when they did cpr for half an hour to no avail. his wedding was due next month and his birthday was just yesterday. he's really armesis. 2 of the soldiers were wounded during an exchange of fire. israeli prime minister said his security forces acted against what he called her mass operative who were about to carry out attacks. and the short term he was referring to the palestinians killed in baby village near amolla. the 3 bostonians were hiding in this house deep in the hill before these really forces track them down. witnesses
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save the men were left bleeding to death. and all that remains now is their belongings. i smell her on was one of them. he has been on the run for weeks. israeli forces have detained several members of his family to pressure him to surrender mckenna. she kept janet here because there were no clashes. we heard 5 rounds of fire. we also heard explosions. they don't know what happened. we still don't know how 3 men were killed without much fire and hammers more. the death of 3 of its members, the call was for the resistance will still be present despite the israeli policy and the security coordination between the pass in authority. and those really forces this confirms that the revolution is continuous. these really needs to arrest palestinians have become part of daily life under the occupation. but the number of palestinian deaths in these types of read keeps rising. protesters in drama, la and gaza, are calling for retaliation. him elgin's eda,
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the occupied westbank, the e u. a nathan have called for serbia and counselor to de escalate tensions that their border was serbian troops on heightened alert. the jet flew over the area off the cost of deployed its special police to areas where ethnic serbs live. hundreds of serbs have been blocking the board for a week now of the course of a band cause we're fed the in registration plates from entering costco. from entering cause of declared independence from a decade after the war between the ethnic albanian and forces. this is brooke suited for we responded positively to brussels invitation for talks. we showed readiness for dialogue. the serbian president refused, and instead of dialogue he chose to encourage criminal groups in northern kosovo. therefore, such provocations, obstacles and blockades as well as today's criminal actions with terrorist elements come because crime tensions fear,
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smuggling and chaos have been the only form of their survival during these 2 decades of their balkans reporters or on consent of ach has more from the border middle and upper alice yacht, in a situation is com at yahoo yah, border crossing in northern kosovo. but the tensions can be felt this crisis has been going on for 7 days. now. a kilometer from angered local served have erected barricades to block the traffic. going in and out of the border crossing and cause of a special police forces on deployed in the area. tensions are also rising amid several incidents in northern cars, including torching of motor vehicle registration office in open portal, which issues provisional cause of plates. innovation to explosive devices were recovered from local motor vehicle registration offices on a. because of a prime minister, albin quoted as accuse serves for all these incidents arise. he says that this was a case of us and committed by those who are supported by serbian government. zip
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and porto municipality officials say that the file was caused by defective and outdated electrical installations urging kosovo officials to refrain from groundless accusations against serbs, 4 incidents occurring in this region. the crisis started on september 20th when push t not decided to introduce reciprocal measures in terms of vehicles with serbian issued plates crossing into kosovo, which led to the blockade of traffic in northern cause of all by local serbs. that a b as to the war planes and helicopters flying near the border, belgrade government says that this is not a threat, but merely a message to kosovo prime minister corte to de escalate tensions in northern course . of course. so the head on algebra. i think we have lost everything. volcanic eruption and things canary on and gain strength the week after the love of 1st began flowing and europe possessing read to us. when batten golf
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rider comes with a record breaking, ah hello, thank you for joining in years are headlines for the americas. we've got a beauty of a day for a san diego with a high 26 degrees. we're starting to crank up temperatures in itself. the on once again, getting up to 37 storms through that top and of south america in and around been, now's, you're in for a high of 33 degrees. here's an update on hurricane sound. this is a major hurricane, but it continues to steer east of the leeward islands. we will keep tabs on it to see if it does have any impact on bermuda. heavy falls for the pacific coast of mexico, and we've got some driving rain for costa rica affecting san jose with the high 26 degrees. stellar weather for the u. s. gulf states and abundance of sunshine. here
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in new orleans 29, dries out in miami with a height of 30 degrees. what and windy conditions for canada is east coast. this is clipping st. john's with a high of 16 degrees. if we go to canada as other coast, british columbia moister late in system here, a plague and vancouver, we could see upwards of about 70 millimeters of rain and winds clipping to 60 kilometers, so a full on fall storm here. further toward the south, we've got some what weather for arizona impacting phoenix with a high of 31. that sure update. catch you later. the who's the i'm harry davies and the kimberly in western australia or indigenous communities, attaining with scientists to create a new approach to marine conservation. first thing you learn, but we even that the government i'm
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a firm and do any reporting from review. if you're going to try, protecting by diversity defending themselves against the legal invaders birth, brian: oh no, there's era me the the me you're watching algebra, her reminder of our top stories they saw, the center left social democrats have won the most votes from germany's general election the narrow margin of the outgoing chancellor, anglo merkel. christian democrats, means link the coalition talk will be needed. thousands of people protested against the true museum. president's move to rule by decrease supporters of science were
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also in force on the streets of tunis. you and i have called for serbia and calls about your deescalate pension that they border. the troops on high cost of deployed special police to areas where ethnic serbs live. the volcanic eruption on the spanish island of la palmer is getting worse. these live pictures happening right now from the islands. thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes since eruptions began a week ago. the airport has temporarily reopened spain civil god is restricting access around the area with the option remaining unstable. because hawk reports from the palmer ah, the church of el paso, and the foot hill of convivial in spain, upon my island. with each explosion comes a prayer to those who have lost their homes. another for the people of el paso. and
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for the island of la palm experiencing disaster i i am here to trying to find some peace and to find the strength to accept a new reality of ours. for you. it started last sunday as a small are option. look at it now. the creator is widening showing cracks with the overflowing lava. turning this one screen landscape into ash, 6000 people have been displaced homes, businesses in places of worship. the lava is swallowing entire villages in its path . spain's gorgeous. he will are extending to horton around the volcanic eruption and while the village here of el paso has not been evacuated, this could change at any moment to notice because this is what's worrying authorities here. it does. if the religious slowly being buried under a thick blanket of ash, the volcanic cloud has created
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a micro climate with ash falling like rain levels of sulfur dioxide in the air is suffocating in some areas for some people to leave their homes unaware if they will ever be able to come back on the mouth. last is immense. it's not yes. with one person losing ever seen. it can be generations from grandparents to the rank children. they are insured. going through various faces of grief, from denial to suddenness and anger, to a change in environment. with the environment they went, new suddenly lost the volcanic eruption has left the people of the homeless guard and in grief. nature is taken, its course from the ashes of their home. already and new landscape is forming. nicholas hawk al jazeera et bustle must be u. k. media is revolting that the military may be drafted in to deliver fuel across
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the country. as nationwide, petro shortages continue to move, followed day follows rather days of long queues at filling stations with many being forced to close within 10000 short term work. visas will be issued to truck drivers and poultry workers to ease severe shortages. nadine barbara has more on the situation from london. the transport circuitry gone shops has been conducting media interviews, saying that if people around britain behave normally, as he puts it, then there will be no problem insisting that there is no shortage of petrol in the country. but that doesn't tell you the whole story because many people a turning up at petrol stations and finding that the pumps are actually off, or that there's nothing for them. there have been cues around the country of drivers right down the road, trying to get into petrol. station, so some people are calling it panic volume. it's not clear how many people just turning up to do that normal filling out the car for the next few weeks,
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very clearly is a problem in distribution. and it's the same story with some goods going into supermarkets at the heart of it is a shortage of h g heavy goods, vehicle drivers, the government's now thing is going to use military trainers to train up around 4000 people in a hurry. it says that the coverage pandemic lead to testing having to be halted. but there is a, an underlying problem which goes back to breakfast because the shortage is estimated at 100000 drivers in the u. k. and that includes tens of thousands of drivers from e u. member states. you've either gone back home or gone to work. busy in other countries in the last few years that have been warnings going back months if not years about the labor shortage. and in the last few months there have been warnings about those foodstuffs and other goods, not being able to get into british supermarkets. one of 2 oil pipelines blocked by
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protest isn't. few. dawn has been reopened. demonstrated in the eastern city of port saddam blocks the channels and protest against the peace deal with rebel groups. last october, several groups signed the deal with sedans, transitional government protests is from the base tribe, say the agreement ignores their interests. the energy ministry says it has enough oil reserves to last up to 10 days. of the un says i've gone, astound is facing economic collapse without immediate assistance and humanitarian aid. billions of dollars of afghan assets are frozen in foreign banks. it's left afghan businesses struggling to survive. charles stratford reports from cobble know of me as he sold land at home in order to stance up his ticks. dollar company 40 years ago. he says he has since invested half
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a $1000000.00 in the factory flows. afghan and foreign companies use to buy the clothes and scarves. it makes the business as virtually ground to a halt. in recent weeks, when the tale bonds have control of off guns down in august, the us froze nearly $10000000000.00 of afghan assets filled abroad. and taliban leaders were forced to restrict cash withdrawals from local banks. but as a good, because the other palate bond taliban government has to reopen the financial institutes, mileage. so people can withdraw enough money to buy materials for their businesses . and the international community needs to soften their attitude. the stalemate bad the effect every day. i've done people, a lot of the counter is one of the factories, few employees who still comes to work on paid. he fought the soviet army when he's invaded afghanistan and the 1980s he never dreamed, he would still be struggling to support his family. 40 years later, he says that is what caught up, the country is in
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a terrible stage. the security situation is improved, but there are no jobs. there's no happiness in life, no joy, the country is amiss. the factory employs around 30 women who work in a separate room from the men. some employees fled the country on evacuation flights when the taliban took control and no ab shows me a video of men he used to pay to collect whoo for him. in the northern city of muslim sharif and so we can't afford them right now. around 80. people are employed at this factory. but as you can see, it's just down today to a skeleton staff. and one of the big problems the company is facing. is it one of his main overseas clients is refusing to buy the products at this company makes because the taxes that this company will pay on the profits that it makes. now go to the new taliban government. foreign companies nervous about dealing with the
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afghan business partners. that's because foreign governments won't recognize the taliban government, as some of its members are on terrorism and un sanction lists. 29 year old entrepreneur of the law, he spent a $1000000.00 on what he says is the largest wool spinning machine. and i've gone a storm. he finally got it up and running 3 months ago, but was forced to suspend operations earlier this month because foreign and local clients cancelled orders, and some investors fled the country with their cash. i endeavor will be thought i had big plans to buy more machinery, but i am dedicated to my community and but the current situation is hopeless. all my employees are forced to sit at home because i can not pay them. no ob says he wants to help his work, his families build a new canister for the time being. he and many african business owners like him, have no choice but to put their dreams on hold tal stafford out his era cobble.
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hundreds of people have marked 7 years since the abduction of 43 students near gala and the mix and mexican state of guerrero. yeah, the day with commemorated in mexican city with a meth and then demonstrations, demanding justice for the victims. all of them are presumed to have been killed. the cases sparks movement that continues to demand, accountability and government action. money out our palate reports from mexico city . it's one of the most emblematic missing persons cases in modern mexican history. the forced abduction and disappearance of 43 students from the scene of a teacher's college on september 26th, 2014. some. but not all remains have been found. all 43 are presumed to have been killed. the in the weeks and months following the student's disappearance,
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the calls for justice from family members and survivors who managed to escape grew into a nation wide movement and mexico. right, philippe, that cruise a father of one of the survivors became a leader in the movement. he says after 7 years of activism, the cause for government accountability have only grown up from not only will be really in a big him because i am the father, one of the survivors, i don't believe a will ever rest until we have trust and justice. i know that those were responsible are punished because for 2 families continued to solve for the torment every day and night of not knowing where their children are. i demonstrations commemorate the anniversary of the students disappearance are now held every year in mexico. for some the work of demanding answers from the government has become a full time job. manuel velasquez, one of the students who escaped,
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has also been one of the loudest voices of the movement. the after years of protesting against the government today, he serves as a lawmaker in mexico's congress, seeking to reform policies related to cases of torture and abduction and place, more responsibility on federal officials in cases of missing persons that are non coming in, that you might never imagine i would be here, let alone evoke into social movement. let me call my family in the town where i'm from that, that are nobody involved in social movements because it's an already allergic control. the criminals and people don't usually speak up, well, we are not in here most all following a botched investigation. in the case of the missing students and evidence linking their disappearance to members of the mexican military and federal police, mexico's president and the this manuel lopez over the established a special commission to find out what really happened. mexican authorities recently announced that new forensic evidence has opened another line of investigation. in the case of the teen up of 43 years. and every year,
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mexico's president continues to meet with the family members and survivors of the massacre. to personally update them on the ongoing investigation as mexico morris is 7 years since the disappearance of the $43.00 students, mexican president under manuel is over that will update family members and survivors on the status of arrest warrants that have been issued against the federal officials who are believed to participated in a cover up of the missing persons investigation. since records began in 1964, mexico has recorded more than 91000 pieces of missing persons. despite a massive social movement and continuous effort to reform the law. it's clear the country still has a long way to go to truly address the challenges linked to force disappearances. manuel up a little al jazeera mexico city. me another ambassador to the un, a staunch critic to the military leadership,
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had been expected to address the general assembly on monday, but under a deal reached by china, russia and the us that won't be happening. diplomatic, as a james bay spoke to quite more tuned who was appointed by the ousted government of uncensored she the final day of the un general assembly high level week was slated to be very unusual with 2 delegations to, to speak, who are appointed by government. that no longer exists, they would toppled me and i've kind of stuff. but now the ambassador has withdrawn their application to speak. i talked to him earlier last week, i would do my ne, i found the speaker lis. why? because we will remember the start of the crisis after the qu, your intervention in the general assembly had such a powerful effect around the world. why are you not speaking again when the world is going to be watching? yeah, thank you so much for asking this question. because i know because i look at,
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we look at the long run for the country and for the people of pneuma, daisy thought, or i should say, saw arrangement that we have the we always mention about continue 80 of the current permanent representative of your mom to the u. n. many members state agree in despite that you know, continue 80 where take place. so with that understanding i withdraw them my, my description and to the speaker list and during the general debate. so that is the one of the pipe that, that is sort of arrangement. so it's a deal by the big powers so that you can stay in the job as long as you don't rock the boat this week. so the main reason also i went to i went to keep myself low profile. the afghan ambassador appointed by ash rough gone, a good exam will be speaking to the general assembly. despite the fact that taliban
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put a letter into the credentials committee of the general assembly asking to replace him most diplomats i've spoken to said for now they don't want the taliban to get the un seat. and that they say is because international recognition is one of the few leave as the international community have to influence the taliban behavior. golf ride a car phase, back in the hands of the americans after a ruthless display on home soil against him, europe. they went into the singles matches on the final day needing just 3 and a half points to regain the trophy. the youngest play on the us team, colon murray, cower 3017 enough to guarantee victory. give europe it's worth every loss. 6 of the past 7, right accounts have been won by the home team we year it may have been thrashed in the right account, but it was a different story for tennis is lave account team. europe went into the final they needed just one more.


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