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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2021 1:30am-2:01am AST

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on the ground to try to manage the situation that those that have been displaced have been put in the south part of the island in tourists hotels. now what we know from bolton knowledge is just an hour ago. there was a $2.00 magnitude earthquake, a tremor that happened in that area, which means that this suggest that this volcanic activity that we're seeing underground is affecting not just the area of cobra and the beach where there's going to be this thermal shock. but also across the island, so very much people are waiting to see what's going to happen next hack. thank you very much indeed. ah, the main stories for ya, 0, the top us military commander has called the end of the 20 year war enough canister on a strategic failure in his 1st congressional testimony following the chaotic american
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withdraw last month. the military top bras were being questioned by sentences on capitol hill. the baton administration has been widely accused of being unprepared for the full of cobble senior officials were admitted. the taliban forces advanced far quicker than anticipated. otherwise we help build a state, mr. chairman, but we could not for donation the fact that the afghan army that we in our partner strain simply melted away in many cases without firing a shot, took us all by surprise and it would be just honest a claim. otherwise, we need to consider some uncomfortable truths that we didn't fully comprehend the depth of corruption and poor leadership and the senior ranks that we didn't gras damaging effect effect of frequent and unexplained rotations by president ghani of his commanders. that we didn't anticipate the snowball effect caused by the deals that the taliban commanders struck with local leaders in a wake of the doha agreement. and that the doha agreement itself at
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a demoralizing effect on ask and soldiers opposition, politicians in june. if you have worn down call for widespread protests unless the president backtracks on decision to seize executive power for parties formed a coalition against say, it was accusing him of carrying out a cruise. last week the president announced he'd rule by decree and ignore parts of the constitution. taliban says it's planning to reinstate a constitution from nearly 6 decades ago. new rulers want to 5 and 964 charter, but only where it doesn't conflict with their version of islamic law. good does of motive and lava flow from the volcano erupted, la power lies now reaching the atlantic ocean, where it's expected to release a huge cloud of toxic vapor and gas. spain is declared the odd and a disaster zone, triggering and aid package of more than $12000000.00 to help rebuild. to stay with
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us, the forbidden meal is up. next, i have enough how many nukes has too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties. now, there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than there are a tone, a dog. how can this be happening? we take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. me, i the many aspects of afghan culture had been systematically destroyed. in the afghan films archive has been largely preserved through
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all of these years. when so much else was looted or blown up, a small group of people risked their lives to save the national archive. they managed to preserve the films and these records of all of the, of the afghanistan that exist in saving decades of history. they believe these film had something to give to the present moment. in the late 19 eighties and michelle hygiene emerged in opposition to soviet forces in afghanistan, filmmakers were forced to take a new approach to cinema. ah, when you go to africa and films and you will look at what archives all along,
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you see this long history of really improvised filmmaking because at no point to ask for makers will have access to a lot of technical equipments. but i think during the coming period it gets much worse because the country is at war and only inside the cities does the region actually have control which so only in couple can they actually control the locations that they're shooting. and then for certain films, they do need to leave couple in order to get the shot. what can be tells you the good? what did not make him believe it? i mean, yeah. now militia for good. we couldn't. ok, now we as the one because then you call it what do you want to make?
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i did the whole with the coverage the law had to have no idea but to make a major then by one of them we started cool fire to make it and set them off because it wasn't willing to come on dustin to fit a company for valerie come around because you cannot miss on whatever bazemore much of them could then a percent of her own cream to go get him on. don't know. got but then i'm not coney because i want to know if you need for me to city. she does not know my teeth much . i feel my, the me pheromone me. so what if you put if you talk to people who were actually party members, a lot of them also will express to you the feeling that that period was like being
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on a runaway train, where no one knew at the beginning where things would end up. and there was a moment and you can see it in the films, there was a moment at the beginning of the period when there was a genuine investment from a lot of people in this leftist dream. but it deteriorated to very quickly. bo, by the queen, it was also dangerous to, to detach herself from it if he were operating in an official capacity, which the people at africa and films were, ah, here is the military base of the country lucian re, elements located beyond our frontiers. inside pakistan, the 1st nucleus off the counter revolutionary emerged from here. the assistance of washington provided new test marcia agents in the frontier of pakistan.
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the unveiling of the sinister intentions of the enemies of the resolution encouraged our people to voluntarily take up arms and to wipe out these in human and sad act. with the help of unity and run the roads and highways are open the life and doing blood of the revolution. this flowing the vein of the free people of this last me rule as a money. jang rosa said that negative mom must cook, should have k. i r e. make on your pish, mita. i'm almost 2nd. we couldn't get this could be because the mud that's the case book. yet john k, my s s t m, i look at our see when we have something that you can you. i set up with the got id, the jung boots at him, ok. he just told me,
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shake more heart should be much how much all of them are the friendships are then and again, tried to solve them for me to have him call me as out of school. take him. i was coming to see if i can between mom and dad and then carol saw the off on the sun with my eyes. my fell out faster, moon and sun. my j d n . you're to horse. we're going okay. how about the job here? my sheet up on all of us mission must was among madam
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by the route, but a majority mc pheromone. davis, shaun with a bit i want payment. okay. mobile result to show you, why should i be by the, by your taxi, but i guess we can be started off with my push them as well as with the help i was on the front way, the job money back when we bought buy me gosh, i bought a bite and she was paid she, i can be tough with that by age, by his dialogue, hamish motor, the full cash. wow, i mean, but almost that if you love to get a job additional homes that might have to be india. but
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a good thing to get on the other to get to little. i'm re, was that again the number of alarmed was muslim. work that african american matter very. almost a matter more. maurice. yeah, that's my mom is a month. i think it belong about and i'm, i guess i'm at my job, my job. so i hit the man i felt him was that me over to them, but almost almost adams. i said it still isn't, maybe was better for me and oh no, you meant for me to call up on the normally on the sun, but on the door miss young will more film. it goes in jamaica to them as a jury. and jang was the almost, you know, the happened but, but you can get on the sean, you know, chino, a question. the omission got you from long
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me. i'm on the job. i mean, i'm just going to use the new check joined, you know, on it's donna and yours are a joy. come back, push on vanessa because you all but hopefully you can put on and on. but us on that amount, a little higher to your station, but as noise to for the going on at the moment i said i'm, i don't know how should i be home? i'm only go, you hope that he jen? tom mooney matters all your floppy, the position with. but i can make that that. so you think it's one of my boys did a stop to a degree that joe mel mac joe not a big it will make it up on the bigger or some of the job, but i want it's going to be the college job,
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but that is more that is called i for the bigger here. you know, when does the job be? and i want to make up that because it's, as you mobilize your selfish because muscle on behalf of him because we're both a selfish maker, the ah, must be money already. if you want to me, can you tell me to be with them? a critique is done after the market house it's held should have done. oh yes ma'am. the common it had to be tough as to stay with him up to the to duplex, but it grows cathy
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by the program. almost as you guys, you know, we honestly to, to where you also saw national off my, my august passed the want to call on them and they bought them by one of them. so i might, if you could, if you get, you're going to do a bulky me on that look at, but from soft i shall, i won't fail boot. but if you get the lot, you're going to put it. you said if it puzzle that the carbon mac last time there's somebody that can my majority by cory, i see another why am i so speak of them? i just thought it was a tuesday disposable of some sort of mission. why she did without was good. i was, i was, i was about us, we are so why it's just all the so i
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holiday and yeah i'm near to what she called me car said he started pre k. she done that about that and i mean, but you can call me then that is a no much cope, but that was he did it though it had hanging left them a 2nd bush now me tony, members, mom i the water but the most basic mother was one of them because it was another minute was, or even just a little i would get bored to say who me as eco, misled when employees, what do you tell us? what about what kind of an official, what payoff? defensive well, because the job gives them k. bahati on push on their walk
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. we can see this the, my brother das all bob holly for the civilian. but you joke about, but do you all of them? jacob is a joke, obviously for somebody because well, if i cheat i got it, they go run on others. how much is cut off the how much use way onto the what's the result? ok. document that a child didn't have leaky. should be hard job that i thought was just because of the jordan of how may you make sure that coach going to point out that he will be honeycup, but do you know what it was i'm calling on behalf of the leader before we didn't get the student was the bus was obviously it said that it
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has your daughter, good bunch of other students. you know what? that's what you got that only daughter should molly? all that about that, about the way i would talk to you a couple that i see she was going to be thought about that before you come by tomorrow. but i'll let him bar as possible on the why our lean bar. as bottom magma shot, the shot than meta must like you better, my touch later. key. next sentiment, some bus timing from sure the, the long saw the medium shot that he bought our lean board as the one is about him . actually them better models. i mean, look at this one of the lindsay come, they do the chase of did it so that it was, i was asked all of them of the equipment that you put off of that
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was it was already make it go out of the modem, which i don't know of him, i lose it here. so it's making this man, but they see that one autumn is on a bigger than me and i'm done with the number of the kid was 8 in get a ton. i see that i'm going above missouri, the number for that was it was marginal make on the jewelry and i don't mean her. they have some over on the god i'm of my most i got the phone in the hospital running over the need the
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over all the possible uses you guys that he fell out of the of the job. he's been like a mobile on a console where the equipment was started lariche of victory. he felt that he could do that mostly. jag guess why they've got punish moya me when they go here buddy. bye. so i have a jug battle dog. many of us and most of the either one of them was we took the time to see the jug august while the punishment was said, you wish to whether you read it. but as you can tell me what he does, don't you associate matt? because i get the coffee that about the i get sure about the job, but a haunted at the foss cash run a shuttle service. i mean, the shut boxes them out for coffee center should while way. so it's gonna get cut
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off in the most i coffee, this boy who that he call you. how about this order? by the way, i was full bill over to you, i guess, but i would get if that would be like, obviously the cover should be a little bit of keeping up low. sure. didn't seem to me to the term lose learning. i'm not putting the clinician showing how much is make that are actually the run any for me to meet this medical and i'm is nothing
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i was i didn't get in in charla. i hey, may i do know about how much of that long, but you can give us a call when you can. i can get you a message to melissa, so you can check in with her biller printed. he still going to finish british columbia solid though he got your clothes for him, but that could him call me
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cover. melissa care. they say mom for them. my cell rose the car for them. why i missed her or more buttoned up. make them come up for me, but why was called can benjamin money as you know, those 2 octave film of dealing with roman while my pajama actually make them yamma . so says he did make a phone call on mara or moran asthma. me her son k. yet he goes to because i'm told he should k dot on either bama, i'll come on to the doctor and the jeep, come out of my house was a more concussion. i'm to come back at that kill call the boss in order to make them a claim. on and off was, you know, it to protect me cause was not been poly for mission the as you move the bit heading to pick them up, it goes to most, if not in the corner in
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a mean junior let if it's on nice. why do you phone us? the i got one kid dyllis number, ma'am. it was a number to embellish, but it was funny mean, so the my other i real get was i'm wanting mother by and share with him back to work, but he just have not, you know, mother she has to, he would get was a whole lot of washer miles, i was actually the filament age because i was sort of susan film i was is going to be them well, but i don't see it as problem of i was all the vision which i did, but a 100 java or but it will be just if you brush, i mean it is, but as you get more we are to know. he is soft the for that one on lot. he's an a
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film called or lawyer lives at the cost of the others where the to the needed. ready me. ready why, why do you feel about a majority news i want, i don't know where the bizarre shun, although they suspect actual bit ball that cause i don't get that. how was your the but it will florida all the all the hall that of all of our typically it's not something that the fuzzy emma it is my majority bodies will be one with the money, but you got to fill out water, stop boot that about it. is that what your case costs, social costs social ah much, much in the georgia you on the missouri got to
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know do them over in may start nationally. even all at the moment if you want to say let me call me. ready or use them at if you go to another sim chemist on more as i'm doing your mom. but i'm going to actually go with him. yes it was. it was get shot hard on one of the 2 pound we've got to hold cut automate. i missed that call back and we will get more that mollified. welcome jim. him one of his scholarship. when he a great boy, somebody should get mars. i'm going to wash him or not you for the last i think i
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was by what it will stop and money. i do spend one of the 5th why, why he just started to be be russian. but my myself make them see no more. yeah. why see, need besought was on monday, but if i was there was i was good me the from the the, the hard with him in border by omar marshal committee. if i hang the sharon hazard, well then the village i was here thought the showing of the helicopter mission
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marlene bought us dial equip that are coming to so man i shot a telephone machine that is not far enough. i bought a mission that was covered by medicare. can call my mom them 2000 them in the law the need for this kind of cover a lot of other what about the really good the put in a box and i think i'm a product looking into it, but no me just jonathan b, as in dog i see for you on a lot of fun. they got you got digital givers. i mean it does have the oh no, no matter what
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the which i didn't want to be sure that was mobile. it's one of the highly the vision that i was even more that about the water on a bus or whatever fell be the one that didn't nor they got on with the nigger. oh no, i didn't town hall nice anytime hall bulky little horrible. that it was hard to get to fuck the in the final episode of the forbidden real pool between majority faction and the systems of the quota. the good hold of sophie, you play those on mobile and i'll get with you. i'll get that was easy. no hope.
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all show up both joy, you call the roll. across the younger valley high above the ground. a trouble has taken on a different form. people died for they fly. this is no game. it's business makes the farmers hopefully be swinging high across the valley, facing on every journey. they'll gamble with their lives. just one living. risking it all on al jazeera, the is it tipping point scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 year in the world lead to agree upon a solution. people are taking that into their own what's happening now?
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we're trying to get people to understand the people and that it kills people. now it's ridiculous both right with the people's voice. oh no, just 0 me holding the powerful to account. as we examined the us, his role in the world on al jazeera, ah, ah, the comp us military officer admitted to a strategic failure in afghanistan and congress. he favored keeping a small force there. ah, fully back you boy, you're watching al jazeera life from don't also ahead i'm sorry.


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