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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2021 12:30pm-1:00pm AST

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poverty, poor education, combined with an understaffed police force and the tories, the slow justice system and these children will continue to be at risk of human trafficking. elizabeth moran and al jazeera pulled nea be hard on. this is all. these are the top stories, giovanni's willing party has picked its new leader for me. ok, she will replace premise and you'll see this sugar. so that is stepping down after just a year and also not potty solomon has more from tokyo. he has to prove he's got his my has to prove wrong leadership. that's the thing that many people felt that those who got luck. so we have to show not only to his members, but also to the public that he's in charge now. and he can pick up on the 2nd phase of facing, for example, the court on a virus. the economy has suffered hugely because of corporate 19. and now we have
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to head the new policies to revive the economy. also has come in the relationship between japan and south korea to in japan and china. that allegations of a number of civilians have been killed by a nigerian military air strike near lake chad residence in court of the bon masada say a fighter jet targeted the village and sunday morning. the military denies the claims it says $28.00 members of an armed groups linked to isolate were killed. the incident comes less than 2 weeks after another strike and a village that killed civilians. a top us military officers described the end of the 20 year war and i've kind of stand as a strategic failure. a congressional hearing is looking into the chaotic withdrawal of troops and the rapid fall of the afghan army. taliban spokesman is told, dodge is in the group, will respect the rights of all afghans in a new constitution. it follows the announcement of plans to implement a constitution of nearly 6 decades ago,
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but it will apply it only if it doesn't conflict with the taliban version of islamic long. korean state media has the projectile launched on tuesday was a newly developed hypersonic missile state media. so scientists confirmed the stability of the weapon and its navigational controls lava from the irrational la palmer island is sitting the atlantic ocean. as the volcano continues to spew ash and spoke, a huge cloud of toxic gas is being created as the lava mixers, with sea water. in the 30 prisoners had been killed in a battle between rival drawn gangs and a prison in ecuador. and mets used guns and grenades, and 6 people were beheaded. police and soldiers regained control of the facility after 5 hours. the headlines and use will continue here on, on to 0 after the forbidden will goodbye hospitals and clinics across asia, battle code 19 mountains of medical ways are piling up the one on 18th to
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investigate dangerous pandemic for one l just 0. the me, i the many aspects of afghan coach had been systematically destroyed in the afghan films archive has been largely preserved through all of these years. when so much else was looted or blown up, a small group of people risked their lives to save the national archive. they managed to preserve the films and these records of all of the afghanistan that
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exist in saving decades of history. they believe these films have something to give to the present moment. i in the late 19 eighties in missouri, dean emerged in opposition to soviet forces and african, it's done. filmmakers were forced to take a new approach to cinema. i when you go to africa and films and you look at the archive all along, you see this long if you really improvise filmmaking, because at no point asking for makers to have access to a lot of technical equipment. but i think during the coming period it gets much
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worse because the country is at war and only inside the cities does the region actually have controls which so only in cobble can they actually control the locations that they're shooting in for certain films. they do need to leave cobble in order to get the shot. the what can be tells you know, what. now make him believe it. i'm not sure i'm african. we could ok. now we, as you want to give me a call with a quarter, what do you want to make? i did the whole with the coverage the
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me all. ready i just had the hardest part which i did, but i did make a major than one of them. we started cool fight, make them turn them off because it was zoom into cologne. dustin to come here for political around because you cannot miss on what it was moments when they could dinner partain of her own cream to get him on to know got but that not a county because if you need for me to the city again, she does not know much more to see what the refunded me says if what you put oh the if you talk to people who were actually party members, a lot of them also will express to you the feeling that that period was like being on a runaway train where no one knew at the beginning where things would end up and there was a moment and you can see it in the films. there was a moment at the beginning of the period when there was a genuine investment from
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a lot of people in this leftist dream. but it deteriorated very quickly. bo, by the queen. it was also dangerous to, to detach herself from it. if he were operating in an official capacity which the people at africa and films were the years the military base of the country volition re elements located beyond our frontiers, inside pakistan on the 1st nucleus off the counter revolutionary emerged from here . the assistance of washington provided new tests, marcia agents into frontier practiced on the unveiling goal. the sinister intentions of the enemies of that evolution. encouraged are people to voluntarily take up arms and to wipe out these in human and sad act. with the help of unity and run it,
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the roads and highways are open the life in doing blood of the revolution, this flowing into vain of the free people of this last. ah, me the rule as a money. jang rosa said that negative mom must cook, should they? can i, r e, make your pitch made humble. most likely we couldn't get this could be because the new mode that's the case. but yet, john k moore asked him to be heart himself and you were going to i set up the needed young boots at him. ok juncture. told me my heart should be much hot. the motto of the mother friendships are then and again,
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that is all over them for me to have him call. but neither of them is taking my coming to see if i can in between with them and mom and then can saw the off when the sun with my eyes and my cell at some foster care, the moon and sun, my j. d. me i'd she would need to host. i'm going okay. how about the job here? my sheet up on all of us were mission much it was i'm on my them up by the majority make for monday. the saw with a bit i want payment. okay. mobile result to show you, why should i be by the bus taxi,
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but i guess we could be started off of them as always, with the book at the help that was on the front way. the job done money back when we bought buy bought and how about she called was she i could be turned off by age by his dad. he shimoda the full cash i mean, but almost that if you get a job additional homes that might have to be in india, but it's fun to get on the other end to get to little. i'm sorry, this is a game of anom alarmed was muslim work. asked him about the matter very
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in almost a matter moment. maurice. yeah, that's my mom is a month i think it belong about and i'm i guess i'm at my job my job. so i hit the man i fell, megan, tim was a me over to them, but almost almost a said it still isn't. maybe was better for me. i don't know. you meant to call up on the normal on a sunday, but on those i don't miss yet. to hear more film, it doesn't make it to them as a jury on a jang was almost, you know, the happened, but you can can show me that, you know, chino best and the miss got you film on me. i'm on the line me, me from jenny lucas doing the shack majority you know,
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want to stop. and you also make it as a joy, come back by sean, but as long as you can put on by, i don't want us on that amount of good ohio to new york and, but i know it's to, for going on at the moment, is that i'm i don't know. how should i be home? i'm over the go, you hop that very jen. tom moment matters all. yeah. floppy those the to published the but i can mix at that. so you think it's one of my boys did a subsequent look. did that, joe mel, i'm, i don't know a big it will make it up on the big it a little some of the job, but i want it's going to be the cornish job, but that is more that is called a bigger there. you know, cut me off the job and i want to make it that much because it's much more wiser. yeah. selfish because muscle on behalf of the contrary to boot selfish. make
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the ah, the shape to study in this moment. all the contributions already. when you me can you tell me to be honest with them, a critique focused on their distance of the house? it's how to get done. oh yes ma'am. the common how to do i so stay with him a put the how do we to do to get the the mother for over those almost as you guys you know, we just to see the way you also saw that slash hold off my my august passed the
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want to call on them and every one of them so, so that might, if you could, if you get, you're going to join a bulky me on that look at, but from south national i won't feel good. but if you get the lot, you're going to put it. you said if it was puzzle that, that cockburn look like, i'm just going to be the can my majority by cory the for the another while my social because i got a few disposable of some sort of mission. me why she did with was good. i was, i was, i was able stuff from years ago was right. which is obviously the holiday. and yeah, i'm near to what she called me car said he said it, but she bought done that about people and i mean, but you can call me then that is a no much cool,
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but that was he did it though it's of how to hang you left them a 2nd members from now me tony, members from all competing i the water but the most basic mother, water medical there's, you know, more than other my name was really just i would get bored to say who me as eco, misled when employees, what are the, what about what are the official was payoff the 1st well, because the job gives them k bahati on push on their walk. we can shoot us the, my brother das all but honey with us. but if you joke about the, do you all them joy copies of those that you always thought he filled out?
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somebody because of the when she they got it, they go wrong on others. how much is cut off the how much use way? sure. well somebody go to the doctor about that child dina, have leak. it should be hard job that i thought was just because of the joy of how make you my goose than coach. going to point out that he will be funny. but do you know what it was i'm calling on behalf of the leader before we don't get the student which i did, but obviously it said that it has your daughter. good. we're going to get bunch of other students. you know what, that's what you got on the air dot issue my database. well, that both of us, you know, we all want us to come to that. i see she was going to be done by that before he
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did by tomorrow. but i'll let him borrow as possible on the job. why? our lean bar as magma shot, the shot than meta, must like you better my touch, the key experiments some. but let me show the, the long saw the medium shot that he bought, elenbird. i was, the one is about an action about michael's. i mean, this one of the lindsay come to do the chase or did it so that means it will show them of the back for you and then put off and that was, it was already make it go out of the modem, which i don't know very much when did she make this man? i got the bottom is on a page and i'm done with
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a number of all the good news. i didn't get a ton of that. i'm going above, missouri, the normal stuff that was, it was launched on make sure louis give me just how they been and some of them is the name of my call at the tone in the beginning of the meeting. sure. in the all the possible uses. you guys fell out of the job just like
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a moment on our console where the equipment was started ration of victory. we felt that that you could. why did that jack? guess why? they've got punish moya, me when they got here buddy. bye bye. so i just thought maybe my son was the either wendy or the water. we took other time to see the junk stuff while the parish. my, my mom said, you widow tional law, whether you go to but as you can tell me what he does still associate matt, it's just because of the coffee that about the, i guess his concern about the history channel, but it haunted at the foss cash run a shuttle service, i need to shop boxes them out for coffee center should while way. so hopefully we'll start coffee. this boy who that he called about this order. by the way, i worked for all
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that you had, i guess, but i would get if that would be obviously the cover should come up with a bit of key filament blows. sure. didn't seem to the term lose the shell. i'm sorry. i didn't know who to show them and showing me that they actually run any from with this medical and i'm is nothing i was getting hurt at in in charla. i. hey megan, do know about me a whole bunch of the so
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long. but can we just had a question? could you connect me with us? and i guess you leave a message to melissa. so you know, engine shake of in the are printed lab circle. and so that i finished cologne, felt that he was close for him, but could him call me cobar multi care, they appointed mom for them. my cell rose the car for them. why i missed her or
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more buttoned up. make them come up for me. but why was called government money as you did those collective film of even move rama while money to buy jo matter the make? adam yama says he didn't make a phone call on us mara or moran as my mom, her son k. yet he goes to because i'm told he should k dot on either bama, i'll come on. should dr. new jeep. lucky come on me host was a more concussion. i'm at a packet that can call the boss in order to make them particular claim on and off was, you know what the project maker was murdered in police foot mission the as you move the be heading to pick them up. it goes to most, if not in the corner in amino is with on nice. one of the yeah, a phone us the i got one kid village number mom, it was a nobody to dish, but it was a 100 me. so the
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my other i real get was i want to buy and share with me. i could do god, but he just have no mother. she has to be with you as a whole lot of work for me as well as who was actually the filament because i was on a film, i will say it's going to be the well, but i don't see can take a class. coble of i was on the visual trading, but a 100 java or but it will be just brush and i'll see it. but as you get more we need as far as soft the film that was done while he's in a film as colbert employee at live, that the cost of the others were. these are the needed me. ready ready why, why do you feel about that?
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a majority there was i want, i don't know where the bizarre shun, although they suspect actual bit ball that cause i don't get the pathways your the but it will florida the all the hall that the our typically is saltisha metal. that was all the gamma it is out of our majority body and if it was done will be one i will then when it was you got a friend back. i filled out the water stop boot that about it is that the water hardwood case. it costs to ship a social cost search ah, much more in the ga, ga, missouri, got to know what i'll do them out of it. and you
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may start naturally even all at the moment. if you want to say let me call me. ready or use them at if you go to another student, get massage more. how do you know your mom? but if you go with him, yes it was. it was get shot at hall the one of the dupont we went to fort car automate. amazon. i knew that call me back and we can more that mollified where the job he will one of his scholarship when he a great boy. so we should get mars. i'm going to wash him just so that the for the last i think i was bad. what it will stop the money i do spend $1.00 of the feet. why, why he just started to be be russian, but my myself, me going to see them on yeah. was the need besought was on monday, but
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a lot of them was the me the problem, the the, the hardly in border my own moment. marsha committee hang the sharon hazard where dan joe was here thought the children is the helicopter mission. marlene bought us dial equal to come on. so man i shot a telephone mission. that is not far enough. i bought a mission that was covered by
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the medicaid. you can call me at 7 london, 2000. i mean, the law the need for this out of cover a lot of the, the the thought put in a box and i think it's from a party. we're going into the junk. jonathan b, as in august, the, for you on a lot of fun. they got, you got digital i mean it doesn't matter the which i didn't want to be sure that was mobile
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at one of the about highly. the vision was even more about the water to me on a bus or whatever and fell but it didn't, nor they got on with them. they got only a w e. what time would you didn't town hall? nice town hall. bulky hi. and what would you spend? wow, how you get to fuck the and the final episode of the forbidden real pull between majority faction and the cinema. i got quoted, the good side hold that if you play those on mobile and i'll get we'll get that was this, you know, we'll hope all show up both joy. you told me . ready too often of cornerstone as portrayed through the prism of
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war. but there were many thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film, archives funding for decades reveals the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part for the air of darkness on a o . l g 0 is a little discarded. clothes from rich nations are funded to charities and sold to impoverished nations. on an unprecedented scale, a massive industry sift through the unwanted garments to reach out to some of the was poorest inhabitants. but much of what arise is unfit for purpose and is fueling
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and vironment catastrophe. people in power travel to gonna to uncover the dirty secrets behind the world. fresh and addiction. that white man's clothes on a jazz ita. ah, this is al jazeera. ah. how about nicholas? this is a new life. coming up in the next 60 minute lava from the volcano and la palmer releases toxic fumes as it reaches atlantic ocean. former foreign minister for cure casita is set to become.


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