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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah al jazeera, when ever you ah, ah gdc as president names and national boot in as the country's 1st woman prime minister and tossed her with a government. ah, 11 o'clock, this is out there in life and also coming up the world's worst hunger crisis. you
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and calls on the government to allow aid institute gray region lava from the volcano. la palmer nice is toxic fumes, is it falls into the atlanta cation from a foreign minister, whom casita is set to become japan's, the prime minister, after securing the leadership of the ruling party. ah. so june is his president said has appointed you prime minister. he's task nicely buddha with for me and government should be the 1st for me to do so. the move comes after for political parties, form the cur. listen to post 8 on tuesday. opposition politicians have warned. they will call for more protests unless you're versus his moved to seize power. what mara? a few people with us. this is a historical moment where we see, for the 1st time ever a lady with a prime minister in our country, we will be taking care of our responsibilities in such
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a moment. it's an honor for 2 years and fortune is in women saying he was our prime minister. women can be successful leaders just as mankind and have a clear vision exactly like man. i hope with the blessings of god that you can within the next coming days, nominate the proper names for your cabinet. we've lost a lot of time and we need to act quickly with full harmony between members of your cabinet. work hard to fight corruption. let's pick bennett smith and tennessee and ben, what are you make of this? and what's the, the reasoning behind this may well, we don't know a lot about national buddha and she is geologist and i previously worked a little bit for the world buying. she had a little political experience and a seemingly been plucked out of relative obscurity and thrust into the political limelight at a really very crucial moment in unity as political development. 2 months after
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president chi side suspended parliament and seized power, grumblings are getting loud complaints that in those 2 months, the president who was given a lot of slack, if you like general support behind him, but taking power because of him in a mobile political situation with promises he made so far have not been fulfilled. no economic plan, no crack down on corruption. that was a major complaint of many civil society groups and they begin it becoming more vocal in making that voices heard. so she has got to try and now appoint a cabinet within this situation, and she serves at the pleasure of the president. it's not clear what real independent power she has because the president ruled by decree. so presumably whatever she decides he has to agree with. and is it going to be enough to be clay
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to kate those saying that the president is failing to consult well on tuesday, a group of union 4 major political parties got together and accused the precedent of failing to cur, failing to console more widely, haven't spoken to any of them, they say, since he sees the reins of power, unless they still say they are open to being taught to, they still want to talk with the president. i should say that the most powerful lay the union today in response to this announcement by the prison president didn't seem very impressed. it's they that lead us at the either. we are partners in running the country, or we will seek all fate in a peaceful struggle through peaceful civil actions. so they are not impressed at the moment. lots of pressure on the prime minister. now she have to try and agree some sort of budget. and some sort of payment schedule because towards the international monetary fund put on hold 2 months ago when i grabbed all those hours or benefits for that dependence with her. and she this,
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let's in our permit should be a former parliamentary officer engineer. he says, the plan has always been to change the political system. what if there is a parliament? this is going to order according to the last presidential order for the order. 117 days, the prime minister is ignatius this measure. within would form a cabinet and then discovered it would be just may be for many approved by sworn mean ceremony in front of the president. i saw it. so literally on the 40 there will be no parliamentary approval for this, for the scrubbing it and according to a recent video and reach prison fire the. busy deliberate little speech of a few minutes in bring that with the presence of mister within the government, the new cabinet would be form of the the next few hours or few days at the maximum prison by fight. it has been quite clear,
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even since the presidential campaign he's against, or opposed to many parts of the year, 2014 prostitution. he wants to your, to jean, and he's really willing to change the, the, the political system, probably any costs. and it's now quite clear, especially after the decision of september 22nd, with the presidential order. but he's willing to change, but any cost, whatever the political parties are saying or the positions. and he's gone think mainly on the huge, popular sport. but he has up to today un humanitarian chief, is warning if you have his 2 grey region is facing the world's worst hunger crisis . most in griffin, recently visited the region and says, people that are starving to death. the u. n. is called on the if you, if you government to allow food, medical supplies and fuel entity gray, a conflict between regional forces and government troops broke out in november last
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year. and here is, is a stain on our conscience because the, the facts show that accessed to gray, where we have been wanting to have a 100 trucks every day arrive, integrate to meet the needs of the over 5000000 people there. we've never reach that. we've never had that and it's been about 10 percent of that over the last 2 or 3 months. so the combination of lack of medical care, most of the health institutions that are inoperable and lack of food will mean that people will start to die. when yona is in, encourage space person for the africa region of red cross, as she says, there are many serious issues civilians affected by the company. well, food access to food is definitely one of the important priorities. but there is also access to health, lack of medical supplies. what we're seeing is that there's been increased pressure
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on hospitals with receiving dead and liking supplies and personnel. also, there's not enough this lack of cash, electricity, and other vital supply in the region. i mean, there's definitely not enough vital supplies that are coming in into to cry, including medical supplies and the food supplies. so that's been an increasing concern. logistics has been extremely difficult, but also well looking at the shifting crop front lines at the going fighting. and it means that people are not getting the humanitarian assistance that they need. definitely we need more supplies coming in to try and we and also other neighboring regions because we're seeing that the fighting is spreading to the neighboring cholera and for regions. and we're just calling on to everybody who is involved in the fight team and all the stakeholders to do everything possible to facilitate the
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delivery of humanitarian and lava from volcano erupt and palm islands in the canary islands is hitting the atlantic ocean. the huge cloud of talked gas has been created as molten rock hit sea water. the spanish government has declared la palmer disaster though. nicholas hark says new seismic activity. arnold palmer has been long suspected there was much anticipation that there would be some sort of volcanic eruption, but no one knew when exactly it would come when vulcan ologist told me that there were there was helium gas flowing out in 20 and october 2017. it says if he said the earth's surface was sending a telegram warning that this erection would take place, but the magnitude of something that no one had anticipated. and despite all the technology advances that we have, the images, computer modeling, the, the scientist, the book, and also i didn't anticipate the flow of the lava right now. what we have behind me is a flow lava on one side and then another on another stream on the other side. it's
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become a torrent of lava flowing into the ocean, creating some sort of delta by the ocean. of course, the animal, the life sensing danger must, many of them have left the area. but we've noticed that the ocean has change in some areas color. it's, it's gotten murky and grain. wealth is toxic chemicals being spewed inside this ocean also coming out on the cloud. there's also minerals, which in the long run, scientists would say, will read, will bring more diversity and more marine life in this area. but in the short term, this volcano has called enormous destruction as we saw people. and then i saw this morning, the mayor line us, which is the village where the lava is reaching the sea in tier, seeing the sheer destruction caused by this volcanic eruption that cease to, they seems to be gaining an intensity. rather than slowing down, russian president vladimir putin has been hosting his turkish kind of, pardon such, she rested typo,
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went and preach and discussed the conflict and syria did libya and the possible purchase of a 2nd batch of rushes, s 400 air defense myself. it was at 1st face to face meeting in 18 months or so said a report from mr. buena. their meeting, as just under way in a time when the turkish american relations are further afraid to need to allies turkey and us see our growing increasingly growing apart. just a week ago, prison, there was in new york attending the united nations general assembly, and the turkish side had requested a one on one meeting with president biden. but the by the team has rejected this request. so he and by the fail to biddies the differences in a meeting in, in new york, and he just one day later went on concise in by the station. i says that the u. s.
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c. the quantity us is continuous support to total groups. referring to us partnership with the y p g, a kurdish on group located in north syria is put in a great race to turkeys national security. and he also said that turkey as planning or intending to buy a 2nd batch of $400.00 me file system from russia and that restraints washington. remarkably, because just after this statement, the us senate committee on forums, nations $130.00 that purchasing the russian made me file systems means more sanctions tube or turkey to cuts a low, which is designed to come to the american adversaries through the sanctions. still ahead, heron out 0. i'm adam rainy on an olive farm and central italy as hundreds of young
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environmentalists and international delegation gathered a conference in milan. we look at how italy is facing a changing climate. and cube is control of the economy has failed to deliver amid you reforms to businesses ah, ah, ah, the worst of the weather. rain wise in the next 24 hours. it like to be through sumatra. and this part of bornea general area of terminal, right in full sandstone, it's much dry in java and bali. it's still flooded on the ground in parts of thailand, but shower wise, they're faster than they were. cambodia looks particularly wet there the next day or so. the west worthington west pacific is always a ty, food. now we have one. this one here. look at moving straight towards tokyo and it is,
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but it won't get there. the heart is going to veer off. so the forecast the toko is a little better. it could be it's gonna rain by says eating, it's lightened friday. we bit of a right off with near gale force winds and torrential rain. there will be a fed risk and a landslide was all gone by saturday for india, both sides. we have to trust. go depressions, one not to worry about this 1 may well develop into something rather more significant. it is after all, the remains of the last one south austin summer in the bay bang goals. so it's got the history and it looks like it will generate quite a lot of re for southern pakistan, but river else in the middle east. iran and iraq is fairly dry. but winter's showing itself in georgia and armenia. the who's the on air or online. the parts of the debate, or pacific people, the ocean,
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is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no help, they get off the table. it's a shooting site atmosphere. people are demoralized, they're exhausted, and many health care workers are experiencing p t f. d like symptom. jump into this dream. and julian, a global community. if you are online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this stream announces era ah, the other guy you're watching out a reminder about told stories and trinity as president, ty said has appointed a new prime minister. he's tossed and de la buddha with forming a government move comes off for political parties from the coalition to post. so
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you don't choose day view and humanitarian chief is warning is to grow region is facing the world's worst hunger crisis. lots of griffiths recently visited the water region. it says people are starving to death lava from a volcanic eruption on la palmer in the canario and in the city. the atlantic ocean, huge cloud of toxic gas has been thrown up the molten rock, which is the sea. japan's form a foreign minister is set to become its next prime minister after winning a leadership election and the ruling liberal democratic party. people casita will now lead the party in a general election to, to be held by november. first, theory is more julio case. she, there is the new chief of japan governing liberal democratic party. he's also set to become prime minister as his party and coalition partner control. the houses of parliament is the 2nd time the former foreign minister has run for the leadership.
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after competing against outgoing premier yoshi days to god last year. in his acceptance speech, he should have promised to lead the party to success in next month general election . but that's why i want to firmly show a reborn, liberal democratic party to the japanese citizens and urge them to support us from today. i will then with all my energy get straight to work, party members around the country and members of parliament, please work with me. a 1st round vote had failed to produce a majority winner, and to female contenders dropped out of the race in a run off. he should have faced taro, co, no and outspoken minister in charge of japan's cove at 19 vaccine rollout, who'd been ahead in opinion polls but widely regarded as a safe pair of hands. kesha had the support of lawmakers and beat his rival by 257 votes to 170. analysts say case,
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she does rise to the premise ship is unlikely to affect defense and international relations. he supports close ties with western democracies to counter china as growing influence in the region on the economy. kisha has pledged to spend big on a stimulus package and emphasized the need to distribute more wealth to households . but 1st, he faces a difficult challenge. a general election that has to be held by november. what i expect to see is something ambitious, like a very large stimulus package dedicated to pandemic management and the health system in general. although of course, nothing is really going to be implemented. this going to be no evidence of success in time to the election. so when a lot to a large extent key she does is going to be selling hope and asking the electorate
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trust him. rather than demonstrating any concrete results there. can she there may be seen as a stable choice, but some analysts say his bland image may work against him in the upcoming polls. florence louis al jazeera, no current state media says a projectile launch on tuesday was a newly developed hypersonic missile. these images report to the sharp being test 5 . the media says scientists confirm the stability of the weapon and it's navigational control. hypersonic myself, travel much faster than conventional ones, making them harder to intercept. got, especially in boy on counts terrorism and mediation of conflict. resolution is calling on the international community not to isolate the taliban in order to help africans. i've got tons, economic banking system is on the verge of collapse and could worst in the place of millions, in desperate situations. hundreds of 1000 internally displaced people living in makeshift camps as winter approaches from practical point of view. i think this is the,
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the current government is an effective control of the country. i think they might as well have more engagement with the existing regina with the country with the government and control the country again. i think we need to have practical approaches to be more like matic and i see there's more engagement from certain international issues, at least certain countries. i believe it's method of russia has accused youtube of censorship. author blocked the german language channels of its state broadcaster the criminal spokes person said that you chief sanction. gracie violated the laws of the russian federation. youtube says that our t breached standards on code 1900 misinformation, activists in india say the pandemic has pushed more families into poverty. and that's putting children at risk falling incomes and rising prices of lead to some parents,
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sending their children out to work. and human traffic is waiting for them on the streets. elizabeth per item, joint police on a rescue mission of money sharma and his team of rescue workers drive to a slam in the eastern indian city of port nia. they received information that traffic children a being kept. they're joined by police officers. they moved through the dark until they find some children hiding and clearly terrified, but as they tried to lead them to safety, they're attacked by a group of men. no one is seriously injured, but in the confusion the children run away. police arrest the man they believe is the ringleader of this child trafficking operation. but the activists leave without the children they came for sunday. sather traveled more than 230 kilometers from the city of that banga to pool near to find his 13 year old brother don got um, sanchez has gone. got arm has been held in the slum by the traffickers for several
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months. now my brother is working at the processing unit and he has a little b. he's not there on his own. been even if he or others like him try to talk to a family member. they're always listening like an increasing number of people in the eastern state of behind those in the slammer, often forced to work for little processing. one of the regents biggest exports lotus seeds because of the world's largest producer of low to see which are known as fox not once have been roasted. the popularity of the seeds is growing in india and broad. but children are being used to meet the rising demand with more than 2000000 workers aged between 5 and 17. b hard has the 2nd highest number of child and adolescent workers in india. many a trafficked it is one of the greatest cell in this be facing see what is happening
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that this area or near the street is water industry, golf. this went on and it is, gets it the not. so we are major issues of childcare seeking. and some of the children are employed in the are the sick, but also the latest crime figures suggest that human trafficking cases in india declined by more than 20 percent in the past year. but many sharma says that's not right. as many cases aren't registered, definitely include who bodies and coming during the band in trafficking has increased many for up because of the covered 19 people lost jobs, and traffickers has used it to their advantage. their locals, the identify, paid and lost their jobs, learn them money, and liter traffic, the children and push them into child labor. i love the man rested in the rate on this non remains in custody while he's investigated on suspicion of human
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trafficking and charge. but rights groups they, until the government addresses the root causes of the crime, poverty, poor education, combined with an understaffed police force and the tories, the slow justice system. india's children will continue to be at risk of human trafficking. elizabeth moran and al jazeera pulled nea be hard. hundreds of young environmentalists gathering this week in milan and send the lead up to the you and climate conference being held in november in glasgow. scotland environment has become a defined issue for italians in recent years. as a increasing the feel, the effects of climate change is i'm ready. a typical italian olive farm struggling in a period of a typical weather. unpredictable and extreme weather is becoming more common, making it increasingly difficult for farmers like mario cask on a. in 2018,
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an exceptionally late frosts left him with little choice. the farm lost 40 percent of its trees that day. many others required drastic action, followed us, but the mid yama. this is a clear example of the direct effect of climate change. that little tree, we see there was the same size as the big tree next to it ended up before we had to cut it back because it was completely frozen that be as big as the other 2. if that hadn't happened newly re grown trees. give mario hope. still, earnings are down because they produce less. oil. olives are one of italy's most, iconic staples. the fact that they're under threat has shown italians that climate change has arrived in full force here. as have repeated floods in places like venice, record heat wave raging wildfires and extended periods of drought surrounded by warming seas and at growing risk of desert application, italy now find itself on the front lines of climate change. heavily reliant on
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agriculture, italy is hoping to take the lead in, adapting to a change in climate. the government has launched a new ministry for ecological transition and earmarked $80000000000.00 of e u. cobit recovery funds to come up with solutions to live in a warming world that has to be in sally and they cost this. environmental transition has significant cause, and it is essential that governments make direct commitments to help their citizens and business handily. italy has partnered with the u. k to host this years. you in climate summit cop 26, coming up in november in scotland. and this week, milan is hosting 2 events ahead of those meetings, the youth for climate conference in the final ministerial meetings before cobb 26 at 30 years old cuss connie could pick a different career. but he is drawn to the challenge ahead of me so long as he would have entered it. and we need to be creative and open to adaptation. it's not
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easy, it's hard work with the same time it can be fulfilling the, on the front lines, the desire to solve the problem is there, but will world leaders take the tough decisions to make that possible? adam rainy al jazeera, can nato italy. nearly 30 prisoners have been killed in a battle between rival drugs, gangs in a prison in ecuador. yes, inmates use guns and grenades, and 6 people were beheaded, took police and military 5 hours to regain control of the facility. within 40 prisoners were injured cubans, one solid wall of state control is cracking as the country faces its worst economic and political crisis. since the collapse of the soviet union. new laws have gone into effect along small, medium size, private businesses to operate and trade with the world. for the 1st time. i, latin america editor, you see a human as this report for more than half
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a century cubic communist economy has been frozen in time. and not running nearly as well as these iconic vintage cars digging back to before the 1959 revolution level of the phone. but now at last, the government is opening the door for cubans like carlos miguel british to start small to medium sized private companies with up to a 100 employees. when he, our business is the director and founder of the lenny. a software company that until now has been unable to expand and explored its products. look that up. but when i leave, who really this will give us legal status as a company before we have to use our own name and capital. now we can have partners and hopefully access loans and trade internationally as a private company. 53 years ago, fidel castro eliminated all vestiges of private businesses. eventually, as the economy floundered, individual entrepreneurs whirl out to open family restaurants and rent rooms,
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which could be opened or closed at a whim. but in july, unprecedented mass demonstrations against economic hardships convinced communist party leaders to finally move forward with wider reforms. a recognition that their model of total state control of the economy had failed to deliver the goods. you'll get august 6th, they are made. thank you. i think that of kiva really wants to achieve concrete results, has to move towards a vietnam style mixed economy. we aren't vietnamese, but it's what we're able to deliver, the goods and services and jobs that people are waiting for. it's a novel idea in cuba, but entrepreneurs like catalog miguel paid his face problems such as obtaining finance in a country that's bankrupt by passing red tape. and above all, increasingly tough us. he could make sanctions ever ok or not. somebody don't know solomon do us. economic embargo doesn't just punish the state sector even as a private businessman, no us bank will transfer money to me here. i can't use online platforms that are
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vital for the development of my business. our fledgling private sector is, is blocked by us sanctions, as tubers state run sector. so we're at a tremendous disadvantage. but despite all the difficulties, he's counting on the same cuban ingenuity that has kept these cars going to so long to help his eyelid nations swim through these unchartered waters to see in human al jazeera, ah say this is out there. these are the top stories in june is president kind of said has appointed a new prime minister. he's tough, national, a buddha with for me and government. she will be the 1st woman to do say, the move comes after for political parties, formed a coalition to post it on tuesday. last week said, announced he'd rule by decree and ignore parts of the constitution. when a smith reports enough to we don't know
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a lot about national food and she is geologist and previously worked a little bit for the world bank. she had little political experience in the


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