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is likely to change biting behavior and it's not going to change their behavior. they are going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match up. this more games are entirely in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera ah, tunisia names, it's 1st female prime minister, but will it be enough to ease pressure on the president? ah, you're watching algae 0 live from the ne, fully back. people also ahead. a warning, the humanitarian situation in ethiopia, sci gray region is filing out of control. the u. n. s. people are starving to death
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. the death toll in a prison fighting ecuador rises to more than a 100 and more has been injured and fighting, mis information. youtube plans to rock content that makes the whole statement whole claims about vaccines. ah, tunisia has a new prime minister. she is not lab dean, a geologist with little political experience and the 1st woman to hold the position . present side has passed her with forming a government for weeks. now he's been under pressure to appoint a new premier after he suspended parliament in what the opposition has called a call. bernard smith have more from today's natural food and has been plucked from a relative academic obscurity and thrust into the spotlight by unity. as president high side, she becomes a prime minister at
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a moment of national crisis. why the president has been under mounting pressure to name a government after he dismissed the prime minister, suspended parliament and assumed executive authority in june. a move opponents called a qu, why the law many yet? i see a lot more citing corruption is our starting point. we will vote relentlessly to do this and to respond to all requests unique eons in all fields, including health transport and education. my god, help you and your team that i hope will be for me quickly to catch up on time last to the quarrels and disagreements in so many ministries that became arenas flowing with blood. the professor of geosciences were booed and has little government experience. her appointment comes just as political parties and civil society groups were becoming increasingly frustrated with the president's failure to consult with them in the 2 months since he seized power to unity as powerful workers union is not impressed with the announcement was. 6 either way,
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altogether with full transparency and we are partners in london, we agree amongst ourselves school, we have people whose faith in peaceful and civil struggle that will point towards the same goal, which is in the best interest of the country. the major political parties could try to challenge the legality of food and appointment at any policies. her new government tries to enact without the suspended parliament's consent, the national boot and is a name of prime minister. but she serves the pleasure of a president who rules by decree, what real power she has to act independently remains unclear and the prime minister will be under pressure to move quickly to seek financial support for a budget and debt repayments, talk to the international monetary fund were put on hold in july after president side power ground burner trends alger 0 shooting for dean ali reesa is the editor
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in chief of the technician, use and analysis website miss call. he says the new prime minister's appointment is symbolic. she wasn't one of the people on the short list. there are quite a few short. and if there were being sped around, people were assuming that it might be an economist. given the fact that tunisia is how it was with just the negotiations with the international monetary fund. but she seems a bit like a political outsider, like the president himself, the position himself as an outsider. and this is someone, again who does not seem to come from the traditional political lead to the political clock. she someone coming from academia with a ph. d. she has been at the ministry of higher education. so we're still just finding out more about her about someone who seems to be quite new to the stage, but certainly the president is pointing to the symbol in the 1st female foreign minister. and not just in teja, but in the entire world,
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it does seem that even groups that were initially supportive of the president are starting to become more concerned, starting to voice their criticism much more separately. this may have been some of the pressure for him to, to name a prime minister as well. we'd expect that he would name a new government much earlier. he had initially given a 30 day period, but we've seen that that gone way power. and in fact, he kept saying that he would name a new prime minister, and a few days people thought it was taken quite a while. and in fact, even they consider that perhaps you thought it through like what do you do the made if you didn't have a government in place or a government in mind? so certainly when we're seeing this part of it maybe to, to sort of lay the fears of people who say it doesn't matter who don't have a direction of where he's going with the country. people in ethiopia to drive region are starving to death, fast the warning from the un humanitarian chief boston griffith. i recently visited the v area and says, hundreds of thousands of people are in need of food. aid fighting between regional
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forces in government troops began in november last year, alexia bryan reports. this boy is a victim of what the u. n says. is the world's worst hunger crisis. he may not look it, but down the ways is 14 years old. his uncle said that after spending months hiding from violence in ethiopia to dr. region, he weighs less than 15 kilograms, and he's not alone. the un estimate, hundreds of thousands of people are suffering famine conditions and to grind and millions more at risk to remove to fighting left many hospitals and clinics closed or destroyed the combination of lack of medical care. most of the health institutions that are inoperable and lack of food will mean that people will start to die. fighting broke out into grey in november between ethiopian military and the regional force. the to gripe people's liberation front were looking at almost
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a year of fighting that had a tremendous impact on the economy and culture and the ability of people to produce food. so now which we see, but many people, they only have one mule per day. the quality of their meals have also deteriorated . some people and now is in roots and flowers to survive. the un says a de facto government blockade of the region is preventing food, medical supplies, and fuel from gaping in something. the government's denied. it is, is a stain on our conscience because the, the, the facts show that accessed to gray, where we have been wanting to have a 100 trucks every day arrive, integrate to meet the needs of the over 5000000 people there. we've never reach that. we've never had that and it's been about 10 percent of that over the last 2 or 3 months. so un humanitarian chief says ethiopia leaders appearing into the
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abyss and he's calling on all sides to stop the fighting for this man, made famine get worth. alixia brian al jazeera, you know, the world news, the death toll from a fight between rival drug gangs out of prison in ecuador has raised into at least 102 groups for inside the prison with guns knives and explosives. at least 5 people would be headed. my sister, they are killing me, call the police. they need to into prison when 5 look at where the police are, they are out here at my brother, not a dog. get the latest from latin america for lucy and human who joined us from santiago, chile, and see a tell us about what happened and why the body count has gone up so dramatically. this began on tuesday in the morning and the police had originally thought that some 30 people inmates had been killed. but 24 hours later when they were finally
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able to go inside and inspect the different prison areas, they found that at least a 100 had been killed in just 2 prison cells or unit alone, they found 50 bodies. 6, we understand of them had been beheaded, at least 52 people were injured. 2 of the police officers, this was absolutely a bruce and seen, as you mentioned before, they were, they were weapons of firearms, explosives, knives as well. the, the inmates were actually on to their teeth from what the prosecutor has been able to inform people so far. a lot of the relatives had tried to go to the more to try to identify the bodies. there's still desperately trying to get news about their loved ones. this is the prison system in ecuador has been plagued by problems for years and years. but this is the worst of what some people are calling
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a massacre in, in memory. this has been indeed a very violent year in ecuador space, and then what could be behind this? what factors could be at play here? well, 1st of all, the presidents in ecuador are understaffed to overcrowded, underfunded, and they are home to, to rival drug gangs. and in fact, the former head of military security says that he believes, but at least 2 of mexicans, largest rival drug gangs are, are, are operating and has penetrated ecuador is prison system completely in the panes, gangs are working for them. but it also just shows just how capable the government is of handling the situation. back is 7 months ago the 1st prison riot this year took place, nearly 80 people were killed. then in july, another prison ride left at least 20. did the president declared a state of emergency within the prison system at the time is just done so again,
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but it's really unclear what difference this is going to make. the problem is run, run much, much deeper. ecuador is having tremendous financial problems. they had already cut the budget for the penitentiary system, the prison system earlier last year. and so it's still waiting to be see what the president is going to be able to come up with. now for the moment he says that they will respect the human rights of all of those involved while the state of emergency, which he does limit some of the countries or some of the prisoners function to tional guarantees is in place for the next 60 days. thank you very much for that, lucy and human live there from santiago in yemen. more than 100 who the rebels, central government forces have been killed in fighting over the past 2 days. they're battling for control of my race. the last northern city held by for government fighters is home to hundreds of thousands of people who fled conflict in other areas of the country. though he stepped up very efforts to seize my read in
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february. david grassley is the united nation, dietary and coordinator for yemen. he says the fighting in my read risks facing more people and undermining the existing humanitarian fs. in march, we were really on the edge of famine for millions of people, just to step away. enough resources is not enough enough resources came in to scale up food distribution so that we could move away from half rations to 3 quarters to full rations in the most acutely affected areas. and that's been enough to stop them. the march towards famine, at least for now, but it's contingent on those funds, continuing to flow in these higher levels. and that's where our greatest concern is right now. fortunately in the side event on yemen at the general assembly last week, there was additional pledges of over $600000000.00. and hopefully that will get us through the end of the year. of those pledges come in on time,
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but i continue to worry about 2022. i worry about the fact that we're not getting funding for health water education help for the internally displaced for 1000000 people. these are still serious issues that are not being fully address, that we need to find additional resources for and we need to find creative solutions to help the economy itself revise. gemini, can help themselves. even in the midst of this conflict to head on al jazeera, the latest in brittany is conservative ship conservatorship case. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day of 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways booted world's best airline of 2021. hello there, let's look to the middle east and levant,
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and we are seeing someone usually unsettled whether around the edges of the array be in peninsula. if we take a closer look, we can see a swelling system strengthening as it moves over the coast of pakistan. edging towards southern parts of iran and by the time we get into the weekend, we are expecting to swallow its way over to a mon, bringing with its torrential rain and really strong winds. now to the north of this, we seen some brisk winds blowing down the black sea and the caspian sea, a bit of a weather system plaguing georgia and mania, and as the by john a bit of a wintry mix at play. and some of the weather is expected to dribble down into northern areas of iran. we could see a stronger storm or shower, come into play. but elsewhere it is looking relatively hot and dry temperatures in iraq. * and kuwait as well as guitar edging up, and we are likely to see the shamal come back over the weekend. and that's bringing with it plenty of heat and dust, but it is looking wet across that central part of africa. it's a different story here. we're seeing those tropical waves pull out towards the west,
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those swirling weather systems, pulling away from the gambia and synagogue, a hot on its heels. we've got another one that we're keeping our eye on. that your update. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best airline of 2021, which is a real world reveals dramatic pictures from garza in may 2021. i lived there for a number of years and if there is nowhere safe, and god account done to his really missile attacks. and for time why we're tired families, businesses and media organizations simply blown up. girls a 60 minute warning. oh, now jesse around me with
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the me welcome back. a recap of our top stories on how to nisha as president has appointed e geologist with little political experience as a country's 1st female prime minister. his task not sharp. then with forming a government last week, i denounce, he will draw by decree and ignore the parts of the constitution, sparking protests, the un calling on the government to enough food, aid into the cry, reach him humanitarian chief one. griffith was one of the areas facing the world's worst hunger crisis in a decade. and the death toll from a battle between rival drug guns presented in ecuador has risen to at least 100. it took security forces 5 hours to regain control of the facility on tuesday, $1.50 inmates were injured. the taliban has warned of negative
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consequences if the us doesn't stop flying drones over afghan airspace. in a statement on twitter, the goof says, washington is violating international laws and commitments made a need to have peace agreement. us officials have repeatedly said they will maintain over the horizon capabilities to respond to threats. enough ganeth done. at least 10 civilians, including 7 children, were killed in a drone strike in couple last month. now cut our special envoy and counter terrorism and mediation of conflict resolution is calling on the international community not to isolate the county band in order to help afghans getting signs. economic and banking system is on the verge of collapse and could worse than the pride of millions in desperate situations. hundreds of thousands of internally disgrace. people are living and make shift cam says, winter approaches. from practical point, if you are, i think this is the, the current government, there's ineffective control of the country. i think they might as well have more
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engagement with the existing with the, with the country, with the government that's in control of the country. i think again, i think we need to have a practical approach to be more metrics. and i see there's more engagement from certain international issues, at least certain countries. i believe it's method of north korean leader kim jong own, says he's willing to restore communications lines with the south in an effort to promote peace of korea said last week that it may consider a summit with 7 neighbor. but came john own shrugged off recent us offers for dialog, calling them cunning ways to conceal american hostility, religious peace, overtures come a day after north korean. saint media announced that the country had tested a newly developed hypersonic messiah residents who have not lost their homes following the volcanic eruption. on the island of la palmer,
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i have been told to seal doors and windows in their houses lava from the grave. you have, okay, no, has now reached the ocean setting off huge fumes of steam and toxic gases make less hot reports from the parlor in the canary islands, fear on the island of the an unstoppable torrent of lava, destroying everything in its path and altering the landscape now flowing into the atlantic plumes of toxic gases below, above the fishing village of as equity. it's mere is getting ready to evacuate. but there are no words to express what i think or feel. there is no way for us to anticipate how this disaster will unfold. authorities have set up a 3 and a half kilometer cordon around the can review hovel quino. the thermal shock of molten rock entering the ocean is producing a cloud composed of sulfur dioxide and acid lava. in some area, the ocean has turn grey and murky. it's not just toxic chemicals that are being
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released, but also mineral scientists believe that in the long run this will make marine life even richer and more divers. in this disaster, they see an opportunity to better understand volcanic eruptions, so as to anticipate what can rivera will do next. wilkin ologist are recording increased seismic activity on the southern flank of the volcano. that suggests that pressure on the crater is increasing as powerful malware from below. the earth breaks through the surface. i got to predict. what i can tell you is that these are options. this is, i can predict this disruption is going to continue this same way we've seen. so there will be p use of activity, how you didn't, does it the low intensity. so you have to the some repose videos. i'm believe actually it may last weeks or months. we don't know. but what i can tell you are breathing is that did behaviors going to continue the same?
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more of the same means more destruction. close to 7000 people are displaced in more than 500 home buildings and churches charged to ashes, and the lava is widening its reach. as it closes in on to the court. nicholas hawk al jazeera to the court. a faint, la, paloma youtube says it will ban an o r a will ban driver all anti vaccine content. any videos related to vaccines will be taken down if they claim the jobs are ineffective or dangerous. the move comes as countries try to convince people to get the coven 1900 shot video sharing giant has already banned posts that spread false mis about corona, virus treatments and speak to mark douglas about this. his president and chief executive officer of tech for a mountain of the attic for him a mountain he joins us from los angeles, 5 pipe. thank you so much for being with us. mark. so what are your thoughts on this ban? how effective can it be when, when many conservative pages are spread,
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vaccine misinformation is still active on youtube, and their videos continued to attract millions of us. well, if, if they are, there effectively already is a ban, right now if anyone puts out and that backs content you to the monetize is if they are a popular podcast or, or any other content creator that makes money on the you to platform. so you to essentially exercise control over their content using a method. what they're announcing now is that control is, or censorship is going to become more explicit for people who don't monetize on their platform. and i think their ability to do it from a technology perspective is, is very straightforward. there's no doubt they, they can, if they want to, they can, they can, if they want to. but it's taken them a long time. don't you think to do it? well, i think getting a pass, you know, basically most of the content they are concerned about with, from people who had
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a large audience. and so again, if you did monetize the audience, they using incentives. if you put out content that you took doesn't like, then they say, we won't let you to make money off that content. so it's a really strong incentive for people who are putting out the content. so now what they're doing is they're extending that so small content creators, bill, which is more explicit mean, so they have been doing it. and the, you know, whether it's right or wrong as a whole nother question, but something they have been only engaged in many content creators are complained about. if you listen to different youtube channels, how to connected all the social media outlets and you know, how easy is it for misinformation content content to spread from one to the other? well, i mean they, it doesn't spread in the form of like, it automatically does. but if you create a youtube video, you can posted on other social networks. instagram, for example,
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is builds with stories from tick tock. so i mean, these videos move platform to platform very easily, but quite frankly, whoever creates the content can just posted on any social network or any content platform they like. so i don't think that in and of itself, you know, the platforms themselves spray content. it's really the person posting the content and where they choose to both that and it. but even as you tube takes a tougher stand on misinformation, it's facing a backlash around the world. i mean, in russia, for example, they're threatening to ban youtube. do you see this being an issue for them? well, i do because you know today's misinformation or let's call it last week. smith information is often today's true. so the whole idea misinformation is the sensor in the eye of the beholder. and quite frankly, in the moment that the information is being posted because you know, information about cobra, about vaccines, about any topic of bob's over time,
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and is really rapidly above during the pandemic. so i think that's the big, essentially backlash against you. tube is, who's to say what you're blocking now is not the truth, literally 2 weeks from now. and that's happened over and over again or in this pandemic. and so people aware of it for that reason. and they, quite frankly, it's, you know, it's a reasonable perspective given the track record. right. thank you so much more for talking to us about this mark that less joining us from california. thank you. a las angeles judge has removed britney spears father as the conservator of her estate. the pop star thought to end the 13 year legal arrangement that controlled her personal and financial life. earlier this year she told the course she'd been medicaid against a will and denied the right to have children. the judge has appointed a temporary guardian and will rule later this year on whether to remove the confederate to ship altogether to india. and i,
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where activists say the pandemic has pushed more families into poverty and thus putting children at risk falling incomes and wising prices have led to some parents sending their children out to work. and human traffic is a waiting for them on the streets. elizabeth brought him joins police on a rescue mission money sharma and his team of rescue workers drive to a slum in the east in indian city of port nia. they received information that traffic to children being kept, they're joined by police officers. they moved through the dark until they find some children hiding and clearly terrified, but as they try to lead them to safety, they're attacked by a group of men. no one is seriously injured, but in the confusion the children run away. police arrest the man they believe is the ringleader of this child trafficking operation. but the activists leave without the children they came for sunday. sather traveled more than 230 kilometers from
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the city of that bunker to pool near to find her 13 year old brother don got um, sanchez has gone. got arm has been held in the slam by the traffickers for several months from them. i just got out, my brother is working at the processing unit and he has a movie. i like, he's not there on his own. been even if he or others like him, try to talk to a family member. they're always listening like an increasing number of people in the eastern state of be hard. those in the slammer often forced to work for little processing. one of the regions biggest exports, low to seeds, because of the world's largest producer of low to seeds, which are known as fox not once have been roasted. the popularity of the seeds is growing in india and abroad. but children being used to meet the rising demand with more than 2000000000 workers aged between 5 and 17. b hard has the 2nd highest
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number of child and adolescent work. as in india, many a traffic. it is one of the greatest cell in this be facing. see what is happening that this area or near the street is bothering the streak of this ring on and it is getting the knotted. so we are facing major issues of child trafficking and some of the children are employed in the are the sick. but also the latest crime figures suggest that human trafficking cases in india declined by more than 20 percent of the past year. but many sharma says, that's not right. as many cases aren't registered, definitely include who bodies and coming during the band and trafficking has increased many for each option because of the covered 19 people lost jobs and traffickers has used it to their advantage. their locals, the identify, paid and lost their jobs, learn them money, and liter traffic, the children and push them into child labor. i love the man rested in the rate on
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this non remains in custody while he's investigated on suspicion of human trafficking and challenge. but rights groups they, until the government addresses the root causes of the crime, poverty, poor education, combined with an understaffed police force and the tories, li, slowed justice system. india's children will continue to be at risk of human trafficking. elizabeth moran and al jazeera pulled nea be hard to australia. queensland now where one of the oldest rain forests in the world has been officially handed back to its traditional owners. the ceremony was held by the eastern, clear land, g people. as the state government signed over dain tree and other national parks before it will be joined, managed before a full 100 or is made. the rain forest is estimated to be 180000000 years old,
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and stretches alongside the great barrier reef of a government. scientists in the us have given up trying to find 23 species, declaring them all extent. they include the ivory build woodpecker, which has attracted public attention several times over the years for an confirm sightings, efficient wind. my service officials say that exhausted efforts to find it along with 10 other birds species, 2 types of fish and 8 kinds of underwater muskets. ah, hello again. i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera denisia as president has named the geo physics professor with little political experience as a country's 1st female prime minister. he's asked nash lab den to form a government last week. president chi said, announce he would rule by decree and ignored parts of the constitution,
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sparking protest amera a few people with us. this is a historical moment where we see the 1st.


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