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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2021 6:30am-7:00am AST

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the farming industries warned the hundreds of thousands of pigs may have to be cold within weeks, unless the government issues visas to allow more butchers into the country. this is an interconnected crisis where the worst effects of brake system cove id have collided. spreading chaos in everything from food to fuel. leave barker al jazeera london. ah, dr. creature, got the headlines here. this out. the number of people have died from coke. 19 in the united states as past 700000, nearly 70000000 people. that's a 5th. the population still have not been vaccinated, even though the jobs are widely available. california's become the 1st us state to make it compulsory for school children to be vaccinated against cobit 19. the governor gavin newsome says the move could go into effect as early as january. the mandate is pending approval from the us food and drug administration for 12 to 15
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year olds. the white, i says, the u. s. president and members of his democratic party had made progress as they tried to rescue job biden's economic agenda in the remove biden has met with his party members on capitol hill out here was was when jordan has more now from washington dc. it comes down to whether members of congress in the president's party can agree on terms on both the social spending slash environmental bill, as well as on the infrastructure spending bill if they can work out their differences on one, the actual price tag for the 1st bill because there are some in the senate who say that bill is just simply too expensive at $3.00 trillion dollars, as well as work out the idea that there's going to be a guarantee that that bill is going to be passed. if more liberal members of the
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house of representatives actually decide to vote for the infrastructure bill, so there's a lot of horse trading that goes on here. george's former president mikhail soccer really has been detained just hours after arriving back in the country for the 1st time in years earlier, he said he wants to support the opposition and saturdays election residence in a small colombian towns, san influx of mostly haitian migrants is pushing them out of housing, the migrants are trying to catch boats on their way north with us, but for fear of people a day can leave and arrive on police and protest as of class. and greece during a demonstration call by teacher just wanted to run is organized by union against a new rule that was who teachers and schools undergo regular performance reviews. so those were the headlines and news continues here on al jazeera after one on east station. thanks, watch and talk to al jazeera. we are what gives you hope that it is going to be
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peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing, otherwise we listen. we were never on the whatever road to off migration we meet with global news makers until about the stories that matter on al jazeera. oh, across asia, the coven. 19 pandemic, is creating a catastrophe. a mountain of dangerous medical weiss is flooding from hospital and clinic. it should be incinerated, but increasingly it's being dumped illegally in rivers, city landfills, even by the roadside with its health kit. don fark to curb surging corona, virus depth and infection. right? good wife, collected around the front line, disposing of code. 1910 blood,
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few syringes and other used medical equipment. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. yeah, but i'm, but on the budget like i didn't buy one or one east investigates, the medical waste disaster. gold bring some of the asians biggest city in lou mirror. the dosa buried the cove 19th his bruce, indonesia, towards the molten $140000.00 people that died across southeast asia. most often this country the humans, hol, can be seen at these. great. yeah. on the outskirts of the capital,
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a reporter adi rinaldi says, even for design to produce denisia, these a devastation just like me here for less than an hour. and i already saw i almost fan ambulances coming in and there this waiting for, for an answer to the drove off the, the moneys it's pretty hot breaking. i mean, well, someone father, someone, mother, they are older off one of their family. and this don't have any words to describe with
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with more than 4000000 cove in 19 cases recorded throughout the archipelago. adi is investigating the long term impact the health system buckling under the strain. today he's busy in jakarta, it's university of indonesia hospital where i see present to patients had covey dot, hey stop. he is an overwhelming amount of medical weiss is being generated. is the battle to treat the virus fundamental lender. a citi card in the us duty is managing sanitation at the hospital to not long on a fed. robin bye for infecting your slayer for more. come by yourself, then a feel as if al. yeah, and it is, and my mom, mary, back and i feel like i think that the life of the families behind the
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hospital, she shows ardie with such hazardous waste, is picked up 3 times a week by law medical way should be good or sterilized. with the incinerator broke down a couple of months ago. yes, i had it wrapped for the long a few of them. mm hm. yeah. i gotta get it done before. only 4 percent out of the $3000.00 and hospitals in indonesia. the ability to burn medical wise, the rest must pay private companies to take it away. and outsourcing the dirty work is expensive or a guy with once the waste is collected it into the system where regulations are rarely leaving wide open would be
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occasionally, hospital staff follow the companies to ensure that medical waste is it being dumped . but some road medical waste companies are operating outside the today, hardy is visiting one of jakarta. i don't have a i'm working on my food stamp. wouldn't have much delicate room on that. okay. yep. with babylon. so you're to head to the edge yoke which investigates the management of lanfield on the outskirts of jakarta, where more than 6000 tons of rubbish ends up every day. 22 years,
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he st. all kinds of hospital white dumped here. he says the pandemic is made it easy to navigate with the media. yeah. as long as a little while ago, i cannot get the bottle mascara to pro, hold on what we are. so glad you got a much gotta look. i'm going up a day. i get to the school the on the input, so i'm not that in my life up, but i did. oh so much i'm on on though. but to, to data for or so pack wrap it bash packet to wrap it fast. but what now love to book. yeah, that's what our pricing model
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says, it's cheaper for hospitals and clinics to mix it up with regular wife and dump it rather than dispos that properly. and we'll have that done almost lantern made this thing under what dello, della also se? nope. it they do not have the lease begun begin to dea. it'll be by min tom, florida. yeah. when tom boardroom bought made you sad about, we offer a buck one by 11, i had to get out of the bundle my soccer until more likely to get to leave the muscle, come to see the pseudo that with water with dumped medical waste also poses health risks to those who make a living as scavengers, or i think it out of the way i do that, but i, as i'm gonna that with that. yeah, that's gotten by that the under infected or my got on a handle. but forging through the rubbish for items like and so for recycling, is how they survive. nearby, we make
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a trash picker who's been cleaning some intravenous script once. wow, that's what it was about. bang or in our daphne when we are, it was gotten probably a skill or yeah, it was willing but i mean, it's dangerous work with slim profits. i would rather glad jeremy do that on, on with those are in both. yeah. or get him to the printer without the varnish or look for like those who come into contact with medical wise can suffer chemical or radiation, birds, and catch diseases. health officials of born coby 19 can survive on some services the up to 7 hours, making the waste, potentially infected by bomb says the poorer sections of society, of basing right risks. and he wants those,
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that hospitals and clinics to be held responsible, you knew. but now we're a local yeah. way in that group that were there i had to my he or by anyone yet? william got that blackard bloom, conscious? stanley family. yeah. i don't directly with that. my younger brother, franklin gara, down on younger young and growth of the sympathy john the recording i have a little longer regardless, declined than that on the matter. on god, i am lucky mouth. with them. since the pandemic began, 16500 tons of medical waste has been generated in asia every day. that's enough to feel 1110 rubbish trucks. and this is a global problem in 2020. the amount of medical weiss produced worldwide increased by 40 percent. i already in progress. oh yeah, i'm good. thank you. how are you with help from the judith deals and institute when
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i one east is working with reporters across southeast asia to investigate how medical waste is impacting the region. so jerry, are what's your plan to investigate the body on medical waste problem? well, we're gonna head down to the medical waste management units, landfill site in non penn. from his base in jakarta, are he speaking with june, with jerry flinn in cambodia, where the government is tried to suppress negative coverage of its pandemic response without a fair bit of problems getting access, especially to government officials, like the ministry of health, just don't want to talk about medical waste, but we have got some really good lead. so hopefully we'll be able to get a better sense of the bigger picture. blue in the conversion capital norm pen. the red cross is responsible for disposing of medical wife across this morning.
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jerry, it's following a collection team who pick up waste from 50 clinics and hospitals every day. yeah, but um that was for them where my passport on there. and they said i am just another way people and by i may go get it back for that. yeah. but i'm brown bagging like for like mid beginning. i'm 1000. then they'd all bang. yeah. math in your back room. so i saw roon works as one of the medical ways collected before the pandemic. they would collect 2 tons a day. now it's often 20 times from fat luca fame, that as a manga and damn thing young man, yo caught them that dan william plan the cap that i pull the blue lamp in play down
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with my gun. that though i lanyon. there. europe. at the last it was put in the yard. covered 19 waste is supposed to be stored for at least 3 days before its incinerated. but the increase in volume means many clinics can't safely stored for that long. so they the risk the virus could still be present on the waste saudi with long and therefore i can stand by them with so much waste disposal bags as sometimes over fuel and hospitals and clinics. the overweight bags leaks spilling the contents into the truck or even says he's work now causes other cambodians to avoid clag young men to him. we are going to kill, can long create young, strong guardian. thank then that you can and k a t game will unit monday and k for
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the for yeah, and i get how yay! near it. i 10 at the depot. the waste is built by workers like noon. so he, he says it's a challenging job, but he persevered a man will get back with a mental root canal and then come gram union been welcome and more than happy to get my daughter out legal would. ready that joy come out to look over that, but hebrew auto put my boat in. would you like what class that you're here, which i'll probably but the old incinerator can't keep up with the pace of whites to ride and frequently stout, the work hikes, the toll bed in the gym for our goal. we're all walk. i'm grandma rosalyn and
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hallmark, i don't get home. i don't get mondanca and i've not been on the deed. i'm a bite to eat lunch, auditorium, junk jargon. a dinner at the end of the work day. so he is forced to keep his distance from his family and friends. he tells jerry he is gracious, fear he's infecting them. thank god, how doctor? angry, i think on without rising will come go. if i can only can i. what about your family? how do they feel about you working in this dangerous environment, particularly during the time it hasn't affected your family life? god damn my young child, i haven't thought i thought that even deal with it. either. i saw kins, wife i saw porn, has to explain to their 3 children, why they can't be close to their father. now lots of, i get the last annual, created by a the i see
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here a day and out a book. and that way for political let by my dental somalia. now i'm a go go out in jolly take on throw out item lifelock, gemma ah flores. back up the depot sa king's boss. so assume a wrong is inspecting the team work. so hang report about dealing with
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that. i've seen my wrong says he's aware of the danger. he's a team faces every day and knows they're understaffed and stretched to the limits. but that alone is elisa, narrow go with no work on that. you're on thought john though. how you what john call? i've got grandma told by them not the job. i'm not a call with call. min columbine. i thought it might throw me in cow. i you more to bite you my a thought oh no. i something i don't gap. what golden lola? come from now. cool. we know good. good. good. good. you'll have group dave. no. jordan with group tune on. young admin car. alton bell copier. i'm glad you are the y'all bond. a noah medical facilities pay the red cross to take away their white rights sit by the ministry of health that sima wrong says the unit is given enough
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funds to buy sufficient resources to do their job safely and effectively that kind of new lands on your list of not ball roll could have appeared, application data may copied by the near up around the room and i by gonna note you but i'm looking might be a problem, the room up and up and up. and rap vehicle with them. do you feel that you've had enough support from the government and from the cambodian red cross throughout the pandemic? micro home got a here i'll be here on carmen. min luna. and then a young kid net come roller to our got got got 0, but they're called me and say, happy about human lovita. one of the, i'm tough, my talk them with conrad. how bother? thought with walters on either the cambodian red
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cross is well connected to the cabin. the prime minister's wife is the head of the organization. but that hasn't loosened the purse strings. while one aisd approached the cambodian government and red cross for a comment, but received no response. ah, asia is the world's biggest producer of much of the protective medical equipment like mom loves you that ends up with white. but while some countries rightly economic benefits of being a medical manufacturer, very little thought or money has been given to the amounts of pollution being created. when medical supplies are disposed of any type of what others think of when we do cover moodle, wither, and up last the honeymoon happened last going to be missing me. the one i listen, give us about think of will do that. the, i'm not, let me 2nd america, we're going to be the of harry, the sort of love, are you back?
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i'm, you hit the little one casa, forget it, thought i financial that the bus up stop, a spun bahati the back in indonesia. adi is making dr. akbar, honey dow, on abdulla. no, i'm a scientist working on solutions to asia. massive medical waste problem. yeah, now the law philippa left, he found on milan moscow. moscow. the d. v. d plastic. doctor dow armed study bio plastics. the 5 years. not long after the pandemic began in 2020, he noticed medical weiss building up there must have master. great. okay. yeah, i'm looking at another sanusi actually or implement that he got medulla recycling. yeah. yeah, api appa masquerade will be popping up. had it come with him, he long, but i think i would do now. daddy maybe allergies to him did. they will be very the rims of what they both say. yep. yep. how did organ serve their party, but again,
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oh sorry, little alma. yeah. must go to moscow i need, but it is out of the one with knowing that a lot of medical waste contains plastic. doctor da, mom and his colleagues set about finding a way to safely treat and recycle a process they have now master. there is, i see that any was put on my screen it up on boulevard, knew that he was at our crap and we'll get to pick her up about marbella. it must be foolish, snable that be if he a doctor dom and his team 1st sterilized the masks with liquid alcohol or by hating them. then they melt them down. a hill? yeah, bella, debbie, debbie had the law firm up on the deep left in the middle of them behind buffalo, loosely plastic dr. dial him, says the pellets can then be used in the manufacture of many plastic goods, including more protective equipment. he says he's presented this technology to the
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governments lump under hampshire for the heading on monday. get on one on wilson. my them regular. see young on priscilla come up under wrong. yeah, we can, i am, but she'll have the women door wrong. she lack of any yeah. carmine lumber. yeah. up on on run. yeah. for that i'm look, i am not all on any. yeah. what can we do that? yeah. won't open up the family. me on the home. again. the holla, lima masquerading snack on the street to pin on pin. jerry gets a tip off that medical waist has been left, dumped by the side of the road. he notices he is being watched. so the tame filled the evidence quickly before moving on. so we found medical waste dumped out on the street in downtown district on pen is right next to the clinic to have said it is their waste. but they refused to give an interview. workers at the clinic told jerry that they don't expect it to be collected by the red crosses team for another
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3 days. the bag is open, exposing its context the public including an estimated $3000.00 square collectors. today mom poll and her husband a gathering from the river, i guess when they find plastic medical ways, it's often illegally mixed in with recyclable materials done and let yes, i'll forget the d as it all lived out often. and yeah, i don't know. i know gang and galvan, and until i down the line, we'll have that go with joy. that sand that they know they go and i go on and we do . i do like that. we don't don't joy habits, roy daniella bay. daniel, fill out the tabs at all with it. i don't know. don't go examining. i'm guilty where it is medical waste and due to the scavenger filled in conflict to
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buyers like get past and return. sell it on a line that we've been a long weekend been crying in pain 9 and time that we can and pay. i'll call cleo young man family in san this, i'm wishing export trade made. cambodian medical ways problem is overflowing across asia for the medical waste isn't picked up, is a good chance we will end up here in tab bodie is also way contamination the local environment. so nobody has the immune purports out of japan and i'm lying cro in the middle of the same same say and yeah, maybe i give me i don't remember how to pick what you do me
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a lot of people but that he recognizing decent me. i'm tom and kim home is from the end geo cambodian youth network. his group spent months trying to clean up stretches of the capitals canal. and he says medical ways created during the pandemic is causing major environmental problems. that government have i checked a lot of people who had a time i wasn't given upside ago engage on big nicknames before and maybe a little bit for a little more wrapping about it, but quite me more. yeah. more than like diamond men. and like i said, all you can get, i'm not beta. and jen which well, let me jump on the navy. kim holmes says many cambodian see no difference sickly medical and normal life. but other than i know i
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would give you a gap, them not a lot and i'm bad. and then we can shop there like a semi empty my god, i'm not gonna buy a new quote. i've got some, as i said, nope, it but you're brought no return when you're one. no to go to month and get to everything of them are separate pan much in that. got me and i would shop around because i want them to as developing. now. she's like indonesia and can go yeah. struggle to contain coven, 19 medical waste is a rapidly growing and largely overlooked problem. the most vulnerable groups of society. i read a cool place to describe. and it's environmental and social impacts would be built for you to come in. ready too often of canister as portrayed through the prism of war. but there were
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many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film, archives spanning for decades reveals the forgotten truths of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part 3, the rise of the missouri, he deemed honor jesse era. we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to play. that others cannot affairs. i said, i'm going on the way that you tell the story isn't what can make a difference. housing has become a commodity instead of human rights, mag you some people with the ability to take advantage of others, the elite feel free to violate basic laws. the working classes that have lost a lot of ground in our society, a un special reporter on adequate housing travels the world, investigating the global crisis as people are evicted to clear the way for
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investors and properties too often left empty. push a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah. ready ready the u. s. a passes 700000 deaths from covey 19 as nearly 70000000 americans remain on vaccinate. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is al 0 live from the are also coming up. no matter whether it's in 6 minutes, 6 days or 6 weeks. we're going to get it done for you as president meets fellow demo.


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