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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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crisis as people are evicted to clear the way for investors and properties too often left empty. push a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah . ready the u. s. surpasses 700000 debts from cobit 19 as nearly 70000000 americans remain on vaccinate. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan. this is al jazeera live from dell are also coming up. it doesn't matter whether it's in 6 minutes, 6 days or 6 week. we're going to get it done for you as president meets fellow democrats, as the party remains divided are the 2 massive spending, those a spiraling humanitarian crisis. now complicated by a diplomatic one,
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united nations tells ethiopia, it has no legal right to expel 7 limits. officials and former george and president macau soccer really is detained just hours after his return from an atm exit. ah, the united states has surpassed 700000 debts from cobit 19. it remains the world's worst affected country, accounting for around 15 percent of world wide fatalities. globally, more than 4700000 people have died from the disease. around 67 percent of eligible adults in the u. s. are fully vaccinated, but 70000000 americans remain unvaccinated. despite the fact that vaccines are widely available and they're free. what dr. oscar elaine is an epidemiologist and a national public health official. he explained more about how lower vaccination rates are impacting the number of cases and deaths in some areas were seen
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significant a pockets of course in the southeast, in the, in the mid west. and definitely in parts of, as we say, southern areas of our, of our country, which justly points to the fact that this of sustain activity, and especially the way it's impacting the unvaccinated, is, is such a concern. especially as we talk about the fact that death rates or death camps that we see are lagging indicators. so by the time individuals are dying, we've already gone through a significant progression these, which will continue to perpetuate in our, in our society of forge the sad part of all this when we think about data and more specifically around the access are, there are certain countries in the world where people still don't have access to vaccines, the vaccines are readily available, especially in attendance to individuals who may not necessarily be able to build
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themselves of it. and even so we've seen in this country alone, only about $64.00, roughly 65 percent that have gotten one dose at least one dose. but we look at the only vaccinated that that percentage is roughly about 55 percent. so less than half or a little bit more than half sorry, of our population are fully vaccinated. in the midst of a global pandemic, it's totally mystified. or despite the vaccinations, slow down, california is pushing ahead, becoming the 1st us state to make it compulsory for school children to be vaccinated against coven. 19 the governor gavin newsome says the move could go into effect as early as january. the mandate is pending approval from the us food and drug administration, for 12 to 15 year olds, the f d. a fully approved vaccines for students of 16 and august. and in further signs of the struggles of reopening in the us, the broadway musical aladdin has been forced to cancel, shows only 3 days after reopened. disney says the 10 day break came after several
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curb infections were reported among it's cast and crew despite all of them being fully vaccinated. is the 1st corona virus related cancellation of a broadway show. so say, began reopening over the last few weeks and us pharmaceutical company merck says trial show it's experimental kobe 19 pill treatment, reduces hospitalizations and deaths by half. its data has not yet been published, or peer reviewed. merck is seeking emergency use authorization in the us. if approved. it would be the 1st pill for coven 19. dr. zahir shaw is an internist and primary care doctor. he says the pill is a significant development it is a. ready real game changer in our treatment of this global pandemic that has in so many ways, shut down civilization. so it's a very exciting day. it's a good day. but this is a drug that mark has developed. i am. my understanding is that there are other pharmaceutical companies that are also very competitively going to be bringing
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their versions of this drug, this anti virus agent to the marketplace. and basically what it does is it inhibits the replication of the virus by causing errors in its genetic code. remember, it's an r n, a virus, so transmit r n a to r and a, and this new medication. quite shockingly, because the conventional wisdom was that we could not come up with an anti viral medication to treat an r n, a virus like co. 19 a lo and behold, science as delivered once again. now, this is all preliminary. now this has been peer reviewed, but i can tell you this. if a phase 3 trials gets shut down early because the data looks good, that's a very promising sign. this is an amazing, i mean this may be actually from a scientific point of view in more startling development than the vaccine itself. some of it is now in the white house in the u. s. president and members of his democratic party had made progress. i tried to rescue job biden's economic agenda
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in a ram, move for american presidents biden met with his party members on capitol hill. divisions among democrats threatened his ambitious plans with progressives voting to block a trillion dollar infrastructure bill without launch a social spending, a greater focus on climate change. rosen, jordan has more from washington even though you as president joe biden's trip from the white house to capitol hill was televised on friday afternoon. the democratic leader didn't get what he wanted. members of his party agreeing to vote on 2 key pieces of legislation. a $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, as well as a $3.00 trillion dollar social services and environmental package. that's because progressives and conservatives in the democratic party are split on just how much money to spend, even though they all say they want the same things. now the members of the progressive wing, the more liberal wing, have been holding things up in the house of representatives. they say they're
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members were sent because their voters want to see more spending on things such as health care, education, child care, and a clean environment. and they intend to deliver, they say without a guarantee that that $3.00 trillion dollar bill is going to be passed. they're not going to vote for the $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, which would improve roads, bridges, internet connections, telecommunications and the nation's power. grid because of this political standing, the president was called in, basically to try to get the more conservative wing of the democratic party and the more liberal wing to find common ground. but even after that closed door entreaty, they didn't really agree on what to do next. this is what the president had to say as he left capitol hill on friday afternoon. doesn't matter whether it's a 6 minute day or 6 week,
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we're going to get it done because members of the health didn't not vote on a full infrastructure bill. the one that's already been passed by the u. s. senate . they instead spent friday evening voting on a short term 30 day funding package to take care of us until transportation industry needs. that means they're going to have to come back and deal with that matter in a months time. in the meantime, members of the house of representatives are going back to their districts across the country for the next 2 weeks. if negotiations turn out any sort of wheel, compromise that members of the entire party are willing to support. they could be called back to washington, but as with every thing here, don't hold your breath. the united nations, as told ethiopia as prime minister, it doesn't accept the countries decision to expel 7 of its senior personnel. ethiopia says the officials are being removed from meddling an internal affairs of the country. denouncement came off of the u. n. z. a chief said
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a de facto blockade, an aide to the region was causing severe malnutrition among children. the un says it could affect humanitarian operations that help more than 5000000 people in the war torn to dry region are diplomatic editor james vase has more from the united nations. for now, the u. n is not withdrawing the 7 high level members of its staff that the government of ethiopia say should be expelled from the country. the un 2nd general antonio could terrace, picked up the phone to these european prime minister, abbe armored of the un says that it doesn't accept the principle that these staff are now persona non grata. and it is the long standing legal position of the organization not to accept the application of the doctrine of persona non grata with respect to united nations officials. this is a doctrine of the applies to diplomatic agents accredited by one state to another state. the application of this doctrine denied nations officials is contrary to obligations under the charter of the united nations. however,
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the ethiopian foreign ministry has doubled down, issuing a new statement, giving more details of what it says is the meddling by the 7th staff in internal affairs. it also says that a discussion of the issue by the un security council would be a blatant violation of its national sovereignty. but that discussion has taken place a closed session of the security council coming as it's now october, under the presidency of kenya, a neighbor of ethiopia, that has close relations with the country. i asked kenya's ambassador whether by its actions, ethiopia, now risk becoming a pariah state. the kenyan government and our delegation certainly is, is not considering our questions about perio state or, or what the response of the european government is. we are considering all the statements, including some of the communications are from the foreign ministry by twitter. and we're con to noon, to actively be informed and trying to be responsive to the situation as it
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evolves. but we have every hope that it will r got in a positive direction. so what is the next step? i am told ireland is currently circulating the draft of a statement to all the security council members. all of them though, must agree before it is issued. residents in a small colombian towns, an influx of mostly haitian migrants, is pushing them out of housing. the migrants are trying to catch boats on their way north of the u. s, but far fewer people a day can leave than arrived. the u. s. is expected to confirm soon how many refugees it will accept over the next 12 months. president biden wants to increase the re settlement ceiling 282-5000 georgia's. for my president, mikhail soccer really has been detained just hours after riding back in the country for the 1st time in years. earlier, he posted a video on facebook saying he wanted to support the opposition in saturday's election despite the risk of arrest socket. when he left georgia in 2013,
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when his 2nd term, as president ended years later, he was sentenced in absentia to 6 years in prison for abuse of power, a charge he called political motivated robin forest walker has more now from the capital to be sure. i understand that he was actually detained here in tbilisi, having somehow escaped or the authorities since posting that video early this morning from by to me, which is on the coastal, which is on the coast here on, on the black sea, he made it to tbilisi and he then said that he said he faced likely arrest. we then had a statement from the prime minister saying that that arrest operation had been carried out. and we've now seen a smiling recall sacristy being taken into prison. we understand that prison is en, route savvy to town, not far from the from to be c itself. i really, that just kept an extraordinary dane george in politics because michael sec s. v. a
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has made disappearance on the eve of municipal and merrill elections, which the opposition consider is really important because they hope that george, in public will come out to more and vote decisively against the georgia dream government. so because secretary has picked this moment now finally, after all these years to return and shake up the dude and political c still to come here and al jazeera, including catalogs, 1st legislative elections. we tell you what to expect from the sure council vote and guineas to later sworn into office. we'll look at what it means for the country and the region more in that state. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, voted will's best air line of 2021. hello,
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your world's weather report begins right here right now with a focus on the middle east. we're gonna start in the gulf of a mon, where we've got psychotic storm gulard targeting southern portions of iran on saturday. press play, see where this goes on sunday, veering toward the west. stillman and moscow will be in the cross hairs here. 3 day forecast for mosque that shows us the rain on sunday, not a major rain maker, but the potential to see some damaging winds here with gusts of about 75 kilometers per hour. now for the middle east, we've got a shamal setting up down through the gulf, so that's going to swirl around the sand and does visibility will be a problem? places like doha, on saturday and look sunday to start the day missed in fog. so once again, a poor visibility, really the name of the game, off to turkey, and we do have this breeze through the boss versus scattering of showers. i think it's stumble. could see wind gusts here of about 45 kilometers per hour, the tropics of africa. we've got some big thunderstorms, setting up for portions of the democratic republic of congo along the border with
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uganda and south sudan, unsettled conditions for the western cape, the eastern cape rate, up into durbin, and pretty much in the zone we could see wind gusts of about 75 kilometers per hour . meantime, for the western cape temperatures are on the rise as we head toward next week. the weather sponsored my cattle airways voted wills best air line of 2021. talk to al jazeera, we ask what gives you hope that it is going to be peace because this situation on the ground seemed to be pointing, otherwise we listened. we were never on the whatever road to off migration. we meet with global news makers until about the stories that matter on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world center might have when you call home, we'll put you can use in current affairs that matter to years. ah
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ah, welcome back, i'll get recap of the top stories here. this out, the number of people have died from cobit 19 in the united states. has now passed 700000, maybe 70000000 people. that's one 5th the population i've still not been vaccinated even though the jobs a widely available. the white house is the u. s. president and members of his democratic party have made progress as i tried to rescue job biden's economic agenda in a ram move biden has met with his party members on capitol hill. i'm the united nations, as told ethiopia as prime minister. it doesn't accept the country's decision to expel settling that senior personnel. ethiopia says the officials being told to leave because they're meddled internal affairs of the country. now polls will soon open and cut off 1st legislative elections. voters will choose 30 of the 45 member
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. sure, a council. the body dates back to 1972, but i'm till now was fully appointed by cat house emir. the council can propose laws, approved budgets and re called ministers, though the mere will retain vito power. jamal shall reports from tow drive around the country, capital doha, and you can't miss all the new buildings, roads, and infrastructure projects. but the gulf states fast paced development isn't limited to urban modernization. trotter is marking a major political milestone. its 1st ever legislative elections. candidates vying for a place in the legislative body called the shorter council have been campaigning for 2 weeks. election posters and banners are on display on almost every major road across the country. until now, the council has been mainly a consultative body, made up of 45 members appointed by the countries ruler. but that's all changing. on saturday saturdays will elect 30 members to serve on the council,
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which will have the right to draft laws, approve or reject state budgets. question and even sack government ministers. another 50 members will be appointed by the amir, meaning 2 thirds of the short council will be elected. don't will be that the money not in its every not useful hotter is one of those buying for a seat. the former custody diplomat shows me around his home district of a walker and recalls the major transformation. it's gone through since its dependence on pearl diving more than half a century ago. he tells me the upcoming elections will be majorly significant in shaping cutters identity. usually peppermint with thinks and out on we 80 it's, it's a unique system that is not be like the western democracy and this not like the dictatorship that a in some other area and some other countries in the region. and we are trying to develop our own weight and deliver it to the people where as the participation can
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be in a wide and vigorous keel channel, with her gutter, has long been regarded as one of the regions leaders. when it comes to women, empowerment and the countries looking towards saturdays polls as another opportunity to further that, lena duffer is one of about 30 female candidates whose names will be on the ballot pay her and stands a strong chance of winning openly in oh ma'am latin i believe that nations can only rise to the efforts of their people. that's why i have decided to share the responsibility that cut those leadership has in legislations and in serving the people and addressing the issues that matter to citizens. especially women because they are the backbone of society. the excitement isn't limited to those contesting 4 seats in the shorter council for countries over the age of 18, this will be the 1st time in their lives. they've been able to vote in a legislative election. a saw what's that in mara? i will vote for a female candidate. i'm extremely happy though we are participating in the ample and in he started the process and because of its importance,
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women's participation is in federal. and we should to pull each other and the challenge for the members of caught out his 1st ever elected. sure, our council will not simply be how to serve the people. but for many of these new legislators, it will be how to navigate this major new adjustment to the countries system of governance. as part of continues, it's pushed to becoming a source of reform and modernization in the region. dumber le 0 though half a train carrying a hundreds of protest has arrived in the sudanese capital cartoon. activists are holding pro democracy rallies to condemn. last week's coo attempt, demonstrators are coding from the end to a pass struggle within the transitional government. even morgan has more natural cartoon despite associations, unions, and civil societies, as well as activists calling for a protest. on the 30th of september, for the 2nd day protested, took to the 3 once again and gathered in front of the committee to dismantle the
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june 30th regime. that's the regime that was headed by a, from a president all my dad was he'd, many of the process of here came all the way from up by a neighboring river mouthpiece. they say that the flight, the sabotage that was made on the railways, delaying their trips, and making them not join the processes yesterday. they still want to let the civilian component of this transitional government know that they have their support and they want to for the military. that civilians not just in the capitol up to, but other parts of the country. despite political differences in the ruling coalition, the brilliant still have the majority and still have the support of the street and the demonstration of the line. now, the reason we're out here is because of the recent coo and we want the military to hand power to civilian rule. the other reason we came out to protest is because of the discord they're trying to. so between the military and the people of sudan, we have no issue with the military institution, or real problem is with those from the former regime in the military institution, the officers who want to overthrow the government and our revolution game. while
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some people say that their issue is not with the whole military institution, but rather individuals, others are calling for complete and to the partnership between the military and the civilians. that them enter the transitional government. but people here say they all agree on one thing. they want to let the military know that despite the political differences between the ruling called attend the political parties, people here pro fair, a civilian rule over a military rule, and that the military, the political policies. i'm a sibling component of this transitional government has their backing and their support. gimme is cooney to accommodate dea, has been sworn in as interim president. he led last month's military takeover that ousted long time lead to african day. in buddha's military government unveiled a transitional chart on monday, and it says will stay of the country back to civilian rule. the regional block, a collage is demanding electrons be held within 6 months, and the coding conduct release. nicholas hawk is following the story from deco in neighboring synagogue wearing sunglasses inside the integration halt. lieutenant
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colonel, monday to be at the head of the special forces that had toppled alpha con they a month ago. i'm swearing in as the new president in transition holding not the constitution or religious book, but rather the charter of transition that was written by himself and not the constitution because he said that that text was abused by the former present alpha calendar who had tweak the constitution allowing him to run for a 3rd mandate. it was in that very room that author county was sworn and less than a year ago. now he sits in house arrest watching the ceremony unfold. present during this a ceremony were members of his own political parties. actors of civil society, i would probably go, did you knew the republic of guinea has known since half september 2021, a political change. so after the takeover of power by the army. this followed along social, political, and economic crisis is that was confronting the country. absent were the
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international heads of state, they're usually present in those events. a guinea is excluded from the west african body echo us. they've demanded that election be held in the next 6 month. but the new president of transition, dom bria, has an ambitious plan. he wants to organize free and fair elections. write a new constitution. he calls for national reconciliation and the end of impunity with a rebirth of guineas justice system. that's something that a lot of people in guinea want to see. they want to see those have committed crimes in the past face justice including prison alpha con day. he also said that he would honor all international agreements, specifically he's pointing towards the mining sector. guinea is one of the largest exporter of box site and aluminum. a 3rd of the aluminum that china imports comes from guinea. and so it is important for him to both reassure people domestically
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that he's not going to stay on for long, but he's here to organize elections, but also internationally that guinea is back in business. and that he is now in the legitimate ruler. in his words, of guinea, military tank drivers will help deliver fuel to petrol stations in the u. k. from monday, at least 2000 still have no fuel. even though the government says the week long panic buying crisis is easing. a critical shortage of truck drivers is being blamed . the u. k. government tried to entice foreign drivers with special visas and pay increases. but as out 0 need barker reports, the deal may not be tempting enough. a truck, his life is tough, says polish driver, piazza rustic. he's criss cross the continent for 6 years. polish whole years are the driving force of european supply chains, working long, lonely hours away from their families. mom and boy guy and i go to 2 years old. i have uncles have driven to 25 years. a big brother has been driving for more than
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15 years. and now my youngest sister has got a driving license and drives in the netherlands. and she is already had enough aware. the critical shortage of drivers many from eastern europe, has left the continent in crisis with the u. k. hardest hit coven 19. put a stop to new driver training, and post bricks. it immigration rules designed to put british workers, 1st of bank fired british government plans to issue temporary 3 month visas for $5000.00 foreign truckers have been scoffed up by european drivers. i'm willing to help you came out of a crisis seemingly of its own making. for his bo nancy, ever and i think is this is not an attractive proposition for our drivers beyond the issue of pay, the job needs to be stable and secure. if a driver has an employment contract in poland with a permanent employer, why would they quit everything and guide dk for 2 or 3 months just to help the
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british sought out their christmas? and this is the ongoing consequence of a shortage of around a $100000.00 drivers. some pedro pumped of simply run dry elsewhere. there are long queues of irate drivers. and there are now concerns about a central supplies reaching pharmacies in a week, in which scuffles are broken out of some petrol stations. the government and says, the situation is improving. but it's not just laurie drivers that are in short supply. another crisis looms caused by a shortage of butch's money from eastern europe. the farming industries warned the hundreds of thousands of pigs may have to be cold within weeks, unless the government issues visa to allow more butchers into the country. this is an interconnected crisis where the worst effects of brake system cove it have collided. spreading chaos in everything from food to fuel. li fokker, al jazeera london, the residence on the spanish island of la palmera,
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bracing themselves for further options from the cambrai via her volcano. interruptions began 13 days ago and showed no sign of stopping out as here was jonah ha reports from la palmer displaying both the majesty and the menace of nature. the volcanic eruption on the island of la palmer is expanding to new vents of opened up adding to the river of lava flowing to the sea. hundreds of homes have been lost. thousands more remained vacant, evacuated europe, falcon ologist warned that an evolving eruption could yet put others at risk or anything will happen, but it's in the bottom of the type of the activity that we're having carry islands . i mean, the question is, how much sir? my dear will, will come out there. this is something that, that we don't know. and i'd now constant data monitoring helps experts understand
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what is happening. many kilometers beneath the earth surface. seismic tremors a few times an hour on the south side of the island. add another dimension, but no one can predict what will happen next to him, but there is a mirror room, but it is importance and certainty. fear in secret here said that it will affect health. we don't know what is going to happen. mm. the expectation is that lava from the to new vent will follow the original flow down along those western slopes that would spare many homes potentially at risk. but it's entirely possible that uneven terrain here could force a deviation with yet more destructive consequences. and in the power of this volcano, rising from unfathomable depths, there is a glimpse of the origins of the earth itself. satellite images show a new peninsula of volcanic rock, the island expanding to the west. this is how it was created in the 1st place,
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a consequence of molten lava beating the atlantic ocean. jonah al al jazeera la palmer, all the news, of course, on our website there, what is on your screen. the address aren't a 0 dot com. ah, it's time for a quick check of the headlines here now to 0. the number of people have died from cobit 19 in the united states has now passed several 100000 nearly 70000000 people . that's a 5th, the population have still not been vaccinated, even though the jobs are widely available. california's become the 1st you are state to make it compulsory for school children to be vaccinated against cobit 19. the governor gavin newsome says the move could go into effect as early as january. the mandate is pending approval from the us food and drug administration for 12 to 15 year olds. the white house.


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