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you've gotten to the countries molten, is the forbidden real part for the ear of darkness on m. j 0? mm hm. did you want to help save the world? sneeze into your own. oh, the taliban says it speaking directly to the united states about building relations bought denounces washington's drone operations in afghan. asked space ah hello, money inside this is al jazeera alive from joe hall or so coming up are going philippine president rodrigo, do techy?
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says he's bowing out of politics and won't try to become vice president. george's former president mikhail sucker she really is in custody. alt, returning to raleigh, the opposition for elections. i'm will be lined from opposing station here in doha is voting takes place for cat house bus legislative election. ah, the taliban says that it's speaking directly to the us about building relations more than a month after american and foreign forces withdrew from afghanistan. in an interview with al jazeera, the tele bonds. foreign affairs spokesman denounced us drone operations in afghanistan, space deer, violation off our territorial integrity of afghanistan. it is a blatant and a clear violation, or it is against the commitments that the united states of america made dirt in the
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doha agreement. the doha agreement clearly stipulates that to the united states and the other countries as well. its allies will not interfere and an internal affairs offer of what i understand. they are not only you violating their own commitments, but they are also violating international law as go live to hash them, about herrera, who is in cobble for us. hash m, you've been speaking to the taliban spokesman. we saw a little clip of in there about specifically is relations with the u. s. in the world. what else did he have to say to you? so basically, this is what is happening as we speak of the diplomatic diplomatic front. the deputy prime minister, pamela brother, and the miss of foreign affairs. i will hon woodchuck. he met with ambassadors of the countries that decided to maintain diplomatic representations in cab. what
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about 2 days ago, and they told them that they are willing to build bridges with the international community. now, my saucers, tell me that basically that expecting to get some sense of diplomatic recognition in the near future, the confidence they've been receiving many positive signals from many countries, including key players in the international community. this is according to diplomatic sources. now when it comes to the u. s, and this is quite interesting, the taliban have been following closely the statements from the u. s. leadership particularly job. i then saying that for america, this is going to be a long way before recognizing the taliban and the u. s. military commanders concerned about the links between the taliban and groups like ice gay and al qaeda affiliates operating here in afghanistan. but however, they believe that because they have been maintaining direct channels of communications with the americans, they say that the confidence,
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it's just going to be a matter of time before the americans understand that it's about time to cope with the new political realities on the ground. and that, that is, or the taliban are the ones who have the upper hand. i was talking to many people about what happens the next. does the taliban need to make some concessions before the talent before the americans say it's about time to establish those diplomatic concessions. most of the answers that i got from the taliban official is, is just a matter of few weeks or months before they have those recognitions and hash and the issue as the rights of women and girls had also came up in your conversations. of course, many in the international community, very critical about how the taliban treats women. what did he have to say on that? this is a sticking point and he's creating some problems for the taliban because they're coming under mounting pressure from the international community. because when they
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started talking about gender segregation and put it is restrictions on girls education. and also on a not allowing the female secondary students from going to school. they received a barrage of criticism from basically everyone including cut our which, who's a foreign minister shouldn't have the other man. i thought he said that the taliban have to understand that it's about time to reach out to everyone including women. this should give goes a say in the should give them access to education. but ultimately we're talking about a taliban, which is an organization that has different groups with different vision visions. you have the clerks who say, we have to adhere to the strict interpretation of islamic law. you have those hotel, you know, it's about time to readjust to the new realities on the ground. and this explains why you're not going to get any stick forwards, answer from the taliban about when they will allow girls to go to school. however,
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article hot bell, he thinks it's just a matter of few weeks before girls can go back to school. this listen what you had to say. we have committed and we have guaranteed all the rights that have been afforded to women in islam. that is the right to education, the right to health care, the right to work. and are they the, the process that the world wants us are the steps they want, want us to take, we are taking them, we have seen progress in them. we understand all the complexities, offer off the of the current world. we understand it very well. and we are working . oh, but again, i must emphasize that as the saying sit goes, the rome was not built in a day. so this is what is happening. i'm look a hot bell here, for example, is young. he went abroad for education and then he decided to go back and join the
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a taliban. he he knows that this is something which is debated among the young afghans that need to move forward. the need for the taliban to change because the young boys and girls in cab will to her. but i shine condos bazaar to study for kandahar of to day. another generation that was in afghanistan in 1996 when the taliban 1st took over. but the same time you have the top echelon of the taliban. those who were with the founding members of the taliban particularly more lumber hammered armor and the others who came to power in 196096 all the way to 2001. and who believe one of the basic tenets of afghanistan is this adherence to strict interpretation of islamic law. the fact that of get is that needs to say the way it is the how the spirit puritanical approach to sherry our law. and to these, let me look for they say we cannot afford to make changes. now we have to do it in
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a very gradual away. and particularly when it comes to the issue of women, given women more, say, protecting the freedom of expression of the freedom of thought. this is where we get some divisions. this is where we get some diff interpretations. and we have to say who's going to prevail? who's going to have the oper, say, who's going to say, you know, what, if we ought to do business with the americans, with the europeans of the international community. if we wanted our us, it was hot, been frozen to be sent back to us. it's about time for the toddy been to reinvent itself, but i have to tell you this is something which is tao, debated among the leadership of the thought about who's going to have the upper hand. we'd have to wait and see money. thanks for that hush. hm. i will head up there 1st in kabul, the outgoing philippine president, rodriguez you today is the nouns that he's retiring from politics. he confirmed, he won't stand for the vice presidency in next year's elections despite speculation, to the contrary. that as a concentration,
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he prohibited from standing for president. again, he says that i look welding public sentiment that trying to become vice president would violate the spirit of the constitution as go straight to a correspond jamila adding doug and his lie for us in manila. did this announcement come as a surprise jamila? and what reaction has that been while moline, today's events is actually proved that what happened today of the commission on elections is quintessentially due 30. this is much, this is very much president legal that there is political style keeping everybody on their toes, making sure that everybody hangs on to his word. but he's also had the reputation of being a leader who does not keep his word. in fact, in 2016 during the elections, he repeatedly said that he will not run for public office. he did not show up at the filing of the candidacy only to be switched a month later by somebody who stood in from him during the campaign. president of
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the go that there the who was running for the presidency promise and vowed that he will just skip the china to make to, to provide a signal to signal that he will defend the country sovereignty from china's incursions only for him to admit years later that that was simply a joke and that people were gullible enough to believe him and a few weeks ago as another example, he accepted his part is nomination for him to run for the vice presidency. but what is also clear that he backed out again today is that the presidential elections is still very much a very fluid on the ground. there is still 6 days to go before the filing of candidacy and, and there is still up until november 15 for the switching of the candidates. and as you seem a lean, this is a motor party system, which in the end could also mean that there may be 6 or 7 candidates who may switch allegiance and alliances over the next few months. and there may be candidates will
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back out and only to be replaced by others. so this is very much fluid and on the ground and we still have to wait and see many thanks. virt jamila adding dug in there for us. in manila, georgia's former president mikhail, zak really has spent the night in detention off to returning from exile to support the opposition for elections. he was detained just hours after arriving in the country. he was seen smiling as police, took him into custody. fuckers really had called on people to vote against the governing party in saturday's local election than to go on to hold street protests . he was convicted in absentia in 2018 for obese of power, but insist the case was politically motivated. robin for sugar has more from tbilisi. these elections have been overshadowed by the surprise reappearance of the countries, the president with news yesterday that michael sack ashley had returned to georgia
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off the old these years in exile. and then finally, at the end of the day, the announcement that the former president had been arrested and sent to prison. he is now in detention and the election is going ahead. but of course, it's injected some real energy attention depending on which side you're on into this vote. with a lot of people now wondering whether there will be a significant change in the turn out. either people who supported the form of president motivated to come out after hearing his words yesterday, he cooled, but georgians to vote decisively against the governing georgia dream party. and then to celebrate in the streets to morrow. but it may also by expire on, on him and his policy and on the opposition because there are a great many georgians who don't think of me call stuck as really as
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a force. but good. although he carried out a lot of reforms during his term in office, he's load spite a great many other georgians. those who thought that his approach his rule was increasingly authoritarian. and that is why he was sentenced in absentia the full abuses of power. he says that he now is a political prisoner. he continued still to cost a shadow over the ga political scene and will now be waiting to find out whether or not his return is going to have a significant impact on george and politics. once we start getting the results coming in off the police station close later today, the united states has the past 700000 curve at best from code 19. it remains the west effected country accounting for 15 percent of the $4700000.00 fatalities worldwide. about 67 percent of eligible
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u. s. adults are fully vaccinated leaving 70000000 who are still not have had the shot. despite them being widely available, free of charge. oscar lane is an epidemiologist, down a national public health official. he explains where vaccination resistance is, having the west impacts were seen significant pockets of course in the southeast, in the, in the midwest. and definitely in parts of, as we say, southern areas of our, of our country, which justly points to the fact that this of sustain activity, and especially the way it's, it's impacting the unvaccinated is, is such a concern, especially as we talk about the fact that deaf rakes, or death counts that we see are lagging indicators. so by the time individuals are dying, we've already gone through a significant progression these, which will continue to perpetuate in our,
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in our side here for the sad part of all this when we think about data and more specifically around the access. there are certain countries in the world where people still don't have access to vaccines. the vaccines are readily available, especially in attendance to individuals who may not necessarily be able to build themselves of it. and even so we've seen in this country alone, only about $64.00, roughly 65 percent that have gotten one dose at least one dose. but when you look at the bully vaccinated that that percentage is roughly about 55 percent. so less than half or a little bit more than half sorry, of our population are fully vaccinated. in the midst of a global pandemic, it's totally mystified. california will become the 1st u. s. state to make vaccinations, compulsory for school children. the governor gavin newsome wants it to come into effect from january mandate for 12 to 15 year olds is pending approval from us regulators sell ad on al jazeera take you to
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a small town in columbia that's now overwhelmed with migrants. most of them oh hello there, there's more wet weather to come to southeast asia. you can see the dense cloud cover. we are going to see more rain grove, parts of indo china in particular for thailand where we have already seen flooding across 31 provinces. that rain is set to continue as it is for parts of indonesia. we've seen flooding in west sumatra where the rain is going to pick up here on monday and we will see some heavier storms kick in across parts of borneo. but it is going to be the philippines that see some of the wet and windy weather arriving on monday. we got a swirling system, bringing some torrential downpours, stronger winds, and we could see some flooding from that. now as we move down under,
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we've seen severe thunderstorms affect the southeast and this was the scene in sydney. we had to rent rain caused flooding and some of the streets there. we have had warnings that some of those thunderstorms could turn into super cell storms. thanks to the instability, i'm the stronger winds, but the rain is going to ease as we go in some monday does pick up. however, in the west, perth is likely to see more wet and windy weather as we go into next week, but more centrally, it is looking finer and dryer. as it is for much of new zealand, we've got some very fine and dry weather across the south. and the north island, but the wet weather arrives come monday ah. on counting the cost of miracles, legacy driving economy, that is the envy of the world, but unprepared for the digital age, apple kicks on game make it effort from an app store. is the phone, make it abusing it's monopoly and afghan businesses and losing international
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customers? counting the cost on l, just it holding the powerful to account as we examined the u. s. sheets role in the world on al jazeera lou. lou. hello, are you watching? al jazeera melinda top stories. this taliban says it's speaking directly to the us about building relations in an interview with al jazeera, the tele bonds, foreign affairs spokesman denounced us drone operations and not gone as space as a violation of international law. going philippine president rodrigo do say is
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announced, he's retiring from politics. he confirmed, he won't stand for the vice presidency next year's elections defined speculation to the country. george's form at present, mikhail soccer speedy has spent the night in detention after returning from exile to support the opposition in elections. he was convicted in 2018 for abuse of power . it says it was politically motivated. people are voting in catherine's 1st legislative elections. they are choosing 30 or 345 members. sure. council, which was previously fully appointed by catherine amir. the body can propose laws, approve budgets, and recall ministers, though the immediate will retain veto power. they speak to jamal charles, who's lying for a said a polling station in dough, hard to mouth. this is the 1st time cut out holding this kind of election explained his wine so significant what historically acquitted has
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always earned, tried to develop the, the way in which it is governed are contrary to what other countries in the region have been. it's the only country, for example, the gcc that seen a smooth transition of power from one ruler to another. whilst both are alive. we saw that in 2013 when the a mirrors father shut hamid's, or give power to his son, the currents ruler shift. i mean, when it comes to the legislative body or the shorter council, again, it's trying to maybe pave the way for a different model. one that isn't necessarily a crone of western style democracies or european style democracies. and one that is inclusive of the people gives a see to its citizens. unlike many of the absolute monarchies or military dictatorships in the region. and here in is the significance of this is new new phase in the governing process. it is a country drafting a new, a relationship between the citizens and it states, whereby they have
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a greater see not just in legislation, but also in oversights when it comes to ministers. for example, you mentioned there, the shorter counsel having the ability to question and even sack them. so it is a new stage in the modern state of this gulf peninsula and an experience that a lot of countries have been welcoming and they are a significant number f, a female candidates running in this selection. how important is that? women's vase in qatar are in this field, it's another one that are, that has tried to carve a place for it. so even prior to these election when it comes to women impairments . but that has tried to set an example of that cbs through are providing leadership positions or, or a given space for women in leadership positions. we've seen, for example, the current minister of health is
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a woman dealing with the biggest pandemic. and maybe one of the biggest challenges in recent times in terms of coverage to the assistant foreign affairs minister on hospitals or prominence women. and obviously other key figures when it comes to higher education, you're talking about more than 50 percent of students. and cotton are actually women, so when that's translated in these elections, roughly 10 percent of the candidates are women. and we've seen a steady flow of fema vultures coming through the way in which if the system is set up here, is that there are 2 sections to the polling station with when men on one side and women are on the other. but we have access to see both of them and their engagements has been just as a visible as that of the men. so there will be hope, obviously, that this will further that her aim within the country to ensure that the greater representation isn't limited simply to men and young people, but also obviously with women being at the forefront as well. many thanks for that
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jamal al child bear for us from that polling station he endo ha, the white house says the president and members of his democratic party have made progress as they try to rescue jo biden's economic plans in a rare presidential move. biden met his party members on capital hill. divisions among democrats threaten his plans. rosen, jordan as the latest from washington. even though you as president joe biden's trip from the white house to capitol hill was televised on friday afternoon. the democratic leader didn't get what he wanted. members of his party agreeing to vote on 2 key pieces of legislation. a $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, as well as a $3.00 trillion dollar social services and environmental package. that's because progressives and conservatives in the democratic party are split on just how much
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money to spend, even though they all say they want the same things. now the members of the progressive wing, the more liberal wing, have been holding things up in the house of representatives. they say their members were sent because their voters want to see more spending on things such as health care, education, child care, and a clean environment. and they intend to deliver. they say without a guarantee that that $3.00 trillion dollar bill is going to be passed. they're not going to vote for the $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, which would improve roads, bridges, internet connections, telecommunications, and the nation's power grid. because of this political standing, the president was called in, basically to try to get the more conservative wing of the democratic party and the more liberal wing to find common ground. but even after that closed door entreaty, they didn't really agree on what to do next. this is what the president had to say
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as he left capitol hill on friday afternoon. doesn't matter whether it's a 6 minute day or 6 week, we're going to get it done because members of the health did not vote on a full infrastructure bill. the one that's already been passed by the u. s. senate . they instead spent friday evening voting on a short term 30 day funding package to take care of us until transportation industry needs. that means they're going to have to come back and deal with that matter in a months time. but in the meantime, members of the house of representatives are going back to their districts across the country for the next 2 weeks. if negotiations turn out any sort of wheel, compromise that members of the entire party are willing to support. they could be called back to washington, but as with everything here, don't hold your breath. taiwan has condemned china for sending 38 fighter jets to
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words. it's air space and is the largest approach reported so far. it happened as beijing mark the founding of the people's republic of china. but mcbride has to struggle with increasing tensions between the 2 neighbors. china in recent months has been stepping up these kinds of incursions. but according to taiwan, this was the largest number of aircraft reported in a single day, a total of $38.00. it says at the defense ministry says that they came in to waves on friday and earlier wave of $25.00 aircraft entering what's known as it's air defense identification zone. this is the air space that approaches the island of a taiwan. and then a 2nd wave on friday evening of 13 planes. it says that 4 of the aircraft that took part on friday were actual bombers, capable of carrying nuclear warheads. taiwan scrambled its jets and also put its missile. batteries are on alert. it's no coincidence that all of this took place on
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october. the 1st, china's national day china regards taiwan has been very much a part of china. it says that one day there will be a re unification with what it regards as a renegade, breakaway island, dallas worn to taiwan repeatedly about any talk of moving towards independence. so china, choosing its national day to send a very clear message to the taiwanese people, living in a small colombian town, say, an influx of mostly haitian refugees and migrants is pushing them out of housing. immigrants have been trying to catch boats on the way north to the u. s. i was under a ramp here to reports now from the town of nic, hopefully. after weeks stuck in this beach down a few 100 migrants, mostly haitians, or finally able to continue their journey north little while others continue to scramble for
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a fairy ticket. despite being told they're sold out until the end of october. and that's because neighboring, panama is only allowing $500.00 to enter the country each day. is a mighty st juice in his family or among the lucky ones who are finally able to leave. after a 45 day weight, i presume, like a couple of his eliza and locals take advantage of us being stuck here. while a colombian buys a kilo a bryce for the equivalent in pesos of less than $2.00. they charge us 7 or $8.00 and that's just wrong. well 1st, why is worry now of having to cross the notoriously dangerous darian jungle only to end up being the port? it was hopeless. i. we know there's a lot of crime on the other side, armed thiefs risk of sexual abuse. i have a family member that's been through that, but returning not an option return to watch. i already spent $10000.00 to get here . i need to spend the same to return. like many haitians here he settled in chile
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after a devastating earthquake. ravage this country in 2010, that economic crisis following cov, it's pushed them back on the road. at least 22000 migrants are staying in a co clea. some can afford to stay in house, as earl tells others, or forced to pitch tents on the beach to try to in this crisis coloma now tori, these are now openly trying to dissuade the migraines set from continuing their journey, insisting on the risks belie aheads, and also telling them that they will likely be deported if they reach the united states or even mexico. secondly, calling for allison to stop the influx. the government has also ordered travel companies to stop selling bus tickets to migrants entering columbia from ecuador, florida. the scare tactics are working. some asians have decided to return to their host countries. none with go on cam. but they said they either ran out of money or
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are too scared to be deported. back to haiti like that, it was almost 200 people are now returning every day and they're communicating to their friends and relatives that it's not worth trying to do this. any more with the news typed them in around him. some are left with no option, but at mid theera terms of field, even when they have nothing to return to. i listen to them beauty and jesse nikki. ah, this is our desire, these you top stories. the taliban says it speaking directly to the us about building relations ought in an interview with al jazeera, the tele bonds. foreign affairs spokesman denounced us drone operations in afghan as space and that there were a violation of international law ongoing philippine president rodrigo, due to as a, as announced. he's retiring from politics. he confirmed, he won't stand for the vice.


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