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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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as i can see that no news, huge thing, a huge about a how did it come about or live from space mission because we needed to do this, whereas ours rods rib i've the lunar surface. so the developments that we can trigger out for these missions would help us greatly in our lives. now, question of us all that it was a course on our website very has on your screen. the address al jazeera dot com. ah, a quick check on the headlines here on al jazeera, more than 600 marches, have taken place across the united states to defend women's reproductive rights. they've happened in the wake of af, new abortion laws to clean texas which have effectively bam, the practice. what's incredibly important that we make sure that we are all roe v wade. and if that doesn't happen, we need federal protection under the law to make sure that women and doctors all
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around the state of michigan and around the united states. and i literally imprison and are turned into criminals simply for exercising the right to choose. well, i actually have 2 daughters here, and of course i want them to have control over their lives later when they grow up . so it's really important to come out here in a 4000 refugees, migrants including women and children, have been rounded up and detained in libya. the un says one migrant was killed and at least 15 others injured in the crackdown. outgoing philippine president rodrigo de tirty has announced his retiring from politics feeling a speculation. his daughter may run for the top job. he confirmed, he won't stand for the vice presidency in next year's elections. the results of cat ours 1st legislative council election have been announced. 30 members have been elected to the 45 members strong. sure, a council. the rest will be appointed by the countries amir. no women were elected
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to the council. despite $27.00 candidates running in the poles, voter turnout was $63.00 and a half percent. at least 20 people were arrested and 5 engine clashes within pro and anti migrant demonstrators. in 3 cities across chile, some protesters carried banners attacking the u. n. for demanding chinney provide basic humanitarian services for thousands of on documented migrants entering the country. official results from georgia election or expected soon the vote took place the day after for my president, because suckers, but he was arrested. he'd return from eggs out to support the opposition. in the municipal vote. it's seen as a crucial test for the ruling party. suckers really was convicted in absentia in 2018 for abuse of power. but in fist, the case was politically motivated. well, those were the headlines and he's continues here now to 0 after people and power states with thanks so much bye for now. this is one of the most astounding technological revolutions in all of history, make our planner great. we have to meet the c o 2 emission targets lecture casa
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lated, mitchum in motion. the need to be mind to where people are just talking about wind and solar, is it that can solve the problem. it won't. the world of business and commerce is driving energy changes each the promise of clean energy and illusion. the top side of green energy on al jazeera, ah, recycling used clothing unjustly helps reduce the carbon emissions from the global fashion business. but what happens to the secondhand governments donated to charity shops in the developed world, summer re sold in the west. many of them end up in canada where they support a major industry, employing thousands of people. but they are also now creating a toxic environmental ah
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ah, on the coast of west africa, the ships arrive, day after day, with an unrelenting cargo in ghana, they call them a brawny while with the clothes of dead white men and went to whip it was shot demick into whoops, okay. light blue to this one's grey lady. don't pull it there. the charity shop tossed offs from the western world did sweat to see rubbish.
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lucky, short too. many of them arrived in unwearable condition while the tried in used clothes has created thousands of jobs. it's also turning parts of ghana into a toxic landfill. the world's unwanted fashion ends its journey here. and it's creating an environmental catastrophe of unthinkable proportions. oh, oh. you know, cra, the working day begins long before dawn with
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thousands of ghanaians make their daily migration into the same to this west african capital from old father mock. across the biggest slum iesha he drew suit, and her 18 month old son sharif, joined the throng, working in the secondhand clothes tried, ah enough. 8 minute. well, we can let j b a back it up that was it. m o m i l l yeah. now i have a young man, i to myself about a sorry a samoa starts his day early to he's a successful importer of used closing hours,
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follow my broadband class. we are doing business. and fortunately my brought out possibly. so he hand written to me, why am i always and got lots, you know, because you made me who i did. i knew battles rav and a sorry is checking on his order anyway, that'd be good. yeah, let me fill this out. bad times. i buy these biles, a being dispatched to almost every corner of a cross commercial hot the scrolling canton man to market took bustling labyrinth with almost everything. his facade, which with
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these markets are one of the biggest in west africa, if not the world. and there are a central hub for 2nd hand carving. from here i get shipped all over africa. for the past 2 decades, the resale of western cast offs has been t. it's created of thousands of jobs. 0, one of these men and women, a retailers eager to see the best clothes from a prize. you buy a 0 friends this morning, these lots at stake. i know. so for the next few moments, the rule. so arch competitors, if they don't grab the best clothes,
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they don't make money. i, i, with onshore is on her way to collect a bile of clothes, from a sorry, the importer and l. a. follow up shop, all white, and black and black. so we get it, but close. yeah. right. she's a car. yeah. we'll have puerto zachary and i have not missed that family and i let them yet. it's for faculty staff this less than like donna's ty, women. i usually displaced from the villages in the north of the country by
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conflict or unemployment cargo. but even in a crow, osher is lucky to win $5.00 a die. i will be january the pile of clothing, she's carrying twice more than 50 kilograms. it's tough and dangerous work. if your homework this day i've read oh no, i don't. when you read yeah, go ahead. yeah. for a former fi, so i have a question when or break? oh okay. well it will. i'm sad to feed the tried and use closing is also risky for importance. they pay up front as much
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as $95000.00 for a container. will no guarantee if the clothes inside it are any good or bad. louisiana thing that we were looking was knowing that it's not easy. sometimes if you don't have money to do business day's business is not easy for you. sometimes you will go and buy. bought sonton, then you caught, you will not get to what you want. then you lose your money, a sorry, imports as many as 3000000 items of used clothing every year. most of it from the united kingdom. when he finds western exporters with good quality clothes, prophets of the for the title. so if you know inside that this goose is fire by one, you are willing to bite, then you get your profit. if you don't know that this, bruce,
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it's nice out. you guys bought in its and a loose your money. a sorry, also sells to other retailers in canton man time market western tossed off a so cheap that local text all might is the can't compete since the 1980s. their output has fallen by as much as 75 percent. ah. every evening with the markets customers hating home a clean up operation begins with allie's full, unsolvable clothing, a swept up and bundled into sacks, ready for tomorrow's collection.
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the next morning the she volume weiss is staggering. ah. that before it's even been driven away. i buy another load of used closing a p is it is put up to sale. i may not be using like solomon neu is the city's weiss manager. this place is severin as a dumping ground for tech star. we're in the near more for 2nd globin ah. close to 40 percent of what they're my shipment, but they are coming on a daily basis and soft to be complete chop were of no value every
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day this truck is soon to overflowing with this roughly 6000000 garments every wait for life can't demand time market is waste, and a huge proportion of all of that clothing is trucks, 2 hours north of a crop and ends up being dumped his landfill. ah, the pressure from the used closing industry is relentless. the city of a cra,
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now has to find some way to dispose of more than 160 tons of textile waste every single day. with black christiane, a mango is a retailer who sells her stock outside the city. and i wanted to help me. i made a home visit with as long you have my my and a half of a hand to mouth existence for the single mother of
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3 who travels for hours between the can't demand her market and alkaline villages. she says she fell into the tribe after her brother used juju. sorcery to force her off the family farm. not because miss almost double. my me be that actually i miss away. a prius being see me quite. well, we'll catch that mistake on what day it grows say, when in one today as i see, i mean won't talk thomas. i mean seek lulu when you feel crucial bank? ah,
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yes i she goes from village to village selling her clothes. a $2.00 dresses a something of a luxury auto i thought that was a christiane is a rod who is a holiday week. i do actually have to work fine and i can log on and i am on the line for math at wow, that's fine. so to me will you be we now near my knee now will you be jewish? it is out in return for c g i. but it's a precarious enterprise because many of her customers insist on being granted credit. oh mary went this afternoon. why did me? i'm and are you new going?
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oh, daddy, me breath. i live now. yeah, this is that. me all these. i may by no be as i will get out and, and i'm, i will find me. i'm on i'm, i'm back. i'm in president for winnable. we're christiana works hard to care for her family, but it's becoming harder because the bylaws of clothing being imported into gonna arriving in worse and worse condition. okay, beautiful. not a net or bad chillies. oh, fun only say amber la ah, it's monsoon season in ghana. and when these fees rains come,
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the unwanted clothing washes into the cities open suicide and chokes it's more to life. you know? yeah, and the tropics. so we have very high precipitation. that form of rain well so and no heavy downfall of reed will get there. are these on collette dead with into the stop and res which are not covered in a week and then it gets into the ocean. it means all these layers of text i without path suck piling id which embed and that is working with the aquatic life in bit like that. internet rang so and we've done cleanup here. you can big like 15 feet and still find angles. and these rickets has spent the past decade documenting the impact of clothing waste on john up. that also becomes really dangerous for people when
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they're swimming because they're like going back and forth. and then i'll hit them and then on the fisherman and wraps around their motors. the takes dolls which wash back on sure, become so tangled in the sand. they're almost impossible to dig out the tangled mass flow, then we call them 10th because this is all tangle that very little, the higher your z. but when they 1st one was not there very long. you know, they can be 8 needs 30 beads and sometimes 3 feet. why these tentacles have their origins at kat demantzy market? ah.
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a manual. yeah. hello. hey, wow. nice to me. i thank you. my you. a job is another important that we, i went to think there's been this work. yeah. we want to see what it is to live. is some dick it yeah. and weren't whooping was shot dead into groups until they open the bales. importance. have no idea whether they can have time trash or treasure light blue shield. this one is going like the top quality. okay. here we go. well this one sir, is that gonna be robert? yeah, this is the rubbish. and this one to we'll call it the 2nd one second. okay. this become will. yeah. this one is going to look,
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it's what it's got a sign here. no, no go. it's not good. it's in the manual and his colleagues to spear at the growing number of low quality clothes arriving at gonna what you think of this one, see how it is data from here. so it's wet to shoe not which it seemed a bit because lucky. short disease or efficiency in europe or yuki and to a sri america and did think africa. yeah. we are. we are known, let's get women been sorta to say that use this because what they are given to us is allowed even if someone didn't knock your door and you want ela, you cannot just given, picking something from your desk, been and give to the person. so in this case it's like they are doing this to us by
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all costs emmanuel $92.00 for it to this was that was you can sell. okay. after sourcing the whole bio, you can see he's going to make a significant loss today. 45677 pieces in a bit. and how many altogether and a bio. and this one was 180 to 200 pieces in the band. and you find some better bad. so at the end of today, where would you put that? where would throw demo it? now the problem is there is no room anywhere in across the list to throw this massive carefully engineered landfill was meant to be the solution to accurate waste crisis. it should have provided enough capacity for 15 years. but once it started accepting
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quality thing waste from can demand time market was filled to overflowing within just 5. now the city's only alternative is a growing network of informal unregulated dumps. so a lot of the way brought here by infernal collectors who pick it up at the end of the day like this one on the age of old fatima the cities biggest to slum it doesn't work is anything wrong with them at all. synthetic textiles can take hundreds of years to decompose this mountain of waste. my cast, it's fitted shadow over these neighborhoods for generations to come.
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i think unfortunately, what happened is that the waste, they are blamed for the waste. the people of old pharma are not responsible for this problem, but they are forced to live with it than this waste and other places like this where it's used to, for their disenfranchised people, were already living in poverty. to blame none for late that they did not v won't all consumers be some responsibility for this waste crosses? lose rickets lies much of the blame of the door of the world's big fashion houses. really, it's brands, it's brands that are over produce. st. waste is a part of the business model of fashion. a lot of brands are produced by up to 40 percent. so when did they start building this?
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at least 3 weeks ago. much is the unwanted clothing is simply burned. ah. it's not unusual across the sky to blacken with smoke for dies at aton ah ah but for many who live in old fatima, including ayesha, dra soup the flow 2nd hand clothing into donna has been a lifeline. emma
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d at that fashion than being at that that with there are other problems which is simply more pressing why she lives in this small windowless room with 4 other women and all the worldly belonging to a. ready landing yet i so perhaps it's for the waste in steed to think more carefully about the quality of what we dies. i'm not sure i'd never been conscious to ox. where is the final destination of india discarding by? come here like you've come and see the practicality for years that then there was
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no doubt, no, we'd better take care of this in our country and not to ship their problem to adopted with after decades of conflict between successive columbian governments and the fox marxist gorillas and historic peace accord in 2016. so fight is lay down their arms 5 years on a mit rising defense and fruitful police repression. a new cycle of violence has robbed the nation. people and power off if the agreement is failing and what's next for the country, columbia, and killing the piece on al jazeera october. oh, now just hear them growing vaccine inequality to the political and economic impacts
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. the latest development as the corona virus pandemic continues to spread across the globe. democracy made an expensive new series, explores the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world. former became a catholic president place come for it goes on trial for the assassination of his predecessor thomas franco. context india direct removed by brings insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy. your work is good to the pole in an election likely to define the countries future. october on al jazeera frank assessments. what's the point of the un if multilateralism isn't part of indiana? we need some or we're sovereign states can exchange informed opinions. he's focus likely to change biking behavioral, it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match this
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more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jazeera ah. ready ready hello, i'm darn jordan and dough. with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera, more than 600 marches, have taken place across the united states to defend women's reproductive rights. there are opposing tough new abortion laws, particularly in texas, auditor. castro was at one of the rallies in the city of austin, texas. oh, they came out in force to protest the country's newest and most restrictive abortion law abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detectable at about 6 weeks of gestation are now.


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