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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2021 9:30am-10:00am AST

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trying to understand that it kills people and that it kills people now is already killing both fries with people's voice. oh no. jazeera lou. hello, i'm down jordan dough with the top stories here on al jazeera, more than 600 marchers have taken place across the u. s to defend women's reproductive rights that happened in the wake of tough new abortion laws, particularly in texas, which have effectively been the practice. what's incredibly important that we make sure that we have pulled roe v wade, and if that doesn't happen, we need federal protection under the law to make sure that women and doctors all around the state of michigan and all around the united states are not literally imprisoned. and are turned into criminals simply for exercising their right to
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choose. well actually have 2 daughters here. and of course i want them to have control over their lives later when they grow up. so it's really important to come out here in a full 1000 refugees and migrants, including women and children, have been rounded up and detained in libya. the un says one migrant was killed and at least 50 and i was injured during the crackdown outgoing philippines. president rodrigo detach. it has announced he's retiring from politics, feeling speculation. his daughter may run for the top job. he confirmed he won't stand for the vice presidency in next year's elections. the results of cat on 1st legislative council election have been announced. 30 members have been elected to the 45 members strong. sure, a council. the rest will be appointed by the countries amir. no women were elected to the council despite $27.00 candidates running in the polls. at least 20 people were arrested and 5 injured in clashes between pro and anti migrant demonstrators
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and 3 cities across jonae. some protest has carried banners attacking the united nations with demanding chile provide basic humanitarian services. for thousands of undocumented migrants entering the country, official results from george's election nor expected soon the vote took place a day off. the former president, macau soccer billy was arrested, did return from exile to support the opposition in the municipal vote. soc, is, but he was convicted in absentia in 2018 for abuse of power, but insist the case was politically motivated. and the cambrai via volcano on la paloma is now much more aggressive. that's according to the canary islands, volcano response department. the volcano has emitted an estimated 80000000 cubic meters of molten rock. well, those are the headlines. it is continues here now to sierra after the dockside of green energy state you. thanks so much bye. ah,
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al jazeera rick with b o. to measure the real impact of mine in the whole system must be analyzed. not just the mind because the contamination zone extends over several 1000 square kilometers . the city of anti for augustine is a 4 hour drive southwest of the tricky coma to mine. it's inhabitants live to the rhythm of the daily valley of trucks and trains which transport the copper from this industrial port words exported to the 4 continents.
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the air is saturated with particles of heavy metals disseminated by these convoys, which nobody pays attention to any more even far from the mine the 200000 inhabitants of anti for august, i suffer from the diseases associated with it. in the city center, a healthy disaster has already started in 2016 this dr. published a study that was ignored by the mining industrialists. mm. dose of celestial it studios. they looked digital. holistic, well as like, got them. you know, soon they look alisha or have the mean continually you saying control aspect concept. just turn them into, look this up,
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let them until these lipp at center for youth symphony them. and then they put a picture of their local ladies in, not their last suffix, uranus, cancellation efforts, children through cancer, liberal $911.00 easy belk, also, marty, you sewell, as young called continence young, is in a lease with an aunt of augusta in certain districts. more than 10 percent of the population suffers from cancer due to the copper industry regularly that did lemme noise so low in lucas at tow korean the init developmental senior guess will set us in the good level as young he yeah. for contact me now he gets there, try me. do no shit. there was a token broil. let me deal so. so the maria alex answered whenever they have been doing the hernandez so now,
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so soon as i can she see if i can figure so that he told you so he had a fear. lulu here, lola seal for the doctor, but also so secondly, shell he need on a sooner if you see if the some of them an official. so like i said, when it took people, the locals, if going to r, we're in the philadelphia in here. so listen, if you haven't wiley in the he a bit of this buddha, i leant dinning about a local the energy transition sometimes turns to absurdity. to make queen energies the use of coal is increasing in certain places on the planet. the world of green tax is not as fritz us, as some consumers imagined. on
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the outskirts of oslo, the countryside is immaculate, and the norwegians are proud to be among the most environmentally friendly populations on earth. here the streets are clean and the locals breathe, clean air. it must be said that in the scandinavian kinda the energy transition was launched. 20 years ago already. electron mobility has become a religion to day one and 2 new cars purchased is electric. it's the world record they know to get so high via of it on there or not. well, the hotel bill sold if you were to saw, not the way to limit it to some ill be little poor, poor lost give i it. they're going to look if some of it in order to get hard at
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the corporate mall aust, issue from so scroll all of your bill is from salus, vada and electricity bill in charging stations have invaded oslo streets. there are 400 today. they will be $82025.00 via harden their lab for delivered in oregon. and they are list for sale doctor from to know about get off his boom. positing it or elect among her among a bit. communicate with the i got the spec heading, i t lexa ordeal. so city thought the battalion mom's a little sick sam. odd egg and clear of that. it's like some bills. so some come
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come, the light is all on the lawn. ah no way is a country entirely dominated by green energies? ah, renewable is visible everywhere. there is some degree of hypocrisy involved. here politicians are aware of the situation of where minerals and materials are, are source from what they consider then may be less important. and then electrifying the wheat of society and having a la carte, in our streets for the norwegian authorities, the calculation of c o 2 emissions seems to stop at the country's borders. folk is
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support or more frequently called program taylor. it's all stem, even a little nibble i'd at least the point or the clock from litigate stance. the article, more liberal arts, muse cook in the floor cell, probably still see up to be a best if i hadn't the heidi goose for the link for the v importer to be little, mickey footer and sauce men, the low cetera specific sellers that are new color and be forensics used for the in some transport for turn hard in norway, the electric vehicles, the emblem of korean tack is universally popular as it is everywhere else in europe . politicians and industry are promoting them everywhere. even if many have known about its true ecological impact for a long time. there
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were actually tics of renew nobody's u. a batch of the memo. walk a mos idea. who said before, seymour global failure, misuse, you know, does in southern missouri particularly peninsula only. lizzie, only n a b r a bully, poorly grandma, that them all to dish squawk is, or course 3 your daughter said eventually think get his toilet planet security or whatsoever you don't all there's a mission. so the question you're on the multi blo actually think, no i actually, i situation a dog offers on saw on it on, on february lou portion electron gate. mm. mm. the profits of the energy transition are sweeping aside the questions raised by green technologies because in the short term,
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the green techs are primarily synonymous with a new industrial revolution. globally, at a time of recession, 25000000 green jobs will be created in the next 10 years. ah, western leaders, dream of taking advantage of the economic windfall represented by green technologies. but this dream may never come true. because a country has already taken control of these new professions china, which holds 75 percent of the rare metal reserves in the world, intends to take advantage of its advantage. my flu shot to where you go to the, to undertaker. you ever did on this high level, where did all the time, can you go to going to artifacts long ago or to where you go, sing, tearful, go,
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could teach hunting with them or you go, archers auto trigger or from court to call to a hm. in the south china, the old fishing part of sions, n is today a thriving economic center. a capital city of 12000000 inhabitants. growing at the rate of china's largest technology companies. b y d is one of the most important from a sub contractor manufacturing batteries. in just 10 years, the company is come a behemoth automobile construction party about yeah, yeah. the under and total water, $1000.00 the rental sodium. when you turn out the party you bought. yeah. yeah. did you find the thought all or talk to somebody?
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the only thing that i was talking about are the 16000 verses that run oceans. and today are 100 percent electric b y. d also supplies taxi companies. and the ambitions of this economic giant are now global this in oriental authority, if you would change your, with our role, was not quality to your trouble from either charter. lemme the older woman should we are, leave up our walk through. okay, not a contract. so tell them that when you're not founder attempting to democracy, was the way to really pick gratiot rug sequin initial escalation, repore russian, one the other i like to learn what she developed. semantic reveal new up i, vic, the right you per share if wiped coke. yours, coffee ross, or poorly cassandra, or be a digital chris in chinese industry is no
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longer the only one threatening european jobs. many other mining countries are dreaming of the coming the new motors of the energy transition. is she not as heavy olivia? then we see the socially switches to to least not the alma side you or vinyl sheeny of the video. you quickly said then cheaper this wish nationally summer, or this alumnus um if you have act, did he just if i hadn't come lee me may well stormer or they are lonesome, she little believe yes from her late june to bother he is it lonesome bolivia valid he fought the unity in that particular tom tang of eke lucky, but then the movie happened me. none at men's side is to specialist you ah, with batteries needed for electric cars. the world demand for lithium has literally
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exploded. and this demand is expected to be multiplied by 20 within 15 years. ah, in southwest bolivia, at an altitude of more than 11000 feet. the uni solve flat is a sea of salt covering 4000 square miles. and no man's land with the largest reserves of lithium on the planet act. i meant this thomas, and i believe that's young. been the most of the cortisol squanders. i meant that be a minister danika bassier beryl. yet on those up, those a but a lead me not as have been own, put his don't put his name on the think went us and the person to list it. i'm on
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the i iss and own a center by becoming the number one producer of lithium in the world. the bolivians hope one day to be able to fix the price to better enrich themselves. as china does to day with many where i'm at else the public company which operates this brand new factory, was created for this purpose 10 years ago by the government. believe in the mail they suffered momento mean those 3 are the cross. rosanna, mom i have been good on those for to look well. say a contract bella said to be see us doing impreza. sally see power participate? well mom is she knows hey, isn't glue. so don't they say when impress a teen, i feel like it goes through this tough luck to invest in bolivia, you must now commit to buying local lithium an effective way to gain access to
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markets in countries around the world. one of the no stress faces is but it is a man pay up on that. beneficence. his sister takes 4 k a malia gemalto latino now glen, demanding $1.00 that he has a little bit of syrup and does as he he may be in a 2nd. i'm the mother. he saw laska. i lost quite a lot of home data. i've been there with the world. lithium market will be $45000000000.00 by 2022. the post oil era is a unique and almost unseen opportunity for this anti and republican law pies. even dreams of exporting green technologies,
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produced with its own resources. phase where a little common oil is, glen, this spit, answers kings, ulysses tank on good thunder. but the federal, you're the lake on a mia? he can there little will either wanting to change her. he want her while ago. yellowstone was a jimbo picking his color. yes, her name is roger ear brochure brochures, her scholar, my or no arms urban this fall, i meant the material premium as well. no long cousin. ah. like bolivia, many countries dream of taking their place in the global economy as it takes shape . ah, this is also the revolution in green technologies. as for the promise of a limited human impact on the environment,
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it does not weigh heavily in the face of these considerable challenges. and the rush for these new raw materials will also ultimately destroy our planet. the ultimate paradox in the world of green tack is the question of recycling it like that of wind turbines. for example, who's lifespan is limited. in northern germany, huge blades have been abandoned in the wild for several years. luther meyer has been denouncing the multiplication of these on the authorized dumps. gotcha. had prod,
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swanky shar and the household on on gunam swarm or savings on dasanya to man. that's good, i'd be a harm yet. just probably him dusty ist and been merlin up about bad mission in germany alone, between $20.30 tons of wind turbine blades must now be recycled each year. the legal issues at freeland yarn on kind of weird see and does this the hellish need a lot of wallclear, this is kind of a stock often safely. sh zach. they're kosicki barnett strain you not, of who are beautifully lived in recycling. beautiful with you again in and enjoy taking a look you line i laguna taking a looky defunded of her placebo glue stood out and gone. gone off daughter, this'll be a niche. even midday the destin um gains on you could see unless i was just glad
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you problem me. shawn or tom cruise or the can't be martin. i'm ended in glycogen. feel ok. and the question of where metals remains what to do with these raw materials present in solar panels, electric batteries, and wind turbine, rotors due to the lack of investments. and despite their rarity, most of them are hardly recycled at all. so as you progress, if i spend all that good kit extended amino backwards in washer kosky soil exclusively or dorsey clash on the most by jointed liquor. if at all so close over proceed me to a probably matina where people are cheap at to smith as an armoire in german or get you over to shop at your facility or mo, little tele exit. i, it'll click there ha,
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on his hipaa. if, if you only, or she came to count bomb up or she cash because the morsel ah, will the salvation of green energy's be in new discoveries. this is the gamble being made by industrialists persuaded they'll find ways to make the sector more virtuous. while you're doing that, don't got to view additional judge. yep. lunch with driving just on example. lubano solaire said, you said our again, you said pretty sure you celera vulgarly bene, select his own business, lucinda, some lawyer, but can put on some mission to govern for innovation to santos, cassandra pesto vessel felt bottle, some poorer met her. the fate that you so no battle is shown is him up online punishment on quite mm. and then the all i us right. i think i was able to celtic the result of a can if you just the,
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it was all to make your knowledge. you strip sisters, you're not even. i mean you also wanted to formally exam a form for planning a trip. i'm for by all secret, santa clarita for you. mm hm. and what if we have forgotten that in any change brought about by industry, it is primarily their business sustainability that prevails the world of business and commerce is driving the energy transition. and so it's not like there's benevolent heartful people out. they are trying to solve the problems in the best possible ways, the wind companies and the solar companies. they're trying to make a profit. they're trying to have a profitable business. and that's not going to save the planet or save our human race. was all john ankles of us when else to kill ski caps we want koya fall. i meant to neil. my point of view was so i mixed like tv so many
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people you gisy survey. she noticed like it still says comp. mcneal. pop right now. industrial society talks about growth in the elected officials. the politicians all want to have global growth, growth in the economy. growth in spending growth in investments. everybody wants wants growth. but the truth is we need to, to orchestrate a major, you turn in a fundamentally different direction. we need to live in a different kind of way. we need to start reducing the amount of damage we do to the earth. doing what a room where y'all show. sions as she fought by a good job. national finish. good. the jewel double call. you will mention them in the shouldn't or 100 the jolly. she freed on june cobb woman bazooka. woman 3.
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she, we all show you she vaughan, father with are you doing so good than they on the dollar on their own position to talk to what materials we need to radically reduce the energy of material consumption in our lives. that is not a message you can easily sell to the world, a business to the captains of industry. that is not a message you can sell to the politicians who want to be re elect. ah, can we really give up on grills even if it is green? and with it, give up on a part of our material comfort. it is urgent to rethink our relationship with raw materials. to ultimately consume less energy ah, and extract fewer resources.
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ah hello, here's how the weather is shaping up across the middle east. and we'll begin with an update on this cyclic storm looking to make landfall north west of moscow late sunday into monday. why take out toward monday as well? cuz it's going to have an impact for the united arab emirates. it's also gonna pick up that sand and dust for the se of saudi, the u. e. and also in cats are impacting places like doha. so we looked toward mosque. this isn't going to be a major rain maker more, so the wind guard city 5 kilometers per hour. we could see some damage here. now for the rest of the middle east, it's looking calm except for some rain toward the higher ground of yemen, a spilling into the hugest mountains in saudi on sunday, a dryer and also fresher, for pakistan. karachi has
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a high of 28 degrees winds are starting to wind down through the boss 1st. impacting is stan ball, but driving rain for turkey's northeastern black sea region through our equitorial countries in africa. we've got her a storm. so ethiopia rate through into south sudan, the democratic republic of congo into gabon and cameroon. on sunday. also lot of rain is falling for southern areas of mozambique impacting my put so with a hive 20 degrees. but later on sunday, that energy pushes out toward sea. that's it for me. see you soon. october on al jazeera, from growing vaccine inequality to the political and economic impact. the latest development as the corona virus pandemic continues to spread across the globe. democracy made it an expensive new series, explores the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world. former became
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a catholic president place come for it goes on 5 for the estimation of its freedom, thomas fine, current context, india direct from them by brings insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy. your work is good to the pole in an election likely to define the countries future. october on al jazeera talk to al jazeera, we are what gives you hope that there is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing otherwise. we listen, we were never on my whatever road to off migration. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera when you're from a neighborhood known as a hot bed of radicalism. ready you have to fight to define stereotypes in going shotgun, the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them and they
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make the survival initial cell mother bug. seth. this is year on al jazeera ah o women marching cities and towns across the us against efforts to restrict access to abortion. ah ha, on money and side, this is altos, air ly, from dive. also coming up, a warning that lebanon's water system is close to collapses, the nation's financial crisis threatened supplies, brazilians.


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