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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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images of the volcano being consumed around the world will certainly help to put this canary island on the map. but that doesn't mean that tourists are flocking, hear anything but right now. and in the wake of huge losses generated by the pandemic. that is a tragedy for many. what remains are volcano tourists, many from neighboring islands and mainland spain, but this eruption could last months and they will not sustain an economy that, for the time being, is going up in smoke. jonah, how al jazeera la palmer. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, millions of li documents are casting a spotlight and financial dealings of the world's rich and powerful sch, a so called pandora papers accuse jordan's king the presidents of russia and as a by john and a former british prime minister, as well as many others of amassing secret wealth and avoiding taxes. sol says north
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and south korea have restored a stalled communication channel. pyongyang cut the hotline in august and protest against military drills that so conducted with the united states. but since then, young has said it may consider a summit with its southern neighbour. robert bryant has more from hong kong. these hot lines are very important. they are in the lines of communication across the dns, e, between the north and the south. it prevents any accidental misunderstandings. it's very important that they are kick, kept open, given the fragility of relations and the, the amount of armaments along the d, m. z. now, they tend to be cotton restored depending on how relations are at any given point in time. and of course, with the dipping relations that we saw in the last year or 2 with the ab, with the ending alpha negotiations over at north korea's nuclear arsenal. los st. all those talks became stoled for me. okay, so that has been officially confirmed as japan's new prime minister,
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the former foreign minister won the race to lead japan's ruling level of democratic party. last week he replaces yoshi he to saga who spent only a year in the job. at least 13 people have been killed in an explosion and afghanistan's capital. the bombing targeted the 2nd largest mosque in campbell, a memorial service was being held there for the mother of a taliban spokesman. at least 32 people were injured. no group has claimed responsibility. at his age, people have been killed in northern india after violence broke out during a farmer's protest they'd gathered for a demonstration in or to pradesh when cried surrounded. vehicles reportedly linked to a federal minister, farmers groups claim one car ran over protest as leading angry demonstrators to set the vehicles on fire. those, the headlines that he's continues here on al jazeera after one or one east. good bye. ah, how many nukes has too many notes? america has in many ways driven the arms race for parties are much more like the
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british parties down to them. there are fewer regulations to own a tiger, then there are its own. i god, how can this be happening? you know, we take on us politics and society and that's the bottom line. oh, across asia, the covey 19 pandemic is creating a human catastrophe. amount of dangerous medical weiss is flooding from hospitals and clinics for it should be incinerated. but increasingly it's being dumped illegally in ribbons city landfill, even by the roadside with as health kids. tom thought to curb surging corona, virus, deaths and infection, right? herb and wife collected are on the front line, disposing of code 1910 blood,
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few syringes and other used medical equipment. i may go get that for that day, but i'm but i'm bugging like it but i'm also 11 east investigates, the medical waste disaster gulping some of the asians biggest city in lou or the dosa buried because you're not. he is bruce indonesia. today. walden, 140000 people that died across southeast asia, most populous country. the humans, hol, can be seen at these. great. yeah. on the outskirts of the capital,
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a reporter adi rinaldi says, even for design to produce denisia, these a devastation time just like to be here for less than an hour. and i already saw, i almost fan ambulances coming in and they're just waiting for, for the inside to, to drop off the money. it's pretty hot breaking. i mean, well, someone father, someone's mother. they are off one of their family. and this don't have any words to describe with
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with more than 4001219 cases recorded throughout the archipelago. audi is investigating the long term impact the health system buckling under the strain. today he's abusing to causes university of indonesia hospital, which i see present to patients had covey dot t stop. he is an overwhelming amount of medical weiss is being generated. is the battle to treat the virus fundamental lender. a citi card in the us duty is managing sanitation at the hospital to not afford robin bye for infecting your slayer. for more i feel fan last monday. i feel as if i added this or my mom, mary. back and i feel like i think that the last of my this, i'm
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a news behind the hospital. she shows ardie where such hazardous waste is picked up 3 times away by law medical way should be good or sterilized. but the incinerator broke down a couple of months ago. i had it wrapped up hello grandmother went back to school. i'm gonna let her go. someone. yeah. get the ball only 4 percent out of the $3000.00 hospitals in indonesia. the ability to burn medical while the rest must pay private companies to take it away. and outsourcing the dirty work is expensive or a once the waste is collected it into the system where regulations are rarely leaving
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wide open would be occasionally, hospital staff follow the companies to ensure that medical waste is being dumped. but some road medical waste companies are operating outside the world today. adi is visiting one of jakarta. i don't have a i'm working on my food stamp. wouldn't have much delicate room on that. okay. yeah. but with the bible. so you're to head to the edge your which investigates the management of lanfield on the outskirts of jakarta, where more than 6000 tons of rubbish ends up every day. in 22 years, he said,
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all kinds of hospital white dumped here. he says the pandemic is made it even worse . i've never been to what the media? well yeah. as long as a little while ago, i cannot get them on them about a month gotta work on, but when you have a day i get to the school the on us what all inputs to log in course not that in my life up i thought oh well, i'm on though, but to, to data for or so that for up it dash target to i set up a task for one another to bootleg. yeah. that's what our pricing
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model says. it's cheaper for hospitals and clinics to mix it up with regular wife and dump it rather than dispos that properly. and we'll have that done. but most latin made this thing on there. what dell dell also se. okay, to my the lease begun begin to dea will be by midtown border. yeah. when tom boardroom made you sad that about the after about one by 11, i had to get out of the bundle, my soccer dental wallack lid again to leave the muscle, come to see the pseudo that with water dumped medical waste also poses health risks to those who make a living as scavengers, or i think it that way where i do that, but i as i'm gonna that with that. yeah, that's got to buy that the i got an infected am i gonna get the but forging through the rubbish for items they can sell for recycling is how they survive. nearby,
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we meet your trash picker who's been cleaning some intravenous grip lines about that, but it was wrong or in our garden when we or it was gotten, probably a skill lawyer, it was willing but allow me who it's dangerous work with slim profit. i would rather glad jeremy do that on on with those are in here or get him to the printer. you soccer varnish or look for like those who come into contact with medical wife can suffer chemical or radiation burns and catch diseases. health officials of worn coby 19 can survive on some services the up to 7 hours, making the waste potentially infect davonte says the poorer sections of society, of pacing,
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right risks. and he wants those that hospitals and clinics to be held responsible enable north america or local yeah. way in that group at them were there, i had to my fee of vienna when you look at that blackard bloom conscious standnew for me. like, yeah, i don't directly with our, my younger deborah franklin gara young and younger young and growth of their policy . but feet on the recording on a lot longer. regardless, declined than that on the marvelle. fungi, i'm lucky. mouth. with since the pandemic began, 16500 tons of medical waste has been generated in asia every day. that's enough to feel 1110 rubbish trucks. and this is a global problem in 2020. the amount of medical weiss produced worldwide increase by 40 percent. i already in progress. oh yeah, i'm good. thank you. how are you with help from the judith deals and institute when
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i one east is working with reporters across southeast asia to investigate have medical waste is impacting the region. so jerry, are, what's your plan to investigate somebody on medical waste problem? well, we're gonna head down to the medical waste management units, landfill site in non penn, from his base in jakarta, audio speaking with june, with jerry flinn in cambodia, where the government has tried to suppress negative coverage of its pandemic response without a fair bit of problems getting access, especially to government officials, that the ministry of health just don't want to talk about medical waste. but we have got some really good leech. so hopefully we'll be able to get a better sense of the bigger picture blue in the community and capital norm pen. the red cross is responsible for disposing of medical wife across this morning
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jerry, it's following a collection team who pick up waste from 50 clinics and hospitals every day. yeah, but i'm happy to come for them. what advice that brought on it? and they said, i am just now that people on wage people and i did a bit on that. but for that and deborah brown bagging like for like mid beginning, i'm 1000. give them all bang yet. matthew saw roon works as one of the medical waste collectors before the pandemic. they would collect 2 tons a day. now it's often 20 times. don't fat luca fame that has the manga and damn thing young man. yo caught them that dan william plan the cap that i
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pull the blue lamp in play down with my gun that though i lanyon. there you got the last it without 4 in the yard code with 19 waste is supposed to be stored for at least 3 die before its its generation. but the increasing volume means many clinics can't safely store for that long. so they're the risks. the vars could be present on the wayside with the b b long and therefore i can stand by them with so much waste disposal bags is sometimes over fuel and hospitals. clinics. the overweight bags leaks spilling the contents into the truck or even says he's work now causes other cambodians to avoid clad young men to 1000000 go to kill, can long create young guy didn't get done that year to cannon k i 10 game will unit
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monday and k from the get how yay! near it i 10 at the depot. the waste is built by workers like noon. so he says it's a challenging job. but he 1st of the a with, with the fact that somebody that you may have found that it just up the example that can come down in the market more than happy about that year. again, my daughter lucas would actually come out to look to move it at, but he wanted to put my boat in with, you know, like what class i do here. but shell probably but the old incinerator can't keep up with the pace of waste arrive and frequently breaks down. the work takes a toll bed and appear again for alcohol. we're all mock,
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i'm grandma rosalyn and i don't get home. i don't get mondanca and i've not been on the date. i'm up. i'm a little been added to your junk jargon a minute at the end of the work day. so he is forced to keep his distance from his family and friends. he tells jerry he is gracious, fear he's infecting them, that we're gonna talk about. pricing will come go. if i go on, let's say i can i what about your family? how do they feel about you working in this dangerous environment, particularly during the time them it hasn't affected your family love for god damn my young child lab and dad, i thought that he would be a huge help. let me get though i that i saw kins wife i saw porn, has to explain to their 3 children why they can't be close to their father. yeah, lots of, i get the last annual clinton with a
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the i c p a po for one day and i will put it back in day out a book. and that way for political and let my my down somalia, nat name and a lot of it go out in just a big on throw up item lifelock, gemma ah, the floor soccer. the dipper stockings both. so seem a wrong isn't that thing the team work? a report on their dog, i like dealing with it and
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i see my room says he's aware of the danger. he's a team faces every day and no understaffed and stretched to the limit, but they are loaded allies of novel go. we will come unto john tow, how you don't call our grandma to buy them, not the just the medical we call ms. butner. those are my so me in cow, i more my job, my a sub. know i something i don't got what was coming from now when i get a group they know to mid tune on don't go 2nd. i mean car as a copy one yo yo bond a no less medical facilities pay the red cross to take away their white right. by the ministry of health that seem a wrong says,
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the unit isn't given enough funds to buy sufficient resources to do their job safely and effectively. what kind of new bonds on your list for all the tasks appeared up the ticket, they had a copy of the near up and on the move and i went back. no, no, no, you go to my my job and up the laptop. the window. do you feel that you've had enough support from the government and from the cambodian red cross for out the pandemic? got my home court advantage. will you hear my group? what uncommon? min luna? and then a human cannot come to our room, but they're called min minutes. i will leave one of the on my top them by the thought walters either the cambodian
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red cross is well connected to the cowboy. the prime minister's wife is the head of the organization. but that hasn't loosened the purse strings while one east approached the cambodian government and red cross for a comment, but received no response. ah, asia is the world's biggest producer of much of the protective medical equipment like math love shield that ends up with white. but while some countries rightly economic benefits of being a medical manufacturer, very little thought or money has been given to the amounts of pollution being created. when medical supplies are disposed of any type of what others think of when we do cover, noodle wither, and up left behind and we would not been much going to be missing me. the one i listen, give us about think of will do that. the and the alarm is up in america, we're going to be the harry, the sort of love, are you back?
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i'm you hit the little one casa father. he thought i saw national that we have us up for up a spawn bahati the back in indonesia. adi is making dr. akbar, honey, da wan. abdulla know i'm a scientist working on solutions to asia. massive medical waste problem. yeah. now the law philippa left, he found on wilham moscow. moscow. the d. v. d plastic. dr. dow, i'm study buyer plastics. the 5 years, not long after the pandemic began in 2020, he noticed medical weiss building up that most of us are great. okay. yeah, i'm looking at another sanusi actually, or implement that he got medulla recycling. yeah. yeah, i'll be at box masquerades department. yep. had it come would yet healing, but i think i would do now. daddy, they'd be ology for him. did. they will be very the end of what they do so. yep. yep. how did organ serve their party?
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but maggie, i saw a potential element. yeah. must go to moscow. i need with knowing that a lot of medical waste contains plastic. doctor da, mom and his colleagues set about finding a way to safely treat and recycle a process they have now master. there is i see that anyone from oscar. i think it couple boulevard knew that he was at our craft from getting paper about my bela. it must become foolish naval that if he a dr. dom and his team, cuz sterilized the masks with liquid alcohol or by hating them, then they melt them down. the hall yeah. bella, debbie, debbie had the law firm up on the deep left the in the middle of them behind buffalo, loosely plastic dr. dial him, says the pellets can then be used in the manufacture of many plastic goods, including more protective equipment. he says he's presented this technology to the
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governments. the lump under hampshire for the heading on monday. i'm gonna lose my dam, regular seeing on plus you come up and on. yeah. we can, i know she'll have the lumen door wrong. she lack of any. yeah, i got my new number. yeah. up and i'm run. yeah. i'm okay. i'm not all on any. yeah . what can we do that? yeah, won't open up the any me on the home again, the holla, lima masquerade. miss jacqueline the streets of pennell pen. jerry gets a tip on that medical waist has been left dumped by the side of the road. he notices he is being watched. so the team filled the evidence quickly before moving on. so we found medical way stumped out on the street in downtown district and pen is right next to the clinic to have said it is their waste. but they refused to give an interview. work as at the clinic, told jerry that they don't expect it to be collected by the red cross team for
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another 3 days. the bag is open, exposing its context the public including an estimated $3000.00 square collectors. today mom poll and her husband, a gathering from the river or when they find plastic medical ways it's often illegally mixed in with recyclable materials. gonna look yes. i know that the d as at all live without offering and yeah, i don't know. i know gang galvan know until i don't go on and we'll have back there with joy. that's an at big on i go on july you like i with don't, don't go. i had mr roy, you had your bay, diana fill out the pads and all live out hadn't been done. i'm go lam, the catalog guilty. where does this medical waste and due
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to the scavenger filled in the capacity to buyers like your car? and we turn, so it on now, no matter how i know we've been young, i know they were more likely i can add them online. you can even been paying and in the time that we can and pay off. how can i go in pamlico, sam? ah, this unwitting export trade means can bodie is medical ways problem is overflowing across asia for the medical waste isn't picked up. there's a good chance it will end up here in tambo to use waterway contamination, the local environment. amine ports out of japan, i'm looking and we i like include endo g made up same same thing and you know maybe give me i don't know how to pick what you do me
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a lot of people but that he like in december i'm tom and kim hong is from the n g o, cambodia, youth network. his group spent months trying to clean up stretches of the capitals canal. and he says medical ways created during the pandemic is causing major environmental problems. that told me to buy check. they are not happy about people who had told me about a 1000000 upside ago engage on the kind of upon media debate for a more happy about with. but what room a year one year from more than light diamond minnock up at all. or you can get now beta in general, which was no catch up on the navy. kim home says many cambodians, see no difference sickly medical and normal like credit. i know i think you have
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not gotten them or we got them not a bad. and then can you shop the like amc before i got them, not there by paying for i've got them as i said, no bad i but you brought no new when one no 2 months i get 10 percent of them are pan much you know and let go on me and i would shop around because i want them to as developing nations like indonesia and can go yeah. struggle to contain coven, 19 medical waste is a rapidly growing and largely overlooked problem. the most vulnerable groups of society. i read the code place to describe and it's environmental and social impacts would be built for you to come in. october on al jazeera,
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them growing vaccine inequality to the political and economic impact. the latest development at the corona virus pandemic continues to spread across the globe. democracy major, inexpensive new series explores the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world. former burkina faso, president glazed come pouring goes on 5 for the assassination of his predecessor comments on current context. india direct removed by brings insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy. you work, you go to the poll in an election likened to define the country's future october on al jazeera when you're from a neighbourhood known as a hot bed of radicalism. ready you have to fight to defy stereotypes. in going shampooing the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live
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with no money showing what let me take a look. some of the book says this is year on al jazeera. ah, i'm not matheson and know how the top stories on al jazeera, by huge liter financial documents is exposed. what claims to be the secret assets of dealings of some of the boards richest people. the collection of really 12000000 files known as the pandora papers, was published by the international consortium of investigative journalists. roslyn jordan reports this think is really papers on steroids, world leaders, politicians, and billionaires with hidden vaults of wealth. a new chapter in a never ending story. the pandora papers is a leak of almost 12000000 docum.


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