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visited button in the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them mothers of ring to be. this is europe on al jazeera. ah. ready evidence of human rights violations in libya, un reports is war crimes we're likely committed against civilians and migrants. ah, i'm fully bacteria watching al jazeera live from doha also coming out. if he appears prime minister abbey. ahem! it is sworn in for a 2nd turn. but faces a number of challenges, including the conflict in to grind. the bind in administration says he doesn't want to worse intentions with china as it outlined its trade policy with beijing figures
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very person. your report was almost robin prisoner of war. and we look at the u. s. s. o period crisis as a 1st trial of several major pharmacy chains is set to get underway. ah, thank you for joining us. a u. n. investigation says all sides in libya's conflicts have committed violations that may include war crimes, a detailed accounts of torture, murder, enslavement, and rate. libya has been in conflict since the death of its formerly them all marked off in 2011 with wible administrations fighting for power. claudia cassini is the international crisis group, senior analyst for libya. she says the investigative panel will have to be more specific and it's next report. well actually this report that was published today
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is just the beginning of the process, the commission, this mission, that was the fact finding mission was supposed to deliver its final report by now, but actually was very late in having its presence on the ground. even in the report, they say that until this june, they weren't fully operative. so the conclusions in this report are, let's say, rather superficial. they just to admit that the, these crimes took place. but without the level of detail, they don't name individuals. they don't point to specific countries except for mentioning them as supporting the conflict. so there's not that level of detail needed for really specific follow up accountability. we've all known and indeed also european member states that corporate with the live in co coast guards have been aware of these abuses that take place both at sea and on land in the detention centers. and despite all of that,
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they have continued to fund and corporate with the coast guards unless they're specifics of individuals that are named it's, it's hard for them to be brought to justice. and i doubt, given the pressure on european and the states, italy in particular because of the flow of migrants. i doubt that they will be stopping or changing their cooperation programs with the coast guards and relevant authorities. as a result of this report in its current state, easy appears, foreign minister avia made has been sewn in for a 2nd term after he and his party secured a landslide victory in june elections. his describe the polar sci fi, obvious 1st attempt at a free and fair vote by the elections were overshadowed by the conflict in to grey, where hundreds of thousands are facing possible farming. meanwhile, their reports are fighting in western ethiopia between rebel groups and security forces. as disgrace, thousands of people since sunday, and hughes is also
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a merging of a mass kidnapping that took place last month in the same region. catherine, sorry, has more from nairobi, enabling kenya is government is under a lot of pressure from the international community with hard from the u. s. a key ally of ethiopia that provide a crucial foreign aid to that country. i with heart from, you know, in the us basically saying that the prime minister needs to do better to handle the crisis into grow. we've heard from the european union with heart of, from the united nations as well. we know that in the last few days, and the if you can, our foreign ministry has expelled key officials of the un. i'm for reasons that i yet unknown. oh, the government has been blamed, of, you know, blockading a t gray region where millions of people are faced the are, you know, facing farm in the comment, official saying that that's not true, that they've allowed unhindered, accession of humanitarian aid to that region. but we have also spoken to our aid
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agencies. we're saying that this process is very slow. there's a lot of red tape, so much more needs to be done urgently. so that 8 can reached out the most important people. and people who are suffering the most come in back to is c o p, are a lot of ethiopians. also concerned about the security, say to situation they say that the prime minister needs to do more or to regain the confidence of ethiopia because he came in a platform. what that you know, was very favorable. and now this confidence seems to be waning. so people say that the prime minister really needs to do better going forward us present. joe biden stray chief has been outlining washington's vision, fort ties with china. katherine, ty says the us exploring new strategies to defended secret amik intro softer. previous policies under president trump worsened relations between the u. s. in china. washington, as accused paging of not complying with a major trade deal,
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signed in january 2020. that spring in our white house correspondent, kimberly hawkins for more in this. kimberly tell us more about what the trade representative had to say about future relations with china. whoa, what the trade representative is set essentially is that much of the trade policy that was put in place under the trump administration is going to remain under the biden administration. and the reason why is because there are grave concerns that exist not just by the, by an administration, but also the global community about china's ongoing trade practices. what we know is that the united states quote is now going to work to try and hold china to account, doing so by keeping in place those tariffs that were put against china, many of its industries under the trump administration. but it's also going to go a step further in trying to hold beijing accountable to its commitments. how is it going to do that? well, it's going to put in place what it calls target of tariff exemptions. essentially,
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what the, by the ministration believes is that this will encourage conversations between the united states and china in order to bring about the reforms that the global community is looking for. but also will give a mechanism that will allow the united states to not only remove but also ad tariffs. should the united states deem it to be appropriate. kimberly, why now, why are they setting up this strategy now? well, the deal that was put in place to essentially push back on china and some of the practices that the united states found worrisome and china made a number of commitments. one of them was to buy $200000000000.00 worth of us goods . and in 20202021. and what we found is that china has fallen short of that goal. it's only met about 62 percent of it. so 40 percent has fallen short. matt's got an enormous impact on, not only american workers,
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but their reverberations around the world, add to that these are the 2 largest economies in the world. so how they interact matters and effects economies on all of the continents. so what the united states is trying to do is really drill down on what it sees as a state censored market practice that is existing in china and encourage it to take reforms that will allow for the preservation if not only american businesses, but also the american worker kimberly thank you very much. kimberly how can live in washington? japan's new prime minister for mucus she there has called a general election, forked over 31st because she says japan must continue to have discussions with china, which he acknowledges is very important to his country 4 and 3 reports whom you key she there who one party pulls to lead japan's governing liberal democratic party or
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l d p. last week has been elected by both houses of the japanese parliament is in accordance with article 18 paragraph 2 of the rules of the house of representatives. from your case, she dies hereby nominated as prime minister of japan. his 1st order of business was to select his cabinet. there were 13 new faces out of 20 posts, but many important portfolios are going to powerful factions that voted for key should are in the party election. his predecessor, you shaheed, a suger had announced last month that he would not be seeking re election as party leader after less than a year in office to get approval ratings had plummeted for his handling of the pandemic. and his insistence on holding the summer olympics, despite public health concerns, he, she has inherited an economy that's been battered by the pandemic. in his 1st news conference as prime minister, he promised to make corona virus counter measures a top priority and to work on rejuvenating the economy. and o emma emma colonel,
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under my cabinet. first of all, i will do my utmost to take measures against covert 19, which is an urgent and top priority issue. we will carefully explain to the citizens, so they have a sense of understanding and we will always be ready to respond to the worst case scenario. they feel as prime minister, he will also have to deal with an increasingly assertive china and security threats from north korea, which has conducted a series of missile tests. in the last few weeks. she should, i says he's prepared to meet north korean leader kim jong, going with any pre conditions. but he should as 1st challenge will be leading his party in the general elections which will take place at the end of this month. some analysts say it's likely keisha is hoping to take advantage of a honeymoon period, usually given by the electorate to new governments. florence louis al jazeera,
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still ahead on al jazeera warning. sudan is about to run out of medicine fuel and meet after the closure of its main ports. and praying to change. frances joins faith leaders and scientists to discuss climate change. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cutter airways voted world's best her line of 2021. hi there, good to be with you. the risk of flooding for southern india, we have red weather alert, sim play for a careless state, but also i could see heavy amounts of rain for karnataka and into time on their do . just south of janai know for west been goal more than about half a 1000000 people were forced from their homes. we saw about 400 millimeters of rain over the past bit. still seen some rain pop up in some heavier pockets over a northern bangladesh into the northeast of india. now as we go for our southeast
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asia, but i want to focus on the philippines, this area of low pressure scrutiny across the southern islands, it's dropped a $150.00 millimeters of rain. and on tuesday it's just north of port. so princess on once again, it could drop similar amounts of rain. now for southern sections of china, it's all about the heat. look at this almost 38 degrees that continues on tuesday, the temperatures into the high thirty's. but north of that low temperature is we've got a slow moving system dropping quite a bit of rain would be jane, just a high of 15 degrees. and that what whether extends to the korean peninsula, cross the waters between korea and japan into northern areas of honju and southern areas of whole kado where there is a wind warning in play. but wall to wall sunshine for tokyo with the high of 29 degrees. that's it, that's all to sir. the weather, sponsored by cuts, all airways voted world's best airline of 2021. on counting the cost americans legacy driven economy, that is the envy of the world. but unprepared for the digital age,
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apple kick sound game, make an effort from an app store is the phone make abusing its monopoly? and the afghan businesses are losing international customers. counting the calls on algae, is it a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera with wow, ah, you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories. are you an investigation? says all sides in libya's conflict have committed violations. that may include war crimes, the report details, accounts of murder, torture enslavement and rape. it says migrants and detainees suffered the most.
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ethiopia as prime minister abbey made has been sworn in for a 2nd term. his facing some of the biggest challenges of his political career, including ethnic tensions and the months long conflict in the nov integrate region . and the u. s. trade chief catherine tie is outlining washington vision for ties with china. she says, aging has not respected is straight commitments and that terrorists will remain in place, but that they are some potential exemptions. now, sedans government has warned the countries about to run out of fuel medicine and wheat because of the closure of its main. fort protesters have blocked roads around fort sudan against what they say is a lack of political power and poor economic conditions in the region. last saturday, they shut a pipeline that carries oil to the capital cartoon. mom at our door has more from the eastern city of fort sudan. there is very little activity going all not pulled sit on the beach or tribesmen who are protesting. what they call marginalization by
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the government of body kayden, the gates to the port with huge rocks and also have lined at the gate to the port a with protest us will holding homes to ensure that nothing exists or nothing, and passed the port. and there was a delegation from the government led by covenant ministers. and the only thing of the days of negotiations that they were able to go back with was m. yes, at to the x partition of salt sudanese oil from these port please. port is a mid july flight, not just full su, done, but also for neighboring cells. have done the 164000 bottles of oil. salsa, don, producers, every day are exported through these port. and under right now, the government is complaining that there is a shortage of med since under vital commodities. and it says, this cannot continue the calls, the actuals of the b j at tribesmen who have
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a cut it these auction out as criminal, unsafe. they will not allow them to continue holding the government hostage. however, talking to some of the b to protest as they told us, that they will stay put. they will not move on it until the government accepts to listen to their grievances. on top of that is what they say that they were not consulted when the government signed the juba piece accord with other armed groups in the country. a group of greenpeace activists have blanched the entrance to showers. we find re at rotterdam port. the demonstration is part of a wider initiative by atlantic groups to put pressure on the e. u to band fossil fuel advertising and sponsorship grain p. say 17 activist, swear, arrested british by mister boys, johnson says the recent fuel shortages and rising costs are an adjustment period for the u. k. he made the comments during his parties. annual conference military
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personnel has started delivering supplies to petro stations across britain in while some pharmacies are now experiencing delays in delivering medicines. the supply chain chaos has been caused by brick set and a shortage of truck drivers. po brennan has more from a petrol station in manchester. army is largely concentrated in london on the southeast of england where the main shortages are occurring at the moment. i have to say the petro retailers association, which has been taking straw polls of its petrol for court members. during the course of the past week. they actually say that the crisis is all but over in scotland, wales, the north, the midlands. and really it's only in london and the southeast where shortages are continuing to occur around 22 percent of fuel stations down there are suffering from outages are essentially dry the petrol station where i am at the moment on the, in the west of furniture to city center, it does have a couple of pumps shots,
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but the others are operating normally on. there has been no time acquiring or queues that we've witnessed while we've been here. the army all coming in somewhat belatedly for some people's opinion on starting in the south and east. they've been training for the last few days in essex to the east of london. and they will be assisting the hgtv tank drivers to try to get up that hill to where it's mostly that the numbers are small. i have to say this around 65 drivers are actually starting a maximum around a 100. it will be used at the peak of this, what's called operation escalade, and not really as a drop in the ocean when you consider that the full extent of the shortage of drivers is around $100000.00. that they actually need in order to make sure that the supply chains continue. the vatican is pushing some more concrete action from well leaders ahead of a major climate conference, thought francis and dozens of religious leaders made
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a joint appeal for government to take immediate action to confront the kind of crisis when they meet at a summit in scotland. next month, adam rainy they post on the vatican is so calling on the world's faithful to join the fight to solve the climate crisis. departure 40 religious leaders gathered at the vatican on monday to add their voice to the growing course, calling for world leaders to take real action to tackle the crisis. the catholic pope look francis called the meeting but preferred to let others speak for you. what g, a, you know, shouting, i call on all young people regardless of their religion, to be ready to fight against any action that may damage the environmental or increase the climate crisis. the meeting was labeled faith in science and many spoke of the need to fuse our rational and spiritual sites together. faith on science, people of different faith can transform fear in hope. anxiety
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in confidence, in action, into action and the mother's highlighted, the responsibility. religion confers on humanity. that the water is the father. the id is the teacher. and art is our common mother. just as we don't dis honor our mother, father and teacher. why would we dishonour these gifts from our creator? we must address the unequal economic systems and the human impacts of climate change. though they aren't political leaders, the president of the upcoming you in environmental conference says they have an important role. there is a very unique voice that religious leaders have when they talk to other worldly dis, the leaders of governments. and that i think is what now needs to happen for that voice from the religious world, from the scientific world to be amplified. to tell world leaders,
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but have to add to protect our plummet and our people throughout his papers. he pope frances has supported environmental action in 2015. he published his 2nd and cyclical loud that those see and which he called for swift and bold action to tackle the climate crisis. unless last week, where he virtually attended the youth for climate conference in milan. backing the work of 400 young delegates as they drafted proposals for the u. s. summit. meanwhile, outside conferences, a growing protest movement is adding its own pressure. a consensus has been building that real action must come out of the scotland summit. and to that, we now have the support of the world's leading spiritual figures. adarine al jazeera vatican city, former catholic liter carlos for gym on sex tradition hearing has been suspended by an italian court. put him on, was detained by police when he arrived in sardinia last month, though a judge ordered ordered his release. a day later, his supporters have been rallying outside,
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or spain accused him of sedition over his role in castillo, he has failed. independent, sped in 27, has been in exile in belgium, self imposed exile in belgium. as a man used to sin and facebook, instagram and the messaging service, what's up all appeared have been hit by wide spread outages. internet users are taking time to other forms of social media like twitter to report their frustration . what's up is the world's most popular messaging app and reports more than 2000000000 monthly uses. facebook which owns instagram, and whatsapp has not yet commented on the cause of the outage that parcels a crater on the comedy of. yeah. volcano on the island of la palmer has collapse as eruptions become more aggressive, it still spewing love or after erupting more than 2 weeks ago. these are life pictures. the spanish government has pledged $239000000.00 to help the island recover from the devastation by mister federal sanchez made the commitment on
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sunday. during a visit to la palmer, john hall has more. i want to make it clear that we're in a much more powerful, more explosive, aggressive phase of this eruption. for all part of the normal course of events were reassured by the vulcan ologist. i'm as close as i can get to it right now. we're right up against a police roadblock here, cordoning off what they describe as the danger area. but if i step out, you can get quite a lot closer. i think through the eye of the camera, i'd take a listen just for a moment. mm hm. it like being under the flight path of a very, very busy airport. it was clear throughout sunday that things were changing, developing loud booms echoing out across this island and a very impressive plume of smoke rising into the sky. volcanic ash, toxic gases, much more impressive than before. and then late in the evening on sunday, something really significant did happen. a wall of the central code collapsed in on
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itself. effectively consolidated, the 3 vents into one and forcing a huge surge of volcanic lava. down the mountain side were told that has now joined the original flow down the western slopes towards the sea. but because of the changing topography from 2 weeks now of molten rock and lava, there is the risk that it may deviate and put more property, more houses, buildings and farm land in the path of destruction. no sign at all of this volcano . diminishing that is not surprising because the average time it takes for an eruption like this to passes up to 2 months. and this one has already produced 3 times the amount of volcanic batter lava ash rock than its predecessor in 1971. and in about a 3rd of the time, so far to american scientists have been awarded this year nobel prize for medicine . daily julius and i damn pat 14 were singled out for their discoveries and
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receptive for temperature in touch. in our bows committee secretary general, called the discoveries crucial to our survival. i mean, the 1st of all, i think is severely basic scientific discovery because it explains a lot. i mean, it explains how we can feel, have these feelings set on the scheme. and x, we also des pressure receptors, saw involved in a lot of good things feeling torn on the war against like when you extend the norm where you storm, if you close your eyes to sens called it broke your sexual hallway, 3 for some stockholm, that was expectation that the prize would be even more timely, great expectation that it would be awarded to those who develop the m r n. a vaccines used in the fight against coven 19. in fact, we had a protest heritage nobel for him by a group protesting against by on tech, not sharing its formula with the vaccine produces in developing countries. but that had been happy because the prize did gars. he said to david julius and odd m.
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participate in considered to have made a very, very crucial breakthrough in an area that's key to our survival at touch and temperature being out the sense, hate cold and mechanical stimuli as they put it. now, how was this done well, with millions of fragments of dna, many hours, many years in the laboratory. but perhaps most noteworthy with red hot chili peppers. i invite to compound in chillies, cold caps ice in. that's enabled them to identify the genes that are, that respond to heat and then using mental to identify the genes responsive, responsible, responding to cold, and then simply prodding cells to get electrical impulses to see how they respond to touch. and now it already been known that cells responded to the stimuli where the breakthrough is here is how those
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a how touch hate cold is transmitted further on to the brain. and it's been found that specific molecules, proteins a present for each of those different sensations along the, the heat and cold spectrum and touch. and it's this that could make it possible to create better drugs to treat her syndromes, the sim, drones, and, and diseases that cause chronic pain. several major pharmacies in the u. s. i said to face their 1st trial over their role in the nations appeared crisis. they've been nearly 500000 deaths from overdose in a decade. the pharmacies are accused of mister per miss representing the risks of long term opioid jews, and failing to properly monitor suspicious orders of these trucks. john hendrick reports at one of chicago's black market drug bazaars. ty, can't escape opioids. are you doing in bad? yeah, real bad. he's woken up in an ambulance more than once. he's joined
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a rehabilitation program, but he can't help coming back for more. more roles. reuben, real bad, so i legally, tracy without it again, he'd like to kick the habit with the draw of opioids is too strong. this blog on chicago's west side is of fentanyl epicenter. last year, deaths by opioids went up 30 present in illinois and 83 percent of those were due to fentanyl. located marielle brown says the fault lies with drug makers who dramatically underplayed the powerful lou revoke oil. is supposed to be a control softness does, would occur, does what it unfolded air the controls of the not there's auto control many start with legally bought, but highly addictive prescription painkillers like oxy code on in move to st corner drugs when their prescriptions run out. the street corner pills they by are often
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laced with fentanyl, an opioid 50 to a 100 times more powerful than heroin. they don't know what they're getting before they would just get oxy code own. and now the oxy code on is compress is, is, is there crushing up of fitness and compressed in the on to the peels all the different pill. so now the st. villas i our path and on these jokes to any and everybody every day on chicago's west side, john, right, more know brown and his brother, kevin brown patrol for addicts and often find someone overdosing when they do, they administer. nor can kevin has done it so many times, the addicts have a name for him. look up in his god, it's a bird to play. no, it's just me. no. okay. and on this go to remain a dozen people was then from ornell brown, a recovered heroine,
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attic. the culpability of opioid manufacturers is personal. he says he can't escape his own responsibility for past drug use. with that for many addiction is aided and abetted by the industry. i take this very personal, very person, because almost of auburn, prisoner of that war on mackenzie from that war, a war against addiction that plays out in the streets of every american city in cities around the globe. john henderson, l g 0, chicago. ah . so again, i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera u. n. investigation says all sides in libya, conflicts have committed violations that may include war crimes, the report details, accounts of murder, torture, enslavement and rape. it says, migraines and detainees suffrage. the most.


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