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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2021 6:30am-7:00am AST

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where no other livings sufficed hours have gone into actual space. the 19 year old actor famously played captain kirk in the you are safe, i sous star trek. no, he's going to be joining 3 others on board. a blue origin capsule, which is going to blast off from texas next week. shatner's going to become the oldest person to go to space so far. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories service has been restored to facebook and it subsidiaries, instagram. and what's up after almost 6 hours of outages that affected billions of people all around the world. the companies apologized and says it doesn't believe any user data was compromised. facebook's chief technology officer had to use a rival platform twitter to tell customers it was having technical difficulties. when all this comes as facebook is facing another crisis, a former employee is league documents that appear to show the firm prioritizing
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proffered over the safety of its users. it's also accused of ignoring warnings. instagram was impacting the mental health of teenagers, francis hygienist scheduled to testify in the u. s. senate on tuesday. when we live in an information environment, it is full of angry, hateful polarizing content. it or rhodes are civic trust, erodes our faith in each other, erodes our ability to white, to care for each other. the version of facebook that exists to day is terry and our societies apart and causing ethnic violence around the world. if he of his prime minister abbey, i'm, it has been sworn in for a 2nd term is described the paul as if he of his 1st attempt at a free and fair vote. but paul's in june were overshadowed by conflict into good i, or hundreds of thousands of facing possible famine. sedans government says it's about to run out of medicine, fuel and wheat because it's main port has been blocked by protests for over 2 weeks . demonstrators of closed roads around port sedan to complain about
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a lack of political power and a poor economy. more oil has hit the california coast in what's been called an environmental catastrophe. investigators are looking into whether a ship anchor striking a pipeline could have triggered the leak and an estimated 126000 gallons is spelled out. environmental as say, many pipelines have been allowed to age into an unsafe state. the united nations security council says it accepts haiti's. elections are going to be delayed until the 2nd half of 2022 at the latest b u. s. had earlier pushed for a vote to take place earlier this year. last month, haiti's primacy or re dissolved the electoral council responsible for organizing a vote in november is dismissed claims. he's trying to cling to power those. the headlines coming up next on al jazeera. it's risking it all good. by talk to al jazeera, we ask, what gets you hope that it is going to be peace because the situation on the ground
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seems to be pointing. otherwise we listen. we went never on the whatever road to off migration. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah, things are hopping at the road terminus and loop embassy, and the congo traders throng around the only available transport. hoping to get a lift to sell their goods in the town of bu, comma. they like a fellow well i guess like a number opened up a baby. a
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eugene is one of the few truckers willing to risk the the tories road a mentor with the bundles of goods of carefully positioned wasting. space on board means less money for eugene bush, a recording for more about the fees and based on the bulk of the goods themselves. it wouldn't be fair to get more stuff. it was really bad regularly and by their white openings with what i mean is it gonna deal with the price is about a dollar keela and it's not negotiable. when you mean for median gallons, a pretty says and what you feature for me to my a. busy and garcia and avoid it up. i can do it, but i'm gonna have the little window a little. oh,
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what are you losing a look at it if i'm available to provide it that i submitted to ca. i fax i live in full. got it in. if an employee can hit confirm with me as well, if i wanted to fill out of it worth it if they could bust, have it got that i think on. oh boy, if you use it, if it doesn't want it done, design road is merciless. taking a heavy toll on the trucks, many have more than a 1000000 kilometers on the clock. but eugene's truck is relatively new. it only has not stopped 700000 kilometers a plastic. you never say they're like you go cuz you know, they called said what it is. he never said going to ship and it'll say eugene's insurance comes in the form of his driver. domingo. don't mean if one of the above
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re william when it was with eugene, pays him a small fortune $300.00 a trip. 3 times the average salary and the congo is a full deb domingos unquestionably worth his wages. he's considered one of the best drivers around and after using the road for 10 years, he knows it well that he's in ms. william for building who hasn't been good with one the goals. there's a 170 liters of fuel in reserve. in the middle of the bush, there are no petrol stations. to top is income. eugene has sold off 10 places to passengers on top of his truck. there's no bus service. and once again, he decides what the fees are. $20.01 way when you get a hold of. i thought about that with
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me because i don't like to keep them before each trip. eugene hands over a fistful of money to domingo who handles the petty cash to cover his meals and for any contingencies along the way. but a congolese frank is a congolese frank with less. if this is good, like a bundle with a lot of them that they will go with well my life to him with skin lucy, michigan with them. i am with
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4 days of torture for those with put that trust, a new jeans truck nickname the faculty, watauga after the animal that lives in the bush for the 1st 50 kilometers, the road is paved. we'll talk trundles along at a steady 40 kilometers an hour later the road becomes a dot trunk. no more town. it's just villages and the average speed drops to valley 20 kilometers an hour. the going gets tough
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with incredibly the road was once actually paved for decades ago. but after years of neglect, nature in the form of tropical rains and furnace like, heat has repossess the ground. eugene who knows the road well, the dirt track poses no surprises or ball in order to have yeah. one. yeah, that's it. it is of them. and that is probably the $6000.00 to the trip and they've covered 80 kilometers time to stop for some food. and at the last village, before the real challenges of the jungle begin, i got, they got their put up with
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my route to in a calico my mom. so. but they be below fours. they says energetic. one was the mustang. ah, i feel bad. fucking funny mom. lexi died it without flood my. it's funny guy. show it there. damn great off women died. come on 5 days on it . thank god pop on so george over not live director my what i city next. that benefit for you, ma'am, way to show that if you call and we said towards a phone dish or fail office or an etiquette, if you a fuss, difficulties soon appear. the rainy season has ended, but the down poles have taken a terrible toll on leaving huge holes filled with mud. domingo has to maneuver the
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15th ton truck with great care. i want to go with people with with what i've got that. i've got an idea that one of them. yeah, that's a matter of what i have that's. i mean, i, i, i've, i've been on hold for you guys here. i thought it might be been more than that.
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i've, i've, i've had with godaddy on the plan a almost from the start, what, all this falling behind schedule. oh wow. we should have covered 300 kilometers. so father made just $150.00 a eugene and domingo decide to drive through the night despite the danger.
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ah, a different on buffy city scouts with on i said don't want to sit with one out for say, a mile again. i called the show my eyes, but after 2 pm, a nice, i'm over it with 23 hours on the road. time to take a break. the small village of can say, is it or a party isn't full? swing a j, a, a
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a after a few hours sleep, it's time to press ahead. one of the worst stretches of track lies ahead ah, 500 kilometers ago to become a whole. in this part of the road, the potholes can be as deep as 3 meters. to negotiate the track, eugene uses 3 scouts to plot a route past the holes with the jew and elephants hang on to the outside of the truck, acting as spotters for the driver. ah oh yeah. good. when it comes to the hottest stretches of road,
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everyone has a different opinion. with the, with as a precaution, domingo asks the passengers to get off the truck. it's overloaded and mo, worryingly, unbalanced by the huge amount of goods it's transporting. it could tip over at any moment on the, on the even surface once the truck is on its way, domingo cannot afford to stop the fear of the vehicle getting bogged down.
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ah passengers follow on foot. a ga by gig data bucket road. i don't, i won't all got a hold on google own g gender muscle by 7 kilometers later. and the passengers can finally bought the truck again and have
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a wonderful guy. i know when i left the property, eugene is proud of its driver. i wanna oh oh and sandra hill didn't have her. do i don't know alicia noon as us keep where did you like was it was that was a oh, well i'm always in my shed won't be curious if we will miss you. i will do mika. i love you may hold to make money. a lot of them i was about digging is a little difficult, but i don't go with the next few days. domingo and his team will do their utmost to prevent the water from getting bogged down the track is in such a poor state that it takes eugene's truck all day to cover just 25 kilometers. ah,
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if hell has a road than this surely must be, it's equal ah, the times the truck can barely make 2 kilometers an hour. a they left lube bashing 9 days ago. so far covered just 250 kilometers. ah, that still $400.00 to go ah touched on the truck, the passengers are at their wits end. the ferocious wind whips the war talk, but eugene seems unconcerned by their complaints. to give everyone a break, eugene makes a stop for supplies with drinking water and
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a chance to make sure none of the nuts and bolts on the water jug have come loose. a truck has been sorely tried so to have the passengers who are now days behind schedule. ah, up to 300 kilometers potholes. thousands of hours of being shaken, unwelcome surprise. the water loses a key component of its suspension, which breaks off again. no. more than let out, he has been sent goodbye the hood. well
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don't do. i'll guide you. leave me a buzz. domingo is upset now they'll be delayed even more. a sudden will pick up a, a a a every one settles down for a long wait. almost midnight and the crew i've been trying to fix the problem for more than 5 hours is they always dash this issue on my foot.
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bethany proceeded from year book a full mouth. they sort of gang on it. then i thought it eugene who had expected the journey to take 4 days now has to face up to the fact that they've been on the road for 12 days. and that still only half way there. ah, there's no time to waste. they lost another 3 days repairing the truck with them now being on the road for 2 weeks, and still barely half way to their destination. the voyage has turned into a nightmare. ah, the truck moves along at a snail's pace. the odyssey becomes surreal.
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in the middle of the bush, a traffic jam a dozen or so trucks in single file waiting to move on with the truck's been stuck for 3 days. the driver has unloaded all its cargo in a desperate effort to extricate his vehicle with money. and that's the case now, as domingo tries what have a means, he can't bypass the obstruction. any feelings of solidarity with a trap to drive up, put aside for the risks, getting bog down himself with
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eugene can't get over it. he may be a mean businessman, but he's full of admiration for his driver a our with or you. i don't want to say about with
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. 6 galvanized by domingo success, the other drivers chance their luck with they claim victory to soon as just a few kilometers further down the road. there are another 1000 trucks and all of them have become trapped in a mile. a drive is going for broke, i. oh,
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the blue truck has to be moved out in the bush. it's all a matter of being resource with everyone has their own solution. however bizarre may want to go back to pick up on my unit.
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mm hm. i've been with a thought eventually a plan is agreed on by them. but if you mobile mobile, are you watching the spectacle on the fold? eugene is concerned. some of the passengers haven't any food. i wouldn't be monday when i some trucks have been stuck here for 11 days. don't want them all to while i'm on geo went to mcdaniel or see dr. munoz to remind you that even if i was going to buy or do i have like an auto this you don't, they don't want to lose comes out of water. if you didn't want to send it by new day, you know, they made the defendant and i swore lemming with
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despite the best efforts, eugene domingo and the rest of the drivers will remain stuck in the mud for another 2 weeks, a with journey that should have taken 4 days will eventually take the watauga a month,
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a month to cover the 650 kilometers to become a ah, the venezuela, columbia borgia has become a stamping ground for trespasses as desperate people transgress an illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all the venezuelan columbia on al jazeera, october on al jazeera, them growing vaccine inequality to the political and economic impact. the latest development at the corona virus pandemic continues to spread across the globe. democracy made an expensive new series,
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explores the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world. former burkina faso, president, glazed come forward, goes on trial for the assassination of his predecessor commer. thank. haven't contacted india direct from them by brings insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy. yorkies go to the pole in an election likened to define the country's future. october on al jazeera al jazeera world reveals dramatic pictures from garza in may 2021. at lived there for a number of years and if there is no where safe, and god account dang to his really missile attacks on ford tire goals. why we're tires from the families, businesses, and media organizations. simply blown up, goes a 60 minute warning. oh, now jesse around mm mm. be the hero. the world
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needs a washer. ah, ah, facebook says sorry for a global outage that's crashed at social media platforms for hours. a baptism. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up. if you'll be as prime minister sworn in for a 2nd time as people starved to death and to good, i am fighting spreads to other.


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