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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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on day 60 zone, a whole al jazeera on la palmer island in the atlantic ocean. u. s. scientists have made a breakthrough entreating severe depression using an appliance that is inserted into the brain. the match box size device can detect and treat depressive behaviors and machine promising results. once it spots the pattern, it sends 6 seconds of electricity, which prompts a change in brain activity. it was used on its 1st patient a year ago, who says it's turned her life around. ah, services, others are. these are the top stories. and after nearly 3 years investigating the french catholic church, a commission says about 330000 children. were victims of sexual abuse over 70 years . the landmark report says about $3000.00 child abuse as 2 thirds of whom were priests operated within the church since in 19 fifties report details what it calls the church is cruel indifference towards the victims. the senior bishop has asked
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for forgiveness and has promised action over the findings you knew sombre additional. it seemed indispensable in our investigation to look at everything that can feed or justify abuses and sexual violence. and that includes a form of exaggerating the priest's authority and an excessive sacrilege. zation, as well as the identification of the priest to christ in all aspects of his life. michaud akila called the commission, has found that an outlook excessively taboo of sexuality is susceptible in creating blind spots to very grave abuses. facebook candidates, subsidiaries, instagram, and what's up now back online after uses were blocked for several hours. billions of people around the world have been affected. the company has blamed a technical fault and says it doesn't believe any user data was compromised. iceland claim responsibility for sunday's blast outside a mosque in the afghan capital which killed 13 people. the taliban says it destroyed in ice will sell in the north of cobble hours after the explosion. so
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on the premier says the territory is on high alert against what he called, beijing's continued violations. premier soon sang, chang may. the announcement after record number of chinese aircraft and to tie ones aerospace, it's ministry of defense says $56.00 fighter jets passed into its territory in 24 hours. and 148 chinese plains. since friday, 14 percent of the world's coral has been lost in less than a decade. a report by the u. n. backed global data network says more reefs are at risk of disappearing because of climate change. warming oceans are causing more coral bleaching events. and that's when corals under heat stress expel the algae living in their tissues and die. those headlines, more news coming up here in our desert. right after witness. i've not of you come here every year for either a 5 day festival where everyone dresses in white men,
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women, and children of birch and running quarter of the tigris river depend their body than wash away their sins. this baptism is a monday and ritual, also known as sabby in rob. they are the followers of one of the istic religion, which predates islam and christianity a monday. it is the 1st religion to the world, i believe in one god who created life and needed to have a lasting a skins or a bomb. well, the 1st books of prophet adams sheet and yeah, they want to dispel the myth about which cross and magic being associated with the gnostic religion. zavion say their numbers are baby a 5th of what they were before that 2003 invasion because of iraq security and there is being a closed religion. one can only be born into the faith in marrying into their religion is forbidden and the population has dwindled even further because thousands have taken refuge elsewhere for safety. ah,
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a b a a my son a non stop throwing up on the passenger a
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oh, a symbol in the when a cushy thing put down the g. a bought a little bit more funny so the 2 eunice for casa. oh yeah, with this done t o g a chance chip bomb coloma said for sure i can finish it. oh,
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a d o a o a o a o d for florida? yes. you are looking for one of the she with well, it would be a lot of a double number. every company you wanted to get out of that with the general
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company for nearly 4 months. you suspend that vehicle? dodgy, go out of the garbage, which will look at what's the unit that i didn't think was the question though. so chaney, they will get a little bit damaged. gotcha. you'd actually go out of where you go take a look at that . a few i called on somebody for see if y'all see medical, let us know and you know what? i've heard nothing about the rent because you know 3 will be around to no nation. it's nearly my hearing quite. and then we're going to feel throw that in the
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meantime, the zone, the recall that or and yes it will be that is the seen. the, these are new that you told me to call, you know, an animal in the pony. so got to be careful. she cannot, if you didn't get a number going tonight because the financing of the the problem with that. but he's the one that is actually can, i can see that i've got to be near a to get other studio. ah, we please check up to 20,
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where you on your own can see that i think it out of my the to lynn tagging me see that again? they could be sooner because even when my senior minute i've been doing a suit to me when you get closer to heard of that. so if that means he's busy with the protocol layer yet if you would he enough that
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i know you meal began later. katy generally gave the that animosity display rita when the moon and up you were on 32, it caused me to give other the interim. i 1st of them be push it a you say said there are new or they also in your maternity been be and if you would have less thrown out that you would you would have been initial and you and
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if you could, i mean a lot from the memory to the latimer as soon as great engineer was sipping taste and i could, i mean unity and we sort of confronted the fire that propped up as a bit of motor brings a few notes looped on paul, we wanted today some interest to show anything to the spectacular then she oh, because i tried to get all my from us bank with tv based on the piano, piano chevy. sheena kiser for it,
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but equals you start bitching. and it will, if i, yeah, there is been sierra door in each a quota for me. your condo psyche bulletin, i me to lay the man the psyche, english or mean thought are there to go over the asia pushing the brain delivery and saying that i'm nan was study vandalism. there was one through for sure. let me give you a call back and let me start getting the upper. he's gonna say me no less up yamaha authority. she jordan e in all of her grandma. and can i subtle the closing? and so you are see me as you enter your c v stood the proper inch and throw parity owner. the she is, are you crystal years to start the broken up but to own it, wendy's personal more that her for to the lord in
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a school order or to to actually see for more of the key asset images. they sort it initialize. oh oh a little more you did about it, did i even you telling me i it just stopping idea when i make you and see the reading that he only dr. levine. i
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wanted a guy with with, with the guy who am i? am the found them? i'm not enough to ringo. oh, video, leno, nene? if we put a 50 day live in the the 100 we did other to new. so nicole kelly makena portales to meet the it also to 30 play city throughout the day. so call the the what i'm adding book up at a kid precipitous. so nick and kim, i don't need to do that. i'm going to provide for being mm
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a for c a. so i have a whole sauce has done a lot. there. lay a seems to me in christ only on the corner near the companion my number. when he gets to that,
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do you see what he joined in one of the cd, but yet we lack of glue. but as the amateur luna persona asking to get choice in 15 to week is to be in contact to the clinic as a confederate to when to do it in a few to chat. what did you do on that to the new model that you had? i saw brenda took that switch and i saw it as senior at the city to fit in in new york. ready
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mm hm mm mm. such as the lumen we seem to know the price on that to provide to get but what happens a. ready little bit if you are very different a little bit with will not or not on that the minister were to who steve i do not personally run for months your lay on have you done fighting any last he talked
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soon italy bit quinetta tito from to do nasty stance i tried. i didn't come to the audience. they might or becky sooner symptom wouldn't dive in more luminary car ability to work in schulman t d abra comic. oh oh oh oh no. ah oh you go mental i'm will be the vicinity. i said with a facebook tweak that last i didn't need event,
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i didn't then it was summer. oh, let me think which equates to the claim will mean milan, hobbies, younger liter, nadia lab or i, i love what had it in not that i meant that all the platters gunmen actually, since i'm asking you know, one of each in alaska made than in disconcerting goto, oh, ah, a with a j, a god. okay, probably man, thank god, going for with i you that up that i'll change your contact jane taking on capitol invariably and put it
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in. she came out to push the cla, uti philip's other domains. that remedy is processed and getting not my me put it there. you that a movie, it a one of my mediocre who's us, which is bow capital over my my social's from us with i know that the orchestra cooperate is a little too light. leather can senior on a profit he came out to let you to do the th, it broke with respect, gotta fill with what i fight, cynthia. we still think it's one antiquity because from only a new cloud of school i, since a c, libya rooms are in july. you better get our little boss me in the feeling. oh,
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i don't, you know, they call with . ringback ringback ringback you guys will give you what they want to pursue and i few in there. i mean it, i live, i will 20 corolla local that took own copies of each. i know a lot. i will fucked on for you. the man who appears to ponder that the route to mercantile, which is the chief that argues he thought that by economy of his balls draw medina moliere, k, a market, missouri, theatrical movie, answer that tomorrow on the starter. would you open that fannan, lola shaw, sick when lay off full on your friend. okay. marked water. cuba
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and laura leo came up to what she called a with it on cows of you know what the, what the nitty manase. i mean the you would live. i still would after them, profession easter on iraq to fell. mean timothy z. matthews is the persona hasn't been saga me for they log in, so i'm young. yeah, let me set a spanner culture more so than to put going on. if you don't even use an meeting, but guess and all that, i mean it chow in amy's i, i think she's my way point talking that we carry the words in people that have cause of injury in it. so no dizzy coming to
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prison. sunny and the stranger put up the fall. ac is east for my for good. you saw ah, the aconia that a seen the need for me at a professional level what i may, but i'll put on a lot of battle at the 15 but i'm not about that. if i thought it was the fact he love it. so i seem to find no means you can just give me a call over there was a way if anyone filled with that.
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yeah. i think the problem, of course everybody a call the not having to feel if y'all shrink with me a call back re solomon talk to you guys, you know, or you want to put it in our south road. okay. and that's just those to the fact that their cousin would you she should have them in stock, cynthia, me, kazi ho dean. did they went to that at bushland? give you both the assistant that your grand they put us in and see you that when are you will to you'll missing to april 10th and up until suddenly and
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ok, just to be able to just fidel. yeah, i don't know the limit to stream it. you said it to? no, no, because you know you probably what i mean in all still hearing me because i'm willing to go see jennifer said that already in the city of june in the city to sort of deal with that. my daughter for a lawyer. i
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don't sure more go to go out and we went out and woke up lucy booth and that is for the study i'm working from fione of was the 20th on august the quote thought a be to jordan, the the provide the 5 they do it when the, the, but soon if you leave that out, you pull out it ah, with liberal on, on the middle of
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a lot of them. but she knew from the sure from all during that could be it. i sort of your fact is to be clueless financing, but given you and your furniture or similar to shoot rafino or coronado? sure new equipment. ah, a lot of this so i went back to thrust city. i'm only allowed to but i little bit of dba. little know vehicles about via but, but in that age, a be to what is it a little in gwinnett scan, filmmaker sand facility catches the taliban attention. a bounty on his head forces
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him to flee with his family, desperately seeking sanctuary. they journey across continents chronicling their multi year saga on their phones. midnight traveller, an odyssey of hope resilience and ultimately one families love for each other. witness on out his era, the white to vote well representation, participation. democracy means that people have the right to choose their leaders and governments in free and fair lashan exploring why democracy has never been so flattering in so many parts of the world. i don't you mentally, theories examines the biggest challenge is to democracy from those who wonder minute to those who are ready to die for right democracy maybe coming soon on all to 0. the earth is it tipping boy?
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scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 years as the world's lead failed to agree upon a solution or taking that his into their own. we're talking about that he's been happy now with buying. this is actually to get people who understand that it helped people and that it kills people. now it's ready can both rise with people's voice. oh, no. jazeera al jazeera world speak, said she, dizzy and family, facing agonizing choices, and an uncertain future has become a type, have enough of it. and i want to move out of the country. disillusioned with the life been struggling economy and my train was to become a lawyer or a judge. i really wanted back what the circumstances, a tendency and family high hopes, desperate lives on out to sierra ah,
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allow government knowledge is iraq. where ever you with no, i lou, this is al jazeera. ah, hello there, i'm miss darcy. hey, and this is the news. our live from our headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. another crisis for the catholic church, a french commission finds nearly 330000 children, were victims of sexual abuse. facebook, what's happened? instagram roll back online after a 6 hour global outage company blames of technical falls crumbling on.


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