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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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paternal approach to prevent crime a do with the stories we don't often hear told by the people who left them. mother is a free to be. this is europe on algae 0. lou . hello, i'm in language unto how these are the top stories on al jazeera 1st to banking news. at least 15 people have been killed in an earthquake that has struck 7 pakistan. hundreds more have been injured. the quake had initially been registered at magnitude 5.4, but later revised up to magnitude 5.7. officials say the worst affected area is the city of hon. i. in a bullet, she stand province. they say lack of paved roads and poll. mobile phone coverage is
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hampering rescue efforts. the world health organization has endorsed the 1st have a vaccine to prevent malaria. it's been tested in 3 african countries since 2019, and is being recommended for children. malaria is the main cause of childhood illness and death in sub saharan africa. well, then $260000.00 african children under the age of 5 die from the disease every year . i. some of you may know i started my career as a my little researcher, and i longed for the day that we would have an effective vaccine against this ancient and terrible diseases. and today is that day on historic day to day w jose recommending the broad use of the world's 1st my letter vaccine. peruse president his name to former president of congress,
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mertsa vasquez as prime minister. it follows the resignation of gateway by edo just 2 months into the new administration. no reason was given for the left as politicians departure. but he had become a contentious figure for both congress and peruvian citizens. the un secretary general antonia good tear as is calling for ethiopia government to allow the world body to deliver humanitarian aid to millions in the countries north. he says at least 7000000 people into gray m hara and of far need help. ladies of the us and china will hold talks before the end of the year. it comes as a strategic rivalry deepens on multiple fronts, ranging from trade to taiwan, top advisors to both joe biden, and she's in ping, a grade to the virtual meeting after they met for 6 hours in switzerland. those are the top stories. thanks for watching. stick around for more news at the top of the hour, but now it's algae. 0 world. i for now. ah
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divided into tomorrow. the 1st one is yes,
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no question. a nobody will age one questions. okay. and that these are yes, i am not really. no, i'm not really good. so since you are the teacher you ha, i know you own a so i'm blah. i hope. no, no i assume but other center with how long. busy is it the same for many of us to wander? because the, lemme, lemme would look and if you need it, because i'm a law c, a b, leo simmons, yemen barton. but the challenge that we need to come in, she being the picnic level. so i'm at the end wasn't how she again, really that's certainly i would say i'm a n g p, a seminar with a set that i understand i. e assumption like smoke and the sherman like gay open to
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ship the canal a satellite. nothing. when listen, they kind of shit willis sticking me neither can do that or something that will commit the diploma when the mind me and mine that have wellness on the time in here. my callback, when the best here with that it was i live in love with happy ones that i thought my want. what i am by the hell had a b as in almost the word going through a lot all blame last martini has. if you know your son are a lot of that go and it will end up with here with the i'm will, i don't have to let them gamma says yeah kim, i was just more than i thought a symphony. me or city me
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from my mid risks, i'm a good deal. my coach, them she said, all of she eclipse young had che, am i that there were had visual family nicea said william, i think when i do a little 50 my yeoman day old kid vacation for a little for yourself or for them the new my home and it up unless it's a clearly understood my name, the enough a fellow with enough a feel my natal was you meet there all the me in send me an laclare more clear than if that kind of hard enough a film of them are quite sure you have the group so they are and if you must, go learn more and look him up. cool shift fabica by fiano than you know, you must american m o l l a n at mckelly should 1 pm occasion walks in was in his mind a 4 year degree scheme. cornell is, well,
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i don't want to lose. he had met with national men or human ma'am. it was the vietnam as the, as the money, i defeated them as was money at the time. no biggie is flew back on the money they did. they did. it could block the had the gun move. i must give clinton, isn't an army birth, going to lose money hung up now. my child has to be in the head of what it hasn't been the next. if you moment let alone with an an announcement, i'm should only convert him horrific when and if not. mm hm. it's not sonoma live or combine a has i'm in denmark in hot mission. come. i'm already with some of the ant chrome of some of graham and as a man, emerson corner cow donahoe's in woodland mc nicholas. when i'd as soon as the doom . how do i look on his rim? johan cindy murderer, let her dares me telephone a squad little more in an initial and endeavoured fishery when done,
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but i see him and no one will show you. bear live. there's emsella vandeveer hoyle will maybe when i like being one of them are canada or you had my neck kids. if you were larger in house of euro, we use fuel grocery is really the live top of the obvious did they were for all mulatto. madly daniel tucker, case that he given in session move did help her out of their nipple lakin dark. another probably redeemable that girl who the she it he id bad news brother don't cover. don't want to be hard for him. he shall message yet. oh hey, you know what, when he must, has it with how did he couldn't have been the best money had come and not going to have the hallmark and haven't got them if they could day and have burst out in a way to hadn't mentioned in my hand a baron der wow. hadn't b m m. how me emma, i've had a handicap, lou, lou,
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and he did have you will let these as mother sema more the vienna, early war. i shall i are those such as them was whether it has them or go to the are you really been who is a roof my my learn more, i think i own will be done with all of a sudden i use it gives you an afternoon and i get a bite and a half hour. i should have money in a movie. i swear he has a little more commodity comes. he had to look in because, i mean, definitely had, i think, a she, helen semanski, a ton smiley had a big difference. wed teach couple i meant to sasha her say it is you know, she chose ted motion chairman. man, but we had to with everything we get it need. when you moment mother,
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she sure stamina. man money getting up in the 2nd ticket to school today. and these which are these who are the boost mobile? well good had they had them appear through amount. okay. sure. came in montage. yet why they did. we had today who had wish it were, you know, what do you and this was back. i if you my alarm, so the lit killers now. yeah. he lived in a 124 live that in a manner that a might acting from say, live, but i'm sure you click one last year and she taught english. she thought of somebody at the, at the address of house anybody belie i'm yeah. and belmont currently when else had to leave for the again, did you another many under that one but thought, although i bet alfie says via to love it, but somebody let out of that, but they should be fun in our family scene which de donald on demand i wish i was
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the one that was in the ocean and if you've been, if you looked on the guns, i don't want them. 7 color, i've oconee buell, mac tuba and him. how you g. marsha, this is a good division. i'm thinking of you hook for your home. you're not listening. well, a herald only bizarre. actually. miss vallejo hasn't, hasn't mental phenomena giving money. anybody who got a smash running b o n a, do you have to leave a really blessed you? she's happy talk. when a man i you can ma'am, would i eat the most of no cushioning and i know green one, how did she look me? her name is lisa. i don't even use madison. even i have it on my mind on ship them new home and hand him a truth. when do we in a huge not who we are on, you know she meds anywhere new sheep area or
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a law the 30th day and we'll get her brother machine for her. i did my mom, my mom felice, and share a gig. that was you. she was good and then i see a lot of is marcia. c o c z m id, another book with a book. yes, it is. if you're not there now more and more on when it in the song. so be good. photo milken commerce. so stephanie amended, meek aliya here, here, who can i know little jaime at abberly?
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i'll be out in his office than what i've been. i got the machinery lamond msm knowledge from a lesson n as in the student lives that are be a num sheila clears was own from. and i had them that was a bit though in the style of the last month, and i from naz unit. and as i'm lucky with, one isn't as enough with her, i will need to come upstairs, man talk and i was my like i at like i had a missed was the shortest roughly. supposedly mr. mother like he had the chance i was with the tomorrow by my british i'll gabby was month. i wish my our madras. i'm glad to do a live clarity. i am. okay. let me ask you this with names. jim mckay. mother who's been standing in one has zana,
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but i'm in many bedrooms, not only misses, did that like that they have, but i
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a city a but i managed to get a little bit of a holy shit does all of the stuff, oh shit in our model. what type of a, a company and when you get a commission i visited with people a lot with what happened with some back of my campus ib and they said the cut all morning. they got a, a dumb idea, should we have a chat regarding back with them for ms. jim with kind of from michelle kennedy and my wife about getting stuff on my
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[000:00:00;00] in, [000:00:00;00] in, ah, in the camera body with moral cool, you know, with my mother here she was very impressed with there's a lot of love and affection in respect with the moroccan people. a well to way from
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on by a nation has taken indian cinema to attack. out is the real well with the of the color and passion of morocco. bollywood dream. ah, it's still raining where it's sundering in the southeast corner of the u. s. huge, sway the cloud here. another one is coming from the pacific. this bringing cold weather even some snow for some parts in between. this envelope it pretty warbler has stretching from the gulf coast right up to the middle of canada. bismark in north dakota shows this 28 degrees. you're well above the average of 14,
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and it stays like that even when the winds tosses into knolls. late later on friday, so very slow progress of this, temporarily. wintery weather on the high ground of british columbia. you said, oh, falls apart. but if you look at the mountain states in the mid west or more bit west in the west, i mean that more sharon to come virtually any way that goes for the south as well. the real wet weather. i think he's going to continue to be in the eastern states, so she kept great lakes. there's been flooding recently, for example, in detroit has been fighting down in the southeast corner. they will be more as a result of the showers. there's also been flooding in the yucatan in this city in the west met either. it's been a meet a div quite easily. i think for the next 2 days or so. this is the breeze beans. the rain is like yet is heaviest. bit further east orbit for the south in, for example,
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guatemala or in costa rica. ah, the on air or online be part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no topic is off the table. it's a children's side atmosphere. people are demoralized, they're exhausted, and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptoms. jump into the stream and doing our global community of your online on youtube right now, you can be part of those conversations. well, this stream. oh, now to sierra there is no channel that covers world views like we do as a roman correspondent, i am constantly on the go covering topics from politics. the conflict is environmental issue. the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen. health care is what we want to know is how did these things affect people we, we visit places and stay,
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even when there are no international headlines out there are really invest in that . and that's a privilege. as a journalist. oh, for the congolese, but journey to work or that means unimaginable hardship. i prefer to like go with the captain to chancing life and limb on a dangerous journey through the jungle. when i fell on to the rail, i nearly died about children, 8th go to school and live because of the praying risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al jazeera. ah, at least 20 people have been killed after an earthquake in its southern pakistan. ah,
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hello, i'm emily, ang, gwen. this is al jazeera,


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