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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2021 8:00am-8:31am AST

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and talk about the stories that later on al jazeera, we understand the differences and the similarities and cultures the cost, the wow. and no matter what you see with the news in kind of that matter to you. oh i least 20 people are killed as an earthquake head southern pakistan. ah, i'm about to say this is audra 0 alive from doe hob, also coming up today is that day and he story day. a boast for the fight against malaria, the w. h o. baxter 1st vaccine to protect children from the disease. the prime minister of peru is replaced to just 2 months after taking office, the latest leader to fall as the country reels from political uncertainty and
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corruption scandals. some girls are still in the classroom in afghanistan, but the future of their education is remaining uncertain. ah, and i was great in pakistan has killed at least 20 people and hundreds more have been injured and measured at 5.9. and it happened in the early hours of thursday while people was sleeping. the worst hit areas reported to be the city of hon. ny in ballasa don province rescue efforts to said to be more difficult because a lot of the roads are bad, and cellphone coverage is poor. come all hide has joining me now from a slam about kamala. and we're obviously just in the 1st few hours of this, since this earthquake happened, what more to be know about what's going on? well, 1st of all, it should be remembered that this particular quake happened about 3 m. as you
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mentioned, very early in the morning. most people would have been sleeping at home. this is an area which has mostly marked and storm construction. wait for construction quality at dad killed many of the b. but what trap done that a rule? many, as you mentioned, at least 20 canada military ellicott to and then what rush through that area to evacuate the most mediately injured and also to move and send out the equipment. this is i've got at a more region and the fact that dia craig, were there shallow one thought configurable damaged. it also cut off the key access road. so people out to was that the force this bond direct to work with dodge lights to dig through the rob. but however, we are told that military rescue teams at now dead, the national debt. the provincial de dr. management auto did not dare and dead. of course, probing to see what had happened on the ground and not many structure have collapsed
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. wake what felt at faraway and the provincial capital went about a 168 kilometers away from road. and now that area then after chokes, of course, continued. but so far, the dead door leads not significantly high. however, we shall find out as the rescue efforts and recovery effort of gotta get underway. come all, thanks very much. indeed that's come all high to talking to us from is slomo. but i want to bring in young persley, she's a g, a physicist with the us geological survey. and she's joining us from golden in colorado. thank you very much indeed for being with us. from what to come all was describing. there seems to be a particular combination of circumstances that would, it would affect just to how, what kind of an impact and, and as quite cause just talk us through what's happening with this one and why it has hives such an impact? well this earthquake, it may not seem very large, but it was shallow. this,
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the shaking was very strong in the of the center area. her name is very close, you are only about 15 kilometers away from the abbey center. and so if you add that to the construction of the harms and structures in the area that will unfortunately cause learned damage. the fact that it happened at lag rent, diversely being that even exacerbates the damage and the injuries that would happen in the area. because it's in the mountainous region, the region will be brown to landslides, blocking the roads and hindering aid coming into the area. how does this compare to previous earthquakes? we've seen in this region. in the past 3 years, jessica sorry has recorded about 21, many to 6 and larger earthquakes within approximately 250 kilometers of the epicenter. so the regional knows large earthquakes and they, they happened from time to time. the most notable events that happened where
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magnitude 7 point one in 1997 and then to magnitude sevens in 19311935. there were very damaging here dollars either the earthquakes and seismic activity and climate, a related incidence or something that we report on regularly when it comes to the earthquakes. and seismic activity like we're seeing is any effort being made to try to develop systems that would at least allow people some sort of warning in these remote regions to be able to get away and try and reduce the number of people that are affected by it yes people try, people try predict earthquakes, figure out ways how we can anticipate, but will happen unfortunately. so many of these are large events. they happen at inter was that we haven't seen a repetition of been yet. and so that makes the prediction very difficult. on
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another, not there folds that have been on map which adds to the problem of how do you predict something if you don't have exact data where the false lie? in terms of the advice that builds you as geological survey and other organizations like yours can give to governments and to people in terms of building houses. what kind of recommendations can you make to people. busy in these remote areas, when their houses are obviously so poorly constructed that they do get hit so badly by these events. oh, any, any time you construct your home either loosely and out of actually starlight, i break mind. you don't reinforce it. i steal, you don't reinforce it, lead out even would frames would probably be able to function better and or as
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great then might houses, which in that area where this one happened. i realize it's a difficulty. yeah. personally, we appreciate you joining us and all da 0. thank you very much indeed for your time man. thank you. thank you. the world health organization's backing the roll out of the 1st 7 vaccine against malaria. it's a big step in the battle against a virus, which is one of the leading killers of children and struck amended the job should be given to millions of children across africa, victoria gate, and the reports. it's being described as a game changer for child health, a vaccine that could help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children each year in sub saharan africa. my letter has been with us for millennial, and the dream of my letter vaccine has been a long held, but an attainable dream. to day. the oddity as s mallet vaccine, more than 30 years in the making,
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changes the course of public health history. the vaccine smith klein vaccine has been given to infants in gonna kenya. i'm allowing since 2019 as part of a pilot program, it was found to be about 30 percent effective at preventing severe cases of the disease which is transmitted through mosquitoes. but that figure raised to around 70 percent when the vaccine was combined with all the treatments, i think eradication is still a quite some time of it. but i think the combination of benefits kimura relaxes and dyslexia that may be other vaccines in the future. bring my love your burden of disease down substantially and africa. malaria causes fever, vomiting, and fatigue, and kills more than full $100000.00 people each year. mostly children on to 5 as well as pregnant women. the r t s. s. vaccine also known as musky ricks has been welcomed by researches as an historic breakthrough. but many on the continent worry
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about funding and whether a mass roll out will be possible in the wake of coping 19 and other competing priorities. we, roman i are being a disease boss, especially i, by and large i and dizzy as far as from south africa, children. ah, and given the digital geez, that our companies are facing, which will that be international, clear g, r e is going to a stand up and make dyslexia available to with children needed. the world health organization recommends giving the vaccine to babies in 3 phases, followed by a beast, a shot, but that may take time. the next step is to the global vaccine alliance, known as gabby, to look at whether the vaccine is a worthwhile investment. if it's approved, gabby will buy it the countries that request it process that it's expected to take at least a year. victoria gayton, b al jazeera or u. s. federal court suspended
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a law in the state of texas, which effectively bands, abortions, they've been nationwide. protests since it was imposed last month is regarded as the most restrictive law and abortion control in the country, the by the ministration challenge, the law after the u. s. supreme court allowed it to go ahead. what is it is willing is temporary, it says the court won't allow what it describes as the offensive deprivation of such an important, right. the un secretary general has demanded evidence from ethiopia. after 7 un staff are expelled for allegations of misconduct, antonio terrorist intervened in a rare public exchange with if he appears ambassador, is calling on his government to allow unrestricted access to deliver humanitarian aid. to millions of people are diplomatic editor james bass reports from the un. with the conflict in ethiopia, widening and the humanitarian crisis growing the un secretary general address the security council. the country is facing any mouse humanitarian crises that the mans
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immediate attention. all efforts should be squarely focused on saving lives and dividing immersive human tragedy. these makes law, such as announcements by the government of each opiate to expel 7 senior un officials. most of them humanitarian stuff, but equally disturbing, but the ethiopian ambassador than justified those expulsions with new allegations. he claimed that the 7 senior staff had falsified data, inflated humanitarian figures, and even had invented cases of death by starvation. they were looking to create a data for like situation they suddenly an overnight created $1000000.00 victims of held the disaster. the secretary general had taken the unusual step of asking for a right to reply and invite the sacred general of the united nations. he demanded that the ethiopians provide documents to prove their new claims. we believe at york
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is violating international law in doing so. and we are ready to cooperate with the government of each european, inhalation to any situation in which the government of utopia feels that any member of the un is not behaving in total impartiality in total independence as a humanitarian law, but describes as he left the security council chamber, he added this here my duty to defend the honor of the united nations. the secretary general has made it clear that he believes a humanitarian catastrophe, is unfolding in ethiopia and urgent international action is needed. however, the security council remains divided in almost a year since the crisis started security council members have only been able to agree one joint statement. james bays al jazeera at the united nations still had and i'll just enter the race to become the next president of the philippines heats
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up for vice president lynette of red, or says she wants the top job. read enough can a sense massage leaf the only place where girls can still go to high school. ah, it's been a lot of moisture injection. the sky is remains of shaheen is still around. you can't see it as circulation, but it came from i went across and to quarter, and these showers in the west side of yemen, maybe the southwest society, our result of the moisture. the breeze is picky up to down the red sea and also down the golf bit of a shamal here. probably a dusty one. the tension to heart cities, but average she meets, you probably be down with this dry weight and otherwise it's sunshine all over the place. there is significant weather around not so much now in the south, as in, in the north command of central asia,
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a bit of cold showing early signs of winter in touch. you could stand, for example, not quite afghanistan. and that breeze blows across the caspian buck, whose temperature 50 is actually where it should be, its average, but it probably feel a bit chilly in that breeze and it's generating showers in the north of iran as well. the breeze goes across the black sea, so it'll blow through the fuss, the boss for us. but beyond that, beyond these shall the rain progress coming into greece is a fairly dr. picture of a turkey down through cyprus and the levant wind, not strong. he had gathered about 20 degrees, most places, probably below 30. and as the season shows so the showers are coming slowly. sites with the sun still there are in lake victoria. ah, for the congolese, the journey to work or means unimaginable hans. i prefer to get the captain to chancing life and limb when
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a dangerous journey jungle along to the rail. i nearly died about children eat, go to school and live because of the brain risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al jazeera blue. ah, you're watching all does it remind him i told stories. this are magnitude 5.9 earthquake in pakistan. his killed at least 20 people our lives. hundreds injured. it hit in the hours of thursday while people was sleeping. the worst hit area. so reported so far is the city of hon. i and ballast on province. the wont,
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health organizations backing the 1st of a vaccine to help prevent malaria. it's recommending the job should be rolled out to millions of children across africa. but he went in the secretary general has demanded evidence from ethiopia. after 7 un stuff were expelled for allegations of misconduct and tony retired. his intervened in a rare public exchange with ethiopia. ambassador was calling on its government to hold our unrestricted access to deliver humanitarian aid. to millions of people the vice president of the philippines. many libretto has announced she'll be running for president next year. we're brothers are human rights lawyer, an she's leader of the opposition. she's been a vocal critic of the current presidential jiggle to 30 and his violent crackdown on the illegal drug trades. well, let's bring into shamela alan doggone who's life for us in manila. given the fact that the vice president was very critical of the president, was this much of a surprise? well, yes, it is. as even to the supporters of vice president,
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let me read it because she's really kept her cards mostly to herself and to her inner circle. it is also important that the vice president comes from the opposition party. she has been subjected to a tax of from the support. there's not just from the support this of the president, the president of the legal without the himself. she was a reluctant candidate. she was never really a politician. she was a rights lawyer who was only propelled to power when her husband died, who was interior secretary during the previous administration. she wanda, vice president and beat the son of a former president and dictator, fred marcus, all who is also going to be running for the presidency. so this is the service actually showing. she's 4th and the polls. but these are surveys that are seen to be preliminary at this point. and so pretty much it is an open game. but her announcement today makes her the opposition oppositions official candidate for the 2022 election. tell us about the other contenders and what the main issues are
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gonna be when it comes to the election. well, so far, those who have announced are as you know, the world renowned boxer money back out, ascended their band to relax on. and manila mayor is got moreno, a lot of them, almost all of them are, you know, packaging themselves as the opposition. but actually they were allies of the president, the support that the drug war, the they were also some of them instrumental in a breath or prosecute persecution, of members of the opposition. so this is pretty much an open game at this point. and, and what is important to remember is that even though the line up the filing of the candidacy ends tomorrow, the lined up won't be final rob. that's because the commission election actually allows the switching of candidates until november 15. and there are a lot of discussions here that they might pull off, you know, something that was in that their dip labeled that there may be an announcement even
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coming from the president of the legal that they're just family, that another presidential candidate may be announced in the coming weeks i was going to be interesting isn't a similar ellen dog and we appreciate it. thank you very much. indeed. the president of china and in your us are expected all talks before the end of the year . a strategic rivalries, been deepening between the 2 global powers on a variety of subjects, from trade to taiwan, top advisors to both joe biden and she, jim ping agreed to the virtual meeting. after 6 hours of discussions in switzerland, it's not clear, find the talks are going to take place, but there will be aimed at improving communication and relations. my connor has more from washington dc, was very significant, and leaders have agreed in their phone call that they held last month that it's essential for them to maintain open lines of communication. because of the nature of this broad relationship. they've made very clear that it's necessary for them to talk to each other, to try and lower what has been an immense amount of tension between china and the u
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. s. at the u. s. phases at, in terms of competition. this is a word that china says it does not like it is seeking, it says a good relationship with the u. s. as it stands at the moment. president biden has now made clear that he will continue the policies instituted by his predecessor, in particular that agreement that was reached in january last year. the so called phase one agreement, in terms of which china made certain commitments which president biden says, he is now going to insist that china meets also staying in place. so other straight tariffs that president trump, then president trump, imposed no sign that the u. s. administration is going to change that there despite repeated calls from a number of businesses who are believe i'd be suffering from that particular trade tariff, a policy that was instituted by the trump administration. so very important though, from both leaders to keep the lines of communication open to avoid any
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misunderstandings as it is put that might occur. i, schools and public universities are still closed across are gonna stand. and that's raising more concerns about education for girls. but it must have a chevy, if they're still welcoming classrooms as hush, omar, how bad reports girls are having to weigh their dreams against their worries for future. this is the only place in afghanistan where girls can go to school. mazata sheriff is a vibrant cultural and commercial center and schools have remained open since the taliban took over the country. here at go ha ha tune one of the most established elementary and high schools in the city, girls hope to pursue their studies and chase their dreams. i will make dream. oh, it's me all life, little print and i want to be an astronaut in the future. and it seems to be
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a big dream to achieve in a van stone. but i also sunday a coffee is trying to faithful the tea life for the teachers. the curriculum hasn't changed for now, but the future is uncertain. molar we were hammered maureen bell. he is the man in charge of education in the city, in that holligan mom, but we need female teachers, architects, doctors. but we also want our women to be educated along islamic beliefs and principles. we value women. the 1st lessons we learn come from our mothers feel. female students cannot go to public universities yet. the taliban says it's sorting out the logistics. these are students of madison are the prestigious molena said out of deed mohammed bell, he university. the curtain was recently added to segregate students by gender. i for now the future and here because we have no idea what the taliban will
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decide about goes education. look at at the provinces. universities are still closed. the bahama, nor any, is the tally vans. senior culture and information official in the city. he says education is one of the top priorities for the leadership hormone, macarthur hall, and the school for open details and students go to classroom for life, normal, and curriculum to remain the same. we haven't changed anything so far. neuron is one of the many taliban officials who believe the u. s. and many european countries are trying to discredit the group when it is desperately seeking international recognition. the debate of a girl education in afghanistan has extended to what kind of role, where they have under the taliban rule. and will they get represented in the government and parliament? and most importantly, will the basic rise be protected? the taliban has dismissed international concerns about women's rights as
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a propaganda and insisted the world must also respect of god. his dance culture and the taliban is conservative. outlook hash about about al jazeera mazata city are going calls to ban offshore oil explorations close to southern california. after a big leak from a pipeline more than half a 1000000 liters of spilled into the oceans and saturday, it's believed a ship's anchor may of hips, the underwater pipe residence in the worst affected city of huntington beach. have father lawsuit. i mean, the loss of income and exposure to toxins said his mayor says the beaches may be closed for months as the clean up continues. rob reynolds has more from huntington beach. every wave that breaks on the shore here brings with it more oil to be cleaned up. and while the exact cause of this spill has not yet been determined, suspicion is increasingly revolving around the possibility that an ocean going vessel dragged its anchor across the pipeline, distorting it, and causing
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a what eventually turned out to be a 33 centimeter hole in the pipeline of the pipeline has been shut down. there's no more oil leaking out, but half a 1000000 the leaders and more of oil already has spilled. a huge, clean up operation is underway. this all is part of a global story, the global supply chain disruption. there are dozens and dozens of ships waiting off shore here trying to get into the port of los angeles in long beach. they can't because the port is at capacity. and why? because during the coven era, during the locked downs, people in the united states ordered so many goods that were made in factories in east asia, that the, the, the port is simply overwhelmed. there's too many ships, they can handle it. and one of those ships may have been in the wrong place. and now this is also creating some political backlash calls at the grassroots level to ban offshore oil. drilling
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a. here is what the governor of california gavin newsome had to say about that. fossil fuel jobs literally are out numbered 5 to one versus clean energy jobs in the state of california. outnumbered 5 to one to day. this does not have to be part of our future. what you're seeing happening in this industry is a lot of the mature and larger companies are selling out to smaller companies. as i said, crews are working non stop to mop up the oil that has gotten into some, some, some very sensitive ecological areas like wetlands. but it is a huge task. and authorities estimate that the clean up will take months. the eruption of the volcano in the spanish island, la palmer is getting stronger. $6000.00 people to be enforced from their homes since it began on september 19th, rivers of lava have destroyed almost a 1000 homes. prosecutors in austria and investigating chancellor sebastian courts
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on suspicion of corruption and bribery. his offices have been rated as part of the investigation. accusations involve a $1500000.00 deal that prosecutors believe was made to get the chancellor positive media coverage in a tabloid. migrants being held in detention centers in libya are getting vaccinated against coven. 19 levine officials launched the drive this week, backed by the u. n's migration agency on extreme reports from tripoli, the league as sick girl detention center, more than 10000 migrants and refugees are held in centers like this across libya. it's one of 4 in the capitol tripoli, and it's where a campaign is being launched to vaccinate detainees. against coven 19, and the oma and the hamlet the day, we started our campaign against covey. 19 varez will be given. the vaccines at $823.00 immigrants that are being held here. the vaccination drive comes less than a week after security services carried out in operation and the town of good garish,
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a few kilometers west. it's known as a hub for migrants, and it's where authorities recently detained thousands of people and what's been described was the largest crack down on migrants and refugees and libya in years. we are extremely concerned about, ha, ha, ha, indiscriminate attention of more than 5000 people over the last few days. ah, we're extremely concerned about the excessive force that was years. ah, one migrant was killed. ah, several others are an intensive care unit. and now they're all in detention in not terribly overcrowded conditions. libya has long been a transit hub for african migrants trying to reach your a. p ensures more than 44000 migrants arrived in europe from north africa and 2021
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alone. but more than 25000 have been returned from the mediterranean sea by the libyan coast guard. and are put in centers like this. most of the migrants being held here in this detention center. i've left their countries of origin due to poverty or war. while some of them have been returned to libya from the sea, others tell us, they have no ambition to travel to europe. they tell us they are interested in getting the vaccine for our less concerned about cov 19 than when they will be released. corner says she doesn't want to go to europe and came from liberia to find work can provide for a child and family back home. she says she's been in this detention center for more than 6 weeks. for others, it's been years. honestly, i thought the vaccine before i took it out and ma denalis rita did come in at daphne gotten hospital. the vaccine did did to did scheduled me to go back on this wednesday of august for the supple one and says dallas info leek last monday. i
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don't have just to go back, no man to talk to my family. they don't know them yet in prison. many migrants say they appreciate being protected from the corona virus, or without knowing when they'll be released. it's difficult to express any gratitude malik, trina, ultra 0 tripoli. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories and magnitude $5.00 us break and pakistan has killed at least 20 people left hundreds injured and hit in the early hours of thursday while people was sleeping. the worst at area reported so far as the city of hon. i am galatia stan province command hydro. has this update from islamabad. this is an area which has mostly marg and gone construction. re poor construction quality at dad co. many of the people were trapped.


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